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REVIEWS OF Giant Food IN Maryland

Alicia Nesbitt

Awesome Store I can find everything I need in the store

Keith Bennett

DO NOT SHOP HERE! Today a vendor stocking shelves blocked an entire aisle and ignored my request to pass. Not enough small shopping carts. The staff acts like they are on downers. They stock shelves during rush hour. Nobody notices when they are out of shopping baskets. Bad experience all around.

Bashan Isaac

The produce section is a little small but have a good variety of fresh food. The self check out was fast and easy too...

Tara Johnson

Everything is nice and fresh

R. Anthony Mills

While this location could benefit from a larger selection of international and organic foods, as it services no less than 6 - 8 communities and Johns Hopkins University, it's definitely conveniently accessible and your best shopping is always during a sale.

Shivang Sharma

Can find most of kitchen stuff here

Glen Holmes

Great service

Pamela Turner

Prices are, on average, 40% higher than any other grocery store! Fir the same quality/ brand. Plus the WASTE a ridiculous amount of usable fruits and vegetables. Sickening

Clifton Harriott

Best place for local produce..if u dont see it ask, it might just getting ready to come on the floor..

Jeremy Freeman

Nice place good food ,awesome salad bar.

James Sills

Horrible! It was dirty. The produce prices were terrible and the meat prices were worse. The cantolopes were from the EU and the grapefruit were from SA. I think Ahold needs an American buyer for produce. Izzy Cohen must be rolling in his grave!

Jenny Mosca

Self checkouts everywhere..if u like being in the year 2000s..and do not want the human connection..and u leave feeling the way u did when u came in bla..bla..ugg..then its your kind of place..a smile is worth revisiting a smiles a register that talks..

Robert Kirwan

Giant Food is no bargain. I went there for one item because I was in a hurry.

CDiane Thompson

Super quiet tonight!

john ruth sr

Quick easy and fast

William Archer

This is a giant I have been shopping at for years and that I will go out of my way to come to. Unfortunately, so will everyone else. If you can shop at off hours, that will be a bit better crowd wise. They recently did a remodel that is very nice and improved their organics aisle and self checkout on top of lots of nice aesthetic touches. I'm sure I'll come here for many more years to come.

Robin Yommer

Always helpful! Great store.

Shanni Monet

Their coupon policy basically sucks

Robert Christoffersen

The meat department is always great thanks to the meat manager Heather Funk

Delores Connolly

Always fresh lunch meat

Dom King

Not very clean

Lisa Smith

Staff very friendly and helpful

Niel Leon

My go to regular food store. Go every two weeks for our perishable staples (milk, chicken salad and prepare soup). Best quality of all stores in this portion of North Baltimore. Much better than the one on 33rd Str, Waverly.

Art Cederakis

Competitive prices; good product variety; excellent customer service.

Lisa Gibson

Not to crowded. Lines were fast at check out. Prices are higher than usual.

Anne Kennedy

Love Giants and the staff is wonderful.

Jeannetta Barnes

I like the convenience of them being open 24 hours. I found what I needed!

Tody Fuller

Excellent customer service...high quality experience

Charlene Jones

High prices, coupon is for discounts for buying 2 items. Put flags on items to look like they are on sale, look harder at "coupon " and it is EXACTLY THE EVERYDAY PRICE. In the surrounding area they are the only grocery store within miles from area. If you don't drive, disabled older, you have to go here. Really Sucks

Toni VonderHaar

I've been going to this Giant since it opened. Everyone is SO friendly and helpful. Great selection of produce.

Milton Allen

Good friendly and helpful staff

Chara The Designer

I love this location and the staff.

chara sealy

Friendly staff. I love seeing familiar faces when I shop. It's not the closest location. To me but it's my favorite. So I don't mind going the distance.

Matthew Loraditch

This store offers a large selection of produce and organic and other healthy eating options. They, of course, also have all the staples. They have a larger selection of seafood options than the 33rd street location. The location is always clean. Sunday is always busy but Tuesday evenings are low volume and quiet.

James Smith

Nice, Clean store. I don't mind buying perishables from here.

Novella Sellers

I went there a couple times and shop and I enjoy shopping there

anna karras

Not happy with Giant on 41st. St. In Baltimore. They have reshuffled most of the shelves with a counter intuitive approach. Very disorienting and unnecessary. Also, I have REPEATEDLY asked for at least 3 bakery & other items that are now not being carried. I have been a loyal customer since 1996. Spending my grocery $ at Safeway more frequently now

Fr. Martin Burnham

Not the cleanest or most organized grocery store in the area. But, when I need something fast, like milk....

Susan Wiggins

Shop here when I'm in Baltimore

DeAndrea Charoenpon

It's a good Giant. Could use more veggies.


Best 3 day sale ever!

Charles Hudson

This is my GIANT. I used this one regularly. Great people work here. I highly recommend!. A+++

Trinnard Bailey

One of my favorite grocery stores pretty reasonable prices

Mark Johns

In and out in less than 10 minutes thanks to self check out.

galen francis

Wonderful place to shop, close to home.

Matthew Hendrickson

It's Giant. I don't particularly like them or hate them but they're pretty much all we have so we need to learn how to love them. Their product is often not so great and I can never find good cuts of meat at this one. There's confusing items they just don't sell or put somewhere weird. They do occasionally have awesome sales on suspect looking meat. Whatever, I'll eat spoiled t-bones for 4.99 a lb.

Matt Chu

Good grocery store

Sheila McCartney

Friendly neighborhood Giant

Jordan Prichard

Pretty standard selection but 24hr convinece is great and staff, though a little salty, generally friendly.


Easy to navigate, friendly staff

Vansssa Goins

, the Giant in Hamden they're pretty Prejudice and I really don't like to go to them

Kelly Diaz

I have a love/hate relationship with this Giant. The parking lot is a nightmare. There is only one way in and one way out and that puts a lot of traffic at that exit. The produce is usually meh. The meats are okay. Things are just a touch more expensive than other grocery stores but not by much. The only reason I go here is if I'm in a bind. They recently remodeled part of the store and it looks good. If only they could do something about that dang parking lot...

Mildred Hite

Good neighborhood grocery store

Ilhaam Patel

Great for weekly fill in trips, perhaps not for monthly bulk trips. Good variety of fresh produce. The house brand is also good quality for most things and competitively priced.

Jessica Morgan

Giant has the best prices and deals. Polite workers. Fast check out wether if you choose to self check out or let them do it for you. They have all of my favorite brands and more. Many varieties of the things that I buy. My favorite brand of yogurt is always on sale 10 for 10 dollars. They have many other 10 for ten dollar deals throughout the store. If you have an issue Custer service goes out of their way to correct the problem. There is also a service where they buy back canned and boxed foods bought from giant not at full price obviously however you would be surprised the money that you do get back. It helps out if you need cash in a pinch. They have a great bakery. The selection of cakes and cookies are amazing and are never stale. They always have a wide variety of fresh breads and bagels as well. The salad bar is always clean and for the most part fully stocked also with a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Giant always has great deals throughout the store and if you are a card holder you earn points to save even more

Mike Jr

I called Giant's checking the status of application they were rude so they get 2 thumbs down and if I had 2 more hands they would get another 2 thumbs down.

jason molidor

Big plus for a large regular grocery store in the city, but it isn't always stocked enough. I have often had issues with many common items being out of stock. Also, this store is often really crowded, with not enough checkouts or self checkouts. But again one of the best regular grocery stores in the area.

sisters and friends channel

Clean and friendly people

Tonya Johnson

Always great friendly people and service. I live closer to the giant on 33rd street. But the service and friendliness is nothing like this one

Mikal Veale

This is the Giant I had to start coming to more often because the one on 33rd Street starting become more and more downtrodden. Whatever items I could not find on 33rd Street, this one had it all and then some. My new favorite Giant

naiju thomas

Things are expensive compared to Wal-Mart. But in convenient location

Jerry Adney

This supermarket is mostly average. Missing the high end fare of some ritzier stores but not grubby like some rough ones. Mainly it's a good option in this neighborhood.

Vashti Jefferson

For a snowy night it was quite stocked even bread, milk and water thank God and the shelf stockers. Not like this in DC. Many cashier and self registers. Got in and out fast.

Hörmetjan Yiltiz

Decent collection, bargain prices, but bagging is completely bonkers. Bag yourself or be amazed when your detergent, batteries, pesticides and tomatoes in the same small bag. Oh, they don't have large bags so if you buy a LOT, you will have tons of plastic bags.

Suzanne Butcher

Giant Foods Headquarters is located in Carlisle, Pa. The Giant Food Stores were founded in 1923 and eventually expanded to dry goods and perishables. The stores are located throughout PA, MD, NY and VA. MD stores have been renovated by making wider aisles and better lighting along with an extremely large parking area. Giant also has an online delivery service called "PeaPod". The truck will deliver right to your door when it is convenient for you. This is my store.

Todd Pearthree

The rearrangement of the store is annoying. But the checkout lady is great. Barbara I think

Bluu Bird

Very helpful workers in the store. Things placed and easy to find locations. Parking can be a bit crowded almost all the time but other than that shopping here is great.

Paulette Jennings

Everyone is kind and polite to me & you're. Customer service people are the best.

mark beyene

As always a good experience.

Ettadean Hyman

A little different layout than other Giants, but I found everything that I came for and needed. Like the new self-checkout.

Jim Considine

This is a large, busy store with a friendly, overworked staff. The eclectic crowd is a mix of people from Hampden, Remington, and Johns Hopkins students. The store needs to polish it's image to attract the large Roland Park community who stay away in droves. The Rotunda Giant (which is where this store came from) is a far cry below their stores in Hunt Valley or Timonium. It needs to go a way to even meet the store at 6300 York Road. However, it is much nicer than the low end of the chain, the 33rd Street Giant. The folks in the deli department are for the most part friendly and helpful. Same with the managers who are frequently seen restocking. The hot food counter is deplorable. The salad bar is below par. I do not think they have a butcher on site. I doubt that one is needed. The bread, dairy aisle which is traditionally located farthest from the entrance of a grocery store is the most congested at this Giant. A feature display is always setup causing additional traffic jams. The store did a uninspiring cosmetic refresh last year. Nothing seemed to change or look better. Of note are the cooler doors in the dairy aisle which are frequently broken and removed. The store was once the home of The Green Spring Dairy. After the dairy closed, the A&P purchased it and opened with a big bang. Super Fresh took over it's operation which fizzled quickly. The 2007 remodeling project at the Rotunda and the Super Fresh bankruptcy made it convenient for the Giant to move 2 blocks west. They took over a space that has too many square feet which explains the spacious bakery and main aisle. However, this Giant has always been without a pharmacy, a very profitable portion of a typical Giant. The Rite Aid has that concession across the parking lot as it did in the Rotunda.


Friendly staff and decent selection

India Dixon

Had exactly what I needed to purchase today.

Jeanne House

It was great.

tom e

They have gotten a lot better in the 5 plus years I have been shopping there and since they starting offering the on line survey. Seems a lot more specials, more check out lines open at the right times, you can place deli orders without waiting, etc.

Synea Williams

Awesome and clean location

Thomas Ware

Literally any other grocery store is cheaper. Just get up to wegmans. Carpool. Hitchhike. Rent a horse. Whatever it takes.

John Feldhan

Great price very nice employees

Ehizogie Odiase

24 hrs. Nice staff. Clean. Everything i needed. Plus no lines anywhere.

b k

Came in to a 24 hour giants for a steak for my friend who is pregnant but it seem the who meat department from beef to pork is blocked with random boxs. Thanks guys your the best!!!

Angelo Thomas

Enjoy am shopping. Get great deal's.

Carlos Zigel

Always good

Carletta Johnson-Giles

Relaxing atmosphere. Customer service was great.

m Foster

Busy but lines were moving good

Dolores Foster

Usually I can find just what I want. I shop the sales and make out pretty well.

michelle peterson-ransome

Very clean .but the packs of meat are small.not the place to shop for a big family.

divita mathur

Props to Giant Food to get a serious face-lift! Until a month ago it looked uninviting but now it has transformed into a hip grocery store. If they change the parking layout to angled-parking spots the place would become easier to come to and more welcoming.

Yahya Ibrahim

nice price are cheap you save with giant card

Noah Robinson

I love this store. Great selection, great prices. They have changed and improved products & selection I feel like as I have been shopping here for years. Must be a good management team.

James Sale

I go here although it's further than my local Giant. Unlike the other Giant where the staff look down on the floor to avoid eye contact this one has a helpful smiling bunch; they hustle; sometimes they accompany customers to the item location. The shelves are stocked and the place is clean. It's no Harris-Teeter but what the hey?

Lawrence Wilson

Not really a good store to shop only go there for convience.

Ranjit Nair

Everything Under one roof.

Sdelores White Moore

It always has fresh produce in abundance, and everything else that I need. Love my GIANT!


That's my Giant !

ann christopher

Very nice to shop here. Good variety of produce and meat. Seafood is great, too. Staff is so helpful

Sandrie Moore

Love my GIANT!

Scott Mason

Very clean, very friendly, great bakery.

jessica morgan

One of my favorite grocery stores

Nathaniel Morris

Good customer service

Rodney Andre Coleman

You want to eat it??? Then there's a %90 chance that they have it. (NOT %100 BECAUSE IT'S AN AMERICAN GROCERY STORE NOT INTERNATIONAL OR SPECIALTY)

Babu Krishnan

Big variety and reasonable prices with some specials. Could do better lighting and more seasonal specials please

Jan Stewart

Well stocked. Clean and organized Good selection

Steve Watkins

Shelves are stocked, staff friendly, but the store is usually dirty. The floors are dirty. The produce section looks like an overturned vegetable cart. The dairy section dates aren’t rotated.

Shannon Cebron

My favorite grocery store in the area. Great prices, great selection of regular, natural, and special diet foods such as vegan and gluten-free. Extensive produce section. Quick checkout and tons of parking.

rob b

So this location is 24 hrs. The store was clean. The staff was very professional and helpful. Will be back soon for sure!

monica dickerson

I always find what I need and everyone is always pleasant and helpful.

Michael Edwards

Good cashiers & staff. Well stocked. Need more sales.

Amos Collins

Nice market

Charles bunky Hunt

One thing I really like about a giant earning gas points fitting a dollar fifty or more off a gallon of gas is great

Nneamaka Payne

My favorite shopping place apart from Walmark.

Summer Account

The Discover sample ladies are friendly, courteous, very knowledgeable about their products. I love trying new foods at Giant.

Charlene Corruthers

Great food quality. Great prices.

Joy Walker

This is my favorite grocery store don't sleep on the rotisserie chicken..the chicken salad... the chicken noodle soup always fresh and tasty I give it 5stars...I favor the one on 41st

Carl Young

great produce and pretty good meat prices. The help is very friendly!

Kenny Watts

They are great

ursula conner

So far all my experiences at Giant have been


Red sweet potato biscuits and fat back scarpple Mac and cheese. I tell you

Raf Den

Great they always have what i need

Crazy-t Johnson

I give this place one star management is horrible and needs work asap the only saving grace for this place is the hard working employees the deserve better

Nimble Moving

Nice large store. The self ✔ checkout really help the lines flow smoothly.


Have been this market for more than 30 times. Satisfied: 1.Pretty good after-sale service. There's once I forgot bringing some checked-out goods at self-checkout bar, and I easily went back to fetch the thing I miss with no more cost. 2.Their private brand usually offers much lower price with not bad quality, especially milk, chicken and paper towel from my shopping list. Unsatisfied: 1. Whether the food - especially fruit and vegetables - is fresh or not is highly uncertain. Blueberries are usually too soft (Going bad) or too hard and sour (Not ripe). I love blueberries but it's hard to get fresh and delicious blueberries here. Another thing is garlic. I doubt how long did the garlic stayed in the blanket in the market, because sometimes I get fresh ones, sometimes it gives a smell of achohol after cooking, which indicates they are going bad. 2. Cheap goods usually come with an incredible must-buy amount. They usually have deals like #buy 12 cans/pack x 4 pack and get a very nice deal#, but it's too difficult to move these cans out of the market. Too much, too heavy. Why can't they think more for customers?

Ebuka Umunna

Nice shopping store

chan park

As a hopkins student I like it. 5 minutes away from campus by car (hopkins offers students a ride) + cheap grocery and ready made foods (if you have giant membership)

Arabinda Patel

Badly overpriced. You can get same quality product in much cheaper price in Target or Walmart. I can't even think to compare Costco... It can be considered as an option if nothing else is nearby or if not much to buy.

Kit Bishop

They almost always have everything I want, and I'm super choosy. Their prices are a bit above where they should be.

Ana Caroline Paiva Gandara

I like the prices and products offered in general. It's kind of big, the cashiers are efficient. Worth to buy there. I go weekly.

Barbara Hollis Shingler

A dozen of Donuts is a great buy compared to Dunkin'. Sale on ground turkey this morning. Very clean, well stocked. Personnel was courteous.

rick keener

great deals, easy in & out service

Shogun Arekusanda

After a day of moving, my wife and I decided to have spaghetti for dinner, we went to the Giant food store in Hampden and I'm pleased to say that the staff continue to be the most courteous and helpful at this location. They're friendly and knowledgeable, this is the place to go for your grocery shopping needs. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars.

JoSh S

Great sales, and new foods to try! Thanks

Marcia Foster

I love this store everything I need is always in stock.. Staff are Great... Especially JoAnn she goes above an beyond for customers Exceptional Service such a Sweet Person :)

Ronald Bembe

always an enjoyable experience my cashier was great and of course the Kevin who helps me with my groceries since I'm handicap is over up most Delight. Please give him a raise

John Coombs

24 hour grocery store with Express check out. Very helpful staff.

Brian Eggleston

Clean market and fair prices

Daedae Johnson

Customer service is horrible each and every time , would definitely recommend self checkout

TOVEN Street Art

Gnarly produce, constantly running out of common things. Very frustrating. I live 5 minutes away but I'll still drive the extra time to go to Weis or Wegmans.

Terron Harris

Didn't have 16 beans so I can make the soup

Elliott Pew

Decent store. Clean, well staffed and stocked. Customer service want exceptional but decent given that it's in baltimore.

Beth Conley

I luv the customer service they provide me

Jessica Hamlin

Favorite place to shop, create new and healthy dishes to eat❤

Virginia Allison

Prices so high you can't get your money's worth

Dee Turgeman

Giant certainly stepped up their game. You can find a good selection of healthy foods with reasonable prices

Levon Banks

Great place

Andrew Burman

Nothing in particular besides a large number of self-checkout machines. But overall overall appearance couldn't be much better.

lance6391 .

This is a really good location. The staff are helpful and friendly. They also have the “Scan It” app available which is pretty convenient.

Jennifer Naill

I love shopping here it's very clean and they have very nice employees! I usually have to go over to this Giant because the one closest to me on 33rd st. Is out of things that I want and they always have it at this Giant! I've been shopping here since they opened and they know me by name and are so friendly!

Craig Bettenhausen

Good produce, good international section. The prices are average. They usually have plenty of staff on the checkouts, which isn't true at the other nearby mass-market grocery stores. They have a hippie food section, but you can tell it's stocked by people who don't shop in that aisle. But that's fine, because Mom's Organic Market is a block east. My first choice for this kind of shopping.

Scott from Baltimore

If you go before 8am, it's usually easy to get through without waiting or crowding.

Moh-Shim-bah Ra-Sheem

Great customer service and a wide variety of product! Plus they are open 24 hours.

Caroline Koger

Number one for anyone to go to the best Caroline

Davis Lee

It's giant.. nuff said !


I found every thing but low prices but I still

Mary M

This a nice Giant's Supermarket to go to. There many prepared foods to go as well as fresh foods, packaged foods and snack foods. There are clean restrooms for your use. Parking lot attendances to collect your shopping cart and assist you with your bags. Helpful in store people to assist you with your needs. There are several self service check out stations and cashiers stations. Free parking lot.


I love Giant. Always so clean and items organized on shelves in the store.

Octavia Robinson

I enjoy this Giant Food because of how organized and clean they are with their produce. They are quick with checkout so you're not waiting long. Great place to shop and the prices are pretty good.

gerald davis

Looking forward to win gift card

julian galan

Great variety of products.

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