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803 Goucher Blvd, Towson, MD 21286, United States

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REVIEWS OF Sprouts Farmers Market IN Maryland

Dream Spinn

mona s

Lovely market for just about everything you need. It's worth the drive.

Tanesha Greene

I have been shopping at sprouts for several years now, but when I relocated to Essex Maryland from California, I no longer had the option. I was so excited to learn Towson was opening a sprouts, I couldn't wait. I really like the look of the store, however the quality of the produce is a big bummer! I have purchased several greens, as well as fruit and it wasn't nearly as fresh as the quality I am accustomed to. Not only was the quality poor, but also rotten. I have trashed cabbage, Brussel sprouts, peaches, strawberries, and sweet potatoes. The part that really got me was finding worms in the broccoli and bell pepper. I think i will stick to some of the dry foods, meat, and sweets moving forward.


khadijah livers

I’ve given this place multiple chances, they have a great selection but there produce is always moldy ! Bought these oyster mushrooms, got them home to discover there covered in mold

Marilyn Brooks

Holly Gaskins

Great for health eating

Marc Lund

Better than Mom's

Hannahbelle H

laura Carey-Blackman

Great healthy options. Needs seeded fruits like grapes and watermelons. Very friendly and helpful service.

Maryann Kunkel

I can’t hardly wait until you open in Bel Air, Maryland. Yeah!

Debbie Wheeler

They had a nice selection of food products.

M Guitteye

Great customer service , they really are all friendly, and have more selection

Rusty Contreras

Two errors in pricing 6 products we bought

kimmie Lovezhair

The deli department is awesome and the guy Ian that helped us was great!

Alyne Schwarts

Awesome new grocery store in Towson! They have a lot of organic products however amazing varieties of inorganic as well for better prices then competing local grocery stores. It also has more rare fruits and vegetables that you will not find else where. I really like having the option to “buy things in bulk” because for things like nuts and spices you don’t have to buy products in traditional packaging which can sometimes be large for something you might not use often. Instead you can get it for as little or as much as you’d like which can definitely help save money. I’m a college student and totally recommend everyone check this place out!

Maronda Cole

When to Towson location and purchase my normal grocery and two vegan muffins when I got home and taste the muffin I realize that it wasn't vegan at all. I called the store to let "Nicole" the young lady that runs the bakery dept know that their muffins are not in the right location she was so nonchalant and unapologetic. We are vegans for a reason and I hope that they handle people with allergies to food much better!!!! This is definitely a issue of poor communicate this was isolated incident, I like Sprouts! Do better ,great customer service skills is everything!!!!!!

Rachael Britto

Clean store. Great selection. Deli is amazing! The employees here are very nice.

Hadi Beno

Friendly staff, they would make sure you find what you’re looking for! 5/5

Chris Miller

Hands down my new favorite store. Amazing staff great selections. Clean not too crowded, this place is the best! Love you Sprout's thanks for opening next to my house!

Miriam D.

Alexis Dix

The staff was extremely helpful.

Alyssa Woods

Natalie Graham

So last week I was shopping at the Home Goods Store in Towson and saw an unfamiliar Store named Sprouts Farmers Market. I’ve been in the area a year so I’ll call it the best hidden secret ever! I’m a pescatarian so I’m always looking for the freshest seafood and they have it! They even have my favorite water Alkaline 88! Today was my second visit and I left my seafood at the checkout register, so I called and spoke with the Manager Josh who was kind enough to bring it to me at home on his way home. I so appreciate your over the top customer service and yes I will definitely be doing my shopping at your store.

Buddy Jaxx

This place was really nice the first couple of weeks. The produce seemed fresh and they had a great selection of everything else. Lately anytime I buy produce it's completely moldy. the produce manager suggested they may be getting bad produce from their supplier a few weeks ago when I returned some berries. It doesn't seem like they have fixed the problem though so I no longer shop there.

Emily Unicorn

Love Sprouts! My new go-to grocery store.

Regina Cee

I love the sprouts farmers market in Towson Md they have some pretty good selection of fruits and veggies, they also have vegan, non gmo, organic and gluten free products, the staff is very friendly and professional they have a place to eat and a tv that only shows there recipes but very good ones. U can also charge your phone which I was grateful they have and able to use my phone was dying and I need my phone to see the public transportation so I get home safely. Thank you Sprouts.



Bertha Sturdivant

Wonderful shopping atmosphere and the people very pleasant and professional.

Tia Turner

Joshua Annan

Dawud M

Sprouts is a really great store. I enjoy shopping there and they have such a nice variety to choose from. Starting from produce..sushi..bakery.. .. juicing station..seafood ..meat...diary...herb... vitamins and snacks. Great customer service and a comfortable place to shop.

Shalise Alston

Sprouts Market is a really good Market I will start back shopping there just soon as you all get rid of the lady in the bakery department manager Nocloe. She is so nasty and unpleasant just down right discussding don't know why you have her on your team but you will see in do time. Craig is his name don't know if he still works for you but he is a grown man that act like a kid with no guidance get a whole new team start over in I will be your biggest customer.

Carmen Williams

My mother, who is a senior, went to this store location to buy deli meat. There were 2 men there, one in his 20s and one a little younger. The man in his 20s was sweeping when my mother asked to buy meat. This man proceeds to start getting her meat without changing his gloves. My mom asked that he change them for her safety to which he replies, "there are germs everywhere". Then acts like a clown in front of his coworker to embarrass her. The manager stood there and did absolutely nothing to stop it. How dare this store treat its customers that way. Not only uncaring about the health of its customers, but rude as well.

Joseph Catanzaro

Very nice new clean swell store to shop in" help?" some are very bright some a? in all the whole grade B+ Kindness go a long way. And I m sure they will your Training things will A+ We will return, *** love the store

jacqueline bennett


Adam Mueller

Karen N

My favorite grocery store. Love the produce and the deals.

Significant Bro

Nurah Smith

Kimberlee Ingram-Shaheed

This market is a good option other than Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Customer Service is very good and everyone seems to be pleasant and helpful.

ghazal ahm

Colleen Dunnigan

I went to the deli for lunch today. I am sooooo tired of the food around the area. There's no real delis close to Sprouts and my office is right around the corner. Anyway, I got a turkey, pesto ciabatta sandwich and it is fantastic. And they are only $5.99 which is a steal. Super fresh, delicious and very nice staff. The store itself is super clean and really organized. I have only been there 1 time before but I look forward to grocery shopping there this week

Nessa Kessinger

I used to go to a sprouts all the time when I lived in Austin and I’m glad to have access to all their bulk items again! They also have a great selection of gluten free items too

Peter Pohl

Love this place. Great prices on the right items.

Matthew Duda

Marie McKay


Jeff Hyde

Joyce L. Redger

Teknika Manning

Jay Leslie

Great experience! staff was very helpful and friendly. The food selection was excellent and I love that every staff member checked to see if we needed any assistance.

Deb Y

I learned never to go to a store that smells like fish. So I come here! The seafood/meat departments are clean and well organized. FRESH seafood, priced well below major chains in most cases. I got Sea Scallops for more than half price of the other stores and they were extremely fresh. Like, out of the sea fresh - then frozen. Marinated sirloin tips were awesome. A non-cook like me grilled them perfectly. Staff I encountered (seafood and meat) were friendly, personable and knew their stuff. Great experience. Oh, by the way, Fruits and Veggies are always perfectly laid out and fresh.

Susan Stevens

I Rather Shop here than any where else, I love this place, Food is always Fresh and the Bakery is beyond everything is great at this location,

Masoud Athari

Place is nice and clean ,also since it just opened people are excited to try it out . I purchase the berries 4 container of them since i was in rush couldnt check them carefully. I come home realize all are molded from bottom. Waste of $16

Theresa Washington

Finally Everythings Super Fresh And Dosen't Cost Me My Rent CarNote And More Get For Food And Fresh Healthy Food... Costumer Service Is Just Wonderful As Well


It's overpriced compared to Mom's Organic or even Wegmans. While some of the employees have been quite friendly I've also had some here be the rudest that anyone has ever been to me checking out or even refusing to move or do more then glare at me when I said I wanted something behind them in a fridge. One actually nastily said 'have a healthy day' (which no one has ever said to me before there, nicely or not) while I was picking up some chips and bacon. So I'll let you draw your own conclusions on whether that was all in my head or someone making a crack. But, when someone turns up there nose at seeing me coming towards their checkout and puts up the closed sign right as I'm going over, that one's a bit more clear cut in my book. And the guy who refused to move or even say a single word in response to me. And, seriously, they are sometimes a whole dollar more expensive then similar stores. So, that would get the 2 star if nothing else.

Brianna Hicks

I am so glad that Sprouts has opened up here in Towson! It is close by and has many of the products that I like. The atmosphere in the store is very friendly. I always feel welcome when I come in and the employees really show that they care about their work and the customers. Because of an allergy I have, I would have to run to multiple stores in varying locations just to buy certain food items, but now they are all in one place! Thanks for joining my community!!!

Nancy Harting

Great place for healthier food choices.

Demetrios Kakavas

I like the healthy variety I have found at spouts however for several months now (Towson location) , I am pulling multiple stickers off my organic fruit. This leave a sticky film residue that I must cut off from my produce (it will not wash off with soap or hot water). My question: Why must Sprouts use so many stickers on produce? Example: (looking at it right now) Apple skew sticker has the code 94133 and it's says ORGANIC right on it. Do we really need another sticker saying only the word "organic"? I think not especially if you have to cut that part of the produce off and throw it away...

Jake Gusiew

Great selection of fruits and vegetables. Deli is good as well.

milky owo

Louise Faire

Great place for you especially if you are on a special diet. Lots of helpful people to help you.



Very nice and clean store, the freshest I've seen. Staff is also friendly. I love the pesto chicken and pasta freshly prepared meal.

Dulee Kim

David Haifley

This store is amazing! They have the best selection of fresh and organic produce of any store in the area. They have tons of vegetarian and vegan options. They have a huge selection of organic and non-GMO foods. They also have a wonderful health section with lots of vitamins, herbal supplements, essential oils and other things. Their selection was better than many specialty stores. The store was very clean and well organized. There was plenty of parking in front of the store. Every person I talked with on the staff was very nice and helpful. I will definitely be shopping at this store regularly.

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