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REVIEWS OF Penn Dutch Meat & Seafood Market IN Florida

Sharon Sharon

Quite a large selection of produce, meats, sea food and grocery items. Looks clean and organized.

Robert L Tucker

Prices on advertised items quite attractive... Balance of items prices no better no worse than any place else... Store has weird layout and narrow aisles... sometimes the people behind the deli counter are terrific sometimes you can Plotz some till they take care of you...

Wise Guy

I wanted to like it there, I really did....but the first time I entered the store I couldn’t take the smell. No clue what it came from but no thank you. Tried again weeks later and sure enough there was an unpleasant odor about the place but I mustered ahead and went in to shop. My opinion, nothing special. The place is large, but cramped. They had an extensive deli section with lots of customers (I didn’t wait). They carry butcher type meats but I didn’t find the quality to my standards (and I’m no fancy pants kinda guy). The whole place just felt dirty to me so I think I’ll leave Penn Dutch to the many reviewers who enjoyed their shopping experience there. To each their own.

Bonnie Puynko

Love the prices on numerous items @ this store (meat, fish & lunch meat ). Large selection of fresh veggies. They also sell wine.

Robert Morgan

Thank you for 45 years in the business. We first went to Hollywood and then to Margate. Sorry this didn't work. Hope you can resolve your issues. Just an add on to this. I know the Manager at the Wal-Mart in Coral Springs. He said the State of Florida is out every week to check on the food products. If there is a violation, they go directly to corporate. Here is the difference between a major retailer and a small mom/pop.

Denise Martinez

I love pen Dutch the only place that I go to to pick out all my Meats great sales fresh fruit but my favorite is the fish I used to have a place that I used to go to call the Fish Emporium which no longer exist they had the most delicious fish and never smell like when he walked into place that's all they sold now I only buy my fish at pen Dutch a matter of fact I was just there today got a beautiful whole salmon have they cleaned it cut it cut it to how I wanted it to be at 499 a pound how can you beat that

Ms. Vee

love the seafood area the store is well equipped.

S Doe

Good place for bargain meats and fish. There is also a hot dog stall at the entrance. Chicken they claim is antibiotic free.

Tracie Cornell

Love it, far from us but worth a monthly visit


great overnight parking behind the whse in the (receiving) area open @7am close @130 fast unloading

Patt Patterson

Lots of selections. Great pricing on meats. Beats everybody and good quality. Good speciality products also.

Adam Andazola

Great prices on fish and vegetables and pork ribs and steaks and good on beef steaks and ground beef and pork and chicken and Turkey all of the prices on the meats and fish great people and very nice and polite willing to help you out with everything

C Gavin Alford

Sorry Publix but not only is Penn Dutch great but so are the employees. Both my wife and I love Penn Dutch.

Wayne Spaulding

I've heard about penn dutch meat in my early 20's now I'm 50 years old and I went to the location off of 441 in Broward County and I absolutely love it, they have all types of meat and fish and sausages and hot dogs and fruits and vegetables, I will be shopping from them more often, friendly service, great prices

Christine Piotraschke

Best place to buy meat. I travel almost 2 hours to get there. Amazing quality.

Marcia Newton

Love this place great meats good prices. I live in Margate. Found this place and will not buy my meats anywhere else. It is always busy . Good ptoducts.

Jean mary Jean luise

Good vegetables and meat. Sometimes they have wine tasting, the BlackBerry wine is really good.

chuck rubin

Always a pleasure shopping at Penn Dutch.

Margarita Sanabria

I allways buy my meats there and lobster

Mike Giles

Purchased 2 lbs of stone crab claws on 12/8/2018 late in the day after the person in the seafood department said they just came in. Everything seemed ok and even had them give me a bag of ice to place next to the bag of claws. I live 5 minutes away. Having son over for dinner the next day and we opened up the bag and it had a definite odor!!! We debated on whether to eat them but decided it was not a good idea. They also had a little bit of slime to them. We googled this info and all of the recommendations were not to eat them. No brainer! We have purchased stone claws many times and this was the first time we can remember them being questionable. My wife called the seafood department and was told no problem bring them back. I brought them back the next day on 12/10. Spoke with the seafood manager. He proceeded to smell them and then open one up and take a bite! Telling me they were fine. Really? Even the woman at the counter wanted no part in smelling them. The odor was even in my car from bringing them over. Yes they were still cold. Now I could not locate my receipt. I told them it was on my credit card. Noe they will not refund on the card. Just a store credit. I offered to bring in my credit card statement from on line which showed the charges pending to Penn Dutch. Nobody could give me a refund. Store policy. Terrible customer service!!! I purchase bad product and bring it all back in the original bag with the label attached to scan and they force me to take a store credit?? This was not a box item that I just changed my mind smelled. I asked Chris this question, "Should a consumer eat something from your store that does not smell right?" He said no.


A few times I had expired items. Just double check expiration dates on milk, juice, cheese, etc. They gave me fresh new items when I returned with no fuss. But the meat area is the best. Life savers on my $ compare to Winn Dixie n publix in the area. Even wal mart n they are cheap.. my fab go to store for meats

ATL 08203

You can NOT beat their meat! Half of the store (Margate location) is just for meat and seafood. It's fresh, great quality and less expensive than other stores. Highly recommend.

Patrick Ramos

Cool experience, friendly staff, surprisingly clean store, and pretty organized


I've been shopping here since it opened and always eat happy when I get home. There's a WIDE selection of delicious in-house made smoked meats, deli, hot to-go, produce, cheeses & the BEST cheesecake, seafood (get the Royal Red shrimp - you'll thank me), WINE with someone there to help (everyone knows their department & is eager to give advice). And they are a custom-cutting butcher too! Just go there!


Nice alternative to the more common grocery stores, has a big variety of brands and foods, prices are very competitive

NickTheKid Claps

Great fish, meats, cold cuts, veggies and bakery! The best in the neighbourhood!

Barbara Nieter

Love their bakery, produce & deli

Kaykay M

1 of the best 4 fresh fish, plenty of Caribbean goods, nice variety of organic fruits n veggies

Janice Perasso

I shop here quite often. Unfortunately this last time was not so great. On Sunday I had purchased a few items and when I got home realized that an item was missing. When I went back on Monday the film showed that the item was placed in the cart while the other items were placed on the top. I never saw the item in the cart, thus did not remove it. I realize this is partially my fault, on the other hand you can tell by the film, I never saw him put the pkg. In the cart. Some lucky person ended up with a large pkg of chop meat.

omid omid

I can’t take the smell. Meat is cheap and it’s low quality. Its USDA SELECT. Also there were in News for having some nasty bacteria in the deli.



Jeffrey .

I like Penn Dutch. The stores have a large variety of items and the prices are great. Over the years I've figured out what I like and what I leave. They also have unusual cuts, can fulfill large offers and even have whole pigs. Worth a visit. Busy in general, very busy on weekends.

Toni Trosper

Don't buy the "homade" breakfast sausages, especially if you have high blood pressure!!! There is no flavor except a salt bomb

Nicholas Maddaloni

Love this place....fresh seafood and great selection of meat

Nancy Kirk

As a chef, Penn Dutch is my first stop when shopping for my customers! Large variety of fine cheeses and best cut of meat and fish. I love the spices area, if you can't find it elsewhere, Penn Dutch has it. Very fresh fruits and vegetables as well. What I appreciate the most is the competitive prices.

Rodney Hinderliter

This is a world class market...

Chad Kidder

Quite a nice selection of meat and seafood, plus friendly staff too!

Francisco Ojeda

Good deals. Fresh food. I am very satisfied.

Mike Tenenbaum

Am there every week since it has opened. Always helpful. Meat and chicken awesome prices and fresh. Will cut anything any for free. Excellent produce. Go Sunday morning, no one is there, after, it's a zoo. So worth it.

Robert Blakely

Great deals and friendly service. Wish some of the customers were the same!! Some are just rude and nasty, recommend going off of peak hours to avoid JERKS!!

Jon Cohen

Great price on fresh stone crabs

ofer Levy

Very poor quality of food that way they cheap

Arthur Duclos

I enjoy shopping at Penn Dutch I bought a family-size pack of skirt steak some chicken wings hot stuffed cherry peppers unfortunately they only carry the eight ounce jar I remember when we can buy a quart-size jar I wish they would get that one back I think Flora carries it

Walter Phillips

Very clean and well lighted. The staff was very accommodating and helpful. The location was fantastic. Coming back soon!

Richard Berry

Great sales today loaded up on rib eye, chicken and ribs.

Roxanne Tellini

Good quality meats at great prices. They have fresh produce and a good selection of other grocery items too. Worth the drive.

Karin Reimer

Excellent cuts of meat, poultry, sausages, desserts, wine. Fast efficient checkouts. Good deals on hotdogs/hamburgers & soda for a quick snack before or after shopping.

Leo Fasan

Purchased a package of steaks here... when I went to open it up, all I found was listeria bacteria. Will not shop here again.

Clinton DaCosta

Really fantastic prices with a complete array of different products to choose from. The meats are excellent quality and an awesome supply of cheeses. The staff are very helpful & knowledgeable. I have no reservation in recommending Penn Dutch.

Jd Bibbins

Busy today but still got everything on my list. I like produce here. Meat and fish too.

Jesse Leidenfrost

Store very easy to shop through, extensive deli and butcher sections however prices are very inflated for prepackaged items.

Janice Nelson

Very customer friendly. They have variety types of meat at very reasonable prices. If you can't find your cut, they will gladly cut it for you!

Robert Spencer

I love this store! clean and well organized. Well stocked hence you'll never miss anything you want.Highly recommended!

Austin Floyd

Love this place. Best deals on fresh meat.

ThuNguyet Nguyen

Their meat and seafood are good and reasonable price. Their veggies are getting more expensive :(

Harold Murphy

I visit this store at least six times a week, always satisfied with service and selections. You won't spend much time looking for goods in the shelves!

Pauline Burke

The fish I ordered for my annual fish fry was great. The service was very accommodating. I will be doing business with them again

Kevin O'Neill

Great prices on meats seafood and all kinds of spices


Always an experience with new items . Enjoy the cheese case very knowledgeable and patient lady

k brown

Penn dutch have stuff at good price. But they need to modernize their supermarket..

RoShane P

great place with lots of selections.

Janet Hunter

Such a nice produce selection at this location and there mushrooms are perfection

brian jackson

Service is unmatched quality of price I love it if I can find a place cheaper than them I would but you going to try to get 20 pounds of chicken at a dollar 29 in Publix or in Winn-Dixie or Walmart and you tell me if you could beat Penn Dutch I would go there the rest of my days till I'm dead in the ground and my pastor even agrees he's never been and today later believer

Colombiano Vlogs

They had $6.99 Main Lobster today.... the whole lobster LIVE LOBSTER, they always have this little special, just subscribed, they also had $0.69 pork shoulder... guess who had lobster for dinner and is smoking some pig shoulder tomorrow.

Haydee Carrion

The place is fairly clean,the priceses not too bad but the workers are not friendly or helpful. Sorry.

Natalia D

Excellent quality meats and seafood. Wild caught salmon, snapper, grouper and pompano... Yum. Can't beat their prices especially during Salmon season. Live lobsters are also great. Impressive wine selections. Produce good too!!! Subscribe to their newsletter and get coupon to use weekly.

Norma Figueroa

Was too cold inside that I have to rush in my shopping. Couldnt enjoy shopping like that.

Laura Sands

I love this store! I wish we had one in Michigan. They have food you cannot find in most grocery store, their prices are good. Nothing bad to say about Penn Dutch.

Chris Sanford

Meat products are great at the right price, too

Paul Gilbert

Everything is so easy to find and relatively cheap. They have weekly specials on good choices of meat. You can also subscribe to their email list and get $5 off $50 at their coupon print kiosk. You'll be spending a lot more than $50 after you turn the first coupla aisles!

Bird ofword

The employees are really friendly and helpful. The prices can’t be beat. They have a selection of meats you can’t find anywhere else.

Claudia Iannelli

Good prices in vegetables and meats.

Laurel Desjardins

It a nice company to work for

Al Hagan

Pen Dutch is the best reasonable prices. No body makes a better smoked ham

Monica Vogelsang

Love penn dutch, employees are always so pleasant. Al back in the deli is such a fantastic guy, always so happy to take care of you. I can truly say, shopping is always a pleasure.

Jenny Torres

great place love the store I like people like Maria that works hard worker very polite everything is fresh

Wayne Satterwhite

Great prices good quality friendly staff too many people are starting to get to know about this place so now that they're raising their prices and their quality is dropping slightly as why they only got 4 stars they used to be 5

Lisa Tisone

Just move to the area from Ohio/ PA. While there are many great places to shop for groceries, this is by far my favorite!

Dale Gorchoff

Nothing you have ever experienced can prepare you for the unbridled carnage you are about to witness. And despite all that, Penn-Dutch has the finest selection of fresh produce, wine, cold cuts, seafood and meats on the planet. And my goodness what insane prices! My personal version of Nirvana each Saturday morning. And I am not going to end this review with Nevermind... Now if they could only proofread all the labeling

Nicole Huff

Just had an awesome shopping experience, amazing sales and everything is fresh! Thanks!!

Jay Berman

Always a good shopping experience at Penn Dutch. Quality, price & service is A+

Charlena Berry

This is our favorite place to go for a family meat. We go and spend a hundred - $200 and come home with dozens of meals. We shot there about once a month and totally love it. If you haven't experienced Penn Dutch. We suggest that you do!

Jeffrey Barker

Great place for lunch meat, seafood, and fresh veggies. Also, pork, steak, and chicken. Sign up for the weekly emails.

jjgennaro .

I’ve lived near Penn Dutch for nearly eight years and never went. Safe to say, I will never go anywhere else but here for all of my meats and chicken. Is it a big store like Publix? No. Do they have everything you want? No. But what they do have is off the charts. I love them!!!!

Susan Malkin

Huge improvement in cleanliness ... still great quality and prices.

Mattie Brown

I like the store my first time there it is very well stocked. I will be visiting again.

Neil Craig

I wish the owners would just fix problem and stay open.

Lydia Harris

Love getting my wild whole salmon from here!


Been going here for years! Love the oxtails! All the meat is of good quality. Friendly staff. They do have a large choice of fruits & veggies - if you have the time to pick thru usually I make a b-line to the fresh fish and meats...they have several butcher that is a bonus!

Nathaniel Cay

Love this place and will be going back permanently now!!!! Thank You for new resident welcome!!!! Very much appreciated!!!! 10 stars from me!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! Blessings to all associates for wonderful Hospitality!!!! Everyone was friendly and professional.

Pearline Brown

I am very satisfied with the service I received at Penn Dutch Food Store. Evening was displayed well. I would like to get some pigstail.

Chelsea Morgan

I loved getting my seafood from here, where else can I find peeled and deveined fresh, wild caught shrimp?! I’m not surprised they’re closing because of health reasons. I’ve been here and found vegetables rotting on the shelves. I’ve picked up salad dressings and saw that they had already expired a month before, and I let the manager know. I don’t understand why they don’t clean up the store and keep the business open. Oh well.

Dion Dubois

OMG best place EVER for Seafood and all it's trimmings! I could live here! Soooooo fresh! I don't go anywhere else for my conch!


I've been coming to Margate for 6 years. Some good day some not so good. I think I'm done till stone crab season. Even burned on meats, fish even pastries. Lobster last straw.

Keith Gamble

Always a pleasure to shop at Penn Dutch. It can get a little busy, get a little crowded but that's okay! Good produce, good meat, good seafood! Winner!

Doris Watkins

This has always been a very nice clean store. I drive a little distance to come to this store. I love the set up and how they have every thing you need and the prices are very fair

Amit Uchil

Love to shop at Penn Dutch. The prices are great. In summer they have whole Alaskan salmon for about $5 per pound. Look for deals on lobster tails. The place is usually packed and the aisles can be a hassle to navigate. The prices make the trip worthwhile.

Struck954 .

Great prices. Good selection. More for meat than a normal grocery store. Very clean as well

Christian Hawkins

Only place for true ingredients! Love their sandwiches which you can eat in the back room with a glass of awesome red wine

trebor hgils

OMG THE Deli specials were crazy today $

Josh Emond

Ah Penn Dutch, one of the only grocery stores I could tell you I am in blindfolded because of their unique smell. They have good prices on produce, meats and fish but you have dig through it to find the right one. Also some of their produce taste like it was watered with windex and spectracide. I know this because your mouth will tingle and go numb after a few bites. But hey no bugs!

Jerry Felber

Great meat Dept. Amish butcher.

William Mutch

Has good value meats. Not always quality meats. Have seen many products cut wrong or mislabeled. Last week advertised steelhead salmon at 5.99 lb save 7 dollars. Steelhead is silver with no stripe. What they had was rainbow trout, the usual price is 5.99. Deceptive marketing tactics might be common in this world, but they don't impress me. The lack of ethics make me question the rest of there business. Would they take old product and put new date? Would the take a rotten piece of meat trim of the bad parts and sell the rest? Buying fresh meat and fish is an act of faith for the customer. Why take a chance. Many other meat markets in area.

debbie johnson

Best place for meats. Love their fresh seafood and bakery. I have been going there since I was a little girl.

Teresa Gordon

Always "packed!" I enjoy myself everytime I go...,cashier's alway pleasant. Food quality always "supurb".

David Ainsworth

Great deli, complete meat, seafood fresh cut special orders. Dry goods hit the most popular items but not complete. Busy most times. They have a cantinas with covered outdoor seating.

Charles Arnold

Very clean place. Selection and prices are the best. All the employees are helpful and cordial. Always enjoy shopping there. One of my favorites.

Al Nemeth

People forget that they have a bakery here. Everything in the bakery is always fresh. Number one place to go for a birthday cake or pie. We always stop to get a pie when visiting friends.

John Fletcher

I got 13lb fresh Turkey and 8lb spirle cut ham for less than 40$ seafood there is fresh also and the have awesome pork

jeffrey Friedman

Haven't been to Penn Dutch in 30 plus years my father used to take me there this is the second store it's been around for 14 years but it's absolutely wonderful recommended to go to pick up the best food in the world

Maria Depergola

Nice store. Had what we needed.

Kevin Welch

Great prices and food.

Sierra@gmail Sierra

I love Lonnie He is wonderful. He is one of the managers there I've been going to Penn Dutch for many many years.I love the deli the fact that they have Amish low sodium deli meat . The vegetables are always fresh and within my budget in the pricing I love their Seafood always fresh lobsters I also love the fact that they have butchers within their facility and they are as pleasant as everyone else Thank you for making my shopping easy

Barbara Stephens

Great selection of nice vegetables and quality meat. Highly recommended!

Clive Lewis

K Gray Roberts

Posting 1 star because I am currently at home with food poisoning. Bought Stone Crabs claws and when I got them home, the smell was off but my husband said that they still should be fine...he was wrong! The claws were clearly OFF! I'm appalled because the fish counter guy should have said that they smelled funny... instead, I pay nearly $20 a pound for SPOILED FOOD and now I'm home sick. Thanks for nothing Penn Dutch. Nice to know that you all clearly value the dollar over the safety of your customers.

Angela Burkie

Penn Dutch has everything you could imagine. So far the place is clean, and they always seem to have they wine at a good price.

Robert Kelly

As always. excellent, can't complain. everything was right at your fingertips

Alfred Nicolosi

Great prices on bottle wines. Also meat prices and verity awesome. Some items can be a little more than conventional box stores. And and enormous verity of cheese 4 star rating because not the best looking store. But can't have it all.

Barbara Polinice

luv shopping here..quaility is great ..prices of my very favorite places to shop..meat around ..very affordable and plentiful..

Bill Nickoloff

Best local seafood counter around. Their prices are there select and Choice Meats can't be beat. They also carry grass fed. They make most of their own Lunch Meat and Deli snacks which are absolutely delicious. They have people in their Wine Cellar to help you pair their wines with the food. Beautiful Farmers Market selection. If you want to go to Quality and save money then you need to shop here!

Denis Slovan

I was very happy with the sale and also I'm very excited about the new store opening in sunrise cause I live in sunrise thank you and have a happy holiday

Chris Davis

Loved their old french bread their new one is bigger but sucks different recipe..go back to the original was better than anyones..

Danette Thompson

Their meats are great. We always get the turkey and ham.


Good meats and bakery. Always go there for pastries. Sometimes the canolli cream sucks and sometimes it's great. Definently 2 people making it weekly. In regards to fish it's almost half the price of some fish markets around BUT watch out for tricky word play like fresh caught raised or something like that. Always go for wild caught not anything raised Also they have boars head deli items which is convenient sometimes. Just needs to b updated inside a bit cause it hasn't aged to well. Got that old bodega look to it these days.

Erik Wolfer

I always look here first for the best prices on a multitude of items from fresh beef, chicken, pork or lamb to deli meats or end pieces of deli meats. Those I tend to snack on, on the way home. To the extensive array of fresh produce that has a selection that easily makes most grocery store pale in comparison. On a sad note I just drove 400 miles in hopes of buying a cooler full of their hotdogs they made and they no longer carry them. Not sure why but it's a good thing it wasn't the only business I had in town.

Shannon Neal

Penn Dutch has.the best meats and inexpensive produce. Coupons for spending $50 helps my budget. Weekly specials make it easier to feed whole foods to our family.

Evelyn Castro

If you're looking for something to eat that's great go here. You will find what you need to do it right.

Nan Brown

Shocked to hear about this in the news!

Gerald d Ogden

Great place to get what you need and not expensive

Bryce Harper

Ask for Joshue he will hook you up with deals under the table .I do my Bahamas orders all the time with him .we defd rip off the owners with the prices he gives me

B. Lee

Short 1st visit. Will have to return to do a complete unbiased review.

Jay Greenwald

Great experience incredible prices quality Meats and fish and Chicken

Hussein Abla

I was charged 2$ more per pound on the steaks i purchased when they were advertised on weekend special otherwise . I went back on Monday to receive my rightful refund that they told me to come and collect . The lady at customer service needed a calculator to figure out how much she needed to give me. She couldnt do 2$ x 8lbs and give me my $16 amount . So she gave me $11 and stuck to her poor mathematical reasoning .

Sandra Neighbors

I love the freshness and varity of your seafood...grass fed beef is always best. You use to get it from australia i thin Would like less salt water in chicken though...i would pay more for higher quality chicken too. Employees are great. Someone needs to check watermellons for ripeness...last two not so great. But i will only shop penn dutch..we drive from boca to come to you. Been coming here for about 14 years.

E A Butler

Good selection of meats and seafood......I especially go there for the conch, lobster and crabs

Eric Peterson

Great market from a to z everything is wonderful from beef to seafood & everything in between

Ramon Sancez

Good and reasonable place for food shopping I Recommended!!!

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