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10401 Grosvenor Pl # 2, Rockville, MD 20852, United States

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Where is Grosvenor Market?

REVIEWS OF Grosvenor Market IN Maryland

Dev B

Very good local grocery when you are too tired to drive down to whole foods or Harris teeters.. A big plus is they got beers n wines as well..

shara banisadr

Best markets in town

Felesia Bowen

Extremely clean. Great looking produce and meats. Nice variety of wines. The market is small and variety is limited but you can find just about everything you need at a reasonable price. They also have a nice cultural variety which was surprising. I thought it was batter than some large grocery stores. Staff is very nice. I would shop there again.

Daniel Montero

Friendly staff, great selection and I’ve never had to wait too long in line, great place.

Michal Miksatko

Evalena Raymer

A hidden gem! The best produce, good deli (w/ best rottiserie chicken you'll ever have) nice wine selection and really friendly staff! Love this place!

Anthony Scott

Friendly and professional

Margaret Mulvihill

OK place

Amanda King

Best little grocery store. They have everything

Andrew Gonsolin

Sergiy Ponomarov

You can find a lot of local produce. Fresh and in good quality.

kobe81 seven cities

The best market around. This mart also has a great deli as well as Bengals and sushi

Will A Goat Eat It

Great place for local produce and fresh meats. Love their daily made sushi plates.

Daewon Lee

Great local & fresh market!

Scott Campbell

Great selection of wine and beer. They are able to special order items for me by the case. The store looks small from the outside, but somehow they were able to fit a full-sized grocery store I such a small place. The turkey and brie wraps from the deli are delicious!

Suzanne Markley

We go here once or twice a week. There's always great service, and we love the ready to eat selections at the deli.

Jimmy Daly

I love the Grosvenor Market. Their produce and meat are exceptional and the staff is always friendly. Highly recommend any of the deli sandwiches. A great small business that I frequent a few times a week.

dottie mergner

A real gem for us nearby residents! Quality meats, local fruits and vegetables with surprisingly low prices compared to local stands. Very clean, bright and well stocked for a small store. Staff always cheerful and helpful.

Katherine Elmore

Great selection for how small it is & convenient hours

Chavonne Green

Great selection

Brent Kynoch

A hidden neighborhood gem. Great prices, great deli, outstanding customer service.

Tristan W

Great local produce, fantastic deli.

Timothy Riley

Great little market. Easy to get a whole week of meals in 10 mins flat. The market is well organized, with not too many repeated items next to each other. Their Gourmet food is a little expensive, but the oatmeal cookies are very good. Definitely the best market in the area!!!!

david caplan

Been going since the day it opened. Always the best. Great produce, meats, deli, and especially service and people. Whitefish salad is better than any NYC deli.

sneki sneki

Patricia Lyne

Friendly, quality food & service, good specials.


Very good market

Sherry Blakeney

I really LOVE this MARKET!! The service is ALWAYS PLEASANT & HELPFUL ,the fruit & vegetables are firm just what I'm looking for !!!

John Holland


WY Chiang

Very nice in most part. There is not much to complaint except for very limited international ingradients. There are wines and beers in the grocery store which is very convenient. Price is not great, but you cant beat the convenience if you live in the area without a car.

April Brubach

Great, small, non-chain grocery store. Well-stocked, excellent deli, good wine selection.

Naima Wong Croal

Heraldo Botelho Jr

Nice little market. Good assortment.

Krys R


Dereje Fentahun

Great shopping experience

David Elias

Anand Ramanathan

Very convenient. Wide variety of fresh veggies

Bill Feidt

Great little market; decent produce; a deli with sandwiches, house made salads, and roasted chickens; fast checkout; prices not the cheapest, but reasonable.

Paul Cauchon

Great sale bargains and amazing deli

Gurueswar Nagarajan

Ease of access. Very convenient!!

Jon Enten

Best little market in the area!

tilahun wolde

Fresh produce and good customer service

Daniel Deladem

Nice little market

Bethany Sterling

The BEST local market.

Eric Jaw

This is a a nice hidden gen with all the cereal, milk, and deli sandwiches to your desire

stephanie devlin-gill

friendly service. somehow this small market has everything and more that i need. lots of local produce and an amazing prepared food section.

Vijay Chandrashekar

Good place. has all what you need to run a household.

Mehdi Zare

Easily accessible, all you need with good quality and competitive price

Jordan Uehara

Amazing place I wish I lived above them! Smallish parking for those that dont. This is a small place so dont think they have every single brand this is a setup much like trader joes. Great deli!

John O'Connell

Great prices and plentiful selections

Jaime Aleman

Great one stop shop for alcohol and groceries. Can't do this in all of Montgomery country grocery stores.

Leticia Fernandes

Good for an emergency and for fresh fruits and vegetables. A bit expensive, but convenient


Really great little market. Hidden at the bottom of one of the Grosvenor buildings. Really makes living there all that much better.

Igor Kalmykov

Perfect small store.

Masoud Hamedi

What I like most about this place is that they bring fresh local produce from the farms in the area. You can pretty much find any grocery item that you need with competitive prices.

Debi Mengering

Love Grosvenor Market. Owners and personnel are top notch. Have told so many people about what a grand friendly place it is to go and shop or pick a few things up. Will be back again and again.

Ronald Holland

The people are friendly and the food is Fresh...

Sarah Dalton Vassiliou

Amazing market! Hidden gem. Scott was so helpful & friendly. Special place with amazing meats and fresh high quality fruits and veggies. Excited to discover, thanks to Fr. Van Dyke!

Jahanzeb Ahmed

Nice neighborhood grocery store.

Abdur Raheem

Got lade

Arnie Quinn

Very good quality and quick checkout

Christopher Catanzaro

Convenient, friendly, good variety

Maxine Schwartzman

I was visiting a friend who lives at Grosvenor, and stopped in to the market to Dave time. What a surprise! Beautiful merchandise, and priced no higher than Safeway or Giant. If I lived here, I would not shop anywhere else.

Subhasis Ray

This is the only grocery store in the locality, and the only place to run to if you need something right before cooking dinner. The prices are hiked up, sizes are smaller compared to regular grocery chains. Most customers don't feel it because if you add fifty cents to something worth a dollar, it's hard to notice, though you pay 50% extra. Multiple times I found expired food items here. Once I bought a packet of sliced cheese without checking and upon opening it I found that mould was growing inside. They sold it a week past "best by" date. It's unacceptable even if legal in the US.

Mike Pentola

Great place to shop good people work there

Oscar Vazquez

Great wine, beer selection and price. Good vegetables, bread, and meat

Federico Hojman

Great market, excellent fit a quick bite

Shaun Markley

Love this place!

Abhishek Motayed

Best place to find unique stuff..

Yuan-Chuen Hwang


Beatrice Ampene

Very excellent store. The attendants are all nice and polite, ready to assist anytime. Fruits and vegetables are always fresh.

Jan Ebert

Great place, good specials and prices. Wonderful deals on beer and wine and especially!

Victoria Chipa

It's faboulous little market, there you find everything and I love it.

Harvey Schultz

Great delicatessen and cozy grocery store. I go for the sandwiches and soup.

Thiago Fernandes

Great selection of local produce, beer and wine at my backyard.

Elyse Loosey

Fantastic little spot. I never buy from delis, but love the options they have here. Always fresh, healthy and diverse.

Jennie Mabb

Amazing selection. Deli is fabulous. I really love having local produce featured here. I do my best to eat in season and locally and Grosvenor Market really helps my family accomplish that. The prices are perfect. The staff are always personable and happy to help. Oh and did I mention the deli? My family adores the lunch meat from here more than anywhere else!!

Ted Spenadel

Good wine selection and great deli

Katie Nelson

A little expensive but really convenient.

Alex Stinson

Generally nice to have a small local grocery with decent produce, etc near the metro. However many of the prices are kindof high and its mostly only worth buying stuff on sale.

Brad Atkinson

Been shopping here since 2003

Russell Lacey

Great selection of ice cold beer, wines, and just about everything else you would need on a trip to a grocery store.

Prasanna Katti

It is small market for the quick groceries. Do not expect lots stuff.

Nancy Gittleson

Great local produce, hand cut meats, poultry. A wonderful local treasure with good products and terrific service.

Liza Simpson

It's the place to go for great deli especially the chicken salad. We also get a whole prime rib every December for our family and friends to enjoy. The best

Heide Fabiano

Excellent neighborhood grocery deli, meats including livers kidneys, produce also from locals, wines beers etc. at good prices. Also prepared foods

Dimani Carter

A great place to get little things

Christine Gardella

My go to happy stop on my way home from work for any need I may have... with Whole Foods, Giant etc. around the corner it is still a supreme pleasure to have Grosvenor Market as the alternative!! Best and most thoughtful quality selection, human-scaled, almost European experience in shopping. Love the wine choices. I pray I never have to shop elsewhere. Thank you Grosvenor Market!

Sobir Kurbanov

Excellent choice of fresh local products but their ladies cashiers never smile or at least say hello


I live nearby, so this is a very convenient location for a grocery store. Also, the staff is very kind and helpful, and are willing to go to great lengths to help you. While they do not have the largest selection, the prices are great, and the food is also great.

Bill Croke

You pay a little extra for the local convenience, but great service and worth the few pennies extra.

Deepak Pawar

Conviniently located

Jeff Salmore

Friendly, local grocery store.


Friendly store of our neighborhood

Deborah Lancaster

Lots of variety...fresh the deli..very nice employees..a fan favorite!

Sharath Pawan

Friendly staff, good products, and an awesome wine collection for a grocery store (of course, not a fully fledged wine store, but nice for last minute stuff). A tad bit expensive when compared to giant or Harris teeter. If you forget a few ingredients for your perfect chili, you can get them here. If you wanna do your monthly shopping, I'd go elsewhere.

Willie Gonzalez

The best small supermarket/deli in Rockville I have been going there for more than 25 years.

William Nakken

Small store, limited options; but if their options they do have most name brand items you'd want. Excellent service, very helpful. Butcher and nice cheese/dairy section. Frozen meals, wine and beer etc.

Eric Roberts

Great market featuring local produce.

Bobby Taylor

Best grocery store around.

Beth Catherwood

Everyone was very nice. Well stocked for a small market.

Zane Pickens

Super convienent and always have the essentials

Cody Coggins

Good gourmet food and good values. Not as big as some grocery stores but they use the space well. Sells wine and beer.

Francis Thompson

A small store stocked with all the necessary items.

Philip Gurnev

audrey dela Cruz

Great wine selection. Also supports local farmers. Fresh produce and always have something good on sale. Management and staff are so helpful and friendly too.

David Marci

If you're like me and you love to vote with your dollar to support local small businesses, head on over to this little gem. Old fashioned neighborhood market with a killer deli, delicious meats, beers, wines... Awesome!

Cam Madsen

Fair priced and always have some craft beers on sale. Wine selection is good. Bakery and meat department is way above average.

Kelly Garland

The Alexander from the deli is my favorite! I always think I'll try something else but never do ... maybe next time! LOL Sometimes it can be a bit slow but being a small market & the fact that it's so much more personable makes up for it! Great selection across the board plus a nice selection of wine & craft beer.

Ravi Jayasena

One stop shop for all your groceries

John Dixon

Great little market that has last minute meals prep items or full meal ideas!

Jim Cole

Great market, the best produce, fantastic customer service, locally owned.

Margie .

This quaint market has a wonderful selection of wines, fresh vegetables and meat and very friendly atmosphere.

Chris Moyer

Small quiet grocery store with everything you would need. Love the deli great place to grab a handmade sandwhich, pickle, and chips. Many options of sandwhiches at great price. Also lots of other great food in deli. If you hate large big box grocery stores support this local small operation. Used to being my grandma here because she couldn't stand crowds. Staff friendly, and always willing to help you carry groceries to car if needed.

Victoria Virador

This market is a small hidden jewel. Their vegetables are freshest, their rotisserie chicken tastiest. And the best yet: you go in and out in no time, with no wait. They even take groceries to your car. Way to go Grosvenor Market!

Danielle Rizk

A very convenient market with beer & wine. I often come here in a pinch and they have mostly everything you’d need for any meal. Produce is always fresh, the butcher is incredible, and the deli is great! Love the convenient location too.

Robyn Charlton

Excellent produce, wine and prepared foods. Good prices and fast, friendly check out.

James Ferretti

Best small supermarket around.


Great place , great sandwiches, decent wine selection, eh beer selection but it has become much better.

Juan Manuel Chinarro

Jared Foster

Sanket Gupte

Love this place. It's got almost everything that you'd need. But Not everything that you'd want. That's perfect.

eric frit

Great local market, wide selection, good service and a killer deli with nice sandwiches and pre made food options. Full produce section, local farms, good stuff, beer and wine as well.

Courtney Kasprzyk

Great for a community market! Fresh local produce!

Leroy Pah

The best customer service in Montgomery county

John shideler

Great sandwiches at a fantastic price. The location is off the road but worth finding.

Howie F

Love this little grocery store. The deli is amazing!

Georgi Ivanov

Caroline Binder

Best hidden neighborhood market. Their prices on organic are competitive and the selection is wide. Include a well stocked deli and produce section in a small footprint.

Lourdes Quiroz

Our last minute to go too. Always crowded, lots of Jewish elderly customers. Parking lot was a challenge, can be chaotic at times. Food was not bad. Someone speaks in spanish, I knew she was talking about the egg sandwich I ordered, mocking my egg sandwich as in how could I while I can! I am a customer and without me buying this food, you might not have a job, I'm bringing money to the store .

Ben C.

Great deli, good selection of beer and wine. Immaculate produce section with good sale prices. Best bagels around.

Jim Rose

Small, but convenient market. Great sandwiches, and fresh produce

Kelly Buckner

Tora Stern

Great produce

Valeriy Korostyshevskiy

Fresh local fruit and vegetables.

Suyoung Jin

Nice place!! Nice shopping!!

Dean Palmiter

Lynn Stieber

Nice neighborhood store with good sale prices on produce

Mike Shilling

Perfect neighborhood grocer.


I love this place. I go here 2 or 3 times a week. The staff is nice and helpful, the fruits and veggies are always great looking and look to be rotated daily, the prices are better than I would have imagined for a neighborhood grocery store, and it's really convenient. It's basically like a Tardis: it's so much bigger on the inside you need to see it for yourself. They even have a deli that sells food on the go! Their beer and wine department is good enough to offer a variety that would fit most people's taste. They offer quite a bit of kosher food as well. I cut say enough nice things about this market.

Russ Hill

A little gem tucked away out of site from the main drag. Small, but good, thoughtful wine selection. Great local produce and interesting cheeses. Great meats, great butcher!! This place is a throwback to a time when quality products and service were king!

Raffaello Cimbro

Little market with good quality products. Everybody is very nice. A place to stop and shop. They also have a nice selection of wines and fresh products.

Jon B

Small market with very friendly staff. Produce is always fresh, carries all the staples and price are on par with most places.

M. Nuñez

My local supermarket with reasonable prices organic food and full service deli -

Shawn Gee

Excellent grocery store, great prices, fresh food. They have awesome weekly specials. Only downside: no redbox.

Kirsten Suhr

From the outside I assumed this was more of a convenience store, but I was pleasantly surprised to realize it's a fully stocked small grocery store. They have a decent selection of high-quality fruits and vegetables--often including some local and organic--and a reasonable selection of organic products throughout the store. They also carry Swings coffee and I hear the deli is very good. There's a wine and beer section as well. Prices are decent. This isn't where I go for my weekly shopping, but it's a great stop on the way home from the metro when I'm missing a few ingredients or have run out of something.

Thomas Larsen

Good selection of food. A little marked up compared to grocery stores, but people are friendly and deli is good.

lynn tapiero

Great local produce and locally produced foods. Friendly helpful staff. The best whitefish salad

Julia Kovrigin

Always fresh seasonal produce !!!

Chun-Shu Wong

Small shop but lots of goodies. A bit pricey at times but very convenient. Plus yummy premade food

Heather Breeden

Wonderful local market

Jesse Wallace

They had everything i was looking for

Allen Murotake-Fujikura

This market has pretty much everything you need. Not everything you want. Admittedly I go to this market almost every day. I love this place.

Eeha Bhatt

A bit expensive

Shawn Johnston

Produce is the best around

Irina KS

Always can find fresh fruits and vegetables. A lot of locally grown produce. Everything from meat, dairy and freshly baked bread to a wide variety of wines and different kinds of soft drinks can be found here. My favorite place in the neighbourhood.

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