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825 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

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REVIEWS OF Publican Quality Meats IN Illinois

Luke Harmer

Great place and very good for large groups. Good variety of draught beer and food made me think I was at a homecooked farm dinner.

Natalia Rodrigues

Vibrant, bustling restaurant. Communal table in the center and large booths around the sides. Food and wine were very good. They also have a great selection of beer.

Maria Strizhova

One of my fav location in West loop! Highly recommend!

Jean CKim

Had the jalapeno cheddar bratwurst which was just okay. But the portion was quite big! I'd return to the store to check out their other meats.

Tyler Lowmiller

Unbelievable perch sandwich + nice selection of meats + coffee ✅

Winston Chong

Beautiful environment. Definitely try the chef's cheese and charcuterie plate (as long as you are not grossed out by organ meats). Check out the market, and the samples they have available!

John Wilkie

Publican Meats did an Octoberfest sampling at Half Acre Brewery. They had three different kinds of German style brats that were delicious and with tasty sour kraut and mustard. I will admit that I wish they had some better bread for the buns, but the brats were so good, I could have eaten them in a taco shell and been happy.....hmmmm...

Ryan Heiser

Gotta say, I love most everything about this place. I've tried most sandwiches and they've all been delicious; gyro and lamb meatball are two of my favorites. They also have really good loaves of bread and house-made olive oil for sale in the market. It gets crowded and ordering can be a bit awkward, but hey, it's part of the charm. Oh, they have $1 Intelligentsia coffee! Need to add an update here... During the summer they did a special burger night every week featuring a collaboration with a local chef. Now that it's well into December I'm definitely missing these spectacular burgers! Bring it back!


Raicist place, If your are not white, you'll never get a server. The server cleaning the table beside us HIT MY HEAD with the plates and said 'Oh sorr..' never looking at me. I couldn't even see her that white face.

Adalberto Vianna

Hilarious Just a forgettable place for life

Kelsey Priebe

I was in a bind at 11:30 this morning when I needed a catered lunch delivered to my office by 12:30/1pm. I assumed Publican Meat's popularity would make it an impossible option. However, I was pleasantly surprised when their catering manager Jessica worked with me and had my order for 15 people processed and approved by the kitchen in under 10 minutes. She estimated delivery time (reasonably) to be around 12:45 or 1, however the food had arrived and been set up in the kitchen by 12:30! Unsurprisingly, the lunch received rave reviews (it is Publican meats after all) but the service was really above and beyond anything I expected. This place is truly a 5 star establishment.

Miki Quien

The brats were pretty phenomenal for a good price. Ate here with a friend. Discovered them at the Randolph Street Festival

David Grunt

Had an amazing take on a gyro. Easy to see their reputation is well deserved.

an johnny

good job Publican Quality Meats

Chris Grice

Excellent high quality, everything is good here.

Nic Roth

Cramped seating, but the food is tasty. Getting a table on the weekend is difficult.

Tricia Roy

Tight space, but a good place for sandwiches and high quality deli meats. Their are plenty of items here for the adventurous. Great place for brunch, and they also have some unique items here for the cooks at home. Nice casual place to go to if you're in the area.

Alan Perez-Rathke

Excellent breads and cured meats. Different sandwich selection every time.

Theresa Radko

Wait staff pleasant, soup was good but the take out market salad mediocre. I've had better for half the price. Music was very loud, this is not senior friendly. Counter person not friendly, wouldn't suggest it to friends. Wish them well. The bread is good.

Hollina U

Return of the Gyro. That's all you need to order. It's freaking amazing. The other sandwiches are just average to me, I can't even remember what was in them. Oh, but do yourself a favor and don't order dessert from here. The cookies, brownies and blondies are all dry.

Stephanie O'Connell

Great sandwiches for eat in or take out!

Chris Housley

The food here is great, it has the look and feel of an old deli/meat shop and is always packed. They are always pack and offer food unlike any other restaurant!

Crysta Harris

Great place to go for on Sunday brunch. I love the community table. They have a great burger and almond milk is an option for lattes!

Chelsea M

Always delicious! Made the final burger battle of the very yum. Else vs Elske. Elske for the win.

Joshaua Holmes

Fast pleasnt

Laurel Miltner

Easily one of my favorite places in Chicago. Incredibly high quality meats (farm raised, dry aged, specialty crafted ...), plus cheeses, well curated condiments, spices, beverages, and some random things like farm eggs and craft ice creams. GET THE RILLETE. If you want anything special, call in advance and they can likely put it aside or have it ordered for you.

T Nguyen

Awesome place for delicate meats! They let you sample as much as you'd like. I feel so cultured and high-end when I visited. Definitely great place to frequent if you want to live it up and get goat!

Patrick Gallagher

The Adobo Dog I had was a flavor bomb in itself, and tempted me to purchase some sausages from the deli. Other members of my party sung the praise of the 'Perks of Being a Cauliflower' sandwich, a great veggie option. The meat, bread, and cheese is top notch, and it's in a slug little location in the Fulton Market area.

Chandler Conn

my absolute favorite brunch in Chicago. you can really taste their emphasis on good meats and breads!

Mark Levy

Solid sammiches, great meats

Max Metz

Super quaint place to eat in the butcher shop. Great charcuterie plates and drink selection. Really fun atmosphere. Good service. Will return for sure.

Matt Moore

Amazing food! If you go for breakfast get the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich, it's simply the best!

Laura Freeman

Went there because of all the hype. Not as great as everyone says. I went there with a friend and we ended up waiting about an hour for our order. After about 35 minutes of waiting, the waitress finally realized something was wrong and decided to check into the delay. Turns out, they never processed our ticket. Another 20 minutes later, we finally get our food. And while I would say it was good, it definitely was not worth it (I had the lamb meatball sandwich). The people working there seem to take more pride in their "trendiness" than in actually doing a good job.

Shaun Moore

It's hard to write a review about PQ without gushing or sounding over the top. I'll just describe what I like about their bread and meats. First, it's important to know how much care and thought they put into the bread from seed to harvest to baking. They partner with Illinois farmers, use heritage grains and no pesticides, etc. You're getting the healthiest possible version. Additionally, the flavors they're able to bring out in the bread due to their yeast strains are always delicious and interesting. In regard to the wheat, it has a beautiful crumb, perfect moisture, just the right amount of chew in the crust... The Sourdough has the perfect amount of "funk" from the bacteria, airy, great crust and perfect with some ghee/Himalayan salt and toasting it on the grill. We've used the wheat on Charcuterie plates, as burger buns ( flame toasted w/ghee ) as a vehicle for their pimento never gets old. This is bread perfection and what all bread should aspire to be. The same care and though goes into their meat selection. It's all sourced from responsible farms, etc. We've enjoyed some of the best marbling on NY strips, the Ribeyes and T-bones are always great, the pork products are fantastic. I'd tell you the sausages I like but they sell out quick and I'm not about to make my life more difficult. I'm thankful we have the option of enjoying their products and we'll continue to do so as long as possible. Please keep this passion for quality, it's appreciated! The attached picture is of one of their NY strips I grilled. Notice the good.

David Polk

I love both the dine in and deli counter offerings. The bread is transcendent.

Dana Bassett

As if the Publican wasn't amazing enough. There is nothing not to like about the lunch version/ butcher shop. I've bought meat from their counter and the butchers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in making a selection. Their burger specials on Tuesdays in the summer were to die for and I love that they show up at the Logan Sq farmers market, I don't even have to go downtown to get my favorite sausages. Almost as good as if there was a PQM in my apartment. Bring back the tuna muffalotta!!

Brogan Drissell

I made the mistake of ordering a salad. Ten dollars for a few pieces of lettuce and some goat cheese. Felt like a three dollar side salad. Stick with the sandwiches I hear they are yummy.

jane val

A tri-case deli & whole-animal butcher shop that'll supply you with sausages & charcuterie. Publican Quality Meats will hook you up with smoked Spanish chorizo or boudin noir. A fully stocked deli, specialty groceries, and seriously stacked sandwiches. They have amazing cured meats, cheeses and fresh baked bread. It's not only a great deli, but a small sandwich shop with full table service that is fast and friendly! The location is small and cozy, there is seating inside but with communal seating . Try the Vinnie's Turkey Italiano for a special treat! I have been told that the roast beef with blue cheese is amazing and the pork belly gyro is just delicious! I will be back there to try those next time! @GoogleLocalCHI #CityExperts

Mike Oren

High quality sandwiches and generally delicious food items.

Phillip Doyle

Been here about 5 times and is always delicious. There is nothing bad on the menu.

Daniel Gordon

Unique takes on classic sandwiches. Try their charcuterie.

Pan Zhang

I love their blood mortadella and duck prosciutto. Simply cannot be beat.

Joe G

ADDICTIVE! You are now warned that you can't just go once! Everything here forces you to be a little adventorious and none of them leave you hungrey. Sometimes hard to get a seat but always worth it!

Matt Uhlman

This was quite the fun stop on the way out of the neighborhood, after having breakfast at the publican across the street. Upon entering you are greeted by some very knowledgeable folks behind the counter, and some cases filled with absolute delicacies as far as me to go. They had a lot of porcine options, including a ton of different ways to serve sausage. The guys really knew their stuff, and it was fun to listen to the different types of sausage and how each one was made. The cuts of beef looked excellent and there were also some lamb options. The back wall contained tons of cooking supplies, spices, books, and plenty of other kitchen pleasantries that would make for great stocking stuffers. Absolutely worth checking out if you're in the area.

Nate Klan

Incredible sandwiches, confusing queue situation.

Sameen Zia

I went here the other day to make the best cheese/meat plate ever. The service was excellent and the selection was great. They also carry the salsas and sauces from Big Star. Great addition to the restaurant next door!

Priya C

Great spot to grab a quick bite. Small tables inside and out. Food is delicious, and the price is right!

Jason Wightman

Supper trendy hipster spot. Fresh quality menu. There is always fresh break as well. This should not be a surprise but this is not a vegan or vegetarian kind of place.

Adel Amodwala

Great cheese selection! Was very satisfied with the quality of the food. The decor is pretty Bohemian and the service was excellent to say the least.

Margaret Larkin

I had the biscuit sandwich. It was absolutely delicious! Probably the best I've ever had. The hostess was also very friendly. I can see why this place is very busy. I will be back.

Dominick Bufalino

fantastic sandwiches. the LQM was epic. Brunch was also exceptional. A must stop in the west loop!

rohit ray

An incredible combination of grocery and sandwich shop, this is another incredible Paul Kahan creation. On Saturdays, they have the most wonderful porchetta sandwich the world has ever seen! Nothing can compare! The gyro and Parm number 2 are excellent as well. I've never had anything I didn't like from here! Best lunch place in town!

ashkan mizani

Love the food! Love the coziness of the place. Not fancy so local! Fried chicken sandwich was the best! Other sandwiches are good as well! Servers can treated you a little better though!

Patti King

Tasty food and friendly service. 4 stars for NO gluten-free bread.

Alexander Roy

The wide variety of sandwiches has enough diversity to cater to many different palettes. The portion sizes are pretty fair, if ever just right. In addition to their great sandwiches, they also have many good meats to purchase for cooking at home. Although on the pricier side, the quality of meat really is that good!

David Seidler

A must try in the chicago dining scene

Eric H

I love this place! Been a few times now and they always have some amazing berkshire pork chops and great looking steaks. And the sausages! So many amazing sausages. I've tried their boudin blanc, noir and their cajun boudin and they're all beyond. If you slice up a cajun boudin and pan fry it, then throw in half a beer, some butter, and some giant clams from the fish market down the block... Well, you'll never want to eat anything else. I tried their espresso today too. It was so good that it prompted me write this review. PLUS! Today there was a slight mishap where the tomatoes I bought didn't make it into my bag, and when I called, I talked to a guy who was friendly and refunded my money immediately! I was so impressed. Thanks PQM! All the best.

Vova Kagan

Their house made sausages are incredible. Everything is super fresh. Service is great. When they were out of pie our waitress brought out a couple other desserts free of charge.


One of the best lunch places in Chicago. Be prepared to wait. Deli and butcher shop as well.

D Nguyễn

The Publican is hip(minus hipsters). It is loud. It is fun. It is easy to see why this eatery is so popular. The food is fun and creative. You want to try it all. The Publican is an open wood filled dining hall with booths and communal tables which spans the length plus smaller round standing tables. I think I was already smitten with the charm of the this place. Will the food be the same? To start the pork Rinds was crunchy and slightly spicy. Light and airy. The Potted rillettes was wonderfully light and the cranberry add the right amount of sweetness. Second, was Black Bass thinly sliced was light and fresh. The Prochetta with the crispy outer skin and slightly fatty was decadent and delicious. All while, our server even in the crowded filled hall was still attentive. I can get use to Chicago service unlike New York City. In my hometown this would be overrun by boat shoes loving, flood waiting rolled up pants, filled with plaid and pastel wearing hipsters but thankfully in Chicago it was just people who enjoyed the fun but loud ambiance and food that is imaginative. Hooray for Chicago!

Dale Wheeler

Fantastic charcuterie plate

Justin B.

Catarina’s cheese game is strong...and they got good sammies too! Recommended: Tom’s Silver Medal

Ryan Paul

Great spot for lunch or butchered goods. Amazing sandwiches. This place can fill up and it is community tables but the food is worth it.

Bryan Cardenas

I went to this restaurant in the afternoon afternoon with my partner and we managed to get there at an off time(2:00 PM). They were still fairly busy and the place smelled right so we decided to stay. Our server was named Brittani. We were seated within minutes of walking into the place-however it was nearly 20 min. before our server finally came over to the table.another server had actually come over to let us know that she would be with this as soon as she could, which was fine. When our server did show up to the table she took our order within 25 min. later we got an incorrect order. I also have several food allergies which I went out of my way to explain to her. When the food arrived we did point out that the order was incorrect and she did fix the order with dispatch.we also decided to order a charcuterie plate to accompany our food, and it arrived at the table in time to be a desert. Being in a service industry I can appreciate working in the hectic situation however our server couldn't have been less motivated to be at the top of her game, much less take our order accurately the first time. The food was positively outstanding, if I were to rate this restaurant on food alone it would've gotten five stars however we practically had to beg to have our order taken, when it arrived it was incorrect, and I cannot tell you how many times are iced tea glasses were empty for several minutes. I might be inclined to give this place another try, but I will drive by to make sure that that server is nowhere in sight... Perhaps that's not such a good idea though because during most of our dinner experience she was nowhere in sight.if you decide to go to this place, I highly recommend the pork belly sandwich-hands-down one of the best things I've ever had in my life (and all of my friends can attest to a food snob I am). Oh and by the way, the food allergies I told him about-turns out it was and just about everything I ordered(I'm allergic to spicy things-and the spicy pickle that comes on every sandwich is something I ended up being highly allergic to-the juice that soaked up in the bread of my sandwich) making me sick!

Gregory Kick

Their menu is pretty limited, but the food is really good. More than anything, the sausages they make are amazing.

John Martinez

I love coming here for lunch, and that the menu changes seasonally. It's a more casual (and affordable!) alternative to the also delicious Publican, and I usually wind up bringing something home from the deli for later. The only reason I'm docking a star is because we were really hoping to use PQM as our wedding caterer. Ben, the catering manager, was scattered, disorganized, and-- when he finally bothered to do the math-- underestimated our original quote by roughly. PER PLATE! I actually haven't been there since then (it left a sour taste in my mouth) but I don't want to pan an entire restaurant based on the incompetence of one person. I'm sure we'll be back again... someday.

Jess Mean

This is the best lunch spot in town. The menu is simple and straightforward – sandwiches and sides – but far from ordinary. The menu changes frequently but some of my favorites dishes have been the PBL (pork belly and lamb sausage) and the meatball sub. Both of these sandwiches had complexity of flavor beyond what you can find at most casual restaurants let alone delis! They also offer a full meat counter of handmade sausages and premium cuts of meat as well as artisanal bread and specialty food items.

donald maas

Excellent food,great service

Domenick Yoney

So good. Was there for a private event, so I can't speak to its normal operations and menu, but we had a wide variety of foods, starting with meats and cheeses, and ending with an baked apple- based dish and everything was just great. Thoughtful and inventive dishes with twists that elevated the traditional ingredients to an almost exotic level.

J Shepard

I came in here with high expectations for the food, and they were met. I shared a cheese plate which was excellent. Three types of cheeses (chosen by the chef, not us) that were all very tasty. Also plenty of bread and different types of nuts, etc. The serving and quality were great for the price. I then had the meatball sandwich, served on Franks & Dawgs lobster roll bread. Don't get confused, the menu mentions a couple items served on Franks & Dawgs lobster roll, but it's just the bread. No lobster. Anyway the meatballs were really good as were the toppings and the (very buttery) roll. They have a good variety of beverages of both the alcoholic and non types. The beer and wine prices were great (for the location and a place of this caliber), although I did not indulge on this visit. The seating is communal and very tight. It's a popular weekday lunch place and you will be elbow to elbow with the person next to you. We sat down right away, but it would've been nice to have a little more room. Great food, great value. I'll be back.


My favorite spot for lunch. Love this place - great food and great service. Whenever I have guests in town, I always bring them here if we need to just grab something quick and tasty!

Olivier Manhattan

Great meats and charcuterie. Delicious sandwiches too.

Grant Gonnerman

Sandwiches are exquisite, but the real win is in the charcuterie platters and the hot items. The soups are Avec-level good. As for the market portion of the business, the meat and charcuterie is (shockingly) reasonably priced, and the shelves feature hard-to-find but exceptional products like Blis maple syrup and Red Boat fish sauce.

Jeff Matthews

Great Italian beef burger and the IPA had a great taste to it if you like beer.

André B

I get my Thanksgiving turkey here. Quick pick up when ordered in advance, helpful staff and great selection.

Robert K

Save your money for a trip to Spain, France or Belgium if you want to taste quality meats or bread. I can't remember last time I had such a tasteless boudin noir. Unattentive service.

Zoran O

This review is mainly for publican bread. Greg Wade is Grain God himself. If you have been an atheist to bread - it's probably because your parents stuffed your throat with (the completely offensive and unnecessary) Wonder Bread - which lacks any godliness. So get ready for your first born again Brad Experience. Your taste buds will thank you for being released from wonder bread hell. As for the rest of the restaurant - It's Paul Kahan - need I really say more??? Though, I will say how completely unfair it is that there are two gods that reside in the same building - this is the equivalent of a taste bud monopoly - but in monopoly that we all should want and need. Thanks guys.

C Sullivan

My family likes the sourdough bread. It tastes good.

Stephen Suydam

Fast, HUGE sandwiches with butcher quality to boot. A must stop for lunch if you are in the area.

Colin Stanton

Always delicious, bit expensive but the staff are incredible and the quality is always on point. Thanks PQM ❤️

Shawn Weyandt

Amazing breakfast!

Alec Page

Best brunch in the city. Great Bloody Marys too.

Ruben Rosario

Sandwiches and food to die for! This West Loop haunt is a smaller off-shoot of Publican, which is right across the street, which is a butcher shop and small cafe. They offer tons of great sweets, as well as great sandwiches. My favorite is the Parm #2, which is a Chicken Parmesan sandwich and their Butcher's Breakfast, which is a Weekend Offering. If you're looking for a quick bite and something relatively cheap in the West Loop, look no further than PQM!

Linda P

A day before Thanksgiving, I found that the turkey I had ordered from them was missing a wing. I spoke with the butchers and they ended up giving me a whole new turkey! Thank you so much for standing by the quality of your products! I really appreciate you hearing me out on what was probably your busiest day of the year. Also, we ended up cooking the first turkey and bringing it to a local women’s shelter. So thank you for making that possible!

David Nivala

Great meats. Had the meat board butchers choice. Really interesting selections including lamb salami. Loved it. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic service. Sandwich choices look awesome.

Ed DeYoung

Great option. Great to carry out sausages etc. Weekly stop to pick up fresh fish at Issacsons and walk down the block to get meat. Duck carpaccio last week. Wow!

Peter Hake

Great lunch place to spend over an hour with friends. During work of course.

harrison keyes

This is my favorite place to get a sandwich in Chicago. Get the gyro if it's on the menu, it's delicious.

Paquita Poindexter

I love to pop by this place to pick up meats or to get a high quality sandwich that you probably can't make at home. The sandwich selections change seasonly; most are hot sandwiches. All have a great combination of flavors.

Arian Saeedfar

Great sandwiches and plates with high quality meats.

Hulu Walker

I live in Michigan, but make frequent trips to Chicago to see my daughters. I don't miss one opportunity to visit PQM for their incredible baked goods. The menu items and meats look wonderful, but I don't have time for "out to brunch" when I am there, so I load up on the cookies to take back home. Truly, the best and most INCREDIBLE cookies I have ever had, and I am a fantastic baker myself. The brown butter dark chocolate chunk and the milk chocolate walnut cookies (the latter made only occasionally, unless ordered in advance) are life changing. The olive bread is truly artisan quality. So, who needs brunch when you can go home and make a killer sandwich with that awesome bread, and feast on cookies for dessert? The counter people are not so much on the ball, but Molly is fantastic. She takes care of business, "knows her stuff" and packs your order up like the true professional that she is - nothing breaks on her watch.

Maggie C

Edited my review, because it seems like they've hired much better staff. Thank goodness I was dragged back- their food is to die for!


Tasty brunch with fast service.

jerry bernay

On two separate occasions I called on a Saturday to see when their porchetta would be ready. Both times I was told noon. Both times I came in at about 12:15 and was told it would be another 20 minutes. A half hour later, both times, I was told another 20 minutes. A third guy actually said "sometime this afternoon". Either no one working there has a clue or they simply could care less about giving you a true response. They apparently give you a canned response. Very disappointing.

Alissa Nunley

sandwiches are delicious- including the vegetarian options

Sarah D

Great service, high quality meats and breads! The PST club was great!


Amazing butcher shop. People like to complain about over-priced sandwiches but besides a couple sausages and meatballs here or there you can't find a sandwich shop that literally crafts their own meat from butcher to sandwich. Walk down stairs towards the rest room and see all the meats being hung straight from the farm and you'll understand how special this place is.

Soroush Yousefisahi

Food tasted decent, but expensive. The entire outside stank of sewer. The kitchen and freezer was right next to restroom without any walls in between... I'm talking hygenic!

Quest Rogers

Publican has pretty good sandwiches and lunch fare among other things like deli meats, breads, etc. They felt a little pretentious and take themselves a bit too seriously though. Came here with coworkers once. One wanted a different kind of bread with on her $14 sandwich and was told she couldn't have it. Again it was $14. Felt like I was at the Signature Room or something for a minute.

Caitlin Alekna

Best butcher shop in west loop! All of the meats/cheeses for sale are mouth watering and not your usual selection you see at the grocery store. The indoor dining area is very bare and informal. However, this is more of your "on the run" or casual dining spot compared to its main restaurant (The Publican). All of the sandwiches are incredible. I have had about 4 or 5 of of them. I ordered the Return of the Gyro and it was unlike any gyro I have ever had before. It had fresh flavors and was a great size, very satisfying. Overall, a fantastic spot for an incredible lunch.

Paul Zucker

Still one of the best sandwiches in Chicago!

Amanda Bittorf

Love this little market for fresh eggs! Also their menu is delicious. I love the tofu sandwich, which I don't typically love tofu, but this sandwich is something else - YUM! It's located right next to PUblican and its truly just a gem. Go here.

Marc-Louis Paprzyca

They call it "quality" meats for good reason. It's hard to tell anyone what to eat because the menu changes so frequently, which is good. Go and get some lunch here one day and make sure to order something with house made sausage on it. It's almost law for me to try sausages from anywhere that makes their own and these are the best. I've been here a few times and it rarely gets crowded so don't worry about that.

Pete Annicchiarico

AWESOME sandwiches with quality and different cuts of meat. I started with the COSMOPOLITAN SOUP - spring onion, spring garlic, green bell peppers, jalapenos, chick peas and sour cream @ $4 for a cup. Then I had for my sandwich IT'S NOT YOU; IT'S BANH MI - country pâté, pork tenderloin, spicy aioli, garlic yogurt, pickled vegetables and cucumbers on italian loaf with a side of marinated kale @ $14 it was more than enough and absolutely delicious.

Steve Vasquez

Amazing falafel sandwich. If you're looking for a scrumptious vegetarian option look no further than The BGS. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

Paul Balik

Very good food and atmosphere. Liked my portabello sandwich.

Dave McCoy

Fantastic lunch spot. We ordered a sandwich that wasn't listed on the menu. The bread was fresh and the meat/other ingredients were amazing. Highly recommended stopping in

Alessandro Bruno

The 125 sandwich was Awesome! Definitely I'm gonna come back

Calvin Cheng

Attended a work event here and it was amazing. The butchering demo was educational and the dinner service was great. Luke did a great job coming for all if us. Bravo!

Brian Eagan

Pozole Rojo was perfect on a chilly winter day.

John Dickman

Incredible meats & charcuterie!

Bob R.

Ordered charcuterie and meat from them for 25 people for 320 dollaers and the saddest smallest tray showed up and when we called no one answered and haven’t heard back since. Never again.

David Fertig

Great small place. Shared seating. Good meat counter. Great for a quick brunch if you can get a seat.

Kara Zajac

Simply amazing.. the sandwich I has was very good! And the charcuterie board we had was also just simply amazing.. from the house mustards to the sourdough bread. Everything about this place is on point!

Steve Clay

Butcher is very helpful and offered us great recommendations based on the type of meat and style of cooking we were looking for. Very fresh, high quality meat butchered the same day.

James Vuong

I love this place! The quality of this place is exceptional, the price tag is reasonable and if you want real quality meats, come here.

David McMasters

If you like pork this is the place to come. I came here for brunch. They have booths which are enclosed and private. I had the pork belly bibimbap which is a play on Korean bibimbap. This was awesome. I wish it had more kimchi in it. So good. The bacon here was to die for. It isn't like the traditional bacon you would expect. It was a big slice of pork belly. I would definitely come back.

Zach Zuber

This place radiates authenticity and craftsmanship. The staff is knowledge, patient, and friendly. Solid place for artisan meats, cheeses and breads. Side note: I've searched the city high and low for quality beef jerky and they deliver every time.

Karesa Coston

The sandwiches are great, the sides are good, the charcuterie is AMAZING. Everything they do is done well.

Brian Kononchuk

Incredibly friendly staff. The staff is very knowledgeable and willing to talk about their process.

Sang Hong

Love everything about this place. Sandwiches are killer, service amazing, coffee is delicious, selection of take home items are just quality

Ryan Fee

Some of the best and freshest meat you can buy. Dine in for breakfast or lunch and get amazing Publican Quality food without the Publican wait.

Rachael Olson

Really high-quality stuff, and it's right next to the Publican restaurant--best brunch ever. Always bring out of towners in.

John Lee

Not only a fine selection of meats and butcher items but they got a respectable collection of cookies and baked goods. I wish the coffee was at a higher standard but it’s totally decent. Some nice brunch options also. Please follow my foodie adventures @doctoreeat

Mike Gloss

An employee of this company parks their delivery truck in the bike lane. This business is a bad actor in our community, and a merchant of death

Greg Becker

The best sandwich lunch spot I have been to in a very long time. Luckily, I was able to enjoy outside and had incredible service. The Vinnys Turkey Italiano was extremely palatable and the spicy coleslaw accompanied with it, I would have ordered on it's own. I wish I worked close enough to go here at least once a week.

Louise Rauh

Very delicious, eclectic selection of salads and sandwiches.

Jeff Nay

Everything is great here! You won't regret it.

jose vivar

Good for a lazy afternoon either for lunch or brunch after a long night of boozing. Had a chilled frizzy red wine with my charcuterie and cheese. Also, pick up some meats and sausages for grilling later.

Sara Schumar

Wonderful staff, fantastic food, family style tables make for a cozy environment. Love coming here for lunch, they have complimentary valet during lunch!

Aaron Heller

The porchetta sandwich was amazing and the cajun sausage was even better! So tasty and delicious cant wait to try more.

David Needham

We visited because we heard the had some "funky" beers. Their selection was fine, but not as good as we had hoped. The price was way higher than other places you'll go in town for a beer. We ended up leaving without ordering anything.

Christian Picciolini

Truly amazing lunch. Hard to get into during peak hours and usually a very long line. Worth the trip for sure.

Eric Bacy

Sharp place, incredibly friendly staff and appetizing eats

Mark Britt

Love the selection of meats. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Get the bacon wrapped dates with their sauces.

Shira Shika

If Israeli food Tv send us to check this out, we running there ! Great quality of meat , wonderful breakfast! Heart attack

Jon B

Fun place, great deli selections and always great service!

Stephanie Frias

The food was really good. The corn soup was delicious. Their dirty is okay. If you like nutmeg flavor in your chai.then it's for you, but not my cup of tea. (No pun intended). The chicken spring sandwich was good as well. You can ask for bread too.

a b

Best sandwiches in the city. I would eat here everyday if I could

Jayme Self

We got the chef's choice and pretty much everything was absolutely delicious. Definitely recommend.

Larry S

This is the place for a sandwich lots of ingredients quick friendly staff and the food is wonderful

Sherry Warren

Fantastic service at the butcher shop. Daniel took excellent care of us. Souse was top notch. Brunch across the street was magnificent. <3

Matthew McPhail

Vegans Beware, jk come in. Came across this place because because I could smell it from outside. That’s how you know a place is going to be good. The meat and cheese selections were amazing. The wine list could have been better, only reason it has 4 stars. If you’re looking for a real adventure, check out the bathrooms. Would definitely come here again.

Joey Riz

I had an amazing lunch sitting outside in August. I recommend the Charcuterie plate. Get a taste of everything they have to offer.

Ashley Eddleman

Very unprepared for memorial day. At lunch time no tables were set outside - no organization inside with how names were being taken or who was seating guests.. very unfriendly and rude staff. Several people waiting inside waiting to be helped or acknowledgeable .. Very disappointed. Manager on staff was rude and unhelpful

Thomas Alter

The best lunch spot in Chicago.

Mr. Pavil

If i wasn't such a traditional eater, this place would be exceptional. However, i am. There was only one sandwich i considered eating and it was just alright. There were two thin slices of chicken and the sauce over-saturated the bread to the point that it became soggy.

Aaron Gates

The freashes meats in Chicago ,very friendly atmosphere, fast and Curtis service . They get all there meat with in Illinois, I like it supports the little man not the mainstream

Juan Fuentes

Great lamb sandwich for lunch time, the meat is one of the most savory that I have tasted in Chicago. The price is great compared to the quality of the food. There is the option to sit down or take it to go. I usually take it to go but I would probably recommend to have the time stay and enjoy.

Cameron Lincoln

Great sandwiches and amazing meats and cheeses in the case.

Megan Town

After falling hard for the Publican Restaurant across the street, I knew my experiences with Publican Quality Meats would be more than stellar. I stopped in around 11:30am on a weekday to grab lunch for my fiance and some of his coworkers. I placed the order for some meat and cheese plates to go, as well as their pork belly gyro. Everything was sliced and made to order, so I had to wait around for about 15 minutes, which was fine by me knowing that everything was being freshly prepared. The atmosphere is small and quaint, very much a butcher's shop meets a deli/diner. It started to get busy as I was leaving, which was the peak of the lunch time rush. I'd definitely recommend coming earlier than later in order to snag a seat or dodge the long wait times for to go orders. As for the food, everything was fresh and delicious, and it held up well on a cold 15 minute commute. Definitely do yourself a favor and order the pork belly gyro for a delicious and filling lunch!

Ivana Chen

So good!! There will most likely be a wait as the restaurant is small, but it's SO delicious, reasonably priced, and has big portions too. The country breakfast, bone marrow, and porchetta sandwich won my table over!

Jordan Skowronski

Stopped by for a lovely bowl of pozole and garlic miso salami. Nice atmosphere. Will be returning.

Silvia seitan

I love having international dinners at PQM, they are amazing . The shop and restaurant are great . Staff helpful , nice. I will go again, Silvia

Levi E

This place is awesome! I love it here. :)

murad mansour

The service was okay. Could improve on the time they take to talk to their customers. The quality of food was very good. Could have imporved on the flavours. The decor very presentable.

michaelia fosses

It's always weird to see something that you love on Bizarre Foods, but PQM is the best. From their meats to house made charcuterie, the quality at PQM is amazing. I'm a card carrying meat eater, and I've found nothing but the best offerings at PQM. They also have the bacon wrapped dates from Avec, and a variety of sandwiches and soups. PQM is a great lunch spot, and perfect for picking up a dinner on the go.

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