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REVIEWS OF Goose The Market IN Indiana

Shannon Hudak

We got an amazing selection of locally produced (some by the shop themselves) coppa, Black truffle salami, rabbit and pork cheek terrine, duck confit, prosciutto, and the butcher even threw in some free tellegio! Outstanding products and service!

Andrew Tomamichel

Best meats and cheeses around.

Jeremiah Huff

There are probably four chairs or so at a high table top bar. Picnic table outside. Not sure about downstairs. We took our sandwiches to go. Very tasty sandwiches. We had never been there before and bought the sandwiches based on food site reviews. We ordered the Batali and the Goose. Both excellent choices. The Batali had more flavor and a little more bite. It was probably our favorite. The bread is a harder, chewier bread. Had really good flavor and texture. We approve and recommend.

Cesar Krischer

Awesome ice cream and sandwiches. A good place to sit down and relax

Nicholas John

I have been here many times. Awesome sandwiches, great meat counter with great charcuterie options. Great to eat a lunch outside during summer.

David Noel

Great selection of meat and cheese, love the take home charcuterie board option. Sandwiches are possibly the best in Indy.

One taco Shaun

I frequent Goose often and have always loved the customer service and great food. Today I met the new GM Nick and was entirely impressed. He was extremely welcoming, friendly, and knowledgable. Goose knocked it out of the park with this addition to an already incredible staff.

Abhishek Venkatramanan

Visited the store with a friend on Christmas Eve...Very cordial and helpful staff. We ordered the suggested usuals: both the traditional and the veggie variant of the Batali along with a Toasted Coconut Chocolate Gelato. Both items were great !! Although, I would have preferred a different choice of bread for the sandwich (something softer)

Craig Arthur

I went to Goose Market for the first time yesterday and it was the best decision I have made for food. All of the staff were very friendly! My family will continued to go back. The meat quality is superb and the beer and wine selection is to die for. I rarely do reviews but this is a billion thumbs up!

Alison Bender

We always stop on the way to or from Kentucky. The cheese boards are incredible. Sandwiches to die for. Today we had a soup potato and chorizo incredible. High quality foods,friendly staff. Goose the Market never disappoints

Rene' W

Called in a to-go order while passing through Indy. Order was ready when I arrived. Friendly and helpful staff! Batali sandwich is excellent, like really really good, tangy and a just a little spicey heat to balance out the meat, cheese and olive oil. The bread is delicious, the perfect chewy texture that doesn’t get soggy from olive oil. They also stock lots of meat, cheese and local artisanal grocery items. Noticed they have Bourbon Barrel teriyaki sauces, try their smoked salts if you can find!

Dan C-K

This is a great place for food. Goose is best described in superlatives. The sandwiches are the best. The cured meats are excellent, and this is the only place I buy meat anymore. The bacon and duck port pear sausages are my favorites. Service is great. There's a cellar of beer and wine downstairs with a sizeable collection of unique and delicious options.

Paris Ryan

I live around the block and I thank God everyday for it. They have a beautiful wine cellar full of gorgeous delicious wines. I was turned onto the amazing fresh shaved jowl bacon from a friend and now every other Saturday I make a full breakfast around their fresh meats!

Larry Riss

Great place, deli selections plus if you want, wine and craft beer. Staff friendly and fun.

Anthony Michalak

Excellent local draft beer selection and knowledgeable beer bros serving it up. Hard to beat the art work on the walls. Great place, check it out!

Regina Ayat

Nice selection of meats, cheeses & wine. Tasty sandwiches. Not too over priced in general, not to say it's cheap. Clientele seems dim & uneducated overall, palette wise, but perhaps it's a harsh judgement considering I only spent one afternoon here. Staff, on the other hand, seemed knowledgeable & friendly.

Thomas Alexander II

Great place with fresh foods and great staff. I’ll be coming here a lot going forward!

Kushal Shah

Neat place. Good sandwiches and soup!

Amy Graham

Walked in Michelle was super friendly and enthusiastic about their offerings. The sandwiches were outstanding!!

Justin Ann

Food was excellent and clean while customer service was outstanding. Very friendly staff and great atmosphere!

Karen E Laine

If you want to buy Quality Meat in Indianapolis this is the place to go. Period. Locally sourced, pasture-raised, no antibiotics all make for delicious, sustainable choices. They also have some fresh veggies, bread, and lots of different kinds of interesting condiments. There is a gigantic wine cellar with a variety of wines at reasonable prices. I have never bought a bad wine here. Perhaps, the best part is the staff! They are friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and willing to make suggestions when you're not sure exactly what cut of meat or type of cheese would be right for your occasion. And if that's not enough, you can also get a great cup of coffee delicious gelato and amazing sandwiches. If coffee is not your thing, there's a cooler full of other beverage choices.

Chris Mercho

Never disappointed leaving this place.

Hans Kennedy

It is a pretty good place. The prices are high though so I only go there when I want a treat or something special. The service is good and quick. And the people are very friendly.

Cody Arnold

Wow this place is amazing. Great sandwiches and food.

Ryan Deckard

Amazing sandwiches and selection of fine meats and cheese

Todd Zimmer

Everything I tasted here was perfect.The ambiance was lovely. Service was amazing.

Dakota Goble

PSA: A baguette is supposed to be firm and crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the outside. Please know this before you review negatively because their baguette sandwiches are amazing. The employees are very nice and welcoming! The Batali was very very good and rich with flavor. I got there 10min before close and they still made my sandwich which was pretty awesome! This was my first tine and I will be back for another sandwich and maybe some of the meat they have. They do have hugher prices for their meats but the quality is unmatched in the city so it is definitely worth it. I would recommend lunch with a sandwich and soup while you grab your meats, fresh veggies, bread, and accompaniments for cooking later. PSA: The negative commemts are from those who do not understand what a baguette is. Firm but chewy and soft on the inside.

Ben Pearson

Great place to shop for meat. Good beer and wine selection. They also have seasonal vegetables and fruits. Always great service

Priscila Pagani

Such a cute place to have a sandwich and enjoy the selection of cheeses and cold cuts! Coming through Indy to go further west and this place is totally worth stopping at!

rambach huaag

The best place to get sandwiches. The meat and bread are absolutely delicious. The service is quick and friendly as well.

Jason Hayes

Helpful staff. Very nice to newbies.

Dean Adit Prapanca

An awesome meat shop, a very good Italian deli. Get yourselves good sandwiches with good quality bread and meat products. Have a great meal.

Ryan Johnson

Awesome sandwiches, especially those pressed on a baguette. Great selection of meats and cheeses for a gourmet party. The service is a little confusing on where to order and how to get what you want, but the staff are always cheery.

megan parrish

I’ve gone here since the 7th grade and it has never failed me. The employees are sooo helpful and amazing and the food/drinks are always perfect.

S. H.

Found very high quality meat there. Super friendly staffs. You can also order special meat from them. Although it is a little bit pricey, I think it definitely worth the money!! Highly recommended!

Lauren Martinez

The best sandwiches in Indianapolis! Goose the Market is the perfect lunch spot. Order a sandwich, soup, or coffee at the counter...I got the carrot soup and it was out of this world. After ordering, sit outside in their pleasant outdoor seating area or inside on one of their bar stools. I love how Goose the Market celebrates local Indianapolis companies, there are so many ways to support local businesses when eating at Goose the Market

Dillon B

Phenomenal food!!!

Katonga Radford

Neat little shop. I had the Goose sandwich. The prosciutto was amazing, but the bread was really hard. I also had the s'more ice-cream, which was really good. The staff was friendly so I'll probably visit again.

Bryan Wooden

Best place in the city to get jowl bacon.Best Italian style sub in the city. Everything else there is amazing, too. Great people.

Sarah L.

A neat little neighborhood shop with coffee, gelato, gourmet meats, sandwiches and soup, local produce/packaged food and in the cellar there's wine and beer. Can I just say that if you must take anything from my review it's this.... the Batali is hands down the best sandwich I've ever eaten. If you've never had a Batali well then.... you've never had a real sandwich. It can be spicy though and messy... actually very messy to eat but oh so, so good. Their staple sandwiches are Goose and Batali then they offer special sandwiches which are fun to try. The Batali has ended up in magazines and articles it's that good! The staff is knowledgeable with their products and offer free samples regularly, too. If you haven't been here I highly recommend it!

Oleksiy Lysenko

Very delicious! Best meat and sandwiches. And they also have coffee:)

Brenda Havens

Wonderful sandwiches and gelato. Excellent variety of wines for purchase by the bottle. Unique deli meats and cheeses.

Pamela Scott

Such a friendly and helpful staff. So many choices and options for eat-here food as well as take-home items like their meats. The Batali sandwich was sooo tasty. The only reason I didn't give this place 5 stars is because the bread on our sandwiches was so hard that it made the sandwich almost inedible. All the ingredients poured out whenever we tried to take a bite, and my partner threw away half because he was struggling to bite into it so much.

James Dorsey

Very good unique menu and food. Great atmosphere!

Jesse Wolfe

The best butcher shop around. Huge selection of different meat, sausages , salami and a huge selection of cheeses ,beer and wine. Amazing sandwiches even gilatio just to name a few things.

Melissa Webb

Knowledgeable and helpful staff; delicious meats, cheeses, and wines. It's always a pleasure to stop in. Grab one of the tasty sandwiches and take it downstairs or next door to Koelschip for a drink!

Victor Cornet

The food is amazing! I am French, and I can attest that everything is authentic, very close to what we can get in France. The problem is that everything errs on the side of pricey, especially the bread (about $4), thus my 4-star rating. They have a large selection of made-to-order sandwiches; I tried the Goose and thought I just crossed the Atlantic Ocean. A must-go/must-eat!

Shawn Harper-Hall

Awesome little deli.Very nice establishment right on the corner with easy parking in the front.Clean and friendly very nice and helpful.Excellent food,smells as good as it taste.There aren't many of these kinds places around anymore.I highly recommend this place.Right on time for lunch.

Elijah Huang

Great place to get all sorts of meats and good sandwiches. And surprise, there's gelato!

Ally McIntyre

We love this place! We frequent here often for coffees, bacon, meat, beer, wine, or anything else that may call to us. They have a great dirty chai


Always phenomenal service and great sandwiches

John Voymas

Great sandwiches on a wonderful baguette.


Thanks for your support during the government shutdown.

Mark Thomas

There's local and then there's Goose The Market local. Make that change from your routine and you'll be part of sustainable businesses in Indy.

Lola A

Interesting little place. Great for a sandwich & a drink. The servers were all fantastic & very helpful, especially for a first time customer. glad we found it.

Paige Walker

Favorite local Indy spot. Everything about Goose the Market is wonderful.

Jennifer Johnson

Perfect stop for a perfect sandwich. From out of town and stopped on a recommendation. Picked up a couple of other items! Definitely recommend and will be back on a future trip in a few months.

Rudy C

I went to Goose this past Friday, and had a bit of a hiccup - so minor it isn’t worth going to, but enough of an annoyance I brought it to the attention of the owner, Chris. I always think a great business isn’t defined by its best day or best moment. Quite the contrary. Businesses are operated by people, so there are going to be mistakes. The question is: do you learn from them and take corrective action for the customer? Chris could not have been more thoughtful and hospitable. I’ll be going back to be sure. The steak and the service is top shelf.

Austin Graff

For a more local experience, head north of downtown near Fall Creek (an actual creek) to a neighborhood called Fall Creek Place. There's a small strip of businesses including this local market. Here's what's to love: 1) Space: It's an actual market known for its deli. You can also buy a few other locally made items and the there's a beer/wine cellar (with seating) in the basement that you can't miss. Upstairs, there's outdoor seating and window seating for guests. There's a bathroom in the back. 2) Food: It all is amazing, but I recommend the batali sandwich for lunch. It's packed with meats and cheeses and is a well down sandwich. It's not massive, but does fill you up. If you want a more local experience, head here!

Lisa Norman

Beautiful evening met with long lines, and no wine pairings of cheese or charcuterie. Very very disappointing, and we arrived only 30 minutes after opening. Guess the establishment underestimated the participants, and were more interested in selling the skimpy tacos, and I guess we won’t return.

Quintin Coppola

Excellent spot filled with delectable sandwiches, charcuterie, breads, and more. The staff is super friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about their products and services. The cost of a sandwich is moderately priced...not super cheap but not expensive either. The sandwiches are filled to an acceptable level on some excellent (crunchy) baguette...and the flavor is great as well. Seating is limited and there is additional parking in a gravel lot across the street. My only ding was they had one person working coffee, register, and phone orders...not the most efficient of arrangements. The meat case reminded me of a quality French shop. An alternate location in Carmel would be a welcome addition that could easily give Joe’s Butcher Shop a run for its money.

Michael Troyer

Sandwiches are fantastic. Possibly the best in town. Meats are just as good if not better. The food selection and quality is definitely something that will bring me back. Prices, unexpectedly, are high.

shahn Franklin

THIS spot is a YES! The exotic variety of meats and cheeses and wines is totally mesmerizing in such a quaint space! You must visit and sit in the downstairs wine cellar to dine as well! Friendly staffed and reasonably priced! Below is a pic of a hand crafted grilled cheese to die for... a total experiment!

Blake Zenteno

You're reading a review?! No, get out here and let those sweet meats and cheeses transport you on a rollercoaster to flavor town. Lovely atmosphere.

Alyssa Kamacho

This is my first time actually being able to get inside the goose! It's always so packed and now I see why! This stuff was so friendly and the food is phenomenal! They have in House made pretty much everything! I actually came for a free wine and cheese tasting this evening was Italian, they are doing this with Yelp with 4 others I believe! I cannot wait to go back

Seth Metcalf

Can't say enough great things about the food, flavors, selection, sandwiches, and staff. I wanted to enjoy something local instead of airport fare, but Goose The Market blew away all expectations. I had the Batali sandwich, and it was so good that I ordered 2 more sandwiches as gifts for others. It's not often you find a gift worthy sandwich, but you can get one here.

Greg Porter

Goose The Market another incredible experience. The workers are like family members. they are very engaging and the cheese recommendations were perfect.. The cheese choices become a big part of the conversation during the Gathering.

Joe R

Awesome experience today, as always. Sandwiches and gelato hit the spot.

Tim Phelan

Wonderful experience. Food is top notch and the staff very helpful. Can highly recommend.

Peter Decicco

One of the best Italian sandwiches—and a great staff

Mike Sims

I brought my girlfriend here on a whim. She looked up nearby restaurants, saw the Goose had great reviews, and we decided to check it out. We were very impressed. Our sandwiches and gelato were delicious, and there was a wide variety of local goods. Plus, the staff was very friendly and efficient. We will definitely be back!

Evan S.

I've been to the Goose Market several times now. Each time the staff is very pleasant and the sandwiches are delicious. There is also a small bar area downstairs which is great for a quick drink. Will definitely be back!

Michelle Twaddell

The batali .is to die for... we drive 25 miles one way to have one today


Overpriced. Great flavor combinations. They definitely know how to pair their meats. Oh, but the bread: A tragedy, like biting into mulch. Not worth the price to be honest.

Rita Allen

BEST! Like, I have no other choice words to use. Best meat on their sandwiches, charcuterie, and salads Best meat from the ocean, the cow, the fowl ,the pig, and the sheep! Best meat you can eat! Best meat in the case! Best meat you will taste Best meat you can take home! Best meat to eat as you roam BEST!

rachael app

Awesome deli; the best meat and cheese selection paird with great wine cellar and sandwich bar for the on the go grub! I always have a great experience. Don't be fooled the downstairs is as awesome as upstairs!

James Theiss

Awesome meats. Cookies are amazing. I'm a huge fan of their white dogs.

Blake Facey

I've only had the sandwiches, but you can't go wrong with any of them. Great looking selection of other items.


For someone who eats meat this place is probably fantastic. Unfortunately for Goose I wasn't able to eat here during a lunch outing with some coworkers. The place is well kept and clean and they appear to have quite the selection of artisan meats and cheeses. They also have a wide variety of beers and wines for purchase and to drink in the cellar. I'm not sure about cost or taste since I didn't eat - but I presume it's probably comparable to most delis.

Chelley McMahon

Cheese and charcuterie board in basement cafe/wine cellar and shopping in the ground floor level butcher shop probably one of the most enjoyable parts of our recent visit to Indy. Could have easily been in Bercelona;). That said though, there are serious steep stairs down to wine cellar and cafe. Although as friendly and accommodating as these folks were, I bet if someone came in and wanted something from downstairs, they would be glad to help. Great place to shop. Won't visit Indy in the future unless we can include Goose stop! Free parking lot makes it easy. Nice coffees made here too. Bon appetit!

Darya Jackson

It's a very nice place. Fresh meats, great selection of cheeses, quality produce, attentive sales guys, nice wine cellar. If you are thinking about whether to go or not - go. I just wanted to say why I deducted one star, maybe it will make a difference. The French bread used in sandwiches is supposed to have bite to it. Their French bread has so much bite it almost bites you back. IDK If it's poorly baked or simply stale, but it takes a while to chew it. Secondly, what is wrong with the plates? They make a sandwich, wrap it in brown paper and hand it to you even if you're eating in. I like plates. Those are small things, hopefully they will fix them. The impression is overwhelmingly positive.

Justin Allen

They have the absolute best sandwiches and charcuterie/cheese selection in town. Also a great wine and beer selection with a cool vibe. It is a great butcher shop too--a little overpriced, but high quality meats.

Christopher Habig

This place is an absolute gem. The people are knowledgable and willing to help out and answer any questions. Food is incredible, wine and beer selection is also top notch.

Kate Neary

Awesome sandwiches- High quality foods. They sell the best oatmeal cookies I have ever had from an outside bakery. If I had a complaint, it would be the flow of ordering and paying is confusing, but I think it has do with it being a rather small shop. Love it. Recommend the Batali.

Carolyn Harris

Always friendly staff and helpful. Great meat selections. Unique cuts.


Such a cute hole in the wall place! Highly recommended! I can't believe I did not know about them before. It has a very nice almost historical look to it. I was greeted by the very friendly staff who are extremely knowledgeable about the beers they sold. One gentleman working there found out from talking to me that my husband very much enjoys the brewery The Three Floyds and gave me quite a bit of information about the beers they carry from them. I was extremely impressed and will be back.

Tyler Kingery

Staff is super friendly and helpful. The space can become a bit crowded at times and prices are a bit high but the food is totally worth it and should be priced so for the quality you are getting.

Maddi Yarbrough

My fiancé and I stopped in on our way to Washington DC and we were very impressed! Great sandwiches, reasonable prices, super nice staff, and we were even given 2 complimentary cookies. Next time we are in Indianapolis we will come back!

Brendan Knapp

Best sandwiches in the city.

Christina Garten

First time visit. Sandwich was do good! I got the Dizzy! Wine and small shop!

Romily Bridges

Love the Batali. One of the best sandwiches in the city. Take some time and check out Enoteca downstairs. Indulge in the BOGO Oysters and 99 cent High Lifes on Mondays!

Steve Borror

Do you love your food? Well, the good folks at Goose the Market sure do. And with this unique deli + wine & beer cellar, what's not to like? Thanks for the tip, friend of a friend !

Maire K

The staff here is great. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome. The food is really good too. I've found some hard to find and one off items here too.

Noah Ginn

Excellent service and delicious food. Some establishments try to reach this level but fall short. Very impressive options

Dick Luchtman

The bread is the BEST! Everything is very tasty and the service is excellent.

John Mastroianni

Nice little spot! Had the goose sandwich and it was awesome!

Frank Arev

Great little deli with great sandwiches. Only issue is limited seating but works out. Check out the wines downstairs.

Meagan Storms

Always find new delicious treats to eat!!

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