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REVIEWS OF Tillman’s Meats & Country Store IN Florida

Rodney Sharp

on target hunting

As a hunting guide for 23 years, I am very impressed with the processing done by Tillman's Meats. Every hunting season, whether it's hog, deer or anything in between, I send all of my customers over there. I even use them for my own personal meat processing. I have been dealing with Tillman's Meats for the last 12 years and I will recommend them before any other 'meat processor'. They are very professional, courteous and very serious when it comes to food safety and cleanliness. I feel very comfortable recommending them.

Leon Cumberbatch

I've been around for a long enough time to tell the people living in my area that this butcher / meat shop serves the best quality you will ever find. I'm not much of a writer, I'm a Vet with 30 years service. The big supermarkets' meats cannot compare to the fresh and tender steaks that this store provides. Trust me on this!

Cindy Harby

I have been a Fresh Market steak snob for years. I recently bought filets and sirloin from Tillman's. They were both outstanding. Tillman's has a new steak customer!! #buylocal

roxy chloe

TILLMAN'S MEATS IS THE BEST MEAT SHOP / BUTCHER SHOP IN TOWN!!!!! Their meats are SUCCULENT, FARM FRESH, TENDER, TOP QUALITY, DELICIOUS AND PRISTINE. I absolutely love their small town country store atmosphere. The meats comes from my hometown in Iowa so I feel very comfortable buying it. The guys at the meat counter are very knowledgeable and helpful, and they always make me feel happy with my selection of meat and are always willing to offer advice. Last week I tried their freezer special (signature pack) and I was blown away with the quantity and quality of the meat. It was so good I called my neighbors over to check it out and they are all excited to go to Tillman's with me next week. Thank GOD a place like this still exists and I will be there every week, even though I live 40 minutes away. Can't wait to try y'all smoke ribs!!!

Jason T

Thus place is awesome. If you need some meats this place has an excellent selection and also has a great staff.

Mark Peterson

We love the mild breakfast sausage. This is a great and friendly store that we love shopping at.

Jennifer H

Bought 2 Filet Mignons, they were tough and chewy as jerky, extremely disappointed. Will never waste my time going back there. Worst steak ever.

Gordon LeeQuay

What can I say other than they have the best beef steaks in town and good deals / sales! Great staff, and phenomenal smoked baby back ribs (less than $20 per rack)! Love the cherry wood !

Linda Richelson

This was my first visit to Tillman's. I drove from the Beach bypassing my neighborhood grocery store chain (starts with P ends with X). I will never buy meat anywhere else. Quality and value.... now I wish that I had a deep freezer.

cw smith

Whoever is in that dancing cow costume... GIVE THEM A RAISE!

Natasha B

First off it does have a strong smell when you walk in and to me it smells of the refrigeration system and fresh meats but it can be offputting if you have a sensitive nose. That being said I love this place. I Got a freezer pack and the quality and taste was Surprisingly good, better than the grocery store we usually frequent. my family and I will be back

John Pooser

Like many, I've driven past for years meaning to stop in and see what they have to offer. I've recently moved to the area and decided to finally try them out for a 2" Ribeye. The shop is very clean and organized with a basic selection of meats, complimentary sides, and a great selection of sauces and seasonings. The staff was very attentive and friendly, taking my order with no hesitation (which I've had before when requesting a 2" thick cut). I thought the price was a bit high at $13.99/lb but I hoped for quality to match. Unfortunately after a very successful cook, the cut left much to be desired. The quality or the meat being on par with Walmart, much less than Publix or even Winn Dixie. I expected much more for the price at a local butcher. Despite the great service, they fell short where it counted and left me frustrated after spending so much time and money. I'll most likely give them another go and explain that I'm looking for a quality cut. :)

Donna Bird

Paul Darnell

We brought our venison to Tillman's for the first time ever last week, expecting a six week wait, and were pleasantly surprised when they turned it around in a few days. The quality was excellent and we now have 178lbs of spicy smoked sausage. Thanks Tillman's!


Over 2 months to get my meat processed. Close to $200 for this, very expensive. Not happy about the entire situation. It's been a year and a half or two years since I was in there last and I doubt I'll ever return. New owners...definitely not the same Tillmans.

Shane Beck

Excellent quality and selection of traditional meat and exotic meat. I enjoy shopping there as the meats are always fresher, and the color / texture is way better than anywhere else. They have very nice side items too that pairs well with steak dinners. The excellent and helpful staff are very friendly.

Laura Ninette

Went in looking for meats for my dogs. They had a great selection ie turkey necks, brains, liver and other organs. They were very friendly and we talked about the kinds of dogs we have as well as they told me they make a pre-made raw mixture for a local kennel as well as individual customers that could be adjusted by proteins and price point. Very cool place!

Jason J

While I loved Tillmans for the longest I have grown to dislike the quality they are becoming known for. Bout 5 yrs ago my roommate and I began to purchase from this place and the quality was outstanding. In more recent purchases it's become rather disgusting. Im pulling feathers out of the chicken. The ground beef is coming completely grey and smelly w/ a slimy film on the meat. I cant tell you how many things Ive thrown away. Just a few days ago we tried to eat some hot dogs (which are extremely salty), they were misshaped wrinkled different colors (each dog was multiple colors) and just plain out looked horrible. Now we usually get the $74 half freezer special which both my roommate and I agree has quickly become over priced and the quality has plummeted. I do not recommend the freezer specials as you just get what you get in the store and there isn't a way to inspect the product at all while at the store. However, the bacon and sausage and sirloin chops are still awesome, the rest of what they have as far as meat not so much.

Brendon Lewis

Passed by this store over the weekend and their parking lot was overflowing. We passed by again later and they were still overflowing, so being curious creatures we decided to stop in and check it out to see what was going on. We never knew this place existed and it is awesome! It's a old fashioned butcher shop with a decent variety of amish products and home baked stuff. We bought the chicken breast that was on sale, a few pork chops and 2 NY Strips. We sampled them all on Sunday at a party and they were off the hook good! If anything, the quality is excellent and the staff is very courteous.

Daniel Mudgett

Great selection of meats of all imaginable types! We got a rack of lamb and asked them to cut it into pops for the grill and they were tender and delicious. The prices are good and they have a wide variety of specials. They have a lots of sauces, rubs, dressings as well as baked items like pies and breads. Customer service was awesome with a very helpful and friendly staff. Looking forward to coming again and trying something else.


This place is amazing, and the staff is polite and courteous. They have any kind of meat and cut you could imagine.

Velasquez S

Picked up a case of Picanha today. Wonderful quality and freshness. The best I've seen in Jacksonville. Very good prices on their fresh meat. Bueno!

Anne Franklin


Tyler Hirst

PeggyJames Alford

Just love Tillman's! Great meat selection and everyone is very helpful

Doug Lee

VERY EXCELLENT QUALITY AND FRESHNESS. The meat store is 30 minutes off my normal route but I take the extra drive just to get their stuff. I have been shopping there for over 12 years and it is worth it. I am a very picky eater and I have high quality standards (taste, cleanliness and freshness)...and this is why I choose to buy from them. I drive past all the supermarkets and other stores just to get to Tillman's. Thank you Richard and team for the great work and service!

JR nJax

I'm a sausage fan - my waistline would say I'm a fanatic - but I only listen to him when I'm hungry :) A friend told me about Tillmans when I was lamenting about the lack of good country sausage here in Jacksonville. I'm glad I took their suggestion! The building is rustic in appearance - you may drive right past it if you're not looking (although occasionally, they'll have a dancing pig out front that you can't miss). Their meat counter is usually full of lots of tasty looking steaks, ribs and sausages. On top of the counter, they display their smoked goods with lots of great choices - I usually find some room in my order for a few wings & ribs. Their breakfast sausages (smoked or fresh) are quite tasty by themselves or in other dishes like red beans & rice. I also enjoy their bratwurst, which I usually buy smoked. They normally offer samples of their smoked sausages so you can try before you buy! The store also features baked goods, jams, pre-made items like loaded potatoes, and walls full of sauces that you might not find elsewhere. The staff is wonderful and very helpful and make you feel like family!

Jason Thurgood

Went into tillmans to have a deer processed and the older butcher was negative right away. Asked about prices and he said I neeed "deep pockets". He just came across as very negative and had the attitude of we don't really want your business. I took my deer and left

Stanley Tinsley

I give this a one star because today I went the store thinking since this is a "meat market" they would have what I was looking for. I asked for a pork shoulder with the skin on it. The first employee was nice but told me " they don't sell anything like that and I would have to special order it." The other guy totally ignored us and his fellow employee when asked if they had anything what I was looking for. Its one thing if a store doesn't carry something but to be ignored is totally unacceptable. I will never step foot in that place again.


I was there sometime ago but their canned beets and camel burgers were excellent


I didn't think it made a difference where I bought my family's meat but it DOES! Tillmans is head and shoulders the BEST. My youngest can't get enough of their homemade sausage. We will not be shopping anywhere else!

Greg Leyland

Awesome steak specials. Great meat, pies and bacon!!!

Nina Louvier

I am so thankful to Steve, Nick and Raul from Tillman Auto. When I visit the dealer for the first time I knew my situation was a little difficult. Not the best credit score, specific requirements like it needed to be a minivan or a car with a third row, and an affordable payment. I couldn't buy the minivan I wanted, so Steve loaned me a for a month until they were able to find a car with the same mileage, and conditions than the previous one. I was able to go to work and I even got a better deal than the original. They worked with me and were very patience with my situations. I go there and feels like family. We are planning to buy replace our other car soon and we will definitely go again and do business with Tillman Auto @ Beach Blvd. Thank you Guys! Stephanie


Small town store feel, great prices and a very friendly staff. Please do yourself a favor and try the homemade goodies, especially the potato salad................................did I mention the Potato Salad lol

Gato Cm

I met this guy Jefferd and he showed me the store , I never knew I culd find OX TAIL! , DOSENT smell bad at all and they have very delicious looking cakes.

Moderna Pavers - Justin

TheTwo WomenShow

Really great place for meats. If you are looking for high quality meats but you cant pay the full supermarket price, this is the place for you with their packs. While you can go and buy discounted meats, that is time and this is faster and you save money. You can substitute and the workers are nice and work with you if something you don't like is inside the package. The meats are top notch if you are willing to pay the extra prices. Always look at their deals. They also sell meats that you wont usually find, like Ostridge, bear, duck, quail, snake, and more.

Brian Hoffman

Recently started goin here, and it was definitely worth it. The Ribeye steak are great super tender an very tasty! Everything fresh and reasonably priced. will definitely be back!!

Frank Bennett

Amazing place! Staff is friendly and prices are very reasonable. Thanks Tillmans!

Debbie Forte

Loving Tillmans! My 4th attempt as a successful beef brisket. Went to Tillman's, as I was determined for this to be my epic win with that ever so non-forgiving cut of meat. Gio is the man! He explained, in detail, how to perfectly smoke a Brisket. I tossed all of my Googled notes and followed his to a tee. Here is Gio's instructions (adapted to a Big Green Egg). Gio cut and trimmed the Brisket. Tillmans offers a packer's cut, only two of us at home, so I opted for a good flat. Seasoned with some dry rub. Then injected with two cups of Tillman's Magic Marinade. Don't be shy with this stuff... it's awesome! Rubbed more dry rub on. Set up lump coal in cleaned Egg. Steady temp of 200F. Put in large Hickory chunks (no need to soak them). Put in plate setter, legs up, and a drip plan with hot water, then grate on top. Put that beautiful hunk of meat on - 200F for 10 hours. Used a Digi-Q to maintain temp. Then off to sleep. Next morning, Placed tin foil loosely over Brisket. Raised dome temp to 275F, and let the BGE do it's thing for 3 hours. Removed Brisket, wrapped in tin foil then towels. Placed in cooler for an hour and a half... and... VOILA!!! Thank you Gio!

Bennett Mercado

Quality of beef rib slab was incredible. Unfortunately, the smoked chicken wings and thighs were absolutely terrible. The chicken was probably rancid prior to being smoked; should have asked for a sample prior to purchase (lesson learned). Won’t be back.

dimetrius madden

I love there steaks.

Kevin Lauderdale

Returning customer..My office buddies keep telling me to go to tillmans for smoked meats.. I am an experienced smoker and so i decided to go check them out. I swear, from the parking lot, you can smell their smoker going. As you enter, the aroma of smoked meat takes you to cloud 9. I tried their smoked brisket, pork butt, baby back ribs and a few chicken wings for the road (basically a sample pack). I was surprised how good they all tasted, and I am a very picky eater. I will be back for more! They did excellent in my book!

David Yoe

I used to frequent Tillman's often for steaks, burgers and hot dogs for get together's at the house. My son also liked that unique soda's, candy and old country store feel. I went in Saturday to purchase meats for my SuperBowl party and I was not there for 5 minutes before I walked out. There was a very odd smell and the place looked dirty. In the the center display they now just put random cuts of old meat. No one even asked if they could help me and most of the staff looked foreign. It really is a shame when businesses change hands and the new owners don't keep the same high standards. Also, please stop putting an employee in a cow suit on the side of the road... this is Mandarin, not the slums of the Westside or Arlington.

Brandon Kotsch

Great customer service! Was looking for a good butcher and as soon as I walked they greeted me and started answering questions. Great prices for the quality and quantity of the meats.

Dolph Smith

Their ribeye, tenderloin and ny steaks are the best you're gonna find. And their new jalapeno & cheddar sausages are excellent! I shop their every week for the past 7 years.

Zachary Pappas

James Theologus

I'm really picky about 2 things. Steaks and bacon. I've been on the hunt and was consigned to the run of the mill selection at the local grocery stores and their unimpressive steaks and their prepackaged nitrate riddled bacon. Until this weekend I found Tillman's. And I gotta say, best steak I've had for a very long time, even frequenting Texas Roadhouse and longhorn, nothing beats grilling it yourself. Those cuts were perfect AND provided you are able to find that level of quality at the grocery store, Tillman's is better priced. And the bacon, thick cut and pink. I think they've spoiled me for the meat selection at Publix, this place is amazing. And the staff are more than willing to serve you. Best butcher shop in Jacksonville and a diamond in the rough for carnivores.

Alexander Hernandez

I really wanted to like TIllman's I spent so much money here trying to find good cuts of fresh meats only to be burned by foul smelling and bad tasting steaks. but really the only good thing they have is their frozen specials. I bought some sirloin cap and it was bathed in blood. I thought the meat was unusually red when I opened it but thought nothing of it. When I cooked it the smell and taste of blood was horrendous. I couldn't believe what I just got sold. Never coming back here again. I really wanted this place to be good. I compared a TIllman's ribeye to a wal-mart brand ribeye and I am really saddened to say that wal-mart won. Cooked the same way and seasoned the same way.

Anna Chase

Excellent butcher shop!

Stephan Moore

Is Tillman Meats worth visiting? YES, they are! I've been shopping over at Tillmans Meats for about 2-3 years. It's worth the drive (coming from Middleburg). I get their Signature Freezer Pack and it's always great quality meat and it lasts my family just over 2 weeks - it depends also if the grand kids come over. I really enjoy the friendly faces and welcome I get over at Tillmans. As a retired Master Chief, I am always happy to see Shipmates being successful after retirement and they have 2 or 3 of them over there. I know of the Retired Chief and the other younger guy (E5/6). Cheers to Tillman's for the wonderful quality meats and the staff they hire!

Derek Alston

My first visit was awesome, there was so much to choose from i didnt know what to get. Got good quality meat an done the way I wanted it. Will definitely be back soon!

Claudia Hladik

I got the Bratwurst there. It was a taste of Germany. Outstanding!

L A or J G Shaffer

Get offal meats here! Not your ordinary butcher shop. Great selection of meats and seasonings with cheeses, bakery items and even rent sausage making machines. The steaks were SOOOO succulent!


Unsanitary and disgusting! I would have rated them at zero stars, but Google won't allow it. I recently visited Tillman's (under new management :(………). I was greeted by a pleasant young man almost immediately. He appeared to be eating something while he worked. No foul there I guess. While I looked around the store, I was appalled at how filthy the store was. Imbedded dirt surrounded the display cases at the floor. Next is where I'll define disgusting. I watched a man who appeared to be in charge, open a sealed package of chicken and smell the contents. Ugh....who does that? I noticed a ribeye in the display case and glared at what looked like mold on the meat. The man in charge did not wash his hands prior to removing the steak from the case. Directly after handling the chicken package, he whisked away with the discolored steak. When he returned from the back of the store, he asked if I was interested in any of his smoked meats. I asked him about smelling the chicken then touching the steak without washing. He said he did wash his hands. He then offered a sample of smoked some-kind-of-meat. Again noticing that he had not washed his hands, I asked to speak to the owner. He said he was the owner. Unbelievable! The previous owners of this shop would have never displayed such inappropriate conduct. I used to love this store! Their bacon was second to none! Steaks cut to order were always delicious (and fresh by the way). Apparently, the new owners must refer the disgusting steak I saw "aged beef". The Tillman's that has been a respectable, impeccable quality, and clean butcher shoppe of the Mandarin community is now gone folk's. Please look around (if you dare to even go in) and make your own decisions about the shop's cleanliness and the owners rudeness-with-a-smile. Now I understand why their parking lot is always empty when I drive by. Do yourself a favor and pass on this joint.

Tal Chin

In Short - Very Satisfied First Time Customer - based on product quality, price, variety of selections, customer service and atmosphere. Tillmans is the place to go. They deserve 5 stars. Details - we bought 8 x 16oz ribeyes about a month ago to try out the butcher shop quality versus the grocery store. We served them to our family and friends and everyone raved about the quality and taste of the meat. Even my dad, who is a die-hard Texas beef eater was very impressed with the quality coming out of this butcher shop in Mandarin. For Christmas, we reserved a 7 bone - 14 day Dry Aged Rib Roast, with the bones cut off and tied back on. Everyone LOVED it! We paired our meat with their "Twice Baked Potato" and it was a blast. I am happy to have Tillman's Meat around and from what I was told, they have been there for about 40 years. I love my butcher! yay!!!

Jeong Kim-Judd

Just been there, fresh good priced meat and bakery, awesome variety, and most important friendly service.

Gini Hancock Moore

Best meat market and box deals in Jacksonville!!

Alicia Riegel

Quality meats and service. Very knowledgable about everything meat. Will do custom cuts of meat for you. Under new management I think and it is much cleaner and more appealing inside. Great BBQ! Also a proud supporter of local businesses, they sell homemade pies, cakes, honey, veggies etc.

Mark Rivera

My wife and I planned an event and Tillman's Meats definitely delivered the goods. Richard took my order, smoked and sliced the turkey, ribs, and awesome jalapeno and cheese sausage and our guests loved it. Richard and his staff are extremely professional and I highly recommend their product.

Evan Dodd

So delicious, will be back again for sure


A hidden gem! Checked this store out yesterday and it's awesome! Bought 8 ribeyes and we also got the chicken deal (picture included) and the family loved everything. We'll be shopping there from now on. To the owners - please open up a store in St. Augustine! This is the best butcher store I have seen.

Frank De Santos

Bought some skirt steaks and flank steaks over the weekend and they were fantastic! The smoked turkey breast was very tasty too!

Tracy Pfuehler

Tillman’s is FABULOUS!!! Went in and got 2 porterhouse steaks- got 1 free-yay! (From palm coast). Cooked them on the big green egg and they were the best we have had!!! So ordered 12 more-plus ground beef - and picked up following Saturday! Best meats - best customer service. Definitely make it a point to go - you won’t be sorry!

Shelley Flanary

Absolutely the best beef standing rib roast I've ever had the honor to prepare for my family. IMO, we are so very fortunate to have Tillman's in our neighborhood! Their attention to the details help make every purchase a culinary delight.

Wayne Marks

Deer and Hog Processing - Professional; Affordable; Clean; Great Quality; Great Variety. Very good butchers, the best I've seen.

Beth Lewis

A butcher shop that has been around for 41 years must be doing something right. They have the freshest and best quality meat you'll find. Nowhere else does it like Tillmans. They have fresh house made sausages that's very good too. I have been in Jacksonville all my life and I went to all of the meat suppliers, and no one can compare to Tillmans in terms of quality and affordability.

Craig Apel

finally found a great butcher shop in my area. reminds me of the excellent midwestern butchers with restaurant quality beef and reasonable prices.

Cindy Wright

Our meal was delicious. Cooked perfectly and oh so tender. Thank you Tillman's for your wonderful service and food.

Lisa Marie

I finally found a great butcher shop in FL. They have all the right cuts and quality. They have a fun staff that's helpful, easy going and welcoming. This store reminds me of the ones we have in Iowa (country feel). We tried the Ribeye last night and it came out perfect (very tender and very good taste). The prices are better and cheaper too. I'll definitely be back!

Michael Terrone

Tillmans is the best butcher shop i ever been to and i lived all over the US. Richard is amazing he knows his business well and has always steered me toward the most amazing meats. From now on i will be getting all my meat from Tillmans and pies.

Harry White

I use to go to this store and get a Family pack or 2. This past Thanksgiving i called and got a fried turkey "11-12 pounds" with gravy, 2 pies. When i went to pick up the turkey it was as small as 5 pounds. The person behind the counter advises me that's what happens when it is fried. Uh- i have worked for plenty of restaurants and NO they do not lose 5 to 6 pounds when frying. I planned my holiday around this food and now it is ruined. I paid for it and left, as i am walking out the old woman behind me asked the same thing. This place was great, now the new foreign owners have ruined it. The place smells, the meat looks old and dried out. Other meat shops/butchers are around. !!

I really don't know what to say

Catherine Nass

We have had their bangers, steak and some Greek Sausages. The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable (Hugo is our favorite). My husband and son loved the Greek sausages!

Mit 2008

We walked in and right out. I realize that it's a place that contains a lot of meat however the smell there is horrible. Much of the meat looked old and did not have a fresh appearance in the case. I never knew the chicken could even look Gray? They really claim its fresh this and fresh that but I'll pass on those alleged "Fresh meats"

Angie Dukes

Not to publicly humiliate this business. But please smell your meats before you leave the store. They sold me bad stuff, they refunded me but I unfortunately wont be able to buy from there on account that they dont sell quality. Just wont take any chances.

Larissa Hudson

I've always passed in front of Tillman's Meats & Country Store and said to my self, " One day I will stop by." That one day came and now I go in as often as I can! First and foremost the owners and workers are amazingly nice! Vicki and her husband are the owners. Vicki makes all the desserts, and they are all natural and taste great! They're delicious. I recently bought some pecan bars, lemon bars, cookies, brownies and A french silk pie! All of Vicki desserts are fresh and made with natural ingredients! Her pecan bars are my friend's favorite. So far all of her desserts I've tasted is fresh and very tasteful! Trust me, she knows how to bake and bake well! Nothing can beat home made desserts! Vicki is always kind to me when I come in! She's the best! A pretty young hard working women! Her Husband is also polite! I've also purchased fresh hot dogs, fresh Italian sausage and polish sausage. All tasted wonderful and were a good price! Thanks to the workers and owners at Tillman's Meats! ***** People when you get a chance, stop by, and try the desserts, some meats and sauces. They have just about everything! And everything is home made with natural ingredients! Trust me on this one. I have confidence in my review from my experience and I know everyone who stops by with enjoy!

Dan B

kosar m

Summer Juaire

Alaina Wells

CAN I PLZ GIVE THEM 6 STARS? Saw some ad about steak deals and decided to try them out. I never went there before , but I am VERY glad that I did. The meat is WAYYYY FRESHER and cleaner and the meat cutters are very polite and helpful. When I walked in everyone welcomed me and started talking. I am very appreciative of the warm welcome they gave me and even happier with the beef tenderloin and baby back ribs I got. I recommend that you check them out, because you'll be happy that you did.

Matt Gibson

best piece of meat I ever put in my mouth!

Samuel Elias

We were referred to Tillman's from a neighbor about 16 years ago. We live in Mandarin and we've been shopping there since. The store is beautifully updated and the smoky smell is delicious! Tillmans has great fresh meats and also excellent smoked items. Fresh smoked wings, beef brisket, Turkey breast and lots more. Sliced and delicious. No one beats their meat. No one...

Minutiae. MayuMay

I bought a flank steak awhile back and it honestly stunk, even had a brownish color. Preordered it over the phone, so it was wrapped when I arrived. I was so excited to cook fresh meat but when I opened it it smelled & was brown. Publix meat is more fresher. Also, I bought a back of "fresh baked" cookies, which were hard and had too much egg in the recipe.

Haley S

Great steaks and good prices. First time trying out Tillmans, and we were very surprised that their prices were cheaper than the grocery store. We took advantage of their steaks specials on the New York - buy 1 get 1 and my husband bought 2 PorterHouse Steaks and he got 1 free. We had them a few days ago and they were the best we have ever had. I am sure that my husband will be going back there from now on as he grills out with his friends almost every weekend and they try to out-do each other.

Wes Orto

Billy Albritton

great place to get fresh turkey

Russ Cox

been going here for 5 years, has a bad steak once they replaced them with no problem excellent service and great steaks. will recommend to anyone Russ Cox

allocution .

DO NOT pass the opportunity to stop in to this Old Fashioned Meat Market. The products are fresh cut, the people are pleasant and very helpful and the ambiance is from the past, when meat markets were meat markets. I'll be shopping here again and again.

Jessica Austin

Shane Meyers

I don't go here all the time but I go here from time to time to get top end meat and sausage. I love the sausage they have here. Just put it on a skillet on really low heat and wait. Delicious.

Steak Whisperer

Totally awesome store. This little butcher shop packs a knockout punch with their filet mignon and bone in rib eye. The workers were very kind and helpful, they greeted us and spent time answering our questions. The owner was also very generous in giving us cooking advice. The quality of their meats and the wonderful smell (of the smoker outside & inside) takes me back to the good old days. I love this place! A true diamond!

Leslie Anne Walker

Tillman's Meats has the best ribeyes!! We got their rib eye steaks yesterday and we grilled them to medium rare. They were better than any steak we have had here in North Florida. My husband and Son are both military men and they know their steaks (having been deployed all around the US and abroad). They said that these were far better than any meat store. This butcher shop is DEFINITELY THE BEST!!! WE WILL BE BACK.

Quiana Kerr

Today I traveled from Brunswick Georgia to this location for my monthly supply of meats for my family the store was super clean the staff were very helpful and friendly .Professional and the quality of meats you cannot beat and the price points were very good they even have packaged meat plans that I'm used to in Florida so it's affordable for every budget and they are also EBT friendly I would highly recommend to anyone needing a variety of meats for your family at great prices

Gordon Mantay

Jason Forrest

I am a Pit Master for Memphis,TN. They had the best looking baby back ribs I have seen in the area. Great prices, Great staff, and Great selections of all meats!

Robert Carroll

I have been going to Tillman's for over 2 months now and the food has been top quality everytime I go. I get the half freezer special for $55.00 which is a great deal and for last me and my wife for atleast 2 weeks. I have completely stopped purchasing any meats from the typical super market chains. I also just ordered thier fresh Turkey for xmas and I am having it smoked for the first time so we will see how that turns out not that I am expecting anything but concidering the other meats quality.... so this should be great.

Garrick Rawls

David Woodall

Their meats are excellent, and pricing is very reasonable. A great quality butcher shop.

Sean McKenzie

The guys at Tillman's are the BEST!!! I have been using them for years and they have the best quality - they're better than any of the meat stores I've been to (which is a lot!)...the prices are very reasonable and the butchers are very knowledgeable...This year I had Tillman's do my Thanksgiving Dinner and it was fantastic, it was so good I had them do my Christmas Dinner as well! The service and professionalism I get from Tillman's is better than anything I get anywhere else....keep up the great work guys!

Jen Fox

Kirt Joelle

Great meat and service. Better than the rest. We purchased our Christmas Rib Roast from Tillman's Meats and we were amazed how much better the quality is, when compared to the grocery store ones. The tenderness was so much better, we'll be going to get our meat from there on. The staff were so polite and they even gave me a card with cooking instructions labelled " Cooking a Rib Roast - the Navy Chief's Way". We recommend them!

Patsy Tricia

My 3rd time going to Tillmans Meats and having experienced their meat, I have to say it is far better than the grocery stores. Very helpful staff. Great selection and quality of meats. Better prices than the stores. I recommend checking them out.

Vicky Nadine

Love this old fashioned store and the guys working there are awesome too. I bought some fresh steaks and some smoked briskets and pork butt over the Labor day weekend and everyone over loved it. It was juicy and tasted perfecto. Can't wait for my next hosting dinner at Thanksgiving.. I know where I'll be going for my smoke Amish Turkey. I still have some time to decide if I want it fried or smoked..... I had the smoke last year and it was awesome but heard great reviews on the fried too.. so we'll see lol. See you soon guys and thanks again for everything!

Lucas Steranski

My family loves their steaks and smoked brisket (on weekends). From the street, the wonderful aroma of their smoker entices you to follow your nose. They have a very beautiful set-up of different cuts of beef, and they look so good! Their prices and quality is very much better than the supermarkets. Their in-store baked pies are to die for!!! Tillman's is excellent!

Zeke O'Han

We love this store! Great steaks. Good Prices. Wonderful Smoked Meats. Fun Staff. Oh, and a mind blowing variety of exotic meat. Awesome!!!

Victor Williams

I am very happy that I switched to Tillman's. I just got my deer back from them and their quality is outstanding. Far better than what i was getting from the last 2 processors I used in the west-side and north-side. Tillman's turned my deer around in 3 days and the prices were reasonable. I'm sticking with them, and I recommend them to all my hunting buddies and club in GA and FLA.


JDub 675

Their prices are great, all the meat is great and the bacon is the best we have tried! As long as we live nearby, they will be filling out freezer once a month instead of the big box stores! Edit! Please read! The new owners have made this place go down hill in a hurry! That great bacon I mentioned, well yeah, they’ve traded that for some cardboard tasting bacon....and the people working inside are rude. I know an employee that worked there for years and quit not long after the new owners came along because they are rude and nasty people...stay far away from this store!!!

paul menard

Have all my wild hogs processed here. Great job. When dropping off hogs I pick up the smoke turkey breast and filet steaks. Family loves it. Turkey breast with potatoes then left over ground up into turkey salad. My dogs recommend the bag of dog treat sausages!!!

Angje Tingley

Been going here since I was a little girl! Great prices, friendly staff and great all the way around!

Dr. Ronald Maddison

Since the early 80's we've been going to Tillman's Meats and at that time it was owned by a good friend of ours "Bobby". We saw Tillman's grow and evolve from a dry goods store that sold hanging beef outside, to a country store that it now is. We met the current owners and they were so very kind and pleasant to us, even before knowing our history with the place. Richard introduced himself to me and my wife and he showed us around. My wife was extremely happy that they kept the old recipes on the sides, pies and other items. And I am particularly happy that he still gets his meats from the old sources. We got a few beef steaks and pork steaks yesterday and they were good!! As a matter of fact they were excellent!!! The people working there are very polite, and they keep the place very clean and welcoming (there is no meat smell)! All the steaks in the meat display looked amazing, bright red and fresh. While there, hunters came in and brought with them over 300 lbs of Elk for the butchers to process. When I saw this it reminded me of the way the store was running over 20-30 years ago. I am thrilled to see this "Gem of Mandarin" still in operation and still keeping things old fashioned. We wish the owners the very best and thank them for the excellent job they are doing! I will encourage any meat-eater or wise-shopper to visit Tillmans Meats.

Ken E

We stopped in for the first time and purchased several rib-eye's and pork chops. The staff treated us like we were regulars and were very pleasant. We look forward to returning.

William Sebastien

Tillman's, you are absolutely the best. I rate you 5 out of 5. I visited Tillman's Meat last week with my son. I'm from cattle country in Texas and I am very impressed with the meat and and quality of the steaks and briskets we got from them. These butchers know how to cut and how to smoke. I brought some brisket back to Texas and my buddies were amazed with the smoked brisket. The next time I visit Jax, I'll be visiting you all again.

David moseley

rocknroll badass

Let me make this review simple and easy to understand. Tillman's Meats has been here for over 40 years, way before those large commercialized supermarkets who use carbon monoxide or dyes in their meat. Tillman's is the real deal when it comes to getting pure fresh beef, pork, chicken sausages etc. If you don't believe me then see the picture I attached with what customers have been saying. Eat healthy people!!

Justus Self-Medlin

The main question is this better than Publix or Winn Dixie? I requested a prime rib for 4 to 6 pounds but closer to 4 pounds. I received the meat at a price $177 dollars. It was 6 pounds which I was unaware of. Now the main question and the answer is no. It is not better than Publix which I can get the same meat for about $50. If you enjoy a pound of fat which adds to the cost on your meat and saying "oh I bought it from a local butcher shop!" Then by all means enjoy this but if you just want good meat at a good price do not go here. On one of my pictures you'll see the fat I cut off the first slice just to get to the meat. This does not count for the additional fat throughout the cutting process. Tillman's just replied that they competively priced their meat at $13.59 a pound. At 6 pounds that adds up to $81.54 not $177. At that rate I should have gotten 13 lbs of prime rib.


If you want fresh meat then this is the place to go. I have referred a lot of people to Tillman's Meats because I trust them in providing us with great quality meat that is fresher than any other place (and good deals too). I am also very happy that they have two (2) former Navy servicemen on staff - I believe a MS and a E5. Very pleasant employees and ambiance. If you try their meat you won't be shopping anywhere else. There is no red coloring on the meat or enhancers, just a good old butcher shop.

Reynella Suri

Fantastic deal! We got the buy 2 and get 1 free Porterhouse (see pic). They were fabulous! Like Butter! Great deal..we're happy we found this butcher shop. Really good looking meats

Tyler Holland

I came in today for the first time, and I'm a bit shy when talking to people. They were super nice, and they allowed us to taste the sausages that they had prepared. The venison was my favorite, but my fiance loved the jalapeno cheddar. They even have a GREAT price on rabbit. I think I'm going to start buying a monthly Supersavers pack and make this a regular shopping destination! Hopefully next time I can buy even more, and I really hope to try the ostrich! I couldn't have asked for better quality or service!

Lana Elainey

Went in for the first time since moving and we love it! They made us awesome heart - shaped ribeye steaks and they were awesome! We also had their tenderloin (filet) and it too was awesome. Prices are reasonable and the butchers are very helpful. Well worth the 5 stars!!!

black jesus

I just rated this to say to the guy that love sausages to hit me up dog.i got plenty for you in yo mouth

Aaron Jones

Just wanted to say that this is the first time buying from Tillmans and I am very impressed. The quality of our standing rib roast for Christmas was phenomenal. Top quality and very pleasant employees. I love it!

Michael Beene

Great quality steaks and family bundle freezer specials

Tracy Grissett

Excellent meats and desserts.

Steven Channing

This is a hidden gem! Very good quality meat. Better than supermarkets and other meat stores.


I sent my fiancé to go pick up some chicken from here earlier today. I went to open a pack of chicken thighs and I could smell them before I even opened the pack. I opened the plastic and the smell was horrendous. I checked the packing label, and it said it was packed fresh today. But there is no way that chicken was fresh from today, it smelled like it went bad days ago... I’m not sure if business is slow and they don’t want to throw away profits and keep meat longer than they should, printing off new labels after they expired (that’s just a guess) but that chicken smelled so bad I had to take the time to write this review. I’ve gone there a few times and usually it’s fine. Only one other time I got some questionable chicken, but nothing compared to this rancid meat we got today. I wanted to support local business but I’m scared to go back now. I’m not saying they’re bad, but definitely smell the meat before leaving the store. I saw another review saying the same thing on here and I now understand why. UPDATE: we returned the chicken and they were kind enough to offer some complementary ground beef in addition to a refund. Also I forgot to mention the smoked corned beef is amazing.

B. Delise

I don't know about the meats, i bought a little but haven't cooked it yet. I went because of their website showing a huge dessert case full of delicious looking deserts. NOT! No dessert case and a few deserts in cooler and a few by cash register.. Won't be going again even if meat is good!

Kelli Taylor

Wish I could attach a picture of the brisket we paid $53 for Christmas 2017..more fat than meat..Will not buy from Tillmans again.

Lori Ann

If you are looking for good quality meat (fresh; tender; full of flavor) then try TILLMAN'S MEAT. We have found them to be reasonably priced and their meat quality beats all others. They have very good sales / coupons online and on their Facebook Page. The guys there are very helpful. The rib roast we got for Christmas Dinner was out-of-this world!!! Love them already!!! See my pic. Just had to show off!!!

Liam Kel

By far the BEST meat shop I've seen in Florida. I especially like the wide variety of meat (and exotic meats). I was there for about 20 minutes trying to decide what to buy and take back with me to St. Pete..the staff and butcher were all very helpful and I enjoyed the southern hospitality. I am very impressed with Tillmans..Can you all please open a location in ST. Pete? btw, the ribeyes were phenomenal!!!

Bryan Lucas

Worst experience with a butcher I’ve ever had. I wanted to try something new so I droppped 6lbs of deer meat off to be processed into brats. After paying $25 and only receiving 5lbs of brats something wasn’t right so I went back. They kept making up reasons as to why I was shorted over 2lbs of meat including the fat that it takes to make the brats. They claimed it was left in the grinder then some how found it in the cooler and probably just gave me regular bulk sausage. When I called to inform them my order was over 2 lbs short they stated they would give me someone else deer meat. Don’t bring your deer to Tillman’s because you never know what your getting back. They also charger me for 10lbs of seasoning and casing which made it upwards of $25 for my order. The new management is terrible. Process your own meat or take it elsewhere. The rest of their meat is over priced also, you can get a better price at eathfare or fresh market.


Excellent service and great prices for quality meats. The pork butt that I bought was delicious once I smoked it for 7 hours. They have great deals too. I was given a $5 coupon for whole chicken. Not $5 off but $5 total.

Chris Gonzalez

Awesome sausages - we got their new chorizo and it was great! Their steaks are phenonmenal and reasonably priced. A must to check out.


Good selection of standard meats, bbq sauces, rubs and off the wall meats. The brisket was delicious. It had a good smoke ring. I will return.

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