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Rolando Cruz

Good service a little pricey however the quality and flavor of the food is worth it.

Sig Carey

We were so excited to eat here on Valentine's Day and while the food was beautifully prepared and the service excellent, our entrees were cold! Alot of money for cold steak...we may give them another chance but they should know better by now. The yummy butter on the steak wasn't even melted! Disappointing...

je vf

Been waiting six months+ to be able to have dinner ("Meat Mountain!") at Urban Butcher. Finally got a chance today. Happy & excited! Store hours on website say open on Tues for dinner at 5pm. Urban Butcher's own FRONT DOOR posted hours say open Tuesdays at 5 pm. OK, so Drove there in the rain, finally found parking, walked to rain. Door locked. Nobody around. No sign on door to explain or say why. Just closed with zero explanation. Is this how you normally operate, Urban Butcher? Thank you for the long awaited explanation (...or maybe just a warning!!)

Mrmarginofsafety .

Great charbroiled burger, beer selection poor, nice bar atmosphere, loud at full tilt

Kathy Collier

Not impressed by service. Over-priced and slow. It is 9:30 at night and it has been an hour since we ordered our food. Waiter didn't check on us or tell us what was happning.

Andrew Cavuoto

Possibly the best hanger steak ever had and a favorite place to bring out-of-town visitors looking for quality.

Juan DeJesus

Great service

Jenny porillo

(Server Kadeem E. Worst server!! ask for another server) I am Very disappointed with this restaurant. The food was just Okay. The customer service was the worst. Our server was very rude and looked like he had the attention span of a ferret, to say the least.He snatched the menu when my sister in law was still looking at it, then asked her if she was still looking at it. My friend ordered ceviche, she did not like it and wanted to return it, he started trying to convinced her that it was real ceviche and that it was good when she clearly did not like the way that it was made. This is not expressing the way he was acting through out the night. He brought the check over it was six of us. I asked him if we could split it, he said “yes”, we needed to figure it out by looking at the receipt and breaking it down”. He looked like he had an attitude when he said that. He broke the receipt down. Apparently "it did not add up" he chose one card and said there is a difference of $24 and said "I will charge this card because it was going to take to long to process in a breakdown. How do you just choose witch card to charge with out permission? I said ok that's fine, because it was my card. The math we did was off by 6 dollars. No big deal. Kadeem E. Was the one of the worst servers I have encountered in my lifetime. The reason why I am very disappointed is because it was my fiancé's birthday and he had a horrible experience! I paid way to much to have an experience like that.

Jarred Whitlock

Great happy hour and the quality of the steaks are wonderful, however most else here is lacking. Took an hour to get our salads, no one could hear anyone speak (the waiter had a hard time hearing our orders it was so loud), all the meat was severely under cooked, and the new remodel leaves a large part of the restaurant looking like a men’s college dorm room. I’m not some grouchy older person that isn’t open to new things. I’m 28. However for >$120 I’d like to be able to hear my wife talk while we eat and not have to look at Instagram #s under black lights. It’s like a chef that really knew how to make a menu was followed by an owner letting their teenager decorate and organize the restaurant.

Silas Rivera

By far the best meat mountain I've ever eaten or taken a part in devouring. The selection includes all 4 major food groups: chicken, lamb, pork and beef. With mouth watering preparations, each savory bite keeps your taste buds jumping for joy. But you're not even done. The bar serves the most perfect match of drinks you could imagine. Even the staff compliment the experience with their knowledge and recommendations. They even indulge you with the perfect amount of friendliness and family love. It begs for a return, time and time again.


The bartender was very rude and disrespectful. He was very selective on who he served properly. The food was ok but the customer service truly needs to improve.

Elisa Ferrante

This place is now one of my favorite hang outs in Silver Spring. Aside from the cool atmosphere, it offers fantastic food and to die for cocktails. Highly recommend!

Nate Bini

Pretty good food + good service

b allodium

· just as i remember...outstanding! · the lamb picanha is a must when they have it ·

Austin Vavra

Came in for dinner for one before a concert. Had very great service at the bar. Great prices of food and drinks. Was very pleased with my whole experience.

Conor Mulvey

The food is a 5! Go here, eat meat, be happy. I've been here a few times and the food has been very tasty and well prepared each time. Next time I go, I might take advantage of their early dinner (until 7:30) restaurant week like special. A nice little 3 course for $35 or so. So why 4/5... the last time we had a new waiter. The waiter was fantastic. He was curious, attentive and super nice to my 4 year old daughter. This is more a critique of management for not training up the staff. During our time there, several of the staff struggled with simply questions: do you have Glenfiddich? (important note: full bar, decent mixed drinks, happy hour prices are like 40% off), do you have blue cheese dressing? (they don't, which not having blue cheese crumbles is surprising for a steak place), what's in the bacon dressing?, and how many donuts come in the serving? These are basic menu questions the staff should be able to answer. Last couple of notes: I noticed the broccolini was undercooked, nice char but raw and broccolini can be tough. My cappuccino was more of a cafe au lait. But I'll give the benefit of the doubt as we were on the early side (4 year old kid) and it was packed on a Friday night so not everything goes as expected. In short, get a cocktail, get the charcuterie board, get the porterhouse and a dessert. For the 2 of you, you'll walk out $225 lighter but full and talking about how tender that steak was. It was so good I couldn't take the pic before I started. Like I said, Fridays and Saturdays are kickin' so you'll want a to make a reservation.

Chloe Kissinger

Everything I have ever gotten there is amazing! Love this place! Service is

Lauren Humphries

Great spot to plan a special date night, celebrate special occasion, or entertain out-of-town guests. Get there in time for happy hour and stay late for good conversation and vibrant atmosphere. There’s always something new on the menu and the staff treats you like family.

Seth Brockman

Easily one of the top places to dine in DC Metro area. Unique setting offers a meat-centric casual experience while the meats and cheeses on the Butchers Board is as flavor packed and uniquely sourced as anywhere else. Meats are butchered and aged on site, including the steaks and chops, as well as the cured meats. In fact, they have a master butcher there, which if you dont know what difference that makes, go there and ask. Hes usually there and can explain the process. Try the lamb tartare. Steaks are aged and packed with rich, savory flavor. Rib eye taste is as robust as any steakhouse in America. Put simply, you won't find a better steak out there. As good? Sure. But not better.


We were starving by the time our food came and 2 other parties who had come in after us got their food before us. Yet the waiter was so flabbergasted when we asked why the food was taking so long. It seems like they try to make eating here some long drawn-out experience, but then want to rush you out as soon as possible, so expect dinner to be around 3 hours. Also agree with whoever mentioned the busboys hovering around the table. It was weird and intrusive.

E. Jones

You are paying for the atmosphere. The happy hour is like normal prices for other bars, the food is really nothing special. The service is always very lackluster. DO not buy mix drinks here they are very very weak. My friend and I bought an entire pitcher of margaritas to split and we never even felt it, we literally had to order an extra shot to pour into the pitcher. We are both usually lightweights! I'd stick to the wine.

Erika Harris-Forrest

Super chilled spot good food great atmosphere wonderful service

Franklyn Benjamin

Great Service, great food, I enjoyed the crowd and atmosphere. I went with a group of people that live near Silver Springs from the Meetup group 20s & 30s of Silver Springs. We met up at 11:30 and have been enjoying the bottomless mimosas, margaritas and food. This might be my one meal for the day. I'd definetly recommend a late salad or fruit salad as a snack before bed. 45$ for unlimited brunch and drinks is definetly worth it.I definetly recommend checking out this brunch and hope to be back soon. Thanks for making this a great experience for our group.

Natalia Cruz

Food was unseasoned,they served me a Mac and cheese cold, the cheese wasn't even melt. And the service were really bad. Never come back

Rashida Robinson

Bartender was AMAZING! Lavender margaritas were to die for! A must visit when in Maryland!

Michael Woestehoff

$45 carnivore brunch. Lavender margs. All you can eat, all you can drink.

Chi Kang

I'm not exactly sure why people like this placed. I thought the food was below average compare to other restaurants in the price point

camille jackson

Definitely hyped up. The meat is tender and seasoned well but came out cold (so did our sides) when they are busy their service is pretty bad... For the high prices, we were definitely looking for more. Our waiter was incredibly rude and arrogant so that didn't help at all. Hopefully you don't get Jason like we did. You won't be missing much if you don't come here.

Julia Santucci

Way too expensive for mediocre food and terrible service. We have dined here several times and the food is ok. The service, however, has gotten progressively worse each time we eat here. Tonight my pregnant friend ordered a steak cooked medium (not being able to eat rare meats because of the baby). It arrived extremely red in the center. A burger another friend ordered arrived ten minutes after the rest of us got our food, even though other burgers were going out to other tables. When the manager came to check on us I pointed out that my friend's steak was undercooked for how she ordered it. He proceeded to explain to me that fresh meat is "always red in the middle" and their medium "looks like that" because their meat is so good. He even said that I didn't know what a medium cook looks like and told me if I didn't like it, I could "write it up on Yelp". We never received an apology for the late burger or the undercooked steak, nor did he offer a discount off out bill, which was nearly $200 excluding drinks. There are too many other good places in the area to make it worth going back here. Definitely would not recommend.

Steve Spencer

Such a great place to eat meat.

Jaime Nudd

Great staff, good food. But they throw your leftovers away instead of letting you box it. That's complete BS and a waste of food. Thumbs down on that policy. I get that folks could take advantage at the "endless brunch" but it's pretty obvious that taking half an omelet home isn't corruption.

Justin Eldred

I love Urban Butcher. They have a fantastic brunch, and happy hour offerings! I really enjoyed the french toast for brunch, and their lavender margarita. They have a great burger. And for sure the best whole bronzino fish I've ever tasted. We also love the charcuterie board with various cured meats and cheeses. Going here on a nice day when they can open the garage doors next to the bar is truly sublime.

Gargoyle Princess

It's a very Urban spot I can see a lot of different age groups liking this place. It has a pretty spacious open floor plan. However I'm basing my two star rating off of my food experience; unless you like a very burnt / charred steak then I would NOT recommend the steak and fries..I asked for a well done steakand got medium rare instead. The bread appetizer is dry and also "charred" which makes for a very unique

Eric Saul

Top notch restaurant. I'm really sad that Ray's the Steaks closed this year, but these guys filled the hole in my meat heart. I got crazy one day and ordered the Meat Mountain. It was the greatest thing ever. I believe I blacked out for a moment from the meat overload. I plan to come here more often...If only they were open for lunch...

Robert Malone

8/05/18 at around 3:30 PM. I was immediately greeted and given several menu options. After I sat at the bar I was greeted by a very friendly bartender and served by a gentleman who went over the steak and salad that I had chosen in a brief yet descriptive presentation. **((The service was excellent ))** And the steak *Porterhouse* was so tender that I could've cut it with a spoon. This was my first time here, but I will be back.

Clayton Callihan

Bit pricey, most the staff had an odd, not that friendly aura... Main positive is the host at the front of the place. He was very friendly and upbeat.

Keith Robinson

Amazing! What more is needed to share?

Gisselle Lopez

Food was amazing. The tuna ceviche was to die for. My partner and I had the Meat Mountain. The cuts of meat were perfectly done. The staff was attentive and courteous. Will come back!!!

jhodge31 .

We love Urban Butcher but don't go during restaurant week. Service was slow...

Travis Plumer

Awesome service, excellent food, I would go here again.

Paul Meyer

An "anti-steakhouse". They are fanatically serious about meat. The atmosphere is casual and unpretentious. It's not cheap but you pay for top quality meats. Chef Raynold has a great backstory. He escaped from Cuba and worked his way up to a well-known chef.

Austin Davis

Food was good , the service was a bit slow.

Josh Graham

Insanely good butcher board, amazing bone in rib eye and pretty decent cocktails. Really want to go back and try a bunch of other things here. Saw a comment about not getting meat well done here... Well yeah, you are paying for top quality meat, getting it cooked well done is ridiculous!

kathleen dunne schroeder

Rude and overpriced.

Aleta Quinn

Made a reservation for 2 on a Wednesday. Arrived and was told to wait, notwithstanding there were 8 empty 2-person tables and about as many more-than-2-person tables. Waited 10 minutes at the bar, ordering a couple beers and paying for those up front at bartender's suggestion. After 10 minutes, seated at a 4-person table in the back, probably because my dining companion was wearing a sweatshirt and looked shabby. Waited 20 minutes for server. Beer overpriced and bleh. Got a glass of wine, overpriced and bleh. Ordered burger rare, got slab that reminded me of undergrad cafeteria. It wasn't bad, just salty and meh. Could not taste cheese at all, so skip that $2. Onion was ok. Fries were the tastiest part, though I wished they were from Boardwalk - they had the peanut oil taste but no salt whatsoever. There's no salt or pepper on the table (I guess on the theory that if you want to adjust the chef's spicings, you're a heathen). Server vanished so I just ate them and got the hell out. If you want to waste money and feel better than other humans, this is the place.

Kameer Bacchus

Excellent service

Dan Sobien

Food was good, prices were very high for what you got.

David Stoker

It's a really inviting space with community tables and small plates to share. It is a comfortable place to be with the right amount of noise and activity to feel trendy while still being warm. We were there on opening night and the food was fantastic! I am a huge pastrami fan and this place has the best I've ever tasted. Its thick, spicy, and seared perfectly. I also really enjoyed the salami and cheese pairing I chose. I look forward to trying more in the future. There are also sausages and other delicious meats and cheeses on offering. Vegetarian options are also a pleasant surprise, with several options for the herbivores in your group. There are several great cocktails available, including a great gin and tonic, a margarita, and a really interesting drink with absinthe. I didn't have any wine but they did have it by the glass. Bottled beers only right now but I'm sure draft will arrive soon looking behind the bar. The bottled beer selection was good and had several unique/hard to find brews. I love this place, I love that it is a few steps from home, and I can't wait to go back again and again and again!

Brittany Roberson

We came to this restaurant for a great ribeye. We started with a charcuterie board that was good. Then the main course, Ribeye brussel sprouts and mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was the hilight. The brussel sprouts were bitter when eating the whole piece but when we cut off the stalk was much better. The aged Ribeye was ok to say the least. We had some good buttery bites from the very top and bottom cuts but the middle had a lot of hard sinewey pieces that were hard to cut even with a steak knife and it was just bland with an old flavor and not buttery at all. We finished the meal with the donut and nutella whip which was ok. Overall we were dissapointed since the meal was quite pricey. This is not our first time at an upscale steak restaurant but will be the last time at this place.

Curlen M

Killer atmosphere and the food is... "I have no words" GOOD! Highly recommended!

Allyson Wines

Amazing chorizo, sausage, pastrami, eggs, donuts. Bottomless brunch is an amazing deal. Sooo good!

Nicole Harrison

I'd read that this place has opened and came by to check it out not realizing they're open for brunch. Brunch was fantastic - one of the best bloody marys I've ever had, delicious lamb salami, and some of the nicest people on the staff. I'll definitely be coming back!

Angélica Garcia

Love love love love Urban Butcher. There is nothing on the menu that I haven't enjoyed and their summer cocktail, the lavender margarita is dangerous! Can't get enough of it. The atmosphere is great and the staff is friendly. This place is always busy -- in a good way!

Arturo Zelaya

Good meats, Brussels sprouts and brocolini was too crunchy for me. Service great

Arina Kalish

Incredible food! The pate, salami, cheeses, steak tartar, tuna ceviche, mac and cheese, steak and fries, I could list the whole menu. My boyfriend and I love this place. We come here a few times a month for dinner or even just drinks and apps. The service is great. Very attentive and quick! The atmosphere is nice too. Simple and comfortable. The owner and chef is a very nice guy who cares so much about his art. If you haven't been, you must try it!

Haydar Celik

Great food. We were here for happy hour and the HH menu is very impressive. Cured meats were amazing. I am not fan of ground beef, but both beef empanada and meatball were so delicious. Impressive. Their meats looked really good as well. I Will come back.

Derrick Sieber

I have a 1.5 year old and we go to dinner every Friday at 5:00 on the dot when they open. the early dinner supper from 5-7 is legitimacy on tap. 3 courses, cocktail, dessert...and I'm back home for jeopardy at 7:30. That's my Friday night!!!

Harsh Agarwal

The variety and quality are top notch

J-S D-de-B

Oh la la !!! This American restaurant has great meat !! And desserts are so delicious, as good as the french patisserie. Go for this place !!

Stephanie Riffle

Steak was overcooked. Prices are way too high. Portions are way too expensive for what you get.

Nardia Boodoo

Excellent happy hour and early supper menu. I loved the meat cellar platter served on a mini grilled with a perfectly flavored variety of meat and vegetables.

Bianca S

Amazing service, the guy who waited our table was so kind and personable! He really added to the overall experience. We went during restaurant week and loved the mountain of meat. I will say there was a bit of an issue since on the restaurant week menu the mountain of meat price and limitations was not very clearly written. At the end of all the confusion the manager came out and did explain it clearly. However I feel the menu could of been more straight forward. The overall experience was great since the food was amazing as well as the drinks.

Ari Magwood

Very poor service from bartender who acted to school. Brought us the wrong bottle of wine and never asked how we were doing seemed more like he was trying to avoid contact with his guests as much as possible. If u decide to eat there Charcuterie was excellent. Tartare and fries was OK and steak was great. Poor service ruined night definitely don't eat at bar.

Kathleen Christie

Ok so this is difficult. My husband had the hanger steak which we both liked! Perfectly cooked! It came with fries... pass. He ordered a ceasar salad...pass (taste more like Italian) I had the lamb bolognese over pasta. Very tasty, but spicy, which it didn't say in menu. I love spicy personally. Also over priced for what it was. Service was just ok. No one even noticed us at first. And no explanation of the menu, etc. Just ok. Could have spent half and gotten a decent meal list of places I'm sure. Probably won't return.

Brent Bowers

Great location. Great service. Great food. Cool space.

Alina Cruz

Great. Excellent food. Excellent customer service

Bradley Eisen

Would give a ZERO if possible. Table was late, foot was sub-par. Both happen. But, we experienced a first - the server and manager contradicted themselves. Server recommends a specific cut for the way it can be cooked to satisfy two tastes. Steak is not cooked to our request, only to have the manager tell us that the server was wrong. The remedy? Burning my pregnant wife's steam to a beef jersey crisp. Just because you can butcher a piece of meat doesn't mean you can cook, or serve it. What a joke.

yayayummy04 .

On a scale from 1 - 10, this place is a 12!!!! Amazing! The steak is hard to match!!! The service was unexpected! Lavender margaritas were to die for! Such a great experience! The restaurant is so cute and corky! I would suggest it to anyone, and also come back myself!!!! If there is any reason I gave it only 4 stars is because of the price. It's a bit expensive. To treat yourself once in a blue moon is ok, but this couldn't be a lot of folks every weekend spot. But again, it was great!

Ashley Shenea

Great Brunch Spot! Went with my girlfriends this past Sunday and enjoyed the endless brunch menu and it truly was endless. Everything tasted yummy. Loved the empanadas and curated meat plates. My glass was never empty the margarita could have used a bit more tequila though. Service was very attentative! Looking forward to going again when the weather is warmer.

Frederic Schaub

Just had dinner @UrbanButcher: Loved it! Great atmosphere, amazing food & wines, fantastic service! Def recommended! Starve yourself for a few days before! Really well served:)

Sujin Kim

Here at Urban Butcher, you can find really nice burgers, a great quality of meat. But steak here is a bit salty. Service is great, but it's pricy. Atmosphere is really great. Especially for summer time, you can seat near the window and it's very refreshing

Jacqueline D

Great food and ambiance! The service was slow, maybe due to a busy night.

Vicki Lee

The food and drinks here were delicious. The portions are large when you order off the dinner menu - I can't speak to the happy hour menu. The music was a bit too loud for conversation when we got there but they did seem to turn it down a little after we asked.

Joey CarterHiba

The first time I went here the steak was divine. It was the best steak I ever had. It came out sizzling and hot. The second time I went here I ordered the exact same steak. To my surprise it was cold. Not just mine, everyone at my table had a cold meal. Also we could not hear each other from the other side of the table because of how noisy it was.

Steve Sommer

Awesome... One of the best steak houses I've been to!

Nathalie Baptiste

I went to dinner at Urban Butcher last night with a girlfriend. We shared the Apprentice charcuterie board. She had the branzino and fries and I had the hanger steak with a side of Brussels sprouts. The food was delicious though the Brussels sprouts were a bit undercooked. Unfortunately, when I got home about 30mins later, I got sick with all the classic food poisoning symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea...). Today I called the restaurant to let them know of my experience because it was definitely ruined. The manager, instead of expressing concern started rambling about how they keep all their food items separate and managed to ask me if I ended up in the hospital because otherwise there's nothing he can do. Seriously? I'd need to have gone to the hospital... Customer service goes a long way. My friend and I ran close to a $170 tab. He could have AT LEAST apologized and offered me a gift card. I guess I'll have to find that hibiscus mojito some place else.

Jasmine Bowden

Went during resturant week. Great food. We ordered the steak & fries and salmon. Next time we will definately try the meat mountain

Alex Mikuliak

Food good, service terrible. Waiter had too many tables but didn't acknowledge his lack of attention to us, multiple requests for same thing, drinks never refreshed...

Maximilien Duvra

Great meats and drinks. 48 hour brisket is my favorite.

yadasacker .

Good for silver spring... Overall and in comparison to city restaurants, quite mediocre.

Lauren Crisafulli

Meat mountain is amazing!!!!

Jessica Yi

The meat brunch is honestly life changing. Doesn't forget to try the lavender margaritas

GreenHeart 524

Cc and I recently stumbled into this place during a big snow storm 1 1/2 hours before the restaurant was to open. The chef invited us in, if sitting at the bar during their setups would not be a problem. It was wonderful and everyone was good to us! We stayed on our stools through the dinner rush eating a delightful grilled fish and salad while watching the kitchen spin its magic. Great staff and menu. A neighbor at the bar told us he buys the best bacon on earth there. Many items in their locker are locally sourced. And, I really recommend the hot toddies in February!

Chronic Disease Crusher

Excellent and perfectly prepared meat

Kitchen Boy

Great butcher, house made charcuterie, very good bar. Well worth the time.

Matt Cournoyer

Have gone twice now, once just a few days after it opened and the second time on New Years Eve. Had a great time both occasions. The cheeses and meats make great appetizers and have really enjoyed all the main dishes - great place to order lots of different dishes for sharing among a group. They've also got lots of solid cocktails, wines and beers. Service had some minor hiccups the first time we went, as expected for a brand new place, but was already markedly improved the second time we went back. A new favorite in Silver Spring.

Miguel Teixeira

Food is top notch in a casual atmosphere. Not cheap, but you get definitely get quality food.

Peter Stepanek

Wow wow wow you like quality fresh steaks and cured ham this is it! Hands down the best Local steak house cozy great staff fresh cuts of meat and sausages charcuterie and drinks are awesome. What makes the place special is the personal touch of the Chef owner Reynold that’s always around to great you. When it’s nice out they open the garage door wall entire side of the restaurant got fresh breeze

Chris Kishel

Absolutely delicious, from start to finish. The hostess was extremely nice and our server was quick, knowledgeable and paid attention to detail. The service was quick, the food was warm and the water glasses always filled. The cocktails we're delicious, as was the wine. All of the appetizers we're very good and all of the meat dishes were perfectly spiced and perfectly cooked, including chicken, pork, lamb, beef burger and a ribeye. Absolutely perfect meal. We will all be back

John Reeves

A big selection of high quality and delicious meat and chicken. Great service and decent prices !

J Feltwell

Great place with friendly staff, great service, wonderful atmosphere and most importantly excellent food! Set menu until 7:30 is a great deal. Had the salad, salmon and dessert for $35. Excellent!!

Camilo Devia

Service was lacking, and the food was very overpriced for the quality. Save your money they are better restaurants near by.

Seth Rubenstein

Fantastic butcher board sampling of their meats and cheeses. Steak Fries equally exceptional. Great place for couples or large groups to just share a bit of everything.

Mrew S

Great service, good food, Meat Mountain.

Brandon Grimes

Urban Butcher is a great restaurant. I was referred to this place by my friend who went there with some co workers. First let me start off saying the establishment is operated very well. If your going during the weekday a reservation isn't required I would think. However Friday, and Saturday nights I would definitely recommend grabbing a reservation. The service is phenomenal. The menu has a french touch to it. If you don't understand anything on the menu, the waiters are happy to help. From what I've learned all their meats are aged well and prepared either that morning or even on earlier dates (steaks). The price isn't too bad. I think it's about $$(1/2 $) or $$$. For a great meat it is well worth it. If you like the meat, they even sell their meats in their butcher shop. Personally that part is where I draw the line and say thats too expensive. I bought some bacon which was wrapped in suctions wrapped in plastic. There was about 6 pieces for about 8+ dollars....... yea.... pricey right? Either way this place deserves 5 stars. Well deserved!

gusgusgeol .

Super popular spot and for good reason, I wish they had longer hours. Food is great and on a nice day it is a great experience

Tom Robertson

Had the Lamb steak. It was so delicious and well prepared. I am definitely returning to this place!

Julio E. Colón

Great food and better service, haven't tried anything that I didn't like. The personnel is very attentive and knowledgeable of their plates and wines. Once you try it, you'll be hooked on the place!

Tommy Copeland

Awesome service, atmosphere, and wonderful food

Michael Vitiello

Forget the fact this may have been the best meal I've ever eaten, the service was even better! I wish I lived closer, this would be a weekly dinner for me. Do yourself a favor and stop by for dinner one night.

Dave Methvin

I like the ambiance and service of this place, but the food is just "okay" and the prices are extremely high. Although the name Urban Butcher tells you the meat will be the star--and it is--they could use some more balance with creative sides.

Chris Thompson

We had an amazing experience hosting our Corporate Meeting dinner here. The steaks were some of the best many of us ever had and the staff were very friendly and accommodating. Matt the Butcher also went out of his way to help us recently by helping us prepare and serve a very unique and tasty prosciutto leg.

jjj262 .

Atheistically pleasing, but quality of food is no where near the excessive price.

Darnell Kebo

Lavender margaritas! Yes please. Food here is very good. They know how to cook meat the way you like it. Empanadas are delish! In the past I've ordered steak, pork sandwich, and whole trout. Very satisfied.

Kirk Allen

So much food for brunch. Don't eat the night before

Lady Explicit

The food was awesome big portion 45$ each for the meat tower , 40$ for pitcher of lavender margarita bout six small cups ..SAVE more for dessert (will melt in your mouth)... the restaurant was cool looking inside /slightly outside with the garage door look , very unique bathroom . #NOFILTER .. and a cool Meat cellar .. open kitchen so you can see food getting prepared to order. . Will definitely go back .

Sasha Pivowar

Food and service was amazing!

Neville Emmanuel

I have always had a good experience here. Sometimes the service is a little slow but the team there always fixed the problem to my liking. If you enjoy good food that is meat based this is the place to go. Expect to pay for the food that is handcrafted. I also find myself enjoying the Lavender Margarita Pitcher up until 2 years ago I would have never touch the stuff. so, I thank urban butcher for the eyeopener. I say give it try and then make up your own mind.

Andrea C

I came here today to celebrate part 2 of my birthday and wow! I have never experienced such a hostile environment. The bartender, the gentleman that greets you and this one guy in a suit jacket that refills the cups of water were very awesome and wonderful it was not them, the bartender even gave us a free beer and was so informative about the steak cuts. We were going to be going back there for our weekend meals. It was the cooks who were hostile who just kept staring with disgusted angry looks where you can feel they did not want me and my brother there, I even tried smiling to see if it would make anything better but nothing. The guy who worked the grill was slamming our steaks on the grill with a disturbing look on his face. They just cut our steaks into pieces without even asking and I was willing to let it go and just eat. I took a couple of bites but they were just relentless on staring us down as if we owed them something. I could'nt even enjoy my meal was a delicious steak and it was just a shame that I had to leave. Didn't pay nothing. I was upset and my brother explained to the guy who greeted us and left. We took our business to Texas road house where customer service was non judgemental and happy to have customers of all types. If you are multicultural and/or LGBT, do not go there.

Carl Diaz

The best dry aged steak in Maryland. Incredible brunch. Delicious charcuterie. I don't come here near enough.

Scott Purdy

Hugely expensive, but incredible entree's! The tenderloin is phenomenal

Jared Lang

Decent food but definitely not worth the price ($35-$50 steaks). There are too many excellent steak houses around the city for that price to bother going back. I wouldn’t recommend it. Ray’s the Steaks blows this place away for half the price.

SaraMarie K

I've been going to Urban Butcher for years and this place has really gone downhill! Absolutely Terrible service! Despite getting to the restaurant early (way before the dinner rush) we had to wait foreeeeever for our food. When we finally did get our meals, the busboys constantly hovered over us waiting to grab our plates and were not very graceful about it, sometimes dropping things. They continually interrupted our dinner conversation to swoop in and grab our plates and silverware, and it's obvious they are not well-trained or experienced on how to smoothly come in and clean up the table without being disruptive to the customer. Very annoying! The food was delicious but way over priced for the quality we got. I feel like we could have gotten most of our food at pretty much any other ordinary restaurant....and at a fraction of the price! And don't even get me started on how noisy this place is. definitely do now plan on bringing anyone here that you intend on having a conversation with. (Or really I would just avoid this place altogether)

Thomas Miller

The best steak I ever had. A little on the expensive side, but worth the money.

Adam Allen

Fantastic food, service was 100! Even had a miscommunication about the menu and the bartender came back saying I already fixed it; THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN SILVER SPRING! KUDOS !

Kevin Shaw

Haven't even gotten my meal yet and love this place

Ashley Cormier

The steaks were excellent, the absolute best steak I have ever had. It almost melted in my mouth. Unfortunately, that’s where it stops. The service was mediocre at best. Our appetizer never came. The server mixed up the temperature with my husband’s and my steak. This made my steak medium rare & his medium well. We preordered our dessert (it stated give them 20 min) and our sever forgot. We finished out meal & she asked if we would like dessert. We then reminded her that we ordered earlier. She then stated “oh yeah, it’s done. I just have to go get it”. Forty minutes later, she brought us a burnt chocolate soufflé. She did remove it from our ticket but we wasted so much time in the restaurant for nothing.

Paul Mele

Fantastic meal one of the best steaks I have ever eaten. Service was awesome thanks to jason.


meat with a side of meat. great location. a lot of things i will go back to try.

Andrew Feathers

We love both the happy hour or full menus. Everything is done simply and well. For a splurge get the tenderloin, for a lighter meal the board sandwiches are great.

Geoff Wilson

Cool vibe when the doors are open with outdoor seating, great food, the best downtown silver spring has to offer

Dangered Wolf

Pretty much the most "average" steakhouse I've been to. Definitely not worth the price, but still good, and upscale while still relatively casual.

Winnie Yagan

Open kitchen, bar opens to the street, amazing HH menu and friendly service.

Aaron Hamilton

Great food and service! Steaks are fantastic. Some portions feed 2 patrons.

Jennifer Duarte

This is a hip, trendy restaurant, and as you can probably guess, a place for meat lovers. I want to start out by saying, the food was great. The focus is definitely meat, with really good house cured charcuterie - super yummy - and a great steak. They have some good cocktails as well. The night we went, it was very, very loud, and while the waiter was really nice, he was covering a lot of tables and service was slow. The chairs - while cool and trendy looking - were astonishingly uncomfortable, given the length of time we sat there. If it weren't for the chairs, I probably give the place a 4 star. Hopefully next time!

Tré Stevenson

The place itself is unique and refined, with a younger staff that is both professional and charismatic. I ordered the Steak & Fries, which was a good decision, although I've had better. The Gin & Tonic was excellent, however, despite having to wait 10 minutes for it.

K Kel

Monique was a joy server and the food was most yummy.

Jessica Brown

Monique was awesome! Her customer service was exceptional and she was extremely friendly!! I will definitely be returning! Great job Monique

deirdre garmon

Yum Yum as usual.

Wade Schroeder

Disappointing. Service was slow and inconsiderate. The entire staff seemed disoriented and confused, which left us feeling like an inconvenience rather than customers. They forgot the brussel sprouts. The cheese plate included two small slices of five different cheeses at $5 each and two pieces of bread for a party of 4. $9 for mixed greens tossed with salt and olive oil, no acid. The seasonal salad was listed at $9 on the menu, but our server said the menu was wrong and the cost was actually $14. The ceviche was good and the other items we ordered (burger & fries, truffle Mac&cheese, smoked salmon) we're fine. Once our table was cleared we had to repeatedly ask for more silverware because the server never bothered to assess who had utensils. The server also never checked in on the food, took only the women's drink orders (ignoring the men) and never asked for a second drink order. When we asked a second time for more bread said "I put the order in, but let me check." The right words, but the quote doesn't do the passive agressive behavior justice, which included the server bumping into me twice and my wife noted his arm came way to close to her breast as he reached across her. We were at Urban Butcher for 2.5 hours and the second time we requested the check our server blamed the delay on the system rather than acknowledging it. The new decor (black and red) is awful and the noise level outrageous. What should have been 2-3 hours of relaxing enjoyment and conversation was stressful and we felt imprisoned.

Erika Wirebaugh

Great atmosphere and cocktails! Their take on the Old Fashion was awesome, and my favorite part of the meal. The brisket the day we visited was made in a Cuban style; it was tasty, but it wasn't anything to write home about. Same for my husband's steak: good, but not out of this world. We will for sure visit again and try some other things on the menu.

Zane Corriveau

A standout experience. Loved it! Fresh roast beef and a varied selection delicious beer. My wife had sangria, which she loved, and some sort of salad with avocado and crab (which was also very tasty). Happy hour specials are solid (only goes until 6:30pm if I remember correctly). Can't wait to get back and try a few new dishes.

John McKennon

We were really looking forward to coming here. The night started well with a great charcuterie board and foie gras. We also had the meatballs and while tasty - cold. Then later all entrees came out cold. One friend won't say anything but three of us did. For the price your paying cold meats and sides are not acceptable. Second round - raw patties and overseasond steak I could have purchased at giant. The staff were super friendly but the food disappointing.

Ashley Dudek

The food and atmosphere are absolutely lovely. My boyfriend and I had a great date there and were excited to come back! Unfortunately later that night my boyfriend got absolutely terrible food poisoning. It must have been the burger he got.

SGOR strategies

If you like meat then you will LOVE this local spot. I recommend checking it out.

Samira Naime

The atmosphere is nice. Food is ok. Would not recommend for those of you who like well done meat (as their "well done" will be red). The manager had to explain why it is that way. To be fair, they warn you when you ask for well done that it will look pink. You can also taste the burnt flavor on the outside. Had much better!

DuJuan Daniels

The foie gras and ribeye were delicious and perfectly cooked

Mauricio Ayala

I had a great time here! I had been here before during happy hour with co-workers when the place had just opened and although I enjoyed the food, being surrounded by noise in a packed place just isn't my cup of tea. This time I took my wife and some friends on a sunday evening, the place was not empty but there were plenty of free tables. Our waitress Monique was very attentive and friendly. Our food came out on time and was very good. The atmosphere was great, we all felt relaxed and comfortable sitting on the edge of the restaurant on a breezy summer day. The star of the show for me was the passion fruit creme brulee. My party really enjoyed the food and the service and they wanted to know when we would be back! try to come by when there is no rush. my only complaint would be the loud music coming from all the way across the street but we kinda blocked it after the first ten minutes. Will definitely come again!

L Wallace

I came here for their endless brunch offering and loved (almost) everything. I didn’t care for the french toast. The service was wonderful. I’m surprised to read other reviewers state no one checked on them, we had two people come by to ask how our food/service was. There isn’t any parking, but with the rain i lucked up and found a spot on the street. On a nice day, I dont think I would have been as lucky. This is the ONLY thing that would keep me from returning to try their dinner.

Ricky Mcdowell

I really liked their food. I always get awesome service here. The place is well organised and the workers are always super nice. Would recommend to others.

Clive L

Great burgers, fantastic ham and wine. Great selection of craft beers to choose from as well. Nicely decorated in a semi open interior. The modern looking building is made even better with Urban Butcher on the first floor. Service is great too.

Watson Cloud

Very underwhelming experience. First, for the price of the steak, it's just not up to par. It seems over-seasoned and honestly not any better than a middle of the road steakhouse (though I paid $46 for a steak with no sides). I ate with a friend who had the burger and the burger was ground brisket, which sounds great but doesn't taste all that great- again seemed over seasoned. Man, let the quality meat speak for itself! Other issues- the service was not rude but was not attentive at all. I'm sorry, but when I pay $110 for steak, a burger, a $10 appetizer, ONE side, and one non-alcoholic drink, I expect GREAT service. I expect you to ask how everything was. If you had, I would have given you feedback instead of writing this review. A few people walked by the table but nobody asked how the food was. Waiter came by ONCE during the entire meal. It comes across that you just don't care when you don't bother to ask how a $110 meal was. It's interesting to me that there are no comments from the business on these reviews either- again, comes across like you don't care or aren't listening. At some point, that catches up with you. I hope somebody will even read this. Third point- it was deafening loud inside- and this was a Sunday evening. Like crazy loud. Not enjoyable at all for conversation.

Diana Avellaneda

Please do not go there!!!!!very expensive for the food they serve. You can find better food, in a fancy restaurant for the same price. But no only the food is bad, the service is the worse. The manager Jorge is very rude. They are not children friendly..... DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY....

Julien OUDOT

Great meat and more generally good food. Slow service although really nice. Noisy and really expensive overall

Edward Spriggs

You had me at "meat mountain."

linda fullard

Awesome every time!

Timothy W.

Best steak i've ever had. Girlfriend and I were amazed. Great service. Better food. Changed my perspective on meat forever. All thumbs up.

yohannes beraki

For me it is over rated and over priced restaurant. My experience was not that much great. The atmosphere was great but all the food was very well advertised and commercialized. One can have the same food in any local Latino restaurant. The waiter was nice.

Trisha Pierre-Canel

The GM was disrespectful. My friends and I were conversing and laughing. The GM walked by and shushed us and as we confronted him later he lied. He also asked our waiter Jason if we paid our bill. Jason was awesome, tended to our needs but the GM left a bad taste in my mouth. Food was different.

Mary Jo Snavely

Upscale but casual vibe along what is a otherwise quiet section/side of Georgia Ave. Great fixed price dinner ("early supper"). Lamb ragu and rigatoni was so savory - incredible comfort food. Donuts with Nutella whipped cream to finish is so simple and satisfying!

Brad Jones

Food is good but definitely overpriced. Very good drinks.

pablo buitrago

we had an expectation about this restaurant, the food was ok , price was high for what you got,but never before we have experienced this kind of rudeness from any restaurant manager. "Jorge Cordero" if this is his real name, he was really rude,self-conceitedly,pride and foolish.We couldn't think that he is a real manager. we never will come back to this restaurant and for sure none of our friends.


I'm not sure why this place takes reservations as there were no tables available for us when we arrived post reservation. This is the second time we have not been able to dine at this establishment due to seating availability. I had made a reservation on March 1st, at 7:30pm for a party of 4. We arrived on time, gave our name, and the hostess said it would be a minute. Five minutes later, after 3 parties with reservations were seated in front of us, the hostess then informed me it would be a couple more minutes. About 25 minutes later we were still not seated even though we had reservations with no update from the hostess. We informed the hostess that we would be leaving. She only said okay, and looked shocked anyone would leave as she was more concerned about her outfit and how she looked rather than informing us we would need to wait longer or apologize for the delay. In order to eat here, you need to camp outside in a tent the day before, and permission from a state senator backed by a judge and court order to get a table here.

David Banks

Excellent food and an amazing staff. This was my first visit, but definitely not my last. Thanks!

Deeyvid Juarez

3 people, $200 dollars. I’m not even upset about the price, but that the food was simply no good. “Best tenderloin I’ve ever tried!” said the menu, yet it tasted exactly like something I’ve eaten at The Cheesecake Factory for 1/3 the price. I mean, for that price at least include the sides. The mash potatoes were simple as well, the one at Peri Peri taste better. To be honest the food made me feels horrible afterwards. The server was very friendly, it would have helped if he had explained the menu and price a bit more however. I would say that if you go there try the cheaper plates first, they are probably better.

Adrian M

Food is delectable and on point every time we come here. The selection of all the charcuterie and steaks cut and aged in house make this a must for any true carnivore. Be sure to bring your appetite and good company for a great meal.

kenneth christian

Great food horrible service, waiters walk by the table and did not ask if we wanted a drink. I guess they like 0% tip.

Jennifer Chaves

amazing service! the quality of the food is outstanding

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