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REVIEWS OF Claiborne Hill Supermarket IN Mississippi

Julie Pemberton

Very clean with friendly people. Have sushi and misc food you can't get at walmart. Good meatss

Matthew Wilhite

I love this place people who work there are wonderful prices are great Seafood Galore

Ronni Walker

Very nice people and clean store. Lots of different foods but also small selection of some I needed. Their in-house special meals and sides are good. Probably go there every other grocery trip!


Always clean and the people are kind. A little more $$$ but a local business.

August Bradshaw

People were friendly and helpful.

Ricky Queen

Great place...some prices seem higher


The very best Roast beef poboys in the South. Worth the drive from Bogalusa La.

Sonny Chauvin

Very helpful employees and great local selections. Although prices tend to be a little higher overall they have fantastic sales and a great deli! The shrimp poboy is amazing.

Troy Wicktom

Great little store. Good prices too.

George Walley

This store always has great customer service.

Paula Amberg

Clean store, wide aisles, fair prices. Enjoy shopping there.

Tony Whalum

Frrindly. Convenient. Hv what I need.

Joe Williams

Offers a great selection of items that you won't find at some other grocery stores. They have a wide selection of freash organic and healthy food. Staff is always friendly and responsive. He prepared to pay a little more.

Billy Jones

Very nice place to shop for groceries

Pam Ashe

Poor selection of beef.

Timtations Artworks Tim Kennedy

Just got home and enjoyed some of the best roast beef and gravy poboys I've ever had!! They were amazing. Well worth the price. Huge. I couldn't even finish half of my 6 inch piece of sandwich it was so packed. Thank y'all.

Troy Simpson

Great store, high quality, reasonable prices, quick in and out, wonderful staffing

Ross McDiarmid

Great place, great butcher and good shrimp... Produce and prices are pretty good.

Louisiana Boy

The store was very clean and up to date

Carole Dupre

It’s past time to give a 5 star shout-out for the folks at Claiborne Hill. The market makes living on my end of Coastal Mississippi so much better. There’s a long list of prepared foods worth buying. Today I brought home their hot chicken and sausage gumbo for the first time, and it did not disappoint this food-loving Cajun (see photo). It was filled with flavor, lots of tender pieces of deboned chicken and good spices (an extra pinch of salt would have made it just right). From their Chantilly cupcakes to their boiled shrimp to their addictive chicken salad, they are worth checking out on your next visit to or through Waveland. Nice people, too.


Very clean and neat. Employees willing to help at anytime day or night. There sandwiches and others items are excellent tried them all. No complaints from me.

Abiligal Grafe

The food in the deli is always so filling and delicious. I was very impressed with their bakery case! It was very beautiful!

Heather Lee

Big store. Beautiful selection of everything AND great prices to boot!

Rod Stieffel

Beautiful grocery, extremely clean, very courteous staff complimentary coffee and 6 checkout lines so you never have to wait in a line. A very nice shopping experience!

Evelyn Hayward

We ordered 5 lbs of smoked mullet. It was awful. I think they smoked it for an hour. It was bitter and it smelled spoiled. My father smoked mullet all his life and it was so good. We fed this to the alligators in our pond.

Deborah Goudeau

Great store friendly staff, reasonable prices. Will special order items. Good deli food.

Georgianna Lewis

Very clean and respectful workers

Donell Cullen

Very nice store. Will be back

Candida Laine

Love that they carry items other supermarkets around here don't. Closest thing we have to a Whole Foods anywhere around here. Impressed with their selection of organic and natural foods. They have Ezekiel bread!

Sammy Jorden

I ordered 2, 12inch, Roast beef poboys. It took 1 hour and 12 minutes, and after 20 sorrys, they were going to give me a discount. So I waited for over an hour. I got 2 tough cold roastbeef poboys and ice cold french fries. After all that my big discount was just $4..... REALLY???

Jose Perez

Freshest produce in town. If your looking for the local flavor this is where to go. They have specialty items like local produce, eggs, special creole cream cheese, and an olive bar. Along with made to order sandwiches they have a hot bar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for meals to go. Their meat counter and seafood counter are best in the area and quite reasonably priced for the area. Check them out when your in town.

Ashley Baldwin

Claiborne Hill is the closest thing I have found here in Bay Saint Louis, MS. that even comes close to my Favorite hometown Northern California grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. IMO, Store is fairly small, but given the space, they do a good job trying to fill the space with excellent speciality foods, marinades, condiments etc.. Veggies are great quality and in so many cases, Claiborne Hill prices are much less expensive than larger grocery store chains (Walmart, Froogles) in the area and of exceptional quality. Service - awesome (many local, well mannered and exceptionally service oriented younger high school students from the area) Amenities- - Parking is always available (handicap accessible, friendly and has several motorized carts available. - Fresh Seafood options are quite nice. They seem to have a variety of fresh poultry and meat selections.. I cannot comment on that as I am only eat Seafood. - Noticed that they have a large assortment of speciality beers as well. - Bakery is quite lovey and of good quality.. - Others - Olive bar, sandwich bar, free coffee while shopping, large aisles.. Give it a try... its worth your time!

Sue Gravatt

Nice store. Kind of low on options.

Brenda Borrouso

The salad bar was empty and I had to ask when he would fill it up. His response was what do I want and I told him everything was empty!

Lucinda Lenfant

My favorite local grocery store. I LOVE shopping the sales and purchasing full slabs of New York strips. The deli offers hamburgers and poboys and an awesome breakfast.

David Blackmon

Great store with hard to get items, I love it.

Mizz Sparkle

Prices are good... clean store....have little if everything here...fresh flowers, deli, salad bar, sushi, beer, fishing supplies, coffee bar. Store was organized. Cashiers seemed helpful.

Deejay Finister

Customer Service was Outstanding

Frankie Yelverton

This is the best store EVER!

Paul Macuick

Great prices on great meat

Kathy Grantham

For the past year when I come to visit my Mom I have always bought and LOVED their in house smoked salmon.Yesterday I bought 4 packs of it. After I got home and trying a piece it was extremely dry and tough to eat. It was overcooked and not enjoyable. I live too far away or I would return the other 3 packs I bought. Makes me sad and I won’t trust it to be good again. It’s not cheap either!

John Favaloro

It's got the best prices around.

Chet Travirca

I love that they are hiring or kids to check me out while Wal-mart is laying checkers off! They've gotten a ton of my walmart grocery shopping.

Jim R

This is a rating for those that are seeking meals from the deli (looks like I should have read the other deli reviews). Two times within the last two weeks I ordered roast beef... unheated... and without gravy... and both times I was disappointed with the wrong order. I called up the second time and told them of the issue and the boy in the deli passive-aggressively says: "what do you want me to do about it". After trying to help him understand how he should approach customer service, he took my order for the second time and he assured me that it would be made correctly starting the moment we ended the call, ready for me to pick up. The call took ten minutes. I then waited 15 minutes until I returned to the store, with the wrong sandwich in my hand for return. I returned the gravy covered disaster at the deli to the bewilderment of about 10 staff members standing there not working. After a few moments of trying to speak with someone that wanted to help, the manager 'just then' started to lay the groundwork so that my sandwich could be made. They weren't busy, weren't taxed for workers, but hadn't even begun to make my 6' sandwich. After briefly trying to ascertain what exactly was going on back there I said thanks for nothing and left without waiting on another poorly made product... because it was all I could do. The staggering level of incompetence and 'passing of the buck' was just incredible. Not once did the manager apologize, she just blamed policy, and looked at me as I was a burden on their seemingly light Friday afternoon workload. It's a bunch of kids working their first job, so they don't give a damn... the manager didn't seem to care either. She made no ernest attempt in our conversation to make my transaction any less awful, and was almost as clueless and rude as her staff. As a retired service member I've had sandwiches made all over the world, and by many different types of people... none of them insisted on smothering it in gravy against my request (gross), nor have I ever been talked to so dismissively when the order was made incorrectly. Don't order food from the deli. Ignore the high rating, read the other deli reviews.

Penny Blassingame

Walmart is my store. Claiborne is a nice store. Clean and friendly. But walm a rt has it all

Carol Hodges

Rating a 2 strictly on the meat department attendants. Meat is always priced well. However I like having my meats cut. I usually go in the afternoon/evening. The first time I was told they were no longer cutting I simply left believing I had came in to late. Well I showed up earlier the next day and same thing. This time I looked at the sign saying when they stopped cutting... I still had 2 hours before the scheduled time to stop so I went and found a manager. Manager looked at the time and confirmed there was still two hours remaining. As I get to the cutting department again not only are they handing another customer their package of meat but they took another package to cut from another customer. The manager had them cut ours. Fast forward a few weeks... I go back in. Same situation again. So I guess they pick and choose who they want to cut meat for.

Naren Bhatt

Expected little more vegetable selection

MP Bahm

Clean, organised and we'll stocked. Although they do not have everything, they many unique items.

Neal Braud

Be careful here!

Tim Hammond

On the high side price wise. Were just used to TN pricing!

Richard Parker

Very friendly service. The store is spacious. I enjoy the breakfast specials!

Judy Sketteno

I like to buy groceries at Waveland’s Claiborne Hills because I get good prices on meats, and the butchers cut r grind my roasts for me. Also, the selection of produce, eggs, and milk r a drawing card for my business. The bonus of specials and the easy access to buy pine straw is beneficial to the limited time I have to spend shopping. If u haven’t tasted their cakes r pastry r deli food, u r missing out. The staff is friendly, no long waits, and assistance is available if needed to load groceries. Very clean restrooms and store. It is worth my time to drive the distance from Diamondhead to Waveland. I also appreciate being able to see ads in mail r on website

Donna Bounds

I love this store! Wish I had one like it at home!

Annette Richard

Love shopping here!

Jay Jay Hebert

Claiborne Hill is the best place to do your grocery shopping. Customer service is awesome the price is cannot be beat...and the shrimp are fresh and beautiful.

Elwood Blues

Good staff, lots of local options for foods in addition to the ones you could get at Walmart an such. Love that they incorporate local producers for produce

Chris Drake

Should be everyone's corner grocery! They have a great mix of the staples, local favorites, plus some specialty items. Favorites include fresh local seafood, great cheese, bulk beans and grains, and prepared foods. Go out of your way if you have to. The hot sausage alone is worth it.

Dayana Aparicio

I just stopped in while I was visiting but I was impressed with their selection of fresh food, grains, and beer. Good prices too! They seem to be open later than other shops which makes it convinient as well.

United Public Radio

The only store on the coast that cost more is rouses but they do have good deal on bulk steak cut in store fresh for you and a pretty good delly

Pat Wittorf

I love this store!! Clean, well laid out and so much to choose from. Their produce is farm fresh and the items they provide for sale "in bulk" like wild rice are great and some just not available elsewhere. This Claiborne Hill in Picayune is nice but this one offers enough unique items that I drive over at least once a month.

Tammy Anderson

Girl in deli was pretty rude. I asked for a specific deli meat and the guy said he was pretty sure the partial he had was what I wanted. Decided not to get it. Chicken on croissant was fabulous!

Erik Roberts

Great prices Fresh good looking veg awsome poboys and the people are friendly and very helpful

Daron Shaw

Got in got what I wanted and played Elvis cause I left the building.

stephen kutos

I have liked shopping at Claiborne Hill. The atmosphere is pleasant and the stock is small but diverse. I must admit that I was surprised when I tried to ask about a product that they had carried for as long as I had been shopping there and for which I drove several miles to purchase. It seems that suddenly the product was not in stock and it stayed that way for several weeks. When I inquired about it, the lady at the customer service desk, who was very nice and helpful, explained the problem and told me she would check on the availability and the possible new price and let me know. I never got a call and when I just called to find out what was going on, I got the Customer Service 2 step...or simply put, the run around. I expect this from Wal Mart but not from a small boutique store like Claiborne Hill. Doing what you say you're going to do is a hallmark of customer service and important to how a customer feels about the places they shop.

Cheryl Bernard

Their meats are very nice and always looks so clean around the area. I dont mind paying a little more for nice looking meats. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The store is always clean, no matter the time I go. Also so far, im always able to get a handicapped cart, that means a lot. But even the customers have been helpful to me. May I make 1 suggestion? The handicapped carts do need a little attention, even though I use the wipes the store offers. But the store I would recommend to everyone I know.

Allen Cusey

Very pleasant prices are reasonable

Terry Newkirk

Greatest supermarket in our area. A miniature "Whole Foods" I love this store

Greg R

Very loyal customer. Only thing holding back 5 stars is that they're often out of stock by Sunday evening on a lot of items, and the staff (although very friendly) seem to know nothing about what they sell. They're too busy playing with their cell phones then to assist a customer. Walmart next door seems to abide by a strict 'no-cell-phone' rule, this store obviously has no such rule.

Daviette Davis

Very helpful staff. The lady went out of her way to fine an oyster knife for us. However, they were out of stock.

Dana Carter

I love this store every time I go in there I see my sweet freind ms.Pam I love u lady !!!!

Crawfish King

This is the closest you can get to Whole Foods in South MS. I love how they have the samples out practically every time I visit. Their crawfish soup is amazing.

David Blazier

We are from out of town and stopped in to get some groceries for our Airbnb. Everyone was incredibly nice, the produce was fresh and we discovered a new brand of New Orleans ham. It was a fun time

zem1020 May

I love the fried chicken here.

Lyrae Norman Kinchen

They have big flies in their hot food section. I saw flies on the fried chicken and the server took the chicken to the back and came back with my boxed order. I asked him if he gave me the fly infested chicken and he said no, this is fresh chicken. I did not believe him.

Roland Buras

Very well organized clean and well maintained. easy shopping great . I LOVE SHOPPING CLAIBORNE HILL RJ BURAS

Neil Logan

My first time to shop here. Cool supermarket. They have a lot of speciality foods you cannot find anywhere else. I will be back.

Kim M

Loved this store! Wish we had one in Hammond. We also got plate lunches there that were great. Staff very friendly and helpful.

James Jones

Great supermarket nice people

charles gilreath

Great place to shop outstanding deli. Clean friendly and well priced

tony guin

This is an awesome store, they have lot of great choices, and you can buy in bulk on some items

Angelle Webb

It's always a pleasure to shop at Claiborne Hill. Employees always friendly and helpful.

robert beckham

Easy accses lot of cashiers no big lines. Fresh salad bar and cooked food to go orstay to eat.! Very freindly people.!☺

Stacy Johnson

I've never had a bad experience at Claiborn Hill. It's right around the corner from my apartment, less busy than Walmart, they have nice hand-made items, that are great for gift. It's so quick and easy for those last minute items that you either need to complete a recipe, or for when you simply ran out of bread. The employees have always been friendly, as well.

Doris Welch

Very, very ,very , very helpful employees, who helped me. I am 70, and I have celiac disease, I am gluten free, this store has a lot more items than any other grocery store around these parts, that I can eat.

Laura Boeke

I love shopping here at Claiborne's, convenient, with a HUGE variety. Very welcoming, inviting atmosphere, with a full service deli. Competively priced, great customer service

Sam Savrock

I find this store to have great prices on certain items within the store. Very good produce department, and excellent prepared food items.

brian greenwald

Nice little Local Market...and a great fresh deli

James Bosarge

Best place to go for the best cuts of any and all meats !

Jody Richardson

Besides the great selection on groceries, their breakfast and lunch specials are great. Huge quantities and it's not fast food. The po-boys are made to order and are fantastic. Great store for all types of stuff. Even have a great fishing supply section!

Bridget Davis

Always very clean and respectful employees. Competitive prices for the most part and they carry hard to find products

Jennifer Gatlin

Great service

Christine Lockhart

Some regular things are high, but there sales are worth the trips and they do have speciality items hard to find!

lets get this party started

Love this store. The Po-boys used to be great but lately terrible. No mayo or mustard,stale bread,lots less meat & put the wrong kind of cheese. Gave it to my dogs. Won't buy another

Carol Lindsay

Great cooks here. The prepared food is excellent. Ok selection of items, mostly tailored to the traditional needs of the area. Several times I have asked for he'll in finding something and gotten a deer in the headlights response. Then again have meet some great folks working here, so just be persistent.

Arthur W. Estrada

Good breakfast buffet. Their fried fish is excellent!

Judy Chastain

Love this store. So many items that aren't found elsewhere in MS. Great sandwiches, too.

glenn dailey

I find all my favorite coffee's there.

Jewel Bond

Really liked thos store enjoyed my vist

Donna Benfatti

They have everything you need for groceries....and its fresh.

Ryan Beverly

Awesome little or should I say big grocery store. Have a lot of unique items. Also very good to stop in for lunch which was suggested to me when I asked where a good place to get a sandwich or a hot meal. I was skeptical when a grocery store was suggested to me but when you're on the road working you'll try anything. The deli offers PoBoy's and hot or cold sandwiches. Let me tell you these are way better than you can get at Subway. I got a hot ham and cheese all the way. With onions, jalapeños, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and mustard, and pickles and American cheese, This baby was packed with fresh sliced ham and I only got a 6inch. The bread soft and the sandwich flavorful. I'll be back whenever I'm over there. Be sure to visit here.

Bo Breland

I love the meat selecrion, and the poboys are delicious. The shrimp poboy is one of the best on the coast, and portions are very generous.

Tony Alier

Nice experience. Got what I needed and a few Sale items. Checkout was Fast. Thanks

Veronica Gremillion



Always good deals and good deli !!

Peggy Wagner

I like the sale that have, and the meats good,

Pableaux Gelston

I have a second home near here and always shop here rather than bring groceries from Metairie. More often than not, I bring groceries back with me from Claiborne Hills. My Girl Friend thinks I only want to go there and not the beach. Excellent meats, produce, and customer service. Not big like Walmart down the road, but has everything thing you'll need at competitive prices.

Melody Gillan

This store is Awesome. I was visiting a friend in Bay St Louis, I live in Ocean Springs, they had hamburger for $1.79 a pound. I bought about 25 pounds. What a deal. The store is kind of like a Country Store. I'll be back. Loved it

Kym Parker

You'll love this grocery! From fresh lunches, produce & salad bar to crawfish jelly! The employees are like neighbors. And they have a great inventory of craft, local & draft beers!!

Debbie Treutel

I love this grocery store. Thw meat department and butcher are great.

Rachelle Magee

I bought the crawfish that was bagged up and refrigerated. I also bought the potatoes, mushrooms, and sausage but didn’t eat the potatoes. The taste was good mainly because I was starving. I developed a major stomach ache about an hour after eating and had trouble going to sleep. Needless to say, I woke up with severe cramping and gastritis. NEVER buy the crawfish that are already bagged up and in the fridge. I normally have an ironclad stomach but feel like I’m going to die this morning. I haven’t missed work in 2 years but may have to call out

Thomas A. Jones

Clean and Unique from other similar type and sized grocery stores!

Jennlynn McPhearson

Claiborne is so confident, not far from where I live. CS is great

Joanne Lackey

I love shopping here, everyone is polite and helpful. I can get everything in one stop.

dustin miller

They always have good deals on fresh local produce. The fried chicken is delicious and they really make the po-boys fat.


LOVE THIS store. Great a friendly staff, great deli and seafood. Nice beer selection.

Linda Vickery

Always friendly service.

Leeser Holzhauser

The shopping part of my visit was fine. After checkout, upon leaving the store, I slipped on a big spot of water and fell to my knees.

Chadwick Spence

Awesome Selection of Craft Beer Large Fresh Cut Daily Selection of USDA Choice & Prime Meats & the BEST Deli in Waveland.

April Bunn

Really nice place the employees are really nice

mike sn


Rick Hilliard

Very nice grocery store. They seem to have better quality meat, produce, and cheese then Walmart. Their produce is extremely fresh.

Kim McPhuran

5 stars!! This place is AMAZING. They always have great deals on meat and eggs.

dee dixon

Store is great,wide ailse many unusual items great food, good bulk items. Had dinner it was excellent catfish, best sweet potato souffle around. If you have not been go if you have been go back!!!

Kambri Nicole

Great local market. Love the bulk bins and the vegan products.

Doris Bowman

I lost my papers with my grocery list. I looked all ovèr the store for it. An employee went around the store and she found it for me. After leaving the store, I was unloading my cart and a young man came over and unloaded my cart. The employees made my trip to Claiborne Hill trouble free.

Vicky L

Love everything about this store! Hot meals, BBQ, Chicken salad, spinach dip, sandwiches, produce, meat, flowers, cheeses, availability of diverse products, staff, and even prices! prices,

Beth Rivers

It's not a place I would do my big family shopping because they do tend to be a little pricey and don't have a huge selection, but for day-to-day run-ins and Specialty items and Seafood, and beer selection, this is the place to go out here

Korey Sayles

Great store with excellent prices. Very clean and modern inside and out.

Kerry Hudson

The people went out of their way to help me find things and their Seafood is very fresh

Scott C. Allen

Best Grocery on the Gulf Coast. I regularly drive from D'iberville area to get groceries just because the selection of high quality meat, produce and even butter and cheese far exceed any other grocery on the Coast. They have the best pork products around and are willing to order me Prime CAB brisket by the case for a GREAT price!! I love this grocery!

Randy Looney

Like everything about this store, from the meats to BBQ, to hot meals and produce (pineapple cut free) , salad and olive bar, and storemade chicken salad, etc. Deli meats and sandwiches/po boys. Selection of cheeses and coffees is great, too. Fresh flowers, too. They catered daughter's wedding and were wonderful!

Patsy Hood

Loved shopping there. Very clean and great customer service.

Phyllis Marsh

If you enjoy fresh coffee from fresh coffee beans Claiborne Hill is the place to go. They have there own coffee grinder. Also have a variety of coffee beans, but if you want to order another flavor they will do that .

john chagnard

Great people always very polite and willing to help

John Phillips

Great store, but i wish it had a coin machine for me to use during the month.

myrna laurent

As always it is a pleasure to shop in Claiborne Hill the people are courteous and helpful. The store is always clean the people always friendly.

Edwin Marioneaux

Great supermarket with hot food plates and everything else that you expect from a grocer


Alwaya a great experience! First Rate for the area!

marcus bennett

Great place to shop... great hot plates... awesome staff....check em out....

Rachael Ramsey

Saw three men shopping, wearing guns. Immediately checked out and left. Why on earth do you need a gun on your hip to buy groceries? Put up a no guns sign like other stores... please.

Bart Brooks

Always a great place to shop. Friendly employees and hot coffee.

Marilyn Hukill

This is my neighborhood market. Friendly staff. Fresh mostly local, when available, produce. Good quality meats. Fair prices. After moving farther away, visited another Claiborne Hill, was really disappointed. Staff acted rude, not as clean and not as much selection.

Dymond Banks

I love to shop at this store! The produce section is filled with fresh local fruits and veggies. All the staff is very friendly and helpful!

Timothy Bilbo

Great food to order or plate lunches. I also enjoy there wonderful beer selection.

Donya Foil

Nice store. Excellent beer selection. It has some difficult to find items also. Great cajun food selection. Prices are a bit high on most things and the bread section is oddly small.

Richard P.

Clean and fresh appearance. Very friendly employees.

Lisa Alonzo

Best store around! Great food , nice selections, everything you need in one spot!

Althea Jackson

The people there are very friendly and very helpful and always with a smile

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