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324 Coral St Ste 207, Honolulu, HI 96813, United States Located in: SALT At Our Kakaako

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REVIEWS OF The Butcher & Bird IN Hawaii

Pinky 331

One of the best hamburger! And sausage was also delicious. Definitely I’ll be coming back for more

Hana Ueda

(Translated by Google) Burger hot dog run by a butcher! (Original) お肉屋さん経営のハンバーガーホットドッグ!

Grace Ward

DELICIOUS Sandwiches, hands down best place to eat on the block!!! Loved the atmosphere, the display of food, and the staff was friendly. Mahalo Butcher and Bird!

Brian Low

Midori Imai agasa

(Translated by Google) Run by a butcher (Original) お肉屋さんが経営している

Dana Sansone

Best italian sandwich AND burger on the island, period.

SoCal Breeze Ventures

(Translated by Google) As the name suggests, a deli restaurant owned by butchers. Order at the cash register in the room and go to the outdoor terrace seat. The open, counter-style seating gives you a comfortable Hawaiian feel. The store is on the second floor, so you can relax while watching the people walking down. Today's hot, so you want to eat spicy things, choose a Jalapeno-filled sausage hot dog. It comes with chips, canned drinks and hot dogs for $ 13. Juicy and juicy sausages popping out when chewing. The spicy taste as expected is delicious. This shop is BYOB (you can bring in liquor), so you can buy and bring Hawaiian craft beers at the same SALT beer store. Next time I will order sandwich system. (Original) その名の通り、ブッチャー(精肉店)が営むデリレストラン。 室内にあるレジでオーダーして、屋外のテラス席へ。 開放感のあるカウンター式の座席では、心地いいハワイの風を感じられます。 店は2階にあるので、下を歩く人々を眺めながらゆったりできます。 今日は暑いので、辛いものが食べたくなり、ハラペーニョ入りのソーセージのホットドッグをチョイス。 $13でチップスと缶のドリンク、ホットドッグが付いてきます。 噛むとジュワッと肉汁が飛び出してくるジューシーなソーセージ。期待通りのピリッとした辛さが美味しい。 この店はBYOB(お酒類の持ち込みができる)なので、同じSALT内のビール屋でハワイのクラフトビールを購入して持ち込んだりできます。 次回はサンドイッチ系をオーダーしてみます。

aaron czechowski

Cool place, it's located on the 2nd floor.

Primo Asis

The Butcher & Bird I’ve just recently been visiting The Kakaako area and this place has been on my list of places to check out. Their food menu is just sausages and a cheese burger, which didn’t appeal to me the first few times I walked by. I finally ventured in and was pleasantly surprised to see actual cuts of meat as well as aged & cured meats offered as well. I had the Kielbasa with homemade Kim Chee. Served with some namasu and chips, this was messy but tasty. The sausage was not overwhelming and, to my personal taste, didn’t need any condiments to help it. The chips were pretty standard but the addition of namasu as a condiment gave my taste buds a pleasant surprise. So, Price & Value. I’m not sure how to feel about a $13 sausage. The price is about what to expect from Kakaako. Quality was definitely there but as a guy who will still go to Costco for a polish dog, not sure where I stand with this. Service, well it was a bit lacking. No recommendations offered and no information given. I had to guess my way to the meal. With so many things that they could offer, the small menu was disappointing. I’m not sure how long they’ve been there, but I believe most people in our modern age have no idea of how good their items are. I don’t doubt the quality of their products (check out their selection of meats available). I’m just unsure to whom they are catering their product.

Raphael Masinag

They may not tacos! They may not have tamale! They have melt in your mouth Guanciale! Oh, and bacon plus marrow bone...

Ituhiro Yagi

テレビの情報をネタに行ってきました。お店は基本は精肉店です。ハンバーガー屋さんではないので注意。そのつもりで行くとちょっと戸惑います。美味しそうなお肉、ソーセージが並んでます。 テレビで紹介されたハンバーガー、ホットドックは、親切にキャッシャーの横に日本語で案内があるのでそれを指さしながらで注文できます。 ダブルチーズバーガーは濃厚なチーズ、食いごたえのあるお肉が最高です。かぶりついてください!

Jen J

Excellent. Best pastrami sandwich I've ever had. The meat selection and sausages looked delicious too. Next time I'll have to try their charcuterie bento, because it looked great. Definitely pop in if you want lunch or something great to take home and cook for dinner.

Paul M

Excellent homemade meats. BBQ Sundays are legit, too.

Chris Haines

Best double cheeseburger in town. Seriously. I don't know how there isn't always a line out the door all the time. Friendly butcher shop with excellent sausages, aged steaks, and cured meats. This place is great.

Joey forrunner

Phil Ramil

Ordered the Italian classic sandwich. Was more than satisfied. Will be returning again.


0120 bedwin

Jennifer McKenna

We stumbled on this place while killing time waiting for our flight, and while the menu is pretty limited, the food was delicious. It's mostly a take out place, but there is some seating outside on the balcony. They're also a butcher shop, and had a lot of great looking choices.

Mike Sewell

Roast beef and Italian combo were PERFECT for content, flavor, volume and price! We'll be back to visit Butcher & Bird - maybe Sunday for the Butcher BBQ plate!! Mahalo!


(Translated by Google) This is a store you should always visit when you go to the Kakaako area. Order it in the store and have it on the outdoor terrace seat. Because it is on the second floor of the mall where restaurants are gathered, you can relax while looking around. Last time I ate sausage hot dogs with jalapenos, chips and canned drinks. It was delicious that I wanted to conquer all menus. (Original) カカアコ地区に行った際は必ず寄りたいお店です。 店内でオーダーして、屋外のテラス席で頂きます。 飲食店の集まったモールの2階にあるので、周囲を眺めながらまったりできます。 前回食べたのはハラペーニョ入りソーセージのホットドッグ、チップスと缶のドリンクが付いてきます。 全メニューを制覇したくなる美味しさでした。

Trevor Gingrich

BYOB, I had pastrami melt for dinner. It was great, perfectly cooked and great bread. Would return


Benny Neumann

Love the in-house cured sausages. Best in the state

Phil Ventura

Even in Hawaii, you expect something special with a $14 sandwich. Unfortunately, my Philly Cheese Steak lunch was forgetful at best and reminded me of school lunch at worst. All said, the community of SALT restaurants remain a mixed bag; from the wonderful Moku, Hanks or Bevy ... to Highway Inn and, unfortunately, Butcher and Bird. The first three consistently punch above their weight while the latter two don’t work very hard - seemingly content to look hipster and ride on the coattails of their grown up neighbors.

Century Winner

Food and waiter was okay but I had to doubt my ear when I saw a big guy dealing with ground beef was making fool of my English. He thought I left because he didn’t know I was eating inside and everyone was eating outside. The fact they were laughing at my words and mimicking ruined this restaurant image.

Greg Gojanovich

Best burgers in town! Meat cuts are spot on too, and the weekend BBQ action they sell rivals mainland styles. Tempting to not share a review so that it can remain a hidden gem, but too good to risk possibly losing this small, local company. Keep up the excellent work!!

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