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REVIEWS OF Meat Depot IN Florida

old school

The best in town

Joseph Whatley

Not the best looking place but you do not get to eat the building! Meats are great and the prices are fair. And they do have everything!

Jasmine McLaurin

Good prices. Great quality. The worker of Foodtown meat store suggested I try meat depot. I've been a customer every since. The staff is nice and the specials rock. The parking lot is disgusting though and the veggies are not always fresh.

infamous j5

Great deals good meat

Kyle M

Super rude =/

Monique Guest

Brought a bag of chicken wings from there for a kids party great price but when we opened the bag all the chicken was green and black shocked and disgusted what if I had given this to the kids they would have been extremely sick

Evette E

Totally disrespected guy over charged on meats . They catch an attitude when you ask them to change their gloves. And management was playing a little too much for someone who wasn't playing with him

Erin Thomas

It is ok but Walmart is cheaper if you are not getting a bundle.


Great meat at great prices love it.

Joe Thoby

Great place great customer service I love it Thanks guys

Francis Prachthauser

Good value, always shop here when in Tampa.

Joel Arroyo

Good People ,Great DEALS

joshua kill

Awesome employees and good meat at great prices!

Miguel Saud

Friendly staff. Prices are not bad. Lots of products for latin people including the meat selections...

Dennis Terebecki

Not sure what the percentage is, but five pounds if ground beef for eight dollars..... and it always tastes Good!

Heather Hooper

Organized and clean

Khadija James

Great deals on meat, over pricing for everything else.

Jd Pugh

Place really clean and organized? Gentlemen behind meat counter was really nice and polite. Cashier was also very nice. Will be back very soon. Prices are very reasonable.

Joe Nieves

Charles L

Prices are great....better if you buy in bulk. Does smell a bit. But meat And veggies are fresh. A lot of things you can't find in other stores. Rabbit goat alligator frogs etc.


Clean,good prices ,good choice of meats

Theo Snell

I walked in the door the place smell of dead meat very offensive to the nose. I walked around the store, I looked at the produce at the meet and decided I would not spend my money at this location.


Very helpful

Claudette Whyte

Absolutely awesome, customer friendly workers.

Leida Febus

The best costumer service

Daniela Antoine


Sharon P

Very nice people and so kind.

Jeanette Semidey

Kia Daniels

This store has the best deals! The fresh deli staff are really helpful and you get alot of food for your money. We got a buggy full of food for just $60! This store is perfect for people of color, and the staff speak Spanish. Don't let the appearance fool you - it may not look as nice as other stores but they definitely earned our business.

Ms.Sneak NYC

Bad service and rude customer service the owner or manager of the store overcharged me on my ebt card and then did not want to give me back the money I had to call cops on him ,he got aggressive and tried to hit my fiancée please don't go they are thieves.

Enid Graham

Better than 1yr ago

Jaime Rios

Meat depot are the number one market the a nice family and friendly and store are neat less there employ treat the customer right

Mary Penn

Everyone is very friendly and we like the price of the meat and dairy. They're very helpful tried other places always came back to the Meat Depot.

Christine V

Great experience

Froy Rami

great and helpful

kelly roberts

Real good selection of meat will cut to order.

Charlie OF

Bad customer service. Butchers don't care about their customers. They are very rude and they overcharge their prices.Smell very bad.

Lourdes Estrada

Disgusting!!!. Today i bought what i thought was fresh stew meat and what i got disgust me. I opened the bag and found all colora meat. There was new meat w old meat and brown meat, 3 lbs of mixed meats. And i wont be avle to take it back until weds. I saw this in the news what markets did with their old meat and sure enough I got a bag of multicolor meat. I have the pictures to prove it but dont know how to post it.

Elaine Lindsay

Lots of for food and meat suitable for people from varying cultures ... good customer service ...

Ella G

Always very kind and helpful employees. Feels like family everytime i go there. Thank you all for having such a great attitude.

Allan Claridge

When you go, be mindful of the time of day.

Noble Armstrong

Love the great selection of food.

Maz Seyed

Meat here is great quality and prices are value for money. Their monthly specials and meat plans are awesome. The Manager is super friendly and on top of things. Will be be going back more often.

Christine Sims

Dumb Ass workers in the back. Bad freaking customer service.

Rebecca Talley

Been going to this Meat Depot for a few months now.They have good prices, and they treat you like family. I travel a little over an hour for their meat. It helps to call in your meat order to help speed up the time your in there. Thank you!

Tanya Dickey

Everything is clean neat and easy to find i love the service my favorite meat store.

John Sumes

The best meat but unwilling to provide or sell extra meat bags blamed it on Trump's tarrifs

Anonymous fdsf

Employees were very rude. First, when I came in , they were about to clean a part of the floor (which was just a few feet from the entrance) and yet there was no indication of that- and some of the employees very rudely told me to not walk on that part of the store- this was not 5 seconds after I came in- so I just decided to leave- but then they were like "no come back " so I did, and browsed for a minute or so- but as they did not have what I wanted and was dissatisfied by rude employees, I left again- and was then harassed by a person working the register- asking why I came in and why I did not buy anything- I just told them I wanted to see if you what you had and he started to argue with me - so I just walked out . Don't waste your time here. The place also had a very bad fish odor- which fresh fish should not have. Publix is only right down the street, and probably has a better meat selection.

Andrew Lynch

josh klemka

Good luck getting service. Very unorganized. The staff had an attitude like they didnt want to help me while I was tryin to order almost $200 worth of meat. I finally had enough of the bad service and bad employees attitudes and walked out for the 2nd time today. I thought I was gonna buy my meat here every month since its only 5mins from my house. I will not return to buy my months worth of meats. Instead I will go half hr away to get my meats every month.

Maria Garcia Zapata

Awesome customer service. In & out usually pretty quickly. I have not had a bed experience yet.

T williams

The manager is extremely rude. I purchased a coconut there and it was bad. I called to inquire about an exchange and he was very rude and unprofessional. I spend about $100 here weekly on meats and produce, but I'll take my business elsewhere. The coconut is for a dollar so I don't care but I'll shop at a place that has good customer service.

Anthony Winston

shittiest place to buy meat all around town the owner tried to molest my girl so she had to quit cause she was threatened by the owner if she didn't he said his money will get him out of it

Daniel Rios


Vik M

Called store for some info and got horrible customer service!! Lost potential customer!!

Rosa Diaz

Beautiful owners n beautiful but the prices went up to much

Prettiii Fashionkilla

This meat store is pretty efficient. It has great prices but a little hood. But still worth the money.

Michael Shadd

Hey people it's the best Meat Depot in Tampa great customer service

Wilda Pierre

The meat is always fresh.

Misael Kordero

Está muy exelente en los precios y la. Atención que le brinda al cliente tiene de todo muy bueno el super mercado.

Shalonda White

This will make my third time going to this meat store. The first two times I went the early part of this year the meat was okay the drumsticks were normal size and didn't look like a turkey leg. This last time I went the place smell horrible not to mention flies flying around. I went here because the prices are reasonable but that is it! my last trip I purchased hamburger which I usually purchase elsewhere but gave this place a chance big mistake! I prepared it last night and it taste like sand was in it so I ended up preparing something different, I also purchased the party wing deal and the chicken wings look like the head was taken off and put in a bag. I would rather pay more at my local store than to drive 30 minutes and get that.

Annette Hosey

A good store for meat and more. It was our first time there the prices is great also. I will spread the word about the store.

Johnny Dejesus

A decent place to get meat for cheaper than most other stores. Guys at the meat counter were very helpful.

Alyssa Stevens

They have a poultry and seafood plan which is rare to find. A month's worth of lean meat for 38$? Yes please. Chicken, turkey, & tilapia and you can sub for other items. Big container of pink salt also great deal. Will be back for sure.

Danny Rivera

Good prices, quick service, never had an issue.

Blaze savage

Please don't buy your chicken here wings etc. Sometimes went in trying to save money I go to meat depot but not anymore the wing have a bad smell and badly cut look ufff nasty black and red I went two time already a not going the third time cuz is going too bee I waste of time and money!!! I got pictures so I may posted in another website

Satra Canadiate

Thay have everything that you need and please visit meat depot

Joel Smith


Helen Ortiz

Mercado variado y muy buena calidad en carnes

luis callejas

Carnes de calidad a precios excelentes. Variedad de productos a buenos precios

Catt Sitzler

Great staff, great prices, and lots of meats and other items to choose from. Conveniently located, as well. Big thank you's to all the butcher guys behind the meat counter and the rest of the staff for helping us today.

Tabi Baby

Prices for meat is extremely reasonable. It's only 15 minutes away from my job. So right after work I easily go buy what I need. I gotta a new place to shop at.

Karen Disereits

Best meat and best prices

Andrew Grace

Used to love this place but it is not open during the advertised hours. Not wasting my gas anymore after it being closed early 3 consecutive times.

matthew ferris

What a joke. Low quality meat. Publix has more meats (at much better quality) than this place.

Kendra Wright

Great Meat

Hussien Samad

Amazing meat department customer service is great produce was fresh my first time visiting but definitely will not be my last.

Mercedes Santiago


Krystal Holmes

Great meat plans

From God

Extremely clean allways fresh meat good customer service smells great everyone smiling friendly people the price is great I'll reconmind anyone to go there

Naveen J Francis

Good place to buy meat in bulk, besides the staff is very friendly, and accommodating. Will be back again soon

Delsi Williams-Dyke did you know I was there? Meat is superb and fresh. Like but 5 steak packages for 20 plus dollars. Just a good place even to get a box of chicken leg and thigh for lesd than 25 dollars. Excellent people spices right behind or yo the side or in front of you. Don't forget the spices. So nice.

vlogs family

Never had a problem I get what I need in a fair price friendly employers and some good deals randomly.

Chanell Hudson

Its ok but it stank a bit

Marilyn Ortiz

(Translated by Google) good prices (Original) Buenos precios

LaVerna Peterson

Great prices.

Shannon Conekin

Awesome prices and great customer service!

Zac Corbin

Great place to shop quickly! The staff are all friendly, helpful and outgoing. Prices are reasonably fair. Overall a wonderful establishment.

Felix Morales

Tiene de todo .carnicería y productos latinos

Tony Brantley

Awesome deals on meats and chicken.

Johnoie Wright

The employees are very unfriendly. Most of the produce are not fresh. However, they have a wide variety of meats. Not the best place to get produce or good service. Would not reccomend it.

Courtney Driscoll

Love this place. Great prices and quality meat. I drive from new port richey to tampa just to go to this store

Katrina Hamby

Meat Specials were fantastic. The hamburger wasn't drained of the blood very well so there was dark spots from where the blood was left in the meat prior to being ground, but this doesn't hurt the flavor. Danish ribs are not quite as advertised as they are in white boxes, and several rib racks to a box, that are on the thin side, but also most of them were full racks. Not the danish cut. Overall I am well satisfied with the purchase. Major discount.


I went for meat it all looked fresh and not bad prices

raiden martin

Love it, first time, will be back

Joe Marc

Customer friendly. Great choices of meat, poultry and vegetables.

Kristina Price

Every time I go everyone is so nice. The store is clean and they have a large selection of meat.

Larry the Table Guy

I have been shopping here for almost 2 years I have probably saved over $1,000 on meats and can tell no difference in quality or taste versus the big Supermarket chains. If you love saving money and like to eat good this is your place. I personally only by the meats and vegetables a lot of their stationary good are a little pricey which is understandable because you save so much on the important items

Jamie Romar


Great prices...great costumer service

Anthonny Sanchez

Bought some Tilapia today and when I started cooking it it smelled weird. Went to eat it and it tasted horrible. Like no tilapia I’ve had before. The fish had gone bad. I would recommend rotating products. Bad products, especially fish, should never be sold. And for some reason the label had given the fish almost a 2 month life span. I’m sorry, but unless fish is frozen it only has a 4 day span before it starts going bad. Also, invest in some pads. It’s gross having to unpack fish and all it’s liquid flowing around in the tray.

William Sherman

Just be careful when ordering lamb, they seem to confuse it with goat.

Christina Mcallister

It's alright but the smell of fish from the seafood stand hits you immediately when you walk in and its pretty foul. They should probably move the seafood section toward the back instead of right there at the entrance. But other than that, the place isn't horrible. Decent prices and the meat is always fresh, at least.

Bessie Espinal

When you start having health issues just come back here and ask what caused your sickness.... I'm sure they'll be happy to tell you.

Christina Pena

This place is awesome, the meat is so cheap, I walked out of there with a months worth of meat for less than $75 it’s crazy. And the quality is great too. Obviously you should always inspect what your putting in your cart first, but the chicken from there was pinker and fresher than from Costco. The fresh fruits and veggies leave something to be desired, but I’m not going to a meat depot for the fruits and veg.

Darcy Carmenates

First time going there and I loved it. The family plans are great. Employees are friendly and helpful.

Jeremy H

Terrible Rib Eye steaks with no marbling. Do not recommend quality steak shopping here.

Sheri Sharp

The ground meat looked real good in the store but not in the pan. I have never seen a hamburger cook like this before, while cooking on the first side the top of the burger turned to mush it looked like hot runny wax and when I tried to flip it over it just ran all over the pan. The chicken breast was like leather and the NY strips had an odd flavor. Prices were good but I wouldn't eat this meat again if it was free.

Yadira Valentin

Hombres muy frescos, no todos pero hay 2 o 3 que son poco agradables

Bryce Legend

For a Super Meat Depot there wasn't much meat..

Marly Sepulveda

Awesome place for nice fresh meat, owners are always there and very friendly!!!

Cheree Walden

Best place to get lots of fresh meat for a good price. We've been going here since day 1.

Louie Pizarro

Friendly service, fresh produce

Niema Polen

Great staff and owners are very friendly. We get all our meat from here.They are fixing freezer but everything they are selling is fresh.

Harvey Stevens

Great place has large variety of meat

Lena Burton

Customer service is great. Meat prices are good. Will definitely continue to shop there.

Ts Lou

This is a very bad thing! I order pork chops here! Someone stole my pork chops! I don't know his name! But know him!Wear a pair of glasses! Full face beard!He has discrimination! Why should such a person give him work?This is the second time I have encountered this kind of thing! Every time I buy something, I am secretly taken away by this person. (But the boss is very good! good friend! )

Breezy Bree

this is my first time I ever went there I got a flyer in the mail from them they have great prices fresh meat and family meet plans starting at 19.99 all the workers are very friendly and fast I would definitely recommend this place and I will definitely go back


(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Heather Gustafson

Really great sales on meat. Not impressed with the dry goods but it is a MEAT depot so ya know.... Bring hand sanitizer. They don't have it readily avail if a package leaks. Veggies are OK if you are going to cook them right then. Great sale right now on beef. I am amazed at the quality and great price. Steak is 5 bucks no matter the weight if you get the deal. So glad I moved close by and found this place.

Angela Smith

One of the best meat stores in tampa.

Mildred Cedeño

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Buena

Jovan Bojchevski

Not so clean, but the meat is very cheap. I didn't try yet, but it smells good.

Anibal Ortiz

El cajero deve ser mas cuidadoso cobrando

Lillian Mitchell

I liked their turkey wings. The price for all their meats are reasonable.

Faye Redding


Anthony King

A lot of meat for a low price

AlfredoT De Cardenas

Good quality and price value

lil momma

Whatever you want dealing with food, they got it and also nice people.

Kathy Brady

Very nice and very good prices

Mary Juanita Cruz

Gracias great service

Anthony Difulgo

Always very friendly and go out of their way to help you

Rosalie EagleEye

Very satisfied found all things thanks.

Romando Williams

Great deal on ox tails. Best in town. Nice store, clean. A lot of can't find seasonings at good prices Al well. I will be shopping there again soon!

Mystic Macon 20

Jes D

Tiffany Shannon

Horrible customer service!!! And the information on the flyer is not clear in meat packages. I won't be spending my hard earned money here again!!!!

Maggie Reyes

This place bleaches there meat after being spoiled

Gabriel Heying

Great place. Great prices. Can't wait to paid this Friday, so I can go back!

Carlos Oquendo

Best place to buy meat and hispanic products. Lot of Puerto Rican products. The staff is really nice also.

kashmeere rock

Nasty manager (Spanish girl with long curly hair and colorful nails) that be at the cash register has a bad attitude and will throw ur groceries on the floor and wont pick it up

Ariel Perez

Over priced

Alicia Rodrigues

ami. me. gusta. esa. supermercado. por. los. espesiales.

Jody Spencer

My husband and I have been shopping at this store since it opened. We got to know the owner and how they got to offer such great prices. It is not through subpar meat. We have always got great fresh meat. The store smells about like any fresh meat store. They have a huge meat counter; the more fresh meat, the stronger the smell. The prices are great. The staff is friendly. I have never had a problem with the meat. We have bought several kinds of cases of meat from them. We have never had a problem. I’m sure if you found a problem, the owner would love to know. Please take pictures to show them or if possible take the product back to them.

Rodney Duncan


Powerful WomanOfGod

High and meat doesn't look very fresh

Chronic Man


Mike Carter

I'd give it zero stars if it would display to others.. I'm new to living in the new Tampa area and was looking for a place to go to buy meat in bulk googled some places and ended up here.. was a very unpleasant experience. Walk up to the meat department and there was a lady just waiting while the guys were standing around talking. After awhile they turned around and helped her. . Meanwhile I was waiting behind her. After they finished helping her they went back to their little group talking while I was patiently waiting. After awhile a guy looks up and like can I help you. So I was like yeah I was waiting right after the lady you just helped and he turned to his coworkers, not knowing they I am fluent in Spanish as well, saying to them "he needed to say something, talk... talk!! How hard is that stupid, we can't help you if you don't talk" as all his coworkers started laughing. I was pondering if I should respond back in Spanish but i let it go...Which is true but I've been in customer based settings and If ppl are waiting in a line you ask if they can be helped. I've been to meat markets all over Tampa and have never had to go out of my way to get someone's attention for service.

Tippin Gaming

When I only need to do food shopping I love going here. There different meat depot plans allow me to get a decent amount of different kinds of meats for my meals during the week.

George Poole

Great service my go to store

Nene Akram

I have to give them 5 stars. We walked in 10 minutes before they closed, they were literally cleaning and finished but went ahead and filled 2 meat plans for me. Thank you

Keith Cassidy

It was good everyone is really nice and good at what they do

Sakiya Monee

I seen the negative reviews and felt like I had to jump to this stores defense a little. YESSS it smells bad, but that smell is what you should expect entering a small MEAT MARKET, it's not suppose to smell like roses and tulips, the meat trumps the smell lol...I just moved here, and this market was recommended because of their amazing family plans. I love the employees, the store gives you a intimate feeling, like a regular family owned market should. The cashiers are ALWAYS friendly, the owner is hilarious, and he keeps the place clean. They have a variety to choose from, and they also sell non-food, quick needed items. The produce may not look like big box brand stores, or maybe the meat, but it tastes great. That hamburger story made me laugh, not saying the poster is lying, but I have great results. Maybe it was a different cow. I brought my sisters to this store because they fell in love with the thick cut bacon from here, and they ordered pounds of it to go back home....maybe the negative reviews come from individuals who cant tell real from fake, or who is too worried about the smell than the products...the only thing I would suggest is lowering the prices of shelf and dairy products to be able to compete with other stores, I've noticed that it's a few cents more than other places, and those cents add up after a while. Overall, this is a great market.

maxine king

Love the people always so friendly

Dr. Francisco Rios

It's a Great Place to buy meet the employee are very helpful in really like this places

Alberta Brown

I love shopping here. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The store is always clean and management is always accessible to answer questions. They offer a wide variety of food that other stores may not have. I've been a customer for over 2 years.

Charlie Anderson

These guys are great. Treated like family quick knowledgeable service A+++

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