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REVIEWS OF The Butcher Shoppe / Big Oak Cafe IN Maryland

Brittany West

I love shopping here and the ready to go food is amazing. I love the soups. I enjoy the hoagie bar as well. Such a unique shopping experience.


Great selection of homemade food. And great meat department where everything is cut and sliced right there.

to cheap subwoofer kid

There getting worse and worse by the month staff are lazy, the big-oak-café is getting way to expensive for portions your getting I haven't ate there since jeez I can buy a buffet for the same price.

betsy shatzer

Top quality meats, homemade food, great service. Their ham salad is the only ham salad I will eat. Their smooth chicken salad is really wonderful too! Who wants all those lumps? Smooth is much better.

Renee Grove

Local shopping at its best. Their homemade take and bake pizzas are the best. They have the best chicken salad and numerous other salads. They may be a tad more expensive then big stores but the quality is much better and fresher than any chain store.

Rick Cover

I only picked up a few things, no meat. Things seemed a little high priced in some areas and competitive in other areas.

Rick Hammond

Nice place, down home and friendly meat prices are spot on

Robert Connors

Top quality custom butchered meats. Excellent cafe for sandwiches and coffee. Not cheap.

Daniel Mcgrogan

Fresh meat selection that is butchered on site. Prices can be a bit higher than chain super stores, but not so much to make it an issue. Great deli salad selections available too.

Robin Norton

There service is always top notch. The food delicious.

Stacy Mellott

Best potato and macaroni salad ever!

Ann Hackenberg

Very good!

James Kitchen

Not from the area but my wife was running a half marathon nearby so I walk down to get something to eat. I ended up getting a hoagie and was very impressed the store was beautiful inside with lots of neat stuff . Wish we had something like this where I live

Debbie Fortney

Love this place! Worth the 30 min drive!!!

Julie Clopper

Fresh food and friendly cashier


The Best place for fresh cakes and pies. The subs are Subprime. My favorite thing there is the Carrot cake. It's so Fresh and scrumptious. Hats off to the Bakers. If your ever in P.A. this place is a must to go to.

Karli Naugle

Excellent quality products, friendly staff. Some items are cheap and some are pricey. Excellent "home made" take away options.

Victor Coon

They always have good deals and fresh meats. The Big Oak Cafe has great food and great service!

Tammy Z

Great selection of baked goods and great meat market!!!

biggjoe mack

The food here is very very good and homemade and lots of choices highly recommended place to go to

Betsy Correa

Love the smell of fresh-baked whatever it is in the morning Butcher Shoppe has it, fresh and fairly priced food every single day. I definitely recommend this place, if you want quality and taste for your money this is where to go

Debra Hoch

Food is expensive but so worth it. I get the fruit pizza and no bake veggie pizza. Plus they have so many baked, sub, salads deli.

james hejnar

Honestly the best thing Chambersburg has to offer

Shannon Shearer

Went to the Butcher Shoppe for the first time today. Was on the hunt for a chain store alternative, as we are new to the area. This is the place! The prices were great and the staff was friendly and helpful. I bought some ham salad and chicken salad, 3 fresh made subs and brownie cheesecake cupcakes. All of the food tasted delicious and the total bill was under $30. Will definitely be back.

Paul Byler

Friendly and helpful staff. A good selection of meats and groceries.

Darlene Flory

They have great produce, meat, cheese, bakery & pre-soups & pot pie

neal king

Great place to eat and shop

Angela Carson

Have shopped here forever. Fresh meats, seafood, produce, & their bakery is the best ever. Friendly staff, helpful, couldn't ask for better, they even carry your groceries to the car! Can't say enough GOOD about them, PLUS their Micro Mart at Coyle Library, can't be beat!!!

Orr Lawerence

We love their fresh meats and sausages.

Randall Sylvester

Great cakes

Mark Spangler

Great hard to find goods. The best carrot cake anywhere

Jane Reaver

Great cafe and store. Meats and produce are always fresh and baked goods are delicious.

Thomas Reardon

Great selection, quality and service. More expensive than most markets, but to a great extent you get what you pay for.


Great selection of local produce and tons of different kinds of soups and more! Prices are very comparable to your chain grocery stores!

Robin Ridenour

We shop here weekly. We don't buy our meat anywhere else because we have not found the quality elsewhere.

Steven Schmidt

Great little cafe. Store has some amazing homemade food.

Renee Rudolph

Wonderful variety of homemade foods, mto subs and pizzas, cakes and cookies, and of course fresh meats. Highly recommend for quality and price.

Suzanne Wesinger

Has homemaded baked products. Sandwiches are made to order.

Mikki Poper

1st time going and I got steaks and omg so fresh. Friendly people

Kiki T

Huge variety of baked goods, delicious lunch meats and cheeses, awesome chicken salad, frozen and fresh seafood too.

Puck Fairyprincess

The best meat in town! Low product selection and the customer service at big oak is lacking. They all seem in a worried rush, yet their service takes forever.

Nancy Burghard

Excellent meat! Prices on the high side

Marylue Durff

Freshly made, freshly baked goods ready to eat plus outstanding meat & produce. Pizza & subs made to order. What's not to love?! Consistently top quality. Special orders, no problem. A go-to place any day of the week!

Jennifer Stopyra

Great always! Got make and take white pizzas with chicken bacon. Wow wonderful pizza. Produce section a delight to see and taste.

debbi laucella

Tohe doors to get in and out of for a handicaped person is very hard. I'm in a wheelchair and was trying to get out of the door and couldn't. And NO one offered to help. Something needs to be done.

Brenda Gould


Richard Wassil

Love the meat and fish section

LeAnna Connor

The food here is AMAZING, but the people who work here not so much. I felt rushed and they were too distracted to pay attention to what I wanted for my order.

Holly & Dustin

It’s unfortunate that a place with good products has to force you to use a bag or make you wait while they put “paid” stickers on everything so you can walk 10 feet out the door.

anya parkolay

It has the best food, to cook with or just eat there.

Lois Murr

Always wonderful. Great meat, produce, and party trays. Always a cut above other places.

Brian Keefer

This place is just amazing

Amy DeRosa

I love this place and visit everytime I am in the area. It's much more than just meat!! I have loved everything that I have had the pleasure of tasting from The Butcher Shoppe especially the soups and that delicious spaghetti salad.

sheri baby

Been passing this place for a few months. The parking was always so busy I thought it was a real nice place. Was disappointing. It was just a regular grocery store. Nothing special. Don't think I will return. Parking was crowded but had plenty. Had public restroom but didn't visit. They had a sub counter and salad and some food items but didn't get anything. All processed foods meats from factory farms. No clean fish from safe waters.

Linda Calhoun

Love this place! Fresh meat, baked goodies and salad makings!

Tammy Chilcote

Great selection but a bit pricey

Gary Lentz

Great place to buy anything! Friendly staff n clean! Great prices and fresh meats!

Teresa Beck

Always have a great selection of meats, vegetables, local Strawberries today....

Kayin Sprecher

I don't feel good being there!

Diana Archuleta

I went here today thinking I would pick up just a few necessities and ended up doing most of my shopping. Just be careful of the bakery, hard to resist.

Beth Andrew

Prices a little bit high. Very clean, friendly service, and reasonable selection.

Shari Xman

Really great meats and baked goods.

Tracy Hershey

Wonderful local food,

Grace Mays

Great place to shop. Even if it is crouded you get in and out fast

Donnaj Bosenbark

A Bridal Shower Cake: Ordered a cake in the colors of Purple & green utilizing some "Beach umbrella/ palm tree & chair" cake decorations (these were ordered on line) with a Lavender colored cake. The Butcher Shoppe was able to duplicate the picture perfectly. It was a hit. Delicious too (I had two pieces). My son enjoyed the idea of proposing on the beach and this was ideal. Being the Mother-in-law to be, this was FABULOUS! Everyone loved it. Initially, I had a great deal of difficulty locating someplace to create this cake. Wish a picture could have been posted on this site. The price was also in my budget - what pleasant surprise. Thanks Butcher Shoppe. 5/17/2014

Tina Flohr

Great spot to meet a friend for coffee or fondue. Lunches and specialty drinks are a hit and the service is friendly and relatively fast. A favorite in our family.

Nancy Shimp

This will be our new favorite place to stop as we travel on 81.

Brittani Parson

Delish! Fresh foods, make and take pizzas ate a favorite.

Mary-Jo Bedsworth

Love this place. Recently moved from Maryland and am so excited that we found some place that has good meat choices. They wrap it as you want it. Delicious baked goods...great deli...highly recommend.


Good place with a large selection and helpful staff

Carol Hess

Lv shopping there. Always buy too much.

mark worden

A great reminder of how a grocery shopping experience should be. Plenty of help throughout the store with very pleasant employees. Big corporations could take lessons from here! Always a pleasant experience and keep up the great work!

R. Reynolds

Its hard to stay on budget because there are so many items and they are so fresh

JC Pitboss

Get the flat iron steaks and the black jewel sausage. The best

Lynnette Guislain

Live the meat here so fresh and sales every week I had not eating hamburger in years and I love theirs. They give you Recipes for the meat that they sell it’s just a great place love it they’re a little pricey but well worth it

Ruth Petre

Always a favorite place to shop!

Jeffrey Besore

Good stuff in the deli.

Vanessa Rodowicz

Great butcher, fresh cut meat. Always very friendly and attentive.

Wanda Frain

Always fresh, great selection of meats, produce, baked goods, and to go selections

Dr. Eeky is in

The Butcher Shoppe in Chambersburg is a must stop if you're in the area and you love baked goods. They have the best chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing! They have cakes, cupcakes, cookies and breads. They make their own desserts, soups, salads, meals, (lasagna, meatloaf, pot pie- both kinds, in the crust and slippery), appetizers, ect. You'll find things there that you won't find in every store, like scrapple, puddin', lamb, veal, bison. They have a sandwich and cheese deli, a deli counter with all the meat salads, (egg, chicken, beef, ham), potato salad, macaroni salad, ect. There's a meat counter with all the cuts you can imagine, and those guys are really nice and knowledgeable! There's a chicken and seafood deli and they also make pizzas, (they're ok), subs, and salads to order. If you've ever went to school in this area, you might run into some of your old teachers! For most parts, everyone there is super friendly and helpful, (they do employ high school know how they can occasionally be

Laura the Navigator

The Butcher Shoppe is another family owned business that provides the greatest quality food with excellent customer service.

Crystal Rusinko

Awesome selection of meat!

Sporadic Hobbyist

Besides my review on Hoffmans, this butcher shop is my favorite, they have everything from home made bread to aligator meat and frog legs. You can find stuff like this anywhere else

Mary Geedy

Good meats and so much more. It is worth the visit.

Donna Nolan

Love this place. Best ham salad ever!! Everything else is really good too. I stop every time I am in the area.

Glennda Lowson

Excellent service, seafood, quality!

Scott Peters

Good variety of food

Paul Smith

What a great store. I could live here with its extensive range of meats, cheese and salads.

Ruth Davenport

Best place for fresh meats and groceries

Denise Kazinski

Fresh meat counter guys are rude. I get meat from there often..... Not once have they been nice. They all seem completely annoyed by customers. They need customer service training

Renee Kennedy

I get great cuts of meat and the butchers know about the meats! The big oak is a very homey comfy cafe. I enjoy my time there.

Jane Bryan

Wonderful shopping experience. Lots of gourmet items and great sandwiches made to order as well

Dave Shultz

Everything. Is. Delicious.

Kenneth Arthur

Really great place prices are reasonable staff is very friendly and they have a really good variety of items you won't find anywhere else

Justin Zullinger

The best selection of meats & fantastic customer service

Mike Black

All the people were very warm and friendly and very helpful the food was fantastic I definitely going back again

Lynn Adams

This place has everything and very friendly employees. My daughter just moved to the area and I'm glad she found this place!!

Kelly Miller

The rudest employee I have ever met. I asked a question about the price of a product. She said they priced it too cheap and tried to grab it from my hands. She then said she had to change it to the correct price. That would be fine if she was polite, however, She was demeaning and rude like I made the mistake. Then to make it worse, She was pointing me out to fellow co-workers and talking about me like I was a thief.

kathy Livengood

Beautiful fresh meats, seafood, baked goods. Hoagies aka subs and pizzas made right there as you wait. Cookies of all kinds delish!

Ben Zirpoli

Amazing food and friendly staff.

Hollie Shultz

Stuff is always fresh. Love the smooth chicken salad, small things of grapes, and 7 layer dip

Chris Brooks

The food is always great. There is something for everyone and you can't fo wrong with their bakery products.

Brent Stains

Great place to get some work done and enjoy coffee and breakfast!

dartfrog Luva

Ok workers littel pricey but the foods really good

Kim Cross

Great sandwiches and salads don't miss out.

Steven Vega

Let me tell you about The Butcher Shoppe...I absolutely love shopping there!! There's nothing I don't like about it. From the freshness of the meat, to the variety of the meat and fruit and veggies... From the loaves of sourdough bread, to the sweet cheddar beef sticks... From the daily and weekly sales, to the kindness and friendliness of the staff... From the great prices, to the amazing scents that hit you the moment you walk through the door. Oh yeah... And I'm not even talking about The Big Oak... The incredible restaurant that's right next door. Oh my goodness... If there's a perfect place to shop, The Butcher Shoppe comes really close!!

Rod Hackenburg

Best food in the area! Only downfall is prices are a little high and their hours. I dislike that they close so early, with a lot of people working later in the evenings its hard to get there before they close. Overall great food !

julie korchowsky

I love their sandwiches!

Tyler Moxley

Great service, got a few good cooking tips from the meat department

Thomas Lyon

Big Oak Cafe review: Staff was very friendly and helpful. I had the Ranchero breakfast sandwich and it was fantastic. Great relaxed environment.

Dianne Jewell

Lots of choices. From build your own salads to a fresh soup counter. Awesome shop

Josh Sheely

Expensive, but the quality is worth it. I don't do my full grocery shopping here, but return weekly for things like salad dressing, cheese dip, macaroni salad, and of course, meat. The coffee shop is great, too, following the same trend of excellent but pricey, with bonuses of a comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff.

Dorene Bowser

I will tell you that there is a young man that is RUDE AS HELL. I asked for two ten bags of their ground turkey that was on sale ,and he got an attitude real quick and told me that the next time I want that much I should call first. Then he took 28 minutes to get the turkey and bring it to us. I think he must have taken a smoke break while we waited. I was watching my watch to see how long I was waiting. Never again !!!!!!!!!!!!


One of my favorite places. Great ham salad, great bakery, and a great family atmosphere. They even have Abendigo(sp) Coffee :-)

Adam Brilhante

Friendly, expensive, but typically has fresh local meat

Rynn D

Nice meat selection and homemade soups. Expensive but that's what you get with a specialty store. You couldn't get away with doing all of your shopping here but its nice for meats.

Bryan McCleary

Take your time...your gonna want to check it all out. Fresh and outstanding varieties of everything...

Kia Fumagalli

Hands down the best place in town for meats, ham salad, and chicken salad!

Michael Peterson

Big Oak Cafe is the perfect place for a business lunch. Great sandwiches and salads and a great atmosphere for conversation.

Britta Voss

I absolutely LOVE this market & the cafe. I am in Alabama and, if I am lucky, get to Chambersburg once a year :( However, I crave Butcher Shoppe whoopie pies & sweet bologna snack sticks year round! They are AMAZING!!! Those two things are my favorites but there is nothing I haven't enjoyed from this lovely place. Deli offerings are always fresh and yummy - not the "next best thing to homemade" because it all IS homemade. So very good. There's a spicy shrimp noodle salad that I wish I had for lunch today (and will now be thinking about all week - ugh!) Dead serious - I'm ordering 50 whoopie pies and 10 lbs of bologna sticks to ride back to AL and into my freezer next month because I can't make the trip this year. Maybe that will satiate me for a little while, or at least a couple of weeks, lol. So, Shoenhofen's, if you ever want to open a location in the South, North Alabama would be an incredible spot and I can personally guarantee a minimum of two very loyal customers :P

Ashley Myers

I was so excited to book our wedding cake and cupcakes from the Butcher Shoppe. My husband and I have never had a bad experience with any baked goods. We tried the samples for the wedding cake and they were all so delicious! We chose to do cupcakes instead of a large tiered cake so that it would be a moist cake instead of a more compact dry cake. The cake and cupcakes looked good when we picked them up, but were extremely dry and even a little brown on the outsides.We were very disappointed with the outcome for our wedding day.

Sandra Richey

Their meat is always good quality and fresh. I prefer buying mine here instead of supermarkets

Debbie Arthur

Best home town butcher shop in the area. Best ham spread, chicken salad, cheese spreads, soups, and the list goes on. Fresh meats abound. Why buy meat at a chain store when you don't know how long is been laying there when you can go to the Butcher Shoppe and know you're getting it fresh.

Bradley Baumgardner

Great place for fresh produce and lunch meat and baked goods

killz forless

Great market for food,deli, meat selection, and friendly staff, the best around for hoagies and fresh baked products

Elizabeth Sprecher

Friendly staff and great food...lil expensive

Amelia Bundy-Wilson

They have the best salads, sandwiches and baked goods. If you want super fresh and tasty cakes or pies go on Mondays! They are closed on Sunday so Monday is the day that just about everything is super fresh, though really any day is a good day for a cupcake from the Butcher's Shop.

angie palme

We drive 15 miles to visit. Usually have lunch at the cafe before shopping. The chicken and broccoli salads are worth the trip. They have fresh made salads,subs, pizza, baked goods , and tons of ready made meals.

Nina Overcash

Love the Butcher Shoppe so many great tasting foods.

C. H.

Fresh salads, a variety of soups, baked goods, pastries...they have it. Great for business travelers who don't have a kitchen to prepare meals. This place offers home cooked meals at a great price. Travelers passing by Chambersburg who need prepackaged food should drop by here...especially those on a camping trip. Love this shop!

Craig Spielman

Bought sticky buns and whoopie pies everything is always fresh and a fresh big chocolate chip muffin for breakfast tomorrow looking forward to it

Bob Woody

As always, they have almost anything that you are looking for. The food is always fresh and I would highly recommend this shoppe.

Donna Asper

Best everything

Judy Gee

Always good food. Ice tea is delicious!

Rosemary Moore

Clean store, attractive layout. Great quality meats, produce, and cheeses. Sorry there was no lamb available today.

Drawn To The Light

Great fresh made subs

Deborah Hafer

Employees r terrific as always. Roast chickens r burnt but still good. Could b a little less brown. Thank u.

Jon Moody

Excellent service, reasonable prices. One of the best lunch destinations in town.

James Fann

Always liked this place. Great selection and good meats.

Kristine PFS

Love, love, love the Butcher Shoppe!! Excellent meats, nice baked goods, and an excellent variety of deli items.

Timothy Good

Delicious baked things, good soups n fresh meats!

Shawnna Burt

Some premade foods taste stale.

Tammy George

Very pleased with the butcher shoppe and big oak cafe

Tanya Rosenberry

Love this place especially the baked goods

Dana Mummert

This place was very nice. Friendly welcoming staff.

susan b

Love this store! Always friendly and helpful! Meats are awesome. We drive two hours to come here!

Evie Amodeo

Awesome store!

Emily Gibson

I purchased cupcakes and a smash cake for my daughters birthday. I was told ordering through email was the best option so that’s what I did. I had to change my order for the cupcakes but had done so in plenty of time. They didn’t update the order the way I asked. The most concerning part of the experience was the smash cake I had got for my daughter. I had let my daughter try their cupcakes before in little bits to get her ready for the party and she was fine. But when she tried her cake, not even 1 minute later she was throwing up and broke out all over her face, leading us straight to urgent care. I called to speak to a manager because it was apparent that the icing was not what I ordered. Without even any empathy, she stated to me that “that’s just how you find out your kids have allergies” and that I was just looking for someone to blame. That being said I will not be giving them my business ever again. Horrible customer service.

Craig Duke

Great quality but little pricey

Nick Gallo

A little expensive, but excellent selection. Great meat section. Super clean

Tina Williams

Fast friendly service in both the grocery side and the cafe side. Staff is personable and professional!


Everything in this lol ole Butcher Shop excellent

Tracey King

A little pricy but everything is very fresh and delicious. Homemade pizza, subs, sandwiches, pies, cookies, sides and soups. Meat counter is always busy but well worth the wait for any kind of steaks, burger etc. that you would want for your dinner. Always a 5 star from me and my family.

Matt Stevenson

Love this place. They always have the best meats and cheeses.

Tyler Tubbs

this is a really good spot to get brunch if youre in the area. they have really good sandwiches and soups available

Sharon Duckett

Great selection and good prices in The Butcher Shoppe. They have lots of great specials where you can really stock up which I do. Very nice Bakery, Deli, Sub Shop, salads, Seafood, chicken and a whole lot more everything is always fresh I love shopping here

Jodi Kelly

The Butcher Shoppe has amazing customer service and delicious food. This is the only place I buy ham and chicken salad. They have a great selection of meats and cheeses. For a quick meal, their subs are priced right and are delicious. The pizza, we have had once and it was not to our liking, but have seen many people purchase.

Amby Mawson

The best place to shop for high quality food at a decent price. They also have little "food court" were you can get anything from an amazing sub sandwich to a delectable salad with your choice of any kind of veggies. So if your in need of grocery shopping and you wanna grab lunch this is your one stop shop with a huge variety. A++++

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