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REVIEWS OF The Butcher Block IN Delaware

Miriam Martinez

Love the people the food and the prices.. The egg salad sandwich is the best one i have ever had. :)

Amy Shay

Melissa Walton

They have all your holiday favorites and grilling needs! This is a one stop bbq need heaven

jmac1946 .

Bought a prime rib from here for Christmas! Added the rub and cooked it as they suggested...everyone is still raving about it. I’ll be back. Thanks Ron!

Robert Howe

definitely not your local grocery store meat department. Many high Choice options for meat. Will definitely utilize them in the future.

Carla Tondreau

Izaac LMT

This is a wonderful store with the best tasting/quality items. Their bbq/steak sauce, seasoning and much more are on a league of their own! You will feel like you are tasting a much better item and never want to pay for the cheap store brand again. There are very friendly staff too.

Bud Luczewski

Jordan Newell

Family owned, good prices, great selection of cuts. I was in and out in no time at all, and even so had a very pleasant, personal experience. This family is doing it right and is worth your business!

Matthew Evetts

Not only was the food delicious, but I was blown away by the A+ customer service. I can't wait to go back!

Belinda goodbody

By far the best filet, including high-end steakhouses, I've ever eaten! Extremely impressed with the freshness of bacon wrapped asparagus as well. Exceptional customer service, quality of food & prices!

Sam M

Bonnie Baldwin

kellkoolguy .

Great selection of meats and excellent service

Frank Wong

Karen Rienbolt

Jake Gladfelter

Small shop with a good selection of meats. Staff was knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. Definitely recommend the ribeye.

Rich Barry

Angela Bacon

We came here on accident trying to find a different shop but couldnt remember the name. We were there awhile trying to google the other place... Meanwhile the employees kept asking us if we had been helped or needed anything. We kept sayin no because we didnt think they would have super think meat. We asked them if they could cut us some and the guy said yes but in a few hours after the meat was frozen to make it possible to cut so thin. So we looked for something else. But then a manager or older gentleman came by and asked us what we wanted the meat for and took the time to show us a different thing but oractically the same thing. We decided to get it. It was amazing. I was really blown away that he wanted to actually help in assisting us with what we wanted and the fact that he knew everything about everything in the store. Would recommend over and over again!! Thank you! :)

Jason Copley

Jonathan Hatlee

This place is amazing. Their selection is pretty darn good. Not as much grass feed beef options as I would have liked but I won't let that affect the rating. They staff was amazingly friendly, they are concerned with providing a good experience which is not something you really get at a grocery store. A lot of their meats come pre-marinated (tumbled style) and there's quite a selection of them. The Carne Asada (hot) was to die for... we cooked up a pound of it at medium rare and it was destroyed by everyone in about 2 minutes. Found one of my new favorite places to buy food.

Insideoutjanitoraildebrisservicelisa Morgan

Great service and goods

Lee Blackburn

Jon Rushing

Went there and picked up some awesome elk burgers

Jake InRealLife

Friendly staff, great selection, affordable prices, will be getting my trimmed baby back ribs here from now on!

Nick DiMaria

Fantastic sandwiches and soups. Haven’t had a chance to check out their meats, steaks and such, but they all look amazing. Great, helpful staff as well! Will be coming here much more often.

Abigail Matheny

Super fast service, good prices, and their sandwiches are amazing!

Andrew Martin

We are regular customers of the Butcher Block. Simply the best meat in town. Customer service is excellent and we are never disappointed in anything we purchase. Highly recommended. Lots of choices and all worth trying.

Joel Reasoner

Nicholas Daniels

Ben Hazlip

Waylen Herdman

Great place! They went above and beyond expectations. There isn't a better butcher in town!

Dustin Spieth

Beverly Branagan

Great butcher shop, meats cut to order and great quality. Helpful and friendly staff. Happy, that is local!

Buck Arnold

Fantastic people and unbelievably good meat!!

Scott G

Excellent cuts of meat and top notch service. Prices are a bit high, but you get what you pay for.

Christy Dave

I long for the days of Bruce and Donna :(. Almost every time that I go in, they are no longer carrying something or they have stopped making something. It used to be my favorite place to go for a sandwich, but today they informed me that they’re not even making the sandwich that I want anymore.

Ray Sowalski

Out of town and looking for a place? We were too. This place rocks. Great sandwiches and they mades me feel like family.

Mike Vannoy

First time visiting today. Can’t say enough good things about this place. I came for the beef ribs and left with ribs, burgers, twice baked potatoes, bacon and stuffed jalapeños. Great prices and a far superior meat selection than the local chains. They might as well put a cot in the back because they may become my second home.

Don Cocroft

Nice place, nice people.

Liz Bucher

Lauren Klokis

Absolutely the best & most beautiful cuts of amazing beef & everything else...Ask for Darren R. The most knowledgeable, customer service oriented & most amazing butcher I've met!!! Will always go to him as well as recommend him to everyone (who eats beef) that I know!!!!!! Thank u Sir! #AmazingMeat!!

im2reel .

Dean Hamilton Bradley

Natali Alvarado

Nick Beez


Bryan Poerio

Gloria Zombro

I've ordered my prime rib from this store for several years! Outstanding!"!

Julian Jackson


Great place to get products you can't find!

christopher shiroma

The best place to get high quality products.

,Ernie Symmes

I have no idea why people are b*******. the owner is very nice. actually will help you bring out your food if you like. been going there for 3 years from out of state. then moved here when go anywhere else the product Saidi hazard unbelievable from regular to wild. I say thanks for the shop. I average 400 dollars every 2 weeks there and you can't buy a better stay around so don't believe everything on got Internet. believe me. no reason to lie. You need to trY some of their cupcakes. to die for.

Deanna Jones

Awsome meat

ann brucato

We bought two of the tomahawk steaks and they were the absolute best quality of meat. Pricey but well worth it.

Nikk Johnston

Leslee Lozoya

We found this gem after eating at HayJays! It was like walking into a fantasy land of fine meats,spices and wine! Ed recommended a delicious bottle of wine and sent us home happy with bacon and ahi tuna. We will definitely be regulars

Debi Stoker

One of my favorite things about now living in Liberty Lake is the Butcher Block, Hayj’s and Piccolos Pizza! Just minutes away instead of 30 minutes! Love their fresh meats and seafood and so many choices for last minute pickups if you decide to have family or friends for dinner

Heather Jantz

I've known Ron for many years. He's got an amazing background that offers his customers the best of everything... and that includes prices, not just quality, selection and customer service! The Butcher Block is so amazing that it survived during the recession AND was able to expand to the North side of town as well as open sandwich shops. Ron has special ordered items for me on many occasions. When he doesn't have something in stock, he calls right there on the spot to find out if/when he can get it and how much it will cost me. He has also ordered 1/2 a cow for me! Everything was customized. How many of which kinds of cuts, each one separately sealed for freezing/freshness and all the left over meat used in the best way possible, ie: ground beef. Basically, The Butcher Block is amazing! As is Ron, his wife and the staff. They REALLY CARE about people and their needs. Be prepared to wait during high times (holidays and around end of work day hours). IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT!


This is where to go for the meats that you need. I usually make some requests for odd parts and cuts and the Butcher Block always comes through. If there is something that you are looking for, but can't find anywhere else, ask these guys and they'll find a way to get it to you. Also, if you get a chance, grab some of the rubs and spices. I went with the steak rub and it changed my rib eye experience!

Sarah McAbee

Wonderful family owned business. Always greeted with a hello & smile. The meat selection is great. We travel from out of town just to get our meat from this shop. We buy it in bundles. They have great prices for what you get! They have recently brought in Amish food and what a great touch! We will indefinitely shop here. Best butcher shop we have been do. You can see that the team members and owners care for each customer that walks through that door and want to give them the best experience. We will always support small business and a dedicated family like that. Thank you The Butcher Block!

Maurice McGrath

Great people willing to help. Will get what you ask for.

Portia Sonnier

Yummy !

Matt Lilienfeld

Chandra McDonald

I was only there a short time but it was clean and beautifully displayed. All of the staff were very nice.

vincent cannon

Job interview

Amber Dease

Charlton Moore

Wonderful people

Herman Galindo

20 minute long wait when not busy

steve jones

Awesome place to get the best meats!

Classic Car Buyer las vegas nv

Went in to buy a sandwich and a fat lady behind the counter was digging in her ass before she made my sandwich thought it was exceptionally gross and horrific for her to do such thing before she makes my sandwich and made everyone else's sandwiches after doing such thing I watched her she did not wash her hands very gross cannot see ever going back here

Steve LeMay

Fantastic customer service. I have never had a piece of meat out of here that wasn’t phenomenal. Please support our local butcher’s as we need them.

James Miles

Great people and great food and the meats look great too.

Jason Colledge

For sure the best selection of meats that I've ever found made amazing camel burgers for my kids bought by you beef was amazing next I think I'll try ostrich


Seth Gordon

Nice variety of meats and other products, good service, and a delicious sandwich shop. I've had nothing but good experiences every time I've visited. I recommend you stop by if you're in the area.

jason allen

Great products and friendly service

Linda Sansone

First time visiting Butcher Block this afternoon. Great bunch of people. Friendly, warm and very eager to help. Definitely going back.

Mitchell bush

Mediterainian chicken sandwich is one if the best sandwiches I have ever eaten.

Ryan Tabor

Service here is always fantastic and quality is far better than the grocery. They even make their sausages in house.

Pat Sullins

Great meat and very friendly and helpful people

walter glenn

Great meat and sea food as well as a full deli

Brandon Bruno

Good food and friendly staff. However 20 min wait for a cold sandwich that is priced well above any competition that doesn't include a drink or chips is a bit much.

Larry Fisher

Went all over town from every large grocery store to independent butcher shops looking for a 109 prime rib for xmas dinner. Nobody sells 109's! There is more wastage with a 109 but properly prepared they make an insanely better prime rib! I called The Butcher Block, got voice mail, and left me message with ph#. Rob called me back, said they dont have the rib I wanted, and he understood why I wanted it. He understood I knew how to prep it. The next day he called me back and said he found a 109 and if I wanted it he would order it in for pickup the next day. Of course I took him up on it. Quality product with customer service at a reasonable (not Whole Foods) price will always get my business. Edit: after picking up my prime rib I was thrilled with the quality. Very nice marbling. I cooked it for Xmas dinner to med-rare. Made my own au jus and 17 people raved about the prime rib. I'm thrilled to get the quality and cut I want that is just too hard to find elsewhere. Great job Rob and thanks for finding that 109 for me!

Collin Cambridge

Probably the best place to buy meat in Las Vegas. They have most every cut of beef you can imagine, including Wygu. However, their seafood selection is a little spars.

Nicholas Formosa

Great service! Awesome food!

Ashleigh Sorensen

Just left this place now feeling a bit upset. I went in to take a look around, searching for a particular cut of meat. There were 2 guys already at the meat counter getting helped by one worker, so I started browsing the frozen cuts. One of the workers came out and said "hi", disappeared into the back. At no point was I ever asked if I needed help. I finished browsing the small selection, didn't see the cut I wanted and decided I wanted to purchase some sausage at the counter. The 2nd of the guys that were originally there was still working on his order, I was pretty obviously waiting, and another guy walks in. Guy returns from the back, greets the new customer and within seconds asks what he can help him with. So of course, I left. I don't understand why I was ignored, why no one even asked if I needed help, but it was humiliating to be completely bypassed for someone who had literally just walked in after being there several minutes, and I will never go back to this place.

Benjamin Spears

Mark Steele

Very friendly and effecient service. Both on the phone and then upon arrival. Clean and organized. Had great selection of what I needed. The item they didn't have, they offered to order...or directions to other places. Well done guys, will be back.

Luke Ko

We go here a lot. Great quality, good selection.

Stephen Hart

Great selection of meat. Reminds me of the meat market back home. Screw the local grocery store.

Jesus Rodriguez

Alesandrina Anderson

Excellent meats, good prices, dependable..."impressive" menus. Best BBQ sandwich shop in town!

Blake Yeh

Seems like all the negative reviews are geared towards the poor service from the owner Ron. I've been going to this location for a few years before moving to the north side so haven't been here for some time but have always had my in laws pick up meat from them. My most recent visit left a foul taste as Ron only seemed to care about profits; was rude and condescending. Won't be back.

Jason Sanborn

Tri tip is very good. Italian is super fresh a d juicy. Everything was great. Try the sweet potato tater tops.

Garrett Shaw

When you want the best meat this it....the best! Great Staff also

Angela Guadagno

If you want customer service, this is not the place to go. When I complained to the owner about my phone order being incorrect a couple of times, his response was the cook was sorry but he is only human. I felt dismissed and not valued as a customer. The owner did not seem to care if I ever returned.

Erin Newcomer

Mario PSN: MARZ585

Best quality of service and products in town.

Melissa Sanchez

Alan Whipple

Top notch deli, friendly staff, good prices.

Brian Fortenberry

There is no better place to go for any meats that you purchase. The quality of both the products and customer service are second to none. I have been shopping here for a while and have never been disappointed.

Sean Loughrige

Jonathan beach

Great experience. Fantastic tenderloin that everyone enjoyed and price was right.

Laura Shaw

Superb customer service!!! The parking lot was packed and they graciously brought my order curbside in the rain! Best filets, ribs, potato salad, veggies. Emily is phenomenal and makes an incredible sandwich for lunch. Don’t miss out on the best butcher shop anywhere!

Kristen McCarthy

My partner purchased a 90 day dry aged ribeye at this shop, cooked it to medium, and got a terrible foodbourne viral infection. Felt sick the evening of and by the next day had a fever of 103, body aches, chills, headaches, and dry mouth. Went to urgent care and they confirmed it was almost certainly a food bourne infection, as he was negative for other tests they ran. Cultures were sent to the labs, so I suppose in a few days we will know for sure. Called to tell the manager and butcher, and they replied “well, food infection can come from anywhere, sorry that happened to you.” Very disappointed in the service received. I seriously doubt it was anything else that he ate considering that we shared all other meals together that weekend. At the very least he should have been refunded considering that he has spent 2 days feeling very ill and feverish and is missing work today. A real waste of $100, I would not trust this butcher again.

Bracken Rummell

Shana Wheatley

Very nice and clean great selection and friendly service. 2 large ny strip for $32

Darius Spearman

Angel Nieto

Sam EL-Jamil

Great service , great selection

Rockenbar_1798 is playing around

Really great food im going to be a repeat for sure.

Amber Mahrou

Julie Croteau

Matt Tibbs

If you're looking to pick up some steaks this is your go-to place. Prices are very reasonable and the customer service is great. Lines can get a bit long but it is worth the wait. I've met the owners only ones but they were very polite and kind. All of their employees seem to be very knowledgeable and hard-working.

Christian Romero

Erik Johnson

Marcus Kong

Really truly quality meats here. So much better than the meat counter at a grocery store. My wife and I get wagyu steaks for a fraction of the price we'd pay at a restaurant and I feel it even tastes better than if I were eating out on the strip paying hundreds of dollars.

George Angelopoulos

Friendly staff, fresh in-house prepared sides, a Boars Head deli counter with tables for lunch and high quality meat cuts. Sam was right: The burgers grow on the grill!

Marlon Ietter

Great prices and selection, staff is friendly and helpful as well.

S Bryant

Top of the line meats at a decent price, plus the staff is awesome and make you feel welcome.

Paul parker

You have no idea what it's like to have a great butcher near your home whatever I need they always have it that's always fresh for my meals come out amazing thanks to my friends at the butcher block

Amie Richey

Horrible customer service. There was only one other person in there but the lady there acted like I was an inconvenience. I just wanted some good steak with low marbling as I had a ridiculously picky boyfriend to feed. I just got an eyeroll so I left. Such a waste of a trip across town. I will stick to Smith's and Fresh and Easy.

Kirsten K

Brooke Newell

Tyler Schwerdtfeger

The best lunch in town guaranteed! Lots of good meat. Colton will cut your meat just right!!

DC Curry

Virendra Khanzode

Tim Shrum

The best Reuben sandwich I’ve ever had! Great lunch spot and a local farmers market within the store. Give it a try - you won’t be disappointed!

Jordan Metzmeier

They make their own jerky and it's amazing.

Grace Boerger

If you want the most delicious steak ever, spend your money here. Top notch service and a true variety of meats and sides to take home. This cowboy ribeye literally melts in your mouth! The deli sandwiches are wonderful and great for a quick lunch. Highly recommend the Butcher Block!

LaRonya Turner

I usually go here for brownies and sandwiches. It's great when I don't bring lunch to work as it's conveniently across the street from my job. The past few days I've gone in and they were out of brownies. So today I attempted to call an order in (literally 10 minutes ago) to avoid a wasted trip and the phone was answered and hung up! So I called again, and again, and again, thinking someone is having trouble answering the phone. Well they were deliberately disconnecting the call. Needless to say I am very disappointed and annoyed. Did I miss a memo? Do you not take telephone orders??

Robert Itter

Great service for processing wild game

Vegas Guy

I'll admit I've only purchased steaks, mostly Rib Eyes & Strips. They have all been excellent I can tell the difference and quality between the steaks here and the grocery store. Customer service is always great. Love it here! Will be back for mor beef!

David McCord

The only place we will purchase meat. One of the nicest group of people to do business with.

mike dobi

The steaks are way better than anything you will find in a grocery store. But the burgers are AMAZING!!!! The Ghost Pepper burger was literally the best burger I've ever had!!!! The staff is very helpful as well. They will recommend how to cook it or what goes good with it.

Casey Barringer

David Devlin

Hilton Nass

So far all the meat and Seafood I've purchased has turned out amazing.

Vannah Rucker

Awesome staff, super clean shop, very high quality meat, tons of pre-cut meat/steaks/pork/etc... available for immediate purchase and if they don't have what you want you can order what you want and they will butcher meat to preferred size. Game meat is available here, IE: venison, elk, and buffalo (which is fantastic for those of you who haven't tried it.)

Jocelyn Freimuth

Our favorite place to eat lunch in Cool Springs! Also love the “farmers market” feel with the selection of produce from local farms!

Peter Black

Scott Fox

Good people and great cuts of meat

Lisa Graves

Stickx G

Deez meats!

Dennis Jones

First time here and I been looking for a place that has good bratwurst and so I picked up a pound to try and their pretty good really lean could use just a little bit more fat in them they were a little bit dry to my liking but the flavor is pretty good.I used to buy brats at a meat market in Phoenix back in thr 80's and they spoiled me I guess but this place has good bratwurst. It's hard to find a place that makes really outstanding brats anymore unless your in either Wisconsin or Germany lol. So the search continues but the Butcher Block is the best I've found in Vegas. I'm new to the area so any suggestions would be appreciated. I tried a place called Tina's Gourmet Sausages and what they sold me was not bratwurst it was knockwurst and I was less than impressed. They do have outstanding pork belly though very tasty

Ronald Gardner

It's the only place I'll buy meat.

Robert Wilson

Great selection, owners son was a well rounded young man and very helpful. Highly recommended and will be coming back quite often!

Priscila Cergol

James Koenig

Sammie's here are amazingn. I eat cheap lunches 3-4 times a week to justify getting lunch here. Pulled pork is a monster of a sandwich, best deal on the menu for sure!

Jeff Frailer

Steak Burger!

Kyle Collier

I always appreciate the service I get from The Butcher Block. All of my special requests are quickly filled and the owner always makes sure I have everything I need. Looking forward to many more cuts of meat from this shop to throw on my Traeger!

Richard Munczenski

i ONLY buy my meat there, the best burgers in town people are friendly & helpful-

Virginia Snodgrass

Such a suprising stop for a bite on a roadtrip.... you guys are obviously foodies and you are doing it right!

Katie Anderson

Great meats, high quality reasonable price. I love the fresh roasted deli meats! Good fresh salmon with pin bones removed! !!!

Tara Grigsby

Amazing service, the medallions are to die for along with everything else and they have great bones for dogs too! Love this place


Fresh, friendly, and variety. The meat balls and jerky are pretty darn good!

Diana Estrada

Excellent onion rings! Really great tasting fresh sandwiches!


Nate Hall

Man this place has some good stuff on one side is the meat shop excellent blueberry Maple sausages excellent Italian sausages and also they have some really nice, on the other side is my favorite the chip off the old block Deli, you have amazing sandwiches pulled pork pulled chicken, baked beans are killer and really good potato salad, also you got to try their French fries, you can just walk in here and say slice me off a pound of that smoke tri-tip and I'll take it home and make a sandwich love it!

Jason Pawlowski

Great meats and wonderful owners

Charles Hall

Great service and outstanding product!

Autumn C

Davell James

Paul James

Great service, very personal. The beef was fresh and expertly cut for reasonable prices. I'll be a regular customer long as I live in the area.

Melissa Mccurrey

Had an amazing experience purchased a chicken there was a small problem made 1 phone call and they fixed it right away no Argent just took great care of us. We will be returning and spreading the good word great food good customer service!

Benjamin Barber

If you like amazing steak this is the place to go. They have a wide selection of actual Prime ribeye Kama which is becoming more and more difficult to find. Definitely worth the visit. The service is amazing I will be back later this week!

Virginia - Jenny Anton

Jamie Wright

The wonderful people at the Butcher Block donated 200lbs of meat to the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home and we couldn't be more thrilled! Thank you for your generosity and support of people in your community!!

nikunj brahmbhatt


Always a treat!

Martha Rodriguez

Jose Galvez

Thomas Matthews

Very nice place for high and cuts of meat they carry Prime quality they carry Black Angus and other high-end cuts of prime Quality Meats also the cafe located inside service a mean sandwich I can recommend both


Great meat excellent service.


I m a french gastro and this butcher is the best I meet in USA. The merguez the tomahawk the sausage... Wonderful

Aprillia Barnwell

S Russell

Hank Yost

Family business that the "owners are never there" according to their staff? Bad experience and clearly this person doesn't care! I've been a long-time customer through 3 owners - Not anymore! The story: Pre-ordered "center-cut beef tenderloins choice steaks, bacon-wrapped" as we've done for years at 2 pm this past Saturday. My wife went to pick them up at 3:30. Lady looked for them but they weren't ready. The steaks that were hastily cut weren't center-cut, one of them had a was a vein of tough fat that I had to cut out, my wife remarked that with hers she had fat she wasn't used to seeing after being cooked. I'm a business owner so I attempted to let another business owner my experience. Called Sunday and was told the owner would be in Monday. I wasn't able to call Monday but called Tuesday and told the owner is "never in." I would never have had this experience when Bruce and Donna owned it. I will not be back!

Richard M Newman

mitchdubb .

Food was good and the people friendly. But a bit spendy and a 15-20 minute wait for a cold sandwich is way too long.

John Lehne

Excellent butcher shop with small town charm. Carries a great selection of fresh meats, as well as, cheeses, jerky, jams, jellies, and snack sticks.

David McCauslin

If you want something that you don't see in the meat case, ask! The butcher made Irish bangers for me, when asked. Great, friendly place!

Keeli Lonas

The best Beef Filets in the region!!

james sida

Dale Pabst

John Hargrave

Excellent meat at great prices!

Kristy Gahn


Ron Roades

RMartin Choate

Jocelyn Cascioli

Great place to find quality meats.

Adam Wertsbaugh

They have a wide selection and will make special requests like cuts and such at no extra cost. You should always tip here and if you don't, you suck.

Edward Fitzpatrick

They have the meat's

Elio Grieco

Visiting friends and they recommended this shop. Excellent selection of meats (including exotics), sauces, spices (smoked salt) and other accompaniments. The staff were friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. There's also an attached restaurant, though I haven't had a chance to try it.

David A.C.

Great selection of meats, cheese, and snacks. The price is good for the quality of the products. The beef jerky is fantastic.

Snowy Owl

VEGETARIANS STAY AWAY! I am a proud vegetarian and I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed in the lack of a solid fruit and vegetable selection. There is ONLY MEAT! Very disgusting. I am definitely not coming back here

Jerry Sturdivant

I will NEVER go back there. First time there, I asked for a side of beef ribs (6). He opened a package of two sides, took one out, and charged me $39.92 because it was a Special Order. For 6 beef ribs. I normally pay less than $15 at Smiths. I hope he made a big profit because he'll never see me, or my family, or any of my friends again. (Order G65S5B740QBJSW)


You get what you pay for. Good meats and great service.

Andrew Peluso

Michael Reynolds

Great smash burgers for lunch. Good fresh meat selection as well.

Tim Cronin

Jaqcolate Moose

A friend of mine told me about this place so I stopped by for a visit. Very impressed with the selections of meat cuts, different types of wood to smoke with and a great spice and sauce selection.

Ben Frank

Ordered for the first time through Uber Eats and they slightly got my order wrong. When I called the manager and owner was very polite and said they I could come by and pick up my order. Not only was order fresh and tasteful. The owner gave me 2 cookies and some ground beef to take home due to the inconvenience. No inconvenience at all, they have great customer service. Will definitely be back. Go see them!!

Shirley Allen

Love this place! The variety is great! Such great quality!

John P

Very helpful, will definitely be back!

coop Yarbrough

It was one if the best sandwiches I've ever had! Excited to go back again for some of their amazing meats and sides.

Dan Harbit

Wow is all I can say! Great food! Had the brisket and bake beans it awesome! Grabbed some bulk pulled pork and sides for later! Come hungry because this is good!

Lahra Svare

What a great butcher shop!! The selection is incredible. Everything is so fresh and tastes amazing! Tender cuts, juicy and delicious! Everyone we have talked with has been friendly and helpful and made us feel valued and appreciated. I drive here from Pahrump for all my meat & fish now. The prices are terrific. There is NO MEAT like this anywhere in Pahrump! I highly recommend The Butcher Block for all your roasts, steaks, burger, chicken & fish!!

Francis Ygana

Best meats in town!

Dwayne Moore

wendy m

Darlene Mason

Such a helpful and wonderful staff!

Bob Braswell

Fantastic family owned butcher. Their prime beef is in the top 4% of all beef, they still hand cut to order and even offer 45 day and over, dry aged beef. It is great to find this type of “old school “ hands-on service in a world that wants everything prepackaged. Enjoy and treat yourself to a couple of dry aged ribeyes.

John Bernard

Outstanding quality.

Josh Jensby

David Mayberry

Picked up some prime ribeyes for Father's Day lunch. Everyone at the table agreed they were the most tender they'd ever had.

angie kush

We buy are meats there all the time alwayse fresh also good seafood..

Julie O'Neall-Carey

Today we bought dry aged ribeyes. Best. Steaks. Ever.

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