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REVIEWS OF The Butcher's Market IN Georgia

Paul Dobson

Best Italian sausage!

Travis Graham

I made my first visit today, I purchased two marinated chicken breast. One lemon pepper and the other one was the signature. As I was paying the cashier asked, if knew about the free chicken breast? She then proceeded to retrieve my free breast

Alli Latora

This place needs to be shut down. We bought chicken from there two years ago and when we got it home, it was absolutely rotten. We gave them a second chance this past weekend and bought their pimento cheese dip, got it home and it’s molded. I will be reporting this business. They have no right to be selling rotten and moldy foods to consumers.

Shannon Frye

My fiancé bought a tomahawk steak on Saturday and we went to cook it last night and the meat was rotten and discolored, so we had to throw it away. It smelled like a dead animal and stunk up my entire house and fridge. I do not recommend buying your meat here!

jesi soper

The best chicken

Christina Smith

M. Mason

True butcher! Great selection, great variety and good prices for the product that you get. Staff was very kind and had great recommendations. If you want to splurge recommend the tomahawk or any of the aged meats in the counter. Lots of fresh seafood and place does not reek of fish like most places around.

Anton Yereshkin

Dope steaks. A carnivores paradise.

George Bishop

Good place

Andrew Kuettner

Lisa Cascioli

The first time we went and purchased meat from here was for a date night. My husband surprised me with scallops and tenderloin steak. The scallops were horrible and we had to throw them away. Our steaks were delicious! So for Father's day this past weekend we decided to get steaks again from this place. I purchased cowboy ribeyes for my husband and father-in-law had and a tenderloin for myself. All of them were AWFUL! My tenderloin was chewy and fatty and my husbands ribeye tasted sour like they had let it age WAY too long. After spending this kind of money on steaks not to mention the disappointment for my husband on Father's Day we WILL NOT be returning. I also saw veggies on shelves that were molded. I agree with one of the past reviewers this place should be shut down.

Russ Lipham

Do not go here! Disgusting, rotten meat. My "USDA prime" ribeye had black stains all over it. And don't even ask me about the smell. I called, and the guy said I could bring it back and he would trim off the black stuff. How about a refund for selling me rotten meat!!! I will never shop here again. Their meat coolers are disgusting. I saw a chunk of ice inside the cooler dripping down on to a piece of beef in the cooler. I saw a rack of ribs that the vacuum sealed bag was about to pop like a balloon. The meat was rotten and giving off gases! And it was for sale in the cooler. On top of all that, they're just flat out rude and unfriendly. Please, don't waste your time or money. You will have better results at the grocery store that this so-called "butcher shop".

Keith Waters

Good beer. But otherwise no soul.

Beau Dobbs

Joe Daries

Was purchasing from Meathouse weekly. Did not mind paying 30-40% more for the steaks compared to local grocery stores as the quality and taste were worth it. Recently made a purchase of ny strips. They said they only had two left. I purchased them. They were awful. I emailed Meathouse to express my concern. Never heard back from them. Not a very good practice to ignore your customers from a high end butcher................

Lax Uncle

The Best. My favorite shop for all my grilling needs.

jjrowe1232 .

As others have said, was served rotten prime rib, wasnt able to smell the meat till I got home and ready to cook. Should have known better cuz the whole shop smelled rotten when I walked in. Just stinks to splurge on the nice meat and it be useless.

Melissa Todd

Eli Langer

Met the lovely owners of this fine establishment at The NGA Show in San Diego. A colleague of mine and I were scootering around San Diego and bumped into the couple who told us about this beautiful 4,000 square foot store in Charlotte. Photos online show delicious looking meats, fresh produce and more. Was so nice to meet you! - Eli Langer from Harvesting Media

Chuck Hawks

The quality of the product is generally relatively high but is also variable. They have a rewardless rewards program, it never seems to work although they ask you about it every time you come but every time you come there's a reason why your purchase will not apply to your rewards program. In my case this has been going on for about 2 years I've spent thousands of dollars there and not gotten credit for any of it so I'm about at my Wit's End and probably won't shop there much longer.

Chiffre- Nummer

Too expensive, they were not able to order something we wanted ot buy. Even they say so on their website. You can buy stuff which is too expensive but fanzy.

Zachary Cohen

Kristy ortega


Pamela Earp

Wow great place. Got some beef tips maple and bourbon cooked them up and we did not talk it was so good. Tender and flavorful. Will be where I get all my meat. Spices in larger size and half the price in grocery store for half the amount. Sourdough bread didn't need anything on it so flavorful. Wish I could give it 10 stars

pack rodgers

How this place stays in Business is beyond belief. Meats are displayed rotten. This is not aged beef.

Matt Richardson

The staff is super helpful.

Ryan Edge

Jeannie Walsh

I’ve always gotten great steaks here. There are a lot of deli items not found in a traditional grocery store. The prices are a little higher but so is the quality of goods. Well worth the drive!

Brian Herbst

India Perez

Excellent customer service. Great wine selection.

FlameMaster G

Great meat

Joe Andrasko

John Buckley

Expensive! I blind taste-tested my family on these Boarshead lunch meats against Harris-Teeter and Bi-Lo lunch meats. Meat House came in third, despite costing the most.

William Weeks

Awesome great selection

Robert Scruggs

I love the cuts of meat at this shop, I'm not a big meat eater because of the meats that are at the grocery store, either because of the quality of the cut or it's not fresh. Price is higher than the store but the quality is higher.

TarrantBot 2020

Joyce Jones

Excellent selection of quality meats and sides to choose from. The service is top notch. You will pay more but worth it, IMO.

henry carter

Best meat in town !!!!!!

James Johnson

Great selection and very friendly staff.

Marina Kalinin

kierra lassiter

Dennis Burns

A little pricey but among the better sources of beef in Raleigh. Excellent selection of prepped side dishes and also some rare meats as well. Wine, cheeses, pretty much everything you need to provide a great meal to your guests.

Vera Mahfouz

Nice place to pick up great meats. We ordered sandwiches which were good, but they mixed up one order. We waited on our last order and it wasn't until we asked if they were finishing it up that they realized they had missed it. To be fair it was a little busy, but it wasn't busy when we had placed our order. Seemed to be a lot of confusion. There needs to be a better system in place if you're ordering sandwiches.

michael miller

I've been living in Raleigh now for about 4 years and have spent a good amount of time looking for a really authentic butcher Market with well-informed skilled staff and this is the only one that I have found, I discovered them a little while ago while looking for picanha which is a Brazilian style cut of sirloin and is very difficult to locate and after calling more than a dozen places this was the only one who had it and was one of only three places who knew what I was even talking about. I would definitely recommend going here if you're looking for a rare cut or simply want High Quality Meats but was surprised that they also had amazing seasonings and also a really good wine selection. My mozzarella and pancetta stuffed picanha came out perfect thanks to them!!

reese price

Great market to find domestic and foreign meats and food products. Great tips and info on cooking suggestions and strategies.

Jennifer Briley

stuart kafel

Christy Fetzer

Anne Foley

Great place for prepped meals!

Kevin Curtis

Wonderful looking meat, very nice store with plenty of extras!

Matthew Chappell

dan3549 .

Great selection and quality. Our go to butcher.

Ann Pascal

Shane Clinton

Brian Daley

I have to say, I was big fan of this butcher store for a long time but the last two things I have purchased have been rotten. PERIOD. I have worked in kitchens for a long time and it’s obvious that they are keeping meat, pork and poultry on the shelves longer than they should to avoid losses on spoiling food. I will no longer shop there and will advise others to do the same. The Italian Sausage I purchased smelled so bad and was so rotten that my dogs wouldn’t eaten. Shameful...get it together before County Public Health stops and checks your kitchen practices and shuts you down.

Troy lambert-zaffino

1. Poor Management 2. Mold On Product 3. High Prices This establishment has a good concept but unfortunately is executed very poorly. The place is not kept very clean, and on more than one account there has been mold on their pre-made meals. They make some of the pre-made food weeks in advance, and freeze(not flash freeze) them thinking this will keep mold from growing. The prices would be fair if you really knew where the meat is coming from. Never get a straight answer exactly where it is from and for the price I would expect that information. The manager does not treat his employees with the least bit of respect besides his kids that work there. Atlanta has many markets that provide quality meats and this is one that I would recommend you stay away from.

yong kim

Very good quality meat. We love it.

Hooked Towing

Robert Oleary

Jill Cooper

Michelle MOORE

Pricey. Did not sell what I was looking for

Justin Young

Super friendly staff & terrific selection.

Matt M

Keith Ward

Assisted politely and expediently whrn I walked in as usual. Appreciate the business in the community.

Patrick Williams

Special ordered Florida Gulf Coast oysters, got them tge next day and he even gave my wife his own personal shucker. Can't say enough kind things about this place.

Vin Yesudas

Kim Hunt

Always get a great cut of meat here! My wife and I don't eat that much beef, but when we crave a steak, this is where I buy it! The marinated beef tips are great, pork, chicken and seafood products always look fresh and appetizing. The people there are always helpful. You may pay a little more, but you know what they say, you do get what you pay for! Enjoy!

Christopher Southee

James Metzger

Bill Toye

Great cuts, great butchers, great selection.

Tom Thomas

Great selection of meats and other grilling items.

Jeff Lawrence

Ronald Lewis

Unwelcoming. It has been years I have come in here and every time I get the feeling I am not welcomed. They don't care for you to browse and decide what you want. You must be ready to fire off a selection right away. No social skills at all. The selection looks great, and aside from one bad batch of scallops it has always been good. But a bit over priced and the service makes that even harder to swallow. I think I have made my final trip in this place. It's unfortunate customer service is dead here. My suggestion is this if they care to hear it: Your customers are not experts in your field. Guide us. Ask questions and help me make an educated decision. Your average sale per customer will go up and we will return more frequently if you do.

Ethan Adams

Nidia Hinchey

David Mobley

Go visit Mr Tom and TBM. Awesome

Joel Mattews

very nice clean the meats are rather pricey they do have needs that are Whole30 compliant

Alan Koebrick

Great local butcher shop and market.

Kristina M

I shop here regularly and have for 3 years now. Excellent quality, fantastic customer service and fair prices. Their meat is high quality, they have great lunch specials also

Sandy Partrich

Tony Zanardo

I would give them zero stars if I could. Horrible customer service. They’re rude and condescending. The guy behind the counter must just be a miserable person. I had to ask for center cut filets because they didn’t have any in the case and the guy had an attitude about that and everything else. Not your friendly neighborhood butcher. They don’t want to be bothered with questions. Their prices are extremely jacked but that may just be due to the area. I will never go back and I would encourage you to save your time too.

Pamela Hood

John Rowland

Great brats

Steve Jegier

Great meat selection. Prime makes a difference! We buy all of our 'cue meats here - tri-tip, packer cut brisket, etc. A bit expensive but you get what you pay for. Fantastic service.

Ryan Reeves

As a happy customer for many years, I will never return. I bought ribs back this past fall fall that smelled terribly after opening the package. I chalked it up as a one-off issue, but it was bad. Reluctantly I went back again this weekend to purchase two large Boston butts. When I opened them at home, the meat was very rotted and smelled incredibly bad. I had not read comments on the reviews of this place until today. Seems apparent that I’m not the only one with issues and it’s certainly not a one-off issue. Continuing to serve bad meat when it is your primary business is a real issue.

Chris Little

Rob Chase

Clayton Knudsen

Will Walsh

AMAZING meat selection and quality. Their signature beef tips are top of the line. Even the sauces for sale there are unique and worth trying. If I could, this would be my regular shop.

Robert Adams

Always a great experience. They are so helpful & willing to make awesome suggestions when you need some help.

Stacey Gibson

Dow Williamson

Step S

Awesome Sandwiches.

Fred Sanderson

Luke Snyder

All the food available here is great. Large selection of traditional meats as well as a section of exotic meats like alligator or venison. If you are looking for something, call ahead and they will hold it for you.

Lonerider3o5 .

I go there almost every weekend and get a few pounds of skirt steak and sausages. The quality and taste of the meet is awesome I would recommend this place to anyone.

Eeman Heisler

Great quality meats and seafood and THE best potato salad too. I hate to say that, it's kind of been a nicely kept sells out quick because it's so good!! Also they make fresh dips, the jalapeño pimento dip is great!!

Kyle Criswell

Friendly service and absolutely fantastic prime meat! 10/10 would eat steak from here forever!

Russell Cooke

The selection is fantastic, and the owners are real genuine people who know what customer service is. The food has always been superb and continue to go back.

Lisa Gerold

Fresh turkey for Christmas 2014. Husband remarked, "there's something different about this turkey." He didn't know where I'd gotten it, and it was the best we'd ever tasted!


This place is great service great products z they will give best advice on meat and they will cut as you want , it is a nice wonderfull small grocery store it reminds me of great local grocery stores.

Tim Parker

Not as many options as you would expect.

Johnny White

Always the best

Michael Taylor

Always have great food and fair prices.

Mark Thornton

Periodically I'll grab something from here. Their chicken is just alright, their beef tips are incredible, and their steaks aren’t anything special. They have a nice variety of other random items such as pastas, sauces and rubs. The service is pretty slow, and staff not overly friendly. Feels very pricey compared to other locations such as HT and even Wholefoods. Easy parking in lot outside, easy on off main road access.

Femi jansi

Elaine Ellis

Great selection!

Sasha Gray

We visit The Butchers Market quite often. The price for Boars Head lunch meat is easily 2 dollars cheaper a pound then Publix or Kroger. They are helpful and always answer any questions I have. They even explained how long to grill the cut of meat (I was surprising my husband and I don't grill!) The quality and product is fantastic.

Maureen Miller

Great experience. Very friendly service and great selection. Bought meat to make homemade enchiladas. Cooked up beautifully. This will become my go-to store for my meat recipes.

Sam Mayer

We grilled their house special chicken breasts for dinner last night...expensive but worth it. No kidding...that was the best chicken that we had ever had. We're going back for more today.

kim arney

Fresh food, friendly staff, all natural pet treats, great beer/wine choices, exotic meats, sauces, and spices!!!

N Williams

THE BUTCHER'S MARKET IS HORRIBLE!!!!!! The sales associate was EXTREMELY RUDE in addition to not cutting the meat I ordered which is particularly strange considering it's a BUTCHER'S market. Also, BE VERY AWARE OF THE EXPIRED SHELVED FOOD. There's food with a sell by date that goes back as far as 2014 and when I asked the reason as to WHY??? The salesman responded with they're all EXPIRED only confirming the knowledge of selling BAD FOOD and charging customer's for it. THE COMPANY NEEDS AN UPGRADE IN IT'S ENTIRETY STARTING WITH FRESH FOOD AND BETTER SALESMANSHIP!!!!$



Bob Edelman

Best reason to shop here in my mind is the assortment of specialty and unique food items. Fit for foodies. The meat is of excellent quality for sure however it is somewhat over-priced. The Choice cuts are sufficient, no need to buy prime. Some tasty prepared dishes make great sides for dinner. Assortment of specialty beers, vegeys and potatoes. Small dairy department with some specialty cheese spreads and butters.

phish pua

A bit pricey, is being very nice......

Matt Brockmann

This place is awesome. Great selection of quality meat and seafood. Plus apps and beer & wine. Helpful and friendly staff.

Jason Burgos

Best butcher in charlotte.

krista athan

juanita moestl

Aldo Muccia

Great Service and good products. Joe is very helpful - always friendly ! Quality people Quality meat.

Justin Arnette

Ant Pruitt

I LOVE this place. There's nothing like getting your meat from a butcher. This place offers great fresh selection and also frozen exotic meats.

Al King

Not very friendly


I LOVE this place! They are very friendly and helpful and have a wide range of food! My personal favorite is the loaded baked potato salad. The marinated broccoli or vegetable medley is also awesome as a side with your selected meat or chicken. It is a bit more expensive than the grocery store, but it is a great way to treat yourself every so often. They also have a rewards card for when you spend a certain amount you get $10 off. All in all, this place is great!

Stacey Pudelski

Love this place! Everyone is nice and the products are awesome! Definitely a place to try!!!

Bryce Unger

Got a flank steak that was bad during the 4th rush, but went in today and Tom made it right with a brand new steak. Brisket sandwiches are incredible, will be back for sure!

David Price

Great selection. Terrific service. Love having fresh cuts near by in south Charlotte. Highly recommend

Myles Rothacker

Great meat.. don't care much for the name. I loved the Dry Aged Steak. Make sure you you order it ahead of time. 21 days is about right..

Rick Gray

Pork chop not fresh

Liz Hardaway

Ashley Ross

Ed Stanton

Ordered some chicken sliced thin and pounded out to make chicken cutlets and they did an awesome job! Made 4lb for a family of 6 and nearly went through them all. They consistently have the best meat in town, don't bother going elsewhere.

Cameron Duncan

sophia Kim


Douglas Jones

Dana Glover

Thomas M

Never have had a bad experience.

Jarrad Huby

I don't know how to describe this place, but they definitely have the best meats in Raleigh that I've found. Also a great selection of rubs, sauces and everything else I've needed. I'm new to smoking and grilling but they told me everything I needed to know and made some fantastic recommendations too.

Evan Plett

Great selection of meats, sauces, seasonings. They also have some sides (veggies, carbs, etc.) including marinated vegetables. Didn't actually but anything, but it all looked really good, and they had some delicious dip and cheese samples.

Dawn Kwietniewski

Kip Downer

Dustin T

Avoid this place. I do everything I can to buy local and this place was great 4-5 years ago. The last few times I’ve gone in, the meat all smelled and looked funny. I went in today and bought some beef ribs and when I opened them when I got home, the smell was absolutely disgusting. Not once in my life have I smelled rotten beef but now I know what the smell is. The blood was a green hue and the meat was brown. It was doubled wrapped so it was hard to see in the store. There was no date on the packaging to tell when it was wrapped so who knows when that was. I wasted $32 on my food there, don’t waste yours.

Tim Dreher

Blake Schrager


The best quality meats in Charlotte.

Shawna Rida

Miguel Norton

AJ Moos

Brian McSweeney

Theresa Johnson

The service was excellent and helpful. The steaks were delicious and very tender.Will be returning.


Not friendly service at all. We spend money there frequently & ordered three pounds of wings today only to be given all legs & the young man that waited on us was sighing & rolling his eyes the whole time. Sorry your job is such an annoyance to you. Will not be back again.

D Reed

Best place to get steaks that we've found in the area.

Valerie Stratton

Grant Dixon

Got some tips and a ribeye from here... just ate them... good lord. So good. Got a nice sear in cast iron but it's all about the meat, really high quality. Only negative was that I found a beer I've been searching for when I was there and they wouldn't sell it to me because I forgot my ID. Haven't been carded in years but the customer service and the meat is great, would definitely recommend.

Garry McCormick

Reminds me of an old style butcher shop from the 60's but modern.

Derek Cook

J Davis

Want to like this place more, but they make it hard. Placed Turkey order over a week ago. Went to pick it up day before Thanksgiving. Ordered 20-22 lbs bird, saw guy bring out a bird, weight it and it reads 18 lbs..he packed it up handed it to a girl who then called out my name. She doesnt say anything just hands it to me..I point out it is only 18 lbs she says its the biggest one they have much for ordering in advance...not so pleased.

Jennifer B

Peter & Alex were a fabulous help with choosing our selections! Plus, an Arkansas is always a BONUS! We'll definitely be back!

Etan Siwel

Jon Dolezar

Jessica Leigh

Exceptional. Niche products and delicous meats are worth the prices. I'm just upset I didn't find this place sooner.

Ronny Barrett

I’ve been a chef for 12 years. I don’t consider myself to be an elitist in the cooking world. In fact I don’t really even make a scene unless I see plain negligence. 2nd time in a row I received rotten prime filets from this place. the guy that cut the filets should have smelled the meat at a bare minimum. I started looking around the shop and noticed disgusting dried out meats in the windows that look like they’ve been there for a week. You can’t serve food that is not fresh to someone. Unacceptable. Getting the rotten meat wasn’t the worst part. The non-chalant “ok, sure I’ll refund you.” was the worst part. Someone should be asking questions to find out why the meat was rotten, and following up to make sure they don’t serve the same thing to someone else. Its plain ignorance to look at the quality of things in this shop and not question someone’s know how and integrity in the food industry.

Jenn Marcum

Not a real butcher shop. Pricey for what it is. Better than grocery meat. Local food. Nice people. Good selection of local craft beer.

Rob Kerris

The best source of quality meats in Cobb county

Jeremiah Hill

John Stephens

This is my church. Get right with God and swing by. True pride of ownership and attention to detail. I love these guys.

Wesley Griffin

Love this place always have the best meat selection and all the accessories you need

Andrew Geocaris

Jason Jackson

Great selection and friendly staff eager to help.

Danny Partain

Bought $55.00 of rotten meat , Got it home and the smell was horrible when I opened it . Tossed in the trash, called them to tell them to check the other bag of ribs I didn't get . All I got in response was "yep". I never asked for any money in return, but I do expect more than a "yep" when I have to throw $55.00 in the trash can, there was no way I was about to put that smell in my car and drive it back for my money back.

Cliff Shuart

Amazing quality and outstanding service! This is a real butcher shop!

Dana Esposito

Caden Elvick

I cannot rate this place low enough. If there was a negative 10 star rating, I'd look for a lower one. These crooks sold me 3 rotten New York prime cut steaks with a 4th unspoiled steak on top. When I opened the package I was revolted by the disgusting smell of rotten beef. The price was $22.99 per pound compared to the same cut at Costco for $10.99. They intentionally hid the 3 rotten steaks from my view while allowing me to view cutting the unspoiled steak. This is fraud at best and this business should be closed by authorities. I am reporting this business to the Food Safety Division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. They ripped off the wrong guy!

Robert King

Purchased a Boston Butt from Tom to try out my new Broil King Smoker . It was a great cut with just enough fat. Smoked for 8 hours after a nice rub down with secret herbs and spices. Came out great with a nice bark and good smoke flavor. Nice and moist and easy to pull apart. With a side of hash brown casserole from his ready to go sides and a cold drink this is Labor Day Heaven!! There is no better place to buy meat and great ready to eat sides. Whether it's burgers with the marinade in the sealed package, chicken, sausage, steaks or meat cut to your preference they will not disappoint!! I can't wait to try something else from " The Butcher Shop" on my smoker. Maybe a nice brisket or tenderloin. :).

chris vaughn

Taylor Stephenson

Went for my first time yesterday, very impressed. Tons of selection, but not just meat. Also tons of local and craft beer, sides and grilling/smoking knick-knacks. A little put off by the butchers salesman-like hard close, but we intended to buy stuff regardless, so no big deal. Knowledgeable and friendly staff otherwise.

Laura Lambert

One of my favorite places to buy a dry aged steak. Customer service here is excellent and I travel some distance to go here and I am never disappointed.

John Ritter

Meats looked awesome and fresh. It was pricey but I guess you get what you pay for.

Christopher Florence

Amazing selection, wonderfully knowledgeable staff, and great prices! Can't find anywhere better in the triangle!

Liam Doherty

Mike Norwood

Kevin Egelston

I rarely eat meat but when I do, I prefer quality cuts not found at typical groceries so I come here. Last time I visited, I purchased a grass fed ribeye steak for around $29/lbs and it was worth every ounce. I was impressed with the exotic meats section too. I bought a salami made with wild boar that was delicious. The staff were attentive and knowledgeable as well.

Donte' Young

Awesome meat market . They are friendly and very mindful of their products. Great place to shop for products well worth their price.


The service is really good there

Steve VanWagner

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