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6520 Old Waterloo Rd # J, Elkridge, MD 21075, United States

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REVIEWS OF Columbia Halal Meat IN Maryland

Anass A

Syed Shabbir

Alberto Sasso

khola khalid

Great place to shop a huge variety of South Asian spices especially Pakistani and Indian masala. It's every kind you name it and you 'll find it there. Frozen section has a large variety too. The best part is the halal meat where you find fresh white and red meat of any kind and they prepare it the way you like. I like the veggies too they are always fresh. In a nut shell, I find every thing for my kitchen which save my time and does not let me wonder much. Highly recommended.

Joseph Barnes

sana zehra

Pakistani grocery store

Farheen S

Desi spices, veggies, roti flour, snacks, kabobs and halal meat. You get all these and a lot more stuff here. They also have organic halal chicken.

Larry Holt

Great place for freshly cut Lamb (cut bone-in on a band saw, or boneless hand trimmed). They also have pre-seasoned chicken, lamb, and beef. Additionally they carry a wide array of spices, dried goods, and fresh ingredients like ginger, garlic, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, etc...

Johnson S

The meat used to be good, but the quality seems to be going down. Now they are selling regular goat instead of baby goat, but still charging the same prices.

Abiola Dawodu

Good store for Halal meat and spices

Sam .

Fresh meat always!

Kelsey Martlock

Rahman Monzur

Shop may not be clean but the chicken is organic. Prepared food is old and their food warmer was broken.

csk c

Ebadullah Siddiqui

Very good experience first time, nice and friendly service.

Sana Mahmoud

I love this store. It's not a big store but i found everything i need. Meat was very good and fresh. Overall experience of mine was great. I recommend everyone to come and visit this store if u want all desi stuff at one spot and especially if u want fresh and good meat.

pranav gavara

Cozy place to get Indian groceries


Great variety and curteous staff. we have been shopping here for 7 years. No complaints. Samosas are very tasty. Owner goes out of his way to help customers. A.K Ahmed

Asim Aslam

Very friendly staff and they have wide range of international foods and Halal meat

Naznin Sultan

Their meat is too expensive comparing to other places. Bought sweet items, they are not fresh at all. Bought paratha, the packet was open and all the parathas were broken half. Most people don’t ask for the price per LB of the meat. Please ask their price first so that you can compare with other stores. I just bought goat meat per LB $9.99 plus tax. I didnt ask the price since it was busy but realized that I overpaid when I got home. Stuffs are rude and have too much attitude. I won’t recommend this place at all since we have many other desi grocery stores near by.

Zain Syed

Aun Mohammad

It is good place to shop.

Naveen Kumar Ganji

sarvendra aeturu


Jacqueline NightNurse

Venkata Gadde

Faraz Haider

Good service and very reasonable prices!

Priyakumar Paul

Good place to buy goat, chicken and beef. Guys at meat section do good job.

Imtiaz Minhas

Very friendly staff. Excellent variety. Very reasonable prices. Best meat in the city.

Vipul N Shah.

Decent Indian store. Good halal meat.

Mohammed Qureshi

sanchit verma

The chicken samosas have everything but chicken:)

Priya Gunasekaran

bhanu prakash reddy

Samee Nooruddin

Swati Bhandari

Good halal meat

Ali Sohrab

Great place for Halal meat. We love it.

Azhar M Sher

Fresh meat, and friendly service, very helpful. The owner is very knowledgeable and courteous.

Shahzad Satti

Nice asian store, but need to review pricing. Seems a bit higher than others. Meat is halal and fresh.

Dan Thompson

MrAbuBasel .

You can find what you need it but with expensive price.

Katukuri vamshi krishna

Good place to get fresh goat meat and chicken. Store is not too big but has all the items. There's little wait time in it's peak hours. Place could feel a little cramped when there's too much rush. And because most people come here for meat, the response time is pretty fast at the store.

varun bedi

Faryal Nadeem

Efficient. Order meat on phone and pick it up.

alieu saccoh


Rahat H

Mallesh kumar


Leroy Smith

Very organized. Great service..

Asad Gondal

You can almost get every Pakistani thing

Sandeep Antony

Amir Khan

Is very good food and meat every time fresh meat and grocery clean store onwer is good man working hard

Sunny Singh

Vonzella Matin

Very nice place to get Halal food It's a blessing

rita gunti

I love this place!! I always go here to get groceries and the guys are always professional.

sadananda pande

michael williams

Preba Manohar

Mohammad Peracha

Their pricing are very good. Store is very neat and clean. Friendly staff and comfortable environment. Overall A+++++++++

Amar Abdallah

Sumaiya Andaleeb


Nice and clean place and full line of pakistani groceries.

Reg Shap

The owner of the shop(i think its a pakistani or bengali guy)Very unprofessional He never says thank you,he throws the pen or money change on the table once you pay for it. I asked him once,do i look like a dog.why you trowing the pen at me,i am standing right in front of you. Never get the meat,the guys cutting the meat,i saw a guy put this fingers in his mouth(after lunch break),then went to cut the meat.


Very professional. Awesome place to get unique ingredients and fresh meat

Neeraj Bhatia

Good meat and Indian food

Jack Johnson

Bilal Khan

One of the best place in maryland always get fresh zabiha halal organic meat management is too quick to take your orders in case of any inconvenience owner comes forward to help you like good stuff and good customer care service is really hard to find together but this place have both keep doing your best guys if I had chance to give them 10 stars then they deserve that too

Fuad Alkhawaldeh

Jafar Rizvi

Chaudhry Wahab

Great place to shop! They have indo pak grocery and fresh meats. You can place your order ahead of time as well.

Shahid Shaan

Harish Krishna Yanamala

I like buying Goat meat and vegetables here but I felt chicken I brought on one Sunday got some odd smell and had to through away in couple of days. May be it was just one day, but I didn't want to take chances there after.

Syed Abidi

sri sowmya chekuri

Im cool with it but not satisfied

Harith Ikram

Joanna Rachety

Of all the Halal meat stores in and around Columbia and Ellicott City, this store sells the best Halal meat which is fresh, tender, well cleaned, cut to size as requested. I never regretted buying meat from here. Smoked goat paya (feet) is sold here, which is not very commonly sold at other meat stores. I highly recommend this store to anyone looking for a good halal meat store.

Abed Naser

Samir Jafri

Good quality Halal meat. Best To call in order head of time but can be prepared while you wait. Meat cut to order. Typical Desi market. Small but we'll stocked.

Azhar naeem

Kishore M

Shahida Zahid

Hamida Khimani

Malik Baz

Very good quality meet at very reasonable prices. Most important thing the availability of organic hand cut chicken in small size small but very clean store with courteous staff. Found several items cheaper in the holy month of Ramazan. I will recommend friends and family.


Good management hallal stuff

minhas llc

meat is so good and clean store, must come back

mai sh.

very friendly butcher.

Shafiq Ahmed

Good grocery store

Ismael Camargo

Vilma Lopez

Tuyen Giang

crazy cat

Best place for grocery.

Aby Oommen

Hera Shahid

Has everything desi from Kulfi to frozen samosas and everything in between.

yella tejaswini

Osama Ahmed

Easy access of all Asian and halal food

Moe O

This establishment gives preferential treatment to customers who speak their language Urdu. Otherwise be prepared to be treated as second-class. They're very racist to others.

Saju Sam

Regular Visitor for Halal Meat...Nice place...But check the frozen item before buying may be stale

Zil Chaudhry

Great place to buy fresh meat and hands down perfect service.

Amber Hamid

Sk R1

Ok, for Halal meats

Shashi Kumar Nagulakonda

K Malik

Salma Pervaiz

praveen arogyaraj

Latoria Smith

The cashier was not very welcoming or pleasant.

Imran Chaudhry

Typical small Indo-Pak grocery and meat shop. Nothing negative. Big plus is quality of goat meat. I can't stand smell that is often associated with goat/sheep meat in US and I have never gotten that smell from goat meat I have purchased here and that is a big plus in my book. So if you want meat that tastes/smells like the meat that you buy in Pakistan, this is the place to go to.

Dora Bingeman

The service was fantastic, prices were good, and they had exactly what I was looking for. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Great little grocery store!

cabinshop cabinshop

Jamal Aref


Dirty place. Lady at the register very rude. Hot food (somosas, roll, and Briyani) is old and it will definitely get you sick!

bayan khateeb

Zaid Khalid

Good selection of products. Great butcher. Good customer service.

ravi saluru

Just get meat and stick to it. Rest are expensive and vegetables are of abysmal quality.

TheQuetta1992 .

جهاد العيد

Saira Amir

Have been going there for the past 5-6 years since the shop opened. Small shop but always have what I need and are well stocked. Meat section is also well stocked, and the staff has always been courteous and compliant to whatever kind of meat selection I order. Even if something doesn't turn out right and I mention to the owner, he has graciously replaced it at no extra charge.

Rajesh Prabu.S

Good place for halal goat and organic chicken

wamar wamarmo1000

Srini B

Not much varieties are available. Good place for halal meat and quick Indian groceries.

Ayaz Khan

Great prices on poultry and meat

Rajkumar T

Meat is Expensive

Kamran Huda

Kevin Patel

Very good . Owner is very nice person

tgondal1 .

sajid riaz

Fresh meat and poultry meat. Friendly people. Fast service.

Yu Gu


Its small halal meat market customer service is good as far as i know

K Rizvi

Zafarullah Khan


Paziente Zero

Dinesh Ramaraj

Naim Akhtar

I have been using this facility since long .The owner and his crew members are nice and helpful.They always try to keep every item you just name.


Helpful staff, I have no complaint.

Daniel Cummuta

I love coming here.

Iimraan Emails

This places sells zabiha halal meat and indo pak groceries. Small place but has lot of stuff. Also sells vegetables. They have fresh made samose and biryani everyday.

salman aslam

Dannial Siddiqui

Everything a Desi needs!

Ali Zeeshan

Lovepreet Aujla

Great meat selections that are always fresh. I love the marinated chicken drumsticks and the seekh kabab is good, but could be more flavorful. Prices are definitely not cheap, you'll pay around $30 for 2 bags of drumsticks and a bag of seekh kabab, but it's not outrageous either.

Raheel Tariq

Salim Padela

Clean, concise and reasonably priced Indian grocery store. Very humble staff. Please keep it that way.

fahad khatana

Good place to shop they help me all the time

kiran malik


Hunnain Arsalan

Papi Sibilly


They are the most costly halal store in Maryland based on my experience.. They take advantage of being in a good location. Its not even a little more expensive.. its a lot !


S Mohammed

Clean, organized, convenient but overpriced.

Faria A

I would like to give them -5 stars. I’m shopping here for 5-6 years or more. My sister family,my friends also shop there for years. I Will never recommend this place to anyone. So here my experiences are- Pro > they sell halal meat. > south Asian spices, rice, bran, lentils are available. > south Asian frozen snacks and breads are available. > Their green chili’s are good quality. Cons >Each and every Pakistani employees are rude and mannerless. Never greet or smile. Their attitude is like, they are doing everyone a favor. Annoyed all the time. That women, that old guy, other guy,..!! Only the owner is better among all of them. > High price for meat and all other grocery stuffs. $9.99 LB for goat, $2.79 LB for whole chicken, $6.99 LB for beef meat with bone. Their meat is very high price comparing to other places. Few cents more is understandable but couple of dollars extra for each pound is too much!! You can but Organic for that price!! > most south Asian spices and foods they sell are very old stock. You won’t know until you buy and eat. > freshly made food they sell is mostly cold and prepared long time ago. > Don’t let “they are Pakistani-Muslim” cause fool you. I made myself a fool out of that cause. I assumed they are Muslim so they do business honestly. *My husband bought pack of parathas, it was opened already and taped. Each and every paratha was broken into half. *Pack of Puffed rice was old and smelled like kerosene. *packed sweets are old and Not good. Tried and tested 4-6 different type of sweets.

Ann DeLacy

I LOVE this place and usually shop there several times a month. The service is great, the fresh meat is fabulous, the prices are low, the butchers are helpful, it’s clean and the people are kind. What more can I say? As a foodie, I highly recommend Halal Columbia and have it as a favorite on my WAZE app.

joseph pietrusza

Not my cup of tea

Syed Abbas

Convenient location and good selection of halal meats and Pakistani style grocery

Ricardo Casas

Hafeez Omar

Nj’s Ranjha


Good meat

Jackie arnold

Great cuts of meat.

Ahmed Shah

Top notch,and clean with courteous service and most importantly, a very clean and efficient fast- moving halal butchery, unlike some other "big brand halal Desi" stores in the area where the meat literally stinks (old/rotten) and the goods are mostly expired. Columbia Halal Meat store definitely puts all those Desi halal stores to shame. Highly recommended. 5 stars all the way!

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