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REVIEWS OF The Meat Shoppe Baltimore IN Delaware

Mamawa Sellie

Their sales people are total rep off. Charge my account more than where supposed to and give me all wrong items . Worst customer service ever, they can never return your calls. If you're thinking about using them RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN

Nate Wyatt

Seems like a made up company as a front to case out neighborhoods. Guy knocked on the door of my private residence and when I answered the door, he said he was with a company based in Maryland, but presented no proof other than the magnet on his white delivery van. Why appear during office hours in a residential area? I think I will call police. You should too.

Mike Winston

Like someone else said HORRIBLE! I bought a box of 4 steaks. And a box of butterfly shrimp. The driver showed me a box that was completely fozen then gave me a box that was partially thawed that I did'nt realize till I opened the box after the driver left. I tried to call him immediately and got no answer and a full mailbox. So I called the company, left a voicemail and they called the next day and told me I had to contact the driver/ salesman. I offered to drive the product back to thier office and was told no. I tried for 2 weeks to contact the driver. No luck and I also text him. No luck. So Lest night I cooked one of the steaks. It smelled like seafood when I pulled it from the vaccuum sealed bag. First warning. I cooked it and it smelled terrible. Second warning. It shriveled to 1/3 the original size and seemed to be full of water. I took 1 bite and tossed it. This company is a scam and I'll bet the good reviews are from the driver/ salesman. Do not buy this product. If you want to try them I will give you the 3 steaks that I still have. $62.00 and it's a ripoff

Shop Hitch

Absolute RIP OFF. The beef was so tough you couldn't even chew it not to mention the terrible smell. Do yourself a favor and run this guy off Iif he comes to your door. The procuct is AWFUL

Robert Fluck

HORRRRIBLE!!!! I have called them 4 times, sent 2 e-mails. No response, so I will come on here...the driver stopped in at my shop on what was a pretty snowy day and asked if I would be interested in buying meat, when I said no he continued to say that he didn't want to take it back home and he would give me a "deal" so he sold me 2 containers of steaks $50.00, but asked if I could add $5.00 to offset his costs for cashing a check. I brought it home, cooked it, ate tasted horrible and seemed freezer burnt from the get go, then my wife and I got sick. To be honest I wasn't looking for anything other than to let them know how it was and what had happened. So instead of doing the right thing, they sold me horrid, pricey steaks and gave me apparent complimentary diarrhea, and vomitting. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER AND FROM WHAT MY LAWYER SAYS, THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME!!!

Brandon Snyder

Brenda Park

Thank you Matt and Mike for helping me sort out the problems i had with the meats! I hope to try the crabcakes and Hawaiian fish soon! You both are Awesome!

Damon Mosier

I was walking my dog and he barked at them while they were walking towards the van. They decided it would be a good idea to drive up a little and taunt him by barking out the window. Then he would get worked up and bark more. They repeated this 2 more times and I started yelling at them. I live in Eagle Glen in New Castle, De. I want to let you know that your company isn't welcome here. Dont let me see your guys here again. People cold calling past 9pm is dangerous and unwelcome. Try me.

William Smith

I came home to find a white van at my home. One guy was walking around back of my house the other was in the van and rolled up the window as I approached. I could smell marijuana and asked them what they were doing. I unholstered my side arm and asked if they had seen my no tresspassing signs. The guy wondering outside my home ran into the van and asked if I was a cop. I asked the driver to see his solicitation permit since our township has a strict no solicitation ordinance and has the signs posted on all main roads. The driver acted like he was looking for the permit and quickly backed out of my drive. I called the regional police and recommend everyone else do the same as these guys seemed very SHADY! A call to the main toll free number forwards to a cell phone that does not return calls.

Gloria Faulls

The only reason I had to give a star was to that I was able to type a review… So in South Jersey right outside of a place called not just Pizza three delivery men pulled up from the Meat Shoppe and one proceeded to blow his nose without a tissue by holding the one side of his nose and when everything that came out of his nose failed to go right onto the ground he took his fingers got the disgustingness out of his nose and threw it on the sidewalk how about you do that in your own neighborhood in Maryland !!!it was orderly disgusting

Dave Combs

Kasey Marsh

I was so excited to learn of such a great deal when a sales associate came to our door. We had to go for it. My husband went outside and checked out what they had and in the truck the steaks looked great! When he brought them in they looked pretty funny. Not your normal colored meat but I chalked it up tonjust be the vacuum sealed pack and that they were frozen! The next day, we decided to dig in! Once thawed and out of the package - the meat smelled funny and the appearance of the steak looked funny still. As it was cooking we noticed that it didn’t cook right light meat usually does and the smell of the meat as it was cooking was awful! Once finished, we decided to give a try to immediately be turned off with the foul smell and taste of what would resemble wet dog food! I couldn’t eat it without gagging! I’m so disappointed in the items that we received! We not have items sitting in our freezer that we will never use! I went online to find that the website is down, called the phone line that was on the brouchure to just get a recording. Went online and saw the horrid reviews and I went on the Facebook page they have and messaged them to have them offer to replace our meat for free. Um, I already bought meat so technically it wouldn’t be free and why would I want to have more items from this place with the experience that we just had! I expressed to them that I definitely would not like anything replaced. Still waiting on response... This is a pure rip off!

Robert F Schaffer

I would like to know why their Meat Shoppe van were allowed to be used by plain clothes cops to get into people's home who has no criminal record in Philadelphia? Did they paid them to use their business van? Never do business with them because they're not trustworthly. Really disgusting.

Juilisa Jones

Unprofessional they double charged my card and have been giving me the run around for almost a month now i have 6 kids and two i have to buy baby formula we cant just eat meat with nothing to go with it.

rubin clark

Horrible company to work for unless you have a criminal record or no other chance to get a job.

Shane Defries

The Meat Shoppe's Drivers are really friendly! Best Kansas City Strip I've had in a long time! Really enjoyed the way the representative made me feel when I was purchasing from them. Overall great experience!

franklin hayward

I wasn't too open to buy meat from a van. Turns out these guys are the Amazon of meat. The steak and the seafood is incredible. Only for people that care about what they put in their bodies. I feed my American Bullies chickens quarters and steak from acme and shop rite now. I love this place.

Carianne Weikel

I feel sorry for the drivers/Salesmen/Saleswomen of this company. This one driver I had show up at my shop ,yes I own a hair salon in Philadelphia PA, but she was so into her job on selling as much as she could just so she could get back to her 3 children at a decent time. She told me about how the pricing was and how I could take care of my payment for the meat I was purchasing. So I had asked her, "well if I purchase this at this price how much do you make off of it?" And she had responded " I make about 2% of whatever you purchase this for,which really if you think about it its not that much,now is it but hey I have to take every dime I can get in this world due to the three little smiles smiling back at me" and she melted my heart so I bought the steak,chicken,pork and had gotten the seafood and a thing called a "trio" for free. I have cookouts with neighbors and we all love their meats especially the chicken!!

Elizabeth J

I did not buy any of the meat from the Van that came around, so this review is based solely on the behavior of the driver, or actually the accompanying guy. A friend of mine and I were eating dinner outside my house when the van drove up. I have bought meat from another company, and was unimpressed. I told this to the two men who came up, but they were VERY insistent that their meat was much better. I told them I was moving and didn't have room OR have time to eat whatever they had. They just kept insisting that they wanted to show me their stuff, and that I wouldn't have to buy much. Once they showed me the extremely similar product to the last stuff I got, I said I was sorry but I just wasn't interested. One of the guys, not the driver, started to berate us about how rude we were and that I had made up my mind not to buy from the beginning (Yes! I did!! I told him so!). My response was that I wanted to see if he could change my mind. He continued to tell me how rude I was and that he had "Made $400 dollars" that week. Good for him. My response is to let everyone know what poor selling practices the guys have! My advice is to duck and cover when they come up your drive, and to lock your doors. It makes me very uncomfortable that someone selling door to door would then berate their possible costumer because they don't respond the way you want them to.

Jernise ayers

There was a meat van in my neighborhood. My bank card was stolen and charged 200 dollars. Very incriminating and horrible feeling.. Do you even match a bank card to an ID?

John Ragan

Watch out for their drivers!! Was purposely run off the road by one of the trucks.

Mike Dikeman

Kevin Dalton

Ok here's a real review from a no nonsense native NYer. I was sitting out on my porch in Brooklyn last night when two guys in a Meat Shoppe van pulled up and asked if I was interested in purchasing some meat. They were both cool so I went to see what they were offering, I got 8 filet Mignon steaks and 4 Ribeye steaks along with a dozed lemon iced cakes like the ones in Starbucks for $4 a piece for $70 cash. No pressure sale, Adam and his partner were cool so I decided to make the purchase once I realized how the product was presented in good individually frozen condition and I tried the lemon cake which was fresh and delicious. I decided to defrost two filets overnight in my fridge and this morning grilled them to medium rare, they tasted good, not chewy or rubbery and not exactly a high end butcher cut filet Mignon but at this price can't be beat. 12 steaks and 12 desserts for $70 is a good deal and a no brainer. The deserts alone would be $48 at Starbucks and were free, and steaks at less than $6 per steak delivered to my front door in NYC is a good deal indeed. I highly recommend freezing them right away and fridge defrosting them before cooking them to insure best overall quality.

Joseph Benevento

Horrible!!!! One of your drivers (Orlando) "cold called " my house, my wife was home with some friends and she thought she would surprise me with a freezer full of chicken,steak&pork. Well $370 some odd dollars later it is being donated to the local food bank, hopefully they can use it.The chicken was like eating rubber, I grilled a so called NY strip and 2 petite filet's last night and truly have NEVER had steak that tough.I'm not even going to waste my time with the pork loin.Although I did grill some of the sausage and used some of the burger patties for ground beef for mini meatballs in my escarole soup,the sausage was at least edible, and the meatballs in my soup were fine. Now before you think I screwed up, I was in the restaurant business for years and cook at home 5 nights a week, so I do know how to cook. I hope Orlando doesn't stop by next time he's in Northfield, NJ, he surely won't be getting a reorder from us.

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