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440 S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145, United States Located in: Tivoli Village

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REVIEWS OF Echo & Rig Butcher and Steakhouse IN Nevada

Ashton Mitchell

Great food. Amazing staff. Ate a 55 oz Tomahawk. It was delicious. The manager came around to every table and repeated the information I told the hostess at that time I knew the service was going to be great. It's a bit off the strip but I would much rather eat here then at the Aria where I was staying. I'll be back in a month or two!

Bob Smith

Spectacular aged steaks. Perfectly seasoned. Very nice Service. Very thoughtful in the whole process of a great meal. Highly recommend.

Matthew Graham

Food is amazing, steak melts in your mouth like butter at very reasonable prices. Service was decent but food is the real deal!

britton mooreee

we had a huge family event here and the food was delicious! i recommend the steak and mashed potatoes. they were so amazing!

Donald McMurtrey

For my wife’s birthday she wanted to find a steakhouse off the strip with food that is out of this word. She found it for sure. We made the reservation via Opentable, and they had plenty of openings even for a Saturday Night. We were a few minutes late, but that was not a worry and they were accommodating. The hostesses were friendly and nice. We had asked for a seat with a view and they didn’t disappoint as we had the corner table on the balcony. As we sat down the bus boy and manager were there to greet us and to ask what water we would like. Next came the waiter Ramon, who addressed the fact it was my wife’s birthday while also wishing her a happy birthday. Knowing it was our first time they brought the display of meat and explained each cut. It was quite informational and helped decide what we wanted for dinner. After Ramon returned from dropping off the plate of meat we ordered our dinner. Appetizers: Crab Crakes – Flaky, Fresh Crab, Moist, and smooth sauce Fried Oysters in a Jalapeno Maple Syrup Sauce – Cooked very well, lots of flavor, and the sauce was sweet and spicy Dinner Filet Mignon – Was cooked just a little above order, but the meat was a melt in your mouth good. Even better because it was cooked over the woodfire grill. (Note it came with inhouse made chips) Rib-Eye Cap – WOW. This was full of flavor, cooked just right, and again the woodfire grill made it just that much better. During both the appetizer course and dinner course Ramon and the Manager continued to check on us ensuring we had everything we wanted at the time. Some of the best service I have had in a long time. I commend the restaurant for this. Sad to say you don’t see customer service like this very often. Even the waiter who brought the drinks throughout the night was a kick and very professional. As we finished dinner we were treated with a Carmel Turtle Sundae. This was on the house for my wife’s birthday dessert. The ice cream was silky smooth and full of flavor. The toppings were good, but we are not big on carmel. I had ordered a port with my dessert, but unbeknownst to the waiter they were out of that port. The manager and Ramon visited the table to explain and they were going to comp me an equal 20yr port. After getting the port, it too didn’t disappoint. Their recommendation was spot on for a good dessert port. Lastly, as we finished up and headed out. I made sure to thank Ramon for a great dinner, but also the manager Celine. The evening was one to remember and we would recommend this steakhouse to anyone who is in the area.

Francette Burns

A ritzy atmosphere with very dedicated staff. We felt under dressed, but were still treated like we dressed to the nines. Great tasting food and helpful and knowledgeable staff. Only downfall was the ladies room had no toilet paper, but they made up for it with the awesome sugar hand scrub.

Stefan Petrov

5 stars are rarely my thing for restaurants because its impossible to try everything on the menu and experience every server. However my experience deserves this 5 star because of the taste and service. I was impressed by the fact that the server knew how to open the wine bottle, the correct way. The meat was cooked exactly how I ordered it, and I mean exactly how I described it to the server. Never had to reach to pour myself water or wine because the staff was always monitoring and attending. The atmosphere is great! The place looks nice. And all the other nice repetitive positives things others are saying. No negatives, no remarks, no issues. Thanks everyone for making this a great night for my group.

Shannon Kim

One of my favorite spot in Las Vegas. Great food quality that are consistent and amazing services by professional staff. It has the butcher shop on the ground level so you know that you are getting fresh meat that are cooked to perfection!!! You can't go wrong with all the small dishes(appetizers), has many variety of them and chef selection main dishes is a must. As a person who create hospitality environments, it is great to see all the staff communicates well about the guests and take time to welcome and introduce themselves to you. That personal touch itself have you come back again....with the fabulous food, it makes this restaurant "a must experience" Highly recommended.

H. Stone

A true neighborhood gem. Easily one of the best steakhouses in Vegas. Everything on the menu is worth trying. Perfectly prepared food. Excellent service. Can be loud when crowded. The dessert menu is their weakest offering, several options of sundaes and sorbet, but nothing interesting, so skip dessert here but enjoy the small plates and great steaks offered at a great price.

Joe Stockfish

Fantastic food would recommend this place to all my friends.

Chris Johnson

Good steaks. Good wine. Butcher shop attached downstairs. You can buy the same incredible cuts for your home grilling. It is a nicer place. IE don't wear beach wear . I usually get the steaks, and they are top notch. Get the portabello fries, brussel sprouts, and pork belly for appetizers. The red wine reduction for the steaks is also killer. Enjoy .

Adam Ninja

This place is great. The staff greets you with a nice welcome and chit chats as they take you to your table. At which point a concierge/mgr comes and continues that conversation. Our waitress, Lauren, was lovely through the entire experience. We ordered easily 10 different items off of the small plate menu and loved them all. Especially the cauliflower and gnocchi. Their cocktails we're also great. I will definitely be back the next time I'm in Vegas.

Cheryl Birch

Had a wonderful time at Echo and Rig! Sensational and friendly service delicious meals! We sat at the bar and the gentleman serving was awesome. Loved the Avocado Toast and filet mignon with sweet potato side. Husband enjoyed the Spencer steak and potatoes. We will be back!

Rick Toor

Small plates shared make an excellent tasting adventure. They also offer steak! My companion and I usually split the small Tomahawk steak and it fills us perfectly. It was cooked to medium rare perfection. Ripped off all the meat to the bone. Immaculate service and extremely polite staff!

Stacy Fish

Wow! Absolutely worth the drive off the strip! Every detail was perfect from the amazing service provided by Austin and the staff, the gorgeous ambience of the patio, and the incredible food and cocktails. Our entire group was blown away! Far better food at a far better price point that anything on the strip - hands down! Love this place!

Noel Kaeno Chavez

Amazing! I was brought here as a treat and it was very enjoyable. Would definitely return. Was pretty busy, so reservations are recommended if not required. Plan ahead for good seating, but all tables are good. Outside dinning available. Staff was excellent. Ordered a custome cut steak and I seen it before it was actually cooked.

Craig Andrews

This was our second visit to Echo & Rig. Simply put, it would have been impossible to have a nicer dining experience. The cocktails were delightful, the food was fantastic, the service was the very best, and dessert and coffee were (and I’m not kidding) the best I’ve tasted. Full recommendation and we look forward to going back when it’s a little cooler out to enjoy the balcony seating.

Toni Smith

The food and service is good once you’re seated. However, this restaurant takes walk-ins and reservations, which makes absolutely no sense. Our family made a reservation and still had to wait close to an hour to be seated. We’ve been to plenty of restaurants that take reservations on the strip and usually when a restaurant takes reservations, they’re able to seat their reservations at the time of the reservation (not close to an hour later which makes calling to make a reservation pointless). We were highly annoyed, everyone was hungry. It was the worse execution. They could have at least offered water or some bread while we waited for so long.

Josh Reed

This is the best meal for the money in Las Vegas. I have been here often and only had one minor issue with service which the manger took care of immediately. Everything is great, but I believe the Rib Cap is my favorite.

Reggie Bryant

Portobello fries and 1/2 inch bacon sides - good starters to share. They serve house made bbq with the bacon, yum! Steak platter - they bring out ridiculous slabs of beef for you to choose from (New York, T bone, porterhouse, tomahawk). They also had some steaks to choose from their regular dinner menu as well. Steakhouse scramble - I ordered this and really enjoyed the pieces of tender filet mixed with an egg scramble topped with some burrata cheese.

nicholas prevatt

This is the best local restaurant in the Las Vegas area. They have an excellent selection of wine and spirits. The Spencer steak is my favorite, however I have I had all of their cuts and never been disappointed. Prices are extremely reasonable considering the service and quality of the dining experience and food. On the way out be sure to check out the butcher shop downstairs it is a great place to snag a few special items to throw on the grill at home.

Scotty Oeskovic

Everything was great from the service to the food. If you love meat you will love this place! Definitely coming back again and again.

Mark West

Outstanding food & service! We celebrated a birthday there with dinner & a caramel sundae that was among the top 5 desserts on my list anywhere. Meal was excellent too.

Quentin Foxworth

Absolutely THE family is there twice a week with standing reservations... Amazing service and welcoming environment...Oh and THE FOOD!!! Are you kidding.. some of the best and freshest cuts of meat you will find. There is a world-class Butcher On Site !! I have literally watched them take a whole pig apart in front of my eyes...I could honestly write a novel about this place it DESTROYS many other steak and potato places with much more expensive menus....

Heather Padgett

This place was amazing. The portobello fries and Mac and cheese were the stars of the things we ordered, which is saying something because everything was delicious.

Neil Miller

This was a complete pleasure from beginning to end Great food Wonderful service. Everyone was so professional and courteous. Making a simple dinner date for me and my wife "Magnificent Dining Event"


When I have people in town visiting me, Echo & Rig is where I always take them. Not only is it amazing food, but the customer service is over the top. Never have I had a less than prime experience. The staff will gladly answer any questions and explain in detail the different cuts of meat so that you can choose what will best suit your pallet. Upstairs is the restaurant, the downstairs has a stocked bar, and the butcher's station which is pretty cool to be able to watch while waiting for your table. To anyone visiting and looking for an off-strip place to eat, Echo & Rig is an absolute must try.

Antonio Granillo

This is one of my favorite places in the summerlin area. Great ambiance, awesome food and delicious food.

JoJo Ichikawa

My favorite restaurant in Vegas that is off the strip. From the moment I walked in the door I received 5 star customer service. Really good skirt steak, it melts in your mouth and the Worcester sauce was amazing. The side of broccoli balanced it all out. The shortbread and whip cream are all made in house a perfect summer treat. Can't wait to come back here again

Raelyn Loomis

Hugo was our server and was excellent. The fillet was cooked as requested and was delicious! Loved the mixed veggie salad. The sorbet was totally awesome! I will definitely go again.

Robyn White Orgel

Beautiful restaurant in the Tivoli Village center. We go here often. Staff is great and everything we've tried is tasty. Even the side dishes. We crave the veggie sandwich!! People don't realize how great this sandwich is until you have it. I'll eat anything but tried it a few years ago and come back for more.

Eric Taylor

Best steak house in vegas. Ramon is the best waiter. I ask for him every time.

Bernard Sands

Amazing food, service, and quality. Definitely would recommend it to others!

Alexander Quinn

Excellent food and excellent service. The staff was very friendly and the steaks were so good and cooked perfectly.

Kathy Irdi

Service was impeccable. Food quality is superb. We were here to celebrate a birthday, and it was an enchanting presentation! Thank you Jessie.......

danny talbot

Effective setting, neo industrial in a way. Pleasant staff. Good pricing. Very busy even mid week. Servers over taxed but try very hard. Great experience. Quality food.

nakisha crouch

We requested to be inside for a corporate event, and they sat us outside. While it was cold and rainy. The steaks we're cooked how the chef wanted it and not to what the consumers were comfortable with eating. Then when we requested it be cooked a little longer for a few people, they said they could. However they didnt return the food until asked several times, and instead of medium well it was just as it was when it was originally sent back. After spending thousands of dollars and being inconvenienced with the outside weather the desert we initainit ordered with our pre ordered meals was not included. It's a very expensive establishment with a great environment you would expect more.

Effwhite Marketing

Went there for happy hour and had a good time just hanging at the bar. Always an interesting mix of people with some great stories. Food was good and so was the service, everything came out fast and fresh. Staff was friendly and helpful as usual, highly recommend!

Michael O

Came for the brunch on Sunday and stayed for the service! The brunch is easily the best in town with a wonderful staff and a menu that is the freshest in town easily. From the moment we walked in to the time we left not a single moment was bad. The best part is the food, I mean the steak scramble and 1/2 inch bacon with homemade BBQ sauce was as the server said magnificent. All I can say is we will be back and have found our new brunch home. I don't have pictures of the breakfast because we'll, I ate it.

Paul Neiswonger

Damn fine meal , great selection of Beef

Julia Wheat

Food was delicious staff was very nice and I never had a empty glass. Strongly recommend the Mac and cheese it's the best!

Rhonda Shiozaki

If you can make it here, GO. It's amazing. The meat is the star, but the sides and salads are a strong supporting cast. Every thing we had was delicious, from the rib eye cap to Brussels sprouts to short rib hash to steak salad and avocado toast. (Visited for dinner, then breakfast a few days later.) Easy parking, clean and airy space, excellent staff.

Scott Brownstein

Amazing service. Great meal. Cant go wrong here!

C.J. Bertran

This place has a great outdoor terrace and when the weather's fine you can see all of Tivoli Village Circle. Consider skipping the happy hour downstairs and try the small plates up on the balcony. Be sure to check out all the exotic cars parked below in the Tivoli valet area.

J Collins

Birthday dinner for my girl introduced me to my new favorite restaurant! EVERYTHING was excellent, not good, excellent. Nick G and everyone we came in contact with during dinner made my girl's and my evening truly special. Steak, salad, cocktails, crab cakes, even the French fries were excellent! Service from the bottom to the top was great (what I expect out of more expensive restaurants, without getting). Truly satisfying.

Nichole Whitmore

Great steaks! The staff is amazing and the food outstanding. A nice setting for a group of friends or couples out for date night.

Liz Leon

Best filet, ribeye, and kale salad we ever had. I want to eat here every day during my stay in Vegas haha. The filet was beautiful! Done perfectly medium. The ribeye had great marbling, was perfectly charred and cooked to medium rare. Our server was Shane, and his manager (I think) was Nicholas. They were both very pleasant and knowledgeable. Shane was a great server. Thank you!

Samantha Farrell

One of a kind. The food is amazing. You definitely get your moneys worth

Joel Austin

Fantastic service and food! This is one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas.

Berry Johnston

Food was on point. Grass-fed beef, so it's chewy but tasty. Staff awesome. Interior decorator chose to many hard surfaces so its loud if tables are having fun.


We love Echo and Rig, our favorite is the skirt steak! It's melt in your mouth good. The wait staff is attentive, kind, and helpful. The atmosphere is hip and romantic. You can sit on the outdoor balcony or in their beautiful upstairs dining room. We were celebrating our anniversary and they were very kind and surprised us with a ice-cream sundae.

Dave Smith

Excellent service and you can't beat a combination steakhouse and butcher

Katie Fetter

I can't rave about this place enough. The food is beyond spectacular. The service is even better (server Ari is fantastic!). This will be a routine stop for special occasions. Keep up the great work, guys!

Laura Wang

We have dined here 6 or more times and have never been disappointed. Great food and wait staff. Only complaint that place can be a bit loud because of openness of restaurant, which makes dinner conversations sometimes hard to hear.

Mark Steele

Excellent experience. Decided to eat lunch here without any prior plans. Offered reservation on Open Table...haven't been for a while. Greeted and seated immediately. Butcher shop, bar and dining room were all clean. Staff was groomed appropriately and everyone was working hard. As soon as we sat, we were greeted by a smiling manager who knew our name, welcomed us and took water preference. Water was served in seconds and we were on our way. Server was smiling and genuinely wanted to be there. She also greeted us by name and gave us rundown of menu. She gave us space as took us a few minutes to navigate all choices. Our water or coffee never went empty and even other random staff members poured our water and took initiative with our service. Food came timely and was delicious with proper utensils. We were never in need of anything, plenty of well trained staff everywhere. Kudos to ownership and active management. Easy to see why restaurant was packed.

Dachande Wuffsteiger

Wonderful steak house super nice facility. The staff were all awesome. The food was all amazing! And the cocktails. I had the gold digger and their gimlet. Both delightful especially on a warm night. Steaks are super great quality. I will surely be bringing friends here when they come in to town. Slightly loud but most restaurants are these days with the open floor plan. Not a deal breaker for sure.

Ali Soltani

Excellent steakhouse. 9/10. Not quite the best, but up there. Really excellent service, impressive. The servers know their meat anatomy almost as much as me. They have some uncommon cuts off beef that are hard to find. Try the ribeye cap, it's the soft, super marbled part of the standard ribeye edge that tastes the best. I don't agree with the complementary sauce on the side, really good steak does not need a sauce, and it should be omitted. The steaks are cooked perfectly, and should not be ordered above medium-rare. Bonus for wood grilled steaks on red oak, really great pairing with beef and you can subtly taste the oak flavor.

Leonel Jacquez-Bojorquez

I’ve mostly been here during happy hour, and it is definitely worth it! ! During happy hour draft beers are 3$ you can get steak and eggs for 2$!! I mean it’s a small portion but for 2$!! It’s worth it! I did order from the regular menu starters. I had the steak tartare and it was delicious! Very fresh. Everyone on the staff is super friendly! They make a great Sazerac! On other occasions I’ve had the chicken Cesar, and I was not a fan. I don’t like when the lettuce leaves are full size it makes it hard to eat. The dressing wasn’t great either. I can’t wait to try their regular steaks!

Derek Davis

Amazing food and service was even better

Alexander Kingston

The customer service experience is superb in this restaurant. The food and appetizers are amazing.

Edmund Leblanc

Sides good, N.Y. strip was tough. Had much better, even from grocery store. Other people had Ribeye cap which they enjoyed. Service very good. I would not go back.

Susan Nye

Echo & Rig is the best kept secret in Las Vegas. We love this steakhouse and the butcher shop is second to none. You are treated like a valued family member the moment you step in the door. You will find the choicest cuts of meat and side dishes prepared with care and skill. The price is well below strip prices too. You couldn't ask for more. We take our whole family here and its their favorite too! It's open for brunch on the weekends.. Don't deprive yourself of this resturant I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Paul Kimmel

Very good steaks and excellent service. Indoor is hard surfaces and thus loud. Outdoor balcony allows conversation and the view over Tivoli's obelisk roundabout is pretty. The balcony has fans to help with the heat.

Shawn Hayes

A must do if you are a steak person. I had a cut I had never seen- the cap off the NYs it was outstanding!! Las Vegas has many steakhouses. This one is one of the very best!

Keri-Lin Anton

Excellent in all respects! We LOVE eating here. Each time it is a wonderful experience. We always recommend this establishment to those coming to Vegas or locals celebrating a special event.

Gerard Simmons

The food and service here were exceptional. The Butcher’s Sausage & Grilled Thick Cut Bacon small plates were delicious. The only negative thing was the noise level. With it being two stories, the sound carries. Even with that, we’d definitely go back.

Sean Key

Food, service and ambience combine in a delightful dining experience.

Adam Zucker

Service staff was extremely attentive refilling drinks, delivering food and removing empty dishes. The food was cooled perfectly and delicious. Though we did not get a chance to try desserts i can only assume they are as good as every other item we had been served. I would not hesitate to come back or recommend Echo and Rig to anyone.

Cynthia Szamborski

Amazing staff and food. All the food tasted great and looked good. They'll give you a history of where their food comes from. A must try.


Amazing delicious food!! Went there for a work dinner and the service was excellent. Amazing customer service. Will definitely be going back!

Nathalie Meza Contreras

Loved the food and service here. My favorite side dishes: portobello fries and the watermelon salad (don't think that's the official name). Totally worth it to go off the strip for this spot. The steaks are amazing. Can't wait to go back during my next Vegas visit.

Robin pete

This place is always a must. We brought our own wine and they didnt charge a cork fee and in the meantime they opened the wine n served us. The staff were super friendly and attentive, good was amazing.

Eduardo Duncan

This is one the best place around here, Really good food and drinks, Echo & Rig is the place to go with friends and enjoy some good time and some good food, i visited here with my friends and really happy with the services, The staff is really good friendly and helpful, this place is really deserve 5 stars for good food and services.


Came here with a group on a business dinner. We had an excellent service and delicious dinner on the terrace. Loved the quinoa salad

Martina Antkowiak

It was great food and service! Cocktail, wine selection fitted the food as well. We had ribeye and snapper with different plates (salads and mashed potatoes) and shared a dessert (Sunday) Big portions of the plates (definitely shareable). Good prices and quality compared to the Strip.


We love everytime we go there! They have hands down the best customer service I have ever experienced anywhere. The food is amazing and we can't wait till we go back everytime.

José Manuel Noriega

This Vegas would be different. I don't wanna stay or eat close to the strip... I wanna be a local. I found this place on internet with a very good recommendations and they weren't wrong. The view it's nice, you can watch the butcher cutting your meat. And the service is awesome, so kind all of them. The steak I've to be honest... Wasn't medium but taste was good. Definitely Garlic chips was the best for me.

michael christensen

My friends and I staying in Vegas for the weekend we heard you guys were the best steakhouse, couple of my buddies went there for lunch and you guys and your staff don't serve steaks for lunch, that's pretty moronic and pretty weird in my opinion, so they went all the way out there for nothing 30 minutes from their hotel just to get shut down by Echo and such. Here's some great advice if a customer wants a steak please make them a steak!!! trust me, your steaks are expensive and I guarantee they're more costly than a soup and salad that your lunch offers LOL. Now you ready for my rant? so me and my other friend we went there for dinner that same night show up, no line, about 6 p.m. I would a like table for two please, she's like, were sold out, okay, how about the bar? there's no seating...full.. okay how about put me on a waiting list, she grudgingly and arrogantly took my number down, never called never texted ...not even the courtesy one. We came back in a hour later we asked if we can get it to go, she's says, we don't do steaks to go here. So I said you'd rather lose a customer and alota of money and risk getting a lot get bad ratings on Google and Yelp and everywhere on social media? she didn't care and she could care less, I told her to ask her manager if we could get a steak to go we just wanted to try it, she declined, she's a real b**** without eating at this place, for driving all the way out there, you're getting one star on service alone and another from my earlier friends from lunch and it's too bad because people really listen to me and my opinions on Yelp and Google and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter LOL with my total of 80,000 followers... you're welcome. NEVER EAT HERE! WASTED TIME & MONEY! There's a steakhouse next door called Hamptons eat there.

Jeff Polhemus

Food and service were excellent. Fried spinach salad was light and tasty. Caesar Salad was great. Steaks were fabulous. I had a ribeye, my companion had a NY strip. Staff was attentive without being distracting. Not cheap, but still I'd say it was a good value.

Jacqueline Medina

I love the bottomless mimosas the staff is amazing when they say bottomless they mean you can take a sip from your mimosa or coffee and they are already topping it off . the food is amazing and the atmosphere is really nice. I would definitely come back anytime.

Michael Cauthen

There are a lot of ways to spend $10 in Vegas. Getting the Portobello Fries at Echo & Rig is by far the best.

Kris Purtty

Great food and atmosphere! The level of service here is Amazing!!

dvora braunstein

The restaurant is located on the second floor and if seated outside you can enjoy the view. Atmosphere and service are superb . Food is nice and there are lots of things to choose from. They don’t charge corkage fee which is a great bonus . Love the place .


The food is not too impressive (2 stars). My cousins and their friends recommended this place and boasted so much. We tried just to know and I just didn't see what the hype was all about. The extra star they actually deserved was the service. Long story short, if you are interested in good service, nice view (we got the balcony seats), and a bad taste in your mouth, give it a try.

Brian Miller

I've been in for for almost a week now and this was hands down the best meal I had when I was in town!!

Mark Shallow

8pm patio reservation turned into a 45 minute wait and 45 minutes of wasted time after we walked.

Greg Swafford

My wife, Dana and I got the chance to experience some of the finest Steaks, with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus with Fried Egg. We had Portabello Mushrooms and Fried Pork on a stick for appetizers. And for desert, a Salted Carmel Sauce topped with crunchy nutty toppings , on Vanilla Ice Cream. I really can't explain how Great the food was prepared, AMAZING!! NICHOLAS GUTIERREZ, the Service Director and his professional serving staff with the PERVECTION OF CHEFS made our dining experience the BEST we have ever EXPERIENCED. I want the thank them all, and if by chance you have the pleasure of dining there, you will never forget this place and the wonderful service. The setting and the atmosphere of this Restaurant will make your night!!!!

Iddy Salgado

Absolutely amazing. The food was terrific, the service was on point. This place is definitely the place to go!

Liberty Lover

An amazing place. Great prices. Grass fed meat and a real butcher area down stairs. This place is a definite must check out!!

Robin Baritte

Love this place! Amzing food, service, and atmosphere. Never can go wrong by choosing Echo and Rig.....won't be disappointed!

Colin Covitz

Best brunch place in the city. Love it, love the food, love the bottomless mimosas. 10/10 would suggest

Jerry Raphaelson

We love Echo and Rig! I've dined here with business associates, friends, had a wedding party and continue to frequent the establishment. Having worked in international marketing, guest experience is key. Echo and rig has perfected the formula... an eclectic menu for the most discerning tastes, starting with a warm greeting and service unparalleled. Ask for Luis or Joy... they epitomize passion for the experience, have perfect personalities, and elevate the exquisite quisine by a factor of more than 10. For whatever your occasion, dont hesitate to experience the finest of Vegas. From lamb cigars to vegetarian to the finest Spencer steak, salads and a myriad of others, Luis and Joy will make this one of your favorite local spots. Five stars is seldom given to the food and even more so to Luis and Joy.


This place a fantastic. Food is great, location is easy to get to. The only thing that could be better is there was a location in Henderson.

Martin Golding

The service was impecable and the food was amazing. We had a large party and they took excellent care of us. Try the pot pie!


Please do not offer DoorDash service if the restaurant is unable to fulfill the order and apparently unable to communicate with the customer or DoorDash. We thought perhaps after the same experience several months ago and the disappearance/reappearance of the restaurant on DoorDash, we would try again. We were mistaken. The food is good, but evidently, only available in person.

Harris Schwartz

It’s been outstanding and consistent every time we have eaten here; both brunch and dinner. The chef takes great pride and creativity in his food and the staff are attentive and excellent in their service. The brunch manager Beth and general manager Celine are so phenomenal and treat us so well. We will continue to be customers here. Always look forward to it.

brian agnew

Ryan, our server was outstanding. My friends, all from out of town and used to Del Friscos when in town love this place. Two thumbs up ! And again another dhout out to Ryan, well done sir!

Casey Hansen

Very good and very reasonably priced compared to other steak restaurants. Sat outside and a beautiful ambiance. Great friendly service. Not stuffy at all. Will definitely be back!

Debbie Colson

Delish like the last time. Tried the Eggs Benedict this time. The service is always good and they are always accommodating when the number of your party changes.

Jeff Taylor

Our first visit to the restaurant ever and went on a Saturday for brunch as part of an office going away. First very accommodating for a group...bonus. Seated as soon as our party was there but had a reservation. The wait staff explained the menu, took their time and we never felt rushed. The manager stopped by to ensure we had everything we needed. Best service I've had on a long time... The drinks, water, and coffee never ran dry, so good team work keeping up. The menu want giant but plenty of variety but we decided to stick to breakfast. Wife and I had the farmers breakfast which was oven rotated vegetables (you could tell they were fresh) to include beets (which surprisingly stole the entree), I had the short rib hash, fantastic..., and we added two of the blueberry pancakes that have ricotta and lemon zest (very subtle, but also delicious). A friend had their burger and said it was top five ever. Desserts were slightly different but impressively delicious...berry shortcake with icecream, but the shortcake texture was closer to cornbread so it held up well. Prices varied but I don't remember seeing anything over $20 by itself, but lots of small plate items that could add up. Four of us who weren't shy on food selection with specialty drinks and 20% tip for $130.... Restaurant was clean, dishes, flatware, and decor is higher end, & bathrooms are clean. Found our new favorite breakfast joint...note to try them for dinner!

Albert L.

What can I say? When you're a local people tend to treat you different than others, but sometimes I want to be low key. Tonight me and couple of neighbor got together for drinks after dinner elsewhere. It was basically for me as I head back to bay area for couple of weeks. I just wanted them to look after my home and dog. I've been coming here since moving here so no biggie I know my way around. All american steakhouse with on-site butcher restaurant and bar. The staff are wonderful people especially the two hostess at front of house. Big shout to bartender Ryan and his crew taking extra effort showing professional mixologist experience. Do try their house-made bone broth and maple glazed back bacon if you get the chance to come here. #tivolivillage #summerlin #housemadespecialty #seasonalcocktail #experiencedbartenders #inhousebutcher #upstairdiningwithview #diycookingsuppliesingredients #friendlyhostess #meatlovercarnivoreheaven

Adam Segal

The tomahawk steak was so soft and tender. 53oz of delicious and enough for 4-5 people with sides.

D Parker

Would give this place 6 stars if I could. It is what a great restaurant should be. High energy, flawless service, GREAT FOOD. Hot food on hot plates & cold food on cold plates! The steak selection is one of the best around. Dine inside in the 2nd floor dining room, or outside on the patio or enjoy their amazing selection of adult beverages and dine in the bar area. Happy hour specials are just that, unique items at a great price to compliment your drinks! And they remember your NAME, and use it through your meal. First rate in every way.

Denise S

Took my friend for his birthday. Food was very good (steak and barramundi). Mac and cheese side was excellent. He got a complimentary ice cream dessert that was amazing. We both said we will go back. An affordable steak place with lots of other choices as well.

Jeremy Suprock

Came for brunch. Very middle of the road. Service was good, drinks were decent, the food was not great. Their signature short rib hash tasted like someone threw a poached eggs and some stew meat into an order of Denny's hash browns. My friend who ordered the steak house scrambler also was surprised by how tough the meat was. Maybe worth another shot? But if I don't end up going back I won't be disappointed.

Henri Castelain

Great steaks n service. Tivoli village is nice for a walk after dinner. Our go-to away from the Strip.

Kyle Bradshaw

Service and food was terrible for brunch. Had to get our own water. Food tasted like it had been sitting in the kitchen lamp for a while. Server never came back to check on us. All around terrible service and food. Would not be coming back for brunch. And would not recommend going. Much better other brunch places with better food.

Lino Kim

Price good. Steak excellent. But it takes long long time. Arrived 7pm. Seat 7:30pm. Finished dinner 9pm.

Chad Ginoza

Great food. We ordered one of the choice cuts that they bring to the table. Outstanding piece of beef. Appetizers were really good too. Highly recommended.

Zeb Dawson

Excellent place to eat and go on a date. Service is terrific and the food is delicious.

Joyce Balaoro

I must say... Echo & Rig has the best tasting food EVER! I mean the quality of it is to die for! Farm to table is no joke! The difference in taste is amazing! My Sunday FUN Day was pretty amazing! And with great food there’s great service! Beth greeted us, and made sure that she made us feel welcome. Adam was our server and gave us pointers on what to try on my first visit. And Joe was our busser who always made sure that we were ok and topping off our bottomless mimosas! Thank you guys for making my first trip a memorable one! See you guys soon!

Devon Goodlow

Great happy hour for food and drinks from 3-6pm

Elaine Daly

Interesting food and kind service staff that was knowledgeable about the meat and vegetables that were on the menu. They handled our large 100 plus crowd easily through the dinner course. I would recommend the restaurant to anyone willing to drive that far from the LV strip.

Josh Simmons

So fun for brunch. Decent price for bottomless mimosas. They keep filling you drink so its never empty!!

Matthew Brown

The food is excellent and a protein lovers dream! You can find plenty of side dishes to suit your pallet but the grilled meats are the superstars and treated with expert care. Best shrimp cocktail I’ve had in years and the ribeye was so good the side sauces are completely unnecessary (but also very good). I’ll be back!

Elizabeth Lanoue

Amazing food. Very classy atmosphere and service was pop phenomenal. A wonderful dining experience

Jesse L

Another fine steak house located in Summerlin. This one is in Tivoli Village and is great. They offer a greats menu, great service and the prefect setting for a nice meal. We enjoyed pork chops, steak and a great dessert.

Kicker Cardenas Farris

As soon as you walk in the door they greet you and the service continues that way. The manager stops by and the waiters are just amazing. Then the food.... it was amazing. Bacon was a great appetizer for two. The Spencer is a great steak and I recommend the Brandied Mushroom. Also the Jumping beef is amazing. When they brought me the plate I was like are there really French fries in here?? Kind of weird but the meat, tomatoes, and demi-glace were amazing. For sides, the potato gnocchi is very flavorful. The prices were all reasonable. Can you bring one to Houston, TX, please?!?

Jan Strong

Could I give this 10 stars? So much better than ANYTHING on the strip. Twice as good and half the price. Immaculate service, beautiful space, GREAT menu. (We went back again the next day.)

Scott Gordon

This place is amazing. Some of the best steak I've ever had and arguably the best in town. Try the ribeye cap.

Adam Gibson

Excellent! I am not easily impressed by steak. I love cooking steak at home in every way imaginable, and therefore rarely go to a steakhouse due to the price. The staff was extremely friendly and our server Elana was a complete sweetheart. The Bavette steak was incredible, cooked to medium rare perfectly, and the quality was superior to much more expensive steaks I've had at more well-known steak houses. Asparagus was also excellent, however the egg was just a slight bit too runny, but as you can tell it didn't affect how excellent I think the place is. I'll be back :)

Matthew Costello

Brunch is the best. Ate here many times, and never had a bad meal or service. If you are not a a bug meat fan the lasagna is really good.

Marcos Ramos

Good place for Brunch. Ive only been there once so far. I did order an ice coffee as a drink and received a hot coffee. Its no big deal, the place did have a crowd so i understand the waiter could have misinterpreted the order. The Eggs Benedict here was really good.

Chad Ware

We’ve never had a bad experience here. The food and staff are always exceptional!! The butcher shop is a good option as well; a little pricey but it’s worth it!

Valley Reviews

Absolutely terrible experience. Waited close to 25 minutes after our reservation time for a table. The server lavished attention on the table next to us but barely spoke to us. The meat was so overcooked it was black and charred, not just one person but everyone's. I honestly thought it was a cruel joke, or we had somehow offended the staff. Tried splitting the bill with the other couple and the waiter was very upset and kept asking if both of us were still going to tip. Hands down the strangest experience I have every had at a restaurant. I can't recommend our charcoal steak, but the cuts of meat did look good and the sides were delicious.

Bayley Davis

Food was great and service was 5 stars. Our waiter Hugo was attentive and accommodating. We enjoyed everything we ordered and the price was extremely reasonable for the quality of food.

steven parsley

This is surely One of the best restaurants in Las Vegas especially off the strip. One of the best, most memorable meals in my life. The service by all, especially Amanda, was amazing. Every one was very personable and attentive to detail. The food was great and my wife and I were very pleased. Also the atmosphere was great. $100 meal for two and worth every penny.

Keith Rings

I had the best steak ....I was raised with farmers in my family..we had fresh beef chickens eggs lamb and pork...not what most places pass off...Echo & Rig was an unplanned stop but us now a destination......You Guys are TOP NOTCH

Christiane Greenberg

Good happy hour, love the Laguna Chardonnay

S Isom

I love their brunch. It nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the bottomless mimosas that come in different flavors. The food is fresh and exciting.

Carl Thomson

Excellent food & drinks-- good value for the price. Great staff & management. Menu is great & not too complicated. Farm to table & they have a butcher shop on ground floor. A great place to order for your cookout meats. Check it out.

Jason Boy

Amazing food. Great drinks. Very nice place. A little on the pricey side but they do have decent happy hour food and drinks that are cheap.

Esther Chu

We were visiting Las Vegas and wanted to have a nice steak dinner one night. We were told to leave the Strip and learned about this place. One of the best dining experiences I've ever had. Everything we ordered was absolutely amazing, from the salad to the drinks and of course the unforgettable steaks!

rebecca gump

Awesome food, wonderful service. Everyone was so gracious and professional. The manager stopped at our table when we arrived to greet us and our servers were very attentive. I would highly recommend taking time to eat at Echo & Rig.

Mr. Consistency

Best steakhouse ever! Great drinks and appetizers to boot!

Destiny Andrade

Very chic steakhouse for an elegant night out. Choices of plain or sparkling water to start. They have homemade steak sauces and more cuts available than any other steakhouse. Their unique staple is the portabello fries. For a first time I recommend going with a small group so you can try different steaks and sauces. Excellent stop for a romantic evening and make sure to tell the staff if you are celebrating a special occasion. The manager personally greeted us and gave us a VIP experience.

Carlos Mendiola

I visited this place for the first time and was impressed all the way around. The fried salad was amazing!

Mike Pferdner

Best steak I've had in a long while and at a fraction of the price of other high end steak houses. Got the spencers rib eye, amazing deal and even better steak. Plus, excellent service!

Derek Hoskins

Everything was awesome. We enjoyed our appetizer, drinks, entree, and dessert! Bravo!

K Amerine

Great food - great service!

Kristi Buczek

Service was excellent. The food was so great! This is by far the best bang for your buck as far as steakhouses in LV are concerned (I've been to so many of them)!

angela hyde

Service was impeccable! Always filling our glasses, making sure we had what we need. I ordered the grilled octopus, that was a bit dissatisfying in that it was over cooked. Or maybe the octopus wasn’t fresh so it was hard and chewy. In Mexico we eat at some of the best restaurants & they have grilling octopus down to a delicate science, it’s my favorite!! Anyway, the waiter suggested a shrimp pasta dish to my husband which he ended up LOVING!! I had the Bavette steak. I was so hungry, when it arrived I was slightly disappointed, it was a tiny steak, but packed a ton of flavor and was very well cooked! So kudos to the chef on that! I would love to suggest mashed potatoes instead of the fried chips being served with it though. The fried chips were almost black & overcooked, seemed stale :( You cannot go wrong with mashed potatoes next to a steak!! We will go again but next time will order the tomahawk steak that I love and ask for mashed potatoes :) Oh! The oysters were delicious! Not as big as the waiter had hyped them up to be but they were delicious!! Our waiter was Austin- he was absolutely wonderful, we tip well for great service and we tipped him over 20% because he always did what he could to make sure our dining experience was top knot he!

KMonti .

Fantastic. Period. Great restaurant, great service, great food. We showed up here shortly after opening for mother's day brunch. While I was parking the car they told my wife they had no availability, which was understandable. Someone (me) didn't make reservations. My wife and kids were walking toward the parking garage when the host came out and let them know they had a cancellation. They were able to seat all five of us. The service from the hostess, to the manager working the floor to our waiter was above top notch. Our oldest was late and placed his food order almost 10 minutes after the rest of the family and the kitchen still got it out within just a minute or two of the rest of our food. Kudos to the expediter. Great personal, friendly service and great food and VERY reasonably priced. Will be back again.

Paul Campbell

Hugo was amazing!

Gabrielle A

Brunch is AMAZING. Bottomless mimosas and Farmer's market breakfast is the best!!!

Gail McGee

This restaurant is a must when visiting the Las Vegas area. We've dined here on several occasions and have never been disappointed. Whenever company comes to town we especially enjoy going to the weekend brunch. The portabella fries are always a must. Our guest really enjoyed the smoked salmon benedict and being vegetarian I love the Farmer's Market breakfast. My partner chose the short rib hash and our friend had an egg plate and both were delicious. Joy and his team definitely made our morning memorable with personal service always anticipating our needs. We'll definitely ask for Joy to serve us when we return!

William Giezie

Great food

Ronnie H

Delicious with a great menu selection and outstanding service.

Brigid Groves

Love the food! We had brunch on the patio overlooking the fountain. You can tell how fresh everything is. Service was quite slow so plan to be there a while.

Kimberly Morantes

Much too warm upstairs in summer. Very uncomfortable As the kitchen is also open and upstairs. They need to give you ice in your water. Especially in the summer. The food was excellent service was excellent

Sharlene Yang

THE place my family will go for all celebrations; birthdays,anniversary,FATHER'S DAY,to name a few. Every item on the menu is fabulously prepared,the taste,smell,and presentation are top notch. The service, from Ari, is impeccable. He adds a perfect overture through our dinning experience every time,we couldn't be happier when we left there with TOTAL satisfaction!!

Jackie Cohen

Two things: 1. Ordered kielbasa from the butcher. Always friendly service and always good meat! 2. I personally love the flavor of the food and the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff. Hugo was fantastic! Honestly, this is a very special treat because of the cost. I would not recommend going if not a special treat.

Bri B

Last night, we celebrated a birthday and couldn't have picked a better restaurant. We had such a lovely experience! The food and cocktails were outstanding. Our servers were attentive, knowledgeable, and made us laugh quite a bit! You guys are the best! Thank you!

John Ogg

The food here was wonderful and really enjoyed our first time here with friends. Price value is good for the quality of food and every dish was very well prepared for our table. Out server was very attentive. The only reason that I rate 4 vs. 5 is that the speed of service was very slow. We were there 2.5 hours which is about 30 minutes longer than I would have expected given the pacing of a meal for casual conversation with friends.

Diablo Sullins

Classic American food The staff is always friendly. The food is very good. The dining room is extremely noisy. The Brunch selection is VERY GOOD. We enjoy bringing friends as we can always depend on a excellent meal.

Betty Lieberman

Been going there since they first opened. One of our most favorite. Never disappoints. Love it!!

Evan Kontos

Steaks we're great. The actual restaurant itself could use a little work. Very loud, not the best layout. Staff was a little green. Not the kind you would find at a traditional steakhouse. Salad selection was a bit odd as we're the side choices but there were many. Mac and cheese was great.

Salena Green

Cute place! Great staff! I brought my (perfectly behaved 7 month old) and they are children friendly. I would recommend this place!

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