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REVIEWS OF Fort Meade Commissary IN Maryland

Adele O

A great place to shop for meat at a discounted price!

Susan Mazzola

Can't believe how big this place is!!

Gage S

Although you must have a DoD ID card to get in it is quite easy to navigate to. If on post you can literally walk here or the exchange for you daily needs at a decent price. Sometime it may be cheaper to buy groceries and other necessities off post. The prices change a couple times a week and near pay days (1st and 15th) so be aware of when you shop here. Other than that, high demand items may be unstocked for weeks or more depending on supply/demand which sucks.

Elmer Foster

Well stocked and always bustling with workers adding new items


My husband and I love coming here. We love when Grace bags and takes out our groceries, she is so friendly and makes our day!

Mark Hartley

Always a good experience, friendly service and great prices.

alicia rivera

It was very nice and not noisy

Mollie Chambergo

Convenient, employees are really nice and helpful. I really love and appreciate the baggers packing up my car for me! Produce is rotten most of the time. I wouldn't shop here if it wasn't for the fact that it's so close to my house.

Robyn Bristol

Seasonal items little hard to find!

Darius Brown

Great place for on base grocery shopping, only vice, which is small but the options are limited. None the less I still shop there.

Lilly Newcomb

Do most of my shopping stores always clean service Grace what's even better I can go early in the morning and that saves me a lot of aggravation in time thank you

Ashleigh A

This isn't the best commissary I've been to, but they all have pros and cons... I like that this one sells smoked meat which the one in Hawaii (Schofield Barracks) did not, so I was glad about that... but they don't have they greatest overall meat selection, nor is their produce impressive; it's actually one of the things I wait and go to a different store for... they do have a good selection of everything else though lol and the store is a decent size. It's clean and neat for the most part and the employees I've encountered are usually nice and willing to assist however they can. The free wifi is definitely a plus!

Ronald Bouldin

Huge store with a wide variety of food.

Gregory Tyler

GREAT, Lisa N vitamin isle was totally awesome. Extremely knowlegable, professional, & healthy.

Donald Creten

Fully stocked grocery for the soldiers and retirees.

Tim ONeil

Good prices and hours

Evelyn Hillier

Great place to shop for low prices for food


The Bad: deli meats and cheeses are double the price of most grocery stores. The Good: store was clean and had a good selection of most items. The prices on most items were average compared to local grocery stores.

Azzaroth .

Love the commissary, although it can be pricey at times. Still they have massive selection and great staff.

Linwood Jones

Commissary was very good. Clothing sales store has taken the wrong direction as it refers to retirees making certain purchases. Some items that have been available in years past are no longer available. Being a Soldier for Life take on a different meaning at Ft. Meade.

Deborah Hill

Great busy but nice

Elizabeth Dimauro

I come here for the forgotten items. I found everything I needed today I generally don't do a full grocery shopping trip here, but I have very specific items I get. The store is well stocked and clean. The people are nice. I tend to bag my own items.

Valen Bay

Best place to for food


Love coming to this commissary, customer service is usually decent with the workers and the shelves are well stocked with everything you need.

Jason Goins

Very large store. Usually always crowded but easy to navigate througb

Larry Harris

Delivered on a Sunday and staff were courteous and prompt unloading my trailer. Apron for dock area was easy to maneuver. Three stars for staff as I didn't shop and can't comment on store entirely.

Chris Jett

The commissary as a whole is good, but there is a particular bagger I notice every time I go in by the name of Toleman Taylor, who I've noticed just liked to pick fights with people, specifically baggers. He is also very disrespectful to the customers I see him interacting with. Because of that I refuse to go through his register's line while he is working.


Love this place. Always clean and bright. Staff is pleasant and helpful. Prices are great.

Gregory Bridges

Thursday is a great day to shop.

Denise Martin

It's ok not everything you want some of your needs

david robinson

Great prices and selections.

Glen West

Big parking lot

James Hall

Great commissary. One of the best I've ever been to.

Ricardo Voysest

Shelves are well stocked and clean areas. Available cashiers for the demand of consumers. Bagging personnel are very helpful and friendly.

Vincent King

Great commissary. Has a good variety of items. Great hours they are open 7 days a week

Roberta Schincke

Busy but no real delays. Good variety. Great prices. Great staff.

Mac McGinnis

Where we buy all of our groceries. Great place to find everything you're looking for. Parking is great as well and it's in close proximity to the PX.

Platform Games Hudgames

I had passed this place several times and dismissed it as a store for religious literature. On the real, I just didn't want to be bombarded by "Do you believe in the sacrifice of such and such?" propaganda. After seeing their cute Christmas gift display, I decided to stop in and pick out some stocking stuffers.


It is a normal commissary, no tax but you pay a special fee that is about the same as tax, it just stays with the commissary. Parking in okay, but at peak times and holidays it gets crazy busy. Beanie is the lay out and lines it takes a long time to get in and out with only one item. There are some still check out, but not enough. Produce is usually fine, especially when it's in season. Meat section is good, but bakery was a huge let down and ultimately the reason for 4 stars.

Peter Green

A valued military benefit, comparable to the better civilian supermarkets locally and better than some. Very well-stocked; friendly staff. Good flow, well arranged.

Brigitte Smith

Prices are almost the same as of base grocery stores.

Deanna Hudson-Hockenbrock

Always find great deals/prices here! Must have some form of Military ID to shop here.

SM1 The black warrior

Loved I use to go there as a little boy good food over there.

Gary Carpenter

Produce is hit and miss. Good prices on a lot of items but not everything. Need more self check out registers. Lines are long often for them.

Dr. Lonny Wortham

A great benefit for the military community.

Milan Mijatov Iven

The bagger's work really hard but receive very little money and support for their hard work. They work for tips only... So pay big bucks to get your groceries bagged. Mr. Butch needs to be praised

Evelyn Linton

Love this place, cant waits to get my card. Then l can shop without my husband.

Daniel Keener

A lot of variety, good customer service, and no problems at checkout.

Gail White

Very diverse

Emily Gummersall

Great place to shop for groceries on base

Enola Birnbaum

I give up with this place!! It is a guarantee that I will end up leaving with at least one expired food item!! I intend on checking every item I purchase, but sometimes, when I have all 4 kids with me and I'm rushing through the store, I'll forget to check!! Came here the other day, bought some string cheese for my son, and as I opened it, I saw the expiration date...September 2018!!! It's December!!! And it was the last pack did this not get noticed by staff??? The fruit goes bad within 1-2 days, if it doesn't already have mold growing on it! I will say this, though...some of the friendliest staff around!! I probably wont be coming back though...not for the food, anyway. Maybe for toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Betty Rott

Great day for ft meade

Jeffrey Stokes

Typical grocery store. Nothing special about it. Store well kept.

Esthen Lambert

Friendly staff, sometimes I get unlucky with the expiration dates of milk or bread but theyre usually pretty up-to-date. And nice baggers! Don't forget to tip them, they don't get a wage.

Matt Justice

It's a supermarket. They have food there. The front end cashiers and baggers are pretty cool. Even if they use a million plastic bags to bag my purchases.

Emily Baldwin Walker

Nice store.

Alvin Harris

commissary today was fast no wait time lines

dionne davis

Always enjoy shopping at the commissary. Would be nice to see lamb chops in larger packages, more ground chicken and more stir fry meats. Overall great.

Sonia Atabong

The prices are comparable to Costco on most items. Employees give you state of the art service, which is the army signature

Nicole Gordon

Accompanied my parents while they shopped. Proud military kid and thankful for the services my parents are able to get. Commissary was quick and service was great.

Jim Shiffrin

Best commissary within 20 miles!

Maria Workman

Sales clerk stole 30 dollars from me this past Friday. I am so ashamed that I let it happen but my mind was on my new diagnosis and thought I could trust that the commissary was a safe environment.

Maxine Williams

I don't like to do this but I experienced something very unusual for me when I went to the commissary today (and I have shopped at the Fort Meade commissary since 1980). An item I was looking for wasn't on the shelf and I tried to find someone to ask when the item would be restocked. I finally walked to the back (for employees only). The door was open and there were a couple of people in there but they looked at me and just kept walking. I tried 3 different times to get some help. Each time, they saw me standing at the open door but either continued what they were doing or turned and walked away. I went to Customer Service and asked for help. The person at the desk called for help and in less than 3 minutes someone was there. I received the help I needed from Brenda and Lisa (Kraft Services). Brenda went above and beyond to provide the help I needed (making 2 trips to check on delivery, etc). I should have gone to Customer Service first but, in the past, I've never had any problem getting assistance from someone in aisle(s). Perhaps everyone was just having a bad day!

Samuel Saunders

Unfortunately everyone cannot get on post, but if they could, they wound be very happy. Best place to shop. Plus the freshest meats.

C. D.

Great place for military and retirees to access fast for quick items and alcohol.

Shawn Christian

Always a pleasant experience

brian frisby

Wooo its was hot in there today

Ronald Anderson

Fair prices. The meat selection is not bad either.

Guilliano Janvier

Great place to shop. Friendly staff and cheap prices

Michael Sloan

Ft Meade Commissary is wonderful. The employees are super helpful. It is kept well stocked most of the time despite a robust traffic. I hope that this privilege is never taken for granted. I hope that Uncle Sam will always provide for the brave/dedicated men and women of the armed services.

Cassandra Kozak

I like that they pretty much leave things where they are so I can shop efficiently. They have a really good selection of more rare items like rice vinegar and kupi mayo. I really love the option to check myself out but really really wish they had the conveyor belt ones because they're just easier and would make everyone able to check out faster. I don't like being checked out by the volunteers because I want to organize and bag my own items because when I get home I can put things away much more quickly. My biggest wish is that Commissaries would offer an online ordering system like Walmart and Shop Rite. This would be a service that the people there could be paid for that would be more useful than bagging and would reduce some of the people going in and I bet would be a big help to moms and working people.

ChilliwackBuck .

Well stocked. Priced very reasonably for its patrons when compared to similar stores outside the main gate. Adequate parking area (that could use some cleaning up!) Large concrete flower pots out front (that are used more for cigarette butts than flowers)! Patrons will however, in spite of the above comments, save $$ by shopping here vs. the "other stores".

Big Army Guy

Great place they have alot for a lil bit of money

Pretti Lmj

I will never go here again! Went with a friend and was watched the whole time smh!

Tyler Givens

Self checkout is very strict on item count now. Wish we could use normal line but push our own cart out. But great commissary for prices and selection

This_is PWC

Always my favorite place to shop: very low prices, well stocked, and super clean.

Jonathan Lisowsky

Great people

Almary Montanez

Do not go on a Sunday! Not sure why I went but it was packed. Just like all commissaries they have variety of foods. The workwes where ni e a d helped woth any questions.

George Louk

Experience was good,staff polite & helpful.

Kim Dixon

Aways good... clean and organized.

George Hudson

The place is always clean. It smells good when you walk in. All the isles are well stocked and employees are helpful. I compared prices to items I normally purchase on the economy and found the commissary to be lower. I am a frequent shopper, so I will return

Vanessa Medlin

Well-stocked, you can find what you need and clean

Sergio Exposito

They have all the groceries you need, and it's probably 25-30% cheaper than in the economy.

Josh Cassidy

Very low prices and healthy food.

michelle Drumheller

If you are a military ID card holder, active or retired, you can shop here. It is a huge savings to shopping off-post. Just make sure you understand the gates and when they open and close before you go. The gate to Route 198 and Laurel closes at 9pm. The commissary closes at 9pm. The gas station near that gate closes at 8pm. This is important if you shop late and want to get gas and go out that gate.

Zenobia Swinton

You can shop if you have a military I.D to get on Base. This is a food store on base for military soldiers retirees and their families.

Bradford .

It's great otherwise, but this store has taken me the longest to get accustomed to where things are. I find myself walking up and down aisles looking for a certain item. They should make better signs over the aisles or reorganize.

Jackie Stallworth

Shopping at commissary is great, such variety

Ken Littlefield

I had not been in there in 7 or 8 years. A lot of changes for the better. Self serve check outs and a reward card. Cool

Nancy C

Meats are cheap here.. although you are better off getting fresh veggies somewhere else. I think most of the commissary veggies are on the verge of rotting, IDK, but it seems that way whenever I visit any commissary. I bought some grapes here last time and it was really soft. That was a waste and gross. Other than that, the fruits are okay but sometimes scant here. There is international/Asian spices and some food items here and that's convenient for me. I don't go to H Mart often so this works. I do like the friendly guys and girls that pack your groceries. Don't forget to tip them well!

Colette Nash

Very nice, everyone is willing to help you find things and always pleasant. Have shopped there for many years. I give it 5 stars.

Taylor Obyen

Fairly good with a broad selection of products

sun becker

Great place to shop if your military or retired military!

Olivia Crowley-Sancrant

A very polite young man bagged my groceries for me and was super respectful to his boss Mr. Carlos who was also very helpful. It was nice to see.

Tara Silvers

Great shopping

Sylvia McDowell

I do all my shopping there.

Palomino .

Amazing selection and best prices around

James Kever

Cheap prices compared to Walmart.

Francis McHugh

Excellent service and products.

Sara Reddin

Usually has the best deals. Love the guy that does the sushi/deals announcements! I do wish the fruits (berries in particular) we're better. They always seem to be mold ridden :/ The staff is really nice! And the lines can be long. You should go during the day or late Sunday shorter lines and they are usually restocking!

Latarsha Redding-Newton

Love this store, nothing like the military store!

Russell Olson

Not bad today. Still some empty spaces on the shelves.

Bruce Rogers

Great place to shop. Excellent variety. And the overall savings can't be beat; however, Monday is not the day to shop. Many bare shelves on Mondays.

Jerry Johnson

Great prices, usually go there 1 or 2 times a week.

Andri Fennell


Fiona Mosley

I called on a Sunday morning with a special request for a Harry Potter cake for my son. I asked about a Tuesday pick up and not only were they happy to do it but they were so pleasant and excited about creating the cake that it really made the whole experience exciting my my son and I. We were very pleased with the cake and will definitely be back for other special occasion creations!

lily bouquet

Why does the check lane entrance position and local change? No directional signs or notifications. No staff on floor to help find products and items. No assistance. Many prices are not posted. Some shoppers are older and disabled. No consideration for their situation or how they are struggling to complete their shopping errand. Everyone is not young, healthy and alert. Please think of this and help us.

Kayla B

Great place to pick up a sandwich for lunch!!

Thomas Collins

Great place

Josh Donnel

It's a commissary, but otherwise great selection, great hours, and they keep it pretty neat and clean...

LAWANDA Slaughter

Very nice place to shop.

Freda Johnson

It was great

Kadee D

Very affordable compared to other bases, can get picked over. Great meat prices.

ogre wease

Packed on the weekends, but what place isn't, fruit is something to be desired, so not always fresh, and also with the veggies, but anything else, it's a good place to grab your goods. Oh breads, the organic kind always seems to have a short shelf life. Well by the time I get to it, it's only 3 days left until it expires....

Wardell Kurihara

Staff is always helpful and smiling! Quick, easy to navigate and great parking.



Alix Volel

Great deals. Courteous and helpful staff.

Someguy Withalastname

Can't think of much that's bad aside from the wait time at checkout. Sometimes they'll run out of bananas or only have the lesser Del Monte brand out and that annoys me, but aside from those things it's a decent commissary.


Only downside is the produce doesn't really last. Great discounts on beef and chicken. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Erica Corbet

Selection isn't as grest as it used to be. Produce seems to go bad if you just look at it wrong, after bringing it home.

Bryan S

The Fort Meade Commissary offers good values on many leading products, but falls extremely short in the produce section. Oftentimes, strawberries or other fresh produce will mold the day after purchase. Also, be sure to check expiration and best by dates on anything that you buy, as we often find expired products still on the shelves.

Sabrina Darius

Lots of food options

Timothy Carlin

Good, very clean and safe.

Grace Delgado

Many items I shop for are either out of stock, or "haven't been stocked yet." VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

Eagle's eye

Access by military members and family only.

Ramiro Santiago

Clean, spacious, good parking and worth the trip to save on some groceries.

Stephen Morgese

Prices were better than what I've experienced in town. Large selection of staples and ethnic foods. I found all but one item typically carried by other service commissaries.

Shawn Alers

Wonderful experience. Saves me money

Rick Ranalli

They literally have the worst selection of produce I have ever seen throughout the country.

Kenneth Moore

Can't beat the prices when it comes to seafood and meats. I would recommend staying away from the overpriced fruits and vegetables. You can get better quality from Weis or Shoppers....cheaper too. Don't use the bathrooms there, they are dirty and grotesque.

Brian Oliver

It's a good place with someone like me to shop good prices.

Brian Miller

Always a pleasure to shop here. Wonderful selection always clean

Robert Hill

The commissary is always well stocked, with quality items to choose from.

Margaret Elliott

Super wide variety with great prices. Lots of things not commonly available off base.

Monique Green

I love the Commissary!!! The prices are great and so is the Staff..

Lisa Peterson

Very helpful staff. Lots of choices.

Darren Rodgers

Great selection. Awesome hours. Stays open until 9pm everyday


Small but had what is needed.

Jennifer Frazier

Covenience because I live on base but there fruits and vegetables rot within 2 days...and the selection is horrible...never fails when I get fresh stuff from there...

Emma Tucker

Always have what I need

Ed G

Awesome selection of items! They offer a wide range of different types of meat at reasonable prices and sometimes even better than bulk prices from Costco or Sam's Club!

Malik Brooks

I always find what I want and the selections are great!

Jay Penny

The best I've been too in 10 years in the military. Probably not saying much but produce was fresh. Meat looked fresh and seafood had decent selection.


Great prices and always great deals!

Roger Longenbach

If you are in the military or retiree, you can use the facility. It carries 100s and 100s of items to meet ones need.

Andrew Jurcak

An OLDER but large full service Commissary and the closest store to where my daughter and her husband reside. Would be FIVE STARS with the exception of the Haagen Dazs ice cream section which had not be restocked in MONTHS. What was remaining was PAST DATED for the months of June and July of 2019...YIKES. If we lived in this vicinity, I would have brought it to the attention of store management but I was in a hurry... Wife was waiting in the car with the AC running to keep the kitty's cool... Andy and Lucy

Wendy Cobena

Nice place to shop food

Andy Flacks

God bless America and our heroes

muffwbear playz

One of the better commissary for services. The majority cost of food is expensive in all the commissary the military pay the same prices as some of the discount stores. What happen to our military family getting better prices on foods, seafood and housewares good? Do you hear what we are saying?


Great prices! They are constantly adding more options for vegetarians and vegans as well as carrying more reputable brands as far as quality and healthy options. I am really grateful to still be able to bring my business to the base at Fort Meade.

Brigitte Martin

Friendly staff. Good commissary.

yeeterson yote

It was extremely difficult to shop because it was so hot in there. I assume the air conditioner is broken.

Richard Miller

Very pleasant cashier and bagger.

William Heidecker

Schools closed because of inclement weather. Tried calling "Customer Service." Phone rang (and rang, and rang) but no answer, not even a recording. So, I suppose I need to get in my car and drive to Ft. Meade. It would be nice if the folks at the commissary were really interested in customer service.

Jay S

Commissary needs to fix their ID scanning system.

Sheldon Farris

As far as comissaries go, this one's pretty good. No complaints really. Though I hear tell they jack prices up a dollar on pay days, haven't been able to confirm. The sushi ain't bad. Which usually pretty important to know.

Joshua Slappy

Good place to shop for your family needs

Nicholas Montalto

We use this commissary often to replenish our groceries. Great prices on meats and other staples you need around the house. They have fresh seafood as well. Although the prices on soda, laundry detergent and a few other items may not be as good as off post stores, your overall savings makes it worth the trip.

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