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REVIEWS OF The Meat House IN Georgia

Scott Musial

Jeannette Bontigao

Daniel Murphy

We ordered a Christmas dinner from the Meat House and was thrilled with the quality, service and ability to tailor dinner for those with food allergies. Our guests were as thrilled as we were and enjoyed all the selections. We would definitely recommend them and we especially appreciate their high level of service.

Steve Jensen

Delicious prime beef. I always go here to get fillets for special occasions. Stopped my today for 8 ten ounce prime filets and they were delicious. It's a bit expensive but the quality far surpasses that if Sam's or any other grocery. Update 8/31/19: Stopped in for steaks and the girl wearing the hat behind the counter was prompt and helpful. I appreciate getting waited on quickly. The guy who cut my dry aged ribeye had good knife skills. Best butcher shop in Edmond. The quality of beef can't be beat.

PJ Milich

Great food, especially the steak tip. They also give you a free meal if you write a google review, pretty good deal to me.

Greg Dermksian

Joseph Mackay

Tammy West

Best customer service and awesome cut steaks. Never had a bad experience


Fantastic selections. Great store and good sandwiches

jconthegreat .

Always friendly; great, fresh cuts of beef.

Travis Mosher

Awesome butcher shop.

joe joeseph

So this place sends me an email about weekend specials and tjen tjey dont have the meat to fulfill the order. Never shop here again. I will be telling all my friends to avoid this place.

Corey Ryan

Joshua Enyeart

I work in summit seasonally and this place is physically the most convenient place to grab something around $10 for breakfast/lunch. The food CAN be good, but never worth what you pay. The customer service is ALWAYS slow and indifferent. I hate myself every time I even think k about spending money there, but again the convenience factor is compelling. Don't get the salad bar, it's disgusting and has made many of my coworkers sick. If the service wasn't so slow, I'd give it three Stars, and if the sandwiches were worse, I'd give it zero. Save your money, take a walk and go elsewhere.

Bob Tigro

They have something special going on here! You've got a combination of great fresh foods, super friendly and helpful staff that provides guidance for the novice griller.

Ben Wellington

Don't know the difference between porterhouse and T-bone... Asked for 2 porterhouse steaks and got 2 T-bones instead. They wrapped up the meat before showing it to me. Dissatisfied to say the least

William Farrar

The meat choices are really great

Leann Priebe

Awesome place

james owen

I love this place! Thank you for the steaks and burgers. We loved them.

Marvae Crawford

Great Friendly atmosphere and they make sure you leave with what you're looking for!

Kathryn W. Friedrich

Grumpy McGrump

Love this place ! The guy that hated it prob hates everything.

Niki Monaghan

Ian Higgins

This place has amazing food. Some of the best food this side of Texas

kimberly thornton

Jeremy Hansen

Brad McAlister

Great product makes me look like a pit master

Doug Alfman

A great quality. And excellent selection!

Danny Cardozo


Brian Doyle

This Butcher is the best I have seen. I happened to be passing by on my way from Rutland to NJ, and now I make this a checkpoint along the way. They always have a deal going on in the store and everyone in the store is very knowledgeable about their products. They are also very friendly and inviting. Really I can't say enough about this store. I have gone to other high end butchers, but never have gotten the same feeling as when I go to the Meat House. My favorite must have is their house steak tips!

Denise Esposito

Absolutely great meats, cheeses, sandwiches and more!! Best service around

Jeffrey Myers

Attended Chaddsford Days this past weekend. The Meat House had a food truck there. IMO being on the road and taking your food truck to a festival or fair is a way to advertise and put your best on the line.... we were underwhelmed. We got a hot dog, a cheeseburger and ribs. The hot dog, it was a great hotdog, but for only being 2pm and they ran out of hotdog buns... c'mon! :) at least take as many buns as you do dogs! The cheeseburger. My wife had this and she was not impressed. She related that it was a typical frozen burger, cooked and had some strange gritty looking orange cheese sauce on it. They did not have lettuce tomato or onion and the condiments were all little packets. Nothing in a bottle. Also, someone spilled something in the box of ketchup packets so they were all coated with something. Ribs were tender and meaty, they didn't have a whole ton of flavor and did not come with sauce on them (which I prefer) but there also was not bottle of sauce (or better yet homemade sauce) for us to add our own. On the plus side the cans of soda were only $1 which is unusual for a food truck. I also felt that the prices were fair. Bottom line is that this is where we found out about The Meat House and based on our experience we probably wouldn't go to the other location. Note to The Meat House: When you do an event remember that this is all advertising and exposure and for a lot of people this is the first time they will hear or see you. Leave an impression that will last and make they want to visit your store. Have business cards and postcards available on the table (both of which I don't remember seeing)

Paul Triantafyllou

We live in the area and frequently visit The Meat House. They have an inexpensive salad bar which is perfect for lunch. I also recommend their steak tip sandwich.

Lennye Hestad

Love this place! They have the BEST meat market around!

Robert Greenberg

High quality but pricey.

Ava Lago

The Meat House always has great service and food. Favorite place to get from during the summer!

Ronald Betts

Great establishment, they never have disappointed me with their food or service

John Wieland

Stephen Drozdowski

We recently had our daughter's bridal shower catered by The Meat House. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend this establishment! The food was exceptional and the choices they offered was beyond the normal fare by competing establishments in the area. Anthony, the catering manager, allowed us to make changes to the "buffet" menu we selected to suit our needs. The food was delivered on time, fresh, and was set up by the delivery person in steam tables. I ordered food for 38. 42 actually showed up. We had enough food at least another 20! Great place, good food, professional and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them.

Jermaine Smith

Hayden Unsell

Little pricey Over all Great staff Good food I recommend the beef tips

Bhavin Naik

Previous manager was way better. The new manager has no customer service concept! Wouldn't be going there again. Too pricey and crappy service. Go to Bill Kamp's Meat Market or Rhett's!!

Carrie McKenzie

Super cool place. We bought four pounds of wings and a venison pizza today! Where else can you do that???

jan achenbach

We had the bacon while visiting a friend's house. It was so great, we just had to stop here. Excellent service. Fantastic selection of fresh meats, prepared foods, gourmet cheeses, and everything you need to season and sauce. The meatball stromboli we picked up, was a perfect game time snack. Tender meatballs, flavorful mozzarella, crisp crust. The instructions on the package made prep so easy, the hubbie felt like a pro.

Peter Butler

Zachary Leo

David Lawler

Best Prime Ribeyes East of the Mississippi (ok make that the Chattahoochee) seriously though, he cut perfect inch and a quarter 20 ounce prime marbled ribeyes that were worth every penny and more. I recommend that you request prime ribeyes for your weekends

Jeannie Ruston

Dustin Pirtle

Great quality meat and service!

Jeremy Bowers

Great butcher shop with great cuts of meat. Really wish they would open a location closer to midtown!

John L

Quick and extremely friendly staff... I got a grilled chicken sandwich and it was amazing.. Going to have to try half the things on the menu now

Albert Avi Alaluf

Magdalena Giseh

Great place to go. Friendly staff, they know what they do. “Must be” if you passing by! Check out their “Just Tip” sandwich

Billy Bell

Joongseo Kim

I would definitely recommend this butcher. Fresh and great meat and variety of selections. Also people in this store are nice and friendly. I am really impressed!!

Ian Vonwerder

Delicious Lunch sandwiches!!!!! Great choices of meat and seafood to take home and cook!

Jason Silva

Rita Regimbal

I have been a loyal customer of The Meat House for a couple years. I have purchased Holiday dinners, sandwiches to a variety of meat and even fish (some of the best salmon ever). Jen and Scott have even catered my twin daughters' graduation party. The quality of food is always exceptional. The Meat House has made my hosting easy and delicious.

John Coleman

Stopped in for the first time, got some cubed porkchops ..... best i have had in a long time. Great price, great service, would highly recommend!!!!!

Isaac Salles

Decent variety of meats and seasonings. A little pricy but won't break the bank.

Linda Sweeney

Great spot for high quality meats, salads, seafood. They also do an excellent job with lunches. We often order for group lunches and we couldn't be happier. The crabcakes are a HUGE favorite!

Todd Holtsberry

It's a nice meat market...I always enjoy their foods and friendly service...

Stephen Grant

Evan Comer

Awesome choices!

Ginny Fisher

First time visit. Very helpful staff. Clean & organized. Definitely going back to visit again!

Jesse Krewall

Great selection of marinated meats. Good customer service.

Troy Blank

So far a couple special orders placed and although price seems high the quality is as well. Very nice staff just wish it was closer to my house, at least with them far away I still have some money :)

Sam Nedimyer

This place is amazing. Good sandwiches, great selection of meats and fine alcohol choices. The best part about this place though, is the first rate service the customer is given. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. Highly recommended.


Great place, great price and best part great quality

Beverly Anderson

Brian Watson

becki james

I went to the store to purchase some of their meatballs a friend had told me about, the meatballs were delicious but they come with a drizzle of marinara sauce and when I asked for more considering I got 6 meatballs and they gave me a small plastic cup and when I asked for more the person behind the counter replied he is not allowed to give more sauce because they sell the sauce. I wasn't aware they sold their sauce and why would you make your customer buy the sauce after they just bought the meatballs that normally you would think would be covered in sauce.

Keli Mule

Great place

Richard K.

Very Friendly, great selection of quality meats! I will definitely go back!

adam west

Carlos Gunn

The prices r low

Steven Pierson

Evolution Payroll Services

Daniel Greenblatt

Joey DeBellis

L Cox

Best meats around, meathouse steak tips omg. Great friendly staff. The prepared food are great. Their hot and cold sandwiches are the best thing I ever had especially the steak RIP sandwiches. Excellent menu. Marinated chicken lemon pepper. I would recommend this place to anyone. You should see the cowboy steaks. All steak are black Angus only prime and top choice. A little expensive per pound, but worth every penny. Even the hot dogs are exclusive. They have homemade hand pressed burgers . Love this place

Jorge Lopez

Over heard a colleague talk about this place at work over in Summit. The name itself "The Meat House" made it sound appealing so I searched it up and saw they sell sandwiches and meats. I went after work and picked up 2 ribeye steaks, 1 pound each and this is the first time I ever made steak at home. OMG the quality of the meat is totally worth the money you spend. Great place and also the staff is extremely friendly and open. Can't wait to go back and pick up more steaks

Shane Stowell

Great service and good food!

karen hennessy

Kelly Pfeifenroth - Scudo

Shanica McIntosh

Jarred Bush

This place has a "meat tumbler"!!! They tumble their steak tips in marinade before cooking.....Delicious!

Chris Snajkowski

lcjc1986 Lorren

William Wilson

Great selection of raw meats and cooked dinners, also a selection of exotic meat. the Staff is very professional and courteous welcoming me in the store for the first time. I will definitely be a return costumer

Sheryl Barnes

Great selection. Great prices. Really so nice.

Sarah Gentile

Tyler Pagano

Great tuna wrap. Also other people had wraps and they all said they were good.

Devin Williams

Alot of nice products inside, definitely good deals on cooking oils. Meat is pricey.

Lala S.

Great service, great prices, great quality! Love this place!!

HG Modlin Jr

Deanna Burrell

Great prices on fresh meat and great staff

Briana Paey

The most enjoyable staff and great atmosphere. To me and my friends stationed with me in Saratoga, the Meat House came to be one of "those places". The ones EVERYONE goes to and absolutely EVERYONE loves. As long as your an enjoyable customer, the owners were known to give extra throw-ins not to mention the occasional marinated steak tips for free! The steaks are very good pieces and the rest of the store has a wonderful selection as well.

Julia Revzin

Very friendly and good service - really know their stuff and are very helpful.

Nicholas Martin

Lines get a little crazy around lunch time, but for good reason. Sandwiches are unique and every one is amazing, as are the employees. Well worth the trip. Doubles as a mini market in case you need to pick up anything for your weekend bbq!

Joey Hishon

So, I'll start by saying I have no connection to this place. I went in for the first time today because I was really craving a steak. Got a single Top Round Sirloin, that thing was over a pound and over an inch thick! There's a saying - you get what you pay for! This is top quality meat and the price reflects the knowledge, experience, quality, and cost it takes to provide those things. I also picked up asparagus. Again on the pricier side - but 1000x better then what I would pick up at the discount grocery store just down 202. My steak meal ran me $25- which is less then what I would have paid at any local steakhouse. Definitely a 5 star butcher and I'll be back soon!

Mary Adkins

Thelma Portress

Best meat in town.

Melanie Jeannie Montrose Starrett

don eiland

The Meat House is owned and operated by real Christian family and always serve their customers the best meats they can find. But it is much more than a meat shop. They carry a large assortment of fresh as well as frozen veggies. When you want meats cut to your order and at the best price, go see the folk's at: The Meat House.

David Young

Brittany Eubanks

Connie Roletter

Never disappointed, service is excellent and food is outstanding.

Justin Rule

I was excited to try the sizzling steak and sauteeing veggies I saw on the grill at the Chadds Ford Day event today. I got my kids the foot long hot dogs (which were ok, nothing too amazing for $4/dog), I thought I would treat myself to the Steak and Rice Bowl for $10. I wasn't really paying too much attention to the guy who took some rice out of a container, grabbed veggies from a side container (not the fresh ones on the grill?!) and my steak from a side too... until I bite into rubbery veggies and luke-warm steak. Crazy?! Why would you serve sub par food when fresh is right there? It was a small portion, not at all worth $10, and the lack of excellent service was disappointing. Sorry guys.

Norma Lee

Great customer service, the fish section is wonderful best salmon around. The spinalis steak is hard to find and I was super impressed with their variety of meats. The "tips" keep bringing me back.

Bob Kelly

Kristin D

Best steaks in town! They carry terrific sides (their Mac n cheese is the best I've EVER had), bakery items from Ingrids, and their service is exceptional. Huge selection of meats!! You must visit!!!!

Axel Melendez

Great steak sandwich with affordable price. Overall very clean and great customer service. AX

Jamie Money

Tahseen Firoz

Best butcher shop in the area. I drive 45 minutes out of my way just to go here. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and never had a bad experience.

Cassandra Kidd

The soup is so good. Sandwiches large and very tasty

Kadi D

Jack Hanna

Ayn Powell

Number one place for all your meat needs.

greg suchodolski

stephen roche

They have a great selection of meats and other items such as their excellent sticky buns

Beth Rogers

The best steak I've ever had!

desy dog

Nice steaks, and lots of sides

Scott Crow

Great prices on good cut meat

anne smith

service was terrible one girl name Brina she bad an attitude and clearly doesn't know customer service talk to your employees and make sure they respect customers because customers are always right!!

Jaime Harron

Great service. Wonderful cuts of meat and convenient groceries as well.

Adam Skomorucha

Jon Hopkins

Alexander Rivera

Great place, welcoming staff and cool atmosphere.

oliver fehlandt

I didn’t even know you could get food here to sit down and eat! I went with a friend and I got the pulled pork sandwich (Southern Dream) with seeet potato fries and it was delicious. My friend got the meatball sandwich and it looked so good I’ll probablly get that next time I go. Highly recommended not only for shopping items but for delicious food to sit down and eat.

Bret Young

This place rocks! Always great meats and a fair price!

Davina Gayle

Delicious Chicken Parmesan sandwich!!

Kyle Apicella

I love this place! Very tasty food at great prices!

Rosario DiBernardo

We love the personal touch and friendly the friendly atmosphere

Jora Madan

Wow what a place , what a product

Sam Hartwig Hartwig

Good product friendly staff

Amy Knight

Mike Walters

Good butcher shop that I just now had time to look around. Dine in, take out

Sharonann Steward

defarm63 .

Excellent food and service. Everyone should stop and try the food. The brisket n steak tips are delicious. Id give more stars if i could.

Danny Cooper

Great family owned butcher. Awesome friendly service. Great meat, amazing beef jerky.

David Potwin

Outstanding service and selection. Quality products, primal cuts and knowledgeable staff. Anthony runs one of the best looking butcher shops I've ever seen. My daughter's had the quarter pound hot dogs and I had the blue cheese steak tips which was out of this world. Thanks again for the lovely lunch, if I had a cooler I would have left with more.. Oh and the chocolate caramel pretzels... Good God!

Stephen Pretti

I bought 2 dry aged ribeye steaks for Christmas 2018. My wife and I both agree that these are the best steaks we ever had, no question. Thanks to the owner (Tony?) for hand trimming the meat and offering helpful grilling tips. Great Christmas treat, will be back.

Franz Guevara

The tip and the dream was amazing. Life changing sandwiches.

Mary O'Malley

Not cheap but the quality of the product and good service justify the price. I primarily use them as my special family-event butcher but the small store also offers a range of products, meat and catering to satisfy every day needs.

Adam L

Lig4tn1nG4mer YT

I love their soups. Id like to see them get a little more creative with their soup collection. Idk know, a mushroom vanilla pablano soup, or a vegetable beef stew. I havent actually had anything there i didnt like, well maybe except the tiny, live soft shell grab that crawled out of my ouster after i shucked it. I was about to put it in my mouth...still kinda gives me the heebi jeebys when i think about it! But hey you can't say their food isnt fresh!!! Their sadwhiches are yum but i always forget about them when i walk in for some reason i keep wanting to see the sandwich menu switch up, maybe try some different bread options inhouse made or from ingrids. They could have new sandwich recipe every week or every month just to make it more exciting. Better signage on the sandwiches, more marketing on sadwhiches, staff is exceptional very polite, friendly, and helpful. I love a mom and pop that offers fresh variesties of meats and seafoods. Id love to see yall get more creative with more entrees that are delicious that are ready to go, so us working moms can grab, pop in oven and boom home cooked meal ready in minutes after rough day at work and happy kids, homework suddenly more tolerable. Yay! Its a win win. No for real though if the owner ever want to hire a chef/marketing director I could become available ;)

Mik Patel

Mark Eagan

Excellent array of food products as well as selection of meats. Also had kc beef to taste .. Yes indeed

Robb Matthews

The Meat House stocks quality products and has good customer service. I shopped there every week.

Anthony Fernandes

Chris G

Miguel Sanchez

Neat place with lots of ideas and selections that you can't just find anywhere.

Alex John

Solid place, great service, good meat. What more do you want?

j w

Nearly 30 bucks for 1 ribeye steak. i could get a steak with sides and have it cooked for me @ Texas Roadhouse for that ridiculous price. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Cristofer Byers

High quality meat with an excellent variety of cuts available, but with commensurate (high) pricing. One of the only places in town to offer Duroc pork, which is a fattier breed and therefore quite a bit more flavorful and tender. The pre-marinated steak tips are excellent, especially the kalbi. Also, they will do custom hamburger grinding, which is pretty great.

Christopher Ross

Mike Jackson

I love this shop, there's always a good selection and they custom cut of course for when you want a good meat treat.

R Haynes

A real nice selection of quality meats and other items and a very helpful, friendly staff.

solprophet .

A good selection of meats and friendly staff to help with any questions you may have.

Ainsley Jacoban

Best food ever


Great employees. Great food and I grabbed a bottle of wine for later. I took a chance and went by recc of employee. Got the steak tip kicker. It was amazing, steak and bacon sandwich with some sort of yummy sauce.

Yada Bestram

Great selection of marinated meats. Good customer service.

Arturo Picicci

Ny strip choice is great here

John Steele

Great selection and friendly staff. Be sure to try the house tips!

Chuck Agosto

Not cheap but the quality is well worth it.

Jen Sutton

Quality meat and knowledgeable staff

Andrew Hibberson

Love this place, great quality meat and the steak tip sandwich is to die for. I've brought many people here for the sandwich and they fall in love

Hasan Alston

The meat house customer service is number one in the United States.We make sure our guest are completely satisfied. What store do u know that will give u a sample of our delicious steak tips for all our first time customers. We love taking care of our guest genuinely which makes us number one.If u havent been to our store you are missing out so stop by . 321 Springfield Ave in summit and try our sandwiches also we have the highest selections in meat from prime, dry age steaks, yum choice steaks, grass fed, and marinated steaks, as well as chicken.

Rhonda Lunsford

Jonas Rivas

Mike Wolfe

bailey dawson

Just know going it is expensive, but you are getting a premium product. If you are looking for cheap this isn't it.

Randy Song

I'd say "Here's a tip", but it would be incomparable to the tip they give at the Meat House... between two deliciously toasted Heroes.

joel m

Great meat. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I now travel 45 minutes out of my way to go here.

Maria Mansfield

We went for duck fat spray and decided to eat something. I got the "Summit tip" and my husband a burger. My sandwich was a little greasy. If the tip wasn't marinated, the meat probably would have been with no taste. My husband's burger was well done. He asked for medium. Regarding the meat selection, I think Uncle Giuseppe has better options.

Christopher Barnett

Janet Stevens

cynthia cruse

Will Kirk

If you need it they have it.


Chisholm Lindsey

Jokers Wild

Great prices for fresh meats

Patrick Marotta

Reco Blade

Great place friendly and helpful people. Good prices

Jim Bedara

Otis Maxwell

I like Meat House, but you have to be careful what you order and I wouldn't use this as my go-to place for meat. Best bets are the marinated sirloin tip kebabs, shaved steak if they have it (this is what you need for Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches; it was recently available at $5.99 a pound which is a real bargain because it's sirloin) and the various salads and prepared meat dishes in the cold case at the back of the store. Other meats are sometimes higher than at Price Chopper next door for the same quality and the selection of high end or natural meats is limited. They have a good selection of regional specialities like Saratoga Peanut Butter and you can sample many of them while they put together your meat order. Sandwiches are available but they're hit or miss, sometimes great, sometimes carelessly prepared. Of note to early adopters, Meat House no longer offers the odd "service" where the counter person will offer to carry your small package to your car.

Richard Strickler

Very nice displays, very nice service

Victoria Wilson

Damn good quality of meat. Damn good service. I asked the general manager where the meat came from he answered very adequately I asked the same question to the fresh market down the street and no one could answer my question I am thoroughly impressed and will most definitely be coming back. I just moved to this area so it was my first time trying this place out. The general manager gave me some sample meat to try! I don’t think you can get any better service than that also they have a cute café which you can order food and sandwiches I love the atmosphere

Danielle Dunn

Great selections & friendly staff!

Greg Walker

Henry Sanchez

Great prepared meals and the grocery products they have are all top shelf. Whenever I'm in there I want buy everything they have.

Dragomir DUMITRU

Mike B

Awesome place! But man its pricey

Ken Rushing

I work til 6 everyday, so I usually don't make it in to the meat house until around 6:35-40. The last few times I have came in around this time, almost all the meat is put up and everything else is already saran wrapped, today it was 6:40 and there was only 2 kinds of meat out luckily one was the one I wanted, I walked in and said "you're still opened right?" and she said yes, I thought okay, I see the cut of meat I want, and before I could say, "I'll take that one", the guy behind the counter took the whole tray to be put away. That's just unacceptable, if your open til 7, then you need to be OPEN until 7, not walking out the door at 7. I can find the same one at uptown, and I did, and they actually want my business. I'm sorry but I'm done with the meat house, you don't deserve my business. The steak I got at Uptown was the same kind and amazing and the same price.

Tobias Fox

Tracie Whitus

Great prime ribeye steak

Sarah Earnheart

I love the Meat House! They have really helpful staff to answer questions about prepping and cooking different types of meat and they have a great selection! I had the cowboy ribeye from here and it turned out great!

Matthew Anderson

Lucas M

Ordered the build your own burger on 6/27. Took the grill staff 46 minutes from when I ordered to make it

Jen Droid2

George Cole

Great place to buy all your steaks , brats , and seafood. Great prices and very good quality. And the people that run it are so nice and helpful . My kind of family run business.

Shelley Sisson

Meat is excellent quality & great prices.

Donnelly Hufnal


damon pless

Great family owned people that own the place are great

Joel Smith

Michael Flanagan

Best quality meats in edmond.

Aftersex Highfives

Excellent butcher and employees. Kind, courteous and best of all extremely clean and well maintained place. Tons of sauces and spices available. Will be coming back. Call ahead for large orders if waiting just a tiny bit, they cut everything as you order it.

Kevin Elms

Great sandwiches at a fair price.

Walter Mckenna

John James

I have had a very pleasant experience every time I have shopped here. Even without that, the quality of the products are very good. Too few traditional butcher shops exist today. This is all of that and then some extra.

Janis Dozier

David Cea

Nice place but was rushed out before closing. Don't expect to order food after 630.

Rodneyka King

Great quality meat and unbelievable prices.. Only place I purchase my meats. Also great if you're catering special events like barbecues etc.Best place to buy your bulk meat.

Florence C.

Ah, so we meat again! This butcher/deli market has excellent burger patties and steak tip sandwiches. Whenever I host a BBQ, I come here for burger patties which have a very sexy mix of high quality brisket, sirloin, chuck, and short rib. Then make no mis-steak! Their Summit Tip Sandwich of juicy marinated tips with cheese, peppers, onions, Swiss, and horseradish sauce didn't just meat my expectations, they exceeded them! Well done! TIPS: **They sell beer, wine, liquor and other beverages including milk. **Their Steak Tip sandwiches last me 2 meals but my hubs- 1 meal. **Street parking with high turnover. **They know how to handle their meat.

Shawn Richards

Excellent well trimmed steaks. Decent marbling. Only constructive criticism from last visit was thickness consistency between steaks in the display case. I’m sure I could have asked them to cut from another tenderloin but I didn’t want to be wasteful.

Anthony C

Tabatha Moses

Jerrell Drew

Bryan Robinson

Good service and outstanding quality

T Mills

The tips are delicious! Could eat them every day if I could afford it. They carry a good selection of sides and a small selection of fresh produce and a good selection of seasonings.

Laura Lundy

I LOVE this place. Good service, excellent meat...their marinaded.atuff is excellent. They cryo pack stuff if you ask.them so it doesn't get freezer burn. Plus you can eat there. I recommend the steak tip sandwich. It's really good.

Jeanette Leigh Garcia

Some of the vegetables were not looking as fresh as can be but the asparagus were swole. I got lamb, Chuck, and sweets available from La Baguette. I recommend it!

Daisy Mills

Great chicken!! All of their varieties of marinated chicken are GREAT!! I Love to get them grilled by the meat house so fresh and so good Love it!!

Hank Adam

Jason LaChance


Simon Pascoe

Relaxed and friendly atmosphere with excellent lunchtime sandwiches and large portions.

Sharon Martini

Great selection of meats. Butcher shop style. They stock hard-to-find cuts. Upscale ready to cook marinated meats. Decent selection of produce to complete your meal.

Bessy Mayorga

james elliott

Tip with a kick is awesome.


Overpriced and out of everything most of the times ...

okarcheta .

Always great service and great fresh food!! Stop everytime I'm close!!

Fran Cantwell

Great place, good food, good prices.

Alex Klein

After work I decided to try this place since I'd never been there. Service was okay, but that's where it ended. I ordered their steak-tip sandwich, but they were out of sub rolls and asked if I wanted it on a hard roll insisting that it was an equal portion size. It was not. The sandwich was half the size, but they only took a dollar off the final price. So I ended up paying seven dollars for a mediocre, small sandwich that took them fifteen minutes to make, even though all they did was microwave pre-cooked steak tips and cut a a hard roll in half. They won't see my business again.

Tracy West

Went to the Meat House this weekend and I was very disappointed. The staff was rude and the meat was less than quality. I definitely won't be back.


Spence Nelson

Terrific establishment. Don has a keen eye for what you are hungry for, and provides it with an infectious enthusiasm. Great selection, expertise and an awesome staff. Well worth a visit!

Greg Samis

OMG! Run, don’t walk away from this place. Butchers don’t know a filet mignon from a flank steak cut from a deceased member of the Donner Party. Constipated? Forget the Metamucil and pick up a few Meat House crab cakes instead. Everyone who ate one had diarrhea within 30 minutes after consumption. If you hate your in laws then this is the place to get your dinner. Trust me, they’ll never come back again.

Christopher Donnelly


Brian D'Antoni

The best place. The food is amazing.

Betty Riegel

We love the Meat House! From the selection and quality of the product to the very pleasant and knowledgeable staff, this is a first rate operation.

Shan Massucco

I ordered the filet mignon for a party. I was a little nervous to cook it because it was the first time making such a large tenderloin in my oven! Jen was so helpful and it came out perfect. Not only that, her recipe and the meat was absolutely delicious! I have ordered from other butchers in the past but the quality of the meat at The Meat House is far better! My guests raved about the dinner! I also ordered the scalloped potatoes. Hands down best scalloped potatoes ever!!!!!


Nancy Ryan

Daniel Motes

I stop by this place a few times a week. The quality of the meat has always been great. Meat seems to be fresh compared to the larger grocery stores in Covington. I also love the folks that run this place. We have great conversations while I am shopping and it feels like a real local business instead of some giant corporate place posing as a local business. I have also never stumped them with questions about certain cuts of meat. They know their stuff!

Andrew Almeida

Great butcher and grocery

Mike Hovey

Overpriced, good quality on one order, second order was trash. beef had browned and had been cut into

Davin Weaver

Super nice people, absolutely beautiful meat selection! Had heard a lot of good things about this place for awhile and finally got to check it out. The hype is well deserved. The first thing I noticed, to my amusement, is that it is attached to a bank. And at first glance, it appears the bank is most of the building, and the meat market is a small side shop. But that's not the case. The meat market is about 4 times as large as it looks, so I'm guessing the bank space is actually smaller. Holden (sorry if I spelled it wrong bro), the butcher, was super helpful and was able to answer all our questions. Even more impressively, they can actually get hanger steaks! That fact alone is enough to keep me coming back. They didn't have a huge selection of seafood when I was there, but the products they had looked very high quality. Good selection of sauces, jams and rubs, a dairy section with a variety of cheeses, and even some Ben & Jerry's ice cream! Overall, definitely worth checking out.

Rick Pratt

Ken McNeeley

Bernadette Minni

Stephen Lerch

Great place for some amazing meats!

Mad Dach

The prices here are great and the food is A1, I can’t get enough of the steak tip sandwich and the grilled cheese which is made with GARLIC BREAD. Delicious.

Rosemarie Lovins

Love The Meats There! Everything is so fresh!

James Bersheim

Tommy Maddox

Jeff Boyce

Great selection of prime and choice beef. Great wings and stake tips. Custom butchering.

Lauren Carter

We love the Meat House! Best place to buy lunch meat and grilling items!! If you haven't tried it.....GO!

Tony DeVitis

Great quality meats

Jordan Heichel

Vaughn Walter

Great sandwiches, very nice staff, I wanted a tip jar at the checkout to recognize the courtesy, worth a visit!

Joan Hartman

Renee Underwood

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. Everything I've had there has been great.

Rich D

Josh Lastname

I've been going here since I bought a house in Edmond and I really don't like to go anywhere else for meat cuts. The meat is always on point and the customer service is good as well. Some of the items (i.e., produce) are bit a expensive in my opinion, but overall it's a good experience and you so long as you cook it correctly it will be good experience for you as well. Try the premarinated kalbi steak tips.

Candee Williams

I can not say enough about the fresh meats, delicious homemade food, wine selection and my FAVORITE a good juicy burger made with all the fresh ingredients in top! Great lunch and dinner specials TOO

Benjamin Smith

Reza Momeni

Clean and delicious choice for eat-in or take-out. The butcher shop is also phenomenal, and they carry a limited selection of fresh produce and some craft beers.

Alan Brown

Very happy with what I bought, delicious crab cakes, double baked potatoes, string beans almondine and corn salad all hit the spot. I'll definitely return for more.

Ann Mcgow

Jim Pappas

Great day to be me!!! Marinated Steak tips sandwich. Great place and sandwich! 10.99 includes choice of cole slaw/macaroni salad/potato salad or $.99 for fries. Not bad price for what you get. They have something for everybody and place to eat surrounded by a great staff.

Kim Cooksey

Excellent meat, great service!

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