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543 W Main St, Thibodaux, LA 70301, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bourgeois Meat Market IN Louisiana

Jade Letulle

Awesome service, I am not from there and they have good hospitality. They have what ya call "Turkey Cheese" which is a must get! It is to die for! It comes in mild and hot, and the hot is not hot at all. It gives it the right flavor. Both are excellent! All there stuff is good!

Demetris Richard

It just needs to sell more different kinds of meat

Kevin Stewart

Wesley Dude Bender

Best beef jerky I've ever tasted in my life. If you haven't been here. You are missing out in life.

John Davis

A very wonderful family meat market. Everything from A to Z under the sun that concerns meat. The staff is very helpful and very knowledgeable about all cuts of meat and how to prepare them and store them. I will be back there as often as I can.

John Portch

Major May

The Best

Paul Lockhart

great beef jerky for sure.

Christina Evans

Donna Garcia

Staff was rude.....

Chelsi Medine

Love this place!


Received a Cajun Care package from this place. Really nice thought of the person sending it. Open it up to find beek jerky and Beef Sticks, hogshead cheese, Boudin burritos, Boudin Sausage and sticks of unlabeled meet in a casing. Ok I may be the only one who has no idea what this stuff is but if one person doesnt know thats enough for a company to have some kind of directions or explanation. The burritos were well labeled, "microwave 30 secs then flip and do 20." Got it boom! Not my fav but I'm glad I tried it. Beef Jerky, that's looks harmless enough, rip it open share it with friends, that was really Great! Now's the time to get adventurous, Hogs head cheese? Ok, time to google-find out this is cooked, ok whip out those crackers and give it a rip. Hey thats really good, ok. Well since that went well lets open the Boudin, Wow looks like really raw white sausages, ok deff have to cook those, put them away for later. Hey look at the only unmarked bag, well it looks like smoked beef sticks lets give it a shot. Not sure might be raw but it could just be the way it is, have another couple. Still not sure ask someone else to try-yup they are raw. Call the company, "hey what do we have here in this box," considering you couldn't be bothered with including any instructions as to what was cooked and not. Well come to find out the white boudin sausages are in fact cooked according to the lady although I'm not sure I believe it. O hey and guess what those other things that are smoked and appear to be cooked, well they are not. So I ask what seems to be an overly obvious question/ statement. "Why wouldn't you bother to put cooked or not cooked on each bag." Her "People who buy this stuff know what it is." Me: "well this was a gift." Her "yea, I see that you're in NY." ME "So you know I didn't order it and it was a gift and I'm not from LA and you didn't think it would be helpful to label what was cooked." You wont believe this.... Her "people who order this know what it is." I never got loud or upset but it was clear at this point the (lack of) intelligence level I was having to try to make understand something so simple, and I wasn't prepared for this lesson in common sense. I mean come on you're in food service. I hung up the phone and went and labeled the 20 or so remaining items, guess how long that took. All of 30 seconds. Had this place bothered to do that this would be 5 stars I may order again in the future you can bet I would tell dozens of people about how good this place was. Even if they hadn't labeled and just bothered to even so much as try to empathetic to my concern it would have saved them this 1 star rant. But instead I will be describing a place that is so careless and has no concern for customer to safety anytime sausage or southern food or LA or anything of the such. Any chance I can to bring up how poorly this place labeled their product I will.

Bennett Porche

Melanie Robin

The Best we've ever had, ordered online and it arrived faster than I thought it would. We are almost 2hours away so this is our way of getting out Jerky Fix. Thank You Jesus for Bourgeois.

Gloria Lenoir

Dawn Marcel

Very good food but I find the staff to be impersonal. It's like they trying to rush you away.

Cody Allemand

You can beat their prices...but you can't beat their meat!

Trish Dupre

Great place! Clean, friendly and fantastic meats!

Marshall Waters Jr


Jennifer Besson

Absolutely the best meat anywhere!!!!!!

Stacey Ory

Best sausage and jerky around!!! Love it!!!!°


draven inthacut

Ian Ballantyne

Good meats, great jerky! Nice hometown meat shop.

Dana Morrison

Unsanitary for a meat market. I went here 3 years ago and ordered beef jerky. The lady working the register went over to the jerky and grabbed a hand full with her bare hands that she was using to handle money. No toungs no gloves. I decided to give them another try and order some turkey head cheese. Again the lady working the register goes in the back grab a handful of turkey head cheese with no gloves had it sitting in the palm of her hand right after she got through handling money. The Board of Health really need to pay this place a visit. Just be aware you can obtain germs that is passed around on money ingested with your food.

Fred White

I use my frequent trips to LA to keep our freezer and our friends' freezers stocked with Cajun goodies. Bourgeois, LaPlace, and Mamou are my favorite stops. I will be doing the same today. Service is great, people are friendly and patient as I work out how much I can fit into my cooler. And they're happy to answer any questions. When I don't understand something, I ask and they answer.

Ernieh Hansen


Bayou Barbell

They've got grass-fed calf meat. Awesome for the gainz!

Ben Bartsch

The best jerky in LA, and I'm not kidding.

Nikki Parr

Julwana Celestin

Deatrice Scott

Kenneth Rhodes

Awesome Jerky!!

Yvonne Lebeaux

Bethanie Podany

Best boudin and beef jerky I've ever had in my life. For years and years we have gone here and never been disappointed. I just wish they'd open one in the middle of Houma so I could go more often!

Andrew Foster

Melody DeLane

I highly recommend this meat market. Their meats are smoked to perfection and the jerky is the BEST I've ever had, and as a truck driver I've tried many from all over this big beautiful counrty! I don't live in Louisiana so I've been loading up on my favorites and trying a few new things each time I go. Needless to say my "favorites" list is getting bigger every time. They keep the line moving, which is always long, but it would be worth the wait anyway just to stand there and smell all that goodness and know the quality and taste you are about to enjoy! Definitely 5 STARS!

Jerome Singleton

Excellent service,

Mr. Lagniappe

Meat is excellent. Beef jerky is great . TNT mustard is s the best kept secret

Matthew Yaksh

Jaimee Bonvillain

Best beef jerky.

Eric Bishard

We bring their Boudin back to Florida on the regular! Never been there but I eat plenty of their Boudin, my wife's dad brings it back for us. Throw it on the skillet and eat with crackers and hot sauce!

Michael Trujillo

Best jerky in the world. I loved the spicy, best.

Kevin Young

Dedi Hardy

In and oht. Best damn Hoghead Cheese

Myra Scarbrough

Awesome place ever since i been a lil girl

Jason Robichaux

Montana Powell

Devin Oehler

Best hogs head cheese I've ever had!

Evan Jackson

I love all things Texas, but Bourgeois Meat Market takes home the crown when it comes to jerky; smokey, tender, and simply delicious. I highly recommend stopping buy or simply placing a mail order; you will not be disappointed.

Victoria Lodrigue

Pat White

Absolutely the best meat you will ever taste.

Paul Williams

Whoever answers the phone needs to take a course in customer service

Ken Benoit

Awesome place ..

Michael Keller

coyote wiley

Simply the best beef jerky in the world

Kristie Winn

Best place to go for fresh smoked sausage! They also have the best crawfish boudin!

Jim M

My brother in law, Johnny Robinson, of Gray, LA introduced me to Bourgeois's beef jerky, and Boudin years ago. Every time we go to Louisianna, it has become tradition to go to Bourgeois's and get a pound of beef jerky and some Boudin. There is none better. We recently lost Johnny, but his memory will live on. Thank you Bourgeois's, I think of him when I stop by.

Kirk Knobel

This place is awesome...great people. Beef Jerky is amazing, Boudain is wonderful, special orders shipped to your home.

Allen-Paul Templet

Most things here are excellent, but the BOUDIN is the Best I have ever had. "Mirackes in MEAT!"

cole domangue

Best beef jerky,hands down small of Louisiana

Jerry Labouve

the meats are great

Steven Hall

I come in from Mississippi and they always have what I want with a smile

James Queen lll

Brandon Allen

Great Service and Turkey Cheese is the best thing going. Highly recommended.

Tamicka Kane

The BEST beef jerky and Boudin Burritos I have ever had!!!! Would have given it 5 stars but the employees (on the day I went) weren't the friendliest. Overall GREAT FOOD!!!!

Jason KG5VHT

Isabell Soto

Great beef jerky, we came to visit family.... From Dallas Texas and just loved the jerky

Daniel Trosclair

CC Cooper

Great! Hogshead cheese is awesome!

Jason Gullo

shannon whigham

Best meat around

Kevin Benoit

Stopped in for boudin. I realize after seeing the reviews that this place is known for jerky but the boudin is prepared poorly here. The only way that you can get it hot is from the front display case where it is in foil bags under heat lamps. Anyone who has bought hot boudin before knows that this make the boudin dry and unable to remove from the skin. I've had boudin all over Louisiana and have never seen that in a meat market before. Not at all impressed. I may go back to try the famed jerky but certainly not anything else stuck under a heatlamp and dried out. Get a steam tray or at least a crock pot.

Mary Olivier

Awesome meats, sausages, and boudin.

Baley's Beauty

The yummy mild boudin is the best! The meat pie burrito is ok. The jerky is good.

Karen Becnel

Good service

Katie L

Best beef jerky. Definitely recommend

Quincy Levron

Best meat market in Louisiana, hands down

Mark rivette

Can't wait 2 get back. Its awesum.


Travis Williams

Their jerky and meat sticks are amazing although a little expensive! The fresh sausage is fantastic. The boudain isn't all that great but everything else is out of this world.

Greg Finch

This is a destination cajun experience. The jerky, smoked sausage and boudin are world class.

Trina Francis Hollinger

Sharon C. Toups


anthony cole

Great service and didn't disappoint

Frederick James

Hilton Lloyd

Proclaimed as "The Best Beef Jerky in the World" and after tasting your beef jerky for the first time I couldn't agree more. Several others having it for the first time agree as well.The flavor and moistness is above any I've ever tasted. Great Job!

Michel LeBoeuf

Tellerson Curtis

Great customer service! Awesome boudin and jerky!

Carol W

I buy the boudin every year and have it shipped to my brother-in-law in NC for his birthday. He expects it every year and I never let him down. He loves it.


Hands down, the absolute best beef jerky I've ever had the pleasure of eating. No other beef jerky even comes close.

robert williamson

Everything made here is fantastic. Stock up everytime I get down there.

James Falvey

Best head cheese in Louisiana. Hands down.

Nichole Smith

James Verret

Sharon Blanchard

Best place to get anything!!!

Joseph Rowley

Best beef jerky ever. You have to try it before you die!!!

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