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4159 W Broadway Ave, Robbinsdale, MN 55422, United States

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REVIEWS OF Hackenmueller Meats IN Minnesota

Joan Ostenson

Mike Wilson

Service is horrible? What's up with these "service is horrible" reviews? Are we talking about the same place? Unless you're asking a stupid question like "where's your salad bar", the service is great and they know their meat!

Renee Olson

Richard Pederson

Fantastic Place.... Excellent service & great MEATS!!!!! Reasonably priced for the QUALITY you receive.!!!

Sam Sharp

Excellent place to shop for quality meats. Wish I could add a photo of dish my wife fixed of some New York strip steak. Always yummy!

Jason O

Amazing old school butcher! Great cuts at good prices. If you have a specialty cut that you need, call ahead, they can sometimes accommodate you. The jersey, snack sticks, and stuffed chops are outstanding.

Jill E

Matt Green

Food is always fresh. People are always friendly. Your first stop when planning a meal on the grill.

Douglas Gartner

Best meat shop in town.

Michael Kimmel

Curtis Hagstrom

Great meet

Roger Schwappach

Anja Espinoza

A large selection of meats and very helpful employees with reasonable prices! I bought a yard sausage (new to MN and never had one before) and they gave excellent advice on ways to cook it and what meals it goes great with. I'm looking forward to becoming a regular!

J Ratsnburg

I have been coming here for over 20 years and each and every time it takes me back to when I was a kid going in to the local butcher shop with my grandfather. Nothing but high quality and great service

Riley Eastman

Great stuff but you probably have to think ahead since they close pretty early.

Thomas Webster

Hands down the best beef jerky in town! Great price too!

jesus calderon

Great meats!! :-), Fair prices ,but service sucked horribly each time I go. They seem irrigated by the presence of customers:/ I go ever now and then and just ignore awful service because I really like the steak(better than Iowa steak company)There pork chops are AWESOME and there bacon iss great!

Rachel Johnson

Great meats great service. I have asked advice on how to cook certain meats and they are happy to give me cooking tips. I love this place!

Joe Williams

Kenneth Kooyer

Clifford Osada

Gary Gaupp

Love the place!! Great everything. For those of you who whine about how your treated... Meat markets are for people who know what their looking for. Be a grown up and educate yourself about what to expect once you walk in

Jane Berg

Benjamin Kenneally

Excellent butcher, they do special request cuts and have things like sausage casings available. Stop in and get the meats you need!

Feng Y.

Sometimes 5 star ratings from others are indeed very helpful information! Why listen to us, go stop by for yourself! Git yourself a porterhouse while you're at it too.

Erika Bang

The service and advise is excellent. I love the salmon dip, which I used for appetizers. The stuffed pork chops were really good as well, but I didn't care to have it bone-in. Tried the soup, very tasty. They have homemade spaghetti meat sauce and dinners that are in the freezers. Definitely excited to try much more.

Loyd Atwood

Great service, fresh meat and good prices.

Adam Morgan

Not sure what all the fuss is about over this place. The quality of meats is no better than Von Hanson's, and the service is awful. The butcher is unpleasant, and heaven forbid you ask any questions or for any advice. You might as well just slap yourself in the face and avoid the condescending stare down their noses.

Noah kolkman

If you ever need a great piece of meet. The staff is very helpful. Always get my bacon from here. Best in the area.

Megan H

Amanda Johnson

Amazing service and fresh meat. I love the meat sticks they make!

James Neufeld

Tom Batkiewicz

shawn anderson

Ecxelent meat, sausages, reasonably priced. Fast and friendly service. The best to me!

Nick Paquin

I would like to get the smell of this place made into a candle HaHa great service, and product, the only place I get brisket at for smoking!!

Nate T

David Watson

leah larsen

roger faulkingham

Best small old fashioned meat market in Minnesota, Jerkey is first class, along with all there smoked meats,

QdaTurtle 21

Patricia Bookey

Hackenmueller Meat is the greatest place to get your meats. If you never visited, Well I tell you, Now Is better than never!!!!! And the prices are affordable, you will be glad you took my advice. I've been going there most of my life. I'm telling you, you won't be dissatisfied, I promise!! Kitty

Tom Hultquist

Beth Breinig

Great selection and quality. Service is very friendly.

Don Schiller

Great selection, someone is there to help with service or suggestions.

6844Rod .

Good old-fashioned butcher shop

Matthew Lambert

Katie Butcher

Cant buy meat anywhere else since we started getting it here. Everyone is so nice even when super busy. Never had a bad experience. Prices are for sure worth The freshness... thanks guys and gals. I got free corn for spending a certain amount and it is the best.


Amazing beef roasts and service!

mr. k

The only place.

Nancy Cerkvenik

CJ Ulicsni

al rudkin

They are so rude. Every time I've been there or called the store they have been rude. I get that it's a butcher shop and not a boutique but I don't need their sour attitude. Further, if I ask for something you don't have you should apologize and offer an alternative--NOT act like I'm stupid and difficult for wanting the item.


Katie Raymond

I went in grabbed a number. It was called and when I tried to find the person who called it ONLY ONCE he decided to move on to the next customer. I yelled I am 78 and he said I needed to wait even longer because he had moved on. I was paying attention, I was just trying to get to the other side of the counter and it was hard with all the people waiting and not moving out of the way. It made me upset because that is not good customer service. I understand they are trying to move it along but the guy should have paid attention too seeing the pregnant woman yelling I am 78, I am not a naturally quiet person.

David Gross

Kristina Reinhart

jerryj K

Great brats and steaks

Kody Pionk

Wonderful place

A Google User

Kienan Mick

Sarah Foss

Great service, high quality meats

Beau Brown

My family love this place, always helpful and the dedicated staff make sure you leave happy !!!

Sara Brooks

Still as good helpful service as when I went there with my mom as kid! If you are looking for cheap meat go somewhere else but HIGH quality meat/food with good service + they always advice/suggestions for any questions this is really good place.

Mike McCallister

A gem of Robbinsdale, for carnivores.

Kjersti Vick

Awesome spot. Stumbled upon this little gem and am so grateful. Fantastic service, great prices, and the jerky is outstanding.

Katy R

Corey Helland

Love this place. Great cuts and great prices. If you don't see something you like, or want a steak cut a little different they'll bring out the cow and cut one fresh just for you.

Andrew Erickson

Love this place.

Andre Wilson

A wonderful place!... One my kids will definitely be giving their business to as well.

Pablo Armas

Greg Wanzek

Chad B

Great selection of meats and side dishes. They even offer locally baked breads. Staff was friendly and very helpful. Prices were much than I expected.

Doug Bigwood

bacio dall'italia

Nicest people Great customer service and the bacon wrapped chicken breast was amazing. Worth the drive.

Levi Tapia

Great jerky

Jon Hotchkiss

Jodie Jag

Tom Hus

Great people, old-fashioned meat shop and more. Frozen convenience items are available as well as ice cream. Salmon spread was a big surprise, yum.

Jeff Sadler

Love it but osseo meats handsdown the Best jerkey no offense. Smoked fish at Hackemuellers is better and dont get me Wrong both are gems we are lucky to have Them.

Christine Jouppi

New Customer and we decided to order the Smoked Ham for Christmas and it was the best ham we’ve ever purchased. The family all loved it. We had very little left. It will be our go to for future family holidays.

John Niemi

Always friendly and knowledgeable to!!

Sven Raphael Schneider

Fantastic sausages, full of flavor. Try the maple links and smoked Frank's. They cost about $6 a pound and are delicious. They always sample something and if you visit Pig Ate my Pizza across the street,this is definitely a place to stop in. You can even preorder if you need a larger amount for parties.

Ole Johnson

Very friendly, very. helpful

S. Hagstrom

Awesome meat Family owned for decades

Tim Keefe

Nobody beats Hackenmuellers!

Sue Weinacht

Can always count on the good people of Hackenmueller Meats to provide great quality meat served up with a friendly greeting, sending me out the door with sincere thanks and a wish for a great weekend! It's the first place I think of when I need ti buy meat, which is every week!


Delicious quality meats!

Jane McDonald Black

This place is wonderful. I just called a 11:30 and asked for a ham to be cut up and deboned by 4. They are so nice. They will create a beautiful platter. I do it every time family is coming for the weekend. Best beef tenderloin in town too.

Bill Holecek

Great old school butcher shop. Friendly service, great selection and variety. The stuffed pork chops are delicious. Plus as a bonus they sell bridgeman's ice cream.

Pat Cummings

Always great service. Top quality

Dan Lord

Great meat. Great people. Small town feel.

thomas weeks


I have been visiting this store for going on 30 years now. Many of the people who work there have a dry sense of humor, but that does not mean they are not friendly. If you are overly sensitive and need your hand held while picking out meat, maybe you should go elsewhere. If you are looking for great, fresh meat sold at a very reasonable price, you can't go wrong. You will have to be ok with standing shoulder to shoulder with other customers and having to choose a number and wait your turn. That is only because everyone in the area knows how great they are. They are willing to work with you to get you what you need. They have oxtail, bison, beef liver ect ... If you love meat, you will love Hackenmuellers meats.

Steve C

Katherine Deschain

The meat is good but the service has been terrible for me, even when I call ahead to get sliced beef for jerky. They complain about how much of a hassle it will be. Based on another review here, I checked out Von Hanson's in Plymouth and they were absolutely wonderful. Going to give Von Hanson's my business now. Customer service is key.

Jeff Wisuri

Great butcher but prepared to wait in a looooong line.

David Herrera

I only walked in to ask a few questions. The place was filling up quick and the lady behind the counter even tho she was busy still seemed to keep track of who came in and when. She helped me quite promptly.

David Anderson

Love the selection!

Ron Mohr

Scott Malam

Neo Zyc

Helpful and friendly staff. An enormous selection of meats at a very resonable price.

Lex Talionis

Great Birdtown joint! Great meat--absolutely one of the best butcher shops I've ever been, and I've been to quite a few. This place will even smoke and process meat for you--obviously paying more for a place in town to do that, but worth it here! Their chicken wings (smoked, buffalo, teriyaki, etc.) are awesome. I'm never disappointed because the quality of the meat here is a cut above the rest! Small town butcher in the city.

Joelle Wontorcik

Great service, awesome quality!!

Kendall Harrell

Eric Jeffreys-Berns

Great selection

Charlie Mackey

Richard Laliberte

Best butcher shop around.

brent goodell

Cant say enough. A rare old school butcher in the Minneapolis area. Quality was great and the prices were extremely reasonable. This will be my exclusive stop for all things butchered.

Daniel Anderson

thomas oss

Great bacon, sausage, hams, steaks. All in house smoked. Top knotch!

Tim Holtgrewe

Last of a dying breed. Everything here is exceptional, from the service to the products. Very knowledgeable staff willing to assist.

Crazy Horse

Absolutely the best butcher shop!!!! How else could you be around for over a hundred years, by having the best meat and service that's how!

Tom Lenton

Nick Camp

tristan henderson

Only place I buy meats, whether for the grill or the smoker, their meats are the best! Been a weekly pilgrimage for us lately! Great service and great product!

Kelli Watson

It smells wonderful and when I walk in I want to buy everything! Good product, good service! We drive across the metro to get there, past other meat markets. Their beef jerky rocks!

Marlena Miller

Told them I wanted boneless pork loin. She gave me bone-in. I didnt notice until I got home. I called and said I asked for boneless and she gave me bone-in. The man who answered laughed and said "Well I sure hope there is a bone in it, all of our pork chops come with bones.". I said " OK, well that's not what I asked for and I don't understand why I wasn't told this in the store.". He got a rude attitude and said I have to "ask for boneless.". Which I clearly just said I did ask for boneless... So no one fixed the problem and I pretty much felt insulted and still do.. I like pretty much everyone that works their except the old jerk on the phone. Probably won't be going back since I don't know what I'll be getting when I order a large amount of food and I haven't studied the menu...

Michael Isaac

The man who owns the place is my uncle.

Art Zaun

Great service. Really good meat

Phil Doroff

TaKo CinG

Very quick and friendly service

James E.

My favorites include the stuffed pork chops, garlic butter chicken, old fashioned wieners and the pepper sticks. The staff is friendly and almost always busy with customers. Don't forget to reach for a number atop the meat counter. You won't get served quickly without a number. Once you've visited here a few times, don't be surprised if they remember your name. (Insert "Theme from Cheers"!)

Christine Groetken

Best butcher in the cities. Love their breakfast sausage & bacon for Christmas brunch.

Harley Schultz

Timothy Smith

Great meat market. BUT, I wouldn't buy the frozen heggies pizzas from this place. I don't think they sell enough of them and they sit there too long, also they are stored in the same freezer as seafood.

Drew A

Great service and meats.

Aaron Newbloom

The meat capital of Minneapolis. The only place where I can see a skyscraper in the distance and still feel like I'm at an old country store in the woods. Outstanding meat selection and quality.

chad brannan

I have been getting my Christmas hams here for over 30 years. The taste and finish is superb in their smoked hams. The thick cut bacon is also the bomb.

Cara Beauchaine

Best pork chops in town.

Roman Korniyenko

Jay Anderson

The meat is so good and at a great price. I try really hard to be a vegetarian, but it's so hard with this place so close by!

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