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REVIEWS OF Local Pig IN Kansas

Dave Schaad

Quality meat and other products. Quality people. Quality service. Did say total quality experience?

Brently Palmer

Great local butcher shop with a very friendly staff!

Tim Sella

So good

Ann Dahl

Great butcher shop with enormous selection. The Pigwich Food Truck/Caboose is a must which is located right outside the shop.


I got a breakfast pot pie, which was awesome. I also tried the scrapple, being from Philadelphia it's something I miss. While theirs is nothing like the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch recipe in taste or texture, it absolutely stands on it's own. Even you don't like the traditional version I suggest you try this one, they've really created something new. I took one star off because the fella who waited on me was pretty surly and rude but the food was good and the prices reasonable so I will try shopping here again.

Robert Brantley

So far everything i have gotten from here has been great and the people there have been wonderful to deal with. Cool place!!

Lawrence Regier III

Came from out of town to stay with a friend. Found this amazing shop with quite the selection of different meats, seasoned in different ways. Everything we got from here was delicious. Makes me want to move from Florida just to have access to meat this good.

Gabriel Crowell

Simply the best butcher shop in the KC area. A fantastic selection of meats (especially gourmet burgers) and a food truck outside!

Michael Shields

The current counter lady at the West Bottoms location acts like she doesn't like customers. The one before her was the complete opposite. She was extremely friendly and personable. We miss her immensely!

James Worley

The new space in the River Market is phenomenal! Lots of seating, a much bigger menu at Pigwich, fountain beverages with free refills, a huge selection of canned adult beverages and that same great butcher shop smell! I had the pork tenderloin with buffalo sauce and an order of sweet potato fries...huge portions and so tasty! The only thing I miss is being able to see and visit with the butchers break down meat (they do this downstairs now). This place is very well thought out with environmentally friendly features and an open kitchen. Great job on the new place Matt and Alex!!!

Cameron Wenzel

Excellent service and a knowledgeable staff. I'll definitely be back.

Daniel Snapp

I love The Local Pig. This place has locally sourced meats most of which are grassfed. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They have their pigwich food truck out back if you are looking for some lunch as well. Most if not all the sausages are nitrate free. The summer sausage and salami are party pleasers. Next time you attend an event be sure to stop in and grab meats for entrees or appetizers and you will not be disappointed.

Monique Grant

Amazing atmosphere and customer service!!! Felt welcomed from the moment we walked in especially after we were given the anatomical breakdown of a pigs head lol will definitely be returning

Joe Shelton

Stumbled upon this place and dicovered sandwiches that are down right delicious. I love finding out of the way places and trying out the food and Pigwich did NOT dissapoint. They have daily specials and are right across the street from Knuckleheads. I highly recommend the Meatloaf patty melt.

Richard Clifton

Every sandwich from Pigwhich is solid. Quality butcher here.

Jacob Deffenbaugh

Great selection of locally sourced meats, everyone is always friendly and you get a way better steak than you would at a grocery store

Laura Oakshott

This review is for PIGWICH......Filthy kitchen!!! All kinds of issues! General lack of respect for cleanliness, or any concern when cooking. ......touching raw meat, then the spatula, didn't wash hands at all that i could see. ....cross contamination and breeding ground for all sorts of nastiness!!! If you value your health DO NOT EAT HERE!!!!

Chris Akins

The philly was soooooooo goooooood!!

James Crawford

Melissa Knowles

Amazing food. Super fun staff.

Linda Scott

My first visit and I got plenty of help about what they do and have. All locally sourced meats and chicken. Others have told me about this place with high praise.

Scott M

Ashley Irwin

The Local Pig is the butcher shop. Pigwich is their restaurant. Anything you get from either, you can't go wrong. Highly recommend the steaks and bacon. They now, in their new space, have an alcohol selection and also sell Shatto milk. I am sad to see the open butcher tables aren't at the new space, though.

Andrew Pease

Best butcher shop in kc. The food is also top notch. I drive across the city to get my meat here.

Roush RTR

Freindly service, helpful, AMAZING food!

Jason Clements

Solid Experience. Delicious Meats. Prices where you expect for quality beef and meats. I highly recommend going to the Local Pig.

Jason Brown

Rob James III

Great find in KC that most locals don't know yet. It's my go to shop when I'm in KC .The staff is as good as the meats .

Jason Bigler

Great local butcher shop. Prices are reasonable for a butcher and the quality is superb! They also host butcher classes on weekends, of which i still need to try.

Shane Johnson

A very unique place. Very good service awesome food. The sandwich at pig which next door was delicious.

Emily Soulliere

When Local Pig first opened I swooned so hard. I loved that one could buy locally raised meats along with other add one. But what I loved the most was the ability for patrons to use EBT cards (food stamps), making this amazing food available to everyone. I was sad to stop by recently and hear that they no longer accept EBT. I was also not impressed with the staff on this latest visit. They seemed rather curt. When I am paying a premium price for a premium product, I feel that it's not too much to ask to have overly friendly customer service. All in all still a great product. Just a few disappointments.


Food is ok....

Terri James

My husband & I live in SW Florida. We travel a lot, and The Local Pig is our FAVORITE butcher shop anywhere! I am hooked on their smoked and brined pork chops and pork loins. We were there last weekend, and my husband had called Shane earlier in the week to please freeze some of the chops for me to take back to Florida. We picked them up and kept them frozen until my flight. I only had a carry on bag, and when going through security, TSA saw them and asked what it was. When I told them I had frozen pork chops, they actually discussed keeping them. Without thinking of the consequences, I stood up and told them they were MY pork chops, and that I WAS getting on that plane with them! Now, I have to wait for my husband to get home to grill them for me! I guess I have addiction to the Local Pig, since, obviously, I was willing to go to jail to keep my chops! I sure hope there's therapy for me!

Andrea Emberton

I love the cuts they sell here, they're always fresh and always delicious! I highly recommend it!

Damiyr Leonard

I initially went here to find some beef bacon - which they no longer carry, but they did offer me lamb bacon which was just as good! The best part of this place though was the little food truck right outside, where I arguably had the best burger I've ever tasted. I don't know if it was the sauce, or the seasoning in the meat, but I immediately texted my friends to tell them it was one of the best dining experiences I've ever had. It is seriously a hidden gem in Kansas City, I plan on going back regularly to taste that burger again and again.

Katie Gerant

Staff are always helpful

Jamison Whitehill

Get the pochetta OMG so good

Megan P

First time ordering. I got the cheese steak with fries. Great customer service, my sandwich came out fast and fries were hot. Everything tastes wonderful.

Charlie Bourgeois

I had heard the hype from work folks and decided to finally try it. Whooooaboy.

Lazereo Reinsch

Good food and really nice cuts of mea.

Steffen Edwards

Great staff great product!

Josh Vickery

Great food. Great meats

Bryan Washington

It was so good and the service so fast that no food glam photos could be taken.

Brian Zehnle

E.J. McKernan IV

Sausages and pate are very good.

Matthew Kafka

Steven Jackson

Old world techniques with local farms and small business focused. A lost art that needs to be brought back!

Dj Setay

These guys are "the real deal". This is the "butcher shop" that was considered an essential part of every town, in our parents our grandparents day. They epitomize the term "local business", and are a perfect example of the kind of business that can fuel an economic renaissance in towns and cities all over America. A provider of Real Food by a real "small business". Want to learn some skills for sustainable animal foods? These guys offer CLASSES! How cool is that? Check em out... good folks doing amazing work. Kudos

Michelle Hoffman


Barry Bolton

The roast beef is the best I've ever had. Me and my nephew ate an entire half pound as soon as I brought it home.

David Ta

I go here one or twice a month to stock up. I usually get their bacon and it is probably the best bacon I have ever had in my entire life. I usually buy a few 1/2 lbs. packets and gift wrap them to friends who live out of town. After trying it, they make it a point to stop in and get some when they are in Kansas City. Their sausages are great - at least the ones I've tried. It's a little pricier than your typical grocery store, but that's to be expected for excellent meat.

Alyza Perez

Went it to check visuals on some chuck roast for the cuban dish ropa vieja and was greeted by friendly staff and welcoming environment. All prices are up on the board and they even have the names of the farms from where they get their meats! They were cutting meats fresh nearby so not for the faint of heart but super interesting to watch. The Pigwich outside has AWESOME sandwiches so 10/10 would recommend hitting them up. They also sell quality lard at a fair price- going to use some to make tradition Pan Cubano tonight!

Joshua Williams

The meat I have bought from Local Pig has always been great. The pickles are always a big hit, too. Plus, the Pigwich is hands down the greatest sandwich I have ever eaten.

Anders Junger

Kolika Simmons

Always great. Always transparent with where they get their products.

BlissfulBigfoot .

Great food great prices. Nice little spot.

Burton Lindenmuth

I called them and wanted to place an order for a ham for Christmas to make for my family. My first question was if I needed to come in to the store to do this, and he assured me that I could do it over the phone. I gave him my information and my order and when I wanted to pick it up and that was that. Done. I went to go pick up the ham and they had no record of me or a ham that I ordered from them and didn’t have anything for me and could only say sorry.

David Scott

I wish the gift shop was open next door, sad to see you moving, hope the new location doesn't make it harder and higher prices


Come and get some fresh, local and sustainable produced meats. Grass fed beef, hand carved by local celebrity chef Alex Pope and his wonderful crew. Flavored sausages, steaks, air cured wholesome burgers. Very reasonable for the high quality.

Adam Case

First time eating there. Best philly I've ever had.

Heather Geran

Love the new shop location. Nice and bright inside, and they have gotten a larger selection.

Darren Rhoden

Great sandwiches and chips. Also, fantastic meat selection.

Paul Parkinson

I tried a couple of sausages and their bacon. Whew! way too much garlic. It was most unpleasant.

Laura Wilk

Trista Fenner

I ate at their adjoined food truck and loved the sandwich I got

Cyndi Simmons

Great food and fantastic store

Octopus Arms

Man! This place has some good meats. Tried their beef bacon. Not really like pork bacon. More like steak bacon. So I'm calling it steakon. Also picked up some scrapple. Not an easy thing to find in KC. As far as I know they are the only place that has it. And you guessed it. It's just as grate as everything else they offer. I will be going back for sure. Well worth it. Thanks local pig!

Mahmoudreza Norouzi

Highly recommended, I found the rarest type of meat that I was looking for, great quality and reasonable pricing and really friendly staff. Thank you!

j dogg

Unbelievable selection of unique meats. Best steaks in Kansas City hands down.

Chase Schwalbe

All the sausages, especially the burnt end, coffee and maple, and hab are the best. Great place.

Oleksiy Lysenko

Very good sausage and sandwich.

Brian DeSmet

This place is my jam. Great meats and accompaniments for those that want to support small farmers.

Aaron McCully

Greatest thing since sliced bread!

Edward Norton

Burgess Broderick

Pat Pollmiller

This is a really cool place. High quality meats. Reasonable price. You get what you pay for. The bacon is great. The steaks are top notch. Happy I found this place!

Frank Kaul

Delicious. If it the first nice day in a while, there may be a bit of a wait for your food since this is outdoors.

Tara Martin

This place was a gold mine of delicious food and welcoming people. My boyfriend and I ate at the food truck (so good and mouthwatering) and took home steaks, breakfast sausage and bones for our dogs. Everyone in my house hold ate like kings.

kathi cook

Great banh mi sandwich!!

Jen Carr

Stephene Olive

This is the BEST butcher in KC! Their products are the best quality a consumer can buy.With Pigwich food truck to add to the experience you are always a winner!

Leonard Dale

buy stuffed dates and try a selection of sauages

Cory Stites

Love the breakfast balls! Plenty of good meats to chose from as well!

tiffany heise

A cool place to go and try some new stuff. the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Khris Apley

Fantastic meat. So fresh that they can tell you the farm it's from. Hell they could probably tell you the name of the animal you are eating.

jason messier

Elias Plowman

Great food, awesome service, fresh food, nice cuts of meat... what is there not to like.

Sabastian Glenn

Awesome old-world style butcher shop.

Stephen Schuck

This is the best butcher shop in the city, and it’s not particularly close. You can get anything you want, and if they don’t have it they’ll get it for you. They have the highest quality fresh meat, sausages, and really friendly staff. Can’t recommend enough

Keith Stachowiak

Was visiting KC and came here upon suggestion from a friend. Was not disappointed - the Banh Mi and Pigwich were both great. Also bought bacon for later - also great.

Monte Scotten

Much better location. Always a nice variety of sausages and fresh meats.

Lauren Simons

Amazing products, selection and cheaper than a natural food conventional grocery store. Everything from fresh meat to liquour. They have additional yummy goodies such as tamales, pot pies, summer sausage and BUTTER BURGERS. Why bother going out to eat ???

Chris Keith

Great spicy pickles and sandwiches

Andre Generaux

Excellent food,fresh local farm raised everything if u haven't been you have to go!!?


This is my favorite little charcuterie anywhere! Great meats and crazy selection! They even offer classes on how to butcher a whole hog!

Dave Marshall

Really enjoyed the food

Greg Tamblyn

Generally good meat, though pricey. However: Do NOT make the mistake of buying a tamale. They are large, and look like one of the few good deals here, but only until you dig in and spend the next ten minutes searching for any sign of actual meat. You won't find much. But then, if you're the type who enjoys a bellyfull of spiced cornmeal, you'll love it.

Charlie Hodge

Great as always

Jay Sauser

Can't say enough good things about this place! I go in every Friday and get sausages, steaks, or pork cuts to grill. I have honestly never had anything I didn't like from the butcher shop. And besides sara and Shane are super cool and nice. They like regulars! **update on new spot in River Market...its awesome! Bigger menu, addition of fries and coleslaw. And a kids area on the pigwich side!

Jamie Hansen

Cant beat the head cheese ! its the best I have ever had . worth the trip from OP . If you want some pig this is the place to go !!! and you must try the house made pickles . you will never eat a jar pickle again!!

Katie Decker

Fresh, tasty, and great customer service!

Ruicheng Xu

The pigswich and the fries have too much salt in there :/

Challenge Rejected

I (personally) have never been to the local pig, but I DO know that the meat quality is ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD!! They even sell t-shirts!! (They really get my taste buddies going!) On a serious note, "long pig" is not currently offered, so don't walk in expecting that. I really dig the local pig!!!

Barry Waite

Great place

Jennifer Smith

Amazingly delicious!

Kara Steele

Wow. Just wow.

Jake Smith

Great new concept in the River Market. Definitely plan on trying out the butcher shop meats. Restaurant was busy and seem well organized

Charley Ready

I will drive from olathe to downtown just to get this goodness.

Sean Mahoney

great place, a KC gem!

Sean Stewart

although this pig is not very local to me im sure their meat is bomb

Tj Neuman

Tom Brichta

Absolutely one of the best butcher shops around. What they do with their charcuterie is amazing. Great staff and very knowledgeable. MUST try the bone marrow butter...awesome flavor. What they do is an art that has been lost with big store butchers. The sandwich truck out back is a hidden gem.

Ben L

Pigwich is the beat sandwich i have ever had!!!!

Staci Jackson-Weir

Though they had a wide variety of sausages, this place was REALLY expensive. I purchased a pound of Miso honey bacon at $8 a pound.

Mark Reynolds

Great new location in the River Market with lots of food choices for meat lovers and some vegetarian options.

Amanda Williams

Best place to get meat. The bi-weekly butcher box is a must, and makes cooking new dishes fun!

veteran trucker

Everything here is awsome!!!!!

J Gregg


There are no conveyor belts or plastic dehydrated meat substitutes prepared here - the butchers can be seen behind the counter preparing everything by hand and wrapping it in parchment. Their meat has a uniquely delicious taste perhaps related to its freshness and lack of preservatives. They also offer butcher boxes which are an assortment of their freshest cuts on a scheduled day so you don't have to choose. Try their restaurant outside.

Tristan Laughlin

Locally sources meat products and charcuterie. I just wished they carried offal and odds-and-ends. I was looking for pork trotters. Great stuff though and pigwich is A+++

Jeremy Willert

Kathy Aker

Absolutely Fantastic! Every sandwich we have tried have been delicious. We've bought the brined and smoked pork chops, butter Burgers and steaks to cook at home and they were beyond tender. The breakfast potpies are super convenient to cook and eat on the go during the week. Love this place!

Chris Walter

Awesome sandwiches!

Nick Purifoy

This is the best butcher shop in Kansas City.

Randy Mohr

Very friendly and good prices on their meats

Eva Steinman

Really tasty place!

M Donnelly

Cow tongue sandwich was a 10

Bruno A Brito

Sandwiches are a beast I love this place

Brad Jahnel

Had the smoked brisket and it was delicious!

Marc Sramek

Great place to purchase locally grown products.

Tara Jordan

Scrapple, buckshead bacon, ghost pepper cheese, tenderloin for tartar... mmm mmm mmm

Jared Austin

These guys are awesome, their service is fantastic and they know everything about all the meat they sell. Two words: LAMB BACON. Try it - you won't go back. Just make sure you're sitting down when you place that glorious piece of meat in your mouth, you might pass out from mouth orgasm. It has happened before. Brats here are a little more than at a standard grocery store, however, they are of much higher quality. The breakfast sausage is incredible.

christy mcclain

Excellent service and produces. Thanks for the great quality you put into all the meat. Highly recommend.

Brien Hall

Tom O'Neill

Charlotte Hamburger

Love this shop!

Jimsh Brlaw

This is a great place! I always buy up the sausages and tamales! Even tried lamb bacon and head cheese for my first time! They were delicious! Love their sandwiches and homemade potato chips! I recommend the pigwich!!

Tanya Dunn

Great butcher. High quality from locals farms. Always helpful staff

Mitch Kovac

Ate lunch at pigwich, the sandwich was excellent and the place had a great atmosphere.

Nathan Anderson

Amazing class! Learning and make charcuterie!! These folks love way they do!

Linda Wells

A friend and I took the whole pig class. What a blast. 10 people watching half a pig being butchered then using the different cuts to learn how to make sausage and charcuterie. Fed us lunch and sent us home with lots of pork. I just wish we could have actually done some of the butchering.

Marie Gail Stratford

A modern twist on a Kansas City classic, this isn't the place for getting traditional barbecue favorites, but I'm sure you will find some new favorites. Owners have rehabbed the old Winslow's building into a trendy country-themed restaurant with a focus on pork. Sides are generous. Prices reasonable.


BUYER BEWARE!!! If you like GMO's this place is for you. Their unnatural beef is 100% corn fed and the supplier said he can't guarantee it's non-GMO so it's probably 100% GMO!!! It seems that one of their pork suppliers and their chicken supplier are non-GMO, but all the other suppliers are probably GMO!!! One of the employees there said all the meat is non-GMO, but that is total BS!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

Jon Richey

I wanted to buy some pork belly to make homemade bacon. But at 8.99/lb. I bought it elsewhere. I love supporting local business and local farmers, but don't want to be price gouged either.

Kirk Allison

Excellent market

Matthew Salois

Tastiest meats in KC!

Leah Osborne

Best quality meat in the area. The customer service was exceptional and left me feeling very satisfied with my purchase.

Phillip Smith

In-house cured rashers. The only place in KC I know to find them regularly, fresh and never frozen. It's worth the drive from Waldo.

Lisa Teiger

our good friend, who is one of the premier caterers in Kansas City, took us here for lunch the first day of our visit to KC. The food is incredible - fresh in both concept and actuality - great delicious sandwiches and really great butcher shop. I asked for a sample of the coconut head cheese and the kind guy behind the counter gave me a whole slice to share with our entourage. Delicious and innovative both!

Joshua Tiedgen

Great food good service there is a wait cause this is all homemade and fresh to order so prepare to wait but its well worth it

Charles Friend

This place is great. The burger is so juicy and delicious. Wish more places could cook like this.

Mike Shaw

Some of the highest quality meats I've ever tasted, with tons of selection, too. They're extremely knowledgeable and offered great advice on how to cook what I was purchasing. I live in Shawnee and drive out there regularly just to get a few things---it's always worth the trip.

Kate Hoppe

RUDE service over the phone in the butcher shop. Whatever girl is in there working today - not cool. Me: "do you have fresh ground turkey?" Her (in a curt tone): "No, absolutely not." Who talks like that to a customer? Then she says, as if I'm an idiot, "We're completely out of turkeys." Me: "I'm talking about ground turkey, not a whole turkey." Cue brief pause. Her: "No, we don't have any." Get a clue Local Pig. You want people to shop here, don't treat them like gum on the bottom of your shoe. A, "no sorry, we're out" or "sorry, we don't carry that, have a nice day" would have sufficed and maybe enticed me to come in and check out your other products.

Wesley Hazelton

Fresh breads, cheeses and meats from local farmers or producers are delightful. Grab some meats or condiments for dinner tonight.

Kristi Buccheri

I sent about 100 emails and the response time was SO QUICK! The level of professionalism and kindness was over the top. When I did my pick up, I was offered a sample of smoke honey (who knew that was a thing? DELISH!!) I greatly appreciate everything you guys did and Alex specifically for being so kind about working w our, Lions In Four Foundation.


Rocio Kreie

The vast amount of cuts, seasoned meats, and varieties of condiments, cheeses, and neat add-ons is just nothing short of fantastic. Everything is well worth it's price, and if you can, sign up for the boxes. Helluva deal, and it'll get ya outta your normal and into new dinners and ideas. And, always, always, always grab a bite at the pigwich.

Ken Smith

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