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9100 Brookville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910, United States Located in: Forest Glen Annex

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REVIEWS OF Forest Glen Commissary IN Maryland

Rodney Fils Julien

Kimberly Doran

Great people and selection

JK Mitchell

Great prices. Awful hours of opening. The fresh vegetables and fruit are not fresh and should be avoided. Sometimes the older ladies that have worked there too long come across as surly and unwelcoming.

William Bowser

Great store

Fernando Perez

Jade Myers

Sara Whitaker

Jason David


Don't follow google maps - it takes you through the back gate, which is no longer open for entry.

John Gylling

Produce here is often bad before you buy it. Hours are bad and they are closed Monday's and early on the weekend. This store is old and ready for an update. They also charge a maintenance tax. There are some good buys and it can be a good resource. Just check and make sure things you buy here are not expired.

Steven Link

A full size commissary that is little known as a result of its location. It has all the basics and NONE of the jammed isle ways and two mile long check-out lines. The meat dept although somewhat small has a little of everything and very helpful attendants if you have special requests.

Ségolène Thomé

James Owens

I have shopped there for 45 years. Staff has changed but always a good helpful crew.


You get to know the people and it's not too bad. But where's the fish?

Zulma Ortiz

Diane Seibert

Ronnie Hoggard

Had every thing we needed. Best prices around

Jay 90D

Tom Simms

For active duty, retired military, and some embassy personnel.

Amanda Neese

Excellent products good prices my fiance and I enjoy the experience here. A little bit of diversity and more selection in the pet department and beauty and health department would help. Great store.

Rudolph Williams

Reasonable prices

KT Lacy

Average groceries. Check the expiration dates.

Meagan Cobia

This commissary is located on Forest Glen Annex which is in a busy little construction/industrial area. The commissary itself is good with great prices and friendly staff. They also have a great selection.

Samuel Erickson

Food prices are good but you have to watch the expiration dates of the things you buy. We have not been paying attention and have purchased a few things that where already out of date, or where expiring very soon.

Jeff Morrison

Great prices, I do most of my grocery shopping here. Meat department is OK. Produce is sketchy so I supplement at Whole Foods.

Valen Bay

Best place to shop

Thomas O'Leary

A small commissary, but adequate for most needs. Good meat prices.

Sanja Ogrizovic

Good service, good prices... found everything I needed, as always.

Alexander Znaiden

Kikidi2742 Mills

Great little store! Very friendly and helpful staff

A Williams

Brian Sorensen

It's a commissary!

Glenda Oakley

Very convenient shopping

Kyle Holstine

Produce quality has improved since at least July 2016. Very friendly staff and a very good selection. Awesome commissary that serves the community well.

Barbara Chesman

Always easy to find things and I always get great service

Jae Dugan

Thomas Simms

Military only grocery store.

Victoria Duerr

Their highest prices are grocery chains regular prices. Bagger/carryout staff are helpful and friendly.

Michael Reed

Clean store with everything I needed. Produce section was better than a lot I've been to in the area.

Patrick Hall

The commissary itself is fine. It has everything one needs. The staff, on the other hand, are terrible, especially the baggers. On three separate occasions, we were in the checkout line, and there were three baggers just standing there, not doing anything but talking. I started to bag the groceries and they looked at me like I was crazy. One said "oh I got it" but I told him politely that there was no need. I figured maybe it was just a fluke, but then it happened again a week and a half ago. Today was the last straw. Again, in line, with multiple baggers standing there just talking. After emptying the cart, we figured they weren't interested in working again, so I started bagging. One said something under his breath, and I said "no worries, I'll bag it all up." Another one came up and started to help, but it was not his turn (apparently they take turns), and he turned to the one who should have been there and asked him if he was going to help and he said "I'm just over here chillin because they said they got it." These baggers work on tips, so I would think there would be a strong will to help as many customers as possible. Time to find another somewhere else to shop.

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Jalen Davis

Kasseen Benton

Waltraud Malovits

Nick Gray

Myra Cruz

Peter O

Nikos Xynos

Rudine Thomas

Never stocked up, service is good.

Leigh Penny

I have shopped at the commissary for many years and have found shopping there to be a saving on food especially meats. I enjoy shopping there.

Michael DeCarlo

James McNeil

Very pleasant visit.

Bonita Haney

Emma-Lea Jacklin Warsaw

It's a commissary, they have food there, it's big.

Drh2069 .

An old Deca Commissary that seems to keep it together. Good selection for such a small Commissary. Unfortunately 3 of the last five times I have been there I have witnessed internal loss by the employees. Personally think this store needs to clean sweep a good portion of staff or this will probably continue.

Paul Gunther

Large Commissary but my only drawback no fresh seafood

Katherine Davidson


David Munch

Kathryn Holland

Wonderful benefit for our military families

Vickie Kirkpatrick

A good-sized military commissary at Forest Glen, MD. A lot of variety available in groceries and usually well-stocked in most departments. The produce department has been improved recently.

Bennie WIlliams JR

Friendly, convenient and pricing

Zella Carver

We here at Forest Glen works our world class for our customers. Come visit our store.

Donovan Lane

Kayleah Morris

This may not be the biggest or the best commissary in the area, but it's mine! I am very loyal to this commissary. The staff here go above and beyond. Being stationed here for five years now, I've gotten to know many of them on a first name basis. They might not have all the bells and whistles, but they have everything you need at amazing prices. I recommend going in the off pay weeks as prices seem to drop. I recommend this facility to all my soldiers and sailors!

Kara Brusher

Good prices, especially for packaged, frozen, and non perishable items. Deli counter can also make delicious paninis. Unfortunately the produce section often has moldy or low quality items. Good for your other shopping needs, just not my go-to place for produce. Also somewhat inconvenient to get to, since the gate right next to it is never open for incoming traffic (and only open for outgoing traffic a few hours on week days).

dora perez

Great store, its not packed or slow but with rude employees. Absolutely atrocious attitudes they've got there.

Gaynea Hudson

Sierra Buchanan

Michael Marks

Great food, great prices, great people. Military only. Entrance is South gate only.

Forbon Mangwi

I spent extra $3 to withdraw from the ATM just because I was told I can't use my debit card

Ronald Chatman

Doug Rubenstein

John K

Medium size commissary.. well stocked and good selection. Employees are very helpful

yulia sitnikova

Derrick Brown


Good deals, kind of small but I've never had any issues finding what I need at half the price compared to other local grocery stores.

Devin Waymire

mp p

Friendly atmosphere.

Carla Klein

The variety of products is very poor.

David Schopfer

Lovette N Atabansi

Friendly staff. For veterans though. Not public.


No complaints.

Debra Washington

Due to the convenient location (close to home and eork), I enjoy shopping at the commissary on a weekly basis. I would love to see them open on Monday. I would also like to see a collection area for the shopping carts in the parking lot.

Yvonne Williams

Prices are great but you gotta get there early or it’s slim pickings!

Jose Lopez

Probably the Army's best kept secret. A small commissary that is well stocked. Best of all is its location in a little known Army garrison, nearby Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. (Forest Glen Annex)

Nick Kut

Great little Commissary that has all the essentials. For a larger selection and more variety, I would suggest Fort Meade or Fort Belvoir

Vanessa Wilson

Love the prices and fast service

mewo woof

I love this place not packed parking Everytime .

Yuri Busch


Sayyeda Brown

Best deals ever

Desiraa Jordan

Produce is always good, love this place.

Jeff L

jerry fulton

Masa Sailing

Amazing service and selection. Great value

Peter Hall

Love this commissary!!!

Katie M

Small, but great prices on produce and specialty products comparative to the surrounding area. The baggers who only work for tips have been pretty rude and slow.


Marci Hodge

Eun Choi

Nate Copeland

Other than the produce section great place. Produce hit or miss. Perfect location for me working on the same facility the commissary is located at.

Ricky Olguin

Commissary was quite nice. Good selection of food and had everything that I needed. Only reason that I gave it 4 stars is that It is a little hard to get into. I ended up on opposite gate and it was closed and when I went around to the other gate, I got lost.

Greg Marchand

Linda Kaufman

Very, very small organic selection. Produce section is never very good. I consistently end up throwing away packaged spinach by end of week because it gets slimy. Asparagus usually soft and limp. Squash and zucchini small and dented, gouged. These are all the norm. Worse of all is I find expired baby food each week. You must check the dates on everything in the store; I find expired items in nearly every section. Consistently out of items; almost always have to go to Giant to finish shopping. But even with the $7 or $8 surcharge at the commissary, we still shop there because it is always a lot cheaper than Giant. But I think half of that is because Giant has such a larger selection - we spend less at the commissary because we find less to choose from.

Joseph Pauley

Hidden resource. Took us a year to figure outer lived right next to it. It's out dated but they have a good selection and good people who work there

Jeanne Watts

Today was quiet shopping at the Forest Glen Commissary. I was even able to get a handicap parking place in front. I love shopping here.

Russell Henderson

good route

Rui F

themarylander .

Some of the few vegies available are not fresh or are inapropiately refrigeranted, an asumption made by looking and tasting their (as example) bananas.

Larro Kimbreil


Tomas Benedicto Villavicencio Robins

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

antwain young

Marc Parent

Staff is happy, courteous and helpful for shoppers. Kind of like it better than Fort Myers commisary.

Flower Budd The God

Jacqueline Meadows

Carol Hart

The workers are very friendly and helpful. The produce is usually good. Prices are reasonable.

Audrey Rygmyr

Chaplain Rivers

Great hidden military gem within the Forest Glen community.

Munashiimaru .

Produce is generally bad and more expensive than say Fort Meade's commissary. Otherwise, it's decent as a commissary.

Lenora Hammond


Great prices!

Quachardd Sloan

Decent experience not a lot of people and they had what I needed

John Melton

Older store that doesn't compete with new commissaries. Still, nice selection .

Ana Quintero

Johnny Yang

Like traveling back in time.

Sandra D

This is a basic military commissary. There are 2 others in the area at Meade and Andrews but this one is closest to the Silver Spring side of D.C. Not very large but you can get all your basics and a few specialty household items.

kelly palmer

Quiet, slow paced commissary that doesn't really get busy with long lines. Great selection.

Ashley Roff

Very disappointed with the customer service.

James Carroll

Abdul-Aziz Shaheed

It's ok.

Sean Bertoni

Best prices around on most items!

Laurie Glogower

Great store! We'll stocked and clean and neat. Very friendly staff!

Jorge Rivera

Blessed to have it

Denise Anderson


Shirley Broome

This is an old building and very small. A few years ago, they closed the adjoining OF. They should have moved some of the Commissary into that area. But they have not. I suggest they do so so that the Commissary can offer more choices.

Steven Heder

Well stocked, easy in/out during our Saturday visit.

Andra Reventlow

markeshia bass

I love this place..

Matt Sullivan

Small commissary, produce always poor quality. Staff generally nice, however.

Thad Sharp

The prices are good BUT you have to look at every item's expiration date. Much of the food is close to or at its expiration. This causes one to spend way too much time there. The meat selection is not good at all.

Jenzi Jenzi


Great staff

Natalie Miller

Yes, this commissary is small and very out dated. However the management and staff are exceptional! I only gave 4 stars because the produce and meat departments could be better. Overall great for dry goods and basics that do not expire quickly. Not good for meat and produce.

Marc Bernath

Small but all the essentials!

Amos Goodson

Vincent Ray Ramos

If it's your first time going here, don't use this address on google. Type "Commissary Way" instead. It is a nice small commissary, compared to the ones in Belvoir or Meade though it has the basic essentials. I also like that it's not very crowded.

cstmr fdbck1

Great employees and fair prices. However, the shelves are increasingly out of stock for some basic items.


A Hidden Gem, Great Shopping and Great People

Brant Isom

A little small but good for the essentials and pretty manageable even on a late summer Saturday afternoon

Pamela B

Iron Boar

Patraic Emery

Probably one of the better commissaries out there. There is rarely ever a line. Store is clean and organized. They have upgraded the self checkout too.

LaMarr Walker

Nick Curca

This is a military place but excellent service

Sally Rausch

Great place to shop.

L Br


Nice small commissary tucked in the forest Glen complex

Robert Welch

This Commissary is on an active military base and is not open to the public. On the weekend there is only one gate open but it isn't really that much out of the way. Prices are competitive with the outside. Some are better but many grocery stores have sales that beat the commissary prices.

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