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126 Broadway St, Marine City, MI 48039, United States

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REVIEWS OF Zimmerman's Meat Market IN Michigan

Hentell Rothorn

Jon Moriconi

The best place to go in town for fresh meats and an inexpensive sandwich.

Anthony Femminineo

Maria Holbrook

Excellent place for meat and Sausage

Colleen Dolan

Great brats and steaks! In the area from Chicago for work and glad to have found such a gem in the area

Scott V

Mona Kehrig

Yummy! :)

Tiffany Meldrum

Debbie Franquist

Excellent meat!

Adam Gibbs

Loved it

Dewayne Rutnoski

Great little meat market in a scenic town. Excellent selection of meat and seafood. Their ring bologna is so good. Hunter sausages, and I especially like the frozen seafood selection. Mahi, perch, walleye, etc. Individually packaged. Great place if you're in the area.

William Steward

The very best. I sometimes go just for the hunter's sausage.

Jessica Hoerr

Go now! I always stock up when im in town visiting family!! Totally worth it

Tracie Kiewicz

Julia Daniel

This is a hack of a butcher, never ever take your deer here if you want it back rotted away. They made it so you can’t read their Facebook reviews anymore because of how awful they do their business. I read MANY unhappy hunters who took their deer here to be processed and got it back rotted. And way less meat than what they wanted and nothing close to what they ordered. Heads up do not take your deer here


The ultimate best place to get your meat, sausage and pickles!

Jessica Goike

Dennis Van Slambrouck

Best meat in town! We never go back to Texas without a few rings of Zimmerman's bologna.

Krista A Martin

Zimmerman's Meat Market is great, the best.

Cathy McGrail

Got a tenderloin on Saturday for my kids and grandkids. It was the best, best filets ever, including restaurant filets! You cut it and packed it better than i ever could have done it. Not a morsel was left! Thanks for the quality and service!!!

Janet K.

Eduardo P. S.

Great meat market. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The prices are very competitive if not better than the grocery stores. We have found the meat very tender and of great quality. We keep coming back for more.

Dave Smith

Everything is top notch, the roast beef, the corned beef, the steak and the hot dogs. Their beef jerky is the best I have ever had, and trust me, I have had some from pretty much everywhere in this State and beyond.

colleen Lawrence

Best meats and homemade lunchmeats around!

Jessica Smith

David Collins

Really five stars including service.

Jose Valdivia

The bees knees


So now there's more to this story....went back next day and dropped my deer off, waited 10 days and called (website says 1-7 days processing), was told they were running a week to week and a half so they should call me soon. Another week+ goes by but nothing, so I called to find out "they tried to call me but the phone number was no good." Well, I think I know my own number, so apparently they wrote it down or dialed wrong....but then they don't try to find my number or contact me??? So then I pick up my deer and....get meet weighs out at 33lbs!! So you can find all sorts of yield estimates out there, anywhere from "50% of field dress weight," to "40% of live weight," to precise calculations for head, hide, bone, etc., and allowances for damage from bullet, exposure to stomache contents, or heat exposure. So my deer was 115 lbs field dressed (weighed it at home in the garage). The shot was a straight on chest shot clean into the lung with ZERO tissue damage, a clean gut job with no spillage, a VERY trim yearling with minimal fat, and maintained at 40 degrees until dropped off. So any of the calculations run from the lowest of 39lbs up to 58lbs. And somehow I end up with 33lbs??? Perhaps I should NOT have given my name and number to them when I posted my review on Facebook....I think it sealed my fate. OK, so I'm not one to complain...but I hate wasting time & money. Called Zimmerman's on Sunday and asked if I could bring in a deer for processing, they said to bring it in Monday. Called Monday before loading it up just to be sure someone would be available to help unload, and they said "sure, no problem, bring it to the back." So I find someone to help me load it up (not easy hoisting a 170lb carcass into the vehicle), drive 30 minutes to Zimmerman's, and when I walk in to ask if someone can help me unload they say "sorry, we're not accepting any more today, you'll have to come back tomorrow (and try again)." Now...only about an hour had passed since my call, and now I have to go home, try to find someone to help me unload, then get someone to help load it up tomorrow, drive another 30 minutes, and HOPE that I'll have better luck than last time? I'm sorry, but that's just not right or fair to treat a customer and client like that. I could understand if I didn't call ahead and just wandered in, but this to me is unacceptable!

Cheryl Dzieciolowski

melinda spencer

They are open on Sunday! Call for hours.

Brad Newby


Zimmerman's is the only place to go if you want good quality meat. If you need a special cut of meat, they are more than happy to accommodate you!

rez dogg

The steaks are great, but the people & service are AWESOME !!

Matthew Johnson

The quality and flavor are great . I live in Georgia.and nothing can come close to the hot dogs. Kogel are a distant second . Hunter sausage are the $&@*

timmi hall

Patrick Currier

William Brody

Top quality meat! Their bacon is fantastic. I love the frozen ground chuck patties. Porterhouse steaks are awesome. Frozen marinated chicken breasts are great. I sound like a broken record - but it's true!

Barb Trombly

Great meats and service. Always friendly.

B MacGregor

Best bacon I've ever had!!! We buy in 5 lb boxes-already frozen, it's that good!

Rich Kedzierski

Received my bucks Cape back ROTTED, Mangled and destroyed. Could not get the mount i wanted. Luckily the meat is fine, but cape not. I was offered a refund of $20 for the cape, but this does not fix the issue your butcher is clueless. LOST MY BUSINESS 100%


Cool place

Rytchad Ola

Nice place

David Dziedzic, Jr.

They have great products and service.

Chris Woelkers

Everything they make is great. The hot dogs, bacon, breakfast sausage, flavored chicken, hunter sausages, and especially the garlic bologna. The beef that they sell is also of excellent quality and they cut it all themselves. From New York Strip to flank steaks to pot roast its all good. The shop has been family owned for generations and should stay that way. Whether you live in town or the area or are just passing through, this is the best place to pick up quality meat. They also sell just about everything needed for a BBQ.

Yahwehs Child

Great Service.

Gene Gabriele

Jeff Clarke

Worst place I have ever brought a deer to got 30 pounds of meat back from a 18o pound cape was total green looked like they let it sit outside for a week...had to call them to see if deer was done they never even called me paid 140 bucks for a cape that can’t even be used for shoulder mount and 30 pounds of meat biggest deer I’ve ever killed totally jacked up they tell me it was my fault even though I brought it in 8 hours after the kill and it wasn’t even shot in the guts this place is a pile of junk better off doing it your self

Debbie Barcume

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