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REVIEWS OF Barred Owl Butcher & Table IN Missouri

Mike Ivy

Vast selection of drinks, good food that's not your standard "midwest" selection. Only slight drawback is the atmosphere. Give it a try, you'll like it.

Jane McClellan

Took a group of 9 here for a birthday dinner - none of us had tried it before. We were seated right away and had friendly, knowledgeable and attentive service the whole night. We ordered some delicious and interesting cocktails and a meat and a cheese platter as appetizers, everyone had a few bites that were very tasty! Our dinners included the pimento burger, the rabbit, shrimp and grits, the short rib stuffed poblano peppers, the duck, and the Spanish garlic soup and spaetzel Mac n cheese. Everyone was wowed by their dishes!! And the prices - the menu offers several less expensive ($13-$16), but also several more expensive ($28-$35), dishes, so you can choose your price range. While the portions don't seem huge, the FLAVORS are intense making the portions just the perfect amount. You don't come away stuffed, but completely satisfied. Each dish includes some unique and interesting flavors and ingredients.....this isn't the kind of place for a plain old meat and potatoes kind of eater - but, in fact, we had a few "picky eaters" in our group and each of them was really happy with their meal! We ended with 1 of each of the 3 desserts (blueberry bread pudding, cornbread tres leches, and chocolate pot de creme) to share... And they were each absolutely delicious, it was fun to have just a few bites of each one. We would absolutely come back for another

Chelsea R

Awesome place, drink selection, bar, food, everything. No complaints. Had to wait quite a while to even get a couple seats at the bar but thats really just an indicator of how well liked the place is.

Mark Langstraat

Outstanding menu & service! The atmosphere is very comfortable. The food is terrific!

susan miller

Wine was good, service was friendly and fast and the food was quite good. Very unique menu...a terrific change from the typical burgers and pasta

Brent Cook

Superb food and great service

Nicca Archer

I'm eating keto and they were very accommodating with my lunch order. The butcher shop on site is well worth a visit also. High quality meats prepared in house and local cheeses.

Jason Costa

Loved the food, good drinks, and nice atmosphere. We discovered this place recently while visiting town for friends and shopping.

Nate Walker

Outstanding in everyway! Good food, good service, good people.

Brandan Winfrey

Best bar in town! Also a great place to eat if you are tired of the usual options downtown.

Bethany Montgomery

This was actually the second time we have visited and each time has been distinctly different and very satisfying from the uniquely crafted cocktails and appetizers to the attentive service. I love that the menu is always evolving and changing because each visit could be very different from the last. The cocktail menu is broad and well thought out. Any of the food we have ordered has been excellent in taste and quality. The servers are very professional, knowledgeable about the menu and engaging to make great recommendations. I highly recommend this place.

William Goodman

The restaurant was trendy and upscale and so was the menu. The food and service were good but it was a bit too loud. Perhaps we are just too old for this crowd.

Michael Clayville

Really delicious food and drinks. No complaints. Reservations are recommended.

Zachary Harrington

From out of town and it was a very interesting place with a very different menu and drinks but still a great place with great service the food was awesome it was a very comfortable and neat atmosphere


They serve very unique dishes, but I wasn't blown away by my food. It was decent, but nothing really to write home about. Definitely try this place if you're bored with regular American dishes, but there are definitely better butcher/restaurant combos out there (not in Columbia though - this is the best you're going to get here).

Rogue Wave Transport LLC

The atmosphere was great the servers were friendly but if you go to this place make sure you eat before you go because the portions are extremely small

Chris Adrian

Cool place that makes a ton of their stuff in house. Bread and buns were really good. Meat was good but overall food wasn't quite as good as we were hoping

Hiedi Parks

Great environment and food was delicious.

Patricia Yates

The service and food were amazing. The waiter was super attentive. The steak was flavorful and juicy

Lindsey Robrecht

Good food and cocktails, if a little pricey.

Steven Parker

Off the chart cool

Jalen Mahaney

This is hands down my favorite restaurant in Columbia. They always have the freshest ingredients. I love that that cut their own meat. The aesthetic inside is great. They have an incredible alcohol selection and the bitters that they make themselves help create some amazing cocktails. I always spend so long looking at the menu because everything on the menu always looks good.

Katie Tegerdine

Whether you're sitting at the bar with one of the three best bartenders in town ( shout out to Andrew, Eric, and Francis!) or enjoying a quiet table, this place is lively, fresh, and authentic. Check out the art - it's beautiful and for sale, oh, and it's mostly done by their own staff! Everyone is chill, but attentive. Not that dressy. Jeans and top sort of deal.

Cynthia Boyd

I've had a few good meals here in the past, and their bar makes a good Irish coffee, but I stopped in just for a light lunch of soup and was not offered bread of any kind to have with it. I had to buy their "daily breads" plate, which was dense "lard biscuits" (at first, I thought they weren't fully cooked... Very lard-y) and a roll. The soup was exceptionally salty, as was the roll. The honey butter they served with the bread was good, but they only gave me a tablespoon of it. It's probably just not they place to try to get a light lunch, but it was disappointing. I will probably give them another chance when I've recovered fully from the salt load in that soup...

Ashe Ketchum

I was disappointed they stopped serving lunch early on my visit. Menu said 4pm, we sat and were ready to order at 3:30 and were told that we were lucky that we could eat off the dinner menu. If it was 3:50 I would have understood. 3:30? Lazy staff who shut down kitchen early because it made their day easier. Won’t be back and I’ll pass the word.

Tim M

This is the first place I hit when I come here from New Jersey. They have a delicious old-fashioned with a giant iced cube made of Manhattan. Then I hit the menu... Everything superb.

Sean McHargue

Very cool vibe, food was incredible and drinks were very unique. Will return for sure!

Sebastian Starrett

Good place. They do well using more local ingredients and such. The food isn't mind blowing but it is a very good quality. Great for a nice little night out or entertaining out of town guests.


The food was poor in opinion. The pork tacos were mostly fatty shreds of pork with a slight amount of meat on them. I am all for farm to table dining, and enjoy knowing where and how my entire meal is prepared. That being said if the dining experience and food is lackluster then no amount of "farm fresh or butcher in house" gimmicks can save a restaurant from being mundane. The basics of a great dining experience should always be the food. Service was adequate and pricing wasn't abysmal but i would forgo both of those factors for a meal that was more than just edible.

Selwyn Ralph

A gem in Columbia. The service and food here is great. The waiter was extremely knowledgeable about the food and offered many suggestions. This is a great place to bring friends and family to impress.

Meghan Goudy

The Sweet Potato Hummus and Harissa Explains it All sandwich were delicious. Outdoor seating available. Better than average service. Our waiter answered questions about the menu and made great suggestions on what to order.

J. Mike Baker

Their food is simply amazing! It gave me great joy and nearly brought me to tears. I tasted my wife’s burger and couldn’t believe the incredible flavors I was experiencing in my mouth. One of the best burgers I ever tasted in my life. Also, excellent made from scratch margaritas, as they should be!

Brent House

I love this place! Upscale food, great atmosphere, great variety of cocktails, good service. Would give it more stars if there were more to give.

Alexis Lyle

Food is incredible. Although I have to say I've never spent more time googling menu items than I do here. Worth it, though. Bar menu is fantastic, never had a bad drink here. Superb service.

David Apel

Food was good but a little overpriced for what you get, drink selection was very good as were the drinks, service was excellent, kudos to Todd!

Debi White

Outstanding food and service. Study up on the menu before you go! Bonus: adjacent ‘butcher’ shop. Planning to go back for bone broth. Yes!

Tyler McCubbin

Great cocktails and good small bites. Cozy atmosphere and good service

Jessica Manley

The Bar was impressively stocked! The food was good but the portions were a little small. I still think, I prefer 44 Stone, Murrys or Chris McD's but I would add this into my rota6of favorites.

Nathan Rardon

Haven't had the food just yet, friends tell me it's amazing, but the cocktails are amazing and well worth a visit.

Jennifer Baker

Outstanding, melt in your mouth, balanced pairings, clean food. I even went for desert, which is not my thing. However the cornbread desert did not disappoint and was not overly sweet, which I prefer....i don't even like cornbread but it was delish. Bravo chefs! Shall I mention this brilliantly crafted cocktail? If memory serves me right, "One Shade of Gray"

Ed Burn

Highly recommend - just had cocktails, fun crew. Will be back for dinner

Mike Gattorna

Great bar and food. Very unique menu and cocktails. Bar staff very knowledgeable. They have their own butcher shop in house and have some of the most interesting dishes. You owe it to yourself to go!

Mitch McElree

Excellent! Creative, fresh and delicious. Outstanding service. Completely accommodated my daughter who has food allergies.

Tiffany Dickerson

A little pricey but great service and good food. Will definitely be eating there again.

Stephanie Scott

This was actually the second time we have visited and each time has been distinctly different and very satisfying from the uniquely crafted cocktails and appetizers to the attentive service. I love that the menu is always evolving and changing because each visit could be very different from the last. The cocktail menu is broad and well thought out. Any of the food we have ordered has been excellent in taste and quality. The servers are very professional, knowledgeable about the menu and engaging to make great recommendations. I highly recommend this place.

Merry Madi

I'm in the food industry, this is food done right!

Taylor Huffman

A butcher?? Even as weary vegetarians, we really enjoyed the restaurant. We appreciate the attempt to provide locally sourced animal products, and the few vegetarian options are delicious. We sat at the bar and were overwhelmed by the drink options. This amount of choice is typically a bad idea for a restaurant- difficult for wait staff and bartenders, and difficult for customers to make a decision. But Barred Owl seems to do a good job with it. Even if this wide selection slows service down, their bartenders are trained and actually seem interested in giving descriptions. People comment on slow service, but this is just that type of place. I will wait for something of quality. If you are looking for a quick bite, go to the bar and order a small plate and a beer. Otherwise, plan on a longer evening enjoying a quality meal. It's nice to have a modern restaurant you might find in STL or KC right here in downtown Como. We will definitely be back.

Linda Lehenbauer

Good food, friendly waitstaff

Bill Clevenger

Was perfect. I'll be back.

Allison Yeakey

Everything is fresh and the menu offers a lot of variety. I enjoyed the nduja hot chicken poutine. Service is great and the drink menu is fun and unique.

Karel Barlow

They offer an absolutely amazing selection of handcrafted cocktails using fresh squeezed juices and seasonal herbs, including one called “squirrel walks into a bar“ that superbly combines walnut whiskey, honey, walnut bitters, and Benedictine. Delicious! Their menu is equally original, they butcher their own meat and use locally grown produce. We tried their butcher board charcuterie appetizer which included pate and Braunschweiger along with some of their small plates of fried cauliflower, oxtail ragu, and fresh rainbow trout. Each order was cooked perfectly and the seasonings were creative and extraordinarily fresh. We will be back!

Kathy Sims

Very expensive and food not good

Adam Dickerson

Good food, I had the steak, my wife had the hamburger. she loved the sauce that came with the steak and her burger. My steak was cold when it reached my table, and only half of it was cooked correctly. I was expecting more for the price I paid. Advice salt and pepper.

W. Cox

Amazing and creative foods and.cocktails. Great service. The things their butcher does in-house is superb.

H. H.

Tasty food and mixed drinks. Cool bar. Staff is well educated on describing the food. Only once had lamb chops that were gristly and hard to cut/chew.

Laura Remy

I absolutely love this little gem in Columbia. Great atmosphere, amazing food, eclectic drinks. I always enjoy a meal here when I am back in town.

Laura Smith

The food was unique, tasty, and priced amazingly well!

Clayton Kreisel

This has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Columbia. There is so much good food on the menu. And the prices are not as high as one might think. First if you want a good snack their fries and fancy sauce are legit. On top of that we like to get a Butcher's Board mixed with the Cheese Board. It only cost $18 and can easily be a good appetizer for a group of 3 or 4. Then the entrees are to die for. The burger, the steak, the sauteed green beans. It is all good. Not to mention they have all the local brews on tap. Great find if you are looking for something unique and local. And soon they will be opening their butcher's shop as well. Excited for that!!!

Kenny Willenburg

The best cocktail bar in Columbia! They can make all the classics as well as a large proprietary selection. Food menu is pretty simple and everything I've had has been decent. The shrimp and grits is my favorite, and sausage platter is also excellent. Shoshito peppers are a slightly unique appetizer. Atmosphere is nice and service is always very attentive and knowledgeable. My only negative thought is that the building is a little too open and some some tables are a little too close to others so a few more dividers would be useful.

Perry Romaker

Nice restaurant, nice atmosphere, good food. Great selection of alcoholic beverages. A little pricey, but not bad. Did not have "normal" sodas.

Angela Breaux

Wonderfully delicious and presented food. They have a wide selection of cocktails and beer. I didn't look over the wine list so I'm not sure. Good service. I went late on a weekday so it was not crowded.

Sherri ODell

I always love the food and service here. We are moving next weekend and it was so nice that our incredible server remembered that from talking to me briefly at my job!!!

bonj stephenson

First visit but very good service and the food was excellent. If not a big cheese fan I would not recommend their gnudi. If you are you'll love it as the cheese flavor is strong in a rich way. Pablano has a nice amount of spice without being overwhelming. If you get fries go ahead and get all three sauces. Eco friendly straws although they bring a new glass and straw with each bottle of soda you get. Wife raved about the Sunshine Soda (her choice of spirit was gin). Like many CoMo restaurants the noise level is high. Will be back as I want to try the garlic soup and other items. Mid-high price when comparing to chains, but worth it.

Mary Bishop

Menu looks great but quality not there. Additionally, they did not have a gluten free menu or even the slightest concern for gluten allergies. I went up the road to buy GF crackers - told my server I was doing so - my cheese plate still came with bread on it! smh. Not impressed. Concept and atmosphere are what is saving this place from a one star review.

Suz Reid

Love this place. Some unique choices. Very good, and friendly, staff. Had one issue, but it was resolved quickly.

Jonas Schuler

Rustic feel with a menu you can tell they take pride in. Lovely experience

Victoria Day

Wonderful food and service.

Kelly Wiggen

Always amazing. Had the cheese board for an appetizer, the "one shade of gray" cocktail, and the burger for dinner. No complaints, will absolutely be back many more times.

Bryan Allee

One of my favorite places in Columbia. Fantastic drinks, service and the most imaginative, consistently great food around. Worth the wait and the price.

Brian Cooksey

Barred Owl is a new favorite. They have a rotating menu that's got a wide range of items like shrimp and grits, wagyu steak, fried head cheese, rabbit. Also salads and sandwiches. The liquor selection at the bar is *huge* and they do a number of unique cocktails. Definitely worth the price.

Erica Woods

Good food that changes seasonally. They have the best shoe string French fries. Excellent oxtail ravioli. Their Mac n cheese is soooo good. I can’t go without getting their delicious pate and when they have chicharrones on the menu you’d better try them. The drinks are the best in town. There is something for everyone and some really fun, creative choices as well as perfectly made standards. The staff is super friendly, especially the bartenders.

Jothi Pallikkathayil

It is a nice place. It's got pricier options but the food tastes incredible. Here is a picture of a side of their high end mac and cheese served in a mini cast iron skillet.

Michelle Green

Little pricey but the food was good

Bryan Maniscalco

I stopped here the first time for the delicous food and tantalizing cocktails I had heard of before, but I came back the second time for the incredible butcher shop. Made in house cured meats and amazing cuts that come in a simply unparalleled array of flavors and textures. The entire staff was so inviting and made the entire experience more than I ever could of imagined. I will be coming back to Barred Owl every time I am in columbia from here out.

Falx Ftw

Nice place, very loud. Very hipster atmosphere, crowd and staff. We went on a Friday night, wait was 20 minutes which was fine. Unfortunately service, while friendly, was extremely slow. It took 35 minutes after being seated for half of our party to get our drinks, about 10 minutes more for the other half to get them. Server constantly chatted for long periods with tables around us, and this caused the wait between getting drinks and ordering to be very long. It took about an hour and 45 minutes after being seated to get our entrees, which did taste good, but where a little small. Overall it was good food, but price and time spent there didn't add up to a great experience.

Paul J

An awesome place for a drink and food. If you are in the area I would recommend stopping in.

Larry Treen

It was very loud inside. Uncomfortably so. The food was okay but overpriced. Wait staff was a bit slow.

Edward Cummings

Excellent food and service.

geezerfetus .

Amazing offerings for Columbia. A town as progressive as this place is needed a restaurant to match. The love and attention given to their meats is something not found in Columbia. The bar offerings are fantastic as well. It is worth it to get a few small plates and share. Also do not leave with out getting a charcuterie board.

Cathy Sumpter

Amazing! Love the drinks, atmosphere, looks and most of all the food. I haven't had anything bad there and could go there daily.

Tony Banks

I hate to review this restaurant, because my friends all love it. You pay high prices for high quality ingredients. I guess I just have simple tastes. My friends are wealthy, and bought several different meals to share on a couple of occasions. Some I thought were alright, but most I didn't like. I once bought their burger as a cheap alternative to spending more on food I didn't care for, but they had to go and fancy it up, and I couldn't even make it halfway through, because once again, I like low quality food. I give them 3 stars for 3 reasons. The service is excellent. The wait staff is knowledgeable about their menu items, quick to fill your glass and clear empty dishes, and they are genuinely friendly and down to earth. Second, the environment is cool. The bookshelf bar with the rolling latter to climb to the top shelf, the lighting and fixtures, the art on the walls, and the overall openness of the main room all add to a pleasing ambience. Finally, the cocktails are amazing. If you're looking for dynamic combinations that aren't too sweet, but more herbal, spicy, or with a little bit of bitterness, this is the place to go. I usually get the Alabama Worley, but tonight I took the servers advice and chose the shipwrecked instead. It was excellent. Despite all the fruit juices he read off it follows the format of not being too sweet. Also, they currently have a corn bread tres leches served in a hot cast iron skillet that is wonderful. That and the deviled eggs appetizer are about the only two foods I'll order there. I liked the Barred Owl, I just have to be sure I eat before I go, so I don't leave hungry.

Justin Rogers-Cooper

Superb cocktails and high quality food with knowledgeable staff. Excellent salads, as well as locally sourced and tasty meat-heavy menu. Big and open interior with art for sale on the walls. Fine drinking and dining in Columbia - a good place to spend well for good stuff.

Tina Brown

Took a group of 9 here for a birthday dinner - none of us had tried it before. We were seated right away and had friendly, knowledgeable and attentive service the whole night. We ordered some delicious and interesting cocktails and a meat and a cheese platter as appetizers, everyone had a few bites that were very tasty!

Laura Whitacre

Extensive drink menu, all drinks are made perfectly. Creative menu that encouraged me to try new things and I loved everything I tried. Bartender was very knowledgeable about the menu and where all of the food came from (locally sourced). Good atmosphere. Prices are too high for me to eat here frequently but the prices are reasonable for the quality of food you get.

Brian Hanson

We stopped in to this place on a hunch while passing through town. We were tight on time, but everyone was so accommodating and got us through the process quicker than expected. Andrew was our server and he was perfect! Great experience. Definitely plan to return.

Alex Cox

Very comfortable atmosphere, great service. Dress however you like. Cuisine is excellent! A little pricey, but very sophisticated and worth every penny if you want a nice dinner. If you're looking for a cheap night out you won't find it here. Perfect for a special dinner with SO.

Joseph Sandone

Probably the best restaurant in Columbia. Interesting and well executed menu. Excellent service.

Galaxy Gamer

The food was amazing but my favorite part was the way the water was served.

Tami Mcginnis

Very good cheese plate! always fun to see what new thing the chef has changed up. They give you time to talk and relax around your meal. I enjoy how the staff talks to you about local parts of the meal and introducing you to new flavors and local seller.

Trina Morris

Wow....just wow! Food and Wine magazine needs to visit Columbia and feature this restaurant! Nothing but good things to say about the restaurant from food to drinks to staff and atmosphere.....

Joshua Wade

Outstanding place to have a unique meal! And amazing adult beverages!

Stacie Schroeder

I visited for lunch with a large group. Food and service were very good. The menu is varied and eclectic, the atmosphere is casual and welcoming. Ample free parking near downtown was an added benefit.

Scott Wendling

Great selection of unique cocktails. Several butcher board options of various cheese and meats. The menu presents traditional fare along with unique items such as head cheese, lamb sausage, rabbit, and other various rotating dishes. My wife and I like to start with a board then follow up with a large plate and couple of small plates. We leave very full and satisfied without feeling sick.

Margo Grills

One of the best values for quality food. It’s honestly the best restaurant in CoMo. Try the cocktails!

Russell Nielsen

Great food and ask for Olivia her suggestions were exactly what we were looking for

Nothanael Leon

Great high end place reasonable prices and delicious food

Sam McInturf

Barred Owl is an incredible farm to table resturaunt with a massive, and beautiful, bar/drink selection. Like many high quality eateries, the portions can be lacking in quantity, particularly guven the price ($20-30 for mosr entrees). So if you are looking for something to fill you up, probably the wrong choice, if you want a small high quality meal with an awesome atmosphere, a wonderful choice

James Kanary

Beautiful, eclectic food options. Perfect atmosphere. Not uppity at all. We’ll be back!

Jon Chia

This spot is an absolute must go! I went in for Friday night dinner. The place was busy but not full (no place in Columbia really is...). We were able to sit at the bar and have a wonderful cocktail and food pairing for the night. I would skip out on the pork tenderloin next time though. It wasn't what it was hyped to be. But the lamb was absolutely amazing. You can taste that it was local and fresh. The dessert was a chocolate cheesecake and that was absolutely delicious I think they might have put crack in it cuz it was so addicting! My only other regret was not being able to go there a second time (their closed on Sundays and Mondays). Til next time!

Tristan Fielding

Good service. Great menu.

Steve Perkins

Great staff, friendly and helpful. Menu choices was poor I thought. Food was good but not great. Atmosphere was good but they need sound baffles, way to loud. I more than likely will not be eating here again.

Brian Trudell

Service there was great and the food combinations intriguing

Joy Pulliam

Best craft drinks in town. Great food, also.

Jan Berry

Always something creative and delicious here! Even for me, the vegetarian. Fried Brussels sprouts, with shallots. Bruschetta with eggplant. And a dessert with paw paws! We love this place.

Dan P

This was our first time to eat at The Barred Owl. We started with Quark, which was, frankly, the best part of the meal. Creamy, cheesy, savory goodness. We ordered clams, grass finished steak, and street tacos. The steak and its accompanying potatoes were cooked to perfection and very good. The clams were perhaps a little overcooked (a bit chewy) but the white wine sauce was nice. The street tacos were good - but nothing extraordinary. The ambience was pleasant, upbeat and young. The only real negative was very slow service. We waited nearly an hour for our meal. As this was a first visit, I don't know if that is typical or not. The waitress did apologize more than once so perhaps there were unusual circumstances.

Mark Hawkins

Great place to eat great dining experience like the fact that we can go in afterwards and pick up breakfast meat for are morning breakfast

Yvonne Abernethy

Enjoyed a lovely summer supper. The blackberry bread pudding capped off a really nice meal. Service was excellent. "Who cooks for you, who cooks for you, who cooks for you all?" The great crew at the Barred Owl do!

Jack Kanov Ysac

Over-hyped bar that serves bad food. Ordered a plate of meat spreads...the bread was stale and dry and the spreads tasted like a wet dog smells. The "spicy" spread was drenched in honey for some reason...mmmm, wet dog with honey. Got a cheese plate with was a bunch of dried out slices of plastic. This place is apparently known for their mixed drinks, so I tried a dirty martini, can't really get any easier than that. The bartender mixed it without vermouth for some reason, claiming that the olive brine takes its place. That's not a martini, that's a glass of vodka with olive brine. I would put this place on par with Truman's and Teller's: absolutely nothing special or compelling about this dump other than people telling each other that it's a hipster bar.

Adam Horn

Meal and service was great! Nice and clean, even the bathroom. Food was unique. Just didn’t quite have that wow factor, but still very good and worth it.

Jon Morten

Service was wonderful and entertaining. The waiter had an answer for all our questions. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was great. Will certainly be returning soon.

Unrival'd Ink

Great place! Food was amazing. Cocktails were top notch! 10/10 will be back!

Jesse Lark

Incredible folks and eclectic bar selection

Jason Brooks

Perfectly cooked steak and great service. The best dining experience in Columbia

Guy Huber

Great...great food...great drinks...great reception and friendly service.

David Carver

Food and service have been amazing every time we come in.

Seth Gordon

Oh my God, what a genius idea for a restaurant. Built to thoroughly cover all you needs in high end gastronomica. It is so complete that it just boggles the mind. Please check it out.

James Books

The absolute best cocktail bar I have ever been to! The staff is super friendly, funny and knowledgeable about the drinks. The bartending is fancy and entertaining. The food is exquisite. And the art is done by employees and is for sale! This is a must for anyone who enjoys a mixed drink. And to the guys who ordered bottled beer at a cocktail bar, shame on you!

Tom Crenshaw

The Manhattan Fashioned is outstanding! Need less fufu and more choices on the menu

Mary Sands

I had the Cuban sandwich and it was the best thing I've eaten in a long time, loved it!

John Newstead

We will return to the Barred Owl Butcher for the fine quality and variety of meats and cheeses. The bar and restaurant are tops for food, drinks, service and comfort in Central Missouri. Bar none!

Saad Zaidi

Fine dine restaurant with upscale rustic interiors. The food looked fantastic and scrumptious. They only point of improvement is their dumplings chicken tastes funny..

Sarah Carnes

Food is the best in town from a dining perspective. Atmosphere is wonderful. The menu is diverse and a great place for foodies. Staff are knowledgeable about the menu and beverage selections. Any restaurant with a liquor ladder is pretty awesome in my book.

Ethan O

Charcuterie board is always amazing!

Amanda Whipple

The food was absolutely amazing!

Craig Heimericks

Awesome experience! Just had drinks, but really enjoyed sitting at the bar watching the bartenders craft so many unique cocktails. We'll definitely be back!

Cameron Dubbert

Good food with an interesting selection. Fancy atmosphere but not too pretentious. Kinda pricey, but the taste equals it.

judi jewell

Loved it.

Nikki Clark

I had heard good things about Barred Owl and finally got to try it. My experience was very good! The menu is interesting but I like non traditional foods sometimes. Saw the pimento cheese listed several places on the menu so had that with some of the best crackers I have ever eaten! Shared this as well as a Butcher Board which was also great! Last but not least we shared some fried head cheese and it was very good! They have a great list of different drinks as well.

Jessica Hicks

Service and food were great! Drinks were yummy also! If youre looking for something fresh and delicious, come here!

Gordon Jones

Excellent varied menu, well prepared and with great service! Will be back!

Ashley Yong

Nice atmosphere and quick, good service on a Saturday afternoon. Tried the Oyster Club ($12) and Butcher Board ($18). They were okay, but overpriced in my opinion.

Stephen Barton

Terrific food and service!

Meredith Bousman

We looked at the menu and ended up leaving. If you want things you can't pronounce or identify this is a good choice. We opted to go elsewhere. I'm not sure they even noticed.

Nika Howard

First time and it blew me away! Our waiter was fantastic and knowledgeable and the food was phenomenal! The Mac and cheese is such a great side and I'm still dreaming about the delicious drinks! If you're looking for a wonderful midday meal or romantic date night, Barred Owl is the place to go!

Brandon Fixsen

Everything was excellent. Try the burger if you are on a budget. Can't pick a bad menu item.

Rene Moore

Bragging about it to family that lives in Columbia today actually! No clue, I will send pictures I took while there! Wondering if you want to find out about a great Uplifting day! Best food I have literally ever had! Totally different but exquisite! Go enjoy! Chef is very friendly but very busy, biggest bar ever! René Moore.

Ethan Cordray

Great food, fantastic cocktails. Highly recommended.

Marshall Sheets

Great food. Great charcuterie. Large alcohol selection, and good cocktails. If you're looking for above average, or exceptional dining and cocktails in Columbia, you haven't done your due diligence unless you've checked out Barred Owl.

Neil Nielsen

Great food and service

Alejandro Martinez

It was different but the food was amazing!

Tyler E

Stopped at the butcher shop, got 2 Waygu strip steaks. They were amazing. Grilled them seasoned with only a little sea salt and the flavor was awesome and the texture was very tender.

Mark Swanson

Unusual food great selection of alcohol did not rush us fairly busy for a Saturday

Scott Fuenfhausen

From the bar to the butcher shop to the restaurant, Ben Parks has crested a unique place that is one of my favorites in Columbia. If you have a dog, make sure you stop by the butcher shop and get some of the smoked beef bones to take home. My pup LOVES them.

James Markson

Excellent food and service n

Andrew Edwards

Pretty good food, they over do the flavors a bit. A little pretentious, but the servers were very friendly and bar staff was knowledgeable.

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