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REVIEWS OF Giant Eagle Supermarket IN Maryland

Octavia Bradford

The worst place to go shopping. Overpriced...check the expiration date on everything you buy here. Old food. Old fashioned set up. Very unfriendly and unhelpful older staff. The younger cashiers are usually nice but the management is horrid. The selection of products is not the best either.

Ivan L

Store card is required for self checkout which does not make any sense. Other than that no issues. Good selection of everything

Kit Mathews

One cashier and a long line of customers. Getting help from a human is nearly impossible at this location.

Larisa Noelle

Leshay was very helpful and kind! We asked for help and she told us exactly what we needed to do. She was an excellent help and super friendly! Thank you so much! Will definitely call again! P.S. Sorry if we spelt the name wrong.

Leeanne Tomkinson

They have a great produce department. One of the only places that carry Macintosh apples.

George Hampton

Horrible and rude customer service cashier. She doesn't understand what customer service means. Imagine you want to buy item on sale but it is not available. Instead of apologizing of the item unavailability and short staffed at 6:30 pm, this customer service female yelling at you if you want a rain check or not. I can't believe what happened to me from this customer service cashier, April, very offending, I felt that I'm dealing with a lifeless person.

Lisa Haines

A great market with a wide selection of items at very reasonable. The employees are always helpful and knowledgeable.

Ajoke Hauck

Name brand good but a bit pricey

Berta Salinas

Because everything is very, very good.Exelent.

Lori Grady

Love the layout of this store

Nick Cleghorn

Not enough open checkout lanes

Carrie Campbell

Awesome place to shop for groceries and other stuff. Handicap acceptable, bathrooms, Awesome place to do my shopping for stuff. Carrie Campbell

fmb I

Good selections

Jayne Booth

I go there only because it's close to home. Almost every time I go to Giant Eagle something is missing when I get home. Today I was missing 2 bags of groceries that I had paid for. I think the checker started on the next customer before putting my final two bags up on the counter. This is very inconvenient because I had to go back to the store with my receipt to claim my items. When I am only missing one item I usually just forget about it, but two bags of groceries is too much to overlook. Poor customer service and failure to pay attention to detail!

Angie Harris

I always can find what I'm looking for. The produce is always fresh and the staff is helpful and friendly.

Bern Fran

Their chicken (fried, rotisserie, and tenders) was tasty. Their mac and cheese was ok (too creamy for my liking). The corn bread was sweet. So, over all, not a bad place to get lunch. There are tables inside to sit down and enjoy the meals.

Phyllis Diggs

Good until you have to check yourself out. I dont do self check out. I didn't go there to work. I'm retired not looking for a job

Kateshia Russell

Best supermarket ever!

Deborah LaGarde

Good meat section, great cakes from the bakery, and helpful people.

Kat Fiddes

This was my first time using curbside Express. There were a few issues with my order, but Rainbow and Melissa were EXTREMELY pleasant and helpful, and made everything very easy and straightforward. They're absolutely fantastic!

Ulises Guardado

I like it a lot!

Benita Holmes

The prepared chicken and food is delicious everything else is pricey.....but if you're hungry that's where you should go to eat.

Mr. Campbell

I ran in there to grab a loaf a bread and ran right back out after that smell smacked me in the face. Thanks, but no thanks.

USA 40

Nice place

Francine Fye

The real savings comes from purchasing any number of the various store brand name products. This location doesn't have most of the amenities found @ the 7th street location, but hey, it's a store nonetheless.

Lily Ye

I never knew about Giant Eagle until I moved to Frederick. I like their products, better quality then Giant! And in Frederick I don't have to pay for bags

Patricia Speiser

The gas rewards are awesome. Good variety of goods. Prices are on average of a supermarket.

Petronilo Crecensio

Not too bad


Great Customer Service

Douglas Ventura

Our favorite grocery store. Great location on the Golden Mile ( Route 40 ), with plenty of parking. Great seafood and meat department, excellent bakery and prepared food ( GE in well know for their friend chicken ). Free gas or grocery discounts that add up fast.

sarah crewe

This store has a bad smell. Specially in grocery part. It really makes people sick!

Tekia Crawford

Great selection of groceries for a great price.

Cindy Wilcox

I really like Giant Eagle, but they're 2nd only to Walmart in their shortage of cashiers. I've tried different days and different times of days. No difference.

Doug Veraska

Has good produce and meat sections. Very fresh. Big store.

Michael Robinson

Should pay employees higher though

Lizzie Sorrell

Only 1 cashier open with about 20 people in line & way to many employees standing around talking with lines at self check out also. The flashlight cop standing guard over self check out with his arms folded into his chest. Don't really know what that is about but he gave us a good giggle. Will be taking my business elsewhere.

Elaine Cannon

In close proximity of my home. The employees are efficient and alway polite.

Ford Lilly

The line is usually long and there are usually few registers open.

nelly san


Morris Biaka

Always expect the best offered price at any time. Don't forget to take your shopping cart, you will realize that you grabbed more than you think you need.

Sharon Rose

This is my favorite grocery store chain because it has the best fuel rewards! Can't beat 20 cents off every $50.. and the Get Go alone stays competitive in price by itself :) .. Aside from that though, they are a very non-friendly Wic store, they don't have acceptable wheat buns or rolls, and for a long time didn't have acceptable corn tortillas either, also they only have a select few 18oz acceptable cereals :/

Mark Mcguire

Easy in and out shopping experience!

Beatriz Carranza

Good place for get fresh vegetables

Rakhu Rakhu

Good sale prices, but the store needs a make over.

Kaleigh Albright

I went there for the 1st time and as one reviewer said above it does have a bad smell, but other than that my trip was great.

Ashley Wastler

Very polite employees and the Bakery is amazing especially when baking cakes and the decorations for whatever occasion u may want.

Mark Minter

Always has good deals

Karen Osborne

Bought fried chicken from the hot bar. Really good chicken! Bought Cole slaw and potato wedges too. Delicious!

Heaz Kissinger

Super inconvenient. Unless you have their customer loyalty card, you can't use self-checkout. Guess they don't like being competitive or doing business. Consider going elsewhere always.

Darrell Russ

Pharmacy staff are the best

Kathy Van Arnum

Great supermarket. Lots of variety in every department.

Sweeti Idea G

Nice market

Joe Idoni

Always has what i need. Even when I randomly feel like making hummus at 7am.

Janice Frye

I like that you can save gas on your purchases

A OReilly

Nice grocery store but I still ended up going to Walmart to get everything I needed (or for a better price).

MaryAnn LaFrance

The employees are very friendly and helpful and the food is priced at a reasonable price

William Wong

Love good prices Tue senior discount great help plus discount on gas

Niveah Robinsin

I was shopping@ Giant Eagle today their meats look really good.

Shirley Phillips

I absolutely love shopping here. Always a pleasant cashier and helpful management......

David White

Quick and clean. Respectful staff.

Amanda Blake

That store was dirty and there shelves where empty

mikiah parker

Haven't been in awhile, love the new look

Joseph Ibrahim

Horrible and rude customer service cashier. She doesn't understand what customer service means. Imagine you want to buy item on sale but it is not available. Instead of apologizing of the item unavailability and short staffed at 6:30 pm, this customer service female yelling at you if you want a rain check or not. I can't believe what happened to me from this customer service cashier, April, very offending, I felt that I'm dealing with a lifeless person.

Mike Conner

Clean store and a good place to buy groceries

Carolina Holt

Love my gas points!

Pam R.

Clean good quality.

G Leahy

Best chicken

Seth Philemon osei

I advocate

Ashley Conners

My fav grocery store around. The gas points are better than all other grocery stores.

Catherine Meade

Store is clean... You cannot do self checkout unless you have an eagle card... I just moved here and don't have one... Only way to get one is going to customer service and giving to much personal information.. why do they need my driver's license, birthdate and address just so I can shop in this store and get some savings.

Rahul Panchal

Very nicely organized store... easy to lo locate stuff and very good customer service

Glen Calderon

Great prices and choices. Use points for additional discount. Food department is really good. Fresh stuff.

Lindsey McDonald

There is never enough lanes open, most staff is rude, the produce goes bad too quickly and i have too often gotten home and noticed about half my bag of potatoes are rotten. The return policy is fine but it's inconvenient. They're adding the curb side pick up thing and it's making an already not awesome store worse. Even though this store is less than a mile from my house I drive to 7th st.

Sean Mcglaughlin

I died and went to hell the entrance was blocked making it look like it was closed had to enter through the exit. I got a case of water and yet the register wont work without a loyalty card. The item didnt scan, the checkout was hell.

joshua priest

You can find most anything in that store clean and frendly staff

Heather Frederick

I only go here because it is close to my house. If you can't use self checkout, expect to wait 30 minutes for a cashier.

Radwanullah Kakar

Customer service staff is very helpful

Janice Smith

I love Giant Eagle they are the only ones that carry my yogurt lite and fit Greek strawberry shortcake with cheesecake sprinkles!!!!!



Diane Holter

Pre sliced water melon spongy and didnt look good. Ice cream freezer was filled ice crystals and the Turkey hill ice cream cartons had frozen crystals on outside of cartons. This being said the 2 interactions with a cashier was very pleasant. I took one pre sliced watermelons back to service for a refund. Young man named Marquis, I believe helped and was very nice and very pleasant, helpful and polite.

Marlene Shupe

Good food selection

Edward Zeisweiss

Friendly and helpful plus you cannot neat the price.

Kaya Brewster

Great selection with great prices, however not many lanes open into the evening

Charles Erwin

Very nice store with lots of good stuff. Kinda pricey though, way pricey.

Bess King

Prices reasonable.Would like a return to more national brands rather than store brands and more cashiers.

Sue Peltz

Pharmacy & Store staff are always more than willing to answer questions or help/assist customers. Staff is extremely polite. Nothing to say but POSITIVE.

David Bowins

Awful Just two registers open and the self-service ones are awful won't be back

Tabbie Gaito

Big selection of gluten-free products I ever seen him once or

christine hall

The produces are fresh even more expensive than elsewhere.

Anne Westbrook

Great service at the pharmacy as well as the store

Carmen Rodriguez

Super nice great price and excellent service

Linda Glosenger

Friendly and helpful staff. Shop there exclusively. Love it. Never saw rats like other reviewer and hope I don't. But have heard all stores that sell food has them. They come out at night. This includes Walmarts and targets

Robert Reeves

For any Pittsburghers in the area, it's nice having a Giant Eagle nearby to get the things you're used to eating back home, especially Isaly's chipped chopped ham.

Jeniffer Donis

Great service

John Beall

Just Buying extras, had Great service!

Santonn Wilson

They have the best fried chicken

Jillian C

This place is terrible! A cashier yelled at me for borrowing someone's shopping card so I could use a self check out. She literally walked over and took the card out of my hand and cancelled my shopping transaction. I went to talk to a manager about it and they down right said there wasn't anything they could do about it. I was assaulted by a cashier and the manager wouldn't do anything! Clearly they did not care about the needs of the customer.

Jacqueline Myers

Employees are very attentive to your needs.VERY GOOD ATTITUDES ALWAYS...12yrs of service to me and I'M GRATEFUL AND THANK YOU GIANT EAGLE STAFF , I APPRECIATE YOU ALL

Robert Pryor

Very nice grocery store Seafood Deli the best fried chicken in Frederick check them out

Angela King

Started going to this store back when it was Martin's, then as County Market and still go there today as Gaint Eagle

christina benedict

It was ok

Bishoy Ibrahim

I am very disappointed as I have been treated horribly by one of the managers found at this store. His name is Eddy. The issue revolves around insulting me and not being able to understand something through his thick skull. They had no stock of a grilling shrimp in the size of 16-20 found in a 2 pound bag. I had suggested getting 3 bags of shrimp in the 31-40 size (totaling to a weight of also 2 pounds) at a reduced cost. The rationale behind this was to compensate for missing an item that was going under a sale for a short period of time. I continually tried to explain this to him and he could not get what I was trying to explain to him. Once he understood what I was trying to explain, he wanted to give me them at the same price. I told him that selling 2 pounds of shrimp at different sizes at the same price was unrealistic. I went ahead and got a rain check. However, before he proceeded to write for me, he decided that he would claim that I swindle the store often and this had been my "3rd occurrence" that I had tried to scam the store. I got infuriated and asked for his name (for the purpose of writing this review). As I turn to leave, he asked for my name and I make it aware that I can remain private. Suddenly, I find him telling me that my name is unimportant. To my dismay, his rudeness was not the worst part of this situation. It saddens me to know that he thinks I have tried to scam the store 2 other times before (which I have only encountered him one other time). This other time that he claims that I tried to "scam" the store was when I was asking to have a reduction in the price of a large amount of chocolate right before Easter for the purpose of being philanthropic and donating it to my church to give to the children on Easter Sunday (which he maliciously denied the reduction in price). All in all, Eddy has provided the worst customer service I have ever seen given at any store of any shape and form, and I am happy to report that I have also reported him to corporate. The whole store is usually hospitable, but at all cost, avoid this Eddy guy. Thank you for reading!

Wanda Onderdonk

Get the ,buy one ,get one free,great people,and New all the time

Danny Moore

Used to be good prices

Lori Lynn

Rude people!!! This county is segrgated!!!

chris farthing

Regular supermarket. Very clean looking

Brittany Wallen Paul

their prices are good their customer service is pretty cool ,The only thing that I would recommend that you don’t do is eat their coleslaw it taste disgusting

Tim McDonald

Best fried chicken around! Hands down! Great deli as well

Dave Evans

The store is great: clean, low prices, and they just added about a dozen "sauces" that make all my meals better [they are in the aisle with the salad dressing- [I think they are made by Campbells].

Jared Lybbert

Quite possibly the most disgusting store I've ever been in. On top of that the prices are extremely high for no other reason than an attempt to price gouge. Ive walked in here a few times just for one thing only as I'll do my real shopping elsewhere, and always regret it. Do not support this type of business. Dirty and smell,y and too high of prices with absolutely no justification.

Gary Robinson

Great place to shop. Most helpful cashier named Nitasha.

Christin M

Generally speaking its a good store. The check out lanes tend to be fewer open than needed but thats most stores these days.


I can never tell what it is, but there's always a rotten smell in this place.

Michael Roberts Jr

2nd best to food lion, way cheaper then Weis

Jacky Politoske

I absolutely love Giant Eagle. They are my favorite grocery store ever. They are family owned and really care about the quality of their food. Go to Giant Eagle and support better quality food and family owned businesses.

Jason Maxwell

Fried chicken isn't bad. Salad bar often looks dried out and old.

Kathleen Getzandanner

I needed help finding special items at Giant eagle. There was someone stocking shelves she helped me I don't remember her name. Then she ask another person to help with another item his name was Eddie. It had to do with a coupon. He told me if it didn't show up at the register to tell the cashier that he okayed the coupon. They both were a lot of help

38terri Burr

I go here for the chicken the chicken is great there if you need some chicken on the go this is the place to go and the price is very reasonable but the store itself it's high

Sherry Bastress

The place is awesome and all are friendly. Good quality meats, veggies, bakery etc. I’m new to the area and after life in the big city, this is so great. If someone thinks it “smells like cat piss” that may be personal hygiene in a closed atmosphere ⁉️ Giant Eagle is the place to shop

Howard McKinney

Friendly place to shop

Ashley Loebach

This place ALWAYS smells like rotten fish. I always use the Giant Eagle on 7th street... the one on 7th street has the exact same things, it is much cleaner and does not smell.

Jessica Kajdas

Been shopping here for a few months and my fruit always goes completely moldy in less than a week. Done buying produce here, waste of money.

Emily Ann Meyer

The one on 7th street is better, but I usually default here because it's closer.

C G Parker

Love it. The pharmacy staff is outstanding. I drive 1.5 hours one way from Harrisburg to have my prescriptions filled.

Ronny Ventura

Well now there is a closing time. It used to be 24 hours now 6am to midnight what if I need medicine at 2am. Can the corperation not afford electricity bills anymore? This isn't a good idea!

Shana Sweeney

The staff in the premade foods department at always rude. Part of the reason I don't like going to this location.

Debbie Summers

They have amazing fried chicken. Nice salad bar. Great macaroni salad, potato salad, or cole slaw. A descent dining area complete with microwave, soda fountain, condiments, napkins. Nice to grab a bite while shopping. We always do other shopping early morning, then stop by here for lunch. 8 large pieces of chicken $7.99. A small salad and drink usually we can both eat for around $11 and have chicken left over for lunch the next day. Thanks giant eagle for making our lunches great.

Aundreia Smith

Prices are high. They do have a good variety of things and they will cut your meat the way you like it. If there prices come down I would give it 5 stars

Jimmy Knight

Great prices and the best gas rewards program.

Elrina Robinson

Did not have my favorite drink Turkey Hill lemonade and kiwi in stock again.

Renaud Missihoun

When I compare it to Giant, I felt that they are a little expensive, but they offer much veriety if products. I love this place anyway as it is within minutes walk drom my apartment

Pedro Camejo

Huge store clean isles all the shelves were blocked up. Floors shinning and employees smiling. Took me back to old stock clerk days at Publix..

Mary Wood

Shop there a lot. Wonderful staff friendly and helpful. Meets all my needs.

Renee Bungy

Great place

Anabella Chinchilla

It's the only super market near in the area, has everything you are looking, farmacia,fresh meat and they give rewards for discount to buy gas.

DIANE Willoughby

Great selections and courteous staff


Found Spmket very clean and staff was very helpful..

Jenna Whittlesey

I ordered and paid for 200 pieces of there chicken for my Son's wedding. It's the only thing at the wedding that was pretty much eaten up all gone.( There was 3 pieces left). Everyone absolutely loved it.

Linda Davis

Definitely an ***** rating for Giant Eagle! Delightful juicy

Kendyle Wilson

My family and I have been shopping here for about 8 years. The food and gas perks saves us tons! I used to work at the Getgo gas station(affiliated) on W patrick street for a year or two and it was also accommodating. I always buy cool and interesting foods from here and my friends that live in Gaithersburg are always asking me where I'm getting these amazing deals and awesome food products and the answers always the same. Also in Frederick if ANYONE says they have "Giant Eagle Chicken", you know ITS THE BOMB. I dont eat meat but that chicken smells amazing and all my friends and family absolutely love it. So if you're bringing chicken to the party.... make sure it's that GIANT EAGLE CHICKEN!!

Kim Jordan

Very clean and organized

Omega Israel

They have an alright selection, seafood smells strong and horrid though it hits you right in the nose when you walk in. Most employees are unfriendly in every department, like they clearly hate their jobs. This store is very costly unless you shop with coupons.

Fastidious Lady

Products are highest priced at this grocery store in Frederick. If you're looking for gasoline points, they will add up quickly here. Best rewards program because the gasoline points don't expire for 3 months where the other grocery store rewards are harder to build up and expire in one month. Also at the check out register, one has the option of receiving a percentage off the groceries vs. collecting and saving up required gas points to get a gas discount. Nice choice not offered at other markets.

Arlene Smith

Fast, easy and has everything I want!

Mah Nina

Great place to shop

Sonny Carter

Clean and friendly


I'm sure this is a great store but every time I come here I always have one problem or another. Last time I came here the machine wouldn't take the chip in my card and the lady got annoyed with me because she had to switch the system to allow it to take a swipe. Before that I've had lines just not be open with staff walking around. I do come late in the evenings so that could be the issue but I never experience any of this at the 7th street Giant Eagle.

Mike Harbaugh

Usually barely tolerable. All of the cashiers, with 3 exceptions, give customers nothing but attitude. Most act like they are supposed to pay for my purchases and are mad about it. Store management needs to be made aware of this and held responsible.

Michael Kulp

David Rainy the store manager is a complete jerk. When I told him about the rats I saw running behind the seafood counter and about the droppings that were left behind he basically told me I was a liar and to go blank myself. I would never eat seafood from that store even if it was free.

chip Brown

Nice selection, okay prices

a goggle user

I have no problems with this Giant Eagle.Staff always been helpful to me especially Nathalle,Hes a great guy with great service attuide!

Beatriz Beltran Saul

Found everything I needed quickly and was in and out in 15 minutes. Clean store...great selection...

Ryan Colwell

Long lines to get checked out but lots of employees walking around store to fill online orders.. poor prioritization for walk-in customers

Heidi Joyner

When come in there smelly stink. Every time come so I not come. I find other store same store gaint eagle

Susan Gray

Giant Eagle always has well stocked departments with both the basics and interesting items. The register can run a little slow. They give back to the local community, so please visit.

Rick Roberts

I like getting fuel perks. There's a good selection and the people are nice.

Diemond Savage

Has large selections

Chunga CBE

prices are way too high and the whole damn place smells like dog piss. Who the hell would shop there

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