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94 West Main Street, West Groton, MA 01472, United States

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REVIEWS OF Blood Farm IN Massachusetts

Matt Raibert

Miss Marshall


Nate Pelis

Awesome selection, great quality, will customize cuts... I go here every other week

justin cupial

Never been here, but the kidney i ordered came just as expected! Never had a better kidney delivered in my life!

Stewart Mason

B Crowley

Charles Roberts

Logan Mason

Joseph Ting

It's been a few years since I was last at Blood Farms, but am happy to report that everything seems to be back to normal after the fire. The service is extremely friendly and the selection and quality of the meat is outstanding. They happily provide custom cuts.

Mark Coito

Can't find a better steak around here. Bacon, amazing. Steak tips, phenomenal. Ham, out of this world. Ribs, OMG... Bone in ribeye.... Mind melting. My worry is that you'll try some steak here and it will RUIN any place that ISNT Blood Farm.

Richard Concannon

Blood Farm is always amazing. Once you have their products, you, like me, will not be able to go back to the mass produced meats on the market.

Robert Labier

Meghan Mason

Ryan Simmons

I bought all the things pictured for $132. Such a great deal. They have affordable meats that are raised locally. I would recommend visiting. It beats going to the grocery store.

Boston Veggie

Disgusting! Animals are not food! Go vegan

Dennis Charolle

For true aficionados of quality meats and poultry this is your place. Professional slaughter and butcher establishment with decades behind them and a USDA official on site. The animals are all locally sourced and the quality is above anything from other "gourmet" butchers and specialty shops. A must stop for all carnivores.

Rich Skorski

One of the few places I can rely on to have beef ribs, and the only place I know of where you get custom fresh cuts.

Michael Prevost

Love this place, and have been buying meat from them for more than 10 years, before and after the fire. As noted by others, they do not offer organic, grass fed meat. But their meet is of restaurant quality within grade and always super fresh. Some of the meat is locally raised, I don't know what percentage, perhaps that's why sometimes the meat is truly sublime. I will have to ask about that my next time in. Service is superb. They will make any cut you want, any size, any way that you want it. I love the NY Sirloin which is the hip shell. I have them cut it 2" thick because I grill it at a high temp,and serve it in slices, just like a NYC steakhouse (Peter Luger's for example). The. Best.

Joss Stubblefield

Nancy Cheney

They ate always very helpful and nice love blood farm

Mary Jane Lightbody

Ok all you 4 and less star people - go elsewhere and be happy...we and friends do buy organic but this is as close as you will get and it is shop local - we drive an hour to get there and L O V E all their foods. If you want perfection raise your own animals and slaughter them.. Otherwise - fantastic..

Fabrice Lapierre

Jim Hunter

This is the best ham you will ever eat !!!

Paul Joly

Andi Kita

Best steaks can't beat the taste and freshness.

Steve White

Dean Wilson

Amazing cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and more. Always the right choice, and superb staff and service!

Jim Considine

Always great service and product. Custom cut and tenderized a brisket.

Lisa Robinson

The purchase is weighed in double wrapped paper and they don't show you the weight. the bacon was 75% fat. I got 2 rib eyes and 1.345 lb bacon for $38.00. I was shocked as the 2 steaks weighed 2 7 lbs. I have a good scale so I can check. My dog loved the bacon

Colin Shea

Kenneth Mortensen

Tymothy Zeng

I heard their pot brownies are a solid 9.5/10

marcio ribeiro

Good but priceee

Rick Harmon

My mom works here

John OLoughlin

Excellant Service, Meats are the best.

Paula DiMattio

We are So Happy to see them back up and running My favorite place to shop for our meats!!

Mr Something

The employees at Blood Farm are Astonishing & Friendly! They were helpful getting what i need & had me out the door quickly! I almost can't wait until the 4th to have the beef short ribs i got...


A unique resource in the Groton area. This is an actual slaughterhouse that sells meat to the general public in a small front area. The meat is high quality, and you can obtain unusual cuts. Rabbit, lamb, pork, beef, sausages

Jeffery Finley

Great place with awesome customer service. Lots of choices and good looking meat. Highly recommended! Update, I've had an opportunity to cook some of the food and let me tell you. It is some of the best quality meats I've ever had outside of a restaurant. The steak was so tender... Also, the chicken wings were delicious although, it was a small portion.

Sheila King

I love this place! Staff is always friendly and happy to help with whatever you need! And you can't get fresher meats anywhere!

Gholpesar G

Ephantus Muhindi

When you eat meat from here, you never regret. fresh and delicious . its my meating point.

Robert Iversen

Very disappointed with a pork loin with the rind on that I special ordered but was just the fastest pork loin with a super fatty rind tied on top even after a custom order. I guess they thought I could not possibly cook this as a traditional Danish Christmas pork roast. Honestly, it tasted like fatback. This was the most expensive fatback I ever ordered and did not like. I’ll never order from them and tell everyone the same.

David Burl

If you are buying pork at this facility you might find the meat to be excellent, this is because you would have probably been eating hogs that I brought in to be butchered. They were beautiful well fed animals. They were brought in for my own personal use. They gave me back three hogs that were so disgusting they were unetible. I returned one of them and the meat they gave me in return was unetible not cookable and stunk up my house. After talking to other patrons I find that I am not alone, I am not the only one this has happened to. If there was a 0 star that's what they would get.

Cheryl Netos

Mrs C

Great meat

Mandy Bator

Mist friendly people ever and do a great jobon processing our pig every time

Nikkita xoxo

Walking in it smelled like delicious fresh meat. Within a minute or so we were being waited on. The freezers are available for you to help yourself into with a variety of choices from rabbit to chicken. We picked up some frozen burger and breakfast sausage to try at a later date. We ordered two 1lb porter house which were so large we had to get 3lbs for two steaks which we did not mind whatsoever. And we ordered fresh smoked bacon! These steaks are beautiful! Definitely will be back!

Ori Maci

Best service and friendly group of people. Kind enough to give directions about how to cook the meat. Can't beat the quality either

Robin Patnode

Always quality work. They handle animals with respect and process them to the highest quality. We have used them for 30 years and never been disappointed.

Thomas Picard

Darlene Falardeau

Becky Neville

Love this place. Best meat.

Charles Golub

Spice Bear

Karen Calabro

Robert Rudolph

Mark Randall

Excellent, everyone loves the marinated beef tips...we'll be back for more!

Jl Austin

John Desmond

Nice selection of meats. Staff is no nonsense when it's busy but don't let that deter you. They are still very helpful to newcomers.

Rob W

Been hearing about this place for years, happy we finally had the opportunity to stop by! Will visit again

Jeremy Easton-Marks

Michael Chesbrough

This is not the place to go if you're looking for grass-fed organic meat. The vast majority arrives at the farm already slaughtered from AGAR, a massive meat supplier. Blood farm then makes all the cuts, vacuum seals and freezes the cuts for retail sale. Occasionally, you will see "Blood Farm Feed Lot" marked cuts in the freezer, which is their meat (as opposed to meat procured from AGAR). The feed lot meat is not organic or grass fed either, though. They don't advertise this, but they will tell you if asked. This all being said, the meat is exceedingly fresh when compared to what you get in a conventional grocery store. As mentioned, they immediately seal and freeze the cut meat, and it is noticeably fresher than regular store bought meat. If you live relatively close to the area it's worth the trip and the prices are on par with the grocery store. Another pro is you can bring your own meat for them to butcher, a nice option for hunters that aren't adept at that sort of thing.

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