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1002 Joppa Farm Rd, Joppa, MD 21085, United States Located in: Joppatowne Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Redner's Warehouse Markets IN Maryland

Emmanuel Innocent Kabutey

A good place

Jake Adler

Clean and very helpful staff.

Lois Pelletier

Nice store

Karen Headley

John the store manager is very friendly and helpful. The bakery makes really good Donuts but you need to get them early in the day. I think they are $0.59 each compared to $1.25 each the Amish Bakery, but both beat DD.

Arn Tinsley

Great old fashioned Family style grocery store with awesome

John riley

Love the store love the people love the products have a wonderful day

Janice Brinkley

Redner''s warehouse always clean and well stocked.Cashier's and managers are always friendly and helpful.

William Downs

I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Aldi's the quality at Redner's is better than Audi's they don't have a deli or Bakery photos of pair of items seems like sadness is more expensive but they do have great quality

Bob Kollar

Good eat in food selection

Elizabeth Hamilton

Great servic3 found all I needed

Suzanne Precious

They have just about anything you could need or want

Carol Riggleman

Always friendly staff

Andrew Delaney

Nice place to shop

Larry Mason

Seems to be ok for anyone to use the express lane no matter how many items that they have

Josh DeBoard

Great selection and excellent employees

Vivian Hammond

Clean nice place to shop

Ronald Mitchell

Peaceful pleasant willing to help no matter what it is

Deany Elliott

Very nice and very well put together. My frist time there. Enjoyed my visit.

josiah stewart

They have their five packs of meat for $20 I like it friendly service

A. Marie

Open late and a full service supermarket. Prices are very good and workers will get you information on what you need.

Danielle McKnight

Great prices and great customer service.

Herman Moore

Nice place to grocery shop

Juan Guzman

Redner's had what I could Not find in WalMart & Costco. Friendly & Helpful people work there.

Seaver Shunk

Convenient if you live nearby. If not, the prices will be more than what you would expect.

V Myers

Good place, awesome it's open 24 hours. Unfortunately meat department frequently smells like chemicals which leads me to not want to buy meat here. Also one employee John is really creepy, pries for personal information, offers to take me to my car when I'm with guy friends or my boyfriend and tries to ask me my name and where I work and other intrusive personal questions while ignoring my paying male friend's questions etc. I now go out of my way to not go here alone now which is a shame. Update from 3 stars to 5. Haven't seen creepy employee John lately now feel pretty comfortable going here on my own most of the time.

Jeffrey Stoddard

Nice to have a 24 hour supermarket with such a wide selection available in the area. Pricing can be an issue with smaller chains, but Redner's always has great specials as well as good availability of local fresh produce and a wonderful deli department. Employees are always friendly and helpful.

Anthony Perry

24 hours a day good prices great selection of food household tools anything you really need for a home

k middleton

Nice folks work there....

Kristina Clark

I've been coming here for years. The prices are great and people are always friendly.

Matthew Malick

Went for a cheesecake platter... they had them... mission accomplished!

Wayne Shu

Love their premade foods. I'm always able to find what I need. The gas points are also fantastic.

Mama Moon

One of the best food stores out there! Great selections, open all night and good sales along the way too.

Martha Hanson

Good food...great prices

Rodell Dorsrey

It is a very good market, open 24,7.

Allison Faunce

Has it pros and cons. Some ppl are friendly some not so much. They don't treat there employees the best

Lisa M. Jackson

Good selection. Open 24 hours

Rod Rodriguez

The staff is very friendly and super helpful, the prices may vary depends on what you buy like everywhere else. But they have my vote.

Jamie Riley

Nice and clean

Gregory Joyner

Good customer service.

Robin Murray

I love shopping at Redner's costermer service is excellent!

Deborah Bailey

Very clean. Pharmacy and store staff are very friendly and helpful

Tony Blevins

Cashier was rude, prices are outrageous.

Steve Hathaway

On the way home.Prices are higher than I would like

C A Blair

K9 moo IPO m8

David Kohen

Great Neighborhood Store...

Verna Michael

Very friendly ,great prices And CLEAN !!

fanum jr

Nice clean market. ok sales on some items.

Antonio Rivera

Alot of good sales

michael serio

Good place to shop

Devin O'Brien

Great grocery store. Fried chicken is the best.

Allison Benesch

Clean. Large. Well lot. Prices higher than Target for the same product. Not too crowded. Mostly decent selection.

paulina bryant

This market is convenient for me because I reside within 2 miles. The prices are competitive. Great sales at times. The market is clean. Check all packaged meat. I purchased ground beef on more than 2 occasions and returned home to cook it, to find it was brown when I pulled it apart. According to Google it is not yet bad if it looks like that. I personally don't like it like that. Other than that it's a great market. I shop here to grab food I run out of during the month. I fill my fridge at Bj's first :)

Emil illian

I love this store. When you compare the price you pay to the Quality you get, this store really stands out. Always clean and organized , they usually have exactly what I'm looking for, and I often find a deal I can't pass up.

Haiyan Hutchison


Mary Coghill

Extremely clean and organized. The store manager John goes over and beyond to make sure his customers are happy and attended to properly. He totally respects all of his employees. I have never heard him speak to his employees in a mean tone, whether it be correcting them or just having a conversation with them. He is very well respected!! The majority of the employees are young people. They are the nicest most respectful group of young people that I have encountered in a long time. Every one of them will go out of their way to help you get what you need, their respect for the customer goes over and beyond!! In this world today it is very hard to fine young people like that. It is an enjoyable place to shop.

Ryan Webster

Good deals

Suzanne P

Good store. Lots of choices, very large produce dept.

G Figueroa

Fresh vegetables and fruits. Good prices.

Mary Z.

Only place I shop n clean

Airhead Xargon

Used to be cheap when they first moved here but lately they have been outrageous. They used to have good sales but it seems their prices get higher and higher each year. A lot of their frozen food has freezer burn, especially items in the freezers that are in the center of the isle way and most of the "pick 5" items. I'm going to start taking the extra time to drive to giant or walmart from now on. The people who work here are extremely rude so its more pleasant to go elsewhere anyway.

Shirley Kissinger

I love Redner's. I always find what I need. Very well organized.

julianna shallenberger

Cashier were friendly even though its early

Erin Smith

They carry the pool shock my company uses for us almost all helpful and as accommodating as possible...thanks team

O'ScuDiva Davis

Well stocked and very clean.

EM Flynn

Good service however one person in charge was snapping at the other employees at the deli counter.

Jen McNamara

I shop here pretty much every day. Prices are pretty good and you can always find deals on different things. And they have really good chicken in the deli!

Paulina Pope

I shop here frequently, the store is always clean, prices are reasonable, I don't know how but a dozen of eggs are priced as low as .50 and as high as .89, today 7/25/17 I paid .78, I get eggs no where else

Richard Langford

Usually great prices, clean, not slow.


I usually go there for the steaks (five for 20). They're not super great tbones or anything but great price for backyard low key grilling. Noticed they also started to carry hot peppers in their produce section that you don't normally see a lot of places ( naga peppers) so I thought that was interesting.

steven 21014

They got high prices

Angela Marion

Great layout, helpful and friendly staff, and good prices, especially gas rewards

john brooks

Staff is always friendly and good experience to shop

Stanley Sines

Go shop there and find out for yourself

Ben Provencio

Great local supermarket I love it plus the gas discount is a plus.They always have what I'm looking for...

Mathew Dickson

great store

DoorToDoorGeek Podnutz

Great prices, helpful service

Edward Parks

Large grocery store with everything you need for the most part. Open late into the night so it's convenient. I don't shop here on the regular though so don't know a ton about it.

Nicky Sichette

Great selection at good prices

Barry Russo

Best grocery store around.

Robin Curran

Great Fried chicken at a great price. Their prices on groceries are ok. The deli prices are pretty good. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Sweetdelights Miller

Nice Clean Well Stock Store


Above average Indy grocery. Clean and friendly- but high prices.

Jonelle Bell

Nice employee owned grocery store. The deli is great! I love the fried chicken, Maryland shrimp mac salad and subs! They carry items that you don't see in a lot of stores.

Carol Schaum

I love Redners, it's the local market. It's easy to find what I need the staff is fantastic prices are pretty great they always seem to have something I need on sale. So convenient, gas rewards, prices that are good yeah I'm happy that it's a around the corner local market

Night Raid

Too many simps. And John Clark a op on the deadlocs

Dave High

Huge grocery store. Very clean. They've got it all. $$$XX

Lori Carter

Excellent store. Clean and well stocked with exceptional fresh produce.

Michael Velenovsky

Great variety of groceries at competitive prices

Billy Bob

Words can't express how I feel about this place

Kayla Weber

Great spot to shop. My family works there.

Beth Friedel

Still don't have the individual pizza shells.

Beverly Washere

A lil pricey. Only place I can find Snyders of Berlin cheese curls. Never bought meats, lunch meat so I dont know about that.

Chris James

Friendly associates slightly higher prices, some good in house deals


A great place we visit often. The store is very clean and a wide selection. Good sales and helpful employees!

KeishaMonay88 1

My husband and I used to come here regularly at night because that's when we like to shop. It's less people. Well now it seems like EVERY time we go in there, the black manager calls, "Thomas" to his office. And then they try to follow us around discreetly, but we actually see them. We have NEVER stolen a thing a day in our lives and to be treated like this is outrageous. Like it literally happens after being in the store for 3-5 minutes every time. We spend a decent amount of money every time we come in there to shop. Maybe it's just something with the new night shift and that particular manager because I never had this issue when it was just Mr.John because he was actually on the floor stocking with his team and not sitting in the office. Stop worrying about us and focus on the ones who are really stealing from you. Idiot.

Sharon Biggs

Best fried chicken ever! Nice clean store employee owned and operated!

chris jagelski

I love their fried chicken in the deli. They seem to take care of their customers as quick as they can and are friendly. They have a rewards card for gas too

Yvette Stallworth

A good place to shop

Sky pies baby alive's

They have great sales

Katlyn Kline

This place like any grocery store has extremely high prices but is relatively clean (except the pharmacy looks and feels like a dungeon in my opinion). I usually come here in the morning on my way to work to get supplies for our break room like coffee cups and utensils. It is extremely convenient that they are open 24 hours which is why the have three stars and not two. The cashiers have always been nice to me. One complaint I have if their constant advertising that it's employee owned yet the pay and benefits are not good. Obviously employee owned does not mean every employee owned an equal share or else they'd be able to vote for better compensation.

Rich Bennett

The staff is always friendly and the prices and savings at the gas pump are great. I will always shop here

Cheryl Barton

Hands down, the best cake ever!!

Charles Scarlatta IV

A very nice grocery store where almost anything you need.

Deborah Wright

Redner's grocery store was and is always a good place to get quality and price that is what matters.

Zachary Crouch

I’m new to the area, and have shopped at just about every grocery store in Joppa and Edgewood in the last two months. This Redners is a mess. Half of the produce is constantly rotten, or they don’t stock it. If you’re looking for anything specific, good luck. They have vegetable oil in like 3 aisles, there’s no apparent organization efforts here and the foods constantly out of date. I bought a pack of chicken last week, took it home to immediately cook it for the week and it was full of blood and liquid so badly that it spilled the second I cut it open. The chicken smelled a little off but not enough that I gave up on it. I ended up eating one breast and it tasted so rancid I threw it and the rest of the pack out. During that same trip i stood at the self checkout which gave us errors after everything we scanned and had to stand there for 5 minutes wondering why the code wouldn’t clear, while two young female workers stood at the self checkout employee computer chatting ignoring everything going on around them...didn’t even bother apologizing for the inconvenience as we stood there waiting for their conversation to end so we could get some help. The location of this store and hours are extremely convenient but the selection is poor, the produce is either bad or out of stock, and the prices are considerably higher than local competitors like food lion or aldi, where I’ve had way better experiences. I’d love to change my review but this store has so many negatives it’s not even worth returning to. If you shop here you’re getting subpar service and groceries for outrageous prices. Not worth it at all, drive the extra 5-10 minutes to Aldi or food lion.

White Rabbit Entertainment

Low cost

Sherri Migyanko-Jones

They had everything I needed and the store was so clean and organized this trip.

Michael Schaefer

Solid grocery store. No bells and whistles, just a decent spot to grab some groceries.

Vicki Denton

Great fried chicken

Duane Lederer

Good fried chicken for the best price anywhere.

J Farley Sr

Jenn keeps that store going. Best customer service and friendly, warm attitude in all of local grocery stores.

Juan Lyles

If you want some good fried chicken go here.

Ronald McDaniel

Great Market

Rebecca Meekins

I absolutely hate going here and will only go if I need one or two items. I was regularly buying a certain item for 6 months and then they stopped carrying it. That has since happened to at least 5 other items. The produce is subpar at best. I've gotten items that were bad, at least a dozen times in the last few years and have had to throw it out. Why should I have to go out of my way to bring it back? Again. The employees are rude and lack personalities. If you don't like your job, at least don't let the customers know it as well. I drthe ink a certain brand of creamer and at least every third visit, it was out of stock. I've never ever seen the manager smile, or most of the staff for that matter. The ONLY positive thing I can say is the prices are reasonable. Unless you have to use gas and time and return something or the watermelon you buy and open is not ripe and has no flavor. Again I really, really dislike this store and I go out of my way to Mars.

Randy Fertig

Convient and competitive

Dawn Ireland

Good local grocery store. Have to watch prices just as you do everywhere. Best thing about it is that with every purchase you earn money off either towards a future purchase or a future purchase of gas. You can save it up and get a lot off at once. I've gotten as much as $0.60 per gallon off my gas purchase.

Tia Robertson

One of the cleaner more organized Redners I have been to

Kristen Doty

Nice employees, very helpful, LOVE THAT I CAN GO 24/7

Frederick Forsyth

3rd time there . Clean store .staff seems helpful. Selection is Awesome. Products seem to be fresh for a grocery store

Everette Jackson

Nice market

Christina Graber

Great grochery store. John is the manager and is so kind, caring and he and his employees are great.

Ashley G

I like this store, the staff is always friendly and helpful. The prices are a little high

Robert Gavlinski

Great discounts

Christopher Steel

Always great to get some groceries from. Prices aren't bad. Quality is decent. Staff is polite. Chicken is delicious.

Joseph Balcar

Always a great experience shopping here.

Jill Hugson

Great selection

Michael Rohrs

Have a pay phone was nice to see also great deals good food wish was bigger store though there size limits selection that larger stores have in the redners chain. The seafood meat and deli were pretty much same place with bakery right next to it. So there selections of seafood was small meat what was out and deil didn't try it so can't say but heard great things about it.

Russell Fleetwood

the produce was horrible.. definately old ..but the rotten meat smell near the fresh chicken was unacceptable. I can not say I'll return.

David Croft

Like that store, just wish the still carried the Mexican Coke a Cola

Andrea Higgins

Good food

The Magnus

Ok selection ok prices ok quality. Very unremarkable...

Sander Smith

Shopping area is clean and customer friendly.

Lawrence Weisgal

My new favorite grocery store. So clean it sparkles! For real people. This is the cleanest Supermarket I have ever been in

Jennifer Woods

Great store. Friendly employees. I work odd hours so it's great that they're open 24 hours

Scott Schlogel

My experience at Redners was easy and convenient. Pricing is comparable to Wal Mart when it's a sale item, 2 for 4 etc. Store was clean, easy to navigate and had ample parking with good lighting for a safe experience outside at night in the rain. I will return to the Joppa Redners Warehouse Market again for groceries.

Vera Ezimora

No long lines, friendly staff

Sharon Burge

Redners need to lower some prices. I've been checking my receipts against Wegmans prices and a lot of prices are cheaper at Wegmans.

Jeanie Myers

My Favorite Store ! EVERYTHING I NEED LOCALLY! John Is The Bomb There !

Hines Design

Great for dropping in when you need items.

Lynn McLaughlin

Nice neighborhood grocer. Good prices. Gas credits.

Robert M. Allen Sr.

The store functioned well considering how many panic shoppers were there.

Fred Nawrocki

The store is always clean, it can be very busy at times all in all I think it's worth it

regma bondz

Left cash at self check out by mistake went to inquire night manager acted like jerk that place got cameras all over if not tonight leave a note to other manager to run the tape or told me to come back what is the procedure been coming to the store for a long time and never had a problem with John Gallagher on the day shift I didn't mean to disturb that night manager football game anything like that it ain't like I was up there trying to tell him a fast one I'm not trying to really recover the money I just want to find out what happened because I really forgot to get the cash after I requested it like I said I really hate the bust of my relationship with redness cuz I've been coming ever since that place been open better yet I just make sure I get my stuff during the day it ain't got to worry about issues with that store and let's not forget there's a there's a staff member standing right there at the self-checkout and they didn't notice nothing in a kind of word hours please forgive me this is voice typing later

James Davis

Excellent as usual staff was very inform of store items location store was clean, well stock .

dennis balsarick

I Like This Place and Would DEFINITELY Recommend to Friends. Nice Clean Place. It's Employee Owned and The Friend Chicken is Awesome

Asad Ali

Good customer service

Kelkyen Tacmeko

Good supermarket. Just wish there were more clerks at checkout.

malia childress

I usually get redners fried chicken for dinner if i am short on time and its always been good. But this time when i got it it was not fully cooked most of it was raw. I looked through other peices and when i looked at a chicken breast there was jellied blood on the bone spolling out. I found a few good pieces but when i ate them i got food poisoning u guys need to start checking your chicken

Alonzo Sawyer

Very good store and friendly staff..but the bacon is always high

Rea .

The staff, for the most part, is great. There are some people who are either very annoying or very rude. The produce is always hit or miss. If you're buying fresh fruit and veg I highly recommend going somewhere else. Either the food is very small, high priced, damaged, or even rotting. The best thing about this store is the fried chicken and fries. They're also seemingly the only store that sells Almond Breeze Banana Almond milk, if that's your thing. The prices aren't even that good. There's some stuff they're good for, like the deli, but if you're truly trying to save money they're not it. Earning money on gas is a nice touch.

Wilbur Knight

It was nice as always a great place to shop convenient right off Route 40

Allen Arkoff

The crab truck that comes on Saturday was really good and a great price big in size also

Jessica Phelps

Always has what I need. Most friendly people you know work there. Had some trouble with bad milk and yogurt but once you let them know they get right on it.

Evelyn Garner

Clean store and employees are nice

Sarah Brady

It is pretty good. It has everything I need, but can be pretty expensive. My favorite part about them is their made in-store products, like their chicken, subs, salads... it's all really good!

Rich Steelman

Great new stuff when you walk in the door

Ian Y

IGNORE THE DORNEY PARK TICKET DEAL THEY ARE OFFERING. None of the stores in the entire chain can process/print the tickets. Major Disappointment

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