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REVIEWS OF Kroger IN Illinois

sharon b

Great location and store layout. It's become my favorite Lexington location even though I have one closer to my home.

Vicky Mauzey

I love Shopping at Krogers everyone is really nice .Most all of the employees greet you and offer to help find things for you.And the savings are excellent.

Tim Patterson

Bought my car here. Great sales person until he told me over the phone that my check engine light would be fixed because it came on a mile out of the dealership. Went back and they wouldn't do it for free because I signed a paper saying "buying as is." A good business would still fix it considering it happened 5 min after I drove away. Plus they said I would get a gas card in the mail for coming back out. Never happened.

Bryan Masters

Like store trying to get use to how store got rearranged

Jonny Lizzul

Used to shop at Richmond Rd. Some five years back. Amazing how this store has gone downhill . It's poorly stocked, I received One Word responses or look at you in "You're bothering me mode." Bought a couple of packs of cigarettes at self checkout only to be tossed ( literally tossed ) after being scanned where the shopping bags were Not in a bag on the counter holding the bags and scurried off to chat with fellow employees and text on her phone. Best yet shot the company an email. Received a cookie cutter email back , " We will show this to the manager blah blah blah. Then two nights later at 1:15 am (Customer relations open at 1:15 am ?? , Right) asking for a survey how my problem was handled and would I use the same agent again. This store will never see me again, most likely none of my friends either.

Luis Garcia

Packed with customers but well stocked

deepam patel

There is a guest service and there is a lady that is tell us to shut up when we are trying to tell her something and calling here bad words very bad servers she should be fired from the store and the lady name that took us was Alice that was here name that did all the stuff.

imani gibbs

Yes to Kroger check cashing close at 9pm better than Walmart

Sarin Warta

There is a manager who works at this location that is always rude. I shop for instacart and I am at this location several times a day/week. 3 days ago when I was there she asked a worker "are you stupid?!" In front of myself and othwr people. The guy she verbally and publicly degraded while at his place of work is a young man who works the register/bagging area. He is quiet and soft spoken but incredibly nice.i see him there all the time and he helps bag my products. This man is white with red hair. The manager is black with braided hair. I wish I had said something to her. I hope upper management sees this and speaks to her.

Richard Carl, Jr

Cindi Ankney Smith

Close and convenient to home and great prices

Aleathia Alexander

Great place to shop.

olivia guerra

I like turtles

Kitty Smith

Love shopping at Krogers in Holt. The store is clean and they have good discounts and the cashiers are always very friendly.

Jeanette Gaylord

Clean and well organized

Marc Iman

Premium grocer, great deli

Matthew Beason

Extremely nice grocery store, very clean with a huge selection of organic and non GMO products. Also, beer selection isn't the best but there's still plenty to choose from.

Laura Avery

I really like this Kroger. It's either here or Wal-Mart in Madison as far as quality in service and products. Beautiful flowers, decent prices . I've never seen there lines backed up with only a few registers open so I love that

Brenda Scott

So convenient

J Horton

Linda while checking me out, had a cell phone to her ear talking. I only had 2 items. She was so occupied by the phone and not the customer. She was ringing up the items from the person behind me as mine. NOT GOOD. Oh well, hard to find good help these days.

Paul Hudson

,long lines, they more employees and less self serve grab. Customer service is what I want, price's aren't going down enough, but their corporate write offs must be doing well

janice ridinger

I love this store couldn't live without it. The employees are always so helpful. The checkouts are always fast and very convenient

mark white

Always good. Easy to find what we need

Tom Rueff

No help in Florial Dept. Had a hard time finding Card Dept. No help in card Dept. Very hard to figure out where anniversary cards were...

Sandy Bowen

Always spend too much. Too many good buys.

Matthew Pickens

Successfully fulfills the basic functions of a grocery store. The staff are mostly very friendly and helpful, and it's petty clean. Prices are ok, and there are usually a couple of great deals available with the loyalty card.

Ikisha Starke

Great Customer Service. Thx Frank

Mr T


Alma Corbitt


tonya bowenmatlock

Friendly staff great selection

George Miller

Shopping here continues to be a pleasant experience. It's clean,well lit and the staff is always friendly.

Joe Sheets

A very good Kroger, but not the best one I've ever shopped at. Well laid out but could be a little cleaner inside. Good pricing too.

Stacy Hardwick

Consistently has what our family needs, fair prices, with friendly, informed employees. In the 13 years I have shopped at this Kroger location, they have been able to accommodate our families grocery needs


Kroger is awesome!

Madtt Kelly

I have nothing negative to say about this place. I've always had good experiences here, and they're well-priced, even when items aren't on sale. The employees are friendly and always willing to help.

James McMurphy

Clean, well stocked, knowledgeable employees

Dwight Presley

Great place to shop

cheri ames


Angela Turner

Not too crowded. Easy in and out.

mike .

Jacob Danielson

Really good prices and friendly staff. Kroger card is a really great deal.

Laura Wilkey

Prices are a little more expensive unless the item is on sale. Staff is nice. Love the option to either self checkout or go through a line


It's really hard to find things because of the lack of consistency of placement in Krogers and their partner stores nationwide. However, that said, the experience was as good as is possible from a large, faceless corporation of any sort (which is to say, barely passable).

Jason Pownall

I didn't see is it closed up I believe the one it's asking me about is in East Peoria on Main Street I like this one it's fairly nice it's definitely got better produce and meat then Walmart if you wanted anything better you'd have to go to HyVee or Schnucks which they don't have either of those on this side of the river so pretty nice they have a pharmacy they started having a pretty decent selection of lamb

Eileen Duckworth

Choices are becoming more limited; shelves almost empty in sections; prices spiking and bagging is awful. However, I still love the employees! Oh, misplacing of products lead to overcharging.

Mike Smith

Clean friendly and great customer service.

darian brown

Weirdos hang out in the parking lot all the time, Walmart has better prices anyway.

Michael Ausmus

Great service in flowers Amanda is great see her for arrangements

S Lamb

Not a bad store for a quick run in and grab what you need. Place is run down looking, bathroom is nasty and not handicapped accessible due to being down stairs. Needs a lot of improvements done to it

Kathy Risse

Have found great items everytime i visit. With down to earth prices.

Chris Snapp

Good service at the deli quick check out lines needs more parking

Lincoln piper

Good place when its not to busy

Tamera Stevens

"Remodeled," now people wander around not able to find items. Why couldn't merchandise be put in same general areas??? I will return to little Walmart Marketplace where I can find what I need.

Theoria Apophasis

This store is run by blind ALWAYS out of stock, its always dirty now, it used to be so clean,....most incompetently run Krogers!!! I live near here and being going to this krogers for over 20 years, its NOW A DUMP!!! They never stock the shelves anymore, its disgusting now.

Mason Mcbride

Probably one of the worst customer experiences I’ve ever had. First in the deli department I waited ten minutes to place an order while the people behind the counter drug their feet around with zero urgency as customers were waiting. One of them was helping another employee giving out multiple samples as they placed their order. With my experience in customer service this is a big no no and just looks bad, even if the employee being served is off the clock. I was then skipped twice, even after making eye contact with two of the workers AND raising my hand when they asked for the next customer. I finally ran out of patience and moved onto other items I needed. Lastly the girl at the checkout register was not much better. With a sour tone and pouty face she threw my items around making me feel as if I was an inconvenience to her. Probably would’ve been better off waiting in line at the self checkout. Can’t mess that one up. Where’s the management oversight on these employees? They must be okay with extremely poor service.

Autum Harrington

Their produce department is amazing. It seems as if I buy fresh from other vendors the fruit goes bad within a day or two, despite proper washing. At Kroger the fruit stays fresh for the week, giving me zero waste. Their meat counter is also amazing. The staff is helpful with suggestions of what cuts of beef are best for what recipe. They are also quick to point out sales for alternative meal options.

ashok gorrepati

Quick stop grocery store.

Steve m

They have more organic than the other regular grocery stores. When they have sales, they usually beat even walm art prices

Jenna Marie

Everyone was amazing, except our cashier. I was checking out with my 94 year old great grandmother, and this cashier, a bigger lady with a black bowl cut, was such a snob and treated us like we were a burden in her aisle because my grandmother was moving slow and didn't really understand their credit card system. My mother was with us as well and was treated just as poorly. The woman was a complete witch. As long as you don't have her as a cashier, it's a great little store.

Dave on Vocals

This store is in desperate need of a facelift but the prices are great.

Chester Bockover

love this store!

Bud Sorey

Excellent selection of organic and fresh foods

Angela Blair

The remodel I could handle, but the new system of grouping items us annoying. The "healthy food" section as I always called it no longer exists. I eat gluten free. Those items are now spread throughout the store, not confined to one small section. I have to walk the entire store to find a handle of items that were always in one spot. In a very small area. I could be in and out in 25 minutes. Now it takes 45 minutes to track down the same items. Very frustrating and makes no sense.

Zack Watkins

Exceeded my expectations! I only shop here after dark, when everyone’s sound asleep!

Jim Lott

Close by and good prices.

Robert Hillier

I like the East Peoria Kroger's because I can usually get a close parking spot. The other thing is the large selection. I rarely cannot find what I am shopping for. The staff is unusually friendly and helpful in locating items for me.

Robert Brian Campbell

Cindy Love

Love the selection and prices

Brittanie Johnson

Used to be my favorite Kroger but due to the lack of parking, produce, or food on shelves I'm forced to go all the way to Madison to get the things I need for me and my family.

Megan Mcgee

Somehow this review won't go away. It totally ducks and I hate it.

Leila Tate

I'm not from this area and went shopping for my friend recovering from hip surgery. I received such friendly help especially with help understanding my Kroger app. The young woman cashier was especially kind, friendly and helpful.

Shonell Brooks

I'm here daily

Kimberly Lamright

Easy access aisles, nice layout of store.

Carol Wyman

Very friendly, very polite employee's. Well stocked grocery store. I have always been happy with their own Kroger products. Very affordable prices keep me as a regular shopper.

Haven Brownlee

Cashier and bagger, Therian we're polite and helpful but Russell was outside retrieving buggies and asked if he could help me get my 32 count water bottles in the trunk for me....what a great thing for him to do for me today! Thanks Kroger!

Hiram Miller III

Kroger isn't the best value, you could buy most items less elsewhere. This store is clean and the staff is courteous.

Jeff Milbourne

Clean, well stocked, excellent value and great staff

Tim Walters

Good clean store with friendly staff.

Kenneth Gerecke

Something's are priced to high Need a discount price

Howard Snoke

Always happy to shop there.

Rod Pitsonbarger

Very nice store.

elda harris

Connie Sorrow

Always good clean store friendly people also.

steven howell

This store has a wide selection of different foods that range from basic everyday Staples to high end organics

Sir Delle'

Clean store

Jerry Griffin

Clean good produce & sells items here that you can't get in other stores

Sally Miller

Michael guillory

I went to the meat department looking for top sirloin Angus today, asked for it to the person behind the counter. He said he would ask so e one came back and said only USDA meat. I said do you know why he said no. That's fine, no big deal. He said the steaks were Angus. I said ok I will take a ny strip. As I looked it was only labelled USDA while the others had a sign Angus above them. I pointed that out. He insisted that they were Angus. I couldn't take that chance because steaks are expensive I didn't want to possibly purchase the wrong item due to a label descrepincy. So he took another customer than stated this is why I should quit this f@#$%n job, and proceeded to be angry. So as I was waiting another guy told him he should chill and take a break. So the next guy comes and asks what I need. I'm like well I will take a pound of the Angus ground beef. He goes it's the same thing that's in the already wrapped department, but if you want I will still give you this kind.. I say dont worry abou it... The meat department has changed. This used to be my favorite Kroger because they had good friendly customer service in the meet department . I sensed a lot of laziness and attitude.. you guys poor attitude is the reason I said a s rew it and up and left the store... I definitely wont be back to this particular Kroger. If I could've gave less than a star i wouldve... to tatescreek i go ... no more Richmond rd for me ...

Paulette Moreland

Nice store with good meat products that is fresh and has a lot of sales

Russell Beam

Not crowded this morning. They close at 5pm today.

Alexis Johnson

Kroger is usually cheaper than most grocery stores for the majority of my shopping, and the deals and coupons are a HUGE bonus. The only thing I have to go elsewhere for is meat, and that's only if I don't have a stock saved from a sale. I will say though, that a lot of the labels are misleading or just completely missing. Today I grabbed organic lettuce on accident (it wasn't labeled organic and there was no tag near it) and requested the item be voided, and there was a $0.04 discrepancy between the price it rang up and the void credit. I wasn't going to complain over 4 pennies I could probably just dig out of my couch, but I'd be very wary of voiding items!

Daniel Reed

Been in Rolla for years good selection and prices

Karen Wilson

Very nice and clean. Easy to get to

Gary Shelby

Good places to shop, friendly people.

Belinda Mogged

Best customer service

Ryan Polk

Wonderful selection

Elijah Redmond


Alex Martin

Absolutely an unpleasant experience at this Kroger. Every single employee at the registers/bagging area looks miserable and makes the customer feel miserable as well. They could at least say hello and smile. I got nothing even after I tried speaking to them. I will have an extremely hard time not saying something next time I encounter this problem.

James Jeremiah

Love this Kroger. The bagger guy gave my toddler several of those stickers tonight and even put one on his face to entertain her

Amber Justice

I always enjoy ep krogers. Always clean and friendly and good deals.

Dillon Richards

They have most of the things I like to buy, impressive for such a small store.

Luke Wahl

Great Kroger, well stocked, decent prices on majority of meat, dairy, produce, and shelf goods. Discounts are infrequent but often substantially better than any other place. Produce quality is typically far above anything I've ever seen at Walmart or Aldi. Kroger's store brand rivals the best out there! Nice location here and useful rewards program for saving pennies and storing up points for gasoline. Enjoy a fun/boring life? Follow me! instagram - lukeskywahlker

David Little

Trader Joe’s and three Krogers later, finally a store with bulk bins

Deborah Johnson

Excellent selection, helpful staff It's not a great parking experience

Theresa Wilson

Amy Hatfield

This has been a favorite Rolla landmark since childhood. Now my baby goes in there and he's recognized and adored just as I was as a baby. Kroger employees become friends the first time you meet them. Long time friends (as I said) like Luke, Mary, Annette, they really make it a joy to shop in our Kroger

Michael Storey

Best variety of all the Krogers in the area

Joni Hill

Very busy but great prices

Tony C

Just not a high end Kroger's like others in neighboring areas. No sushi and really not many high end options like gourmet cheese or varying fresh fish selections

Tyler Guess

My regular spot. Employees are always helpful and friendly.

Nancy Block

I went there and had downloaded their app for digital coupons. I made a list and thought these transferred over to the coupon sales. No. So then this woman tells me I have to look thru 500 ads. The salesgirl had already started. So I am having to scroll literally thru all these things which have nothing to do with current sales. I was complaining that they put meat with Aspirin. I'm going as fast as I can and a guy comes up behind me and he just went to another checker when this person tells me they can't wait for me. I have to get out of the line. So I stop and say again I wish they had that organized better ( mind you she actually pushed the right button for coupons for me ) and then she said there is a way to organize it. Thanks for telling me now. Then she said did you get your free hum, I said no but I downloaded it so I go get it, wait my turn then she says we need your card and my husband who has it on car keys has walked away because the woman was so rude. I say can you use my phone number and clerk says yes so she types it in and says I owe her money. She then informs me I have to go back to app and start over. I said I'm done.

Dan Stuber

Jamal Holden

If you want great deals and a variety of foods then Kroger's is the place to shop they have a great variety of meats also custom order cakes and cupcakes they also do catering for party's also if you didn't know their they also have health care things as well such a toothpaste shampoo and other various things also I would suggest getting a Kroger's plus card because it will not only save you money on food they also have gas stations that you can earn points to save tons of money on and I think you can use it a Kmart gas stations overall a great place to shop for groceries: also look for their discount baskets have a ton of random stuff discounted tip#2 any hot food over 3 hours gets discounted half price

Bleeding Tears

Great prices on groceries. Plus fuel points for saving money on fuel.

Kari Mason

They treat you right and help you out when you can't find something people are the best store is clean love it there

Scott Kenny

Typical supermarket get one of their cards for added savings

Addie Rose Hardin

It's a good friendly place. They will help you put your groceries in your car, and tell you if something is spoiled or open.

Ryan Stoughton

Kroger is the place to go when shopping on a budget. Don't always have exactly what you need but always have something at a great price!

Shawn Taylor

My Kroger is the best

Michael King

I am not a fan of rain checks expiring. Especially when the product I was looking for was not in when I made the return visit to get it. I asked about getting the rain check extended if it expired and they acted like that wasn't a possibility.

MissAaronMarie The Reluctant Tutilary

Has went downhill since the other Kroger closed. Shelves are often empty of sale items or understocked in general

Erica Jackson

Great sale prices!

Ron Mitchell

Nice store, large variety but ridiculous prices. Shop only Kroger brand and sale items to break even.

Colin Clarkin

As always it was great picked up groceries tonight drop them off at my son's then stop at Meijer and bought almost the same stuff the milk was $0.70 more expensive The Grapes were a dollar more expensive the granola cereals were at least a dollar more so I'm glad to be part of the Kroger family why don't you guys send me coupons for free peanut M&Ms anymore !!! Was it something I said LOL

Sunserae Knight

Thomas in the frozen department was amazingly helpful!

Patty O

At least 6 people in each of the two check lanes open and the same in line for UScan. This was around 9pm on a Saturday. Completely ridiculous.

nick singh

Jeff Trimble

Store needs an update. Items I needed were out of stock.

Justin Brink

Kroger's is ALWAYS the best choice for the best produce.

Barry Lilly

Nicest personal ever so helpful and polite

Lisa Murphy

Love Clicklist. Friendly staff.

J Vill

Good except for the parking!

Tres Maley

Scan and bag while shopping option at this location is great. Looks like Kroger is using former cashier's to improve overall quality which creates a much improved shopping experience.

Dana Johnson

Always friendly always helpful and can get good deals combining digital coupons paper coupons with sale items sometimes almost for free

Aidan Macias

A very open and nice place to shop, very spacious and clean and has almost all the ingredients you need for your next dinner. I come here likes it’s my second home!

jane lloyd

All items were available and I was able to use a motorized chair

Sherry Freeman

I love this Kroger store and I love working here. It's one thing to have shopped here since I was a child, it's always been a great store. Then I started working here almost 3 years ago l, and I got to become friends with some of the friendly faces and awesome coworkers. I love it! We will always try to help you, just work with us. We're doing the best we can.


Helpful freindly staff ecellent store

Ray G

Great selection, great customer service!

Sarah Padworski

Very nice organized place to shop. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Lorna Stogsdill

I like Kroger. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The sales are really good.Plus you get coupons on your cell phone.Just download coupons ,buy the item,and it automatically uses coupon.Love it

Sarah Cat

The girl at the money order part didn't give me my full change. She stole $9 dollars from me.

Dawn Magnusson

This week was better. Last week I had to bag my own groceries. It has not been the same since Mike Joseph transfer

Michele Hellard

I love this store on most days, customer service wasn't great tonight. The photo I attached, I was asked, by a manager, to walk back from the uscan to the produce and take the photo to prove the price. When I keyed in the produce code for a medium avocado the first time, the price rang up 1.99$. I called the associate over, but a manager came in his place. I told him the price should be .99, and he informed me that I was wrong. He said 1.99 was the cheapest avocado. I said, "no, there is a sale, the sign said .99 you can check". Keep in mind that I'm disabled, I wear very colorful braces from my feet up my lower legs that stop at my knees. He was a very healthy looking man, obviously not disabled and on the clock being paid to do this job. He stated that if I wanted the avocado for .99 that I would have to leave my items, walk from the checkout to produce, take a picture of the sign with the price, and bring it to him to prove, before he would change the price. I did so, while he stood at the end of the checkout lane laughing and talking with 2 other employees. I wish I had taken a pic of THEM! He, nor the 2 employees he was talking to, were working the uscan, there were 2 other employees doing that. I purposely went to him to show him the pic, and have him change the price, instead of the employees working the uscan. All was well at the end of the day, but it was not good customer service, nor was it very good, just general kindness, or idk ..I cant think of the right word, but had he NOT been an employee, it would have still been considered inconsiderate bordering on rude behavior

Barbara Hobson

You by any do to

Randy Hubert

I guess this GROCERY store now allows dogs??? On two occasions I seen a dog in a shopping cart while shopping in the store I will no longer purchase groceries in this store

William Treece

Nice customer service, quick check out lines.

Dawn Burgess

Were very helpful and great place to shop

Vickie Jackson


mary gilbert

Go frequently! Great store.

Thomas Custer

Great deals. Good service.

John Hale

They didn't give me all my stuff

Jessica Hutson

I shopped at the Kroger store located at 605 West 4th street Rolla Mo 65401 today. Myself and my husband frequently shop at this location (2-4 times each week). Usually my experience is pleasant. Today was entirely different. I was walking down the bread aisle at approximately 2pm when an employee knocked a case of glass juice bottles in the floor. The bottles shattered and juice and glass shards covered both of my shoes, feet and bottom of my pants. The employee said sorry then left to get help. Once help arrived, nobody asked how I was or if I needed anything. While standing there I felt a stabbing pain in my foot. There was a shard of glass in my foot. I notified the female employee who came to assist to clean up the spill. I asked for paper towels to wipe the juice off and informed her there was glass in my foot. She brought paper towels to me a short time later. Nobody offered to assist with my minor injury and a manager was not called. I sent my husband to get a box of bandaids. While he was away a produce stocker name Darrell came from the back of the store to stock shelves. He saw me and asked if I was ok. I advised him I have glass stuck in my foot. He offered to get first aide supplies from the back. He brought tweezers, antiseptic wipes, triple antibiotic ointment and bandaids. Had he not come around at that time nobody would have offered assistance. So now I will doctor my foot at home and throw away my juice stained shoes. I am very disappointed in this store and feel I can shop other stores in the area who would have handled this situation appropriately

Pammy Jo Allison

This Kroger store is awful.. I've stopped going thereon my weekly grocery shopping bc they are ALWAYS out of their weekly ad specials.. I'd go in there with my list and there would be absolutely no items available that were in the ad... So we stopped completely.. We now shop in Morton store.. Today I stopped in just for a couple items for dinner this evening and staples.. It was 6pm on a Friday night. Only 2 cashiers they were by the produce dept.. With lines that went back as far as the deli.. The u scans were busy too.. Really Kroger its a frickin Friday night at 6 pm and you have 2. TWO CASHIERS AT PRIME GROCERY SHOPPING HOURS.... I spent more time in line than I did shopping for my items.. This is my last trip to this store.. Fyi... As soon as Hy Vee or Schnucks has store over here.. I'm out of Kroger store altogether... Your store sucks !!!! Oh and the one rating... Is only bc it wouldn't let me post with out a rating...

Laura Perry

Nice store Priced right convenient

D. Huddleston

Found almost everything I needed. However, the over the counter meds in the pharmacy department department are rather expensive.

Beth Gardner

O'Shae the pharmacist is exceptional. He's consistent w/his extraordinary customer service skills. He's willing to go beyond the norm to keep me satisfied, happy, & loyal to Kroger Pharmacy. Derrick, another pharmacist, is most professional, personable, & highly competent. I've considered switching to Walgreens. However, as long as I continue to receive superb attention & competitive pricing.... I'll have no reason to switch. Thank you Kriger Pharmacy- Richmond Rd.

Cathy Chandler

I love our Kroger in Rolla Missouri. So friendly, and always willing to go beyond the call of duty.

Michael Upthegrove

Quick and to the point very courteous friendly and a all around good experience but it usually is

Shirley Baucom

Great all the time good people.

Tonya Molloy

Great and competitively priced. I gave 4 stars as the inventory doesn’t seem to keep up on the weekends. I would like to see more vegan options even though Kroger is the best place to go for such a vast variety of vegan friendly foods! The produce is the best in Rolla and the staff is friendly. Update I changed my review to a 1 star. This place has really sadly gone downhill. The inventory is seriously lacking - as if they are going out of business. Literally, on any given day of the week, the shelves are bare. The produce that they do have is overpriced for what it is ( past its prime). The last 6 months or so it has steadily gone vastly downhill in quality. This was our favorite place to go not that long ago. It is very disappointing to say the least. I’m not sure if it is a management issue or what but Kroger really needs to get it together. I no longer shop at Kroger - my only other choice in Rolla (for competitive pricing) is Walmart. I absolutely despise going to Walmart, as I wish to support local when I can and I don’t like supporting a brand like Walmart for many reasons.


One of my most favorite Kroger's in all the land..

Erika Jacobs

This store is easily to navigate and there is always help nearby. Their prices are great, just remember your Kroger Card!

Karen Cullimore

Amanda Terral

Love their organic selection, whole grain and nut selection. And so much easier to navigate than I55

Constance Woods

Always a pleasure shopping at Kroger's the people working there are nice they always have working Amigos they always have something I need on sale

Myk Atkins

One stop shopping. 74 isles !!!

Courtney Dixon

I love our local kroger! Best produce in the area and great prices.

Amanda Eisenmenger

Kroger is the best place to get fresh meat and produce. The kickback on gas is great too!!!

Kathleen Gruber

It's okay. Meat prices are high but they have decent sales every so often.

Don Lewis

Can't wait untill they start their remodel and expansion

kevin hollon

Wonderfully convenient shopping

tony brown

90% of the time I'm disappointed by Kroger. They are out of what you need or you get over rang at the scanner & they don't seem to care. Don't ever sign up for or down load any thing on your phone from Kroger, it's usually bogus & you'll get phone calls from telemarketers untill you get a new phone number.

Ken Root

Easy to manage around the store but horrible parking

Nick Sard

Diane Crawford

Great products, but needs a redo, the aisles are small, it is difficult shopping there. If they want to increase their bottom line, they will do some much needed construction.

The Spot

Layout and lighting are good. I like that they added the smaller shopping carts as well. The people stocking shelves seem friendly as they speak when passing by. They have sushi now and the produce is fresh.

Jason Holm

Perhaps the best place in town with regards to customer service, the checkers and baggers have always been polite and helpful. This is a big reason I like to shop just do not get that from either of the other grocery stores in town. The store shows it age and could benefit from a good deep cleaning or even a remodeling. I would recommend checking the expiration date on whatever you might purchase.

Bethany M.

The staff is friendly and everything is always very clean and neat. My only issue is the consistently sparse clearance section. Brannon crossing manages to keep a clearance section that makes me appreciate it, and it's constantly changing as a result of people actually buying things from it. This clearance section is usually a single damaged good from one brand that is SO hideously damaged that no one wants it, or other things that no one wants to buy. If they used whatever method other stores are using to determine clearance, it would improve the clearance section entirely.

Mitchell Lewis

Kind friendly staff , good pricing!

Stephanie Franklin

Best pharmacy in town. Helped me out by telling me there was an online coupon for my order that saved me $20!

MrDsuave1 .

Very easy to locate the things you are shopping for @ a convenient location.

Jessica Russell

Clean building, organized produce, friendly staff

Jeff Moreland

It's the bestest grocery store ever! Going Krogering makes my life complete.

Jon Crosby

This has become our local go-to grocery. Typically well stocked and we'll staffed, it's easy to get in-and-out. Weekly deals on popular products save money!

Jackie Ruttan

5star love Kroger, very friendly,Clean store,I live in Mason mi ,No on meijers, I give a five star,

melody barnett

Find everything I need and they even unloaded my groceries for me bagger was very nice


Mostly everything you need.

Marian Foster

I'm in this store at least twice a week and have never had a bad experience

haydens shanks

Wonderful store great and friendly staff

Karen Jenkins

I go to the E Peoria,Il Kroger on a regular basis. I know the store well, but if there's something I can't find there's always an employee near and they are so nice and helpful. Love this store!!

Stephen Toler

The store overall is good, but I will never shop at their deli ever again. The people that work there are rude and nasty to customers

Margie Mandella

Customer service is awesome everyone is so friendly and willing to help!!

Pam Spalding

Sandra Drake

Great grocery store. Always have options for fruits and vegetables. Organic or Regular.

Veronica James

I love this store

David Cena

Love the store everybody is so nice

Michael McGinnis

It was a kool place. :D

Mike Kelly

Moved from another are with a Kroger, Kroger always seems to have nice and helpful staff. It was a welcome change. Looking forward to using this Kroger.

Cheryll Austin

Click it at Krogers is a life saver. It's EASY to use and saves me a lot of time. I can shop at home, schedule my pick up time and then they load it in your vehicle. You never have to leave your vehicle. The first 3 orders are fee free. After that, I think it's $5. They also work with a service that will deliver the groceries to your house. Krogers has made grocery shopping so much easier. Thank you Krogers!


Steven Smith

Couldnt get fresh donuts because all of the boxes blocking access. Donuts were notnormal quality of Kroger bakery.


It's close and open 24 hours which I love being a night shifter. They normally have everything I'm looking for in stock. I was thinking bigger store more food selections. But it feels like they just took a regular Kroger and crammed it into one section and filled the rest of the store with junk I would never go to Kroger to shop for.

Rickie Street

Debbie Green

Once again, a Clicklist fail. I will never use this service again. Every single time I’ve used it there has been nearly 45 min wait and always substitutions. Not to mention the kids that work here could not move any slower. Back to Walmart grocery pick up for me, and their service is even free over $30!

Lolz games

Anita Bertelsen

Your employees are always Pleasant courteous and helpful I appreciate that

Dave Alexander

Great union supporting grocery store. I can't wait for them to expand the size of the store.

Sarah Harris

School isn't even in session & yet Kroger was absolutely packed on a Sun. afternoon, & that made for a miserable shopping experience. It looks like they just finished their renovations & I don't get it. I don't understand the massive amount of counter space taken up with bread. So now you walk down an aisle & you can see one bagel in a bin. So, now bakery is in a center island. Really? Bread is more of a moneymaker than sugary treats?

Danielle Heierbacher

Wide variety, always have what we need. Great staff!

roy ellis jr

As always Kroger is the one stop shopping for all things grocery. Why buy meat at one store and vegetables at another? Everything from Food and cookware to Beer and alcohol, Kroger's have all of your grocery needs, at a reasonable price!

That Girl

You can stock your fridge and furnish an entire house here. This Kroger has it all. Food, furniture, clothes, pharmacy, bakery/deli, a jewelry store and everything in between.

April Melissa Hardin

This location has wonderful employees and a large selection of grocery items. The parking lot is large and easily accessible. Very convenient!

Stacie Whitaker-Roman

Always really clean. The staff isn't always fast on the registers, but their great customer service makes up for it.

Peterson Family

Good selection but high prices

M Miller

My go to grocery store

John Schneider

Not enough Handicap carts the so called baby boomer are ageing and the need for the carts is hi . This should be a high priority in customer service.

Larry Curley

A Great place to shop, and low prices

Vickie Harms

Very nice workers, great to save money too

Eliza Christopher

Good deals on food, store is clean, missing some selection.

Tatted and Gatted

Been going here for many years. Good place to get the things you need.

Neeko Black

Had an amazing experience, One the of cashiers was having a problem with this very rude lady and we waited in line for about 20 for this chick to go away and the lady that was working was so nice! Everyone is very nice.

Joshua Rogers

Great prices and employees but speed of checkout could be faster

Mark Palmer

Friendly always find what I need

a gamers life

Always a fight with digital coupons at this location but unusually well stocked and customer centered.

Brenda Johnson

Friendly, Clean and always a great sale!

Phyllis Corey

Clean, nice staff, good prices


This Kroger is a good one. It's clean and well-organized with friendly staff. The very best thing is the lack of a line at the front -- Kroger has done a great job making sure they compensate and open lanes when need be. I only shop here now because I know I can get in and out quickly.

Clay Ginter

Vegetable tray had mold in it. I didnt notice it until I was already home.


Quik in, quik out

Kevin Slark

A great basic grocery store.

Karin Conklin

Love Kroger! It's a well oiled machine.

Ana Noland

They did my son's cake everyone really enjoyed it

Jake Whittaker

very helpful and friendly staff.

Will McMilleon

This store is a little on the small side and sometimes gets a little bit messy. Decent prices if you make sure to always present your loyalty card. Don't forget kids get a free cookie at the bakery!

Christy Matayka

Their chicken is to die for. If you haven't tried it... Do. Decent selection for a small store. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Brandon diponio

Very busy but what can you expect on a Sunday, good baggers and kind cashier's

Christopher DeValk

5:00 on a Thurs. No carts in building. Never have baskets available at entry. Have to go to self check out to get them. Only 2 check out lanes open.lines Extending into aisles. No steaks in meat case for purchase. Once again disappointed in my grocery option in Holt Mi. Heading to Meijer.

Clayton Harmening

Clean, organized small town grocery feel. Selection is broad and appropriate, better than Walmart but certainly not a specialty store. Staff is solid, helpful, and produce has always been good while I've been there (maybe a soft pepper in the basket once in a while before they catch it). Prices on kroger brand stuff is really solid as well.

Carey Nelson

Love this Kroger!

Jessica Arnold

The staff here are extremely efficient and helpful. Everything is where it should be. I had no trouble with finding anything and the prices are clearly marked. Everything that is guaranteed fresh, is fresh. Their sales are great as well!

Jamie White

Much calmer than the Kroger on 55 but always needs to be restocked. They don't always have the things you looking for.

Chris Mcmillan

Good service

Shay Lyn

I really like this kroger. It is smaller then the other Kroger's in the area, but I do believe they are suppose to be expanding. They're prices are good and I've never had a bad experience, workers are always helpful and polite. They also have a great bakery. Their cakes are amazing. I wont go anywhere else to get a birthday cake, best whipped frosting you'll ever have. Everytime we get one people always tell me how great it is and ask where I got it.

Terri Roark

They no longer had an item offered on the free Friday download. One of the employees found a comparable item and gave it to me free of charge. Good customer service.

Rhonda Marsh

Need to keep popular bread items stocked better, especially the 1/2 loaves.

Chris Waichunas

Dede is amazing

Heather Goss

Clean store, many Kosher, vegetarian, & vegan items. Small, but surprising selection.

Jessica Fey

Started going here a month ago and have never looked back at my old grocery store

charles tomlinson

Rebecca is always willing to help me at the self check out. She is an outstanding employee and a real asset to your company.

Clarence Dillon

Niko Nee

They have treatzza lunchables and that is awesome

Veronica F.

Excellent prices on fruit.

Shane Stickrod

Awesome store ! Wide selection ! Even had my hometown favorite "Skyline Chili" , fully stocked in a small town in Missouri . Way to go Kroger ^_^

Charles Allison

Some of the employees are temperamental.

Aleishia Johnson

Staff is very rude, they don't have as much of a selection, I really only go in there if they have good sales and I'm in the area.

Jessica LeRoy

The only reason I give this place 3 stars is because it's always seems to be dirty I live not too far from here and I know some of the employees that live around me do their best but it's really hard your parking lot is always dirty in the milk in the front either is warm or not there at all. Please try little harder!

Vicki Swanson

Woman at customer service was very rude .

Karen Grimm

Kroger is expensive but my bagger knew how to bag groceries. A+ team.

Sharon Moreland

Love Kroger store!


I shop here often they're always friendly

Mel Russell

I purchased a red velvet cake here that was phenomenal! The store is very clean, and the staff are nice. Prices are slightly higher than Walmart, but of course Kroger has more variety.

Brandy Miller-Wood

This place has always been my favorite place to shop but here lately everything has gone down hill. Very poorly staffed, one lane open during the busiest hours, and honestly the only reason we still come here is because of the location and our favorite lady works there, Renate.

Garry James

Great prices and selection!

DaiLynn Dietz

It can get crowded, but it's been recently renovated and is probably the nicest store near holt, with a great new natural and organic food section.

Sandy F

Used to be our favorite store, but over the past year seems like it's gone down hill. Seems dirty, shelves aren't always stocked. Sad

Sophan In


Virgil Leeper

Great people....Great PRICES......Great KROGERS

Jonathan Brown

Pharmacy Team here is GREAT!

Susan Tummons

Always super friendly and helpful staff. The produce is good, too.

julie briggs

Love the way the holt Kroger's is laid out. Easy to find things

Frances Williams

Great place has a lot gluten free products

jennifer mccall

I like this store everyone is very friendly everything is easy to find.

John Roberts

Great produce except for the cucumbers. Store is clean, staff is great and NO lines at the checkout!

Micah Fuller

Horrible. Way to crowded. Kroger closed too many stores in Peoria!

Jay Smith

Old school grocery store. Grew up with Kroger in st louis. Much me intimate shopping here than Wal Mart(aka evil empire)

S Picasso

Top notch service! Friendly staff, and an awesome variety of items with great deals. You can't go wrong.

Valerie Dutcher

Please Read !! Beware of Register 11 - they know it is inoperative (freezes up) but that line is open for customers anyway !! Tonight - Friday night at 6 pm - over $183 of my groceries had been rung up when it froze. "Anthony" the store supervisor on duty came over but he couldn't help the Cashier either. He acknowledged "it had been acting up all week". (Then why was it open for customer orders?). He made the cashier go to Register 8 and ring up every single item in every bag again while I stood there waiting. He gave me no apology at that time or even when I walked out of the store right past him. I felt very disrespected as a Kroger Rewards customer - to receive no apology from Anthony for a situation with their technology that was beyond my control, that he acknowledged being aware of.

Martha Sebring

At the deli the employee was very attentive, accommodating, and quite pleasant.

codie kruger

It was ok

Michael Kennedy

Nice store...wide selection

Latisha Woods

They don't have a lot of things I use won't be back

Nancy Smith

I went to buy some cooked ckn on Thanksgiving day and watch the lady open up the bag of ckn without washing the ckn off. She drop them in the flour and then the fryer. Smh , now that nasty bloody ckn .

Tracmae Treasure Chest

Great prices!!

Jessica Craig

Kroger has the best meat and good selections of vegetables in a very affordable cost. Should you need fresh flowers, I believe Kroger on Colony Crossing Way in Madison, MS has more inventory compared with other branches in town. I saw a flower arrangement from their florist shop. By far, it was the best I've seen. Whoever their florist is she did an excellent job. My friend goes to this store for her flower arrangement need and other grocery shopping. My advice to you, in the event you have future celebrations, will it be a wedding, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Valentine's or Christmas, you can book your order for fresh flowers. In my case, some flowers I ordered were not available in terms of color preferences. You may be able to make arrangement with the store.

Debbie VJ

Some s stuff is more expensive here then at Walmart.

Rachel Day

Not the best, needs more selection of lactose free items

Da a

Great store, with nice employees. It is clean and well organized.

Jeanine Wester

Don't come to this Kroger expecting anything but the basics. I asked where they stocked San Marzano tomatoes, regularly carried by other Krogers, and the employee looked at me like I was an idiot. So much for helpful service. In general, it's a limited variety of everything.

Michael Colley

Very nice staff, quick checkout lanes, and decent prices.

Carol Carver

I absolutely love this store !!! If you can't find me look in Kroger or Walgreen

Francisca Garcia

It's always busy. Recently added a lot of new employees and they aren't always knowledgeable.

Mike Calvin

Kroger is my favorite groceries store to shop at.

Debra B

They have a very limited selection now that they remodeled. It is hard findung stuff, and I rarely shop here anymore. I come to grocery store for food, not a new kitchen or bedroom. Very sad, shopped here all my life. I just run to Meijer now.

Kimberley Hokanson

Much better then most stores around us.

Pamela Newman

I love the kroger in east peoria.

Grampa Grubber

My visit was really quick but the parking was horrific. Thanks Kroger for closing so many other neighborhood stores!

Niki Wezensky

This Kroger has a "policy" that you cannot return items that cost more than $10. They do not have the policy posted anywhere in their store. I contacted customer service for the company, and they read me the policy for that store. Nowhere in it was a $10 item return policy. This store is dishonest, sketchy, and lacks integrity. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Doug C

Great people, Great deals, Bathrooms clean, sexy all around!

John Zehr

Selection: average. Prices: typical: Aisles are very narrow; they tried to cram too much stuff in a small space. Employees: pleasant. Location: handy.

Edward Moore

Outstanding store and great workers very helpful to me with being Handycap

Janine Loomis

Seems like produce is pricey and not fresh. I get great deals here on other things though.

Dorothy Wells

Excellent Customer Service

Michael Golchert

Store has just finished up a re-set, so it took us a bit longer to do our grocery shopping. Sometimes the marketing & store layout people must never go shopping. As an example, Bisquick was not with the pancakes/syrup supplies. All the other pancake & waffle mixes were together...just not the Bisquick. There were a LOT of click-list employees in the store...they know the stock very well and are a good resource when you are unable to find something. Good store, reasonably clean (we were in the store on a Saturday afternoon). It will just take some time to mentally work out where things are located.

Forrest Jones

Great meat prices and if you have a Kroger card the savings really add up.

irukas lewis

matt petree

Its decent. Meat selection could be better. Bakery is pretty nice. Some nice features like fresh sushi and health foods. Store could be cleaner and better organized.


I only visit the pharmacy here and they are awesome!

Brian Matheny

Great location. Easy to navigate. Clean. Nice employees

Joe Banks

Has every thing your looking for plus some things your not

Nancy Lee

It was fine

Choy Jang

Well stocked store.

Kristy Thao

No high know how long know have a good day from the cashier. But there's always a guy at the deli and a greeter at the door I think he works in the flower area they always greet people and that's a wonderful thing.

Licia Nixon

Cris at the gas center made me wait until she got off of her phone to service me.

Judith Pierce

Nice deals. Weekly ad has a variety. Around thanksgiving got the Turkey "free" due to great deals. Exiting back to 63 can be tricky but is doable.

Dylan Beckett

I don’t have Time for the day and the next

Kimberly Doerr

Always good srrvice!! Utility workers are awesome!! Always, have what I need!!

Warren Helmer

Great prices

Beth O'Brien

If you go to use a major credit card at your friendly east peoria kroger store you better be sure you have a pin number! Apparently it's the only store in the tri county area who's system us not up to date on technology. A chip reader is common. Just because the system uses a chip reader does not mean you can't swipe a major credit card without the requirement of a pin number! Please update your system and educate your young employees as well as your not so helpful 'young manager'.. whom did not even attempt to resolve it. I can't be the only person that has come across this issue. Thank you

Angie May

Took a very long time to get my groceries which was a small order. They said they misplaced one of my bins. This was click list.

David Mcneilly

Tina Moore

Clean nice and friendly workers_

William Turner

Love the renovations.

Bryan Kauffman

Non lines open all,jus personal check out , while employees stand,around do nothing while u check out your groceries..wont go back..

Brittany Hunt

Today was the launch of the Scan-n-Go!!! I loved it:)

Cameron Kilgore

Brittany Moya

This is our grocery store of choice. A great selection of the essentials with a decent clothing section and home goods.

Roderick thurman

My favorite Kroger

Lorraine Huff

Mr. Bungle

The lunch counter at this Kroger used to be way better than the other Krogers in town. Unfortunately, it has been completely redone and is now one of the WORST in town.What a shame. Ill never be able to go in and get fried chicken with real baked mac n cheese and perfectly seasoned sides again. Now they just open a can, dump it in a little container and put it in a hot drawer. No seasoning, no flavor, no more trips to the kroger deli.

Libby Gremm Coffrin

This Kroger was absolutely awful. An employee by the name sabrina was supposed to be doing what she is played for. However she was prancing around with out a Kroger uniform mind you. So we asked out for help with the grocery check out isle cause there was nobody else doing their jobs. She had the audacity to start throwing from the cart to the scanner then tossed the items In the bags with a complete nasty attitude then after I apologized for any inconvenience she finished then while walking away to continue back with her friends she had made vulgarities to me and my husband under her breath and me having overheard her made me confident in making the decision to NEVER shop here again.

Snow Bunny

Always satisfied with the people who work for Kroger. They go out of their way to make sure everything is right.

Alan Brevick


I work in the local area and tend to try and do my local shopping hear. My hours to shop are usually around 5-6 a.m. This Kroger's is suppose to be open 24 hours a day. But many times and many times this month they are closed with a note on the door. For this constant inconvenience i cant count on them to be open and end up going to Walmart just down the street.

Teresa DeFord

Great bargains, lots of open registers which makes for faster shopping, and a little bit of everything...even clothes!

Sergio F Torres

Jonathan really help me around. No kroger employee knew what chimichurri sauce was until i ask customers service and guess who that employees was. " Jonathan " he took time to walk me around to show me where things were . since they move stuff around. The store looks great ! Good job !!

Karpagam K


Michael Devoss

Helpful staff. Very clean. Good selection. Favorite grocery store in town.

James McWhorter

I shop here in 3 to 4 times a week. Coming here is not a chore but rather a positive experience that I look forward to. The selection is always good and there are always nice sales. Throughout the hundreds of times I've been here I have not had one negative experience with anyone who works here. Everyone seems to enjoy their job and goes out of their way to be helpful.

Jacquetta Yackle

Good food in deli if you're hungry.

Janice Hartmann

Conveinently located, good pricing, with fresh cuts of meat and specials on produce!

dizzy Ling

I love this place. And I especially love clicklist. I come here because the organic selection is awesome!

michael demus


melvin machal

Nice store and pharmacy. Too big! Dont care about all the extra stuff like clothes and home accessories.

Pam Roberts

I returned to my local Kroger after choosing to shop elsewhere due to the poor customer service I had been receiving. I checked out and one of my 5 for $5 items did not ring up appropriately to get the money off. I questioned why and Ice, my cashier, and another cashier took me to the “service” desk for help. The “service “ area was chaotic because a cashier was working who was not on “the board” and didn’t get a break and now needed to leave by 8:00PM. I believe the cashier’s name was Angie or Andy—I heard it multiple times while six employees including the head cashier discussed this while ignoring me and at least one other customer with a problem. After 5+ minutes of listening to the chaos, Shawn, your customer service rep , waited on me I asked for my grocery item left because of my complete disgust with being placed in the middle of something NO customer should be forced to endure. Shawn then rudely responded to my frustration—because of course the CUSTOMER is NOT a priority in a business. I stopped shopping at this store three months because of rude employee behavior several times during my last visits. I will now NEVER step in the store again and will drive any distance to get my needs. Ice and the other women were excellent but the other employees were completely unacceptable.

Angela Lilly

Prices way too high, especially meat...get much better deals at other stores. Employees here are rude and don't like dealing with "poorer" customers and customers that have to use EBT...sad...

Mark Holman

Most recent remodel makes it much more difficult to find items then before the renovation. Seems even the employees have difficulties finding items. Store is clean, which is a good thing. Employees remain pleasant and helpful.

Tina Case

Great Lakes Narwhal Michelle Erskine VantelPearls

The staff is friendly but the parking sucks

tracey elliott

This krogers on Richmond Rd. is huge, it actually reminds me of Walmart. It has everything from clothing, household items, toys, everything and of course groceries and even a great deli that has a wide variety of everything!!!

becky Higgins

Would rather shop at Kroger than at Walmart..Their spiral boneless ham is delicious, and it was on sale, and so was rhe ribsm

Kimberly Southwell

Rude cashiers

Rob Zamites

Friendly staff, and a good variety of foods you'd not expect to find at a major chain market. Produce is almost always fresh and available year round.

Mike Phelps

Excellent for shopping, but a little confusing as to where things are. Large, clean, roomy aisles.

Lynda Carnes

Kroger is still the best grocery store in town. Great prices, great products and most importantly, great service from people who really seem to care that customers get what they need and get a good deal too. I saved almost $20 today for groceries I spent less than $40 buying. A lot of what I bought was meat and staple items for good solid meals. And I checked out through a checkout line with a friendly cashier and a man who carried my groceries out to the car for me. I am not forced to go through a computerized cash register and ring up my purchases, bag them myself and then carry them out. I know that automation is not taking the people out of the workplace. The friendly faces are still working at Kroger.

Tom Williams

Quick service

Nona Spackman

Close to home and has points to apply towards gas.

Sean Garland

Better than Walmart in terms of food. Layout is weird and staff don't seem to notice you. Hard to find some food items.

Matthew Talbot

The staff at Krogers is always friendly and they seem to always have what I need/want on the shelf. My reason for knocking two stars is they seem to always understaff the checkout locations when I go in and unless i want to use the "self" checkout I have to wait in line for the one checkout location that would be open. I remember there was a time when most grocery stores would only have maybe one or two lanes not open.. Now it is just the opposite.

Cnotra Trussell

Because of savings, discounts, and Kroger card(digital coupons)

Darlene Williams

Very crowded at the time but got in and out fast with the help of staff

Dave Youngman

Nice, clean store with friendly employees and competitive prices make this one of our favorite grocery stores.

Guzel Dempsey

It's grocery store, .


Angel P.

Great store has fresh food. Wait time is not too bad. Not as bad as walmart. However parking is horrible especially during peak times

Anthony latham

Good service

Annescia D

Parking set up is a little wonky. But this location is very nice since the renovation some years ago. This location has quite a few options for plant based and lactose and/or dairy free compared to other locations.

Roxy Buckler

Busy but you will always find a parking spot, employees are nice and helpful, store is nice and clean.

The true Dragonborn

I went there to go cash my first check but couldn't due to a new system.

Vanessa Napier

In town from CA to visit my hometown. Kroger was great but the in house Starbucks was disappointing to say the least. I went in before shopping to get coffee and there was a gone to the bathroom sign instead of a barista. No prob, nature calls. Waited 13 mins and decided to go shop and revisit on way out. When I returned later and went to order the barista informed me she was closing in 6 mins and had already cleaned her espresso machine and had no intention of getting it dirty. I let her know I had waited for her bathroom break for 13 mins but I guess now I am out of luck to which her response was, "Bye". Unbelievable, like many, I spend way too much at Starbucks but after this kind of brand representation - I have no problem spending my disposable income somewhere else. Keep it classy Kroger Starbucks on Richmond Rd., Lexington, Ky.

Ginger Wise

When you see others using their card and their husband's and /or family member card. No one says anything. I saw it when I was at the store previously. A female employee informed me very rudely that I was only allowed to use 1 card. I was embarrassed because I know this female from former place of employment. She does not like me. Treats me with disrespect EVERY TIME I come to the store unless my Mother or my son is with me. I was polite to say hello. She walked away from me knowing I said hello. Then denies it.

Richard Davis

Large selection groceries Excellent produce and very helpful staff

Janet Hedin

It is a good store to shop at, been shopping there for years, have a good day,

Latoya Thomas

My local grocery store

Carisha S. Tapia

Nice clean location. Organized and fully stocked.

karona crusoe

Nice store have great sales and they carry a lot of items Wal-Mart don't...I don't eat beef or pork and im so happy they carry turkey bologna and vegetarian refried beans.

Valerie Howard

I should be used to Kroger being out of the sale items. It's why I quit going there months ago. Apparently nothing has changed.

Carl Nieland

Still trying to navigate the stores new layout some of it makes no sense to me.

Amanda Singleterry

My Kroger experience was AWESOME. The items I needed were in stock and the employees were friendly and helpful in answering my questions . The savings were incredible. The Angus beef patties I got are delicious. The pre sliced meat is fresh and tastes great. The fuel points are an added bonus. I would RECOMMEND Kroger to anyone who wants a great place to shop.

JaQuita Douglas

Everything is always fresh! The employees are always helpful! I love shopping here.

Robert Harvey

I've never had such a great experience in a Kroger. I walked in and happened to see the Manager being very helpful with another customer and letting her know exactly where to find her items and answering all of her questions. Once he was done he quickly turned and came to assist me. I couldn't find a particular item, and he personally went and retreived it himself, with a smile that showed he was happy to help. A great experience altogether, and I'll definitely be coming back whenever I need something.

Gary Goren

Ok but crowded and not the best neighborhood

Krishna Rao

The kroger pharmacy is really the worse pharmacy out there. The pharmacists and the techs don't care about you or your prescriptions unless you are not a minority. They delay medication refills on purpose or do not have meds on file. Every time I go there the medication is on back order. The pharmacist is the worse. Do not work for them. They say there are open positions but when you apply and f/u it has been filled already. They are very lazy bunch of people. I would no recommend using kroger pharmacy at all. There are better ones out there. So do not be employed by kroger especially their pharmacy. The color of your skin matters a lot in the area.


Anthony for manager (:

Brittany Hansen

I use clicklist every week. It always goes well. Order is perfect everyone is quick and friendly. I love it

Wil Lawrence

It was awesome as always.

Karla Ahl

Little older of store but great selection

Don Derroj

Could use some improvements with keeping shelves stocked and rotating of produce.

Johnnie Mcwhorter

Always courteous employees along with competitive prices !

Rachel Clemons

This was the worst clicklist experience ever. I used to get my groceries with clicklist at the Tates Creek center in Lexington and they were so fast and efficient. The clicklist center on Richmond Road/Man O’ War was incredibly disorganized and overbooked. There were over 16 cars in line for clicklist, they only had 2 people staffing, and the staff seemed to be in no rush unloading groceries. Kroger had no organization for the car lines and it took forever. If I wanted to spend more than an hour for my groceries I would have gone inside and picked them out myself. I am very disappointed and will never be clicklisting at this Kroger again.

Linda Gaddy

Krogers has good weekly sales ads and quality items and is well-stocked.

Shecago Hart

Good Value for your money. Unlike Walmart always a register opened. Parking lot is too small and unsafe. Store needs to be bigger.

Tracy Dozard

Easy in and easy out

kara miller

Huge and had everything you coul want and need

Nader Nasser

Best place for quick grocery shopping!

Mitchell Banks

I love Kroger

Forhad Robbani Ashim

I like this place. They are affordable.

dawnie ludwig

Will not be shopping at any Krogers for any reason due to them not supporting our 2nd Amendment rights

Mona Gabbert

It was fine. As always love savings as well.

Jawnashun Kiehne777

Great store for College students who need to grab some food. Also the location is easy to get to.

Mike Collins

Lots of choices

Dracey Middleton

I love grow is long as it's near my neighborhood that's the store I go to and I love the deals

Chris Addington

Everything is moving around right now, but it's a very clean, well maintained Kroger. All of the staff are very friendly and super helpful.

JoeJoe Murphy

Good variety comparable prices awful parking lot

Lavaris Parker

Friendly staff and overall a great shipping experience every time I go.

Christina Hull-McCarthy

They have good selections in produce and they have several gluten-free items. Their prices can be rather steep, though. Sometimes using the Kroger Card can help, when items you want are on sale with the card.

Marteal Lamb

they had a very good selection, and the price was reasonable. The place was well-lighted, and I got what I was looking for

Louis H

8:40 (well before 9) and the door near the pharmacy is already closed, typically this wouldn’t be a problem but I’m dealing with an injury so it is very inconvenient.

mark nicholson

Great selection, including organic meats and produce

Bridget W

Large Kroger with great sales and friendly staff.

Lane Willis

It was great the people friendly

Debatosh Basak

I take fresh veggies from here.

Evelyn Dismuke

Speedy checkout today. Hooray !!!!

John Marcano

Great deals, especially on stuff getting close to the "sell-by" date. And nice peeps too e.g. they gave me a free chicken because they made too many.

privategardener .

not my regular Kroger but still very nice.

Kenny Sherrill

Conveniently located and a great selection of organic items, including out-of-this-world rotisserie chicken!

Jenny Knudstrup

Good hot fresh soup for lunch

Carla Waller

So quick and convenient to grab gas and go!

Michael McCarten

Looked for hamburger. A lot of it was expired and gray.

Eliza W

Very nice customer service. Good clean store. Love the local stores.

Kaleb Baker

Not enough cashiers. Overcrowded. The parking lot is too small. Always dirty

graham martin

Caeren Walker

You can find some really good deals here and the staff is friendly.

Lindsey Rodgers

Clean store, but the parking sucks. I dont like going bc there's no parking or people flying down the lanes almost causing accidents everytime.

Zzz Rodney

Great deals best around.

Brendon Thiede

Eric Hamilton

The customer service is top notch and the employs are honest and friendly.

Shay Jenkins

They have the new technology. Everything is so easy to to get too

Robert Barrios

I find what I need and out quickly, this why I shop Krogers

David Kenoly

OK. Don't frequently go to this store. It's very busy here.

Ahmen Ra

Very clean store and excellent service

John Dahmm

It,s a grocery store. It had what we needed at a decent price and Enough clerks that we didn,t wait long to cash out

Salmon 42 Times

has free cookies sometimes. loved it

Elaine Sitek

Easy to get shopping done fast!

Patricia Maple

Shopped there many years, clean helpful clean n courteous staff

Sanjuanita Hernandez

Went to get some meds for my self .accidentally drop my wallet .came home n went cracier trying to find wallet .call the store the -manager found it n turned to customer service ..everything was there in my wallet . money was April 1st late at midnite..THANK you guys for honesty..

Donald Trump

Korger is one of the best stores. Make groceries great again!

Michael Horn

Poorly stocked, found 3 different products we intended to buy with expired date codes on the shelf. Not as clean and pleasant as other area Kroger stores

Christine Williams

Did not have the items that I wanted.

Steven Altom

Has anyone noticed the level of service drop at east Peoria Kroger's... Takes way to long to get acknowledged at deli and new faces not friendly at all... Disappointed


I LOVE this small Kroger. They have more vegan items than what I can normally find in stores 3 times this size. They are more expensive on some of the exact same things from Walmart tho. Please, please Kroger... keep stocking the Amy's Organics nonmeat and nondairy frozen things!!!

Greg Mack

I shop there weekly and the people there are always the best.

Rebecca Boyko

Kroger is my favorite!! Always clean, fresh produce, and the staff is friendly. I live by Meijer grocery store, but I hate it, so I drive extra 10 minutes just so I could shop at Kroger. (Kroger please open a grocery store in Hamburg!) The only thing I don't like is the parking area, it's really crowded all the time.

Tina McClelland

Love Kroger's. I don't want it to expand. PLEASE please don't expand.

Djdj Redd

Enjoy Kroger, helpful, professional.

Ciara King

At least one worker always asks to assist. Loved them when I was pregnant, there was always someone to load groceries for me. Produce is almost always fresh and most items are usually in stock.

Clayton Moore

I prefer this store for my clicklist pickups as there is a covered, dedicated section to do this. Saves so much by eliminating impulse buys.

Luke Bowman

Great organic and natural selection

Destiny Purcell

Generally quick service, and good sale prices.

jeanabeth joseph

Brittney Sutton

Clean, well stocked,great location

Gary F Moody

Slightly higher prices, excellent selection, clean experience. Shop here.

Ballard Family

Pleasant shopping experience. Good deals on prepaid phones.

Monique Majomut

I am definitely a sales person and the produce department always have fresh items everyday.

Christina Addison

Not my favorite Kroger but its nice!

Emily Ledesma

Great selection! Great prices!

Rick E

No vegetable deli anymore? Comeon.

Michael Anderson

I shop here regularly and they are always kind and helpful, whether it be doing a substitution or just helping me find something. The staff is friendly and I have never had a bad experience here.

Jody Spicer

Always welcome at Kroger!

Rhonda Martin- Brown

I love this store

Katrina Werline

I LOVE shopping at Kroger. I don't get side tracked from buy non-groccery items. I do wish that Kroger in Rolla would get an update. Bigger building and a meat counter. It could easily be supported by the locals.

Linda Kennedy

Kroger is the best

David Holyfield

Though I saved money and earned rewards Gas points, this has to be the cleanest worst Krogers I've been to, and though the displays we're so minimal and small you had to ask to find them, who doesn't bake during the Holidays ? I'm talking about baking, and the shelf for it was 4-5 high one section, and they are more expensive then my Kroger in Jackson.

Marie Crowley

I love Kroger. No other place compare to them when it comes to qualify, variety, great prices, friendly staff

David Michaelis

Good place to shop

Michael Berry

Good selection tidy store with ethnic and standard American fare. Great beer selection. Fresh produce. Well maintained.

missygirl zimmerman

It was very good. Everything was stocked on shelves.cashier very friendly. And the store was very clean.

Jamie White

Kroger is mostly stocked with friendly staff and some good sales

Herb Eddington

Always helpful

Jeffrey West

Good place to shop and save money

Linda Jaynes

I really like this Kroger. Everyone is so nice!!

Justin Amazing

Really like Kroger's store wide selection of good name brands.

Brenda Smith

This store has great selective choices of food and check-out is usually very quick I love the sale prices

Shannon Patterson

Can't find anything anymore, but the employees are great.

Natalie Bell

Not so great. The cashier never spoke or looked at me, but did stop ringing up my groceries long enough to ask his supervisor when he could go on a break. Then the bagger used plastic bags alongside my cloth bags. I left they plastic there. Oh, and they were out of two of my items. Usually is a pleasant store, not so much today. There is a Kroger monopoly here, jackson could benefit with comparable choices.

b pepper

Amazing produce selection and great prices.

Lee Rafferty

I love the Kroger branded foods and prices. Steps above other markets in the area.

Gloria Jean Price Ray

Love it here plus I love the deal..

Scott Elms

Definitely your normal run down grocery.

Justin Cornwell

Sukhjit Josen

It was ok. Kinda small store.

Christopher Thomas

The parking lot has a lot of potholes and carts are left everywhere so they get bumped into parked cars constantly. The fire lane is used as a parking space by many and blocking the entrance and walkways. The inside cart corral is almost always empty and is very dirty. The produce section is a bright spot, they have a wide variety and it is well stocked, the prices are also reasonable. The deli is well stocked but prices are on the high side, The fresh meat section can be spotty for selection and be wary of the meat as sometimes it is starting to spoil because it has not been properly refrigerated. The cheese section is lackluster in variety beyond just the basics, The soda isle is rarely stocked well and if its a sale they seem to stock it less. The chip and snack selection is well stocked and has a large variety, prices are OK. The frozen foods section has a very large variety but small amounts of each product so they sell out of a lot of popular foods quickly, prices can be high if not on a sale. The entire checkout process is a mess from the workers who just stand around doing nothing while lanes are backed up 5+ deep to the self checkouts not being properly maintained and calibrated. The customer service counter is always a wreck.

Leo Altenberg II

Nice store, organized in a weird way. I found milk in 3 locations.

Philip Brown

It is the best grocery store ever.

Allison Rose

Will not be going back. More than once has something been expired. I just bought something that was 7 months past its expiration date. And about a month ago I bought some pot pies that had dethawed and refrozen. Just gross. Plus they are always poorly stocked. And when you talk to management, when returning expired items, they are ruder than rude.

Brittany Corman

Its SO BIG, I love Kroger Stores. There clothes are affordable, and I can get everything in one swoop!! Lol

Deborah Hatcher

I needed help getting something off a shelf and there was a employee there .

Comrade Dispenser

Small supermarket, but full of everything you need most of the time. Whenever I can I avoid going to Wal-Mart if I can buy something here, the local Wal-Mart has a confusing layout, while everything at Kroger is right where you expect it. And their in-house brand products beats other chain's generic brands any day. Including soda made with actual cane sugar instead of corn syrup.

Kris J

Good place to make quick stop for groceries. Not that big just right for quick stops

Rene King

Excellent services

Jim Woodrick

I would like to know why the cashiers seem to also be bagging groceries lately. Where are the baggers?? Cashiers bagging the groceries seriously slow down the checkout process. I love Kroger products but I will have to look at another grocery store that employs sufficient staff.

Adam P

The famed "largest Kroger in Kentucky" is clean, well laid out and always friendly. Only a few detracting issues here...their beer selection, while phenomenal for a typical grocery store, lags slightly behind other Krogers in Lexington. Other issue likely isn't their fault, but the parking lot is a maze of strange medians (that you can't get a cart over) and blocked off areas...god help you if you forget where your car is or want to get out of there on a Saturday.

Thomas Spence

4 stars for availability of products I want and for pricing. One star for rude rude rude Alice in customer service; she acted like I was bothering her precious time to give me a little bit of service.

Cyle Davis

Great store! Just wondering why the mexican people that clean the store cant wait til it is closed? They are always rude and act like im in the way. Whats the sense of cleaning if people are still shopping? People are walking on the spots they clean with the floor machine. So my guess is the store is never actually clean.

metal marc

I rarely ever visit this store. I just ran in to grab just a couple of items while in a hurry. Workers seemed friendly. Store looked pretty clean. But its one of those stores where you gotta have a stupid little card to get the savings instead of just giving the savings to everyone.

Alice Brown

This store is conveniently located and great selections. I prefer the fresh meat here more than anywhere else. The pharmacy is quick as well. Negatives-The parking lot is a bit of a crash coarse, and it's sometimes colder inside than out.

Paul Goddard

Prices are reasonable and weekly specials make them even better. When I was unable to find a particular spice I needed, Kroger placed an order for two cases, so it was available locally. Having a butcher on staff is a real plus, especially in this age of prepackaged meat and meat department staff who do little more than just stock the meat coolers. For some items on my shopping list, Kroger is the only place I will shop.

Lucero de Sol

Find all what I need

dawn bissette

I love their free Friday deals the bathrooms are scary and not very clean it all

Steve Sutherland

This is a hard one. This Kroger is nice. We prefer their fresh produce and meats. But we know of nicer grocery stores with bigger selections with more prepared meals and dishes. This Kroger location is convenient while other groceries are NOT. I will continue to shop here until it is more convenient to shop others.

Glenn Huskey

It's a much more enticing grocery store than Wal-Mart because of its attention towards the College crowd and the elderly. Both groups seem to, in my opinion, like to buy smaller packaged items. I'm not quite sure why this phenomena always rings true. Why pay $8.98 for a 6 pack of Boost when you could drive 2 miles and buy a 12 pack of boost at Wal-Mart for $14.98? Kroger survives because of this nonsensical phenomena and the fact that if you're out of just a few things and you hate the crowds, you can get in, get your goods and get out in a flash!

Tara Heflin

Small store, not much variety. Checking staff is nice.

Travis Stoliker

David k

Greate place to shop

Tessa Henderson

I go here all the time. Decent prices but there self checkout lanes are old and have issues.

Carla Lee

The money that I save is well worth make the trip to shop at Kroger!!!

Jill Allen

Kate Nichols

I love Kroger. It's the closest grocery store to my house. The employees are always so nice and respectful.

Wanda Horton

Love my Kroger store EP can't wait to see the remodel plus gas station WOW.

James Kellerstrass

A typical grocer that is easy to stroll through. Always busy and getting dated but still offers an entire line.

Gail Jones

Mary Clark

Leah Padgett

Clean. Navigable. Well stocked.

Stella Bronson

The pharmacy is amazing.

Connor Pautz

Employees are rude, unhelpful and make inappropriate jokes.

Zella Lynn Wood

No where near the selection as Pekin store. Had an employee make fun of my son with disabilities. Wouldn't of gone here if I didn't have so walk

Leeanna Cassidy

Krogers is moving everything around in the store, it's a big mess, shoppers are upset, aggravated and expect long delays at check ours, when they can't find something , their having the poor baggers go get it...

Dan Williams

Pharmacy is very slow and customer service needs help.

Johana Blinstrub

I am going to this store for about twenty years and I never changed my opinion about it's exceptional customer service!

Paula Hale

Always friendly, good prices, & plenty of lanes open.

Cindy Waggoner

Always friendly and always clean

Rodney Chaney

Even after a twenty cent price increase Kroger still has the lowest price on active dry yeast in Rolla. They still have the lowest prices on active dry yeast which I used to make 8 dozen snow biscuits last Friday evening. Here are some pictures to show other items you can save on at Kroger after you get one of their free Kroger plus cards. And in case anyone is wondering, the soda purchased will last nearly two months. Currently the monster shown is cheaper at Kroger than at Walmart. The pictures around the Optimist Christmas Tree stand were taken as a reminder of the first Kroger store in Rolla that I remember. The soda purchased qualified for a dollar off each twelve pack when buying three packs. The ball park franks were among the items that were a dollar off when buying five or more items.

Chris Moseley

My favorite place to shop when they have the ONE cart for multiple kids available. Yes, that's right there is only ONE cart if you have multiple kids that need to be strapped in. I have three kids under the age of five. When I get the kids all ready to go grocery shopping and I go down there, if that one cart is not available then I am forced to shop somewhere else. I have asked management a few different times over the course of a year if they could find it in their budget to have more than one of these carts like other stores do. They always say they will get right on it and get more and so far they haven't. I'm sure as popular of a place as this is, they can find it in their budget to get another one of these carts. I guess shoppers like me are just not that important to them. When I do get that one cart for my kids, it is my favorite store to shop in. Kind of offended that they only have one of these carts though, especially since they are a major grocery chain.

Kelly Caldwell

It's too big and Google pay didn't work

Stephen Chow

Clean, and very reasonably priced items. Most items usually in stock but believe their produce section could use a little more variety.

Louis McCarthy

Quickly get the food you need and they have a modest selection of beers.

Garnett Coy

24 hr, has cat food also!

Jacob Travis

The people here are generally nice. Decent selection, fairly priced. They have good sushi and a decent hot bar.

Tanya Morgan-Huff

Only three check out lanes open! Very disappointed in Kroger.

Sarah Faucette

Decent grocery store. I've had little luck shopping on Sunday evening. Earlier in the day Sunday or any other time of the week is best.

Jeff Zimmer

Try the click list

Kent Joos

The employees are friendly and the prices are fair

Brendan Williams

They have a very good selection of produce items. They are always fresh and tasty. There customer service is great, and they are very helpful. They also have a very good bakery department. The only issue with this store is some of their pricing can be high. However the store brands are good and the prices aren't bad on them.

Amber P

The redesign makes it look a lot nicer, it feels a little small but has all the basics.

Fred Wilkins

The staff is great, but the prices are outrageously high. Quit ripping us off, Kroger.

Brad miller

Good people

Kendal Dotson

Every time I go to Kroger I have issues in the check out line with prices and sales not ringing up correctly. The team members are barely polite at best and not often helpful at all. The self-checkout screens always freeze on me and I am unable to enter in produce items and my i.d. number so I can get my rewards. I continue trying to shop here because of the rewards program and great prices but I always leave extremely frustrated.

Nel Babitzke

The checkout lady was, as usual, mean.

Anderson Jeffries & Associates, LLC

Well stocked shelves; fresh meats and seafood and excellent employees!!! Customer service is the norm at this location!

Alex Fortner

Clean, well-stocked, and great prices. Friendly people. A fantastic Kroger.

Brianna Trapper

I have worked here and I regularly shop here for my groceries. The prices are good, but I mostly come here because I know exactly where everything is and I can get in and out quickly. The checkout lanes are usually pretty fast and efficient and the service is always good.

Pamela Scott

Clean store. Staff are friendly. Lots of self checkout lanes. Plenty of parking.

Story Port

Everything is cheap, and they have good products. 5 stars.

marycontrary marycontrary

One of my favorite stores bug theyre moving things around. Hard to find some things.


Was picking up things for dinner this afternoon, and for the first time ever I got home to find they hadn't sent my bakery bread home with me. So no bread with dinner. Also, they charged me twice for one bag of bacon bits. I called and spoke to a young man named Devon and he was very kind. Told me to bring receipt in and they would refund the money. I like sbopping at Kroger because they have a great produce section and the entire store is neat and clean. If I need help with something, there are plenty of associates to assist. In general. I rate Kroger 5 stars, but gave 4 this time due to messing up my dinner menu. Next time I will pay better attention to the screen as my items are being rang up and I will make sure that I get all of my groceries.

Kenneth Austin

This Kroger is about 20 minutes from my house but they usually have inventory stocked pretty well. I dislike having to travel to more than one Kroger on a shopping day due to unavailability.

Michael Raymond

Customer Service holds different hours than the store itself. So, if you need to do anything as simple as exchange an item, you cannot until Customer Service opens. It's ridiculous. If you are open you should be able to exchange items.

Jim Parker

Great service

Dred Porter

Good times we had by all!!!

Dtmp Pokemon Gaming Drama

Cheap why I always go There #dtmp

Angie Jackson

You have a jewel of an employee in Russell! He was so helpful and made my day. From helping me with obtaining my buggy to bagging my groceries, what a delightful, kind and considerate grocery associate. He is a top ten.

Memo D

Horrible click list service and a super rude curly redhead at the cuatomer service desk of all places. She makes it well known she doewnt like helpung folks. Always late clicklist orders and they dont call to tell you. Kinda have gotten used to calling ahead to check. One time thwy told me come back in 15, I did then they told me 30 more, when I got back they said it wouldnt be ready at all, went in to complain and it turns out it was ready the whole time and had been for 2 hours. Guessing it also was set out too long bc all my meat had turned brown suoer quick. Every visit they will be missing an out of stock item then I go in the store amd find it on the shelf. Theyre super busy but I guess have the attitude they can afford to lose folks especially since the recent policy change company wide limiting basic civil rights of some folks. Plan on finding somewhere else now that they decided to say F civil rights.

Mistress Blood

The prices are very good and the workers there are very nice

Carla Block

Lady at customer service was very helpful. The butcher came out and showed me what I was looking for. He took time to explain the cuts. Store even had the bread I was looking for in the freezer!!

Pamela Tetreault

Very impressed. Frank helped me figure ourmt the digital coupons. I will definitely shop there again.

Nathan Aeder

This is a nice grocery store with a decent organic section.

Robert Braun

Only person that wasn't rude was the door greater. I ask for help in the self check out line. Was told you just gonna have wait, in a smart ass way.

james rowe

Negive 5 ecoli out break and no sanitizer for self check out

Alexandra Fortner

Clean, well-stocked. Very nice Kroger.

Jeff Womack

This store doesnt care about normal customers. More worried about there online customers. Cant get up and down the rows because of the employees pulling all the online orders and the shelves are empty most of the time.

Esther Simonds

Always great customer service

Allen Shelby

Pleasant workers reasonable prices

Dylan Gorski

I go here a lot and while it may not look the best or be the most well laid out Kroger in Lexington, they have everything you need at great prices. The staff is great and it's where I find myself most of the time when getting groceries. Definitely a good place to go for groceries.

Hannah Courtney

Great hours, friendly and helpful staff. The sushi is good, the lighting is inviting. I have never had a problem with any of the very helpful and polite employees. :-)

Carl Weixler

The baggers suck @ check out & clicklist.

Angea Fulham

Very positive. Employees are helpful and friendly and the prices are good.

Silver Pirate

Kroger on Lake Harbor is the best! The staff and management are so friendly.

Ruth Beasley

Good selection. Also have a nice variety of organic foods.

daniel greenleaf

Good values on many grocery items,especially if on sale. Prices are many times dependent on using a Kroger card.

Rosemary Drake

Looks like they are going to do scan your own groceries. If so , I won't be shopping at kroger's anymore. I don't work for Kroger.

James Bentine

Clean and great selection

Stacy Nicole

Great sales. I can load my coupons to my shoppers card. Great hot breakfast too!!!

Jon Rost

Great selection and service

Jeri Haney

Always friendly and most times I can find unusual items that I'm looking for. I want a grocery store! Not clothing, hardware, lawn furniture and sporting goods.

Sandra Launstein

Clean and friendly service, haven't been there enough to know my way around. :)

Michael Hernandez

We travel 30 minutes, ft Leonard wood, just for their choice of organic food. They have a wider variety and much better quality than what is in the Walmart, commissary, and Price cutter where I live.

Teresa Bush

Great store but needs more check out lanes open.

Maria Brown

One girl set there and talked with another while we waited in line, then had us move only to find out that machine was broken

Reverend Eric Ha

people are always friendly. Matt Dacey(who i think is a manager) is an awesome asset to the company

david lichtefeld

Great. New age

Lisa Dixon

Staff is not friendly at all very rude

Becky Auvil

The dirtiest bathroom I have ever seen! I told an employee about it immediately. Went back after I finished shopping to try and use it... it was the exact same! FILTHY! There was actual human waste all over the floors, and they did nothing to clean it up! I will never step foot in that store again.

Gary James

Great store.

Ron Reed

This store has the most unpleasant employees I've ever encountered. From the bag boys to the cashiers to the deli staff. I called on one occasion to share my experience with a supervisor but nothing changed. I can't understand why management allows this behavior to continue. Shop elsewhere if customer service is important to you. I refuse to go back to this store even though it is more convenient than the one in Madison on 51.....where they do have friendly employees.

Fred D

Great sales today 10/10

Sarah Durbin

Good store, but I don't usually shop here without a sale or coupons. Their produce has really gone downhill in quality in the last year or two and the prices keep going up. Staff is usually very friendly and helpful.

Joy Michael

Has affordable food. Sells makeup and many other things at really great prices.

Cara Lietz

Very convenient to shop at, much more of a HomeTown atmosphere, friendly people, would much rather shop here for my groceries than any of the big box stores, and there woohoo's (special marked down item) have saved me a ton of money, and with a family of 9 it is very much appreciated

Philip Nittala

Clean and friendly staff

Stephanie Brown

Clean. Excellent service and fast checkout

Col. Jordan Palmer

Do not expect them to have everything you are looking for and do not expect the employees to he any help at all, even if you ask management for help.


Friendly staff, odd layout makes infrequent trips take longer.

Ximena Luzuriaga

It was hard to find birthday candles... The rest were well located

Janet Dennis

Love the availability if vegan and vegetarian foods here.

Alazia Hernandez-garcia

You guys are a good store and I will be going there even when I am a grown up❤️

Anthony Long

Self check out smells make you hungry

Veronica Shumaker

Had to wait 30 minutes for checkout.

Chad M

Got in and out through self checkout in 5 minutes. Clean store and friendly staff. Wide parking spaces.

Rea M. Smith

Love this Kroger! They have the best produce section. The store is clean and friendly, helpful staff. Great deli! Nice meat counter! All around great store, been many times, will return often!

Margaret Dunn

Everyone so nice I know most of them by name... I love the fuel points, mix & match deals saves $$, the prices are unbeatable, & I enjoy your Starbucks while I shop... It's my One Stop Shop, I try not to go anywhere else

K Weck

Great experience. Met this really really cute girl there and we made out a little in the parking lot. Dont know anything really about the store but, the parking lot is lit.

carl caviness

Great shopping

Chris Goodwin

Only place I know to get caffeine free sweet tea.

Jerry Asbury

Found everything I needed and worker's were friendly and helpful

Jacquelyn Walton

It was too many people. The guy did tell us where the cat food was after he got through making small talk with a lady. My boyfriend had to show an elderly woman where the baby oil was.

Dragon Smoke

Good ppl. Nice deals

Travis Sewell

The best grocery store in Rolla hands down. They are lacking on some international options, but tend to be much lower priced than the other large competitor in town. Customer service is great thanks to a terrific staff!

Peggy Sparks

Kroger's employees are so nice, and the baggers

Deborah Johnson

Was overpriced and not enough lanes opened

Michael Demus

Cashier are very polite, and helpful! Great service!!!

David Freed

Great place to shop for food!

Elie J.

This is a very friendly location and they pretty much always have really amazing samples at their sample carts!

Chris Douglas

Walt Howington

This is my favorite Kroger to visit. I'm not from Lexington but this place has everything, if I'm looking for something special I visit here before I trek into the speciality markets. A good percentage of the time they have what I'm looking for.

Wm Raub

Often has excellent discounts for food nearing expiration.

Vernon Pratt

Decent Kroger, but not great. No real problems, but there are better Krogers around. I have no problem shipping here.

Danyel Cross

This location is quant and local, but it was not prepared for the two Peoria stores to close. The influx of customers really did them in. Needs additional checkouts and a more plentiful ordering and stocking system.

Tatiana_ .

A cashier named Tatiana was very helpful. She is the best cashier I've ever seen in my life. She was sweet and fast. If I were to recommend her for anything, it would definitely be cashier of the year. A supervisor named jonathan was also very helpful. He assisted me with finding a product I was desperately in need of. He also was the one who pointed me in the direction of Tatiana. Great service at this Kroger.

Jason Beals

Kat Ripp

Great place to shop. One of my favorites

Terry McCowan

While there are a few helpful and friendly employees, the majority of them are indifferent to downright rude. They generally don't have half of the items in the weekly sale ad. I only shop here because of it's location as it is on my way home from work. No other options are anywhere close.

Kristen Ahlenius

The staff here is better than most grocery stores. In addition their hot lunch options are usually various and affordable.

Hannah VanKirk

Their produce and deli are always great. My favorite place to shop in Rolla for sure.

noahsnana Tyler

I love Kroger. The store in Rolla has some of the nicest people working there. I miss the stores since they closed them in Springfield Missouri. I go to the Rolla store every chance I get. Great sales and clean store.

Nikki Beck

My spot. I love this Kroger.


Used to love Shopping here. It was a welcome change when I swore off Walmart. The reasons I refuse to shop at Walmart any longer are: ridiculously long wait times to checkout, rude employees, not ENOUGH employees, and items constantly out of stock. Kroger used to be the antithesis to all these unsavory things. They are now the embodiment of all things Walmart. It is a shame. HEY AMAZON, when are you going to gear up Amazon Fresh in Lexington??? It can't be soon enough.

Christopher Young

Has everything you need. Short drive from most neighborhoods in the Ridgeland area and down the street from the reservoir, so perfect for quick stops to grab what you're low on in the middle of the week or to grab some snacks before heading to the park or out on the water. Workers are very friendly. On the corner of a big intersection, so sometimes difficult to get out of the parking lot.


It's a Kroger. Good selection.

yair rodriguez

Good place to get groceries.

Kate Gates

Absolutely my favorite store to grocery shop. Management is super friendly, staff is always nice and offer to unload cart. The best selection of organic produce and shelf food in the area. Love all the options! I travel nearly an hour to come to this Kroger! Clean and organized.

Linda Albertson

Has many sale items with Kroger card. Very useful.

Erika Shea

Neat, clean. Was not well stocked when I went.

Dennis Stanton

Decent selection, clean, rather see more food and no clothes.

Colleen Arcury

This is the biggest Kroger that has everything I need, however they changed everything around again and it was a pain to find what I needed. Apparently this is done every three years. I'm done now. I may just go to a smaller Kroger's next time. I never thought that I would say that!

Wanda Morse

Clean nice workers

Ryan McHale

This Kroger is by far the best in the Lansing area, because of their ability to offer ClickList (Online Ordering); this makes shopping fast and easy. The staff is always greeting as well.

Lauren Umberger

Me and my family ordered a catered meal for thanksgiving. When we got it all the foods need cooked and assembled. The stuffing that we got was in a box but it was still in bread form. Then the turkey will take 2 hours to heat up. The only thing that is ready to eat is the pie. Everything else is not ready to eat or not easy to just heat up. Would not recommend.

Rose Warsaw

Convenient, ample parking including handicapped. Pleasant atmosphere and great prices. Large selection of all products.

Dhruv P

Well organized place to shop.. Unfortunately Walmart has more variety than Kroger in some categories. But love the place for shopping

Kayla Coffman

Favorite place to shop for groceries

David Schwartz

Great store! Wish they would move forward with the expansion. Also, add the Kroger gas station when expanding.

Scott Courtouise

Customer service was great asked if I wanted help finding anything. Much better than wal mart

lorenza mena

Kroger had all the gluten free items I need today very satisfied

Mike Nation

Good deals but bad to get into parking lot. And to get out of. Needs to be updated but gets the job done.

NightOpsKiller -

Good over all service

Francheska McClendon

I think I visit this Kroger location the most because it's quick and easy for me to make any errands before work or during lunch. I love how the store is always kept clean and it's easy to move throughout the store. I also like the roasted chicken salad from the deli.

david anderson

Great customer service.

denora workman

Sara my cashier was very pleasant. Sheri my bagger was also very nice. Nice to see people upbeat about their job.

Robert Jones

Computers down in pharmacy call before going

Jason M

People in Rolla are generally FRIENDLY... So WHY are most of the KROGER employees soooo RUDE here???

Melissa Kamai-Arambula

Love it!!

Taylor Graves

Great local suppliers for organic and fairly prices food. Great customer service with a friendly small town atmosphere

Lee Hunn

No complaints. Fair prices and they always seem to have what I want when I want it. I don't know how you can improve on that. : )

Antonio Magana

I like this Krogers. Can't wait till they add on to it!

Alyson Elliott

Normally I have no issues. Today I was early, & I told them I was. They said no problem, but we are short staffed & will be out soon. I was the only car there & still didn't receive my groceries. 2 new cars pulled up & they brought their groceries. I left. Not happy. I've shown up past my window & didn't wait like this. It's ok to be late, but I'm punished if I'm early. Not sure I even want to use curbside anymore. I still need to get my current order first though.

Dwayne Fultz

I love shopping at krogers

Lori Harrison

mike starkweather

The parking lot need to be thought through a little better layout then what they have. The prices are great. Easy to find what is needed. Great experience with the employee's, they have a great attitude on the job about their job. But the parking is a one star layout. Love to see that change. Other then that great shopping.

Allen Bailey

Great. Got milk and summer sausage then came home.

Maria Ricca

Very clean store with helpful, courteous employees.

Patience Miller

Trash all over pavement at front of store. Looked like a dump. High prices on some things. Acted like they had never seen anyone use their own bags. Won'ti go back. I remember why I never shipped here.

Ama Dadzie


Gary E. Michaels

I am a handicapped person. I ran into Steve at the end of self serve checkout aisle. He in turn brought Tanner to me who picked up my order. Accolades to all. Thank You so much! 8

Kristoph Rampelberg

Not a bad kroger, good bakery lots and lots of stuff to choose from and friendly check out people

siva shanmugam

Very good place to shop groceries. Friendly staffs and well maintained store.

Heather Ritchie

Love Kroger! Great shopping experience! Not a huge fan of the clothing section especially right there in the front of the store. I liked of furniture section a lot more. but still love the store, the prices can be a little high but it has a lot more variety than wal-mart does.

Elaine Maisel

Much nicer than the Kroger on I-55 in Jackson.


Where is the food? I'd love to give this place my money but they are horrible at keeping the shelves stocked. I shop on the weekends which are two big days for retail. If there going to keep things in stock and on the shelves Saturday and Sunday should be a big priority. I've seen stuff out of stock for three weeks in a row. I don't know who manages this place but they need to fire them and find a new manager. There is never any shopping carts inside, all of them seem to be in the parking lot running into our cars. When I check out there always short handed on baggers. Please get some new management and hire more help. I now go to Meijer and give them my money and they always have stuff in stock.

Astarre Gudino

It's always got what I need

Teri Hurst

Not a bad location, but the food on the salad bar is consistently old, which makes me worried about the cleanliness behind the scenes.

Connie Tucker

Went in for shoes for my husband and didn't have size 12 in the ones we wanted that were on sale but I found a pair of Capri's I love them! I'd definitely go again!

Richard Leland

M. Lois Campbell

Great this Kroger is the Best ever

Tenshar Farmer

Customer service is HORRIBLE from start to finish.

Endyne The Watcher

They are always stocking when I go there. It means their small isles can be cramped at times but I would prefer to be able to get my groceries without asking someone to go to the back. The employees always offer to move immediately if they are in your way.

Christopher Schafer

Store was Allright. Not a frequent shopper there, but always has what I expect.

debbie mckenzie

Friendly and well stocked.

Rose Brown

While I was there today they had a sign under the Kraft cheese slices for $1.69 so I got a couple of them. When I got to my car and saw what they had rang up, I went back inside and explained what happened. She gave me a refund on my card, but the point is that their employees really need to make sure that the signs for there sale items are in the right spot!!!!! or else I will have to do my shopping else where!!!!

Kathy Osburn

Never wait in line

will fraser

Michael in clicklist(the dude who brings it out) is great. Always super nice, makes sure to be incredibly careful with the fragile items and a good dude to talk to. He even brought treats out to my dog. On top of that we'll talk sports while he's loading the car. All of this is coming from someone who *hates* going to the grocery. That kid deserves a raise...

Rainer Glaser

I miss Red Mill's muesli, especially the European style.

chester morris

This is a nice , well stocked place to shop. ok

Liz Bassler

Nice grocery store for a good price. A little bit outdated

Susan Rainwater

Not too much variety at this Kroger.

Rachelle Mcphail

I love this Kroger's... Great bakery meat department and produce... the managers are always Walking the Floor and assisting the customers

DebbieK VJ

Values and excellent customer service.

Amy Thiery

Nice Kroger. Well stocked and plenty of options. Missing a fuel center but it has the other standard offerings. Produce tends to be good with a wide variety. Staff is helpful. Check out lanes tend to be unstaffed and slow pushing you into the many self check lanes.

Dick McCreary

Great place to shop. Friendly employees and they laugh at my silly clean jokes


Dig through the out dates to find good dates. No one around to help. Just don't care about their customers,just make a profit.

Paul Staires

Lady scanning items at checkout was incompetent!

Sean Davis

While it is a smaller Krogers much of the staff are outstanding. The private selection prime rib burgers are the best. A must try.

Basement Muzic

There policies are so inconsiderate to their customers and when it's a problem they are very rude even management makes you not want to go there I live in Ridgeland and sometimes I will ride all the way to the Clinton store to get better customer service

Patricia Berry

Me and My daughter was treated POORLY! The cashier didn't welcome us at all.. I asked her to double bag the sodas PLEASE, but she ignored me, so I double bagged it myself! No thank you No Customer friendly Service at All.. was it because I'm Black?? Oh! I was shopping in EAST PEORIA! SHOULD I EXPECT TO be Treated this way? This World is TAINTED!!!

Bill Staples

Good neighborhood grocer.

Alexander Boehm

Food is good, prices are fine, but the service is hot garbage. Shopping here is a miserable experience nearly everytime and here's why- They don't have any manned checkout lanes open after 9pm any day of the week. Look, self-checkouts are great if you have fewer than 10 items but if you're trying to buy two weeks worth of groceries... lord it is one of the greatest tests of patience in this world. Scanning items is so painfully slow since you have to wait for the scale to detect each new item in the bagging area. Then it constantly gets errors for undetected our missing items in the bagging area. If this weren't enough you are constantly plagued with errors that require an assistant, which takes forever on nights like tonight when there are 25 people trying to check out on 8 self-checkout lines. Tonight I needed help from an assistant: 1. Because I scanned 22 items 2. Because I bought alcohol 3. Because I scanned 42 items 4. Because there was an undetected item in the bagging area 5. Because there was another undetected item in the bagging area 6. Because the machine froze thinking there was another item in the bagging area, it couldn't be cleared, and I had to check out at the register at the front of the self-checkout machines. Bottom line, what could have taken me 5-10 minutes in a regular checkout took 20-30 minutes with added headache. I felt bad for the only two workers staffed up there.

Jae Jae Clay


Elizabeth York

Love shopping here been shopping here since 2009.

Jerry Williams

Good place to get just about anything.


Fair prices, good selections, and an EXCELLENT, friendly, helpful staff. The only reason that I didn't give 5 stars is the lack of internet service. Come on Corp, this is the 21st freaking century!

Sarah Kilian

Love the selection and the prices are decent. There is almost always a sale on items I frequently purchase.

christina stewart

Friendly cashier!! Trying to dodge all the carts & crates that the Kroger employees had scattered in just about every aisle was NOT fun. However, they do have to 'restock & straighen'...but there's got to be a better time than 9pm.

Devon Romriell

Normally don't have problems here during the day, but when I get off work during a later shift and stop in to grab some beer and cigarettes I sometimes run into a heavier set bearded guy that is fine until I ask him for cigarettes. For a while (2 months) this guy told me they lost the keys. I've managed retail locations long enough to know that this is BS. This is a good store and most of the night crew is solid. Just a shame they have one employee bringing them down

Ali Nabavi

Service is wonderful and the selection is fantastic, especially for organic and vegan foods. It rivals or beats Whole Foods in many areas in that regard.

Hannah Sams

I didn’t catch the employee’s name but I called the floral department this morning around 9 am to order balloons for a birthday party. She made sure to check they had the balloons I want and asked if I was using them as a backdrop so she could ensure the balloons were the same height. I was made aware of any extra cost like weights. Especially on a snowy day this made my life easier!

Johnny Conley

I give the Kroger store in East Peoria 3 stars at best. There is an excellent worker named Scott at the deli. He was totally slammed with work. He is very hospitable and fast paced and good under pressure. The rest of kroger's sucks.

Kathleen Hicks

Fast and friendly

Raynebeau Noir

Kayla Silvio

The level of incompetence in regards to customer service at this location is truly unparalleled. Totally outrageous. It's a disgrace to me that I should even have to click on a star in order to post this review.

Judy Bullock

Friendly workers. Clean store. Good place to shop.

Pam Rymanowicz

Almost always find great deals at the store. At the end of the vegetable salad area is the discounted vegetables and salads. At the main meat counters at the end is the discounted Meats. And there's even a special section on aisle 8 for other miscellaneous markdowns including breads.

Ben Prichard

One checker working, ridiculous!

June Hicks

Great customer service. Neat and clean. Low prices and friendly customer service.

Jody Stewart

Got to get use to the new layout. It looks nice & fells like more space.

Debasish Mridha, M.D.

Tonya Moersch

I love the buy 5 deals. It gives me good deals on my groceries.

Parilee Bijou

It's open 24/7.

April Star Tomlinson

Great deals and very polite workers

Heidi Florey

The staff is always friendly & helpful at this Kroger.

Don Bell

Krogers is the local community grocery store and has been here for many many years. It is a smaller place and selection is very limited compared to stores in Peoria. Krogers is planning on building a new store in the future with a gas island.

barbara legans

I was in your store shopping and I bought some steamed crab clusters. The older gentleman took my order. They were supposed to be spicy but they weren't. They were not cooked thoroughly. The worst I've ever had. I will not buy any thing from the meat department again. I will only buy from the hot deli and do my shopping at I55 Kroger.

Ron Wieland

Very easy access from Highway 63 North and South. Very busy store people are friendly and their prices are reasonable.

Tessica Brewer

This Kroger is always busy but they typically have plenty of cashiers for fast checkout. They have clicklist pickup and almost always have good clearance sales on food throughout the store. Nice employees, I almost always am asked if I have found everything I need or need any help when I'm strolling the aisles.

Bonita Bailey

Great selections and good prices

George Gray

I like the coconut flavoring powder, for bottled water, & I've only found it at Krogers Stores, any where else I've seen coconut has been mixed. The only down factor is it's more costly than the other flavors.

Annette McCullough

Good just No big sales as normal

Mark Jaeger

Produce has been rearranged to make navigation easier

Joanna Smith

Lynndel Zimmerman

Most days the staff is great! Jimmy is ALWAYS a helper! Smiling at my kiddos and I!

Sharon Feldpausch

Nice and friendly people

Casandra Ridings

Getting high on meat price

Renee Santana

Every time I am in this Kroger, which is once a week, I feel like I am in a mine field. Always something in the aisles. Every single aisle. I understand restocking must be done. But, maybe do it on hours that aren't busy. Before 8am and after 8pm? Or stock a section of the store at a time. What I really don't understand, with all the empty boxes laying on the floor, is why a lot of your shelves are empty. Also, to add to the dodging of boxes and trash, the carts for click list are everywhere. Trying to navigate around this store is a nightmare. Since the "renovation " a few months back, I feel this store is a disaster. Today, I honestly contemplated going across town to a different Kroger, or shopping at Meijer. I love Kroger. I live the Kroger app. I think click list is great, unless you are doing the mega sales, because it can get messed up real quick with click list and mega. I prefer to shop in store, but will use click list if need be for a busy week. Please get your store in order. This has been going on for months and it is becoming unacceptable.

Brian Norris

I just wanted to compliment a cashier named Matt. Been here many times and always in a positive attitude, even with under pressure. Very pleasant experiences! Give the man a raise!!!

Michael Hales


Lativia J Thomas

Clean and nice they are the best!

Bob Ivey

Convenient and usually more reasonable than most other grocers.

Kathy Baker

Click list is awesome. Love not having to get out of my car with all the kiddos

Theresa Davis

Their produce and unique food items make them a prime place to shop!

Olivia Parmenter

Always a great shopping experience. Helpful and friendly employees.

Sebastian Shaw Jenkins

WOW! The store was very clean, organised and the employees were polite and extremely helpful.

Shirley Boyer

I like shopping at Kroger for a couple of reasons.they usually have good sales,good meat and the associates are friendly.

Tina Shaw

Can always find what I need and friendly people too!!

Tia Maria Strawberry Fields


Joel H

Meh. It's clean, and in a decent spot, but won't go there again. Product selection is worse than a small town grocer.

Cedell Hendricks

Always easy to get in and out. Friendly staff. Near by and easy to get to.

Seth Sale

Good Kroger. Plenty of good deals with online and physical coupons, plus manager's special items for half off or more. The meat department always has a good selection of fish, and the bakery will make custom cakes for cheap.

Shannon Cokel

Favorite place to buy groceries. Friendly & helpful staff.

Carl Schultz

Good selection and prices.

Evan Swanson

Large chain grocery store known for having fresh, quality meats.

Hasan Al-Saedi

Fresh vegetables

Leora Jones


Waleed Jawad

Nice place

Megan Ross

Stuff is easy to find and prices are clearly marked. However, they seem to get more of their share of people who think it's okay to walk right in front of other people and go as slow as they possibly can and stop right in front of someone who's trying to look at the selection of products (e.g. the last time I shopped here, I was trying to look at body wash and a lady stopped right in front of me and blocked my view of the selection, then when I said "excuse me" she acted like *I* was in *her* way). I've also had a problem with my digital coupons scanning through.

Karen Davis

It's not a ghetto bingo location! I would recommend this Kroger's if you're going to shop. They have a nice staff, good selection, and great deals on almost everything to help you save some cash! I personally love the 10 for $10 sales, they always have a really good selection of things within the sale and you don't feel like you're getting stuff just because it's on sale.

Lisa Alonzo

Has any and everything that you need! Employees are so polite and helpful!

Gary Mobley

Helpful friendly staff..


My favorite Kroger of all time. There is a sushi kiosk inside that ie quite good. The only thing lacking is a faster checkout. Most of the time is rather slow and the self scan feels like its run on a 2004 celeron processor. It's a small problem because its always clean and well organized. Definitely better then ghetto krogers on MLK.

Douglas Andersen

Health food section is gone, but the sushi maker is still making sushi. For a grocery store, the bakery, deli and cheese sections are superior. Also has pharmacy and a large selection of general merchandise.

Herman D. Young III

Busy, sometimes long lines but I would not buy groceries anywhere else!

Becca Hawthorne

Great deals and friendly staff.

Stacy Logan

Very nice market with lots of varieties in every item.

RoddyandPat Krakos

Love the new scan and give system!

Brian Fielding

Too many people.

Jeffrey Spencer

Great place and great people. I'd give 5 stars it they were a little cheaper and had a bit more selection.

Foxty Basheer

Kroger is good, especially when it comes to tortillas, everything you need for daily working is available

Chris Phillips

The perfect size for a market. Friendly staff.

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