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REVIEWS OF Souq International Market IN Georgia

Jessa Glover

Beautiful, clean market. I was most impressed by their varied selection of high quality spices and meats. I had lamb kabob that was very flavorful but overdone for my liking. The baklava is something I would return for if in the area again. Being from Chicago, I've been spoiled by large portions of food for very cheap but considering the location this place was priced appropriately. Unfortunately, the customer service was a little disappointing until I asked for the owner by first name.

Sandra Segovia

Amazing food! We were looking something like you for months. We will definitely go back

Reham Hobus

I don't know how other people would like it and recommend. Yes, it is clean and neat, but the food from, what they call Deli section is the worse, and the shawerma is so soft, the beef kabob is hard to eat and all the side order is like some left over or from the trash. I won't go back again ever, even later on in time to try and test them again.

Zain Abdullah

Awsom place for unique food items like dates. Lentil souup ,greeck honey ,and much more.

Nabil Jaa

Very professional staff, the store is very clean has all kind of international products, I love the variety of their Halal meat I got chance to talk to the Boucher he is very kind and professional he has lot of knowledge about charcuterie this store has all you want and need did I mentioned after I'm done shopping I had dinner the food court is amazing

Jamals RandomClips

I spot this store from car today and decided to give it a try since I was looking for yougart drink and been to 3 other stores but no one carried it. As soon as I enter the store there was wow factor, it's big, very clean and tastefully decorated like no other grocery store I have been in Atlanta.They have large collection of spices, sweets and also have a restaurant in one corner that serves Mediterranean type dishes. And finally I found my mint flavored yougart drink and I will come back again to do some more shopping.

Izze 3bdalla

Don't be fooled by the clean look its just a look to scam uneducated shoppers , they have Super Bad customer service, overpriced items, also beware of the expired products , even the fresh meat taste horrible like its rotten,will not recommend or return ,

Min Azi

Maria M

I loved this place 4048034131

I was there so many times with my wife and my daughter the food very clean and employees they were very nice and friendly.

Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill

Chef Maher “mike” is a very talented chef. He can cook anything you ask for

Audewette Ejuwa

Great food

Laila Zouhair

Zen A.A

The 1st time I ate shawerma and the meat isnt cooked well few pieces of meat have lots of white salsa and I dont know what it is. Before I ordered it I asked the lady about shawerma from middle east and she offered me this one.They dont check the meat if its good or bad.

DG Hart

Clean & beautiful store. Meat shop inviting. One of my best meals ever from a deli – baba ganoush was yummy with the flat bread, grilled chicken & rice. Kababs were great, too.

Onahti AD

Yosef Alsabah

I love the service that I have to drive to the place from Birmingham Alabama . The server VS. is unbelievable immaculate and the food is delicious zesty and healthy. I love the deli were they have lamb and goat meat and reasonable price. Trust it is worth the visit and you will judge .

Asad Altaf

Maya Berri

When you first walk in you are in awe. Spacious and open. When you walk the isles you start noticing the products. Fair selection but shelf products are scarce. When you ask about the kinafeh, it won’t be available until after 2 pm. Mind you we were there at 1 pm. The dessert counter almost empty. We ordered shawarma sandwiches..we were not informed it didn’t come with toppings other than pickles. We told them we wanted tomatoes and lettuce, sandwiches arrived bare. Meat was seasoned well but left a lot to be desired. Greek salad was a salad with Italian dressing. Feta no where to be found. The only thing I loved and was decent was the Kibeh. I gave it two stars because the selection of products was decent. The meat counter worker was very friendly and welcoming but the food cashier was bordering on rude and very unhelpful. Overall this place is overrated. Save ur gas not worth the trip

Rahim Kamus

Fayez Mohammed

Abdullah Basheer

Asif Rana

One of the most beautiful breath taking markets you will ever see. They carry a wide variety of middle eastern and indo-pak groceries, as well as fresh halal meat. They carry cuts of steak and halal sausage that's all cut and made on site! The restaurant and bakery are superb I eat there atleast once a week and have never been disappointed. Stroll thru the isles and you will find lots of cool stuff this place is definitely worth a visit. A shopping experience the Muslim community in Atlanta was long over due for. Staff is always friendly and willing to help. Two thumbs up for this place!

Debra Anne Jordan

nothing short of miraculous...a winner through and through. so great. i wanna go back ! :-)

myname ismeow2

ekta dixit

First time being at this place yesterday and the cleanliness and friendly staff was such an inviting sight. Food has a very good flavor - we ordered chicken shawarma wrap and veggie platter. The house hummus was to die for - SO fresh! I even ordered another one to-go. Will definitely be going back again for my healthy vegetarian filling meal. Also, I had some left over for my lunch today.

Imma Dylan

Taimur Mehmood

Teresa Elliott

Percy Sackey

Tawhid Bhuiyan

Really nice place to shop, great verity, the deli is really fresh and the food is very flavorful.

Russ El Nino

Restaurant is simply bad! food is not fresh and the taste is bad. Super rude costumer service. Very disappointed.

Jordan Adams

This is, by far, the most visually appealing and cleanest of all the Halal stores in Gwinnett. They have a large selection of spices, quality meats, and fresh foods in the grocery section. At the cafe counter I ordered the beef shawarma with rice and salad... and walked away with a new go-to lunch counter on Pleasant Hill. The staff are friendly and helpful. Souq International earned, and deserves, every one of the five stars.

Ziad Nabulsi

lol layla

Very unorganized Bad service

farhan rashid

Veranika Khegay

Samer K.

Great food at deli with fair pricing. Store has good selection.

Rami Abunakira

What a great Halal market. I come here to buy my meat and groceries from time to time and always enjoy the experience!

Shawn Fp

Trash Food never again

Dean Sawadeh

I am from Ohio I came here for some meat the Owner was pretty much Ok with me, after i Checked couple other places and found out their staff were rude. This store is quite big and it has a restaurant inside, wide selection

Haseeb Mansour

Very clean with many choices, friendly staff, great value for the money. Meat department is second to none.

Hussein Mohamed

M Awad


first of all, having a cashier behind the restaurant side checking groceries out and also taking orders is huge waste of time for both and it make you look greedy that you have to register but u want to be smart of not using two employees. Terrible management like the cashier sometimes is making sandwiches when he or she is soo clueless. They changed their prices and the new greedy manager is simply terrible

Phoeny Li

Interesting selection of international groceries to browse. Excellent service at the food counter. Hot, flavorful falafel and stuffed grape leaves. The buffet needed a couple more veggie/side options--it was a few meats and rice. For $9, though, it would have been a good value. Will be back to try some of the sweets.

Samir Arabiyat

Good food, good grocery items and best halal meat

Dia Dean

Шамиль Абдурахманов

Reminds me home

Samuel semon

Good food but awful customer service. Plus they sale expired products. The product that i purchased recently has a best by date from seven 7 months ago .

Han Liang

Nadia Mohsin

Salaam waylkum brothers and sisters. They are selling kosher meat chicken nuggets which is from Israel. They are saying it's halal but its not. I asked the Mullana and he said kosher meat is not halal. So please don't be tricked. Allah hafiz and bless all.



The manager/owner was wonderful. He helped me so much with helping with ingredients and meats to create a greek inspired dinner for guests on a Sat. night. He even explained to me on how to cook the items I picked up. What a great treat and I loved the customer service.

Salvador Antonio

Muy. Bien Fabuloso Bien

dale davidson

The kabobs are insanely good, the selection is good, and the customer service is excellent!

Sam Jal

We absolutely love Souq International Market! The staff is wonderful, the food is amazing, each day they have new menu with delicious food !!!

R Jax

Neat & clean place

Mahboob pilu

I ordered some food to pickup but instead of gyro on rice they gave me on pitas & the meat was way way over cooked. It was hard like rock. I couldn’t return it Because i live 40 miles a way.

Samer Al-Abassi

Nataly Siniora

Very good customer service and good food

Syed Iftequar

Good place to shop for meat. The butcher lady was very skilled and polite. We had the lunch deal where I guess it was Mandi with salad. The food was amazing. Sad part it's no longer a buffet.

Daniel Young

Great food. Fun international market

Mustafa Demir

Hi folks, this is an awesome store. It has a huge product varieties. I think that It is very hygienic even. Prices are reasonable for 80% of the products. It was a good experience. I rank this store 88 out of 100.

Willie Farroukh

Very tasty food , excellent service.

Mohammed Elsherbiny

I have been a customer there for over a year but the last time i was shopping there I had a very disappointing experience and I usually buy all the meat i need once a month so i buy 10. Lbs of ground beef every time and usually they pack all of it in one bag but last time the guy took so long to pack it and he put in separate bags when i got home i found the meat color is green in one of these bags which weigh almost 3lb which is suspicious so i thought it was seasoned but i never thought this bag had a bad meat could heart my family, after we ate small portion of it we start having stomach ache so i thought it is necessary to tell one of the manager right away to check out this before it could hurt somebody else, so i called the store but the guy there answer the phone to said i am sorry “No English”, i texted and called one of the owner i know him but no answer. I urge everybody to be sure ti check out the meat on spot before the go home and avoid to buy big bulk of meat like how i did and i hope if someone responsible there could investigate this incident to keep your customer safe. Edit: we went back today (9/10/18) and the meat manager Sr Amina appologize and made it right. They replaced our order. Thank you for taking our concern seriously and we will continue to shop at Souq.

Zuigly Miranda

Latif Hakeem

Ouiam Jana

Restaurant is bad! food is not fresh and the taste is bad. Super rude costumer service. Very disappointed.the owner was so rude I won’t recommend this place Never go back.

Stephen Hurd

Some of the best lamb kabob I've ever had. They were very kind and the food was delicious. I'll be back! :)

Rukshana Tapadar

Food was pretty good but make sure to choose which level you want it to be cooked otherwise they choose medium, which is kinda undercooked.

Muallima Tasneem gani

Sureyya Hornston

I love the selection, cleanliness, prices, helpful employees, and the music. Highly recommended.

Ridwan Bhuiyan

Super impressed with this market. Its really modern with an authentic feel too it. You can get everything here, from produce to lunch or dinner. I got the chicken shawarma platter. I Highly recommend it.

Abdallah White

A wonderful place! Customer satisfaction is their priority. I had a minor issue with one of the items i bought and the manager replaced it with another brand that is far more in the value! Highly recommended

Qahtan Al Qaysi


Mona Zweil

Very clean market and food is very good too specially the shawerma

Dayshonna Marshall

Great selection of Halal chicken

evrol stewart

Laateef09 Laateef09

كل الاشاء الي عنده موجوده في بقالة عربية

abdulilah alenezi

Farzana Khan

Nice and clean grocery store. Service is be very good. I am impressed.

tony chadha

Umar Abd-Ar-Rashid

I was very impressed with my first visit here. They had a large array, of different quality products that I wouldn't find at any other grocery store. Their food was very good with a nice presentation to it as well. I like this place a lot,and I can't wait to come back to do business again!

Abdu ElBakry

Noor Khan

Went there yesterday and ordered 2 shwarmas for me and my mom. one lamb the other beef. We split each so we could try both. I loved the beef. It was so delicious just the right proportionate amount of juicy meat, tasty sauces and yummy vegetables. My mom says the lamb was her favourite because it was very soft and tender with good floor and easy to chew.

Amani Chahine

Sweet Panamenita

Ali Kaoui

I want to thank the lady, I don’t know her name but she’s always there. Friendly, helpful and excellent service.

Lilia Saber

Great and tasy food! Very friendly service and overall clean resteraunt. Nice place to sit and they have a wide variety of Arabic food.


Gamal Seoudy

Very good place for Arabian food

Charle C

Very nice and clean. Fresh Halal meats

Sameer Khalaf

Wonderful products and great service! Try the authentic shawarma at their restaurant. Delicious!!!

Valerie Mackaben

I love this store, thus is by far the best meat and grocery store ever. I have been to other stores but nothing like this one. This one is so clean, and the deli has delicious foods. The meat area is refrigerated properly. The glass shelves where the meat is placed for show are clean, and the meat is fresh, and rich. They do need some more vegetables, and fruits in their bins. There are not inexpensive in a lot of their grocery items, especially their frozen foods. But I will pay the price for excellent care to the products. I feel safe to eat their food, other halal stores are horrible, they have flies, freezers are not cold enough for the foods, and some have back areas that do not look clean. So so far when I want good meat and products I shop Souq, so do my children. They are the only store that I looked at that impress me. I hope they always stay in business. I love the store, I wish other stores would see this and follow their cleaning, and stocking methods. The owners should be proud. This is a excellent store.

Fady Bouls

They were out of some items for a week


The food was simply amazing, they have improved tremendously. If you're ever in the area, be sure to stop by. It is a must!

Mohammad Shafi

I am living in United States from last 2 and half years. So far, this is best place to get a fresh lamb and goat meat in The United States. And they are serving everything fresh but I am very much interested in lamb and goat though. But, I have a confusion in a their buffet system. When I visited buffet for the first time they said "you cannot refill food". I said OK. I was satisfied because the food was really good. When I went their for the second time my friend asked them will you refill/serve the food again. They said YES.(Second time food was not tasty.) I don't understand why are they so ambiguous about their buffet system. Thank you.

Mohammad Ali

Very tasty food and special chicken briany is yummy too.

Sydni Newborn

Employees were very friendly! Especially the woman in the bakery (unfortunately I cannot pronounce her name). The shelves seemed kinda empty but I think as business increases, so will the amount on the shelves. Meat looked fresh! I think they need to expand their varieties and it may fix all of their issues.

Person From Georgia

Afghan Girl

Carmen Benitez

Love this place.

C Lorenzi

The most amazing in store made fresh daily pita bread everrr!!! Been eating here for a long time, never got sick, always fresh and clean, made ftesh to order. Must put changing station in the bathroom.

Usman Nafees

Great international market with grocery, butcher and a restaurant. Clean and neat. Will visit again

dulla sallak

Been there one time in Ramadan and wished that I went to McDonald's instead worst Customer service iv seen they made me feel like I'm there for a free meal ! Never again

Jordan Satary

mohammed alaqeel

Jimi Filo

An excellent selection of Middle Eastern (and Hlal) ingredients and foods. Their in-house deli serves shawarma, kofta kebab, tabbouleh, hummus, baba ghanooj another well-known street favorites. The staff is friendly and helpful. Definitely worth a stop for the expatriot and food tourist alike.

mahmoud wow

The best mediterranean restaurant in Atlanta

Mohammed El-hamarna

Great experience with a lovely staff. Prices are good so far. The meat department is doing a great job for Halal products. The restaurant also has amazing food.

Mohammad Hajbeh

I didnt come here for a very long time, I said maybe i give it one more try. I come here today on Wed 2.6.19 at evening time. I ordered 2 shawreme wrap at 5:55 pm, my order come up at 6:30pm the place was empty maybe 1 or 2 customer and they had two cooks. The food was good but the bread was kinda dry, i felt like it was old. There was no customer service at all. Thanks!


I went 3 nights straight for iftar buffet. The food was amazingly fresh and tasty. The price was very fair. Their staff is very helpful. I highly recommend to try once their won't regret. Make sure to make reservations ahead of time. The store also carrys fresh meat and other International products. Their meat price and other products price are cheaper then other stores near by.

Fahmi A

Enayatali Ali

I had their "buffet" where you can only get food one time. NEVER have I heard that before on a buffet. Person serving the buffet didn't know what meat was used to cook. Quality of meat was poor and some of it was under cooked. For naan, they served COLD pita bread out of a bag that they sell! There are no paper plates and tables are left uncleaned way after person is gone (I shopped for about an hour and the folks that were leaving dining area as I was coming to shop still had their plates and left over food on the table when I can to eat an hour later.). Wouldn't recommend buffet! Can't say anything about take out or menu items at this time. Not sure if I'm willing to try given this experience.

Jibril Esa

Excellent clean supermarket. For meat and middle eastern foods and delights

Sam Amed

Nazif Ahmad

Hussah Albinali

Anver J Haider

Uwah melluwahu

Al Abassi

Nice, clean and decent price

David & Gaby

Thanks & congrats to Souq International Market for partnering with us to raise money for Angels Among Us Pet Rescue by hosting a charity candy machine. This grocery/market specializes in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. They feature a brick oven menu (great pizza) & feature a large take out/dine-in menu including Shawarma dishes and even a weekend all you can eat buffet! Give Souq a try & be sure to tell them thank you for helping save cats and dogs.

Mohamed Ben Hussen

Good shop. Big, a lot products, very clean place. Good middle East food. Nice hospitality. The shawarma needs some adjust. But it's ok. They been doing Mansaf. It's awesome.

Chnar Solae

Ibrahim Zaaroura

Great mediterranean market and restaurant

Cynthia Jackson

I wanted to like this place so much. I ordered with them through Uber eats. The food looked amazing once it got here. But once I tore into my samosas I realized very quickly that there was a rancid smell coming from them. I looked and noticed there was mold on the inside of one of them. I have one that looks great and one that is molded. I didn’t trust any of the food so I just threw it all away. This is unacceptable. After reading the reviews I see they have a possible issue with meat being fresh. This is scary. Beware!!! You’ve been warned.

Lokmen Lamameri

Iamannoyed Bygoogle

I ordered Shawarma from restaurant. I was very disappointed in taste.

souad outib

The market and restaurant is absolutely amazing from start to finish. Good place to shop for meat. Adil is amazing. if you like moroccan sausage and kufta this is the place. The store is very clean has all kind of international products. Very professional staff, Especially Sara and yousef this young people are full of energy, always happy and try to make thier costumer happy. The only suggestion that i have is Please serve your arabic coffee in arabic cups ''finjan'' not the foam ones

Ahmad Alhejah

Zaheer Wadhwania


The meat and the chicken are fresh I recommend to buy the meat from here. The grocery itself is missing a lot of items but still good. It takes around 50 min from downtown to reach here so if you are planning in buying chicken or meat then the trip worth it.

Farid Hashmi

Worst food ever. Do not try there Buffet I got sick. The meat smelled and was not cleaned. They need to work on there food and service

Chifaa Dorhmi

Balsam Akhras

The market and restaurant is absolutely amazing from start to finish. I ordered the falafel, hummus, baba ghanouj, chicken kabab. They were all really good and full of flavors. The customer service is also wonderful.

ninga :/

Rodney Kellum

Great cafe.

abdifatah M

Great place to be please come and see it yourself!

Ali AlDossary

(Translated by Google) The meat is very good and fresh but Be careful the Butcher Adel he changed the price and add more on it. so account by yourself before go to cashier and make sure how many pound of meat because also the Butcher some time he changed the price or the weight so BE CAREFUL Their meat is very excellent meat, grease and fresh, but you have to check the work in the chopping and in the calculation there is a manipulation of the butcher in the calculation of the price, especially when taking a large quantity or full lamb and do not start cheating V before accounting Calculate yourself how much you see the computer and some objects at the end date Boiled (Original) The meat is very good and fresh but Be careful the Butcher Adel he changed the price and add more on it. so account by yourself before go to cashier and make sure how many pound of meat because also the Butcher some time he changed the price or the Weight so BE CAREFUL لحمهم ممتاز جدا لحم وشحم وطازج لكن لزم تدقق في شغل في التقطيع وفي الحساب يوجد تلاعب من الجزار عادل في حساب السعر خصوصا عند اخذ كميه كبيره او خروف كامل ولا راح يغشونك فا قبل ما يحاسب احسب بنفسك كم يطلع لك ثم حاسب وبعض الأغراض في تاريخ الانتهاء مطوف

Aleen K

Good place for middle eastern items/grocery. Some items are over priced. Background music isn't generally your first choice. Falafel wrap is great!


Awesome place

Steven Kurd


4.5 stars You'd get 5 STAR if the rice was fresh. There were bits of hard rice. The FLAVORS and PROPORTIONS definitely outweighed the rice issue. The flavor of the rice; spectacular. I still ate some. Just not fun picking thru it. It really would have made this 1st time experience exemplary... Bravo!! Definitely coming back for another try soon! Thank youuuu!!

Eman Saleh

I love this store. Clean, excellent customer service, fresh meat, grocery, and some home essentials all in one place.

John D

great place! great selection! and the restaurant inside the store is INCREDIBLE! the staff is always friendly and great to deal with.

mona jama

zainab alsuweydi

Mazhar Momin

Good halal food

Tiba Alnuaimi

Worst service .They need to work on there food and service.

Hasnain Shaban

Great place, extremely soothing ambience... Makes you feel at home

Azamat Kenjebaev

Can't say enough to highlight how good was food I've tried here,. Great job!


Love this store. I shop here weekly because their meat is fresh and their deli food is always good, I especially love the pizza. Everyone is always so nice to me when I go in. The fresh baked goods are simply delicious. There’s nothing like soft fresh homemade bread with your basmati or jolof rice and lamb.theres a large selection of spices and foods from various countries. The butcher prepare my meat to order. The meats are fresh and zabihah in ordnance to Islamic law.

henny yayine

Great people

E Wright

I hate to give bad reviews, but my co worker and I placed an order through Uber Eats. I ordered the Chicken Schwarma and it tasted dry, bland under seasoned and inedible. After the 1st couple of bites I had to put it back in the bag. I requested my money back through Uber Eats and was told they couldn't do that. Complete waste of money! My co workers order out on the regular at my job and I will be sure to mention not to order from this place.

Ashley Tipton

I work next door and today(7/22/16) was my first time going in there and the food was delicious!! I decided to try the chicken shawerma sandwich and it was awesome. Perfect flavor and the salad on the side compliment it perfectly! Definitely will be time I think I'll try the falafel

Samaan Alkhaldi


Peter & Andrew

Not great The store is not clean

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