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1980 NE 45th St, Oakland Park, FL 33308, United States

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REVIEWS OF Smitty's Old Fashioned Butcher IN Florida

Glauber Ribeiro

JT Handley

Bill S

I really do love this place. But I've had it. The young bearded guy is a Grade A Jerk and about as stupid as they come. This nice ribeye is not the four lamb chops I spent $35 on. When you have one damn job to do....

Gregory Holzheimer

Glenn Betts

Simply the best quality in everything they have and if in a rare case they do not have what you are looking for they will get it for you! David and his team there are "old school" pros with years and years of experience! It is also a pleasurable trip down memory lane with the antiques displayed, sawdust on the floor and a warm feeling in the air at all times!

Sarah .

Clearly don't like black folks

Justine Lucyy

Fresh juicy cut meats and very friendly staff. I didn't know what to get so they have me good recommendations. Can't wait to cook my steaks up!

Paul F Beckett

Johnathan Santos

Rachel Roy

#1 I am black, #2 I am Grill Master/BBQ Guy......... with that being said , the customer service was outstanding not just for me but for other as well. Ladies who couldn't make up their minds, chefs from yatchs, lil old ladies wanting a sandwich got served personally. I like a old skool store were people know their products and customer service is awesome. FYI get them stuff mushrooms. ......they are great...


Everything is great

Aida Awad

Amazing quality. Real butchers to prepare meats to order. Only and always the very best.

Michael Zirkle

See Dave, the owner. Perfect place to get some great meat! Try getting some fresh shaved rib eye to cook up with a little butter, YUM!

Matt Sikora

Old fashioned all the way!

Jassamine Redington

Justin and Dave are the best! They have anything you can want to eat, plus wine & more! Excellent!

Dana Bassett

This place is AH-MAZING. The experience of seeing the gigantic old cookers with a wood fire going and a century of soot built up cannot be matched by any old BBQ place. The selection is very limited but everything tastes fantastic-- except the "Hot Rings," which were really greasy and not as flavorful as the brisket or ribs. That being said, it's seriously the best BBQ I have ever eaten in my life. I wish I could say the same for the sides at the sit-down place next door, but I guess you can't have it all in Texas.


NiNO RUsselL

Halcyon P

The people at this store are as cold as ice and racist to the core. My parents and I drove for 40 minutes to Smitty's to purchase steak, but we ended up receiving nothing but cold hateful stares. If looks could kill... They stared us as if we were such foul beings. It was as if they were wondering why there were black people there at all. No one said hello to us or offered help. We just stood there in an awkward silence waiting for someone to offer their help, but they pretended we were not there. They only tended to their caucasian customers. They acted as if we were invisible to them. They completely ignored us and only spoke to their Caucasian customers. We left without buying anything because we were completely ignored simply because of the color of our skin. Do not go to this place if you are a person of color. They only tend to their white customers. They do not treat their customers equally. They will ignore you if you are colored.

Milan De Vito

Without question, the best butcher shop in Broward County. When I'm going to splurge for house guests or a party, there's no other place to buy prime, perfect cuts of meat. Quaint, friendly, clean and full of quality products - everything I've purchased and prepared from Smitty's has been a home run.

Scott Combs

The best butcher in town hand down.

kevin martin

Beware! Went to Smitty's to buy pork butt so i could make Italian sausages (my first time doing this) . the recipe called for 4 pounds. I asked for 4 pounds so they cut a pork butt in half but charged me for the hole butt? i immediately asked to buy the other half and was told it was the same price. Boy what a scam. I feel duped!

andre hill

Will Boateng

Gabriel Uriel

Consistently the best quality, cuts and service. Best butcher shop in southeast Florida.

Mandy Arietta

I have been going here for a little over 6 months. The best sandwich place for lunch! Also, the sausage and peppers.... AMAZING!!!! Every time I go in for lunch, they address me by name and already know what I want, including my boss. If you are looking for a good sandwich, sausage and peppers, meat.... they have soooo much more to offer, please go to Smittys, tell them Mandy sent you. You WILL NOT be disappointed!

Aja South

Best butcher in Broward... Hands down. They are old school and have seriously high quality standards. If you need something special they most likely have it or will be able to source it for you. Also the staff is wonderful and helpful, very kind. Highly recommended!

andrés solís the indestructible

this is the best butcher shop in fort lauderdale. they source a lot of things that i can’t find anywhere else and it’s easy to work with them. i put in an order for some lamb shoulder, ground chuck, pork shoulder, chicken liver, and pancetta, and it was all ready to go at the time they said it would be. they have a lot of interesting items there, and i’d like to go one of these days with more time to check it out. i used the above meats, which i requested they all yield about 20% fat, and it was all really fresh, clean, and well packaged. this is now my go-to place for any meats. they also have a selection of wines, cheeses, seafood, bread, salads made in-house, and more. i’m really excited to go back!

Tero Urponen

Jim Bertrand

Shopping here is a toy store for me. It's my favorite place to shop! I love to go out and eat. Ever since I started to shop at Smittys, I prefer to cook at home. You can shop for meat, cheese, prosecco, chicken salad, shrimp, crab legs, caviar, wine and produce elsewhere, but if you buy it at Smittys your meal actually doubles in size and in quality compared to anywhere else. Going to Smittys is a honor and privilege. It's like visiting an old European city but it's completely American and it feels like family!

Milo McComsey

Momma says theu have Fast friendly service. Happy to customize the order, and the have great frozen femur bones for me, Milo! Wuf! ("")

Gary Dikarev

A gem in the middle of ft Lauderdale. Smitty's does everything old school and by the book. They offer absolutely the finest USDA Prime meats! Do not come here looking for anything less. They have an amazing variety of meats and options you will simply NOT find anywhere else. Two big ones that stand out for me are brains and camel meat. They have alligator and wagyu. Their sea food is amazing! They have Amish rolled butter! They make sausages In house! everything is old school and how it should be! when you need premium meats, go here. oh, they have good wine selection as well, to pair with your meat

Kay Mitchen

Horrible service, a definite no no. Terrible experience last Saturday, these guys were disrespectful. What a disgrace!

megan odonnell

What a great selection !!! Super friendly and knowledge staff as well!!! Best butcher in Broward by far!!

Play Store

The store staff carry a bad atmosphere, arrogant, lazy, everything is done reluctantly as if you owe them money without them providing you service. The store manager drinks fancy alcoholic cocktails while on duty, which i thought was weird. I was yelled at violently by the staff and assaulted by the manager (only slightly) for simply asking for a refund for an item i had purchased. Never again will i give this store any of my business. All their organ meats and brain are frozen and old. If you ask them to source anything its a big hassle for them. There are many butcher shops that are WAY better, and carry fresh items, and give you actual customer service.

Monte Barnes

Great service and quality products

Joa G

Terrible customer service. Staff almost denied use of their bathroom while shopping there, after we left with a sizeable purchase we called for questions regarding a wine purchased, owner was rude and hung up the phone. They don’t value $$$ spent in their store apparently they don’t need the business.

Tolan D

I've only been once but the staff were friendly and the quality of produce was great.

Yvonne Swart

Chef on a superyacht, wanted to place an small order for 4 people 2days ahead, the owner refused to help, went to another meat supplier, all yachts, please do not support them

Teresa Mangini

I waited in a short line, unbeknownst to me we were waiting for people to pick up an ordered Turkey for Thanksgiving. I was able to get one anyway. I also picked up some great gravy and finally got the sausage ring that I actually went for. I will Be back!

WizRow Factory

Manon Rougeau

Excellente viande. Bon service

Sanjay Wadhwani P.A.

Good selection of meats & wine. Excellent customer service

Justin Broderick

Extremely friendly, personable service and quality products. Loved the ribeye, the baked potatoes, and the garlic knots.

Jose Fuentes

Michael Downing

Dave is Great ! The" BEST BUTCHER "in South Florida !

David Vranicar

Jeffrey Allen

I have passed this place several times and it looks tiny from the outside. The sign says meats for particular people and I think that I am the most particular person that I know. I was so excited to find some things here that I could not find anywhere else. I'm not exaggerating when I say it made my week! They have a fabulous selection a fine wines and are happy to offer recommendations. the three gentlemen working behind the counter were delightful and helpful. I could go on and on about how fabulous it is.

Ghost of Patriots

Found out the meat we were getting at Publix and Trader Joe's were buying meat from seller that treated aged meat with carbonmonixide. You can tell when you cook the meat it will smell bad, have no taste or a funny taste. This is something that you can't miss and will be able to distinguish. That's when we tried Smitty's and that hasn't happen since. Take the time to come here, don't trust Trader Joe's or Publix!


Wine Geeker

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