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REVIEWS OF Bichelmeyer Meats IN Kansas

Whoops dun it again

Great service and products

Elizabeth Hart

Quality, fresh meats that cost no more than the chain stores shipped in, processed stuff in a clean organized pleasant atmosphere.

Nancy McElroy

Great tacos, friendly service and good prices?

Kent Seaton

Went here for their Saturday taco and was not disappointed. Grabbed an el pastor and pork tomale, some of the best I've had in a long time. The avacado aoli was amazing as well. Very authentic and highly recommended.

Sherry Spencer

First time and had no idea what to expect. Staff attentive and helpful. Fixed the 2 rib-eye steaks we bought... very tender! Will go back next time we're in the area!

Chance Wood

Absolutely wonderful. The owners and staff are very kind and professional. They'll answer any questions you have regarding the meat cuts and preparation. Matt Bichelmeyer was great; willing to share the process of aging their beef as well as packaging and smoking techniques! I'll be back for ALL of my meat needs from here on out. Support your local butchers! Very nice experience here!

James Hutchins

A very helpful and friendly meat market very reasonably priced!!!

Jimmy Wharton

Great service, best homemade balogna ever! Excellent cuts of meat at prices compareable to the supermarket. Support local business.

Mark R

Pretty good service and of course a great selection of meats

Tamauralee Harris


William Saunders

Always amazing

Christine Wheeler

Always a pleasure to shop here

Rik Cook

Great meat shop. Custom cut high quality meats in any quantity. Old fashion butcher shop service and hospitality.

tc riley

Very nice and helpful staff. Good prices on locally sourced meats and a good variety.

Jake Wells

The ribeyes aren’t what they used to be. Been getting them here for a long time. I guess the demand is probably higher meaning more cattle getting processed than before. Thanks for all the quality years Bichelmeyer

Jason Reynolds

Have great tacos with in house meats on Sat mornings. Also did a great job on processing my deer.

Joe Quinly

Great Saturday lunch!

Allison Dauzat

Awesome place,tasty lunch! Really good prices on meat

Bruce Roath

Love it

Debra Gray

Awesome tacos on Saturday!! Friendly service.

William Irvin

Always great service, with the location that's easy to get to from all directions on the compass rose. Plenty of parking. The meats are top tier, great old fashioned flavor the way you expect meat to taste. Even on the busiest day Saturdays, there's minimal waiting time. "Once you take a bite, Bichelmeyer Meats will be a special must stop in and buy!"

Fletcher Gustafson

This place is Valhalla. We came in on Saturday, when they have tacos. Tacos are insane. The kid had a quesadilla, which was also first rate. Service was outstanding. The owner, Jim, took us back into the meat locker so the kid could see the sides hanging, which was just amazing. I purchased a flat brisket for pot roast, and ground beef for some burgers. Can't recommend this place any more strongly. Just a class operation.

Justin Reinsch

Great people great service great Quality Meats my family has used this place for decades

Matt Harris

Best tacos in town! Highly recommend smoked pork and steak with creamy green sauce. Only sell tacos on Saturday though.

Staley Farms Events

Everything about his place is spot on! LOVE IT!

Chad Talbott

Excellent knowledge and professional courtesy. Was able to help suggest a cut I wouldn't have thought of and slice right there just how I needed it. Would definitely recommend for experience, can't go wrong!

George Bittlingmayer

Old-time butcher shop. As opposed to the help in supermarkets, these guys know how to cut up meat. Prices are also good. I can't speak to quality, since I haven't cooked what I bought.

Pavlo Vovk

Searching the best butcher in town? Look no further.

Maryk Meyer

Good family owned business. Get all your main dishes here.

Kevin Hernandez

Great tacos.

Natasha Rogers VerBrugge

Great service, great prices, great selection.


excellent prices...if your a meat lover.

Elizabeth Figures

Great beef bacon

Quiana Harris

Great customer service

Herbert Kelley

if you want quality and good flavor meats they are the ones

Adrienne Fleck

go by on a Saturday to eat street tacos and then shop around a bit! the brats are so tasty to take home and grill- love all the unique flavors.

Dale Johnson

I have been doing business with Joe and his family for years. Its nice to know that you can speak directly to one of the owners at the drop of a hat. These people make butchering and processing a work of art. The meat is always top notch....and the service......just like the old days , its personal and professional. Ive done business with other butcher shops inside Kansas City and outside of Kansas one has ever compared to Bichelmeyers.....hats off to Joe and his crew.

Rash Daniel

Great raw meat, horrible tacos. Tried them twice now just to give them a fair chance. They were better the second time but only because the first time was possibly the worst i have ever had. Sorry guys, step your game up.

Bryan Bailey

Always a fun place to shop. Great customer service.

Melodie Rodriguez

Always courteous and pay attention to detail.

fred harvey jr.

Great place to spend a Saturday snacking.

Hason Cornley

Great place...great people


Best butcher in Kansas City. Don't even bother calling anyone else.

Kolika Simmons

The butchers are extremely knowledgeable. This place has stood the test of time. Every Saturday they have tacos and tamales. They also have a lot of cuts of meat that you might not have heard of before, but I'm more than willing to talk you through how it all works. It's definitely not what one would call the trendiest place, but it's a very no-nonsense place that is full of very hardworking individuals that know their craft.

Kathy Baker

My dad used to go to Bichelmeyers all the time before he retired. He has been gone now for 9 years. I just made my first ever trip there today and I'm very impressed with the store and staff. And the selection of meats is awesome. Thanks for your very helpful and kind service. I'll be back soon

Jeff Krumvieda

We have been coming here for 12 years. We don't buy beef anywhere else. Very helpful and friendly staff.

Tracy Lamb

we bought a 1/4 of beef here, and was some worst meat we have ever had. hamburger would not form burgers and the steaks were full of fat and tasted terrtible. would not recommend getting meat from here. just awful

Talib Numan

Great service

Duane Dumler

This place is a great visit if you like an active meat market. It had a dine in area on the Saturday I was their that was busy but I did not have time to try it. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I saw cut's of meat I had never heard of and a wide variety different types of meat. So I bought not so creative Hamburger and filet. Both were great. Great atmosphere great meat, great service.

Mari Hernandez

Best tacos and quesadillas EVER!

Mary Jones

Great service

Tony Turnbull

We bought a quarter side from here. Almost every steak package we have opened has been LOADED with fat. More fat than meat. Very disappointed. I feel swindled.

Damian Walsh

Staff is always friendly. There helpful, even if you don't have enough $$ They will work with you. Thank you guys

Johnny Juke

Always had a good experience every time I shop there. They have everything I need. Going to go get some casings this morning. Good people.

John Ruiz

Best tacos in KC.

Kevin Tipton

Best Butcher Store in KC Area(So Far). Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff. Locally Owned and Run. Clean Establishment. Great Prices. Best Place to buy Dog Bones. They raise and slaughter their own cattle. Overall a Must Visit!!!!!!

Leslie Burleson

Love the service and the meat been buying there for years

Dustan Thornton

Had a Tomahawk steak last light.(1 1/2 lbs.) Seriously one of the best steaks I have ever had. My friend introduced me to you guys and you will be having a new customer for life. Never again will I buy a steak from a grocery store. Looking forward to coming to your store for the first time and trying your other cuts of meats.

Luis Viveros

Good prices, quality meats

Donna Antolin

Awesome and very helpful staff.


Great service. Really clean. Meat is fantastic.

Benjamin Fuentes

Bichelmeyer is a carnivore’s dream come true. This butcher shop has all the cuts you could possibly need. On top of that they are serving up some dope tacos on Saturdays. Theses delicious, little tacos are jam-packed with enough meat to satisfy the hungriest of hungers. I tried the tacos al pastor but I can’t wait to go back and try them all. Check out this hidden gem the first Saturday you have available. Follow me on Instagram at @kansascityfoodiefinds for more pictures and dope reviews.

trudy king elliott

Great meat market. I'm been going there for many years. The meat is always fresh. They have meat that's cut or you can have it cut the way you want it cut.

Jack Dill

Great market . Good selection of meats. We were disappointed that they only serve lunch on sat.

ellen bollinger

Great customer service

Byron Marshall

Crowded, excellent condition of quality of the products. Clean.

Reuben Burgs

Meat is top quality, fresh, the staff is friendly and helpful. highly recommend.

Andy Laffery

Great People, Great Food, and the prices can't be beat!

Theresa Dukes

They are efficient and practice sterile techniques. I sure like buying their meats. They need to open them a restaurant, Cook their own meats that no chemicals has been put in it. I and my family would buy and eat there and would gladly spread the word.

Connie Berg

Great place to get great quality meats

V Black

Absolutely the BEST meat market from Kansas to Florida. I do not purchase my meats and cheese from any place other than Bichelmeyer. Don't forget their FAMOUS TACOS on Saturdays! This is the #1 spot to get your tacos from in KC. The meat is always tender and seasoned well. They are Number 1 in meats and customer service.

Justin Green

Beef bacon is awesome only place to get choice cuts you can't get at the store

Deanne Foreman

These people are the nicest people.We have gone here since my dad was alive.That had been over 30 years.We live north of the river, nice little trip.

Bianca Jacobo

it is awesome! the best tacos in Kansas! really love everything about them

Cheeto Cheeto

Top notch! The beef bacon is killer!

Matthew Goodwin

Awesome service everytime!

Christopher Lehner

In my opinion, as a person that knows a lot about meat , a 35 year career based around livestock and meat marketing, people in the Kansas City area are lucky Bichelmeyers is available. They breed and raise their own cattle on high quality feed and butcher using methods no longer used by mega meat processors that sell to the large grocery chain stores where most people buy their meat and too often think get quality and deals The pride of the owners at Bichlemeyers shows in the products and the butchers are highly trained and like to help. They are true butchers versus stores unloading a box of pre-cut pieces of meat from unknown farms. Butchering the whole carcass also gives customers cuts grocery stores can't and won't sell. It also allows customers that can't afford the expensive cuts of beef to have highest quality beef products and if wanted, variety cuts not even considered at most stores When buying their roasts and steaks, the quality is excellent and the vast majority of the time, their prices are much less than the other stores. Bichelmeyers sells by the pound and not the piece that grocery stores use to make the consumer believe they are getting a deal. But prices at Bichlemeyers are often $2 to $4 per pound cheaper and far better quality. On top of it, if you need help or want something cut or ground a specific way, just ask one of the butchers. Unlike a big grocery store they are real butchers and not employees dressed up like a butcher that barely can wrap it up. Bichelmeyers is quality and value.

Margie Fletcher

awesome staff and meats are wonderful.

douglasmichaels .

This place has all kinds of meat. Wonderful friendly staff

joshua stadler

Great butcher shop. They have all the cuts of pork and beef. They also have goat. They will process animals for you. If you like meat, this is the place for you. My only complaint is they are never open in the evenings, other than that A+. Ps be prepared for a line, they move people quickly but it is a popular spot.

Alex Hannagan

Superb selection at reasonable prices, and never a long wait. The staff can be a bit sassy but try not to take it personally as they're clearly working hard to get you in and out.

Sherry Gispan

The service was quick the choice of meats unbelievable everything fresh all needed to do be cooked by a good cook.

canita alexander

Always great service.


while visiting for xmas we bought a couple of pounds of old world polish sausage. it's the end of january and we should have bought more. i sure wish we could order online.

Holland Wright

Best butcher/meat market in town!

Cynthia Douglas

Excellent chiccarrones, fresh sausages are awesome! Great meat market.

Melinda Bell

Best meat market in KC! Great homemade tamales, too! My dog loves their smoked beef bones, too... cuts them up based on the size of my dog.

M Brown

Always a great experience when I visit! Keep up the great service!

Carlos Beidgeforth

Did not have what I want

Frank Julian

People are great. You cant get better beef than here! They also have sausages of varying types garlic, chorizo, old world, etc. Lamb product from New Zealand was excellent. They sell over the counter or you can buy a side or quarter of beef. Chicken is excellent. If you want a treat get a homemade SlimJim or their jerky!! It's the Best. If you want a dozen tamales on the weekend go get you a bag!!

Renee Miller

Looking forward to cooking my standing rib roast. Cool place!

lisa kennedy

the best in town been going there since 1981 the best

tracy donnell


Marques Browne

Love the hot head cheese!

Chad Marshall

Such a cool place! I will definitely be going back!

Bobby Williams

Great place

Daniela N. Iordache

It's a good place to get your fresh meats as well as lunch meats. The staff was super friendly and helpful in assisting with anything that I needed. The best part, you get fresh and delicious tacos while you're waiting. Can't beat that anywhere else!

Pat Starner

Bichelmeyer's is a really neat place; a carnivore's delight. I only wish we lived closer so we could buy all of our meats there.

Vernell Carter

I moved to Kansas from Texas 7 yrs.ago, but I have never found a meat market in Kansas that could stand up to the ones in Texas.....until now. I no longer have to take a cooler with me when I visit family in Texas any more, just so I can get GREAT meat at a GREAT price. This place is heads above any other market that I have found here in Kansas. I want to thank everyone that help me. Great service!!!!!

Shawn Purvis

This is the best place in the city to get great meat. Fresh meat and friendly service, what more could you ask for?

james gaskin

Best meats in Kansas city!!!


Great service. Good selection. You can find almost any meat here.

Fred Stroup

I've been shopping there all my life

Sam Carrell

very nice

Rosalynn Mccord-Bey

This is a KC staple. They sell just about any kind of meat that you can think of and they sell authentic Mexican tacos on Saturdays. The customers are knowledgeable and friendly.

Randy Kratzer

Best place to get meat

Andrew Kincaid

Love the meat here.

Placher Sieben

Fantastic butcher shop, make sure to try the beef jerky!

Rochelle Nelson

This is a great place! Wonderful meat products and friendly, knowledgeable staff that treat you like family.

Katie Burton

I had Bichelmeyer Meats cater my wedding, along with cater the cakes and they were phenomenal! Marti helped me pick a menu and the flavors of cake and everything was just incredible! We are so glad we went with them for our reception and would hire again in a heartbeat! Thank you so much for helping us on our special day!

Deborah Moreno

Excellent selection & quality meats plus great customer service!

Lindsay Wilson

Best tacos in town. Love the ladies behind the line. Order the asada!

Dan Leach

Extensive selection of quality meats. Good prices. I was able to get raw pork fat to render down into lard. They took it right off the meat they were processing. Fresh!

Melissa Stryker

Been there years ago. Love this place. Best place to get fresh meat in KC MO and/or KS.

Willis Jackson

The meat seems to be good quality. The prices are pretty reasonable for most items. But someone keyed my car from end to end while I was inside, for no apparent reason. They don't have any security cameras. Be careful parking there or you may end up spending an extra thousand dollars on paint.

Kelton Mcbride

Tacos are H.E.A.T

Mary Lynn Gress

We can't say enough about this meat shop. They are amazing, prices are good and staff is so polite.

Michael Wagner

Very courteous helpful and the service was very fast

Eric Chisam

Great meat market.

David Lemos

Best street tacos I've had!

Krista Sandoval

Street tacos were awesome! And the meat selection was the best I have found in all of KC.

Gary Brown

Great service and great to try the mexican lunch on Saturdays

Karin Jones

My husband took me here because I've been researching butchers who sell meat bundles. Since it was lunchtime, we ate some fantastic tacos in the cafe' and then bought steaks for later on the grill. The staff was very professional, friendly and helpful. We even got a tour. Very clean store and very fresh meats... call me a customer for life!

Benjamin Bilyeu

Great service and really good value for some great meat

Sam C

Wish I could give this place a 5 but sadly I couldn't. They have a good variety of meats, and they have english/spanish fluent people there. The only con that I have is that their glass is always dirty when I walk in. Its like.. why try to present your different meats with such hazy/dirty looking glass. Its pretty gross... anyway. Other than that I would give this place a thumbs up. They have dog treats too! like smoked pig ears and dog bones

Er Mo

Outstanding! The best tacos. Great service, great food. Will definitely return. A must visit in KC!

Leon Franks

Excellent service. Custom cuts available. Large choice of cuts of beef, pork & chicken. And most, if not all, variety cuts available, such as pig snout, feet, liver, kidney. Turkey testicles, etc.

C Jones

Their prices might be a little higher but we have never gotten anything bad from them. Everyone is helpful and friendly.

Howard Jestice

I had a great experience with the people that helped me with my order.

Charlene Biles

Great meat selection. They just didn't have the Tri-tip steaks that I wanted.

Jeff Roumph

Always great folks to take care of exactly what you want!

Richard Shaver

Really like the meat here!

Steven Reichman

Excellent Experience!! First time customer, number counter didn't move but meat cutter asked if we needed help.. DUH...but was very helpful, knowledgeable & pleased to have his mind picked. Check-out help was very helpful & friendly...we'll be back!!

Russ Wolfe

Best butcher shop in town

Bryant Peterson

Great true old school butcher shop. Knowledgeable butchers with much more than the typical items at the grocery store.

John Cantrell

Trimmed all the fat off my meat "AFTER" weighing it ..without asking me! strange smell on meat also after getting it home like he wiped it down with an old dirty rag. was 3rd time buying same thing and maybe last...I believe it was done because i am white!.. his issues should not become mine!

Angie Day

Excellent place to get your hog or beef. We go back every year. They remember who you are as well.

Spencer Lutes

Best meat in town. Better prices than Costco and you know where the meat came from

Lary McCollum

Great meats

Mary Aguilar

Excellent Service And Always Has The Best Meat, Chicken, And Coldcuts...Best Butcher Ever~☆!

russell collins

I have been coming to Bichelmeyers since I was a kid. They do everything very well.

Scoutk Bartholomew

Great Saturday lunches served. The tacos are a little salty and a little on the expensive side. They are $3 a pop but are so stuffed with meat, they're worth it. Give them a try.


I would NOT recommend Bichelmeyer for deer processing. The first year I took a deer there they put way too much suet (beef fat) into the ground meat. This year they mixed up my deer with another guy's and I got the wrong packages of meat. They were unable to find my packages. They admitted that the error occurred because their lockers are disorganized. They did compensate me by reducing my bill by 50% and giving me the other person's meat. However, the meat I got was terrible and I'm very unhappy with it. The manager is a reasonable guy but this was a terrible mistake. I won't go back to them in future years for deer processing given this horrible experience.

melvin spoerre

Great hot Mex food on Saturdays, best place to buy fresh meat

Mike Williams

Love the place

Jessica DeFord

The BEST place to get fresh good quality meat in bulk! Friendly and helpful staff! They also sell beef bones and smoked pig ears for dogs!

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