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REVIEWS OF Orlando Meats IN Florida

Krishna Domenech

Loved this place. Cute little eatery where you order at the counter and choose a table. Everything is fresh and the food came out super quickly. I had the senor chang which was absolutely delicious. The fries are so wonderful and remind me of checkers fries. A fun combination of flavors and meats. Definitely try this place if you’re looking for a quick and delicious meal.

MeVerySpecial BL

I'm not sure about ordering food there, but the raw meat is super expensive.

Roberto Manzano

Mae Bowley

What a great shop! Love seeing this type of store returning to the market, such a delightful alternative to the megastores. The butcher, Raul, gave me a tour of the whole shop, highlighting his favorite options. When I described my needs for a big family dinner, he custom cut a beef roast for my aunt's rotisserie that was a HIT with the fam. Also went home with some local coffee and locally made sriracha-style hot sauce (both amazing), a jar of locally fermented Kimchi I intend to gift, and a ridiculous little waffle ice-cream sandwich that I shared with my Mom & Grandma, who were with me. Mom bought lamb sausage & chorizo, Grandma bought chicken livers (to her delight - something she says is hard to find of any quality these days). Raul even portioned and repacked the livers for my grandmother when she worried aloud that she couldn't eat them all at once. Fantastic experience. Go support this business!

Josh Schofield

Awesome local butcher and restaurant. Went for sunday brunch, excellent fresh food, very affordable, and friendly staff. Highly recommended!

Christopher sorrentino

Great place to get custom cuts . Lamb shanks were local , tasty and delicious. Customer service was top notch. They also have a great cafe menu and other local and international products!!!

joe trukovich

Great cuts! Fresh and striaght off the carcass. You can also grab some food and beer here.

Ezequiel Martinez

I've been there a few times for breakfast and they never disappoint! If you haven't tried them then you need to.

Brittany Duhrkoff


Lauren Vosburg

I wanted to like this place because they are local, but our Christmas roast was disappointing. Bones weren't frenched (even though we were told they were) and 5 ribs was barely six pounds, which we were told would feed 10 people. By comparison our 6 rib roast from another grocery order last year was 14 pounds and it was delicious. They math just doesn't add up, unfortunately, and we had to run out to supplement with another meat. Wouldn't have been so bad if we hadn't already dropped over $120 on a prime cut of meat. Will probably only go when we need more obscure or specialty cut.

Daniel Harrison

Awesome, possum!

Geniene Powell

The gentleman behind the counter was extremely helpful and friendly. I told him what I planned to cook, he asked for how many people and then he picked out a cut of meat. It was perfect for the roast and everyone told me what a great cook I am :) I highly recommend going here if you want quality. He commented how he just picked up the meat from the farms the night before so that he could have good options available for the customers. I should have taken a photo, but the roast was gone by the time I thought of doing so.

mgsimm2 .

Kelly Quintero

Great customer service and fantastic meats!

eric walton

Had one of the best breakfast I ever had

Evan Gadoury

/Actually/ the best burger I've had. And the roast beef is *thicc*. The donuts are weirdly out of place and weirdly great too.

Nancy Mo

Not what we expected from a spot in WG. The service was mediocre. Never heard of not being able to change the way my burger is cooked! My mom wanted her burger not bloody but the cashier said no, why? All the side orders are separate so be ready to pay about $20 for an ok burger and fries The homemade ketchup was great and the kimchi as well. Will not be returning.

Drew Garraway

Joaquin Garrido

Excellent meats and friendly service!

Rick Smarz

Adam Peyrouse

Cathy Habib

Wiem Alexander

So expensive

Fabio Zavagnini

Best butchery and food around the area, perhaps of all Orlando.

Heiko Moenckmeier

Maaaaan, so excited that they expanded their hours til 10pm. Their food is all the stuff they just chopped up. These folks are for real, and I'd put their prepared menu items against any chef in the city of Otown. Their selection of bones (for bone broths) is excellent- chicken feet/heads/necks; pigs feet/ trotters/ pork bones, and grassfed cow bones as well. All from local farms. This food is worth the wait, worth the price, and the selection is excellent. Need everybody to go there so it becomes the Orlando institution it deserves to be.

Chelsea Bradley

Great fresh food. Awesome customer service!

Jerald Wolff

James Jean Louis

The best burger I think I have ever had. It doesn't look fancy but man juicy, exceptional ingredients and full of flavor. My only gripe is I wish the tallow cops were warm.

John Conway

Two reviews in one: (should have taken pictures, but oh well) First: Got two buttermilk donuts from the restaurant part of the store. They were fantastic. Can definitely tell they hand make them. Not fluffy like Krispy Kreme, but not tough like Dunkin. Just perfect. Two: Butcher side: Ordered a 6 pound Brisket two days in advance and it was ready when I went to pick it up. Best brisket I've ever had and made. BBQed it on my Weber Smoke mountain for 6.5 hours at 250. Fantastic quality meat. Will definitely return to buy more meat for BBQing.

Avalon Exchange

Matt Dieter

Once you eat a breakfast or two at Orlando Meats, the volume on every other breakfast you’ve ever eaten gets turned way down. There really is no better way to treat yourself after a nice morning run.

Antonina Slaten

Haydee Morales

Maybe my expectations were too high, but it was disappointing. Starting with the very sad and unhappy cashier who took out orders. Burgers were expensive and okay, but I wouldn't say they are in the best burger category as some people claim them to be. Fried chicken sandwich was greasy and heavenly breaded, if you like that then it's a good sandwich. Gave them 2 stars because they source everything from local farms and that's great. Probably won't return or recommend.

Kat Foreman

Love that medium rare burger! So delicious. I’ve gotten bones to make bone broth from Here as well. The butcher is really knowledgeable and friendly. And was Happy to answer the questions I had about the products they carried. Highly recommend that you check them out.

Nancy Chau

As recommended by my friend, I stopped by the Orlando Meats, wanting to shop for some quality beef. The owner, I think, he came to greet and helped me all the way, took all his time to explain different parts of meat and introduce me to the pork bone broth. Very tasty. Lovely place to shop.


Brian OHalloran

As a born native of Milwaukee Wisconsin (plethora of German heritage), I have eaten many bratwurst/sausages. Living in Orlando for the past 30 years, I haven't found many opportunities to purchase/eat meats from a local butcher shop. Thank you for the arrival of 'Orlando Meats'! I recommend Orlando Meats every time the topic of meat in a meal comes up in conversation. The butchers are friendly and open to questions and conversation. This isn't just an opportunity to stop-in and buy some meats and leave. I highly recommend stopping-in to eat in their cafe. Every item I have ordered has tasted on-point. They also have a small selection of local Florida craft beer. Cheers. Take a date. Bring a friend. They will thank you for sure.


We try to eat breakfast here every weekend!


Probably the best meat I have EVER had. Got the Bone In Ribeye and it was great. So fresh and well worth it for a special dinner night.

J. Brian Kraft

This place is ridiculously good!! High quality meats from local farms plus helpful, friendly service. Everything I've had on the menu has been fantastic! Their burger is one of the best I've ever had! You should eat here!

wayne wilson

Margaret Wilkerson

We loved their food and their service is good too.

Michael Neal

Awesome selection of meats and cuts of meat, including gator, venison and Cornish hens. Breakfast and lunch restaurant inside as well.

Edward Johnstone

Great cuts of meat (all local) and great customer service. The owner was very knowledgeable. I will definitely continue to buy my meats here.

Roman Scarlato

Finding food in Orlando let alone Florida that compares in quality and care to the big cities up north is near impossible to find. There is hands down NO BETTER PLACE TO EAT in the greater Orlando area these guys always blow me away with there ever changing menu. Also the quality of their meats which are from Florida farms are some of the beat I’ve had the pleasure to cook with. I hope they never leave and for your own sake eat at Orlando Meats.

Nora Marek

jaime jaramillo

Jim Luetzow

Great butcher. Take your specific cut needs. They get it done.

Angie Mefford

I have been to Orlando Meats twice now and each time had an amazing meal. The burger was the best grass fed burger I have ever had and the pork katzu was an unexpected spicy delight of a sandwich. I also took home some kimchi and some broth to make pork ramen at home. I love this place.

Joy Kittredge

Always amazing!

Steffania Triana

Great selections, fair prices, and awsome staff! First time here, for sure will return.

Oscar Vilches

So fare. The service is good. I came here for the butcher shop I got some local beef from them couple steaks and some rub. I will let you know how the steaks the teaks cook. Later dude. Remember live the vibe

Roman Malkin

Julie Slick

I’ve been wanting to try this place for a long time and finally got a chance to today for Burger Week. It did not disappoint. The burger was amazing! The fries fantastic! I ate every bite. Will definitely be back!

Dominick Morrison

Attentive and informative of the cuts. Pork rib chop and sirloin baseball cuts on wood grill with no seasoning came out tasty. Yes, it costs more a lbs, but it's so much better in quality/taste than your supermarket bland meat. They have a frozen section of meats too. It's an experience I enjoyed which I'll be going back for a "Bone in Ribeye"

Crash And Burn Music

Food was absolutely amazing and their meat is high quality as always. I know I just missed a ton of opportunities to make meat based jokes but still.

Bobby Zitzka

Tyler Lower

Great place! Everything I have tried is top-notch and the service is great. You can tell they really care about their product. These guys really know their stuff!

Maribel Zimeri

Grass feed organic meats, was looking for fresh bone broth and got it here. Jimmy was very helpful and courteous.

Michael Mundon

Malorie Reid

Great ambiance and service! Beautiful cuts of meat. We ordered two of the Sloppy Jehoshaphats (which was delicious, perfect toast to the bread while still maintaining softness AND was able to hold up the meat, and the taste of the meat was lovely) but they only had one left, so we were offered two complimentary donuts, which were delicious. Loved the selection of quality sodas. They also sell locally sourced eggs, veggies, etc. Will definitely be back.

Ellen Sturges

Clean, neat concept but sorry, 1st time in, the kielbasa and curried lamb sausage texture and flavor was more than very disappointing, just not right, never again - maybe cafe, meals etc are better... I'm sure the fresh meats are fine - sorry, wanted to love it and return...

Glenn Stojanovic

Gator meat like no where else. FRESH!

Daniel Seepersad

Quality meats, friendly services, good size seating area, free parking around back, and located in a beautiful neighborhood. Grass-fed, no antibiotic, and local farm raised.

Manuel S

Jack Oporto

Seppi Lehner

Steven Mitchell

Thanks for serving good quality meat products

Dylan Lancaster

Joseph Sosa

Had the most wonderful meal in a long time and it was in Orlando. This is not a surprise since Orlando has a lot of wonderful restaurants and this is one of the better ones. Great butcher shop with good food . This is one of three good place to eat located under one roof. Cannot wait to go back and try the rest of the menu. I highly recommend this place

Adrian Sakr


Frank Muniz

Superb grassfed meat cuts and excellent eat in menu. Staff is super knowledgeable and very welcoming. Definitely must try their burger!

Pablo Daniel Osorio Aragoza

Jeff A

Side fries and side ham. Yes

Brandie Rivas

did not have quite the organic section i was hoping for

Bryan Beles

Worst burgers I’ve ever had. Absolutely raw and asked to cook it more And they took it back to kitchen and brought it out the same way!! Raw raw!! Over priced under cooked. The one star is for the bottled drink

Julian Quintero

Pri B. Drugge

Food was tasty but $50 for 3 meals? Most of the meat was way out of my price range for a family. Very disappointed.

Jared Ian

I felt whether it was wagyu or not, it was a low grade.

Matt Cegelis

Old Spanish Sandwich is arguably the best sandwich in Orlando

G Wolf

Horrible place

William Parsons

Orlando Meats is a self-described as a whole animal butcher shop, that carries everything from popular steak cuts, to fat, bones, and organ meat. From the sausages, cuts of pork, beef, chicken, etc... you will be hard pressed not to find what you are looking for at Orlando Meats. This isn't a Publix, Whole Foods, or Fresh Market meat counter where you can find every cut you are looking for. They may not have what you are looking for when you walk-in, but they can surely get it from one of their local partners. They have a decently sized rotating selection. If you are not looking for something specific drop by and see what the daily selection is, you won't regret it. If you are looking for something specific, call a few days ahead and do a special order for the cut you want, and let them know the day you want it. I've purchased several cuts from them recently and have been extremely pleased with the quality. I highly recommend this butcher shop to anyone who appreciates quality meats and extremely knowledgeable staff.

William Yip

Alex Franqui

They were quick nice and food was bomb

Charlene Coley

salty productions

Christian Parra

I loved I ordered. Great spot for quality meat.

Amber Sharpe

We loved it. This is an awesome place to come for really good food, quality meats, and local fresh food items. The burger really is delicious, and the sandwiches are works of art. The staff was very friendly. When you come, just order from the menu, no need to change what the food was meant to be. We ordered extra fries and tallow chips for the ride home. Can't wait to come again.

Shahab Nabavi

Stopped in for lunch and was very satisfied. Clean and modern setup in a small but inviting space. Nice fresh cuts and some frozen items too. I tried to Carmela Soprano meatball sub which was fantastic and very fresh. Highly recommend!

Brad Houchen

I enjoyed a great pulled pork sandwich while learning more about this business. This is a dying art and a true testament to their commitment to serve local fresh meats.

Cooper the Pooper

First time visiting Orlando Meats, I was impressed but setback with their prices. However, once we sat down to eat we understood, the food is amazing. Their sausage gravy is delicious, I had the breakfast poutine and my husband had the Butcher's breakfast; both were delicious. After eating I stepped over to the meat counter and had a chance to talk to the owner, such a pleasant man. I introduced my husband and we ended up talking for quite a bit. I highly recommend Orlando Meats, you won't be disappointed!

Caroline Kolozewski

Quem estiver com uma manhã livre em Orlando, tome café neste aconchegante restaurante/açougue. Tudo fresco, os fornecedores são de locais próximos. Fica a dica!

Eliot Hillis

Joseph Hayes

Sure, it looks like (and is) a butcher shop, so old-fashioned a concept that it should be spelled “shoppe.” But like the retro rebirth of vinyl and Viewmasters, hands-on butchery is hot, and Orlando Meats is among the hottest. A much-discussed highlight is lunch (breakfast, too). Not wasting anything, including influences from the 1950s, potato chips are fried in beef tallow. The menu includes a fried turkey bologna sandwich (with yellow mustard on white bread); and beef, meatloaf and burgers are roasted, baked or ground on premises.

Gabriel Nuriel

First, great customer service. The butchers take their time, listen to questions and explain with patience. Second, I am able to place special orders. Such as beef bacon (how awesome for a Jew). Lastly, the quality of meet and food is great. Flavor is pronounced and excellent.

Audrey Matcher

Mario Tello

Stopped by, following the recommendation of a friend, and was pleasantly surprised by the most amazing burger I've had in a long time. The medium rare was just perfect. Then I found the butcher area, and I it was love at first sight: great cuts of pasture-raised beef and lamb. This will become a regular stop for me.

Suzanne Doucette

Happy that you're in the neighborhood!

Brett Rylands

Wow. Just wow.

MTA Productions

Great tasteful quality meats. I had the Filet mignon and it was amazing.

Amarilys de Flores

Great little place to stop and have a quick bitethat will satisfy. I ordered the medium rare burguer and my husband a pork with remoulade sauce sandwich. Both were awesome. I would suggest just a little bit more attention to sanitation rules.

Alex Schroeder

Orlando Meats provided quick service, had incredibly friendly staff, and a great atmosphere for a midday bite. The food had a great presentation and the taste was even better. Doubling as both a restaurant and butcher, this is certainly a place I'll be revisiting.

Joe Snow

Brianna Cooper

Wesley Abrego

Great food at great prices. I'll have to come back to try their take home butchered meats!

Drew Lipson

The shake hands with beef was good, but don't order a plate. The turkey thighs had so little meat it was laughable and almost a false advertisement since it was mostly broccoli. I will be back for the sandwiches, but that's it.

brian brown

Awsome hamburger with garlic aoli and bacon with home made chips and slaw also orderes a side fries that were great with homemade ketchup that was out of this world there banana doughnut was awsome

Samantha Watson

Matt Broffman

Anthony Gualtieri

Burger is one picture and Katzu the other. I had the Katzu and it was delicious. It was far more than I thought I would receive. The service was great and the food was even better.

Micah Slankard

Arisai Santiago

The person who attended me was friendly and knowledgable. Ground beef that I bought was great, the price was a bit too steep but that's understandable. I can get a better deal at costco for this type of meat, organic and grass fed, but other than that I think the meat here is great!

Eugene Collazo

Jonathan H

I'm a breakfast guy... I commute into Orlando daily from Melbourne. If u tired of First Watch, Dennys, whatever and want a non corporate setting and good food/coffee then u have arrived. Pleasant atmosphere/music.

Raquel Velez

Chris Cremeans

Really cool butcher shop and cafe. Went for lunch and had their Medium Rare Burger, it was easily one of the best burgers I’ve had in the Orlando area. Obviously quality meat and that Bacon XO Sauce amplifies the burger flavor so much. Didn’t get chance to purchase anything from the butcher side of the house, but I plan to go back to grab lunch and stock up at the same time. What more do you want? Grab a tasty meal and some quality meat for later at the same time. At a glance they had a nice, local selection including some items harder to find at your run of the mill grocery stores.

Melissa Andersen

Staff is always super even when they have a full house. Kinda of like a restaurant in Los Angeles I loved to visit.

David Seddon

Great quality and wonderful service!

jessie silverstein


I was totally disappointed today. I was looking forward to eat at this place. I went in with my family tonight, and ordered the Medium Rare Burger for my son, of course I asked for a well done burger for him and they said ok. I then, ordered one for myself, and since I do not eat raw meet, I asked for the same thing. The casher refused to do that for me as well. She gave me the most ridiculous explanation, they only make exemptions to children and pregnant women. Wait a minute, who are they to tell me how I have to eat my meat? WOW, even though they 'think' the way to eat a burger is rare, they are absolutely incorrect for wanting me to eat it that way. If it is dangerous for KIDS AND PREGNANT WOMEN to eat it raw, let me be the one that decides the way I want it. They can definitely advise what is the best way to eat it, but they definitely need to have more options available. Anyways we ended up leaving the place to have dinner somewhere else and I strongly believe that we will not be coming back.

Ryan Semple

Long time fan of Orlando Meats...but my last visit was a bit of a disappointment. First, they stopped serving sides with their medium rare burger (which I thought was a good combo for the price) but now the cost is the same and I’m given a smaller portion of food. Secondly, the cashier/server didn’t seem approachable. I hope my review and some of the other reviews will influence Orlando Meats to reconsider some of their recent decisions.

Adam Chandler


Monika Walker

ed l

Probably my favorite place in Orlando

Dominic Powell

The quality of the meats here are excellent. Top notch stuff - The Owner was super knowledgeable about what cuts were good for grilling in specific styles and paired with some of their signature grilling rubs and sauces. 100% will go back again.

Andrew S

Choice cuts, delicious ingredients, bold flavors, amazing taste. I ordered the breakfast burger and loved it! It was cooked to perfection, cheese perfectly melted on a homemade bun. Best burger I've ever eaten. The home fries were perfectly cooked and seasoned. This was the first time I ate a burger and fries without ketchup. After breakfast, we purchased four doughnuts. Despite being full, we tried all of them and we're blown away. The doughnuts are cake doughnuts, not the traditional yeast doughnuts, giving them a rich, hearty texture and flavor.

Jack Petterson

Absolutely fantastic brunch. Steak and eggs were unreal, even the home fries were better than youd expect. Will 100% be back.

Gabriella S

I rate 2 stars. They don’t have much of a menu and they follow it VERY STRICTLY. They follow it so strictly that you cannot ask for your burger a tiny bit more cooked. You just order and what you get you get. I’m not exaggerating at all. I promise. No substitutes or anything. The burgers are raw. The seasoned fries are pretty good though. Donuts are HORRIBLE. They are not even donuts. But the meat is pretty fresh and good. They are pricy so if you are looking for good meat but on the cheaper side it’s not recommended.

chipi avellaneda

Good coffee. Some expensive food but good. Good place if you’re looking for rare meats.

Mark Montalto Jr

Best burger ever...

A. J. D.

Terri B

Amanda Angel

We have been buying local (as much as possible!) since the beginning of the year and Orlando Meats is the place to go for good local meat! The quality is fantastic and their service and help with picking the right cut is superior. And if you plan your shopping trip right you can grab lunch while you wait.

Kelly Head


These people know meat

Gregory Brown

John Liga

Steven Kurthausen

Awesome Decor - only place open that has gator meat on Sunday’s. Even grabbed some fresh bacon. They had aged steaks there also

Sean Donovan

Mandy Li

Great food. Best chicken wings. Medium rare burger is very juicy and delicious.

Lewis May

The Medium Rare burger is among the top five burgers in Orlando!

Mitch Ronco

Great selection. Preparation is always perfection. Unusual choices. A busier lunch crowd now that the quality is becoming well known with the downtown foodies.

Christine Carney

Honestly my favorite evening place. There was fast, efficient, and courteous service. Bring your appetite because portions are filling.

John G

I love the idea of this place and the principles it stands behind as far as local sourcing and conscious ingredients. I love the layout and the fact that it's a butcher and a restaurant. I went for the burger which is said to be among the top in town, but unfortunately it wasnt that great. Overcooked and tasted like breakfast sausage. I was hoping for a bit more choices of toppings too. I'll go back and give it another shot but the first time around left a little to be desired.


The best cheeseburger in town! Grass fed ground beef cooked perfect and super fresh. This place is f!cking awesome

Teddy Dover


Anthony Mondone


Great food, so fresh, can taste the difference when it's grass-fed. Great people.

N. Piearcy

Carlos O Rodriguez

Dennis Mattei

We are usual Lucky's meat buyers, though Lucky's is pretty good and pricey, for the money this place is worth the drive from Avalon park best strips my wife and I have had period, and the staff are awesome!!

Angel Roman-Otero

Daniel Cha

Great food and awesome butcher shop. Anyone looking for delicious organic grass fed beef, this place has the best. Oh and their pork is quite simple the best pork available in Orlando as well. Price is not cheap but you get what you pay for and this place is worth every penny!

Michael Garcia

Diego Zanatta

Great sandwiches and great prices! You must check out this place

Nuhad Manzur


Great service, great food, they make it a point to treat you like family. Love this neighborhood butcher too, price is perfect for the QUALITY of meat you get.

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