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REVIEWS OF The Butcher Shoppe IN Florida

Ajay Singh

Excellent service at least via phone. I have not been inside yet, but might tomorrow. The first time I ordered over the phone it was quick and easy and my wife went inside to pick it up. She said they were great to deal with. Usually I order my Korean bbq short ribs and they did perfect cuts. We drive little over an hour to pick it up but totally worth it.

Jeffrey Morton

Excellent quality meat. Prices are reasonable. Exceptional seasoning selection at very low prices.

Lily Bee

I LOVE this place. I drive monthly (sometimes more) for my meat needs. The service is always friendly and very helpful. I stopped liking chicken years ago until I started buying from here. Tasty wagyu, lamb, and duck. This place has it all. Spices, produce and local honey!

Mary Carol Picone

Melt in your mouth filets!! Cant compare anywhere!

Kelly Townsend

Their meat is always good, I like their selection, customer service is great. It is always good that they are so attentive. I call in my order ahead of time, they give me exactly what I want.

Warren Palmer

Great store, great products, great staff. When my son was visiting from Huntsville a few months ago, I took him there and bought a hanger steak for him to take home. He is a self-described 'beef snob', but had never cooked a hanger. I explained about taking the vein out. He and his family were back a few days ago and he went to the Butcher Shoppe to buy a hanger to take to a friend back home. Our daughter has been here visiting from St. Louis since last week, and tonight we had hanger steak! She's hooked. I enjoy shopping at the Butcher Shoppe, and have purchased many items there from prime short ribs to sweetbreads. The locally sourced chicken looks like chicken should, not like a bulked-up weight-lifter.

Ian Barr

J Resmo

natalie hutto

Awesome place!! The employees are friendly and knowledgeable. I learned a few things in the short period of time I was there.

beth ann hill

Excellent selection and fantastic service!

MRS Relief

Angela Mesler

Excellent customer service.

Karen Spence

I've been a customer for several years now; the shop off Fairfield is always welcoming. I drove to Pensacola yesterday with the expressed intent of shopping for the best meats in P-cola. I'm so pleased they've opened a second shop on Langley off 9th Av. It's a bit closer as I drive 130 miles round trip from Valparaiso and stock up. These cuts have genuine beef and pork flavors that Publix or Whole Foods just can't match. Chicken is flavorful beyond compare, like you find in countries outside the US. I believe the prices are more than fair, even beating out the two stores mentioned above. Look for Chris. He has a good sense of the products he sells. Very knowledgeable young man. Definitely will be a grateful customer for years to come.

Mark Cooper

This is the best place to get your meat in Pensacola

Nancy White

Many choices. Helpful friendly folks

Desiree Scott

Their food is great with a ton of variety, but they are so rude to each other at the Langley location. Well whoever the lady with the green hoodie on is very rude and aggressive to apparently new people. I understand she might be doing more, but your customers should never hear your very obvious distaste for another employee. Every minute or so we were asked if we were okay or if we were ready to check out. Like we were being rushed. The new guy they had working on food is cross training to check out & she told him to simply wipe his hands instead of washing them. Raw meat and vegetables to checkout. I’ll stick to the Fairfield location.

Kyle Smith

Brandon Lesert

Each employee greeted us making sure if we needed anything they were there, wide range of selection of meats with great prices.. we were very impressed


I love their meat... the best pork chops I have ever ate

Brandon Lyter

David Battle

Great selection and good service.

Steve Hess

We have been to both locations several times. The staff is always very helpful and willing to give honest answers to questions. We find the price of great beef to be very close to large chain grocery’s only you get a much better type of beef than you will find at the grocery. If you have never tried it buy a good wagu steak and you will be a regular customer.

Dr Johnson

A very nice place very clean and the meat was cut to perfection and outstanding taste great marbling I am a customer for life and everyone that works there is great and outstanding customer service thanks so much

Paul Hawkins

Marion BumperTwoBumper

Love The Butcher Shoppe! Always please with their selection! Have their Prime cut Prime Rib Roast safely buckled into the car seat!

Linda Tippin

John Smith

High quality meats. Prices below average for the quality, meaning you get alot of bang for your buck here. These guys know meats. One young guy in there can be a little mouthy if he starts talking about football but he is young and dumb so what can one expect...

Bert Hartley

Best place for quality meats in Pensacola!!


Andrew Smith

Dewayne Dees

Caleb Pilgrim

Best butcher shoppe in town. Wouldn't go to any other shop. Its too bad they closed the fairfield but this shop is fantastic nonetheless

Rachel Lee

Great service and very friendly staff!! Staff will help you with any questions. They have a great selection of meats.

Andrew Bare

Great quality, great price. Real wagu beef!

Tyler & Madison Radke

Nowhere better!!! Walked in with a list of cuts my husband gave me and had no clue how to pick meat, they had me all set up in just a few minutes! Super nice & helpful guys.

Barrett Sleeper

Nicholas Calise

Great selection, very friendly staff, and amazing cuts of meat. Even the owner, after viewing the Facebook page and seeing who he was, is always helping people and a very friendly guy. You guys are always spot on. Thanks for a great dinner again and keep up the great work.

Billy harrington

Amy Huter

Absolutely love this place!!

Ryan L

Excellent meats, wide variety of meats.

Smash Adams

I was followed around the store even though I had a handful of meat to buy. Literally the entire time until I was at the counter checking out and right in front of me the cashier says to his minion "ok were good now" and the lackey walks off. Blatantly following me around for no reason. The meats are decent but I wont go back because of the customer service.

Jay Lewis

I've been shopping here since this location has opened. The staff is great. Anytime I ask a question about a product, I get a professional response with knowledge and understanding. It's a place of great customer service, if they seem like they are following you, they are making sure products are out full and want you to see everything they have to offer. It really is true customer service. They have made several packages of meat for me. I have never once in my life been to a place that has been this friendly and helpful. Just ask and you will get an answer.

Bill Jones

Great place and great service

ccrow06 .

Very cold so bring your sweater, but very good meat and good prices. It's obvious they are there to serve and not just collect your money.

John Henson

Amazing selection and helpful staff. I had no idea such a place existed in Pensacola. Will be back often.

Tom Popovich

Great quality meat helpful friendly staff good prices

Renee Jones

donita johnson

Jo'el Navelski

The best place to get any kind of meat you can think of. Very nice people

James Bennett

Awesome place to get some great quality meat. Staff is very friendly and always willing to help.

Daniel Moore

I bought a 12 lbs Rump end half ham (Lee) at a good price on Monday. The butcher was very helpful with the selection process. I roasted the ham yesterday. It was delicious. Very tender and juicy. The flavor was sweet but full. Our guests made away with half of the leftovers. I will be back!

Tommy Armstrong

Great meat, great prices; great staff. All in one place!

Josh ODonnell

I live in Tampa and heard about this place from some competition BBQ guys who order meat from them. I pass through Pensacola every few months for work and have made a few visits to their store. On every visit I've been greeted by friendly staff and went home with a cooler full of amazing beef. My personal favorite are the Wagyu tri-tips. They are seriously the best cuts of beef I've ever had the pleasure of eating. I'm heading there again soon and will be bringing back another cooler full, my freezer is empty and I'm craving a delicious tri-tip!

Karen Smith

They have everything. Ostrich, camel... ground some lean grass fed burger for me. Very personable


Super friendly always stop by when in Pensacola

Meagan Bethea

Amazing selection of meats, staff is super friendly and helpful. Will be going back in the future. Highly recommend!

Cris Johnson

Linda O'Connell

Their cooked brisket is awesome

Richard Bend

Great place. Always welcomed when i walk in. Great selection of meats. Will be the only place i get my steaks at from now on. Great selection of spices also.

Josh Jeralds

Dilan Burns

Great selection of meats, veggies, spices, rubs and desserts even! Service is second to none being that they are so friendly, helpful and fast! If you're looking for raw diet meat selection for your dog look no further than this establishment! Your dog and wallet will thank you for the "Dog Burger" meat you can purchase for $.50/lb.

TheJakeman789 .

Great products, great prices. However, I like good customer service, but here, they are just annoying and obnoxious, almost too nice. Other then that, great place.

Christopher Davis

Matt Lisenby

I was visiting family in Pensacola and they recommended I check out The Butcher Shoppe since I love to grill and smoke different meats. This place did not disappoint! Great variety of cuts that you won't find at your average grocery store. Lots of wagyu and prime selections in addition to some beautiful looking briskets. I tried the pecan smoked bacon and a few NY strips and they were both excellent. Also purchased a wagyu tri-tip that I'm going to smoke this weekend. I highly recommend checking this place out!

Pensacola Wreck Divers

Fantastic place, have spent a few thousand there since it opened.

Hakuna Vodka

josh provencher

Fantastic quality and staff treats you with the up most respect. I drive a hour each way

Ashley Powell

Always amazing!

Dave Murzin

The Butcher Shoppe is awesome! Fantastic selection of meats and the staff is always very helpful. Cut to order meats are never a problem!

Ryan Hatler

Michael Padgett

Great service! Great selection of meat too.

Pensacola Lash & Beauty Bar

I stop here at least twice a week. Exactly what you want out of a meat shop. Staff is amazing. Even when I am like i know the recognize me and know I don not need help, they ask anyway. I would say put a tip jar out for everyone to split,...the value and quality provided is not found anywhere else. My family thanks you for opening on this side of town. #TriTip4Life - Nick

Amy Dice

Kevin Desrochers

Wes Eland


Exceptional customer service and quality meats!

Neel S

Mindy Ricks

Paul Brink

Daniel Baillie

Get the waygu brisket today. Doesn't get any better

Michelle Hawthorne

Very friendly staff very knowledgeable about the products and they were able to cut me a 2 lb prime rib roast bone in. The service was spot on perfect. I will be going back

joseph smith

Great people, great experience. Very polite and helpful.

Paul Gerow

I will not buy meats from anywhere else This is witout a doubt the best quality and priced meats and the staff is top notch. Support your local busineses and they will support you.

Scott Hepworth Jr

Awesome place, friendly staff.

Donna McKee

Great service. Limited parking is a downside but the friendly employees offset the parking deficits. First time customer. Hope the meat is as good as the service. Went to the Langley store by the way.

Jamie Anderson

This is a fantastic Butcher Shoppe! These guys know their product and help you any way they can. It's nice to know we have a place like this in Pensacola.

Richard Ehart

Don't get to visit as often as I like, but when I do , I walked away feeling good with a great piece of meat for cooking . Love the place.

Chris Bouchillon

Just a great butcher shop, this is the place to go for your meat needs for yourself & family needs.

Brad Jordan

Some of the coolest people you will ever meet and great food as well. They are very helpful provide great service and even flash freeze expired Meats day of expiration to sell to people at a cheap rate for dogs. If you've never been here you have to check it out

Eric Johnson

Great choices of meats

Karl Swartz

This place is fantastic! I've been going to the one on Fairfield for years, so glad they opened a second location. Fresh meats, freezer packages, produce, and the best costumer service you can find!

Leroy Melon

Fantastic meat, only place in town to get meat. Other meat from Sam's and other places give me the Squirt's.

Jacqui Hawkins

I love this place. They have a wide variety of meats, including game. Today they had some fresh elk chops. The people are great, they will cut to order. They have prime, waygu, grassfed, and Angus beef. They also have some specialty pork. I go for frozen chicken backs for my dog but always pick up some meat for us people. Their ribeyes are the best.

Nick Fear

Kathy Hoffman

Bill Wintermyer

High quality products with super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Provided us all our meats for the World Food Championships 2018.

Brandon Clark

Pam Kleinatland

Benjamin Westover

Oh, it's the place to get the meat!

Teresa DeLongchamp

I was impressed with the friendliness of the young man who helped me. He was very willing to help me get what I needed. I was quite shocked when I cashed out and a 6 pound boneless turkey breast rang up $69! I walked out feeling like I had just been robbed. First time there, probably last

Brando McLeod

Best prices on quility meat and produce. Kevin (the owner) is honest and very knowledgeable. He is always willing to help in any way he can. Best in Pensacola!

Anthony Jansky Iii

Good selection, the substitution don't add up to the original. But quality seems good.

Dan Ryan

This is the only place that we buy meat. The best freshest meats any where in town. Kevin and staff offer the best service hands down.

Artie Rose

So happy we found this place great meat, fantastic service and very reasonable price. Give them a try, you won't be sorry.


Pat Poythress

I am very happy this location has opened. Great meats, fresh produce and any spice you can imagine. Well done!

Christopher Webb

Been wanting to buy from here for a while and let me tell you it didn't disappoint! Jordan and crew went the extra mile to make sure I got exactly what I needed.... As a long time competition BBQ cook I'm very particular and these guys just get it! If you're into wagyu beef, Compart duroc pork and great customer service this is your spot. Again thanks guys I'll be back in before I fly back out to West Texas keep it up!

Kenneth Shiflett

Kevin, Jordan and the entire staff were super helpful and went out of their way to make sure we were happy with our products. Best briskets in Florida!!!!

Dennis MacDonald

If you want it they probably have it fro Steak to Goat even very high end the selection is very diverse.

Jose Barzola

Amazing quality and a great neighborhood vibe. I'm hooked.

Samantha M.


Great people work there and their meats are fabulous. Great place to buy spices. I really like this shop.

Jason Johnson

Meat was brown in the cases big turn off will not shop there again.

Mike Mroch

Great meat friendly staff

craig johnson

Great meat and service is absolutely wonderful

Zachary Caldwell

I come in once or twice a month. The staff are friendly and willing to help. If I need a specific cut the owner is always willing to help. The meat I buy is always fresh and delicious!

Robert Ozburn

Justin McClammy

Good selection and good prices

Travis Baughman

Frankie Perritt

The best cuts of meat in Pensacola and more! Professional, helpful, and friendly staff! Two thumbs up!

Michael Sanders

The best butcher shop in the area. They are always just so helpful and courteous.

Jon McLemore

Everyone was very helpful and friendly and they have a great selection

Denise Riggs

Nice products but pushy staff. To ask me once if I need help is nice but when the same person asks more than once it's pushy and not appreciated.

Mark Alcorn

Great selection. Delicious steaks!

Nathan R

dennis dowling

Peggy Walker

Ashley Glova

I know the owner and his entire family. They are great people and even better meat people! Come and get it!!!

Keith Tullius

Very helpful. Great selection of steaks. Tried some dry-aged prime ribeyes and stuffed mushrooms. Both were absolutely delicious. Great place to shop for every day and special occasions.

Gloria Briggs

Angela Fleming

Matheus Canada

They have PICANHA. That’s all you need to know.

Super Patriot

Very friendly staff who interacts with every customer. In my experience they have great cuts of meat at reasonable prices for the quality received. Very busy on a Saturday afternoon but quick service in and out.

erik konow

Passing through and thought I would pick up something for my mother because she is having surgery tomorrow. I was not finding exactly what I was looking for and a guy came and asked me what he could help with, offered to cut something from the back and was pleasant the whole time. Very nice people here. I highly recommend!

T Abra

Nitrite and hormone free meat also nitrite free bacon. Always kind and helpful

Michael LeRoy

Great selection of meats! Very helpful staff always willing to "cut to order" as requested! Great choice of spices too!

lynne mogg

Laurie Kinder

They are wonderful, very helpful, great meats! OHHH the Spices are out of the world!!!!!! Thanks to everyone that has a part of the ButcherChop

Shavonne McQuade

We love to shop there for everyday, so we thought we'd get their deluxe bundle, and fill our freezer. They cheated us and have us the absolute worst quality for every single thing in the bundle except for the sausage which is the only thing they let us pick out or even see before we purchased it. We will still go there for out of the case meat, but will never again trust them to pick anything out for us.

Lisa Fisher

Brandon Gonzales

First time in, very happy. Beautiful selection and friendly helpful staff. Will definitely go back.

Brad Cox

Highest quality meats and unbelievable service.

Almond Biscotti

Today my life changed. Visiting my sister and brother-in-law from Georgia, we decide steaks for dinner. Wanting to splurge he decided to live dangerously and purchase the "Dry Aged Prime" Ribeyes. I was niavely unsure of this because I figured all steaks are created equal. As I write this with new vigore in my once sad life I realize how udderly mistaken I was. As the knife sliced the first cut there was something different, the smoothness of it was intimidating. My normal stab, jab, and tear wasn't needed; I was lost. Then it happened, it was an immediate change. I took that first bite and my heart stopped briefly. He swore the only seasoning was salt and pepper, but how could that be? The immense flavor overtook my senses and the soft, buttery texture altered my perception of the world. As I continued eating the exquisite serinity of art, new life dreams unfolded before me. Next week I'll be travelling to India so I may, also give thanks to the beloved bovine. But then it came, the inevitable last bite. Darkness befell me. Depression welled up inside. A tear formed. Seeing this my brother-in-law brought back hope to my life with three words, "They're open tomorrow." I'll see you all in the morning, Butcher Shoppe. Thank you for the experience. And please, for the sake of humanity, invite the masses into your amazing shop and help them to find light in what is the "Dry Aged Prime" Ribeye.

Steve H.

Glad that these fine folks brought a store to the east side of town, because the west side is quite a haul from Milton. You can walk in and get just about anything that you could want and experience instant gratification. If you don't see what you desire, just ask...chances are that they can get it for you. I've bought wagyu steaks, prime steaks, and heritage breed pork ribs. The wagyu is pricey...but where else are you going to get it? The prices aren't out of line for the quality that you get, so I'm okay with that. There are veggies, too. And spices. And local honey that you can buy in bulk. They mark down meats if they're reaching the sell-buy date. The store is impeccably clean and the folks are nice. In addition to the fresh meats, there's a wall of freezers with frozen stuff and prepared gourmet meals. It's really worth your time to stop in and see what they have. If you are a carnivore, you'll leave with something to satisfy you.

Jim Coleman

Don't buy the lamb fat they have wrongly labeled as "Caul Fat." It is not caul fat at all, but useless tallow. They can't order call fat, so I will mail order it. Their snappy "no" when I asked if they could order it confuses me. I'll get it mail order. Still, by far, the best meat market in the Pensacola/Mobile area. Don't believe those places which pretend to be meat markets, but have nothing but frozen prepacked meat. This is the real deal. Great variety, custom cuts, and a great staff.

Dana Hillis

Rickandangie Mcwilliams

Kevin and his team at the Butcher shoppe are committed to providing a superior product every day! Stop in you won't be disappointed.

kitty chan

They have good service


Sam Whittemore

Awesome place,great prices on spices

Howard Wortendyke

Janine B.

Best local place for Meat! Best way to support a local business. Keep up the amazing work y’all.

Rob Fleming

The best place to buy quality meats.

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