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REVIEWS OF Eddie's of Roland Park IN Maryland

Glena Wirtanen

Lots of wonderful things to eat!


Excellent 5star service and selection i tip my hat to the deli workers for there service and sandwich portion sizes

Amalia Lopez

A bit pricier than your typical Giant or Safeway but the service and quality is worth it. Amazing bakery for breads and even custom cakes. Produce is amazing. The best is their prepared foods and catering... delivered and delicious.

Pamela Shaw

Nice cozy store with everything you need. Best prepared food line up in the area. Don't know what you want for dinner, just stop in and you'll find something ready to go.

Michael Mccormick

Great service. Great produce and prepared foods. Great selection of groceries for a smaller store.

Patrick Hudson

This is without a doubt the worst grocery store in the state of Maryland. ZERO commitment to quality local products. ALL THE PRODUCE LOOKS GROSS AND OLD. Overpriced and underwhelming. Why would anybody ever go here when you have options like Mom's Organic and Whole Foods nearby... If you feel FORCED to go because you live nearby make SURE you look at the dates of items because they CONSISTENTLY sell expired products, including meat, fish and produce - and also bread! I'm telling you....Take my word for it....

Xhynno Splz

The best service and friendly customer staff

Brenda Jackson

I away love the sandwiches and food st the deli you can always find an excellent choice of food for any meal of the day. They have great cooks there...

Scott Haggerty

Always good

Kim Lineberger

It certainly has excellent service and is convenient to my home. Their read-to-eat food items made in-store are very good, and they make a wide selection. Their prices on day-to-day grocery items, however, (cereals, teas, produce, peanut butter, etc.) are significantly more expensive than other grocery stores.

lisa hunter

Absolutely love everything about this place. Customer service is outstanding!

K. L. Banks

Good place to buy a sandwich.

Emilio Cruz

Love going here. Good food good service.

Dolores pomles

You can always pickup a great sandwich and receive friendly service at lunch! Additionally it is meticulously clean and not cluttered.

Erin Tuel

Great food, great staff, always fast check out,somewhat limited parking but I always find a spot. Hold onto your wallets for the pricing though....

Pat France

There is nothing in this store that is not good. Especially their soups. Absolutely fabulous! Stock up in the freezer! Seafood, meats, deli, produce, salad bar, bakery, everything is terrific. Holiday foods are always extra good. Easy to order and pick up! Service is good. Open convenient hours. Parking easy.


They always have what I want. My sandwiches are made to order. I'm a regular patron, and get treated well. Shout Outs To Mr. Bob, And The Deli Crew!!

Mimi Stratman

My father is currently at Sheppard Pratt and my mother and I arrived early and went to Eddie’s to check it out. What a beautiful store. Everything was gorgeous from the way the apples were stacked to the service. I watched I believe Charlie a sharp dressed employee walk up to a customers cart and completely unloaded it for the customer. I will say of any grocery store I’ve ever been to the Eddie’s staff goes above and beyond. Way to go! The prepared food looked wonderful and the curried chicken salad was delicious. My mother and I are looking forward to our next visit!! Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Michelle Bengermino

Covered the basics and good selection of specially items

August Vanderdonckt

Overpriced but convenient. Their prepared foods are sometimes hit or miss. Super friendly and helpful staff

Rhonda Saulsbury

AWESOME product selection, showroom appearance and customer service! Old - school charm and cleanliness. One of my favorite stores to shop in!

Mary Vosburg

Lots of local fare. Clean, bright and a lovely place to shop.

Iris Steth

This grocery store is absolutely wonderful! I have been shopping here since January. While the prices are above average, the service is spectacular! Employees do a wonderful job of aiding, assisting, and handling both orders and clients. I have worked in customer service and I know how frustrating it is to work behind a counter and serve people under a variety of stressful circumstances. In the midst of all the renovations, I have seen nothing but poised men and women continuing to provide me with high quality service. Linda, Tina, Eddie and Gerald just to name a few. Great place. Great people. Great service!

Karen Mullen

I generally am pleased with the service and food quality. But I do have a problem with the lack of labels at the salad bar. While some things are labeled, there are a number of items could use a clarifying label. It's a shame to have such a nice variety but be unsure what the item is and no one around answer my question!

A. Rodriguez

Bought items in the bakery, deli, and chocolate/coffee bar area. Personable attentiveness and service always given in these areas. Wish they had one closer to my house, pricey, but still a repeat customer.

Shareki Chaney

The Monterey is the me at least.

Tressa Brush

Great grocery. Love the salad bar and sandwiches

Betty Sudano

Have been @ least 3 times a year. Everytime I have shopped there the bakery employees have been incredibly rude. Never acknowledge you and make you feel like that you are bothering them I do hope the Manager takes care of this. It was so bad I wanted to order more but did not feel comfortable asking again

Elizabeth Brooks

My experience in ordering for delivery has not been good in the past due to the attitude of the people answering the store phone. However, recently I spoke with a person named "Marty" who was extremely pleasant and did his best to "shop" everything I ordered in the absence of the regular shopper who called out sick. Now that's great service!


High end topnotch store. Think of it as a locally owned Trader Joes.

Karen Walker

Food is always fresh n delish. This is definitely a place to try. U will not be disappointed.


Extraordinarily diverse salad bar, great fish and meat sides, great cookies, and personable check-out clerks. What's not to like?

Mark D

This place may be a little more than other grocery stores but the service and prepared foods are amazing

Maria Vitale

I worked at the one on Roland Avenue many years ago. And here for just a bit. I loved it when I walked in and saw how much better it looked from when I was there last. Not sure about the crab cake yet, but salad bar is awesome.

Nancy Rosenberg

High quality family owned grocery store. Great butcher, deli,produce, prepared foods, bakery and catering.


"Expectations at Eddie's are very high," I said--the Store Manager replied, "as they should be." She then proceeded to exceed my expectations on a rare unsatisfactory transaction: she refunded money, gave me an item with no charge, & allowed me to test current stock in her presence with a spoon I had brought for that purpose! Eddie's has the best front-end in the business--awaiting your arrival are employees standing by to direct you to the best line, unload your items, check you out, bag paper (best full-size nice handle bags) or plastic, & walk you to your car! High customer expectations are set by Eddie's high standards--prices are in line for quality of goods/services rendered, including many specialty items prepared on the premises! You've heard their ads on NPR--it's worth the trip!

Kevin Krasnansky

A little on the expensive side, but great service. There are always plenty of people working, and high quality meat and seafood.

Charles Caskey

A great store, but a little pricey. Has a wonderful meat-fish department, deli and bakery. We especially love the bakery!!!!

Jackie Newton

Great crab cakes. Salad selections superb.

maryam sarshar

Great selection of prepared foods. Excellent meat department. Catering and delivery available. Wonderful selection of unusual products and brands. Cheese department, bakery, candy department, gourmet coffees, gifts. Very personalized service always.

Karen Marcellino

WOW!!! FANTASTIC!!! Meats, poultry, and seafood THE BEST YOU'LL FIND ANYWHERE around Baltimore. Speciality items throughout the store!!! An AMAZING bakery. Fresh fruit is phenomenal!!! EVERYONE in the store is friendly and helpful!!! GREAT candy counter!!! Even support local vendors - carry Mouth Party Caramels

‘ CCK5018 ‘

I enjoy shopping here because the store is set up differently than Giant. At Eddies, they put the healthy food in the front and the junk food in the back, and it doesn't make me want to eat junk food! Thank you, Eddie's for looking out for my health!

louis monk

Great customer service, Especially Renorda in the Deli.


Pricey store but good staffers

Gale Della Santina

I had a little "cake crisis" today because the bakery from which I had ordered a photo sheet cake (for 60 people) called to say their photo scanner was broken and they couldn't do the cake. I called several other places, none of which could help. But then I called Eddie's on Charles Street and spoke with Cindy in the bakery....... She said she would be happy to do a cake for me if I could get the photo to her. I drove it over, and by the time I arrived she had already frosted and decorated the cake with lacrosse sticks (which is not easy in frosting....) I gave her the photo and she added the photo image while I waited. The cake is absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't believe the outstanding customer service I received from Eddies. The cake was also $5 less than the original place. I highly recommend the bakery at Eddies for special event cakes.

Steve Hamrick

Ruben and cream of crab soup were both bangin


Shrimp salad must be award winning. I'm a fan of the curried chicken salad as well.

Joan Brooks

Crab cakes getting smaller, price is the same. Otherwise great place.

Josie Knows

Fresh food and friendly, customer service oriented employees. I ordered a freshly made sandwich from the deli. It was delicious.

woody wildes

Small supermarket with Huge customer service. Check here for unique and off beat foods like Goat Milk Yogurt.

Kate Foulke

Always has what I'm looking for for lunch and always the most pleasant employees around

Joseph Milio

Loved the deli impressed with the remodel all showcased foods looked delicious

Deborah Smith

Eddies my fav for cooper yellow cheese and everything in between their hospitality greeters and all rock!

Motley Crue

Nice little market with very good selection of gourmet items. Catering available, also has beer/wine/spirits Monday to Saturday. No alcohol sales on Sunday.

Daniel Jenkins

My catering order arrived two hours late. The food was delicious, but the quality of the food is immaterial to the botched delivery. I hasten to add that the meal was in celebration of my 80 year-old mother, on Mother's Day. After some haggling (!) the delivery fee was waived. Annoying as this was, it was worse to call myself to locate the food -- you'd think they'd proactively reach out to notify me of the delay. They did not. Since the food arrives cooked but refrigerated, if I use Eddie's again I would schedule delivery many, many hours earlier than I'd like to start reheating -- maybe even a day early.

Zykia Correll


Andy Pekosz

Friendly, interactive staff and a nice selection of prepared foods make this a great Baltimore area grocery

Karen Epstein

Great specialty food market. Excellent customer service.

Deb Skonezney

Clean friendly and everything you need in a local upscale grocery shop.

Stephen Jurist

Nice selection of food. The sandwiches made at the deli are at least a weekly thing for me. The only flaw is some of the things are overpriced.

Freda Marie Brown

Love this place...especially their produce and deli!

Lorna Numbers

One of my favorite market. It's small compared to others but very satisfying are the deli, prepared food & bakery. Well done

Jessica Mook

I go for the sandwiches and black bottom cupcakes. They're delicious!

Kristin Kight

I’d rather pay a little more and see the positive relationships between the workers and be treated with friendliness myself! The food is excellent and so is the service!

Noemi Rodriguez

Lunchtime is busy, best to call your order in ahead of time. Crabcakes & their seafood salad are amazing!

Eric Conway

Best high end grocery store around. No doubt.

Venice Arnold

First time in store and it was a wonderful experience. Keep up the good work.

margie troy

Best grocery store in town. Fabulous meats and butcher, deli and bakery!

Joe Phan

Good produce and prepared foods. Desserts are better than your average grocery store. Not the cheapest, but you get higher quality goods. Can be difficult to leave the parking lot turning left since it is on a busy street.

Emily O.

Great produce, and wonderful greeting card selection, but I would expect more intentionality in product offerings given how expensive it is.

Dan Brown

Very friendly people working and shopping here. Nice little store with a good meat counter. Some locally sourced meats, which is awesome.

Andrew Montillo

Diverse selection, impressive hand crafted desserts. One of the best grocery stores i've encountered in the area. Bakery will certainly require regular visits. Order your cakes specifically from the guy named Gerald. The Butcher is is well informed and are masters of there crafts man.....lamb chops were real lamb chops, thick and worth the money.

Matthew McOsker

Yes, you may pay a little extra, but the experience is great compared to big grocery stores with massive, and slow check out lines. The selection is just what one needs, and not so much as to cause selection paralysis. Nice to see the same familiar staff when I go there.

Bryn Phillips

Organized store...Eddie's typically has what I need.

James Cline

$9.00 for Gallon of Apple Cider. It had better Hard Cider for $9.00.

charles robinson

A great little store, with quality produce, meats, seafood, and prepared food, and an excellent wine shop.

Iris Rosa

very good food l like

Cindy yost

Love this store, prices are high but they have so many special items that I love so I guess it's worth it.

Doug Ready

Expensive but exception service and product quality par none

Idalee DiGregorio

Very upscale grocery. Best chicken salad in Baltimore. Fun products you can't find other places.

natalina yoseph

Very nice place!!! But expensive.

Althea Parker

Like this location way better than St. Paul street better selection and variety but awesome sandwich at either location. 1/4 pound of lunch meat on a sandwich.

Dustin Thomas

Incredibly helpful staff. I can just ask them what beer I should get and they suggest something... Haven't been wrong yet.

Lucy Robins

Good for prepared in-store food, also specialty items that are not available elsewhere in the area. OTOH, the produce is very expensive for this area, and in quite a few cases is not as good as at the local chain supermarkets. Very good, helpful staff.

Matt McDermott

A Baltimore tradition. Every time I go in there, I find a surprising new flavor or gift. Service is concierge-grade and they hire people with disabilities. Gourmet-to-Go dishes and deli sandwiches are fabulous. The deli counter can get a bit backed up at lunchtime, so get your sandwich early.

Priscilla Giles

Great atmosphere Ordered a Reuben from the deli- fantastic!

Jock McClees

Excellent quality meat and fish. Great bakery items. Smaller selection than grocery stores like Giant but generally have everything you need. Sometimes more expensive than Giant but not always.

William Nerenberg

Marvelous markets with very high quality food, great personnel. I have been shopping there for 13 years and seldom go anywhere else. Produce, meats are superb as is a large section of prepared foods.

Benjamin Chartier

good selection, fresh fruit/vegetables. Prepared foods are good too, especially the cole-slaw

Dennis McCarthy

Excellent meat and produce. Always clean and friendly.

Karen Schwartz

Long lines at the deli, only to find out they did not have what I wanted.

sandy darrow

I liked the food and the service was good

Frederick Kline

I always enjoy shopping at Eddie's. The customer service is outstanding. I especially love the bakery. They make all of my cakes and desserts for birthdays and all holidays. They are the best..

Bradley Alston

Great selection a d quality but pricey

Pamela Williams

Great Ham Salad. Friendly staff. Prices are high compared to say, Giant.

Keith Flynn

Great grocery store with gormet options. Prepared food is available, salad bar, coffee shop, catering, deli, and bakery.

Patrick Campion

Great food and atmosphere

Krystal Bailey

Best Italian cold cuts anywhere

James Foster

My first day of working here was marvelous. Their choices of food is exceptional.

Gabby Cha

Love the atmosphere here and everyone is extremely nicer and helpful. The only negative is that the prices are high

Cheryl Middleton

Great place to pop in and get groceries, special dishes for entertaining, or wonderful pre-made dishes for a meal. Always super friendly and helpful, they make shopping a treat! And they unload your shopping cart for you and will carry your groceries out to your car! Who does that any more? For shut-ins, they offer delivery. Yes, it's more expensive than a regular grocery store, but it's my go-to place when I need something fast or need to feel pampered.

Aquilla Wilkes

Nice place to work.

Jarrett Farmer

Groceries here are pricier than necessary, and the selection is not great.

Domenic Georgantas

Terrific local grocery chain.

G Trainor

An upscale grocery store. Great butcher on location.

Aaron Westafer

This store is great! Super clean, great food and quality items. Also, they stack the fruit so nicely :). Prices of the ready-to-eat food costs a bit more, but it is well made and tasty.

Renorda Gaymon

Great place to work and shop. Come check out the Deli and get a Delicious Sandwich & or Entrees

chris davis

Great friendly staff

Martin Roberge

Best bakery in Baltimore. Excellent butcher and deli counter. Has lots of unique and tasty items.

Sherrell Savage

Great store to find the basics & special items

Basil Bradford

Every city should have a place where the best things can be found. Get your staples from Wal-Mart , you will have the ability to get the perfect food for that perfect night. There are days when good enough will not do !!

Rosa Nicks

I have been working in this area for 20 years. Eddies has never let me down clean store friendly workers. I highly recommend the shrimp salad and their soup. I don't know who makes it but i would like to shake his or her hand. Luv it

Jill Basye-Featherston

Get the special sandwiches! Yummy!

Lynda Meade

Great deli, pretty flowers and lovely gifts, not to mention almost anything else needed in a food market!

Jennifer Zaher

Wildly overpriced but delicious if you've got the money to spend. The parking lot can get crazy.

Steve Miller

I go there to get lunch. They have the best deli sandwiches in the area.

Jennifer schneider

I was looking for a hot food section, they didn't have one but they had a nice selection of premade food for heating up

sheila grier

I stop in Eddie's at least once every two weeks. It is so personal and the produce, seafood and meat are better than Giant. I shop at Giant mainly for package and can items and cleaning supplies then travel up to Eddie's. The seafood and lobster bisque are superb.

JOAN Vanderwerker

Has great food. Shrimp creole tasted like my mother made it.

Catherine Gross

I am so deeply disappointed. I ordered a 36 piece Mini pastry tray and another tray from catering one week before my gathering. It wasn't ready or even made when I arrived. When it was handed to me there were no mini-cannolis, no petit fours, no moouse cups, and not a single mini fruit tart. Instead I recieved what looked like they grabbed whatever was available. I have had such faith and trust in Eddies that I didn't examine the tray when I left. This was for a celebration of a monumental birthday and these items were what my other half wanted and didn't get a single item. I was so shocked. By the time I realized what had happened as I began to place the items on a chilled plate, it was too late and I didn't have time to fix it for my beloved. The one item we didn't care about was the creme puff which was the only item originally stated that was on the platter. I can't apologize enough to my other half and we can never have the 50th birthday celebration back. Update: Eddie's manager called me. It was a lovely surprise. They refunded my money. Thank you.

Trena Carter

My favorite small franchise market.

Bob Bobertson

This is where rich people go to shop and it shows. Free gourmet coffee every visit, fully staffed, functional, and competent butcher shop, deli, AND bakery all built into the store, and employees that go out of their way to help you with every little thing. High prices, you get what you pay for.

Patrick Daniels

Service is what this market is all about. Whatever you desire they try to provide for you. Prices reflect the level of service.

Ann Christopher

Can't beat the service here. Their sandwiches and salads are the best. It's worth it

Katrice Lucas

Great market. Friendly employees!!

Asali Damali

Can be busy at the deli sometimes. However the food is worth the wait. Love the beef pastrami sandwich.

Galen Desch

Very clean. Great service. Welcoming. Prices a bit on the high side.

Robbie Hyman

It was very nice, I really enjoyed going there when ever I'm in the neighborhood.

Joy Lipsey

Excellent meats and produce, great deli and gourmet to-go bars, customer service reminiscent of old fashioned grocery stores

Valeria Ringgold

Poor prepared food quality and way too expensive. I won't go there again.

Jaime Lievano

I go there frequently and I like it. However today it was awful. The chicken was overcooked and dry

Linda J. Smithwick

The salad bar wonderful one of the best in town,today i ordered roland park country sandwich the bread fell apart in my hand,very boring sandwich please check dates,but the salad was great.

Anne Coyle

A small grocer packed with a lot of variety. Excellent deli and salad bar.

Terence Phillips

Friendly staff. Gourmet prepared meals... Carry many hard-to-find items that a distinguished cook may find helpful.

Monica Hall

Very clean an nice store with friendly workers or associates.

Julia Golbey

Love small yet well stocked grocery stores. Eddie's is a gem.

Patrick S

Good but limited selection. Owners are very friendly and informative. The tastings are great especially the customer appreciation tastings.

Denisha Salliey

My favorite!

Michelle J

I go to this location frequently. I absolutely LOVE the salad bar here. It's not huge but it has just about everything you need for a flavorful, healthy salad. It's always fresh and they usually have an attendant tidying it up throughout the day. It's exceptionally clean. The store itself is great as well. It's pricey but I don't do my weekly shopping here. Just a few things for a special occasion. The staff is exceptional and very friendly. They are warm and friendly to everyone. Customer service is emphasized on a daily basis...

Joyce Glandon

Love it...the veal parmesan is delicious. Just wish they hadn't run out of their banana pudding-- it's worth a trip to the store.

Botta Baltimore

Excellent deli, meat, seafood, and prepared foods service counters. Very polite and helpful staff.

Debbie Iglehart

Awesome Bakery and Shrimp Salad Great staff, service and gormet to go!

Shannon Gillespie

Great place for Baltimore specialities especially during Eastee

Roland Selby

Great experience and the food from the deli is delicious.

Alex Barron

Prepared foods and bakery are particularly strong here. Service is always excellent and there is almost never any wait at the register. I'd go here a lot more if it weren't so expensive. Great for lunch and a cup of coffee, but I can't afford to do my regular grocery shopping here.

Ben Schwantes

Nice small grocery store. High end selection with prices to match.

Victoria Peng

Expensive, Quality is bad, Slow you name it. They got our order wrong and took a extra 20 minutes.

Derrick Edmonds

Crab cakes were good

mike vaeth

Expensive but you get quality fruit, vegetables, seafood, meats and deli. Very friendly and accommodating.

Vina Lockhart

Had an associate grab at my personal bag and shove her hands inside. She yanked on it while I was trying to carry my groceries to my car and hurt my neck/back/shoulder. I do not feel safe at this location and won't come back. Other than the assault, the store was clean, nicely stocked, and had really great quick-grab dinner options. But the associates need better training about personal boundaries and should never touch customers, and ESPECIALLY should not grab at their personal items.

Joe Cox

Eddie's has the best deli in Baltimore. The pasta peas and bacon are to die for. Always friendly service, good parking. Light bulb selection is poor. Prices are high but the quality is very good.

Teresa Henry

I rushed in before work so didn't get to really look around. But salad bar was great!!

Lin Romano

This is a very popular deli - and wonderful yet certainly not inexpensive. The staff is extremely accommodating, friendly, and will try their best to keep up with the rush-hour crowd. They have a range of foods and do well with sandwiches and salad items for vegetarians. It's great to stop by there to pick up food for a spontaneous picnic!

PEGGY Caralle

Never been there.

Charleen McGrath

Shrimp salad sandwiches on sale. Haven't been here in years, but enjoyed shopping, the brands, the specialty items.

Daniel Beirne

This store was nicely updated a few years back but that didn't change the large deli sandwiches are friendly service.

Patrick McCormick

Eddie's is a neighborhood institution. The deli, butcher, and special services are second to none. The shelves are well stocked. The staff are genuinely friendly and interested in helping. The store was recently remodeled and is up to date and clean. Finally, the location is convenient. It is a pleasure to shop at Eddie's.

Carolyn Fischer

Like Gucci. This store caters 2 ur every need. They will carry ur groceries from cash register 2 car. Just very $! $$!

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