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3405 Annapolis Rd, Baltimore, MD 21227, United States

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REVIEWS OF Jetro/Restaurant Depot IN Maryland

Scott Marx

First time in a while they had enough cashiers!!!

Dj Paek

Bad customer services.

Rehan Farooqi

Chesapeake Lodge #48 Six District

For bulk purchases of food products, to include vegetables, meats, fish, chicken, frozen foods, can goods, paper products, restaurant supplies and whatever you can think of they have it.

Karrington Llc

Great deals!

Jasper Goshen

I like this page. Plenty diversity in items

Tom B

Lines like walmart

Cameron Wentker

An employee berated me for walking out the front door the wrong way. My company does a lot of business here and I don't expect to be yelled at like that again. This one star review is for you, Gladys.

Ric Carter

Almost everything I need. Great customer service and quick process (depending on the time of day). Restaurant Depot is a restaurant must.

ivy green

Founded what I came for.

Nazeem S

This place is notorious for poor customer service. The ground staff is very unprofessional and the store is dirty. The lines are horrendously long and now a days they frequently having problems with the computers and not accepting credit cards. Avoid this location.

Esmerelda Beanswallow

The single worst managed business I have ever encountered. Unfortunately they have a monopoly on wholesale foodservice.

mellad shaalan

Customer service horrible need to overhaul the whole Management Department and employee

Zee P

Love shopping here. Easy to fund what I want

Abiola Oyewole

Good and their price is okay

Vernell Shaheed

They have a lot of expired items and the lines are always too long

Holden Ward

If you want fresh food this is the place to go

Vitaliy Titov

Attention CDL drivers!!! I came to this place at 9:00 pm and had appointment at 9:00am, then sighted in. When my time coming I asked about unloading, they told I need to wait inside my truck and possibly will not unloaded same day. Only after conversation with a broker and my dispater they gave me a door, not in my time frame!

Tidiani Cissoko

said Hamza

Great place for business shopping g but the cashier line is slow very slow

Casey Conner

This location was disgusting when I went in. Seriously it's a food service business yet there was dust on everything and trash literally blowing through the store from the parking lot. I will not go back to this location EVER.

Faith Kaiza

Oscar Rosales

Soups on Baltimore

Mariana Pacheco

Wonderful. I like shopping fresh and cheap food.....

Crystal daniels

Needs to be more professional in doing business

Sherlyn Sandy

This is a place to get everything for your restaurant, shop,store,and or occasion. Fully stock with great prices too. The freezer was very cold for me, but one has to go in to get some fruits and vegetables. It's your one stop shop. Good experience.

Lori Payne

Monsuru kehinde

Great place for good and food products

Lenny Segal

Greatas usually helpful

Bledar Ligu

The place to shop in bulk

Sumeera Mateen

Very good place.

Andy Lam

lyn hh

Sales are invalid. Only some cents or a dollar off. Price in system is different than on sale flyer. Staff aren't the nicest to deal with. My boss was questioning the sign and they turned my boss down. Being very negative and having an attitude.

Bassel Khatib


Cejai Madu

Great assortment and good prices

park jin

I've been going here for 15 years. but never change. I just got there. A black man was right side of cashier and I was left. when my side was empty the guy came to my side so that I said you were right side then he said "it doesn't matter to me." ?????? what???? do you think this answer is right? We had a little argument in a minute. BUT the security guy help the black guy. If he wanted to do something in our argument, he was supposed to move the black guy in front of me to right side where he was in line, right? I just want to mention here. Just Be careful the security guy. There is unfair judge now. He just can make be quite even if it is wrong. You might be kicked out of here. I didn't know the security has the power like that. Fxxking be scare of it.

Abdul Hameed

Fix company

Alex Fouladi

They need an express lane and better customer service I would frequent this place often if I know I can get in and out... during the course of the week I could buy about the same amount as one guy buys per case who I have to wait 40 minutes behind to buy 6 items Selection is great. But always understaffed regardless of the time of the day

Obie Cordero

(Translated by Google) Great variety edible. Items for your restaurant. The prices are quite good. I did not see a great selection of latin food. (Original) Gran variedad comestibles. Articulos para tu restaurante. Los precios son bastante buenos. No vi una gran selecion de comida latina.

ED Gul

Line is so busy. I bought lamb case 38 lb. and charge me 58 lb. please be careful for the price.

Karen Mabrey

It's convenient and carry all the merchandise you need to run a business

Josce Barlee

Jess Perkins

I love this place. It has excellent selections on meats, veggies, can goods and everything reasonable — excellent customer service and quick. I get some fruits and vegetables. Everything was as it should be! Great experience overall.

Claudia Alacio

Farrukh Gondal

Marian Rosenberg

It's a warehouse environment.

ranathane .

Truckers: Beware the docking area! There are deep potholes and the sewer manhole cover can be a tire killer if you're not careful. Also one of their dock guys didn't know how to release a ratchet strap.

Cornell Valentine

I Work Here!!

Anthony Ruiz

They have a lot of products, but they are expensive compared to other restuarant stores I've been to.

Imdadullah Khan

Outstanding whole sale place for food items specially halal meat But the only problem is the team is very rude

Rudel Lattimore

Efrain Brunet

Es un lugar donde se puede comprar de todo para el negocio

Mary McNeill

Terrible terrible customer service!!! Nobody is interested in helping you to the point where employees will just rudely walk away and ignore you making you follow them like a lost dog. Its no surprise the employees act like this since the managers act twice as bad and completely condone them for being rude and completely unhelpful about finding products. Its.very bad how they treat customers spending their hard earned money at this store. Joe is the worse manager they got

Bogdan Gavrilov

Receiving personnel are a waiste of space!!! Utterly disorganized and clueless!! If you are making deliveries to this fascility - be prepared to spend several hours past your appointment time just to get a door, avoid comming here if you can!!!

Darlene Boyd

It was wonderful people that work there were very helpful

Danny Pena

Horrible place try not to come here. 7 hours waiting just for a dock with an hour early from my appointment

Angel D

Wear a coat it's cold ❄️❄️

Gulshan Nazeer

I like the halal items and the prices. The employees are very cooperative and hard working.

No fun No run

Jakhongir Shamirzayev

Entrance is on W PATAPSCO AVE and there is no gate, trucks can park overnight but we have to park on right when you enter not in front of docks they will tell you park next to the docks otherwise they will not unload you I will show on the photo

Abdur Miah

Customer service is really bad If you need anything some time Ask the employee they say we don't have a but if u look around you Can find out but they just give u one Answer we don't have a ...

Rohit Rawat

employees who works in floor are rude sometimes. other than that you will get pretty much everything for your restaurant.


8 minutes unloading time, is that isn't fast, I don't know what is supposed to be fast

Stacia Epps

They don't have alot of specialty items such as smoked mozzarella , duck fat , Etc. The woman in the smallwares department Theresa is wonderful.

Justin Fox

Everything you need. Helpful staff.

char minar

Good place to buy halal meat and food!

Ariea Clifton

I love coming here. They have everything.

Peter McDonough

Absolutely the worst customer service of any of the area depots. Absolute chaos at checkout and completely unconcerned and "care less" attitude by management.

Jessica Terry

Staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. I was directed were to go to find what I needed. Also the item I needed was easy to find on the rack I spent very little time search through to find the size I needed. The cashier was very courteous.

castro lucifer

Slow moving company

Luis Ramirez

(Translated by Google) Many good things (Original) Muchas cosaa buenas

Ricky Pushkin

Ive only been going for a short time but find the crew there very nice and helpful. They have pretty much everything you need....

Otis Kng


Stanley Martin

Excellent place for businesses and non-profits to get supplies


Possibly the worst place on earth. I don't know how this place has decent reviews. I've never actually seen a happy employee here. I've been coming for years and not once has anybody ever been nice about being helpful. If you can't find something they will give you a finger point towards a general direction which may or may not actually help you. My boss keeps making us come here for whatever stuck-in-his-way reasons he has. If you own a restaurant or are thinking about it, do yourself (and possibly your employees) a favor and just go thru a distributor and never even once step foot in this place. Not standing in these extremely long unorganized lines will help you live a happier life.

B Norris

Emranul Haque

Excellent place for businesses to shop.

Tameeka Randall

Mahpirat Muhammad

Good price

Joe Valeri

Great selection but only if you like to wait 30 to 60 minutes to check out! Systems are ancient and they just dont care how much time they waste.

Mustafa Abdu

The staff is really grate they get you any things or items you need is greater than ethers market


absolutely horrible customer service at the check out! which is very disappointing because all the employees stocking on the floor were wonderful and very helpful.

Adam Walker

It's a restaurant supply store. Service and speed aren't great, but what do you expect? If you are a restaurant owner and need cash-and-carry food, this is one of the few options in Baltimore.

Joshua Behr

I've worked in a few cities with multiple restaurant depot loctions and this is by far the worst. Slow and unprofessional cashiers and even more apathetic managers. Just a crappy establishment

Cesar Romero

You can never get any one help or the employee don't know where things are you can never get an answer if you ask someone for help

George Hudson

Very good prices. Very good selections on meats, veggies, can goods and everything imaginable.

Joseph Savoy

Great inventory

Oluwole Babatunde

Good for all restaurant needs.

Hyun An

Good place

Mark Nettleship

Slow checking out Hate the carts there

Khaled Awad

ibrahim ymujahideen

i have been a member since 2007 never had a problem i like the halal food to by in bulk very convenient

Pedro Feria

Mohammad Saba

Very convenient, staffs are very helpful and prices aren't bad either.

kenika J

The lines are always long

Hera Shahid

You need to have a card to get in. Everything's cheaper than a lot of other wholesale stores like Sam's Club and Costco etc.

Cindy Smith

Closed and did not update the web site. Drove all the way there to find them closed.

mauricio jacobo ibarra flores

(Translated by Google) Very well stocked, good prices, they have a lot of merchandise off shelves and uncomfortable the purchase (Original) Muy bien surtido, precios buenos,, tienen mucha mercancía fuera de estantes e incómoda la compra

Sue Gibson

Good price for seafood

Andrea Garcia

The one in Annapolis rd. Is the dirtiest ever. We have to return merchandise after we opened the case because was in bad condition or rotten

Michael Van Allen

This place is amazing.

Tim Cullington

Great place to shop.

Stephen Mwangi

coachman64506 .

Tight lot but manageable. The real problem was, I was an hour early for appointment. 4 and half hours to get a door. So far another 30 minutes to unload. Had two other deliveries today and two the next. All 4 are in process of being rescheduled. Adding a day to this trip. Hope this isn't the norm for this location

carlos ugaz

Amit Rahman

It is quite dirty and poorly kept. Prices are really good and they have wide varieties of item.

Sharon Brown

I always find what I'm looking for

Rasta George

If you own, or operate a business that buy and sell food for immediate consumption, you gotta go to Restaurant Depot for the biggest selections and the biggest savings.

KP Singh

Been going here for years; the lines are long, but it’s meant to be for businesses. They should create a line or two devoted to individuals with less than 15 items. Good selection, good prices.

Sagar Ghimire

Paulana Enterprises

Not many high-end products. Prices are about the same as at Costco or Sam's. Just seafood and fish cost considerably less than anywhere else.

Andre Sherwood

Always excellent staff....Joe you the man!

Rachel Ashbury

Join a friend yesterday shopping for a big event that she was having and catering at her house, we ran into a guy at this location who no matter how busy he was took the time and politely helped us look for everything we needed. Thank you so much

Mariesi Fall


Mohammad Khawar

Nice people's

Niraj shrestha

Poor management bad experience 2 and half hour waited for check out line need improvement .

Ifeanyi Adagbon

Very reasonable price in comparison to many food stores

colin fraser

I pick this place over Costco BJ's and Sam's any day!!!!

David mekinda

Jahprincess amy

They have most things you would want for a restaurant and catering ...the only problem I have is it's hard to follow the prices because thing and shelves are sometimes not properly labeled.

Simon Munga

The prce of lamb shoulder is very high

The Shea ButterTree Store .

The absolute best Shea Butter!!!!!

VExa Noir


Micheal Gbala

It's not a restaurant

Ashley Wilson

I've been going here off and on for 17 years and the average checkout time is around 45 minutes. Go to the Capitol Heights location if you can the stores could not be more different.

Cetin Comlekci

Diego Goodman

Good business

Tim Stranger

High quality food,nice and helpful staff! Great service!

Ozgur Topaloglu

Management is VERY rude. I have never seen any manager being rude and yell to customers in my life. They do not want to help the customer and prices are always wrong past 2 years. I am really surprise that these people become managers and they do not have any respect.Every single time they charge me more 10 to 50 dollars . To get fix the price and get refund take at least an hour every time. Good products but very WORST, RUDE an UNETHICAL business at this location.

De De

1401 W Patapsco Ave., Baltimore, MD Arrived/Unloaded/Departed SP-

tim wainwright

Ilyas Mohmmad

No one know how to make customers happy, place need TLC.

Nureni Adepoju

Their goods are all affordable

Gennadiy Golub

kailash kumar

Tony Thomas

Found everything I needed for a party I was catering. Staff was polite and very helpful in tracking down items I needed.

Sadia Zaman

Good place but its so dirty

Mark Neeley

Nice lady!!!

Mumy Sango

Great place for fresh groceries and sea foods.

Platinum Winner

Been going here for years.

Edvin Medina

Simone Martini

Good prices, improved customer service

Christopher Gudmundsson

Kenneth Mason

cory dorsey

Everything you need


The worst cashier, always making mistakes, is slow.

delonte brightful

Muhammad Nawabi

You can find almost everything for restaurant the best place for frozen food such as Halal meat and sea food and vagetable but the prices are unpredictable for vagetable

Kevin Wade

Easy to find products and fast service today

monica bossard

I go there to get bulk items for work it's for businesses and restaurants. Prices pretty good. They don't sell clothes or household items like the other clubs. I like it because they sre close to my business. Lots of soft drinks and variety of juices and snowball supplies. Large variety of cooking utensils and equipment.

Derek Ballard

Need a express check out

Vicky hall

Was afraid we wouldn't get in till our 1pm schedule but got done at 830 am. They were good

Reginald Brown

Good customer service

Michelle Webb

Not too bad. Got in just under the wire (they stop unloading at 1400). 'covered' by heavy wire and an orange cone.

Falicha Simmons

Long long long waits!! I had little interaction with the staff but the check out lines were really long EACH time we go. We've tried going at different times and it just seems that the lines are always long. The prices on meat was really good and they have a big selection of Halal meat! If it wasn't for that I would go somewhere else.

Robert Daniels

Very unprofessional.

Danny Hughes

Great deals for business owners

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