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REVIEWS OF Steve's Meat Market IN Kansas

Jeremy Meiss

Richard Wyrick

Amazing service. And very nice people,

David Fox

Amanda Griffith

Everyone is ready to help you and they have great deals on good fresh meat!

Zach Grauerholz

The best quality meats in town. They will custom cut anything to your requests. Always helpful. Love this place.

Jeff Sheppard

Prices are a little higher than other meat markets I've used. They processed a wild boar and it turned out OK at best.

Scott Hoover

Awesome place.

Greg Eakin

Best butcher shop around, great website ordering and stock up deals.

Guy McDonald Jr.

Excellent Service & Excellent meats! I live very far away and always go to Steve's when I am back in town. The bacon is the best I have ever had!

Peter Pakdel

Great variety of cuts of meat. Locally sourced options. Buffalo and grass fed bed available. Service was awesome. Personalized, quick, and efficient. Also have dairy products, plenty of pork including pork belly, and lots of fresh eggs available. They even have meat processing for your wild game and curing options.

Shane Keith

We’ve had a hog and steer processed here and both times they’ve been very helpful and quick. Prices are straightforward so you know what you’re going to get and they’ve always even helped load it into the vehicle.

Mary Casby

A friend sold us a cow and had both his and ours provessed at Steve's. Most of our meat was very poor quality, the cuts didn't even look like normal cuts, some places on the meat was really dark and strange looking and it tasted strange. But I really got pissed when I took out a package marked sirloin steak and this is what it looked like! Yep that is a 1 1/2 X 5 inch bone, there is about 1 inch of meat on one side and 2 going down to 0 on the other side. Try feeding that to your family!

James Romero

Great experience. But, please don't let kids into the kill area very dangerous. Also, I'm a supervisor myself and if I talked to my employees like the supervisor in the kill area I would give myself my walking papers!!

Scott Hamill

My average trip here takes longer than I'd like but at the same time I'd say it's worth it for the fresh cut To order Meet It's a little out of my budget But I do like the The helpful and friendly staff

Billie Schuler

Friendly and helpful staff! The Meat is always good. Overall great place to shop.

Erin Stillion

Always great service and can't beat the quality of the product.

Dominic Saiki

Heidi Sullivan

I will never buy grocery store meat ever again! Everything I've tried so far has been truly amazing...ground chuck, bacon, pork sausage, ground pork, pork chops, pork roast...did I mention BACON??? So glad a friend shared Steve's page on facebook or I would still be missing out!

Scott McDaneld

jeremy cronkright

Always friendly staff, great prices, and great quality!

Jeremy Cates

Steve's Meat Market will change your life forever! This place will make you regret ever buying meat anywhere else. I challenge you to go the meat counter at any grocery store after buying and trying the offerings here. I cannot get myself to buy grocery store meat. When I go I always buy, brats, hamburger, breakfast sausage, bacon, and chicken as well as other cuts. Steaks are off the charts, and the smoked pork chops are top notch too. They hang specials up when you walk in, and most of the time I get the special and it lasts my wife and I at least a month. Can't beat that.

Chase Porter

Yeabsira Fantaye

Erin Owens

The bacon and ground beef here are unreal. Friendly service, and good prices for the quality!

Jeannine Leon

Best service,and best quality of meat I ever tasted. Love this place!

DJ Seberger

Best bacon ever

david combs

Florence Bukasa

Richard Magnuson

Best place for fresh cut meat in the area!

Stacie Clark

Since moving to De Soto, we have purchased many cuts of meat. By far mine n my husband's favorite is the T-bone, so good , all you need is a fork to pull meat away from the bone. Love this place

Connie Hsu

They seem have a good selection of meats.

Brooke Barney

Sheri Thigpen

A bit expensive but well worth it! Meat is top notch!

William Wenger

Great people working there. And the best quality meat in the area.

Paula Ewing

Eric Davenport

Awesome service today, and totally awesome bacon!

Md Alam

Sarah Larson

Quality meat at a great price. Wonderful service every time we go.

Laura Holloway

There's no other way to describe it other than the best around! Great prices, always kind & willing to cut anything that's not in the case.

Kathy Crews

Kevin Picknick

Friendly staff. Nice selection of meat. Always very pleased with the quality

Ola Knight

Just found this meat market yesterday! Had the Country sausage this morning & it is wonderful. A hint of spicy peppers but not over powering. Went back today & bought 5 lbs of sausage. They ask how you want bulk items packaged. No having to redo when you get home. Also got 3 pork chops. They look like T-bone steaks. Can't wait to try them

Joe Lindsey

Good service. Meat they sale is excellent. The meat bundles they sale are reasonable, and the monthly stock up is a good deal.

Rusty James

Mark was nice to speak with and his help was Great. Budweiser Man

Brian Morris

Was recommended the porterhouse to mix it up. They custom cut to my desired thickness. Grilled tonight and best steak Inhave ever grilled. Great customer service every time and best meat in KC!

Mark Dixon

They treat U like Family

DrDale Dilldozer

Awesome, awesome place or at least it was when Steve was still with us. Charlene is awesome still

Kristina Mustard

Customer service is beyond exceptional!! I started by asking questions via their live help and Thomas suggested that he take my order over the phone...on a Sunday night!! Great people and awesome food!

Deena Wilson

Fresh local meats, family owned, excellent!

Anthony key

I love getting bacon here. So much better the store bought bacon.

Linda Yeboah

Dennis Vacha

There is no place like Steve’s bar none!

Russell Williams

John Jallayu

Lucas Price

We brought a couple goats for processing. Reception of the animals was unprofessional and felt disorganized. We stressed that they needed to be packaged for resale. When picked up, they informed us that it was labeled as LAMB. Upon further inspection, it wasnt weighed/labeled for resale. Any good processor would have either fixed the mistake or done it without charging us for it....nope....full price at Steve's. We wont return.

Doug Rhoads

Abraham Kamhanda

Best butchery in Kansas.

Paula Walsh

Princewill Njong

Fresh meat. Professional and helpful people!

Hassan Khezernia

Great service friendly people :)

Kyle Clausius

Best processing of my deer. I was not at all satisfied with a butcher in Spring Hill. A friend from Kansas Fish/Game recommended them. Using Steve’s I ended up with great cuts and got more out of each deer for less $$$. Very pleased

Andrew Arnone

kadfust Durry

Jeff Schaper

My first time to the market, the people were great and know what they are talking about. All i have cooked so far is the burger. I'm 60. Reminds me of the corner store and butcher shop. So good. It's a 5 out of 5. Jeff s.

Ginny Biddulph

Abel Alemu

They have the best fresh meat with best service.

Dsmiles T

Meat always fresh with no additives. Steaks cut to order. Always friendly and willing to go the extra mile for customer service. Check your chicken at the grocery and it has added salt. The ground beef has fillers and preservatives not listed. If you want meat and just meat this is the place to go.

Brian Chambers

Best meat market ever! Amazing monthly specials. Quality product. Always happy to cut meats to your desired specs. Friendly staff. Very much worth the drive.

Randy Ritchie

Denise Adkins

They are always great with us.

Diana Atterbury

The Staff at Steves are all friendly and you can tell they genuinely love their jobs. The store is usually clean and kept well stocked. Many cuts to choose from. They even have treats for your fur baby! The 3 star review is coming from the fact that the past 2 trips I have gotten fatty beef roasts. Not much meat on any of them. I will say that I LOVE their chicken breasts! 2 will feed my family of 4!

Kelly Boyer

Great service. Excellent selection.

Tina O'Neal

This is the ONLY place we get our meats! Fresh meats that aren't processed or been sitting in a truck for hundreds of miles. You can truly taste the difference! Chicken breast are huge!

Carine Dain Bramage

Wonderful selection

Diana Herman

Excellent service and meat is wonderful

Wayne Briscoe

Jenn Donahue

Turki Al

Emmanuel Obasi

Good and reliable

Carlos Eduardo Hernandez Garcia

Norbert Angell

Excellent selection, great variety, reasonably priced!

Graham Mendel

Great prices, great staff! What more can you ask for?

Melody McIntosh

Very clean and helpful staff answered all of my questions.

Jen D.

One of the best meat markets in the Midwest. I have never had a negative experience with Steve's.

Debbie Wilkerson

Darren Earl Jr

Blaine Faber

Great meat shop!

angela pemberton

We will no longer be having our custom butchering done at steve's. They are nice as can be there and the meat you buy from the case is very good but we have no doubts that the meat we have been recieving when we bring an animal in to have it butchered, is not our animal. We used a different butcher this time, in Easton Kansas, with much better results and are hearing the same complaints from many of our friends.

Brent Hartwich

Great service.

Vance Allred

Awesome place to get fresh meat. Wonderful customer service. They make you feel like your part of the family.

John Law

Bryan Reed

April Phillips

We have been raising hogs for many years and our regular butcher was booked so we decided to try Steve's Meat Market. I've never been so disappointed. The man that helped unload our hogs hit them on the back with the pliers used to tag their ears and broke the skin. He yelled and complained that we had raised pets not hogs. It was the worst unloading experience I've ever had. I asked the butcher to save all the leaf lard for me and they forgot. When he gave me some from another hog it wasn't the quality or quantity I would have had from my three hogs and I have no idea how that pig was fed so I can't tell my customers that the lard is hormone free. I'm pretty sure we weren't given the meat from our hog as the cuts were too small and I only got one roast from 1/2 hog that weighed over 275 pounds. When I asked about it they assured me they never confuse the meats, but I know exactly how much meat I should have had from my hog since I had the same weight processed at our other butcher. And the final straw was that one of our customers was dissatisfied with the cure of the bacon, "It's just awful." was their comment to me. I'm hoping I haven't lost customers from using Steve's. We never got a call that our meat was done and when we went to pick it up they still didn't have the cured meats ready, they had our meat for over a month. I hope this is not their normal service and that I just got the bad end of it, but we will not be using them again.

Ron Sager

Excellent meats, nothing like a custom butcher shop!

Gregory Eighmy

Best Meat Market

God is good


John Enderby

Best meat market my wife and I have ever been to. We've been married 44 years and have lived in several Midwestern states with plenty of good meat markets, but Steve's is easily the best of them all.

Edouard Djiba

Ron Harland II

Unbeatable price per pound on all your meats: chicken, roasts, steaks, pork...fresh, far better buy, better flavor than any grocery store around. Staff is very helpful with special cuts also. Our go to spot

mark johnston

Steve's is one of the last true butcher shops in Johnson county they supply Hyvee and price chopper they are a true alive in the rear dead in front butcher shop

Sarmad Hantoush

Nice market

Alice Clark

Always friendly and helpful. Love to go there for picking out meat.

Casandra Bridges

Tyler Phillips

I brought a 335 pound pig to them. She dressed at 289 (normal). For some reason we got 119 pounds total back from her. They also called to tell me they had my bacon after I had picked it up. (Kinda fishy after the low return weight) there service was terrible. We called the week before picking it up and they said our bacon was in the smoker to be done by next friday. I went in the following Tuesday to pick it all up and pay for it. They said the bacon was done but not sliced. Went back 2 days later and picked it up. Now a week and a half later they call me to tell me it's done. Be very cautious.

Matthew Vermilye

Love this place love the family environment

Edward Hadel

Best bacon ever!!!!

Danny Wyly

Mario Bello

Great and fresh meat always...

Geraldine Awasom

mosess187 .

Cameron Younglove

Hands down, the best place to get all your meats and other items. I cant recommend enough the filet mignon, thick cut bacon, fresh breakfast sausage, marbled rib eyes, babyback ribs, farm fresh eggs and usually some pig ears for my dogs. I can't find better quality anywhere in Johnson County.

Timothy Fort

Troy Knight

Great quality, good prices, friendly service and the best beef jerky I've ever had!!!!


Very professional and efficient

John Koenig

If you're looking for any specific kind of meat, this is the place to go. Whether it's beef chicken or pork, they have just about every cut and every style available. It's the only place that I have found in a 50 mile radius that has pork belly. And if you're having a special night and want to have some really good steaks, this is where you need to go to get your meat.

Cynthia Bertschy

Nathan Robinson

Good cuts of meats and the flats of eggs are a really good deal. We go over every other week just for the eggs

Lana Pier

Paul B

Friendly, professional. Absolutely terrific service! Even help load the meat. Prices for butchering are unbeatable!

Kim Prescott

Always love the meat from here. The butchers are always helpful and willing to talk to you about how to prepare the meat.

Tyler C

Gloria White

Steve's has the best fresh meat and will cut to order. Everyone is friendly and prices are reasonable.


Hannington Kioli

For all your meat quality

Brian Stokes

Love their brats

Randy Westfahl

I've been going there for years. Great quality, knowledgeable butchers and staff. They have great specials and varieties of homemade sausage and rubs. A community favorite with old time service. Best cuts of quality beef, pork, and chicken in the metro area. Very much worth the drive.

Dennis Waymire

Just had my first bite of hamburger from here. Had to stop and say how good it is. We will be back. Very friendly service.

Lebowski Big

Craig Sovereign

Usman Rilwan

A very decent place to get custom cut meats

Gilberto De La O

Krizza Barth

I called needing cow hearts. The man on the other side of the phone, Mark, was so kind and had all of the hearts bagged up for me before I even got into town. Even the gentleman behind the counter was kind ! I usually dont purchase from meat markets but I will be coming to this one from now on !

Tim Yager

Excellent meat and great service. Love their Beef Ribs and Brisket. The Smoked Pork Chops are to die for! Thank you Steve's for donating to our QUWF Banquet every year as we greatly appreciate what you do!

Rafael luna

Theodore T

Great butcher shop. Marrow bones for bone broth are inexpensive, from local farms, and they'll even smoke the bones for you upon request. I've been missing a good butcher shop and am glad to have found a local one.

Paul Gottesburen

Great service and reasonable prices. Nice selection of packages or they'll butcher for you if you bring in your own animals.

abigail wilson

Very friendly staff, helpful and a very clean environment.

Rusty Scheiterle

Whatever cut of meat you’re looking for Steve’s has it

Donna Ashe

Julie Crocker

I have driven past for over 20 years. Today (day before thanksgiving) I decided we would go non traditional and picked up a very nice fresh T-bone and a few additional already frozen steaks. The parking lot was full and very busy but the employees ready and didn't wait very long at all. The ones I dealt with were very nice and while busy and almost holiday they did NOT have a "hurry we are busy" attitude. Very kind and helpful. Even after one answered a call about if open ON THANKSGIVING, we had to laugh about that. After I cook and eat will update with note about quality vs grocery store meats.

EddieAllen Luckyhorse

rhe glo

They buy unhealthy and unwanted animals from the farms and resell it to the people. I had bought two cows and both were wasted. If you are searching on Craigslist, you will see them posting like this " wanted farm animal". It is a health risk for consumers. They need to get inspected

Alicia Regalado

I have such fond memories coming here as a kid and now as an adult i enjoy cooking with this amazing meat! The ground turkey makes amazing turkey burgers and such a heart healthy option that ACTUALLY tastes good! I hope my children and their children continue coming to Steve's

Rita Turner

The meat I have purchased here has been of good quality and fresh. Reasonable prices. Frozen packages of hamburger are $1 per pound cheaper than fresh. They also sell frozen pies that are delicious. The blueberry is my favorite. Started going here to get the dog bones. That alone will keep me coming back! They also have farm fresh eggs

Kevin Lawrence

Ok selection and quality. Have your custom orders and whole animal butchering done some place else.

Dereje Mamo

Jim Pickering

john muthure

Good quality meat supplier

Rory Martynowski

Great service..good meat

Brice Sands

Went once and will never go anywhere else. Amazing staff and friendly

Jordan Moore

Kevin Larson

This place is awesome. They have anything and everything you need including pet food. I'll be going here for my Christmas rib roast because that meat look so tasty. Update: Got my Xmas rib roast with some proper handling and cooking tips. These folks rock! Been there several more times since then. I recommend their smoked pork chops.

Greg Mather

bunmi babatunde

Lijia Lyles

It's worth the trip. Their meats are superior than any chain or store. Their staff are knowledgeable and helpful. The variety is awesome.

Dennis Cutting

Valarie Campbell

Was here to pick up Yolonda S Campbell meats. Pig was frozen, and the second door staff placed the meats in our cars.

Yonatan Meles

Good and fast ..... service but the boss in the killing area need to stop shouting at employees and customers.....not good for business.... which is none of my business...ty

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