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114 Calef Hwy UnitC, Epping, NH 03042, United States

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REVIEWS OF Huntspoint BBQ & MEATery IN Massachusetts

roosevelt futch

Food is really food ,there fresh made bake beans one of a kind, ribs really tinder

Heather Putnam

Stopped on our way through, delicious and speedy service!

Chris Cortez

The Bulky Roll ( one of the best bread products I have ever tasted) Pastrami Sandwich was delicious. It was pricey, but good food, grown locally and cooked to perfection always is. If someone is looking for cheap food... This isn't the place for you. If you are looking for incredibly cooked barbecue hit Huntspoint. :) The counter staff was short with us but that is to be expected as she was cooking also. If you enjoy great Barbecue and aren't afraid to spend money to get it. Stop by and visit Lovely Love and staff. :)

Aaron Riseman

I saw them highlighted on Phantom Gourmet and knew i had to try it. Thankfully work had me in the area so i stopped in expecting the same old bbq. Little did i know the difference a real smoker makes. I had a combo platter with hot sausage and ribs. They weight them out which gives 3 nice meaty ribs. The sausage was amazing and melts in your mouth and the ribs are smoked perfectly. I got cucmber salad and apple slaw, both were a very nice change of pace and delicious. The owner is beautiful and came out to chat and thank me for my business which was a lovely touch. I will definitely be back soon.

Krystine LaTouch

This place is so great!! The food was amazing and the owners are so nice. The meat was fantastic and the sides were all made fresh. We had brisket, ribs, beans, cornbread, bacon potato salad and (my favorite) cucumber salad. I will definitely be going back again!!

Daniel Riley

Love the brisket! Always fresh, always good

Libby Henderson

We wanted to buy some meat at the counter. The guy at the register told us he would be right with us. He then waited on several people that walked in AFTER us at the take-out line. Sorry, but if we are going to spend a premium on steaks, we expect better treatment. We walked out and won't be back.

John Stuhlmiller

I ordered a 2 meat plate with pulled pork, brisket, mac and cheese and potato salad. The pulled pork was moist and decent. Potato salad had good texture but zero flavor. It was like eating nothing. Mac and cheese was ok but again not a lot of flavor. The brisket was not smoked had no smoke flavor and when done right the fat liquifies. My wife said the same about her meal. I dropped $105 in this place and wanted to love it but it fell way short. I a live south of epping so I am not jaded by the place down the street. I have never been to the other restaurant but I will try it in the future.

Ryan Brandt

THIS is bbq the best I have ever had. If I could I would eat here morning noon and night. The only problem is they are too far away.

Julie DiCarlo

Paid a lot of money for brisket. When we got home we discovered that almost half of it was fat. We had been looking forward to trying the food here and feel more than ripped off. At 24.99 per pound a customer expects a pound of meat and not just a very large ball of fat. I suspect their sandwiches are good, but now we will never know.

Randall Campbell

Food is meh......and owners are arrogant

Kelli Twiss

Fantastic brisket, great ribs, pulled pork is awesome! All around great food

Jay Saunders

I got some steak tips and a ribeye and it cost me 41 dollars! I'm pretty sure it came from hannaford down the street! He said it was American Kobe beef!! What a joke!! Happy Easter!!!

Daniel Munsell

(Paid a lot of money for brisket. When we got home we discovered that almost half of it was fat. We had been looking forward to trying the food here and feel more than ripped off. At 24.99 per pound a customer expects a pound of meat and not just a very large ball of fat.) We had the same experience. Lots of fat and IMO it was over smoked. I thought all BBQ places cut the layer of fat off.

Mike Richard

Tried some ribs and slaw that were phenomenal.. Went back a couple days later for a brisket sandwich and it was really over cooked and tasted burnt... I understand you want to use it up... But it was well passed its time.

David Zwald

Good food but a little pricey

slibby81 .

I bought an amazing 10.5lb pork shoulder butt from them for my Patriots' Playoff party. My buddy use to butcher game growing couldn't believe how nice the meat was. The customer service was great and knowledgeable. They have a huge selection of all natural small batch sauces. Everyone at my party would agree that the meat and 3 individual sauces were excellent. People that don't know good BBQ would rate this place poorly or don't understand it takes time for great food. I cooked my pork overnight in an all natural cola and the meat just fell apart. Each sauce I bought had a distinct flavor. I will be going back to purchase a full BBQ dinner for my Super Bowl party

Jeffrey Garand

Phenomenal food and even better service. Quality of meats are out of this world!!!

Eric Mosher

Very friendly service. Clean and presentable dining area. The food is excellent. Perfectly cooked brisket and the smashed fries are amazing. Will definitely be coming back soon.

M. B.

I saw this Restaurant on the Phantom Gourmet and wanted to try it. I was charged more for than the prices on the menu. I ordered a 3 meal plate and only received 2 meats. The food was cold and very small portioned for what I had paid for it. A small hair was found in my cornbread very gross! This was a take out order and could not bring it back considering I live far away. I am not bashing the place just writing my review and rating in my own experience. I will not go back! (In order to post I had to rate it 1 star and that is too much for a very unsatisfied customer)!

Charlie Owens

The best grilled Angus Ribeye Combo for $19 with 2 side dishes. I love steaks, and barbecue. I tried Ribeye combo plate today. Great job guys. Perfectly done with traditional salt and pepper at the end. Side dishes were outstanding. Next time I will try their Angus Sirloin steaks with sides.

Paula Winer

I was in last week for lunch with my boss and had THE BEST brisket I have ever had. So flavorful that the sauce was just taking up space on the table. The bone fell out of the meat when my boss picked it up. We met Lovely who is lovely and she was telling us about all her different recipes. Great place overall, amazing food-go very hungry, you will not be disappointed!

Mike T

Tried this place for the first time and I won't be back. The price for the 2 meat combo is ridiculous and the portion is very small. I got pulled pork and it looked more like shredded pork. The brisket that was an extra $4 was tasteless, chewy and not juicy at all. The mashed potatoes looked like red potatoes and I did not taste any seasonings and they were not smooth, very lumpy. However, the baked beans were very good. $23 for a 2 meat combo with the smallest portions of any bbq place I've been. Goody Coles had no seats available and this place was empty...I've learned my lesson!

Terrance Isler

Southern style barbecue at a reasonable price!

Luis Vargas

Very good, tried the smoke ribs and loved it.

Emily Watowjawski

Came here with my family and everyone loved everything they ate! i had some ribs that melted in my mouth, my husband had a delicious sandwich that he shared with my son. 10/10 will go again

William Thackeray

The young ladies working here do fine. Gentleman identifying himself as GM is lost with zero cooking experience. He screwed up orders and couldn't cook a hotdog fir a 7 year old. He ruined the experience. Sir go home and let the women run the show. Sorry we wont be back Mr GM.

Thomas Lippert

Burnt ends were awesome, pulled chicken so so, brisket dry. The gnats in the cucumber salad were a special touch.

Joshua Edwards

awesome food. good prices fresh and bulky sandwiches and delicous pulled meats and sides. their cornbread is fuggin dope and not dry at all. i love it.


Good food....great service!

Deb Parker

I was given an order of Buddha BBQ sauce and Buddha rub as a gift. Love love love them. When they run out, I am coming right back here.

Shane Milburn

Best bbq around!

Jen Trogler

The pulled pork was amazing. I had to go buy some more to take home. Great, friendly staff and a clean restaurant. I will be back for more!

Jane Parrish

Really great Angus brisket!!

Raul Allen

If you love awesome BBQ food then this is the place, great food and service with lovely smile.

Todd Montgomery

Excellent bbq

Shannelle Greene

Great food, very nice people

Uslun Gorgen

When you walk into a bar-b-que place, it should smell like Huntspoint Bar-B-Que. The smell of their Barbecue made me stop to eat while I was traveling to Durham. This restaurant has picnic tables, and round tables in their dining area which is warm and welcoming. You go to counter to order and grab your drinks, and meals came out within 10 minutes. Combo plates were large, and the amount of food that comes in it was too much for us. Most Combo meals come with at least two large sides and cornbread. Since we were on a budget in my party, we all ordered Angus brisket or pulled pork sandwiches with sides. Sandwiches were very cheap, I paid $10 for a large pulled pork sandwich and it was delicious! The brisket sandwich was $9 that came with fries and I ordered the sweet potato side dish which was a great accompaniment. Food was quickly served and staff was friendly. Will definitely come back to try their pork ribs and pulled chicken! Great southern BBQ in New Hampshire!

James Garaufis

Came highly recommended, for good reason I found out. Shared the sampler, all of the meats had their own character, were moist and delicious. The brisket was the highlight. Mac n cheese was rich, cucumber salad was sweet and refreshing. I have a small smoker at home so having access to the quality meat is great, but.... Should probably leave it to the experts at Hunts Point on this evidence.

Heather Williams

Great barbecue, great sides. I am a barbecue fanatic, I tried the other barbecue places in the area. Huntspoint Barbecue is the best by far comparing to any other barbecue that I've tried so far. We are coming back soon for more barbecue.


Great food and really friendly staff. The quarter chicken (leg) was my favorite!

Ben Penkacik

The meat is good and well cooked, but that's all they have going for them. The meat is nearly flavorless despite excellent texture. Their beans (which are an upcharge for some reason, never seen that at a BBQ place before) are flavorless. Their maple bourbon sauce is so sweet you may as well be pouring maple syrup on your BBQ, the chili lime sauce was too sweet and lacked any subtlety the sweet and hot sauces were mediocre. Apparently the only way you can get some water here is to buy their bottles. No place to fill, even with my own container and they won't give you a cup. I had high hopes, but was sorely disappointed.

Eric Austin

Excellent brisket and the sides I had were quite tasty (smoked beans and collard greens). Will definitely be back for some of the other many varieties of meat to choose from

marc mcmahon

The bbq is out of this world always a great meal

Queso _

Trucker here, was in the area and I stopped by for a bite. Absolutely satisfied, the ribs were my favorite. I also recommend trying the greens and the baked beans. Will definitely be back

Richard Roy

Fantastic food will definitely order again

Robbie Jablonski

Pulled pork and smashed potatoes are perfect

Lee Newman

Took home a sampler & a burger. Everything tasted great!

Danielle Ashton

I don’t usually won’t go out of my way to write bad reviews and don’t think I’ve ever given someone one star but I am so grossed out. My turkey was dry (BONE DRY) and the rub was disgusting. All of the sides were basically inedible. Everyone at my table (4 of us) left extremely dissatisfied. I’d go down the road to Goody Coles. I am literally in awe that anyone found this establishment good and I have been to some pretty tasteless places.

debraj ghosal

Nice ribs and sides. Price is bit high.

Kevin Short

Loved the Kobe Beef Brisket! Great pulled pork, burnt ends, spicy pork sausage, and ribs.

Heath Morris

This place is the best BBQ I have ever had from a restaurant!

Patrick Bergin

This is easily the best BBQ in NH. It's done Texas-style, no sauce on the meats, but they do supply some tasty bottles you can use if you choose. It doesn't need it though. The brisket, ribs, pulled pork and smoked turkey are all top notch. Even the sides are great! My wife doesn't like cole slaw, but she loved their apple slaw. I was so impressed with their quality I picked up a couple NY strip steaks from their meat case. They were awesome too! More tender and better marbling than the strips I get from Hannaford, and for $2 a pound less! The owners are brothers who are very friendly and they know their BBQ. They took over the restaurant side recently and the improvements are dramatic. We will back back often.

Catherine MacDonald

Huntspoint is the best bbq food around! Delicious food, and great customer service. I’ve tried many bbq places and this is the one place that never lets me down. So if your in the mood for some great food huntspoint’s is the place to go! Great for family’s as well.

Brandon Martin

Quick service, great food and very reasonably priced!

Celeste Parke

Really nice people but most importantly really effing delicious

Megan Taylor

Coming from another state and tasting that bbq, I am convinced this place knows how to smoke their meats right. Everything i had , had mouth watering flavor. Great staff too! If you’re looking for the all around experience then this is the place to go!

Archibald Urry

My friends and I love to go to Huntspoint Barbeque in Epping. The restaurant's staff is always friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. We never had a bad meal here. Their Barbeque is always great and consistent. I am fan of their Pulled Pork, Apple Coleslaw and smoked baked beans. Yummy...

Richard Waters

Was impressed by the ribs , pulled pork very tasty . The staff was very friendly. I also purchased two ribeyes for home from there selection in the meat case . Quality meats I’ll definitely be back there. Got my friends gift cards they will love it . Worth the trip everyone

Ted Shediac

I was very disappointed with the strip steak I bought this weekend. It was inedible. it tasted funky and was very tough. I threw it out after 2 bites.

julie incollingo

Ordered BBQ Sampler for 2 with my friend and really enjoyed all of their meats. 2 sides and 2 corn bread with a huge pile of meats. Great portions

Elputojefe .

It's tough for me to rate this properly. My ultimate assessment is that these people know how to make great BBQ but aren't experienced operating a food business. After a 30 minute drive to get there, I arrived in the parking lot at 12:00 on the dot today (Thursday) and the doors were locked even though the hours are listed as opening at 11:30 and I could smell food smoking...left and came back 30 minutes later and the doors were finally open. I got a 1/2 pound of brisket and it was excellent. Moist, tender, nice bark, not too fatty. Really good and several different BBQ sauces to choose from. I'm not the type to make a fuss but I do notice little things. A husband and wife seem to run the place, and they weigh the plates of meat on a scale before you pay...I ordered 1/2 pound of brisket thinking it was 9.99 as the price on the board said, but because it weighed about .7 lbs it came out to $15 and change including tax. Also disappointed that it doesn't come with any sides or even just a piece of cornbread. I guess it's a new business and they need to make money. The guy seemed to struggle a bit with ringing up the transaction and it was a little slow. I don't care that much, but I know customers can be fussy and rude at restaurants so this might be problematic to some. Also, you can tell they just opened up the eating area, I could practically hear the echo of my footsteps walking over to sit at one of the tables. There aren't really decorations or anything so the room feels a bit empty as it seems unfinished. So if you are looking for a place with atmosphere, you might have issues here. I couldn't be bothered about atmosphere, all I care about is if the food is good. And it was. There were only 2 customers who came in ahead of me; I don't know if they have other employees for when it gets busy, but I imagine service could be slow at peak times if it is just the two of them. The brisket was 5 star-worthy, but -2 stars for not being open at their scheduled opening time.

Ryan Ridgley

I was disappointed by Huntspoint BBQ. We hired them to cater our wedding and they did not communicate or deliver at all. What we told them we wanted is not what we got. We even wrote down what we wanted multiple times. The staff wasn’t friendly and gave some guests lip. Food was good, but I won’t recommend them in the future.

William Hadley

Flipping awful. VASTLY overpriced reheated meat, and I got sick off of it and I'm known for having a cast iron gut.

Levi Martin

Great Barbecue, I loved their pulled pork.

dave ebros

Delicious barbecue, and dining area is great for large groups of people. They have beer and soft drink varieties to choose. Inside of the restaurant has barn style wood walls. I like it here. Very delicious meats and side dishes.

Easy Chute

Best bbq I've ever had pork and beef brisket and made a suggestion for pastrami ends they were off the hook. I'll be back for sure bbq sauce on point I've never ever had better BBQ . Leo Saugus. Ma

Jeffrey Kelley

Great food, had the pulled pork plate with Collard greens and apple coleslaw. Meat was smoked perfect. Good atmosphere, great hidden gem. We will be back.

Donna English

A must stop when in Epping NH! We stopped here during the Seacoast soccer tournament. The food is so good and something you won’t get anywhere else! From the smashing fries, apple cole slaw to the cucumber salad. If you are a BBQ lover don’t miss this stop! There’s plenty of seating too.

Richard Mc

I tried huntspoint bbq based on what I saw on phantom gourmet TV. In carefully considering the eating experience I would have to rate this as lower end of good. St Louis ribs were just okay. Not much smokey flavor. Just average... And I have had bbq many times in many places. Side of chili was a mystery. Very little flavor, meat, or spices, meh. Apple Cole slaw was okay. Again, not a lot of flavor or distinguishing character. Corn bread was cake. It is corn bread, but had no real corn flavor or density. Overall, for a much hyped Phantom Gourmet pick, it was simply middle of the road at best. The owners are touted as competition quality BBQ masters. I would have to disagree. Sorry it wasn't worth the drive from MA In response to the owners, who said I should have brought my issues to management at the time I ate.... I can only say that all eateries I frequent and try, get the same chance at getting things right. And that is "one" chance! My review is not unique as I wrote it. I found a few others who shared the same exact assessment of food taste and quality. Sorry. I do try and give my honest opinions.

john allen

Best bbq in southern nh.

George Hindy

Best ribs of my life! And nice clean and casual family atmosphere

David Rees

I have to say very disappointed , I will qualify that in that's not the food as I did not get to try Drove there last week to find note on door closed for day, I understand things happen Wanting to try before putting in a large order for holiday weekend , saw web sit it should be open at 11-30 today got there around 11-50 closed, man and lady drove up at 12-15 got out of car , and opened door, put on open light in window, so I assumed open . I go in and lady said to me take away or what, I said I am going to get some to go but would it be ok to look around , fine So there is a long counter filled with good looking goodies , I decided I wanted some of the ground wagu beef 80% to make my own burgers I ordered a pound of there cooked wagu brisket to go and picked up a few dry rubs to try and a bbq sauce and 2 what looked like pound packs of the ground wagu, all fine gent rang it up it did come to a large number I was expecting but he said he over rang a rub, even that's fine He casually asked me what I was using the ground wagu for I said I have used wagu before and making burgers he asked where I got from I said direct from a meat house in Chicargo he pressed who I said Allen brothers the lady jumped in and said that Allen wagu was no good and I should not use, pardon, they supply a whole pile of prime steak houses and here as someone who could only write my order down on he back of a piece of paper opens 3/4 a hour after they say you have to walk around someone fixing the soda machine they had seating of wooden benches in a eating area that I would suggest you put something on seat as it look grimy Sorry all in all I 1000% want this to be good, I said forget it I was not going to be told whom I was using was rubish, the lady followed me out and said she misspoke may be but it was not a way to get customers I wish them well but I can't see it lasting that long I could be wrong time will tell

ashleigh Vasseur

The staff is very friendly and the food is always good.

Kevin Murphy

We ordered Kobe brisket, St. Louis ribs, and brisket burnt ends ala carte, with a side of collards and mashed potatoes. The meats were perfectly done, hot, and served about 10 minutes after ordering. This is an order at the counter and sit at a picnic table place. The collards were rich with meat broth and pieces of brisket. Very reasonable price for the quality of food. After eating, we purchased pastrami and ribeye steaks from the meat case to bring home. Very friendly and helpful service.

Ann Carter

After driving on Route 125 and passed Huntspoint BBQ joint for 2-3 years couldn't resist the delicious Barbecue smell and I finally stopped by yesterday. I ordered cucumber salad with pork ribs and a corn bread. Hands down, the best ribs I've ever had before. I will be back soon.

david p

Acceptable BBQ is easy to find. That is not what I found here. When I try out a new BBQ place, I always order Brisket. Why? Because it is the most difficult cut of bbq beef to do properly. By properly, I mean tender, juicy and flavorful. If the place can do brisket properly, they know and care about what they produce. So, I went to Huntspoint BBQ in Epping to try their brisket sandwich. That sandwich was not "acceptable", it was way beyond that. Hands down, the best brisket I have ever had!! I never knew that brisket could be so tender. Each bite was also juicy and flavorful. There is only one other bbq joint in Epping. I have eaten there a few times, it's acceptable bbq. I have also tried most of the bbq joints in a 25 mile radius. Huntspoint BBQ is lightyears ahead of them in quality! I now have a new bbq joint :>)

Marco Herzog

The very BEST Barbecue in New Hampshire. Their pork rib plate with 2 side dishes with a corn bread is 100% homemade, and I really enjoyed their barbecue. Their barbecue is not expensive comparing to other places in NH, and you will get the best quality barbecue. It is totally worth it. Pork ribs has lots of meat on the ribs, and not expensive at all. I tried bbq in every BBQ restaurant in NH, and Huntspoint has the best BBQ by far. Definitely recommended.

Brian Marks

I stopped into this BBQ joint to try it out and loved it. I will be stopping in more often when i am in the area. The pulled pork is amazing. Thank you Hunt Point for a great sandwich.

Chris Fitzgerald

Great BBQ.. would have given 5 stars but needs spicy sauce and draft beer that is why I only give it 4 stars, the food was amazing!!!!

Igor Muravyov

Some of the best bbq I’ve had, anywhere.

Luke Collins

My friend and I ordered Kobe Beef Burger with smashed fries. Both were very delicious. I will be back

Jenny Wilemon

Awesome Bar-B-Q at a very reasonable price and great volume.

Dorean Bourdelais

While lit of Awesome BBQ for not a lot of money!!!

Jodi Potter

Deicipus homemade food with no use of MSG, o preservatives, no high fructose, or corn syrup! Definitely recommend.

Mark Townsend

I’ve been here a few times when they were new and they’ve accommodated a celiac’s need for Gluten Free. Tonight I specified twice my food allergy and please do not include corn bread. I get the tied up bag and get home, finding corn bread in the plate. I call, they close in 25 minutes and I’m not going to make it back. Rude employee blaming the other person. He was five foot from me listening to the order. I asked to speak to the owner and he laughed “good luck, they’re never here during business hours. Try around 9:30 on Monday, but they’ll be gone before we open” This staff doesn’t care about the business and neither does the owner apparently (staff perspective). I would not recommend this business as of this moment. For someone with celiac disease, diagnosed 20 years ago, this would absolutely make me very sick. I paid cash and tipped. If I paid on a card I would have challenged the charge as this is effectively poison to me. Updates after owner comment Received a full refund AFTER my wife took the food back to the store. We drove 20 minutes out of our way to get it. My wife received a very curt attitude and still not a single apology to date. The business, from staff to ownership have never apologized - just blame another person. Not sure about 3 reviews - but my wife was not happy after the interaction yesterday. Again, staff was on the negative side but did issue the refund. Owner's response to a very rare 1 star from me (I have several hundred 4 and 5 star reviews) just confirms my review. Our goal is to inform others of the experience we have had. You have enough other 1 star reviews on multiple platforms with a similar theme. I suggest some internal reflection on why they are have been made and getting some training for your team if you want to earn higher ratings.

Lisa Carter

Love the pliked pork sandwich! Flavorful and juicy pork pork piled high toppee with coleslaw. Also really like the toasted bun – I would recommend the sandwich anyone

Alexander Miles

Great Barbecue, everything in my Meat plate was full of flavor.

Thelionking Nerd

Had a great meal in here the other night and brought my service dog in training in. Everyone was super helpful and caring and treated us with respect. Thank you guys so much!

Nicholas Mack

Food was great and service was friendly and fast

john Giarrusso Jr

Good Kobe brisket. Fries were really good. Potato salad needs some spice a little bland but good. Friendly service.

Michael Craig

Very delicious selection of BBQ. I had the brisket and sweet sausage with coleslaw. It was neatly out together for presentation and the taste was better than I expected. The service was excellent. The lovely lady that took my order was pleasant to talk to. I will come back to this place.


Best brisket in New Hampshire. I've tried most, and Huntspoint is the only place I've found that has CONSISTENTLY awesome brisket. For this, they deserve my five stars.

Alexander Lavoie

Great food and friendly service

Kary Moscardini

Best BBQ I have had. Brisket was so juicy and flavorful. Sausages melt in your mouth. Pulled pork and chicken were fantastic with no need for additional sauce. Love the dry rub ribs. Everything was tender and melt in your mouth good. Best burger too. Fries were great. Greens had a bit to much vinegar for my taste. Slaw with apples was fresh and delicious. We won't go anywhere else for BBQ after this.

Nicholas Bunch

First time coming here from a recommendation. Very good ribs and great hospitality. Recommended greatly!

Dwight Davis

As a man who was born and raised in Texas I have more than a good idea about the quality and taste of great smoked and BBQ meats. At Huntspoint in Epping, Brother and Lovely Love have made this Texas boy miss home cooking a lot less. The service is excellent. The atmosphere is original country and very clean with family style picnic tables. The host and hostess are warm and gracious. But back to the MEATS, whether its pork, chicken, beef or turkey you will find your fancy here. Don't forget to take home a pack of either of the meats to grill at home.

Kevin Zraik

Amazing Pork Ribs, and awesome pulled pork are out of this world.

Jerry Comfort

The ribs were incredible. The meat fell off the bone. We love the Apple Cole slaw and the mac and cheese. Will definitely go back. If you don't like fat, request it to be lean.

Tim Grier

Great food, decent amount meat in the platter. Pulled Pork combo was perfectly smoked, and delicious!

Amelia Walker

This restaurant is my favorite restaurant. The best bbq ever!

John Rogowicz

Real good, real fast, handsome cook

Noelle Nealon

I have had the pleasure of trying Huntspoint BBQ for the first time in 2016 and have not been anywhere else since. The apple slaw and brown beans is to die for. Will not go anywhere else.

Brian Tucker

This BBQ joint has great food for a reasonable price.

Cecila Robertson

I went in and had THE BEST pulled pork and Apple coleslaw Sandwich I think I have ever tasted! It was perfect! There was texture, tender, the right amount of sauce and spice. Phenomenal! Highly recommended if you love BBQ! They have a wide variety of meats to try as well. My new favorite BBQ place to go and eat by far!

Josh Piana

The best Kobe Brisket I've ever had!

Alan Wilkins

Delicious bbq very good great food

Colin Lion

Special treat for me and several friends and we're always excited for it. Great food, friendly staff, would undoubtedly recommend

Michael Cerasuolo

Dave was very helpful! These guys know what they are doing I mean their last name is Love and you can tell there is love in that food.

Bruce Dawson

Good, quick food at reasonable prices.

dlchambers .

Burnt Ends were AWESOME. Sausage (both sweet & hot) were GREAT. Apple cole slaw was surprising & really good. My son loved the Mac n Cheese and pulled pork. Negatives: 1) eating area was not well heated & pretty cold (early March, still pretty cold outside). 2) Non-beer beverage selection pretty minimal. A bit pricey, as some have commented, but BBQ ain't cheap, especially in NH, so no complaint. But none of that diminishes the quality of the food... I'll be back!

Cathryn Jones

Absolutely great food! We will be back!

Kevin Kendall

I stopped into Huntspoint BBQ today and had the best brisket sandwich I've ever had. Juicy, tender, awesome taste and topped with their hot sausage. I also tried one of their St. Louis Ribs and all l I can say is "perfect"! These guys know BBQ and I'll be stopping by again whenever I'm in the Epping area. Highly recommended!!

Nathan WC

One of the must visit BBQ destination in New England. Their staff is very friendly and their barbecue is by far the best and I loved their homemade side dishes and cornbread. The best Barbecue and baked beans I've ever had. Their coleslaw with freshly chopped crispy Apples is to die for. Portion sizes are worth their weight, I got nearly 1 lb bbq meats in my 3 meat plate! Love it here.

Jessica Romeo

Superior BBQ! The Kobe brisket was amazing and the cucumber salad was delicious! We saw you on The Phantom Gourmet last weekend and we were dying to try your BBQ. So happy that we could make it up here today!

Michael Stricklen

My go to for premium BBQ meats (Wagyu Brisket folks!) and prime steaks for the grill. Lovely and the staff are great folks to trade with, and they’ve forgotten more about BBQ than I’ve learned. Highly recommended!

Stephania Cruz

Outstanding BBQ - Great Food

Shakira Nunes

First time getting food here. I have to say, other was AMAZING!! We got half pound each of pulled pork and Angus brisket, and quarter pound of burnt ends. Also got a sweet potato, some mashed potatoes and Mac n cheese to go with. Well worth the trip!! Fed three adults and one child pretty well!! We will definitely be going back!!

susanlmcgibbon .

Another perfect meal. This is the real deal, there's nothing better around.

Stephen Hanaka

It's exactly what you'd expect BBQ, made from scratch. Paper towel roll napkins and picnic tables inside.

todd dyer

Brisket is just the right mix of tender and smoky. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended!

Anatoly D

Superb BBQ, worth the drive!

matt walsh

OMG!!!! Way over priced!!!! Steak tips were great but two pounds and almost 30$ later?!?!? YIKES

JLB37 1977

My family and I ate here on 20 October 2018. We usually stop by every October on the way to Hunted Overload. I do not know what to say but we will not be back. The food was not good at all. My buddy ordered a bacon cheeseburger, fries and cheese sauce. The lady came out 25 minutes later with his food only to tell him that the bacon is frozen but never gave him back$2. He paid a total of $20 for that. My wife and I ordered the 3 meat and 2 sides. The way they have it set up is, the 3 meats contain sausage, chicken and pulled chicken lol so if you want brisket, burnt ends, pulled pork, or ribs, you have to pay extra. We got the burnt ends, pulled pork, and ribs with 2 sides of some pretty nasty and old tasting potatoe salad; it was very watery and tasted bland and like refrigerator. Even the BBQ sauce on the table were all watered down.The burnt ends tasted like burnt brisket instead of the bark and rub the way it supposed to be; It was gross. Pulled pork was old and greasy. The ribs would have been really good if they served them yesterday when they were hot and fresh. Instead, they tasted and felt as they were warmed up. I paid $35 for that meal. About 21/2 oz of pulled pork, 3 ribs, and 4 pieces of burnt ends with 2 sides of potatoe salad and a dry chunk of corn bread. The food is all way overpriced and made half assed. They charged $10 for a pulled pork sandwiches and the entire pork butt is about $17. Thus place has gone down hill in my opinion after eating here a few times before. I will not be back as I believe and felt that the BBQ is simply not worth the price for the substandard quality. As far as locally grown, that remains to be seen. Locally grown nowadays is more of a marketing tool the facts.

Tylan Rosado

The best BBQ in New Hampshire. I got BBQ Sampler for 1 which has different meats in it. I enjoyed their barbecue.

Shannon Davidenko

Great food from scratch. The baked beans and mashed potatoes were delicious! The pulled pork and ribs melted in my mouth. The service was great as well.

John Zahoruiko

Disappointing first experience at HuntsPoint BBQ. Really looking forward to this after seeing it on NH Chronical. Was forgotten at our table waiting almost an hour for our dinner, went to the counter at closing and was given an order TO GO that was not correct. Brisket and Burnt ends were dry, ribs were good but doubt we will return for a 30 minute drive, can get good BBQ much closer

jake oumansour

I had ribs and they where really tender almost falling of the bone, with a bit of the sweet sauce made it an excellent meal.

Kiersten Carr

I recently had Huntspoint BBQ cater my wedding. They did an AMAZING job. All of my guests absolutely loved the food and continued to go up for second and even third helpings! We could not have asked for a better company to cater for us. I would recommend Huntspoint BBQ to anyone looking for a BBQ catering company in the area- or even just to grab lunch/ dinner. What a phenomenal family owned business!

Julie O

Delicious homemade food in a clean, friendly, laid back atmosphere! We like that it's REAL food not "fast food". The mashed potatoes side is one of my favorites!

Donald Luis

I had the brisket and sausage both were delicious what little there was. I would give them 5 stars for the taste but because of the price for 5 little chunks of brisket and 6 slice's of sausage was to high

La lunar Cosmic

BBQ was delicious, loved the pulled pork! Jambalaya was amazing.

David Banville

My Fiancé and I went there to sample their menu, we are planning on having them cater our wedding. We both knew as soon as the food hit our tongues that we would be going with Huntspoint. The staff was super friendly and the food is to die for, we even got a second meal to go ten outa ten best bbq to ever grace our plates.

Rob Potter

Great BBQ! The apple Cole Slaw was a nice surprise... added a crisp freshness to the BBQ.

Nicholas Batista

some of the best BBQ i have ever had the ribs were amazing

Bob Baillargeon

Huntspoint BBQ has friendly atmosphere and great BBQ. Definitely recommended. Best BBQ in New England.

Patrick Okeefe

The best ribs I have ever had. Thick and perfectly smoked. These guys know what they re doing!!!!

Steve Shaw

Honestly best BBQ so far in NH. Had pulled pork, was amazingly tender, beans were crazy good and chili was out of this world. I eat a lot of BBQ and I was impressed. The owners were super nice. A little more expensive than usual (was 16$ for the platter vs the usual 12-14 most places) but definitely worth it. If you dont like it then chances are you are used to chilis or applebees junk fake BBQ. This is the real deal.

seth redmond

Really, really good home smoked barbecue. The baked beans were life changing.

Debra Johnson

We tried the sampler with 2 sides. Sides were collard greens, first time for both of us , and the baked beans, very yummy. Have to go back and try some other choices. My favorite was the ribs and brisket. I'd go back and get that. My hubby liked the pork sausage and the brisket. The sampler was the best choice for us on our first visit since we got to sample a good choice of the different meats. Well worth our trip from Loudon. We will be back.

Justin Stasiowski

Excellent pulled pork, interior is the way that BBQ places should be and lots of meat and plate choices. Prices are unfortunately really high compared to other local places but the pulled pork is worth it. Will be back, just would love to see more bang for the buck.

Pantsy McPantslessness

SO DELICIOUS!!!!! So maybe the guy doesn't do the best at paying attention to who is next or being perfectly politically correct. The flavors are spot on!! IT'S BBQ PEOPLE. EAT IT AND QUIT WHINING.

Simon Wright

The guy on the counter was not at particularly courteous or interested in serving us - not even a hello or goodbye. We expected more from the food but it was hugely disappointing. I had the 1 meat plate of sausage with sides of mac’n’cheese and bbq beans. The sausage and mac’n’cheese were barely heated through and the mac’n’cheese tasted like packet stuff. My fiance had pulled pork which was also not very warm and was dry. We were scouting the place out for wedding catering but the food was too much of a let down.

Sam K

Amazing food! Tasted like I was back in Tennessee!

Shawna Gargan

Great food! Smashed potatoes are great!

Amanda R

First time visitor today. Will definitely be back. The most flavorful pulled chicken I have ever had. Beans and cucumber salad were also delicious

robert m

Pricey and not very good. For what things cost here I expected the food to be significantly better.

Daryl Pilhorn

Absolutely amazing barbecue. Everything was awesome and friendly staff.

Masha B.

Extremely slow service. Wanted a small meal, waited 30 minutes.

Dianne Donovan

The food was great and plentiful!! The owners were friendly. Highly recommend you eat here!

Juan Alvarado

Great meat and will recommend it for all .

Pat Spillane

Delicious brisket and burnt ends

Brett DiStasio

Great home made BBQ will definitely come again!

Jennifer Frost

For serious and casual BBQ lovers alike. The owner will help you choose cuts and types of meat and give tips on cooking. The prepared foods are eat in or take out.

Dremessa Dinardo

The boyfriend and I are big BBQ enthusiasts, and we travel up to an hour and half for good brisket. We are so happy to have found this place instead... The best brisket around! Amazing flavors, good ratio of fat to meat, cooked to perfection. And the collard greens!!! We used to enjoy goody coles but they never have collards. And salvage BBQ in Portland maine had them, but they load them up with cane sugar so we can't eat them on our diet. These people know good BBQ

Jake Mcquillian

We visited here with my coworkers yesterday. The food was definitely Devine ! We traveled here from Boston, and the trip was worth all the way from Boston. The only thing that would have made it better is if they had wine selection. Their barbecue was amazing. I lived in Austin, TX for 10 years. This is the best barbecue in New Hampshire. Their Ribs were juicy, meaty, and delicious. Brisket was great, moist and mouth full of flavors. I cannot recommend their Barbecue enough!!! Real Texas Barbecue, Amazing!

Lydia Rosario

My husband and I had lunch here. The food was amazing. Everything was delicious! We are definitely going back.

Becky Thornton

The best Pork ribs and brisket I've ever had. Hands down with their homemade side dishes. I've tried Barbecue up and down in New England and this place is the best so far. Everything was great. I love their smoked Baked Beans and Coleslaw with real crunchy apple in it. Definitely will be back soon

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