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REVIEWS OF Peoria Packing Butcher Shop IN Illinois

Lisa M Wrightsell

My job use to be around the corner, but we moved. The meat is always fresh!! Best meat market in Chicago.

Situation Station

I've been to Peoria a few times..... each time it's been a Hit or Miss experience but my most recent experience was extremely ridiculous! BEWARE of the Butchers who will try to CHARGE you under the table to cut you meat to your desire. -----> The Butcher during my recent visit tried to charge me for cutting up the HUGE ox tail into cook able sizes, which I found odd. During the check out, the cashier asked me if I wanted bags? I told her yes but I noticed that the bags were packed way too full & not to mention the bags were so cheap and flimsy. I bout $150 worth of meat and I am now arguing with the manager over two bags $0.07 bags because I only have my card and they could not charge my card for $0.14 for the bags and they also couldn't loose the $0.14 for the bags....... eventually a customer in line gave me $0.14 to resolve this extremely unnecessary dispute . All in All my personal opinions is that the staff at Peoria are all Extremely RUDE and don't appear to be Customer Service Savvy. My days going to Peoria are numbered but I hope your experience will be better than mine! #ItsNotWorthTheHassle

Peter Mbinglo

They got it all when it comes to meat. If you don't see it, ask and someone will bring from the storage. Great shopping experience. Nice and friendly brothers and sisters come there to shop too.

Dave Dudzinski

One of the best places around to get fresh meat. Great proces and excellent quality.

Chris Dorner

Very good selection of products, parking and accessibility ok

Stacey Brooks

It needs to b expanded for more customer great place,fair price and good customer service

Lashaun Price

The first Plus I went there at 7:30 and they were open. I specifically went to get oxtails and boy did they have oxtails. They had full tails that I was actually able to get cut just the way I like I was very happy and got more items as well. The oxtails were very nice and trimmed that I really didn't have to do that much work to them at all yes I will be going back to Peoria meats. I also got lamb pieces to make a great lamb stew nice and meaty and the price was right.

Floaty Bryant

Hadn't been there, in awhile.. Get your meat freshly cut.. But I don't, eat

Marilyn Johnson

Great prices on all the meats. I know people that come from Indiana to get their meats because of the freshness and value

Pamie Caballero

Love the prices, the workers/packers are helpful,

Tjfresh773 .

Overcrowded! Customers were made to form a line outside of store informed to wait until others finished shopping... Also workers were rude insisting that you leave because lack of meat selection was available.

Sheila Favre

Peoria Meats is the best place to get good quality meats & they do specialty cuts also. Which makes less waste since I cook for a large family weekly.


Great deals fresh meat Free parking sign up for their emails to see their specials wear a coat when you go inside it's a cold room Lots of beef chicken seafood bacon hotdogs burgers etc They have a small store inside too


Great meat selection at whole sale prices. You select your preferred meat and take it to the butchers to get it cut and trimmed to tour liking. Its cold in there so bring a sweater.

John Bucher

My kind of place...meat everywhere. Wear a coat , u r in a freezer to shop. HUGE variety. Bring cooler with to transport your purchases.

Paul Perez

If you're making a delivery here in a big truck you better know how to drive. They open at 5am. Fcfs deliveries are made across Lake Street under the subway tracks. Be careful with the corner support beams if you have a 13-6 trailer

Raymond Gillard

Excellent place to shop

dean l

You can stock up on your favorite cuts of meat and get way more bang for your buck for far less than you would at the supermarket.

Taya Grant


Rovetta M

Very reasonable prices and fresh meat

Terry B.

The meat and poultry is good quality and service is great.

Wanda Phillips

Great selection of meat. All fresh. Bring a coat or jacket because it's COLD. A giant freezer. Always crowded but you get your meats and leave

denise douglas

They have the best catfish I’ve eaten

Molly S

This place was hopping. You know the meat doesn't sit long when there are dozens of shoppers buying in bulk. The meat room is very cold, great for meat but you'll be cold. My favorite thing about the physics store is that there isn't that weird raw meat smell. The prices are great. The meat is high quality. Great go-to butcher.

Herby Weathers Jr.

Great place to shop for fresh meat of most kinds. Excellent butchers on hand who will cut your meat for you.

Angel Winters

I had a very great experience ! I had not been there in a couple months, but i was glad to be back!

Fidel Castro

The best carnes in town...

Pat Kelly

Wanted to like it, but the store/meat locker felt chaotic. The chicken was very poorly trimmed, lines were long, and some of the meat was of poor quality. The only reason I gave it two stars is because of the prices, it was definitely cheaper than any other butcher in Chicago. Definitely will not return.

John Sellers

I have never seen so much meat in one place! What a selection of fresh meats. It was elbow Elbow to Elbow with shoppers prior to Labor Day weekend. I only hold off on a 5th star because I have not yet cooked the chicken and rib eyes I purchased. Very low prices, and Incredible selection.

Desmond Martin

This is a really good place to go if you're ready to be a lot more connected to the meat you consume. The majority of the market is a walk-in freezer style with a variety of beef, poultry, pork, and fish options. There's also a butcher on site to help customize your orders. A little cramp but negotiable with good manners towards fellow shoppers. The second section is a market that is geared primarily to condiments, sides and seasonings for your meat selections. Not really a fresh grocer by any stretch but if you've got a diet that includes meat and are looking for reasonable prices and good quality this is definitely a place to check out.

Alfred Townsel

My first time shopping here and I will be going back again love this place. Reasonable prices.

LaTonia Collins

I love them! The meat is always so fresh. They cut up anything you want to your specifications. I just hate it's cold in there. The staff is always so friendly and ready to assist you.

Inde Cowper

Nice and helpful staff. Good quality meats. We love that place!

Kenneth Greenberg

Wow. This place is amazing. If you like meats perioa packing had them! Such a great selection

Ed Dryer

A standard wholesale meat packing outlet. They have some pretty awesome values. Wear a coat as they keep it very cold. Almost all the meat is out and you select it yourself wearing plastic gloves. Gets very busy on weekends.

Carol Robinson

I love the quality of the meat , fish , and poultry and the prices are awesome. Wear a heavy coat no matter what time of the year you go the shop is a meat freezer inside. You can pick and choose what you want to buy just put on the gloves provided and have it your way.

Clarence Greene

Nice place. Good deals always crowed. The place to go to get meats.

Juanette Appleton - Ivy

Dress as warm as you probably can. It's freezing in this place! The meats are fresh - always. The prices are reasonable too. If you can get there at 6 am (when they first open), that's probably the best time to go because this place fills up fast. So pack your patience when going there.

Deandre Jones

Best place to buy your meat in bulk for less

Yvonne Holmes

Nice with great quality meats!

Maria Ramos

I went there for the first time. It was smaller than I expected but they certainly had ample meats! The workers were helpful in explaining things to me even though it was near closing time...that's true courtesy! I love the prices and I'll be bringing friends or family along when I come back!

Richard Mc

If ur tired of paying to much for meat at the grocery store u gotta go to Peoria packing there meat is really cheap ok if u had got a box of chicken wings for$85 and they have ice with it they are cheating u but Peoria packing if on sale for $50 when u go in there u will never go to the grocery store for your meat for real.. but make sure you take a jacket it's cold inside..!!! Lol

Ne-Ne Tucker

This is by far the best place to get your meats... They're a little pricey but its so worth it... The deli subs are great as well...

Brian Collender

Wide range of meats and fish at dirt cheap prices. They even have pork heads and odd leftovers.

Debra Patterson

Great place for buying meat in bulk at prices that are cheaper than regular supermarkets.

Grace Freehill

The first I must tell you is that you must dress like you're going to Antarctica. It's cold in there but so worth the savings. It's like your own butcher. Choose the cut that you're looking for, the type of roast you enjoy, chicken of every part, and so much more.

Brooklyn thompson

Love this place fresh catfish and chicken. Big variety

Malcolm Butler

They cut your meat just the way you want it! And they're really nice! Got a whole catfish and a buffalo cut to perfection.

Alexander Beck

This place is GREAT. Make sure that you get there at non peak hours if you don't want to circle the parking lot looking for a space or wait in line (early morning on the weekends). If you live near Peoria Packing, and you buy your meat for every day meals anywhere else, you're more than likely wasting money. The only extremely minor gripe I have is that they don't have the specialty products that Olympia used to have (when they were still around) and that Butcher & Larder currently offer.

Joe R

Have you found yourself at grocery stores putting apples in a bag and thinking, wouldn't life be better if these apples were racks of baby back ribs? If so then go to peoria. Ask the staff for help, they are all awesome and nice.

Emmanuel Boateng


Tommy Zapolski

Great place. Huge selection and everything is super fresh!!! Prices are unbeatable!

Adam Gaynor

Hidden gem of a grocery store in Fulton West. Has the cheapest prices I've seen on meat in the city and has very high quality cuts as well. The building is essentially a giant walk in freezer where you grab unwrapped meat with gloves and wrap them up yourself. What you miss out on in pre packaging you more than make up on savings and quality.

Charlotte Hammond

I love this place, they have fresh meats. Anything you want I'm sure they have. I traveled all the way from Milwaukee WI to get some good fresh meat. This is the best place for fresh quality meat.

Daniel T.

Supervisor and manager are rude and dishonest.They will overcharge you on your card and won't give you your money back.Cashiers are purly trained and don't know how to do a simple refund.The supervisor who works in this store,is extremely rude and Unprofessional and simply don't care.Cashiers at the registers will overcharge you,so be careful and watch out what you are paying for. A store supervisor,this short old Caucasian guy with gray hair and gray beard,is very rude,dishonest and Unhelpful. When I pointed out that I was overcharged and that I want to return the meat,this supervisor NEVER apologized to me,and he did NOT give me the right amounth of refund.This bad and dishonest supervisor was cheating the whole time and he gave me the wrong amounth of refund.This rude and sneaky supervisor was acting like he is doing me a big favor by giving me my money back.I was OVERCHARGED on the meat I wanted to buy, and, I was badly mistreated as a customer! This place is awful with terrible customer service,very dishonest employees and old/spoiled meat.I understand now why they sell their meat so chep.While shopping there,one of the butcher try to sell me a piece of old dark red meat that did NOT look fresh.The meat looked dark and old, so I told him that I am NOT going to buy it because it looks OLD!!!This piece of meat was NOT fresh.The customer service is terrible.African American butcher,who works in this place,was rude and racist.I asked that jantleman very politely if he could bring more meat from the back, but he refused to bring more meat from the back and he was saying some bad words about me too.Wow?Really?And by the way,talking about being a "racist"...Who is the one who is a "racist" now?Haaaah????Bad customer service is the first sign of the bad place.If the customer service is bad then something is NOT right with this place.I never saw so many criminals working at one place all at ones.I think Chicago Police should visit this Peoria Packing Butcher Shop ASAP.This Peoria Packing Butcher Shop is located in a very dangerous area.If you are a Caucasion,then do NOT go there because it is NOT safe.Dishonest and sniky people are working in this butcher shop.This is a very cold,very dirty,and very Unsanitary place with BAD vibe,evil people,BAD customer service and VERY BAD AND DISHONEST MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISORS.this place stinks and so as their spoiled cheap old meat.

cherisse mcdonald

I went there for the first time with my bro n law,n was so surprised to see so much meat to choose from.i was very pleased to be able to see first hand to pick what you like n be able to get meat cut to your liking.i will going back again.prices are great.

aristotle vargo

Coolest place ever. Friendly people. Save money. Go here. Save money. Go here. Save money. Go here.

kaknesha dawson

OMG...I just love Peoria.....I find everything I need there's always someone to help you ..The butchers are mad crazy funny... And get your meat right on point with the cuts...I have recommended everyone family and friends to shop there...

Tom Kraemer

Great old school packing house with great meat. We always go there before we have a party to get the meat. Hand select your product or have it custom cut. The pork is superior then any grocery around. Can't wait to I get there next week.

Jana Dorn

Excellent selection & prices. You throw on a pair of gloves & pick your own meat or poultry. It's easy and fast and saves me a lot of money.

Tim Scott

If you're looking for fresh good quality meat, this is the place. In and out, plus all you're cooking needs.

Oyewole Praise

Neat, nice, affordable but limited products. Goat meat etc should be included on the list of what they sell .

Michael Brown

You will find practically every everything you need for home cooking,barbecues.ts cold in there ,so bring a sweater or a jacket.Their prices are very reasonable.Check it won't be sorry!

Matthew Avery

Pretty much a large meat freezer with workers in it. They have these large steel table set up. Read the tables pick your meats fairly simple. By the checkout the have choice seasonings and completely frozen packaged foods. Really great prices for fresh cuts. Don't forget to change you gloves and bring a coat.

Brittani Gordon

Best butcher in Chicago.....SERIOUSLY the best!

Sarah F Durham

Fresh meat and get to pick my own love this place I come all the way from 95th to shop here

Alexander Soto

Only place I get rid s and new York steaks awesome price

Samuel Young

Great time, Sunday afternoon!

grant zukowski

I like this place, I really do. The prices and freshness are unbeatable. But their customer service is awful. The meat cutters are rude, the managers watch as the whole store fills up at 5 when they close with 10 carts in each lane and not every lane open. You can't make people wait 20 minutes to check out. Get it together.

Arnelle Powell

Good meat

Alex Perea

Good selection of meats, prices are reasonable. Fish products not so great. Butchers are helpful but slow

Chayil Israel

I have been going to Peoria Meats for over 14 years. I'm a very loyal customer

Wanda C

It was so crowded today. I was with my disabled mother and it was very hectic. I like buying meat here. They have everything! I would've given 5 stars but they could've done a better job of bringing in carts without me having to search the parking lot looking for one. There was also no one directing parking lot traffic.

Mary Sanders

The staff is too used to talking to blacks & females without any type of customer service.. I had a hard time using the restroom after spending money there. An unidentified white male told me that he is not the bathroom attendant. Never experienced that type of treatment in any type of store....

Tel Bren

You get your money's worth shopping here. Worth the drive.

Miguel Oggun

Best place to get you meats... great prices, quality is on top... definitely will go back

Joyce Montgomery

Returned June 18th. To restock my freezer. Best meat selection hands down. I travel from Indianapolis to Chicago every 3-4 months. I will not buy meat from any other place. Oh yeah 3 of is went there on OUR BUS $10 there and $10 back. Great adventure.

Lawrence Owen

This place Rock's I come from Aurora to get my meat.....T-Bone and Catfish... Brisket..if I travel that far which is nothing.. something is up..!

Tish Winston


Cynthia Stevens

I didn't want 2 give a low #because I have been a costumer since 1990. This is the first time I experienced awful service ever. The butcher had a nasty attitude. I did mention it 2 the cashier. I was n a hurry n didn't have time 2 speak 2 management. The cashier was nice.

Denise Richmond

The staff is extremely helpful kind.

Purple Butterfly

Great service They have chicken quarters on sale for 40lb for $15.99 very nice price

Michele Schillaci

Fresh meat, great prices...dress warm

Mike H.

large selection of bulk meats, some fish, and seasongs at great prices and butchers are available to cut meats. they have a small grocery section with higher than average prices on eggs and other goods, but that is not their specialty such as their meats.

Eric Hoy

Getting ready for another barbeque! I love this place

Tenisha Turner

Why would you want to buy your meat from any other place? This was my first time coming and I was amazed at how much money I saved. I bought Polish sausage, ground beef, chicken breast, bacon, steak, fish, and seasoning and my bill was under $60 dollars. They have and sale every part of each animal so I hope you don't have a weak stomach, lol. I was speechless, shocked, and excited all in one. I will always come here to purchase all my meats. They also have a butcher on staff to cut your meat For FREE! When you arrive just ensure you dress warm.

Donna Miller

They have a really great selection of quality meats at an affordable price. I bought some bone here also for our two puppies and our dog and they loved them. I love that they hack parking, but if you're able to, go early in the morning or in the evening before 6:00pm,because they close at 6:00pm during the week days. I saved massing some money by going to Peoria Packing. I will be a regular customer of theirs. I also highly recommend them. Thank Peoria Packing Company and Staff!!!!!

Chevas Echols

Very reasonable prices, can get very busy at times. Shop eau & dress warm

morakinyo lawal

The store is nice and full of fresh meat.

D Seaton

Great place to buy in bulk.

Cynthia Durham

Clean and great customer service. Quality meat at great prices.

Maria Figueroa

Its a good place to buy meat here you pick your own meat and how much you want its very reasonable price so I recommend to go and see for yourself

Brenda Leyndyke

Great prices on fresh beef, chicken, pork and more.

Latonya Brown

I travel 70 miles just to come to Peoria love this place

Denice Martin

I love this place Meats are so Great shopping here for years No complaints but Plz lower the Chicken wing price lolbvs A Loyal Customer

Markeon Bush

It's fast paced shopping because of how cold it always is so I always bring a jacket cause it's very cold no matter what the season is. All the meats and vegetables are fresh, so it's great for if you want too stock up on meats and stuff, the butcher also cuts the meat that you want too your preference if you want it cut

Jovone Pace

Great place to shop for fresh meats

Jonathan Valdez

Best pricing on meats, an chicken! Check them out, especially for barbecuing. I’ll be a returning customer for sure.

Marie Joelle Isidore

If you are not good with overly crowded store with extremely small parking area, this is not the place for you.

Sheila P

I recommend this meat company ! Easy access to the cuts you want and friendly help ful service! Reminds me of Chicago old Moo & Oink meat company before they closed, only better! MUCH BETTER !!! ❤

Breigha Adeyemo

Great prices, but I don’t recommend going on the weekends... super packed!!

sr Travis

the Best fresh meat to me in Chicago...and cheap most times

gigi cordon

The place looks clean. If you are not picky and looking for a meat store that fits your budget, this is the place to go. They sell Purdue chickens whole or cut, pork cuts with or without skin, and beef. The people who work here are friendly, and willing to assist you upon request. Free parking too.unlike in whole foods, I think all the meats they sell at this place are raised conventional. Also, check Google map and you will see good restaurants/ coffee shop nearby.

Ramon Sanchez

Wonderful.. great quality and selection

Sue Edlin

Not your usual butcher shop. Anything and everything you could ever need at great prices.

William Brazzale

Crowded but moved through quickly. Great choice of meats and fish. Knowledgeable staff, very helpful.

Nicole M

Great place to buy fresh meats. The prices are very affordable. We drive out here every few weeks to stock up. We spend about $100 and we are seat with meats for a month. It's very cold inside, make sure you are dressed appropriately.

James Horn

A very good place to get your meats.

smclaneclark .

Great selection of meats at low price. High quality

Kendall Ivy

If u love smoked meat this is the place to go

Naomi Cain

Its a good place to get you meat and other things

jim jones

You can get all kinds of meats or fish here, a variety of groceries too.

Samantha Head

Cashiers always nice the butchers cut meat perfect!

Ms. FreeThinker Hartfield

Never a bad cut of meat. Devine quality pork baby back & spare ribs. I love all their varieties of sausages. I highly recommend Peoria Packing

Classychick Cam

Fresh meat at the lowest price

Maralyn Meshenberg

Great place to get really good prices on meat, chicken, pork, and fish (not a big variety of fish). Come prepared to be cold. The room is kept at a very low temp. And everyone who is handling or buying meat wears plastic gloves (kept in a blue basket at the end of the first table you see.)

Jaime Palomino

Great place for non vegans.

Kathy Travis

Fully stocked and good quality

Lisa Hanson

Great meat selection. My BBQ never disappoints when I get my meat here.

Brilliant Future

This place is amazing! Never in my life have I seen meat on such a display. They have a huge selection and are priced very well. I waited too write this review until I had made a few visits to ensure quality. The quality is very good and consistent. The hamburger is very lean for the percentage, steak is 4 out of 5 stars in quality. This is a must stop when having a get together or to stock up for home.

Almamoody Moody

I like going to Peoria packing store because as a senior on a fix income I can pick and choose what and how much meat I need. The butcher cut your meat free of charge. Good meats at affordable prices

michael baldwin

Very good selection of meats and produce, but be sure to wear warm clothes when you go

Swanice Staples

Love it , this store is for small families, big families or just one person! It has the old school butcher in there you can get your food cut just how you like it I've been going for over 20 years .

Dorothy Gibson

The choices and selections of meats and produce makes me go out of area to purchase their meats

gracie moss

Great selection of meats and other ingredients for cooking a variety of meals.

Sheila Hubbert-Robinson

I love Peoria Meat Market, you can get your meats, every kind, you get your groceries, bake goods, fruit, vegetables, it's very cold in the meat section you will need a coat, while looking at the neat. Sorry I don't have a pucture. Enjoy


It was my first experience a few weeks ago. The quality of their meats, the quantity, and customer service were all remarkable. I'll never shop anywhere else again. I definitely got my monies worth.....

Nedra Washington

I love it.. Just whisnit was closer to me.. But always make the trip

Barbara Jones

I have not been to Peoria in a while (just being lazy) and when I got in the store today I almost kicked myself because of the great prices and I pick my own meat!!! I also brought a jacket. I saw the savings right away. I've spent $11 for one baby back rib at Jewel's and here I spent $5.93 (should have gotten two, short on freezer space). Will make my monthly trips going forward. Love Peoria for fresh meats and Parker House sausages. On a budget get your meats at Peoria, you won't be sorry.

Cynthia Samuels

Nice and always got fresh meat

Bev Rachal

Be sure to ALWAYS dress warm when you visit the "meat" side of the store! They gotta keep it cold! Convenient one stop shopping! Not the freshest produce you can find, but they're not known for their produce! They got MEAT of all kinds! From shrimp to a whole pig! And everything in between!

adrienne w

Love the service and comrades I encounter stay Wonderful

James Jones

Good cheap meat bring your coat its cold in there

Susan Brazzale

Suuuchhh great meat! Suuuchhh great prices!

Terence Ball

Nice prices and fresh meat...I love that place!!!

Twanda Tidwell

Prepare yourself or bring a jacket because it's cold when you get in there. But you get great deals

Almir Besic

Not what I expected , some items are cheaper due to bulk package, but I like quality of Costco over this place. No premium meats here, you get what you pay.

Norine Hughes

I got ox tails, I cooked them for 3 + hours, they were still a little tough, then I baked them for a hour, a little better.

Phillip Jackson

Great meat's

Aerica Parson

Very impressed with their meat selection and customer service. My only criticism is the PRODUCE on the store side looked wilted and some even had signs of mold. But definitely recommend for their meat selection and on the store side their seasoning selection is really nice too.


Aggressively hostile manager. Hard pass.

Ramona Armstrong

Quality has fallen off a little bit. I bought a case of wings and most of them had brown tips as if they were left in the air or something. Not sure what causes that. Also they use to give you plastic bags to assure that the blood don't leak in your car, but now they charge you and I got chicken blood in my truck. Also people use to help you to the car when you bought cases of chicken wings and no one helped us and it was myself and my 55+ year old mom. Next time I am going to pay the 6 or 7 bucks extra and go to market fisheries. At least the guys will help us out to the car, make sure your box isn't leaking, and I've never gotten chicken wings with brown tips. I use to travel from the South side to Peoria but I will not be wasting my gas anymore unless I'm already in the area.

Clyde Collins

Fabulous choices every time we go.....

Derrick Walker

I love the fact that I can pick the fresh meats that I want the way that they have them laying out on tables in the refrigerator cooling room

Coomar Prayash Barua

Love this place. We have tried almost all sorts of meat and they are all supreme quality. Very friendly staff too. The place gets really crowded on weekends, and that's probably because they are really good.But again, that's not much of a hassle .

Natacha Augustin

I was very impressed with this store. It has a lot of variety of products.

Savella Newson

Crowded as usual. Always able to find the freshest meat etc as well as the cuts I want. In and out in a matter of minutes. The only really oblivious thing about Peoria is that I have never seen a Black Woman at the registers. Especially when the majority of its clientele are BLACK. I suspect that most of those markets are like that. Don't say it's the language barrier.

Isaac Jones

We love Peoria. Can't find anything like it near Indianapolis. Bring your coat. Cold in here. Fresh, fresh meat.

Raymond Rusovick

Love going to Peoria Meat Market you get to choose your meat it's not hidden in a package. You get to pick it up check it to make sure it's the piece of meat that you want and then purchase it. Their pork chops are great the ribs are great their chicken is definitely great and you get a nice assortment of different Meats to choose from. as well as some what you might call staple items like bologna or pre-made hamburgers ready to cook or shrimp it's a plethora of enjoyment. Do not forget to pick up the one ounce breakfast sausage links they are great they're not greasy they're reasonably priced and I always pick up a case when I run low and separated into eight to ten lynx vacuum pack them and then freeze them. A little hint when cooking the sausage use a tablespoon of oil because there's no fat in the sausages to leak out and their mighty mighty tasty!

Evan Wade

Amazing quality and selection of assorted meats at wholesale quality and prices. Cut and trimmed to order. No better prices on meat anywhere. Hands down.

Tavares Brand

Wonderful place to purchase meat


Great store just one DISRESPECTFUL cashier, other than that the store, workers, and quality of goods is great.

Jannine Moore

Their meats are always fresh. The store is always clean.

Sharonda Edwards

Customer service at tge register is un professional i will be return to nicks from now on

Davonda Dobyne

Love the fresh meat. Wish they had more fresh seafood though. Prices are great compared to grocery stores.

Jason Edwards

Good selection. Often crowded, tho. Also, bring a coat.

Remee Doesmyhair

I wish Arizona was on point like this meat market here. Always great cuts steaks prime rib tbones lamb chops lamb tenderloins.I don't do pork ever so itssss yuck

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