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REVIEWS OF Hermann Wurst Haus IN Missouri

Dave Hoang

I visited this AMAZING establishment three times within 4 days. The breakfast buffet was delectable (very unusual waffles, BTW but tasty) and the lunch options were VERY German/Austrian inspired; I even had an entire side of the sauerkraut, it was so good. So it's been nearly 2 months and I brought lots of braunschweiger home. If anyone out there is a major foodie like me, add some to your Bahn Mi sandwich, you'll thank me later. I've had lots of liver pate (goose, duck, beef, pig) from many countries but never so distinctly clean and pure in taste. Bravo!

James Hanway

Excellent food!

Brittany DeShon

Cool place free samples . Good root beer

Norman hall

Great food the smell of smoke meat when you go in is wonderful! All the brats and meats are prepared there. And the atmosphere is wonderful

Kerry Dilks

Love, Love, Love this place! So many flavors of brats to try! Sit down inside or out for lunch. Have a beer, glass of wine, or do what I did and have some frozen raspberry wine! I sipped while I shopped the extensive variety of jellies, jams and preserves, many of which are local. My new favorite is "Bear Jam".

Natalie Pace

Free tasting! Huge variety of brats. Friendly staff.

Chris Kirkendall

Fantastic beginner class can't wait to do the second one.

Peter Hand

Absolutely wonderful sausage and brautwurst! The deli is top notch!

Patrick Langley

Absolutely amazing! Friendly people, great food, awesome atmosphere.

Tabitha Waldron

They have the best brats that I have ever had. I go an hour out just to stock up on them. Delicious!

Diana Martinez

Nice place, good jerky and meats. Priced moderate for tourism, served food is good/okay. I wouldn't buy wine there considering Stone Hill is less than a 5 minutes drive away.

Chris Champ

This restaurant turned out to be my favorite part of the trip to Hermann! Casual atmosphere and delicious food.

Nick M

Best meats I've ever had

Alvin Merz

Cool place. The owner is very friendly. Probably the best bratwurst I have ever had. No gristle in the meat. The flavors were great. I would highly recommend the caramelized pear and gorgonzola. We got a package and they were great! I would like to go back and try some of their bacon. If you like brats this is the place to go.

Carrie Moore

Best brats!!!

Antonio Maurer

I still live in Germany but in the future I wanna move to Hermann and visit you !

Melissa Seaman

Great food, great people! Will definitely be back!!

Anita Wadsworth

Very user friendly website for ordering products. Thank you!

John Oelsen

J.R. Sedivy

Excellent award winning sausage and meat products. Great place if you're looking for unique gifts. Lunch menu is good; I've enjoyed every sandwich I've tried.

kim penrod


Anna Hargis

Delicious wurst samples. Had the wurst with 2 sides. Great value and delicious.

Chatfield II

Alex Ranney

A cute, scripted, tasting demonstration of the bratwursts they are showing followed by a lovely meal. I’d pass on the bread pudding next time because it was just a little too dense for my tastes, but an exceptional meal all around.

Larry Mounkes

In town for the day. Great food and service. Very attentive wait staff. The bratwurst was great, but it could have been hotter.

Boss Baby

Wonderful food. Delicious.

Rebecca Rector

They are the best place to buy meat and have your meat processed. We have them do our deer meat and it is the best we have ever tasted.

Dave Simon

Great service, food, and unique items.

Lenny Weisser

Go every year always fantastic food of all sorts everyone should try it love it see you next year

Fred Domke

If you love meat, you will love this place. Lots of free samples of sausage and cheese. Deli and dining available.

amber lamb

Mark Aden

Jason Smyth

Beth Greimann

Mike and Lynnette are amaxing. All the staff are great. Best breakfast in town. Try the carmelized pear and gorgonzola chhese brats for lunch. Take home some brsunschweiger.

Jaimee King

Amazing service and food. Make sure you go for lunch or atleast stop in and get some sausages to go! Your dogs will love the large bones they sale by the pound.

mike simpson

Ron York

Really good brats. They make everything themselves. Great place for lunch also.

Floyd Huskey

Craig Bartell

Jason Arnold

The bratwurst was excellent. And it smells awesome! And free samples! The deli serves full meals with sides, so it's nice to come here if you're looking for something in between a fast food place and a fancy restaurant.

Hannah Chesser

Patrick Freeman

Oh man. This place has hands down the best bologna ever!! I was at Wurstfest and tried this and immediately bought a pack. Thie other meats they had were great too but wow. Every time I'm in that town now I will be going in there

Everett Fuller

The rustic decor of stained wood is marvelous. The wurst deserves the 350 rewards it has received. However, they take the time to make fantastic worst, but not the sauerkraut: they just have common pasteurized sauerkraut, in which all the beneficial enzymes were destroyed in pasteurization. All they would have to do is cut some cabbage and let it ferment for two weeks to have real sauerkraut... why destroy their fabulous brats with pasteurized kraut? WORST OF ALL, they told me to throw my beer bottle in the trash, when I asked where recycling is... all the beer they sell with their brats, and none of those bottles are recycled? Shows you how much they care for mother earth.... owner says they are starting to recycle, so I am improving my rating! UPDATE: It's been nearly a year, and I finally returned, and pleasantly discovered that there were recycling bins for the glass bottles... SO, this means that the owner listened to his customers, and kept his word about starting the recycling program! So I added a fourth star. Now, if he could just hire a krautmeister to get the full probiotic benefits of unpasteurized kraut, the establishment would be perfected, and I could add a fifth star...

James Stewart

Very personal great service and food.

Matt Maxson

We bought a bunch of brats to take home. 2 of the best of show, 2 of the original, and 1 of the apple and maple. Get the apple and maple...they were great!

Rachel Gastmann

Greg Taube

Katy Black

Great selection of meats!

Patrick Mallory

Scott Hillman

We went for the Sunday breakfast buffet but left with pounds of sausage and a great experience. Staff if super friendly and owner even took time to discuss the history of some of the German style Sausages! I highly recommend you stop here and take a look around.

Rick Kocher

Friendly service, great brats and wursts. Really enjoyed this place reminded me of Germany.

Bernard Fennewald

Knowledgeable employees

Rhonda V

My first and last visit to Hermann Wurst Haus. First off the Hermann Summer Visitors guide, which has a full page ad for WurstHaus, says the breakfast buffet is $8.99. When they ran my card it was $11 something so I said "Isnt the buffet $8.99?". The lady at the register was quite rude and continued ringing through my card and said that the visitors guide was wrong and its $10.99 and I could pick a drink or coffee. While not the greatest customer service, we stayed and ate. Pretty much the only thing worth the $10.99 price was the bacon and potatoes. Eggs were mushy and the gravy tasted like an instant packaged gravy. Towards the end of breakfast the staff started moving tables around and closing up the buffet while we were still sitting and eating making us feel very rushed. We walked around and were going to buy some snacks, but when I asked if they had any original beef sticks the lady behind the register rudely said "If its not on the shelf we don't have it." I understand that they are award winning and Im sure their products are great, but that means nothing when customer service is so bad.

Lester Parr

Very informative and presented in a fun way. Good time. Can't wait to go to summer sausage next

Richard Strassner

Chris Westmeyer

This is one of my favorite places to go - highly recommend!!!

Allan Barr

I was just looking for some place to eat when I lucked into this place. Wow.. The only reason it will not become a regular place for me is because it is over a 3 hour drive. Will definitely return when I am in the area.

Oldblueeyes 1992

Robert Foushee

Great sausage and a great breakfast too.

Tim Sheridan

Took the wurst-making class 9/9, and as advertised, it was the "wurst" time ever! Mike and Ron were great, sharing their knowledge and experience freely, and it was evident that they loved what they do. I came away feeling like I had the confidence to try making my own sausage, and look forward to giving it a go. The Wurst Haus itself is worth the visit, full of great products, awesome deli, and we can't forget the beer. I will definitely be coming back.

Karen Augustine

We came on a tour. I have a restricted diet & was virtutually told I was out of luck. The women were rude. Then after tour guide & rep talked to them they tried to get me something else which I thought I could eat. She neglected to tell me both items had nuts. So I sat at the table & watched everyone else eat. The people were rude & inconsiderate! I would rate them 0 stars but it was not an option!

Roger Goltz

A wonderful place in a neat town. Award winning sausages and bratwurst are available both in the deli and as carryout. Preserves, bacon, gift baskets and snacks are also available for purchase.

Andrew Petroline

Although I've been making my own sausage for years, I did learn some new things. Had a good time.

Dan Niederhelm

A great staff and service and the meat that is available.

Tony Hicks

Kim Mauk

Best brats I have ever tasted.

Brian Alexander

Stopped in for breakfast and wasn't disappointed. Fast service, friendly staff and great food.


It was...ok. Brats were rather dry. German potato salad could have been cooked longer, a little too raw on potatoes. Folks were friendly, service good.

Linda Lin

Watch your credit card... double charged for beverages. On Saturday September 1st, we purchased our meals with cash and just happened to use our credit card to purchase only one draft beer! Our table was cleared off while attending the owner's sampling demonstration. This meant no plates, no receipts. So Saturday, there was no indication as to a problem with the amount charged to our card. We drove home It was not until Monday the 3rd when the Hermann Wurst Haus charge for the $5 showed up in our credit card pending transactions. TWICE! And if this was not enough, by Tuesday the 4th, the actual amount posted to the credit card account for the $5 draft beer was $7! And a $5 charge still pending from them. Simply put...this is intolerable and it should have never occurred. C'est la vie

Katie Macke

Susan Cronk

Wow! Fantastic food to offer. Pleasant place to hang out. We will be ordering more when we get home, but took along goodies for the rest of our trip. So many unusual selections to try. Definitely worth getting off the beaten track. Great road off I-70 to get there.

ryan jordan


Was passing through awesome little place. Little disappointed they where out of the mustard for retail sales. But got lots of brats.

Paul McCain

This place is amazing. What's not to love about meat? Smoke meats and piles and piles of delicious bacon. Their prices are fair. They offer GREAT classes where you can learn how to make your own bacon. Did I mention bacon? The brats are to die for. Mike is truly a Wurstmaster. This is a MUST see if you ever come to the Saint Louis, Missouri area. There are tons of great B/Bs in town. Great wineries. GREAT beer at Tin Mill brewing.

Roxanne Tesar

Wonderful to taste so many different flavors of sausages. The people were so helpful.

Ray Burrows

They are Awesome!

Tristan Lee

great food, be sure to try the samples before you order

Amelia Hollenberg

Eric Paugh

Paul Coblentz

Very friendly staff! The best bratwurst you can buy!!!

Cammie Smith

Their bratwursts and sauerkraut is great!

Chad Motelet

You can't come to Hermann, and not go there. We were here for the weekend, and 13 inches of snow later, the town pretty much had no choice but to shut down. Mike let us come in and get stuff to take back home with us. Very nice guy, and the sausage is second to none! We will absolutely be back. Thank you for your hospitality Mike, and Go Chiefs!

Randall Morris

Amazing foods, and lots of things to take home for snacks n such!

Dieter Senkowski

Great for a beer and a Wurst, a must in Hermann

KVG Property Management llc

Friendly staff Great sausage Lots of samples

Kristin T

I love stopping in the Wurst Haus when I'm in Hermann! Their brats are the best and all of their sides are so good too! You can even buy their meat and take it home to grill! Great place!

Zach Davenport

Good selection for food, all was great.

Joe Dalton

This place is the wurst! Good food, but it is usually a damn zoo in there, so we usually skip it.

Thomas Mumea

A Hoghead

Some of my favorite brats.

John Lake


First off the lady with short brunette hair working the cash register was very cold, rude, and unfriendly. She has no business working in an establishment such as this if the owner is trying to project a friendly home town image. I had brought my girl friend there to try to impress her with the town of Hermann but I was quit embarrassed and would had been better off skipping the Wersthause all together! Next the bratwursts were not cooked properly and were barely luke warm and even cool in the center. We both feared afterwards that we might get food posioning. There was no nice browning around them and they looked like it just came out of a frozen package. The 3 sides we had were also barely luke warm. Well, I will say they picked the proper name for this place. WORSTHOUSE!!!! Stay far away!!

Kyra Fenton

My boyfriend and I GREATLEY enjoyed the food at Wurst Haus during our stay. Ordered several different sausages for my brother who RAVED about them. Will definitely be ordering more for gifts!!

Michael Szymanski

Sausage was very good and peach bread pudding was amazing! Kraut and potato salad were fine. Quick service despite the crowd.

Licensed to Grill Republic, MO

A little pricey, but you get what you pay for. Authentic sausages and German food

Lisa Kay

Amazing service!!!!

Brenda Chapman

C c

Extremely incredible! Many gold awards from US as well as Germany. Unbelievable number of different flavors of bacon, bratwurst, and sausage. They offer samples of all sausage and have hot samples of brats. They have a restaurant and numerous jams and jellies and candy. It's a great experience! They give group tours also. Thanks Mike for your personal tour!

Bryan Eisenbath

Ruth Ann Dodd

Wonderful place to grab a bite of lunch or a full meal. Love browsing through the market area and always bring home the best bratwurst!!

Chandler Schmidt

Their friendly staff introduced me to all three of their sample stations. Their brat selection is tasty, diverse, and creative. They also have delectable beer to boot. If you're in Hermann, I recommend stopping by this eccentric establishment.

Monica Sullivan

The food was delicious and the atmosphere was very mellow. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. Will definitely go back!

Jim Breidenbach

We like the smokey smell. Good meats

Susan Frey

Food was decent. The Hostess and Servers were very friendly . But we could have skipped the demo of the "award winning " guy making brats, no P.R. on his part . He Wouldn't take time to answer questions with our group of (10) . With that said, the town of Hermann is lovely , and we will be back to visit the rest of the wineries and shops.

Wendy Howe

My husband and I found these delicious brats a month or so ago. Unfortunately, the Cheddar, bacon and potato brat my husband chose had a piece of metal in it. It is stainless steel and seems like a piece if machinery. We are glad he didn't break a tooth, or swallow it! Hermann Wurst Haus may need a machine check.

Julie Barton

Over priced but tasty

vanessa crowe

You get more than you pay for. Plenty of hands on experience, plenty of pertinent information. I would have liked to leave with an actual 'follow' the recipe' recipe (even if it was not an award winner), but I assume there is an important wurst learning moment that needs to happen before I get that far. Thanks for a fun day.

Mark W

Huge variety of meats and sides! If I don't stop in for lunch or breakfast than I make sure to grab at least a few things for the freezer on the way out of town. We always grab an Asiago&Chive and Caramelized Pear&Gorgonzola brats for the freezer.

Erin Kalista

Great place

Patricia Hamblin

Wonderful variety!

Celeste Holden

As a forward: I don't generally write reviews, but this was by far the highlight of our 30 hour trip. Also our cooler which was solely designated for trip snacks is now somehow filled with almost 10lbs of the most amazing bratwurst known to man so that we can at least contribute something amazing for thanksgiving with the relatives.. This Wurst House was recommended as "the best bratwurst I've ever had" from some good friends of ours who are chefs, so we decided to make an hour detour from our destination just to check it out. What I was not expecting was for my husband to start looking for real estate in Hermann after having such an amazing experience here (let alone scoping the location out for a cot in the back). The entire staff was incredibly welcoming and helpful. It was also very clear that the owner not only knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to making the most amazing bratwurst known to man, but also welcomed us in and immediately brought us back for samples and a full explanation of the process. Wonderful hospitality aside, the food was beyond amazing. The location is well worth taking a trip off of I-70 to see an idyllic and historical town that will take your breath away with its quaint beauty. Not only will we do our best to find an excuse to come back to Missouri for this awesome location, but we will be lifetime customers as they also have online ordering and nationwide delivery for their extensive selection of meat and home-brewed spirits (in addition to a bunch of other things but those were the main things we tried). As a heads up, don't expect white table cloths and candles, but expect a low key, friendly atmosphere with lots to try and literally some of the best flavors to ever touch your tongue (unless you are a vegetarian-but the house made German potato salad is also to die for). Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Ruth Fleming

Always love the shops and German food. Well wine too.

Dave Groerich

Rebecca Lorey

Amy Hein

Delicious, unique, experiential German food in Hermann, MO! You can sample there for free. They also sell meals and packaged products. I may or may not have bought 5 packages of brats and one for lunch that day.

charlie kelting

Jared Walker

If you're in Hermann, you've got to at least see this place. It's like Cracker Barrel meets the local Butcher store. I kept reading reviews saying how great the pear Gorgonzola is. Fortunately, it was one of the four brats that could be sampled. It was delicious. I ordered it. I did not receive it. I carried my plate back up the front where the girl was standing ready at the register. She seemed confused at first, but quickly and politely fixed my order without skepticism or attitude. I wanted my family to experience the brats for themselves. They were not only impressed with the brats, but with the sides as well. Dad kept talking about how sweet the baked beans were, and also how he liked the German potato salad better than that served at Stone Hill's Vintage restaurant. I look forward to my next visit. Advice to the owner: The brats were barely warm. It may be wise to either crank up the heat lamp/steam table, prepare fewer at a time, or offer a microwave in the dining area. It may also be good for business not to close at 6 p.m. on a Saturday evening, especially when special events draw crowds of tourists into the streets.

Michelle Watson

Really good food, excellent sausages!

Gail Gusman

We took an hour drive from home for a mini out of town trip for lunch on our 20th Anniversary. This was a very nice, clean, interesting place to go for this special afternoon! We'll be back sometime to taste more of their tasty brats, sides, and beers!

Terri Kraham

Wow! Our first time there and it was a great experience. From the minute we walked in the door we were greeted and treated well, a very friendly staff and neat atmosphere. They offered us a tasting and were very helpful. You get a good amount of food for the price, it's delicious, and you won't leave hungry. They have a large shopping area and a great selection of yummy foods you can purchase and take home.

Travis Cannon

The Hermann Wurst Haus is definitely one of the places you have to stop by if you are in the area. The food is delicious and the staff is fantastic. We've been there twice and attended the Wurst 101 class and enjoyed it thoroughly - did NOT leave hungry. We will definitely come back again! Thanks to the Wurst Haus Team for a great time!

Camangela Strohflee

Swiss meat market is much better quality and taste! But this place is good and convenient .

Diana Riley

I just received my very first package of Brats & Wurst from Hermann Wurst Haus! And boy am I excited to try these...even the packing invoice smells like sausage! No lie! :) I live in a rural area where it's difficult to get my German Fix...So now that I've managed to find my favorite items (WeissBier) & sausages...still looking for Pretzel..the Party will be on! German Style! Prost!

ed august

VERY cool shop! Free tastings of the sausages and assorted other food and drink. Great-looking deli. Fun! Was hoping for more traditional German sausages, but holy cow! What we tasted and boughtwas fantastic.

Richard Spangler

Great variety of everything. Very helpful and friendly staff. Food tastes amazing. Worth the trip from St. Louis.

Donald Brinker

Brandy Cay Nicoletti

My husband and I attended a sausage making class with another couple. The class was very informative and the finished product was great. We also purchased some bacon from the store. Loved it so much that we're planning on stopping by there any time we head to Saint Louis, even though it's a little out of the way.

Ashley Whitworth

My dad brought us here when we were visiting during the holidays. We loved the brats so much we had to order online and have them shipped all the way to Texas. UPS delivered our initial order to the incorrect address, Doug quickly reshipped the entire order - great food, great service!

Jim Mars

Really good sausages, all kinds of jellies and cooked food too.

Christopher Overly-McDowell

Hermann Advertiser Courier

Incredible place! German Bratwurst, bacon and incredible purple cabbage!

Dale Howard

Great brats!

Jeremy Allen

When you're in the town of Hermann you should go to the Wurst Haus in Hermann. The Wurst hause. Yum.

Christine Boston

A must visit in Hermann! Restaurant, store, and bar. Amazing food. Great selection of locally made products. You will not regret it!

Stephen Hagan

What a wonderful surprise, we had an awesome lunch, met some great people and we will be back soon.

Mike S

Sausages and beer are great but you can't call what we were served a good breakfast scrambled eggs were so ever cooked the tasted like powdered rubber. Biscuit @ gravy were edible along with fruit cocktail, wurst and bacon never realized you screw up eggs.

Lauren Seidel

Awesome place food is amazing. Love eating here

Ian Chisholm

I had a great time in class. Learned a lot and ate a lot. Everyone in my group really enjoyed ourselves. Will be taking another class.

Lacy Helenthal

Love the food and the people that work there!

Rodney Andrus

Great wurst and super friendly people. A must when in the area.

Liz Whelan

Wow! So much sausage and wurst. You have to visit.

Brad Beggs

A little pricy for the prepared food but quality and taste is very good. You can sample almost any product they offer, including wines and several beers on tap. Also a good place to purchase snacks for picnics at nearby wineries that allow you to byo food. Try the braunswieger, it's really good.

Jason Kemper

And I thought the cheese and sausage at Hermanoff were good. This does a better job. But I still love Hermanoff as well.

Lucas McNabney

They do all the bar and deli things, but it is really all about the sausage. And the sausage is top drawer.

Jessica Sarasch

Must eat here while visiting Hermann. Stop by the sampler bar to try the different sausages. Loved the Munich and the beer and cheese, even brought some home.

Sophia Mary

Wonderful wurst and wonderful beer. Loving the atmosphere. This is a great place to bring friend and meet new friends.

Mike Olinger

The best meats anywhere. We order their food off of the website and have it shipped to us it is so good.

Chuck Barnhart

This is a great place to eat and have a brew. Food is excellent!

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