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12732 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70810, United States

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Here we offer you all the opinions of people who are using the products and services of Calandro\'s Supermarket (Perkins) (Butcher Shop) near to the state of Louisiana.

Now this business receives a rating of 4.7 stars over 5 and that rating is based on 249 reviews.

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This Butcher Shop belongs to the category of Gourmet grocery store.

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REVIEWS OF Calandro's Supermarket (Perkins) IN Louisiana

Jonathan Spradley

Great selection, very relaxing place

Bob LaCour

Convenient to my home, easy to get in and out. Good selection, excellent meats and wines.

pat hotard

I think that this is a lovely little store. Good wine selection, and they will order almost anything if they don’t have it in stock. There prepared cold foods are great. I just had some delicious curried chicken salad that I will definitely buy again.

Oren Molovinsky

Great variety and local products!

Nick Bogan

Great singles beer selection!

Jay Jones

Excellent wine and gourmet food selection... Android Pay accepted

Joseph Benitez

Best king cakes in Baton Rouge! I think they have over twenty flavors but I’m team cinnamon!

Staci Brimer

I love Calandro's. Great place to find lots of Louisiana products. Outstanding wine selection!

Frank Rinkevich

I only go here for the alcohol section. Great selection of beers. Be sure to check out the discount booze cart for some steals!

Matt George

Great selection and service!

josh Anderson

Great selection. Excellent craft beer and rare liquor selection.

Natalie Diez

Has unique items and great liquor selections.


Incredible beer and wine selection.

Lowana Cola

GREAT store!!! SOOOO many King cakes to choose from! Excellent wine selection!!!

James Hyatt

Best King cake

Kris McRaney

Great bakery and produce. This will be my market of choice when I go to that area

Monica Washington

Deli people is wonder very nice an personal with regulars. Customer

Jace Babin

Really nice grocery store. Always clean.

Steven D

Review is for the craft beer selection only. Found Calandro's while passing through Baton Rouge and found a great craft beer selection. Some hard to find beers were in stock here.

Vito SanAngelo

Great selection, bring your wallet..$$$$$$$

Mike Rollins

Love shopping here. Items are a little over priced compared to other stores, but they have a much larger selection of items, including some things that you can't find elsewhere, so it's a trade off.

Ronnie Falgout

Great selection of prime meats and speciality grocery items. Great craft beer selections.

John Tooraen

Excellent selection and variety of specialty and regular grocery items. EXTENSIVE alcohol selection with everything from cheap to chic! The staff are always friendly and the store is clean. Great place to get sushi, too! King Cakes are always fresh and delicious.

Tom Clark

Great neighborhood store ...they've got it all

Donald Hoffpauir

Great community market with special selections and a unique selection of wine, beer, whiskies and other beverages.

Derek O'Neill

Great local store with great local products!

Jay Rosso


Judge Lott

Excellent beer selection

Jacqueline Hayes, NCC, PLPC

Clean, quiet, quick, friendly, wide selection of items including one-person sizes and very affordable! My new favorite spot!

Curtis Brown

Fresh produce quality goods and the staff is always helpful and kind.


Hands down, the best king cake

Robert Guerrero

Excellent customer service prompt courteous good prices

Callista Foster

Great unique food/grocery offerings. Awesome wine and liquor selections. Friendly staff.

Kory Sonnier

Great meat market to pickup for the grill.

Jay Gross

Great has the best selection of beer!

Doug Comeaux

Bar none by far the best steaks in this city. Case closed. Forget Winn Dixie, Albertsons please and Walmart and High Neighbor, hello. Calandros ribeyes are ridiculously good. They are a 10 an the rest are 3. Peace

Patsy Arceneaux

Love this grocery store. Local people and friendly service. Good produce, great meat and cheese selections. Outstanding liquor department.

Sean Krieg

Best bottled beer selection in Baton Rouge.

Molly Phillips

Wonderful place to shop and excellent customer service!!!!

Michelle Marney

Great bourbon selection!

Alex Anderson

Fantastic liquor and beer selection

Angelina Murphy

This is a great supermarket! Everything is fresh and will priced. They have a fantastic craft beer selection! Staff was very friendly and I really enjoyed the trip.

Shaun Walker

The employees are very helpful here.Great selection also.

Eric Precht

Great bourbon and beer selections. Helpful employees. I've enjoyed Elijah Craig Calandro's barrel picks (Baw' s Juice and TD Approved), Jefferson's OCEAN Aged at Sea WHEATED Voyage, Knob Creek Single Barrel Fred Noe pick. I stop by to see what's new.

Kevin Ross

Always a pleasure

Trevor Huffman

Really good alcohol selection. Store is a little small, but they make it work. Pricing is fair, but some of the grocery selections are limited due to the small space.

Damian Campbell

Love to shop at this grocery store. Best selection of king cakes in BR. Also, best selection of craft Beer.

Corey Ayo

I love this place. Family owned neighborhood grocery store. A blessing to have in Baton Rouge.

sally moreno

The best plate lunch I've had in a long time

Thomas Caton

Best beer and wine selection hands down

d t

Great people work here, owners are nice and the employees are very helpful. Kingcakes are

Waldo ware

Samsung Pay is accepted here.

Alex Fredricks

Love the deli department and the ladies that work there for lunch. They make awesome sandwiches!

Ashley Stewart

Good place to work love every employee there like a big family

Sara Krupa

I really enjoy this specialty grocery store. Friendly and helpful staff and I always find something new. Great beer selection.

Scott Sonnier

Best beer selection in town, need a bigger store!!

Mark Loupe

It has all the things that you really can't find at other stores. However it is more expensive. The people are very pleasurable and very helpful. They have a bakery and they have a Seafood and Meat Department and a very nice wine selection and bourbon selection.

Mike Clark

Impressive supermarket with great variety and very helpful staff!

Marx Gibson

Always the freshest and best!

Wally Jordan

Love this store. Many good imported products, great meat, excellent bakery and deli. Small enough for easy shopping and big enough to completely stock your pantry and fridge.

debora Washington

Clean store, fresh meats, seafood and delicious pastries.

Jennifer Stephens

The delicious smell as you walk in says it all! Great produce! And bakery!

Esteban Muire

Locally owned from when or before I was born. Superior service and product. Period.

Shelby Richard

Found King Cakes here

Duane Hendrix

This is a clean, well-managed grocery store that caters to a more affluent crowd than your local Walmart or Winn Dixie. Outstanding wine collection labeled in a way non-snobs can appreciate; but remember, you won't find "two-buck Chuck," though you can find $9-$12 wines next to $80 wines and $100 whiskeys. Produce is fresh and clean, there's a quality salad bar, and an eclectic assortment of cheeses. Good fresh bread selection, and to me the highlight of the store is their prepared foods. Sure they'll make you a tasty sandwich while you wait, but you can get great sushi to go (my cat and I just finished a snow crab roll), small packaged meals (got a tin of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn for about $3, tomorrow's night's snack), and even "Mrs. Calandro's Meatballs" (can you say "yum"?). But remember, everyday items might be expensive for many folks. $7 for a small bottle of Pepto Bismol? Yeesh, should of gone to Walgreens. The parking lot is mostly Audis, BMWs, nice SUVs, ok, you get the picture. But they sure are nice and the place is clean and safe. Counts for something! Counts for a lot!

LJ Gomez

Great place to shop just a little pricey. Beautiful custom cut meats. Choice seafood.

Donald Sterbanz

Great beer selection, helpful staff.

Adam Kelleher

Best beer and liquor selection in the city, best King cakes in the city, what's not to love?

Brady Adamowicz

Amazing selection of beer, wine, and liquor! Solid pricing as well!

K Jane

LOVE this store! I get lunch here all the time- usually Sushi or the Salad Bar. The bakery has many naughty choices but they sure are delicious

Premus James

The people are super nice here.

John Krupsky

This long time local grocery has many unique and local products, and good quality fresh food items.

Sarah Collins

One of the best grocery stores in town.

Krishnaswamy Nandakumar

My favorite Super Market in Baton Rouge for the rich variety of things that you can get.

Brad Griffin

Friendly staff and great selection of beer, wine, and whiskey.

Hermanese Ravasio

The deli and salads are always clean, fresh and good.

Ralph Caffery

I've been a patron of this Calandro's Supermarket for more years than I can remember, but I can say that I've been coming in nearly every week for lunch and a few groceries here and there for at least three years. I'm sorry to say that this has ended today. I usually get sushi (the sushi is the best I've had, even counting restaurants), and eat it on a bench in the front of the store since there are no tables. I then go to the restroom in the back of the store and leave. This routine has been consistent for as long as I've been going there. I made it out of the store and most of the way across the parking lot before I was caught by a man with white hair, a white moustache and a black shirt. He asked me if I'd paid for my 12-pack of Cokes I had in my hand. I couldn't believe he'd chased me across the entire parking lot for one pack of Cokes, but I realized I'd thrown my receipt away in a trash can in the store. I offered to walk with him and dig it out, but he declined, saying he believed me. He said one of the cashiers told him she saw me walk by without paying. I couldn't decide which offended me more: the fact that one of those same nice ladies who have been ringing me up for the last few years had reported me as stealing, or that the manager, whom I know has seen me there before (in addition to all my co-workers, who also come in there many times a week), chased me out into the parking lot like that. This store has excellent food, a great deli, and I will not be returning to enjoy any of it again. If I can help it, neither will my wife nor my coworkers will either. The great memories I have of eating here are the only reason I gave the place the two stars I did.

Ian Haneline

It's a quaint looking grocery store with a somewhat hidden fancy bakery in the back. There is a lady that makes sushi there, also. There is a pretty good alcohol corner towards the front.

Matt Regan

One of the best beer selections in Baton Rouge.

NameLikeNobodyElse .

Smaller grocery store with a lot of specialty items you can't find other places. I guess that's what makes it a liiiitle pricey, but I still like to go occasionally. New sushi selection. Great wine selection & a HUGE craft beer spread. I always see young guys in there taking their time to discuss the beers & choosing one special bottle they want to take home and savor.

Tom Daniel

Thanks! Excellent meats! Great bakery! Best customer service!

Ryan Doerr

Excellent craft beer selecrion

Nancy Webster

Employees are nice and helpful. The store carries a wide assortment of unusual items and their beef and chicken are excellent.

Rick Newton

No smiles! High prices! Great combination! Shop where you are appreciated.

Patricia Williams

100X better than Alexander's Highland Market

Yabina Stabina

Great customer service. Spirits department second to none. Tons of specialty foods.

Cory Hulsey

Great store, great selection and very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Rex Bowden

Go here regularly.

Shalendra Stephens

A little overpriced, but they do have some specialty items

Justin Spigener

I visited calandros on Monday to look for ground bison, wanted to make bison burgers.. Unfortunately, they don't carry bison regularly. The staff was super helpful and suggested ground sirloin. Excellent choice! The meat was excellent and they were some of the best burgers I've ever grilled! They also offered to special order bison if I needed it. I will be coming back! Thank you calandros.

Eddie Dalton

Good visit. Nice wine and beer selections.

Corey Moen

Good place to find some unusual things. The beer "experts" get a little pretentious though.

D.G. LeBlanc

Amazing place to get wines and alcoholic beverages!

Monica DeNault

Nice place..I liked it's family-owned..and customer service is GREAT !!!!

James Smith

So many different types of alcohol to choose from.

patrick donald

Got great assistance

Pierre S

Gigantic variety of beer but it's all a little pricey.

Charles Alford

Smaller family owned grocery with large specialty food selection. Really good beer and wine section

Steven Murphy

Great craft beer haul today. Parish Opus Vert, Founders KBS, and some Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout to keep me warm on these colds days. They had a lot of Goose Island Bourbon Barrel Stout but I just couldn't give ABI any money.

Tim Jackson

A little bit of everything and high quality goods. What a wonderful place to shop

Neva Elliott-Carter

Wide variety of products, helpful and friendly employees. I enjoy their frequent "guest vendors" that allow one to sample new, locally produced products.

Robert Fulmer

Got catfish dinners the other day. Absolutely the worst tasting catfish i have ever tasted.ever! A class supermarket like this should never serve such low quality fish as this. What a waste of good money. Won't be back!

Millard Griswold

Wonderful wine and liquor selection. Beer from all over the world. Lots of speciality products and local Cajun ingredients too. If you need it, 9 times out of 10 Calandro's has it. Weekly specials on liquor and their own barrell of Knob Creek and Four Roses is always a treat!

Melissa Macaluso

Awesome selection of specialized merchandise

Keegan Clanton

Best beer selection in BR.

sandra bongiovanni

I so wish the cashiers were friendlier. Prices higher but so is quality.

Tangi Milton

Racist as they come. Will never go there again. Have also warned friends and families

Charlie Casselberry

Really good selection of different brands of both food and alcohol. They must specialize in variety.

Dylan Kimble

The best.

andrea daniel

Great local selection and wide variety of wine and beer

Otis Williams

I enjoyed my lunches at this store and they have a wide selection of items at both store s government and siegan.

Jacob Alberty

Went here looking for verjus to make mustard. Only place in town I could find it. They had it in the vinegar section for half the cost of the same brand on Amazon.

Calvin Liu

Great food, great food. And great food. Price meh but great food.

Doss .

I come here for beer not groceries. As for being a grocery store, they have an excellent selection of craftbeer and their liquor selection is excellent as well. The staff here is probably the friendliest you're going to find. They are willing to help you find rare beers and liquor and the prices are spot on.

Shawn E

Best craft beer selection in the state

lisa payne

One of my favorite locally owned grocers in town. They carry lots of items locally grown and or produced in our state. Fresh local seafood, great produce and deli with full time sushi chef. A full time butcher is always around to answer any of my questions. Great wine selection.

J.S. M.

Small store but lots to pick from! Excellent variety and always squeaky clean inside!

Will Woodson

Could have some kind of breakfast food ready at 7:30 in the morning!

Kyle Coats

Best craft beer selection in Baton Rouge! Black Angus choice briskets are competition quality, and the ground tenderloin grills up the best burger you will ever eat. Fish and seafood is always fresh.

corey dinkel

Great grocery store, especially for specialty items.

Jeff Mire

Awesome Grocery store!!

Jamie Love

Always have phenomenal steaks and a great selection of wine, beer and whiskey to go with them.

Kevin Odonnell

Phenomenal this place

Sonya Moskau

Love this grocery! What a great variety.

Marsha Damato

Great meats. Yummy bakery.

Jaswinder Montu

Good store to get local items.

Steve Kaiser

Nice, clean, has lots of items that can't be found elsewhere, particularly Italian and Cajun foods.

How do I play that game? JMM

Great selection of products, good premade meat dishes, stuffed tenderloin, stuffed pork chops, and more. Best rib eye cuts I've found in the red stick.

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