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REVIEWS OF St. Paul Meat Shop IN Minnesota

Katrin Bachmeier

Kayla Merkel

Mark Karaffa

I recently shopped at St. Paul Meat Shop at 1674 Grand Avenue, and you should too! Very friendly and knowledgeable employees that are truly engaged in what they do. I bought a pound of their "Everyday" ground beef, and it is the best grind I have had in a long time, maybe ever. And then I bought another, and I can't wait to buy it again. Prices are definitely higher than a grocery chain, but for $8.99 a pound, I found my purchase to be well worth the price for the wonderful flavor and tenderness. They have a complete selection of beef and pork cuts, as well as chicken. Not sure if they carry lamb or veal.

Alex Gorman

Drew Gardner

Cool shop!! I had a unique request for a Brazilian bbq, and they knew exactly what I wanted :) Good people there!

Stephani Horstman

Fantastic meat shop that has quality of meat you can usually only buy if you know ranchers who are firmly in the sustainable, my-animals-are-family type of husbandry. And then you have to buy whole animals. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They were willing to talk to me about the ranchers and the specific animal I was buying cuts of (yes, slightly Portlandia, but that's right up my alley). And they have 70/30 ground beef! It's so hard to find ground beef that isn't Ancel Keys-lean but this is my go-to for happy cow meat that has flavor! They now also discount types of meat on different days of the week, for example, Thursdays are 10% off lamb days.

Grant Hahn

I got a sandwich here and it was one of the best I have ever had. The employees were very knowledgeable and friendly. I would go back here for lunch almost every day if I could.

Dave Finton

Delicious meats, friendly staff!

Kurt Moody

Unbelievable selection of meats and sausages. Do not pass up the Hot Dog Happy Hour everyday from 2pm to Close. The Lamp Tips Meat Pie is awesome. This is what local business is all about!

Edward Betker

Joe Hoffman

Phenomenal place. Couldn't find a goose for Christmas anywhere. They special order a beautiful bird for me and the prices were very reasonable. My wife picked it up and she said she was shocked at how friendly and helpful they were. I will be making this place a regular stop before holidays.

Frank Marchio

Sandwiches are amazing and unique!

Rory Stierler

Brett Bernath

Ryan Fargen

Bryon Wheaton

Incredibly high quality meats. Staff is expert level and very helpful. You will pay a premium for the exceptional quality cuts, but this is a place you shop if you want well raised, well harvested animals that respect the farmer and the beast. I've called and asked for special cuts, and they cheerfully accommodate my requests as long as it fits into the schedule of when animals are delivered to be butchered. Get to know the schedules and you can plan around that. Pigs show up on Thursday/ Friday if your looking for a big shoulder like I was!

Daniel Martin

hailey wolf

Horrible quality

Brad Bettger

First time in the shop today. I called ahead for duck and the gentleman who answered the phone answered my questions enthusiastically and knowledgably. Upon entering the shop I was blown away. The selection was vast and sourced locally. This is impressive for a whole-animal butcher. The guys behind the counter were obviously in love with their work and it showed. They have every cut the home cook could want, including the lesser known and less popular cuts that make rustic recipes possible. Fat, bones, and offal are also available - which should excite folks who love cooking old world recipes. Oh, they had rabbit in stock too - rare to see at all much less in stock. Very cool shop, get in there asap.

Joshua Ledgerwood

Great meat shop, great product and better service - been a customer for the last two years and have always been extremely happy

Austin Faiola

Best cuts of meat in town, worth the money. Hands down the worst pastrami sandwich I’ve ever had. Dry, wasn’t sliced, it was like little dry pieces of meat that had been sitting out for hours. Basically biggest waste of 14$ you could possibly spend. Ripped off.

Banle Gaar

My friends and I planned out a big dinner plan for a movie ago and one friend brought in meats from here. Some of the best stuff we've cooked with and eaten hands down from a butcher shop. Came in for Father's day in mind and was greeted, always nice. Asked some quick questions then bought ground beef, extra extra thick bacon ( you must, MUST, get this bacon. Even if you don't think you need it, you need it) and cheese. As they had just opened also asked about the sandwiches if it was still early for one to be made, the reply, "never too early for a sandwich". Words of wisdom. Also probably the best Ruben I've had in a long time. The meat of course is peppery and perfectly salty. Falls apart in your mouth, perfect cuts against the grain, so you don't pull out half the meat in the sandwich in one bite.

Gabrielle Mazdurr

Had the most amazing experience. Staff simply couldn't be more friendly or attentive, and they seem to be very passionate about what they do. Really cool selection of meats and prepared foods, and extremely reasonable prices.

Kirk McGinley

Fantastic food and awesome staff. Try the brownies!

Erin Lynch

Pretty good price for reneered leaf lard for pies. Very helpful and happy staff.

John Woodward

Outstanding high quality meat products and great service. Love this place.

Dennis Maddix

Meat lovers paradise. Great staff, high quality meats, nice prices

Lucas Miller

This place is amazing! Friendly staff, great cuts of meat and the make sandwiches. I will definitely be back!

Mary K

Outstanding in every area.

Carolyn Anderson

Dan Yurek

Donald Heer

I love Saint Paul cheese shop so I had to stop in and try your sister restaurant for my grilling session yesterday. I am so happy you guys are here! I'll be back today and I recommend it to all my friends. The staff was so helpful and friendly, they didn't get pushy when I knew what I wanted and try to push anything else on me. Other markets I go to seemingly do this almost every time I go shop with them. Thanks!!! I'm so happy you are in the neighborhood

Josh Schlichting

Genghis Philip

I've never had a bad experience here. In fact, the Meat Shop is one of the few places I shop where I can almost guarantee an extraordinary shopping experience. The staff not only knows who I am, but a majority of them know my partner's dietary restrictions. It's pretty great to know there's a team of meat nerds helping me step up my cooking game.

William Novi

Great meat & products. Staff is professional, knowledgeable & personable. You have to try it.

Page Bennett

Stewart M

Great pastrami that rivals any on the East Coast. Very friendly and helpful staff Meats are highest quality. Best shop for a great sandwich, butcher meats and home made sausages. Yum!

Conrad Lamont-holscher

Callie Schnitker

Megan Mahony

We went in looking for a nice steak and pork chops to sous vide and the butcher knew exactly what cuts we should use and offered advice on cooking the meat. He had a great, excited, helpful attitude. He even gave us a token for a free sandwich to come back and tell him how it turned out. Looking forward to going back, the ribeye was amazing and the double cut pork chops were awesome. Highly recommend.


Just fresh amazing quality meats. Can’t beat the customer service either!

Chris Valentas

Ordered the Pastrami sandwich for lunch - which is a $14 sandwich consisting of lots of pastrami between two slices of bread with some mustard. The Pastrami was excellent, but I don't think it was worth the price. I do not plan to go back, I prefer the sandwiches at Whole Foods for $8.

Jeni Margules

I was truly delighted by our first visit. Incredible service, plied with tasty nibbles immediately, and was so impressed with the samples that we stayed for a sandwich. We'll be back!

Joel Rogness

Great little boutique meat shop with prices to match - think outstate meat shop reimagined by urban foodie proclivities. Their sales pitch, as given to us, is essentially that they source quality meats so that if you value local, humanely raised etc., you don't have to worry: anything you buy from them will be in line with your values. Because they're also a whole animal butcher, you can special order hard to come by cuts. I may shop here on special occasions, though their products don't seem quite exclusive enough to justify an additional stop after Kowalski's or Whole Foods in the way that Coastal Seafoods' selection does.

Sumthn Wicked

Fantastic shop! Locally sourced, fresh meat that's worth every penny! Knowledgeable staff always ready to help with suggestions. Have loved every cut and sausage I've tried (about half the case at this point).

Kathryn Burow

Absolutely the best chicken ever!!! I don’t buy chicken anywhere but here.....Also, the duck confit!...And the hotdogs!! And the service!! And the pasta!! The staff are very special and enthusiastic and invariably helpful!! This is a very special place and Grand Avenue is lucky to have them.

Denise Alden

Just piling on to the already good reviews! Nick couldn't be nicer, and their products are terrific. Special ordered veal shanks for this past holiday, and not only were they excellent, everyone in the shop was aware of the order, knew what they were doing, informed me of everything about the order, and had the order when they promised it. Crazy good service and really good products. If you haven't stopped in yet, you're missing out on an exceptional experience; what are you waiting for? :)

William Stewart

The sandwiches, meats and meals are delicious, but what really sets this place apart is the service. They are helpful, knowledgeable, and cheerful. Fantastic!

Anne Dillon

David E

A good selection of foods, mostly meat but also prepared dishes. And they make some salads to take away.

Milo McCabe

If you are looking for premium top-tier cuts of meat, this is your place.

Jerri Haindfield

Everyone is so friendly and helpful! It is really unbelievable how personable this place always is! We walked in, asked for a specialty item, and even though they had just sold out in the morning, we left with meat that I was super excited to try. They tell you about the cut of meat, what is unique about it, and how to best prepare it for maximum flavor. They make each purchase special!

Benjamin Dakins

I bought rib eyes I loved them

Emily Young

House ground beef 80/20 for $8.99-very good.

Jakub Tolar

Ricky Coles

Been to the St Paul Meat Shop twice so far, both times being pleasurable experiences. The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgable about their products. Furthermore, I love the fact that they are a whole animal butcher shop with a dedication to local, free range, and grass fed. My latest purchase were sliced roast beef, corned beef tongue and a caillette (a sort of French pate). All of which were fantastically delicious. I live in Minneapolis but will definitely be making the trip to Grande Ave to visit The Meat Shop any chance I get.

Collin Knoff

Great sandwiches and the most friendly staff you'll ever meet!

Nate Thannum

Benjamin Rosas

Such good stuff. Really great staff: very helpful. Not cheap! High prices for high quality.

Nathan Rayle

I have tried bacon from MANY local establishments- von hansons, lunds, whole foods, windmers, everetts, and clancy's. This is the best bacon I have ever had. Bake it the oven at 400 degrees for 15-20 and you have a phenomenal Sunday brunch staple. They also have delicious lamb chops, pork chops and made in store sausage. It's a phenomenal place to eat.

shoofly shoo

After much consideration, inner-debate and some soul searching, I think I can safely say they have made the best sandwich I have ever eaten. I don't say this lightly. This place has totally won me over. I would go simply for the food, but the fact that their meat selection is absolutely unparalleled in St. Paul is sure to keep cooks and food junkies alike very, very smitten.

David Tidaback

Nathanial Dickrell

Picked up some of their house ground round, little pricey, but was without a doubt the best homemade burgers we have made. Lot of different choices that a traditional meat market doesn't have.

Tracey Fredrick

Tried the weekly heat and eat dinner, which was chicken enchiladas. SO SO GOOD! My husband and I can't wait to try next week's selection. Also picked up a frozen pot pie and some cardamom chicken. Ask for tips on how to cook what you get, the employees are really knowledgeable. Will definitely go back, especially for burger meat for grill season.

Martin Patrick

Great meat shop - they're related to the St. Paul Cheese Shop just down the street. The cheese shop has more of the cured meats, while this place specializes in the fresher meats. Fabulous staff, super knowledgeable. This whole stretch of Grand Ave is great.

Matthew Erickson

Best butcher shop in my neighborhood. The prices are a little higher, but, that is reflected in the quality of the meat that you get. The staff is super friendly and helpful and they make some of the best sandwiches and soups in the Twin Cities. When you stop in, definitely get a pastrami sandwich, it will blow your mind!

Jon Steinbauer

David Huerta Jimenez

Tried their brats today with sauerkraut and mustard. Not a huge fan of those 2 toppings, but Good Lord! Talk about a foodgasm, will definitely be going back for more. They also have really good customer service.

Lizzie Davis

Always friendly with a multitude of options available.

Weston Kirch

The meats were expensive and TOTALLY WORTH IT

Cole Ford

One of the best bone in ribeye steaks I've ever have!!! And this is coming from a guy who raises Angus steers.

Klenton Willis

Great products. Great service. Very knowledgeable. If you haven't been there go immediately! This is where I get my meat no matter where the rest of my groceries might be.

Aaron Lloyd

David Juliff

Love this place! The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, and the product is top quality! The best pork and beef I have ever purchased for home cooking, and where else can you get fresh duck breast in town? My only regret is that I didn't discover them sooner. And if you need cheese, look no further than 2 blocks away - their sister shop is just up the street. And did I mention the sandwiches? Delicious!

chrisko7 .

Bought the filet mignon tonight for grilling. Best steak I've had at home in years! Good price for the quality. Cool sausage selection as well. Definitely my new butcher shop

Lindon Thorn

Awesome cuts here. I really like their spices and rubs there too. The summer gazpacho is tasty. Check them out!

Lex Talionis

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so quick to judge you. I'll stop back in and give you another try sometime. No refund necessary.

Charles Soucheray

This place is great! The meat is high quality. The staff are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The have great tips for preparing the different cuts. The pork rib chops are some of the best pork I’ve ever had. I had the T-bone chops tonight and they were excellent. So lucky to live near this shop.

Caleb Van Ornum

Amazing service! I asked the man behind the counter (I wish I remembered his name) what he would suggest. He ordered me this Carcarero! He was very knowledgeable in the products and we got to talking about the Swiss comté, which they sources from a Wisconsin cheese farm! Is that still considered local? Anyway, his recommendation reigned supreme and I loved the sandwich! The green beans added the perfect amount of crunch and earthiness. I would highly recommend the Meat Shop! Great service! Great food! Great experience!

Tyler J. Strobel

Elliot Carpenter

Stopped in to try their sandwiches because I had been given a gift card a while back. The staff was super friendly, and the place was quite clean, so good on them for that. The prices on everything (including items in their refrigerator cases) were astronomical though. $10-14 for a sandwich? $12 for a tiny single person chicken pot pie? I am open minded though, so I tried their roast beef sandwich (not open minded enough to try their beef tongue Reuben though). The meat was good, or would have been had there not been a thick crust of salt between the slices. The pretzel bread was also painfully salty, to the point of giving up halfway through the sandwich because I couldn't bear it. I am a college student and eat a decent amount of salt, but this was too much. I will not be going back there unless it is to buy some of their chili from the case in the back that looked good. So, don't get me wrong, it is a nice place. The people are friendly, it is well laid out, and it is clean. All good things that would make me want to come back. It is just the blisteringly painful amount of salt that is apparently necessary and the exorbitant prices that will dissuade me from returning.

Jasmine Goldenstein

Josh Braaten

Great service and amazing cuts of meat.

Troy Ertelt

I love this place! Ever since my first visit, I've been consistently impressed with the quality of the meat and utterly blown away by the knowledgeable, friendly customer service! Make it a point to stop by and pick up something special for dinner!

Sean McColl

John Jorgensen

Bought a nice rib eye. Really good selection.

Tim Marinelli

No brisket. Womp womp.

Natalia Etten

Lovely shop with amazing customer service!

Jesse Breen

Words cannot describe how pleased I am with the St. Paul Meat Shop. From their greetings to their expertise, the staff was outstanding. A particular shout-out to Nick for the beautiful cut of the Dry-Aged NY Strip shown below. It was so scrumptious and your tips for cooking it were perfect! If you're looking for friendly and knowledge butchers, head to The St. Paul Meat Shop!

Ryan Seidel

Knowledgeable staff and great meat. Makes you look like a hero at any party/barbeque. It is spendy for sure, but well worth it in my opinion.

Kerrin Reisner

Max Morris

Nick Vanden Heuvel

I am not sure if the Reuben I had was the best in the world but it had to be very close.

Anders Ryden

The pastrami sandwich was sensational!

Danya Knight

Wonderful, knowledgeable staff. Cozy clean atmosphere

Robert Werth

Knowledgeable and friendly staff with locally raised meat. They have everything a person could want at its finest quality.

Ben W

This is by far and away the best place to get meat in Saint Paul. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the meat selection is top notch and always fresh. I recommend this store over any other in both Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Christian Tozzo

This butchers offers a massive variety of products from soup stock, bones for broth, sandwiches, cheese and of course meats! Their specialty is Sausages and they taste incredible. A single sausage carries a hefty price tag, I bought Fulton Beer Brats for $5 each but I can honestly say they are worth the money if you are looking for some seriously delicious food! This shop always has plenty of staff who are all very friendly and knowledgeable, every visit is excellent!

Kris Gaetz

I was so excited and the people were very nice, but the meat to fat content was too high on the ribeye and the picanha cut was very tough and had no flavor. Our family has been at the cheapy Churrascarias in Brasil and had many cuts from Lunds and Kowalskis. The meat never tasted that way even at the gas station steak places in Brasil. So sad.

Whitney Horstman

The employees at this shop are basically my favorite retail people in Saint Paul. They LOVE what they do, and totally nerd out about meat in a delightful way if you give them half a chance. Super friendly and really entertaining in person or on the phone. Oh, and the meat is spectacular too.

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