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525 N Graffiti St, Post Falls, ID 83854, United States

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REVIEWS OF Tim's Special Cut Meats, Inc. IN Idaho

brad sch

paul biggs

Tim is a great guy, and the meats are awesome!

timothy branen

Peter Slauson

Great place!

Lars Johansson

John K

Great customer service and quality meat each time we’ve been in.

Maralee Morado

Great place to shop and very helpful, friendly staff.

concretereef .

I got a 90 lb pig from Tim's and it was dressed and butterflied beautifully. It came out perfect for our wedding! I fully recommend Tim's for all of your party meats!

Cary Wagner

We get our Christmas Prime Rib from Tim every year and have NEVER been disappointed...

Gary Ventress

Cristin Esser

So many beautiful choices. Definitely going back.

Ashley Blaski

Absolutely impressive! The customer service is always above and beyond! They are super friendly and extremely helpful, not to mention they offer high quality services along with fast turn around times. I will highly recommended Tim's to everyone I know.

sunshine tyson

Never recommend, don’t count on getting the same animal back that you had him processed, or the amount of meat , that was yours, very very shotty business beware!!!

Richard Myers

Backyard chef's candy store... and toy store! AND meat worth a long trip!!!

Drew Morrill

Jana Castelan

High quality products for a fair and reasonable pricing.

Dustin Brandvold

Keri Goodson

Amazing is all I can say.

Larry Schopp

Andrew Larsen

Alex Pira

Great freezer packs excellent deals wonderful customer service.

A Google User

nick henry

I smoke some sort of meat every weekend. Usually buy from Costco. Yesterday (saturday) I bought a Pork Butt for $27.49 which is expensive but I was testing out if it would smoke better buying a higher quality meat. The Pork was already sealed so I couldn’t smell it. This morning (Sunday 1 day later) I opened it up and the smell was that of a rotting body. If I would have cooked that my whole family would have been at risk. Money wasted.

Renee Muller

Stopped in to get some beef, buffalo and elk jerky to bring home to West Palm Beach, FL. Everyone was SO nice and friendly! Jerky is great! Great looking cuts of meats, many sauces and items to choose from. They sell beer, wine and smokers.

Alison Raymundo

Elle Pribyl

Love the atmosphere & products offered by this hometown butcher & deli!

Mathew Campoy

Fantastic and friendly customer service! I ordered a gift card and they sent it free of charge halfway across the United States in a timely manner.

Kasey Nixon

Second time in the store today, both times had the worst treatment and customer service. Owner was rude vulgar and unprofessional. Bringing my business elsewhere.

Jantzen Skelton

Richard Bowles

Fantastic selection. Had them make a custom cut -- nice that is possible. Also great to have a discussion with a butcher; so rare these days.

Phillip G

Best meat in town hands down. Whenever I have a special occasion I get my meats here

Joanne Arabian

New location is very nice

Dave Savage

Tri-tip was on point

Martyn Mcnamee

Mitch Driller

Parking lot is like a skating rink makes it difficult for someone like me in a wheelchair to get in and out other than that people are friendly and meat is delicious

Jennifer Flaherty

Kevin Stapp

David Patterson

We have been customers for a long time and have now visited the new place in Post Falls, What a great location and as usual the best selection in town!

Michael McFarland

Good meat & service

Bill Manning

Louie Davis

There is nothing "special" about Tim's Special Cut Meats!!! I was quoted a price when I dropped off some wild game meat to be processed into pepperoni sticks. A week later I received a call that the pepperoni sticks were done. I asked the price to confirm what I owed and was not pleasantly surprised to find out it was $30 more! I asked why it was more and Tim himself informed me of all these fees and charges I had not been made aware of prior at the time of drop off. Tim explained to me that this is the way they have always done business for 15 that is supposed to make sense of the price discrepancy and I would gladly hand over another $30 for I don't know what! The finished product is not even close to impressive or even ok. In summery I am very unsatisfied and will never be giving "Tim" another dollar or pound of meat again!!! BUYERS / HUNTERS BEWARE!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!

Marty Staley

Tim's is the ONLY place in town to get good meats of any kind! Service is great and they always treat you like family.

Alex Forster

Excellent service - went above and beyond. Next time I’m in town I’ll be coming back.

keri scaggs

Love Tim, love the products. His elk and bison sausages are phenomenal. He always takes good care of me every time I'm in town.

Randy Hammond

A few years ago I took some elk meat in from an archery kill. I had cut prime ,clean, trimmed, inspected meat into 1" squares. I was told I needed 50# to make a batch of smokies. Brought in specific cheese to add. When i got back the smokies they tasted good, but did not have the same cheese I brought in, AND THEY HAD PIECES OF BULLET IN A FEW. My complaint is, not my perfect meat, Not my cheese. Haven't been back since.

Marty Roberts

We will never buy meat anywhere else again.

Gabriel Cruz

Great quality meat and Tim is the best

Jesse Morgan

Tim's meat is a great place to take elk yo get cut up. I won't go to anyone else.

David Morgensen

Best grade of meat in CDA!

Noelle Branen

Tim's is the best meat shop in town!

Dan Felkins

Great place, friendly people, great tasting meats and sauces.

wild bill l

John Spano

Greg Hannan

Great place for all your meats

Jeff Stockdale

Great steaks

Courtney Sohler

What is in his display case is not what is in his freezer packages. We used to enjoy their meats, but now, they put horrible cuts in the freezer packs. I paid for the $350 pack. The brisket we substituted in was incredibly fatty. Both of them. The steaks were not great, very fatty. Going to try out Heritage Meats instead. Won't be spending my money at Tim's. Unfortunate, as I had good experience in the past, but over time got bad.

Ronald Jessop

Awesome place to get steak! Great selection, glad they moved the Post Falls. Also many other items besides steak.

Kara Redd

Randy Westlund

Expensive, but very good.

rod rawls

Great selection, helpful staff, fair prices

Jerry Peick

Christina Williams

Walked into this shop and it took me back to a childhood memory of being in Germany with my family and walking into a butcher shop to get fresh meat. The smells in Tim's was pleasant unlike going to some places that offer a counter area showing off meats. Everything looked so fresh and delicious. Bought the 140.00 package and brought it home and had to cook up 2 pork chops right away. They were so thick and delicious and melted in the mouth. The service was great and the people were friendly. I would recommend Tim's just on the friendly service alone but the meat is amazing.

Kathy Sandau

Just had the best hamburger I have ever had from D-Bess food truck and had to ask where the meat came from. It came from you Tim! I am sold on your excellent quality of meats and will be into your stores as a customer!

Paul Herting

Took three months to get my meat. I asked to keep my bones, didn't get them.

Nancy Loftis

I had my pigs and goats butchered by Tim. While the meat cuts were ok, the ham and bacon weren't good at all - and that's a main point in raising pigs. The ham and bacon didn't really taste 'smoked' at all and the bacon starts molding within a week of opening the package. I've never had that happen before with bacon from my pigs and it's not happening now with store bought bacon.

Christopher Norwood

Great service. Friendly staff. Meats are a little cheaper at Costco

Jim Magnuson

Tim has best chops!!

Mary Brumgard

Allen Horton

Best place by far to buy your meats and other BBQing needs. I only buy meat from Tims' the commonality of butcher shops is widely different here. You can see they take pride in the store and shop as the floors and such are very clean and the people working are their to help you with anything. They make you feel as if you are the only one that matters and I reccomend them to all my friends. I have been shoping here for almost 10 years and will not stop anytime soon. Expect to pay a little less than other shops and pennies more than the retail stores but the quality is superb.

William Rawley

I had Tim's butcher a couple hogs for me. He had my hogs for 3 weeks & I called to find out what was going on. I was told they were finishing up smoking the hams & bacon. 3 weeks later I called again & was told the delay was due to them not knowing how I wanted my hogs cut up! Apparently they had lost my phone number! Pork does not require aging like beef & wild game and frankly should be processed & frozen within about 4 days at the most! That would include the smoking of hams & bacon! My meat doesn't taste nearly as good as the hog I had Tim butcher the year before. In fact I'm not even sure I received MY meat back! The previous year I only got 6 pounds of sausage from a whole hog! Should have been a lot more than that! I will never recommend or utilize his services again!

Craig Kibby

Lisa Logan

The bad reviews here seem to be in regards to the freezer packs. I have been here four times this summer to buy meat from their display case. I have nothing but good things to say. The couple guys that work there have been very friendly & provided great cooking tips. We tend to get the prime rib eye steaks. It's a bit spendy, but they are huge steaks. We just cut them in half to stretch our money. They ask if you want them seasoned. Say yes! I can say they are the best steaks I've ever had. We also made a pot roast today using the Tim's Meats marinade that the employee recommended. Again, it was delicious!

Bebe 1960

Excellent meats the place to go when you want the best!

Guy Ravsten

Tim has everything you need and want . Everytime im at Tims i try a new item and its always the best you can buy.

Exploration Films

Awesome place, people there are very friendly and helpful, I didn't even know that there's a cut of Chuck called LV Strip. Thank you guys so much, I'm definitely a new regular there now.

Kristina L Nicholas Anderson

You get not only local quality meat but an education as well. I was pleasantly surprised to learn there are additional cuts of meat other than what is on display in the counter and I'd you talk to the butcher he will hook you up with the right meat for your recipe and often at less cost than the display meat too. Honest locals!

Justin Hancock

Great local meat shop, always good service too.

Dana Vanzyverden

Judy Phillips

We bought the bundle of steaks a couple of weeks ago. I cant remember the name of it but it was 3pds rib eye 3 pds t- bone, 3 pds sirloin,anyway I guess you know which one. So the meat was horrible, one of the rib eyes was spoil we had to throw it away, some were freezer burnt and none of them match up to each others size, it sure doesn't look like the meat in the case. It comes to 10.00 a pd and when you get 3 pds of hamburger that's also kinda spendy. I could deal with the price of it all if the meat was worth it but the bundle we got sure wasnt. Probably won't be buying another bundle there.

Donna Wilson

First time in there since they moved to post falls and I love it they have new things now

Bri C

Love this place. Jerky is awesome! Loved hearing they are going to be moving to a new location in Post Falls.

Kymmy Gibson

Jeffrey Kamps

Tim has the highest quality meat around, with very knowledgeable service. You want a great steak? Go see Tim!

David Anderson


Ed Warren

Shelly R.

Have been going to Tims for a few years now, spent $150 on meet pack, came right home threw it in the freezer, except for some garlic pork sausage went in the fridge. I have pulled 5 pieces of meet out that's smell horrible and absolutely are not fresh my husband politely call to ask if that was normal after being in the freezer for 5 days they said no and absolutely could of cared less definitely won't waste my money here if they can't even offer any sort of good customer service

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