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1568 Chester Pike Unit B-1, Eddystone, PA 19022, United States Located in: Eddystone Crossings

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Here you have the reviews of people like you who purchase the services of ShopRite of Eddystone (Butcher Shop) in the state of Delaware.

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This Butcher Shop is classified in the category of Grocery store.

Where is ShopRite of Eddystone?

REVIEWS OF ShopRite of Eddystone IN Delaware

Summer Rain

I was disappointed to find more self check out lanes & less cashiers. Guess Shop Rite is replacing people with machines!!!!!!!

Karen Dougherty

Has great sales

Carol Cullen

The cashier was rude and had an aditude,

Pamela Price

The people are nice!

Troy Webber

Nice and clean environment

Jessica Saleh

Fantastic great service

Rachel Day

Groceries can be a really good price here, but ALWAYS check the dates! They're are almost always near-expired or past sell-by dates mixed in with new stock. Especially with the better sales. The pharmacy here is amazing though. Serious enough to feel like your stuff is safe, but super nice as well.

Gretta Dobbins

Always a pleasure

Jessica Diaz

Beautiful Flowers

Nabila Belaziz


Emma Jennings emm

Know where everything us located and is clean and easy to get to.

Kira Hoefler

Prices are good, but checkout is always slow


Love this store

Hilda Cedeño

Asombroso lugar para comprar, tranquilo, limpio. Me gustó mucho.


The personel in the pharmacy are the absolute best

Margaret Guerrero

Great selection of fresh, local veggies. Prepared foods are yummy. The staff are fantastic, great service.

Lisa Wilson

Ali Al Habib

Good place near chester

Florence Holland

Awesome deals

LaToya Brown

Usually crowded but not bad at all today. I go to this location because there's a good selection of Gardein products to choose from.

Kevin Jeral

Cheap prices, but don't always have enough cashiers

David Warren

Thomas Romantini

Clean,,well stocked, and friendly

Stephen Mccready

Mrs.M F

They have a wide selection and the store is very clean

Keven Sims

They never have the fruit I want

james vickers

Louis Pavlovitch

Saturday night. Low stock. Not a good selection of meats, some looked re-wrapped. Is it because tomorrow is the first day of the new sale week? Very disappointing shopping experience.

Sue Zizza

Always happy with this store even j Had all lanes open

Tamika Williams


Joe Szalejko

Very good

Jimmy Rademacher

Donanld Jackson

Good. One. Love. It

Debra Williamson

Very friendly store looked well stocked and clean

Robert Bodie

Keshia Trusty

Friendly staff

betty dorsey

They have my favorite Turkey chops!!!

Lakeeta Powell

I like it And some great deal/sales

Lawrence K.

Linda McKellar

Excellent selection of meats and fruits. Always tastes fresh and great! Love senior Tuesdays, appreciate the discount. Thanks!

manuel polanco

(Translated by Google) The best and freshest (Original) Lo mejor y fresco

Carolyn Peterson

I just love Shop Rite. I know where everything is and When I'm ready to check out, I always go right to an open register!!!

Mark Ishamel

The best shoplifters ever

Wanda Davidson

My favorite market !!

Charlene Palmer

bill rockwell

Clean and well stocked department people are knowledgeable

navigator185 .

I enjoy the help desk everyone is friendly

Dieter Fritsch

Gut sortierter Shop, allerdings bekommt man sehr viele Sachen anderswo wesentlich preiswerter

Debra Zambriczki

Took a neighbor

Cathi Calvello

Close by, plenty of parking, good sales

BunnyNicci 777

Not bad

James Griffin

Place is horrible. It was a busy Saturday night and only two lanes were open.

Nikki Jones

Great day today!!

Linda Mace

I love shopping at Shop Rite in eddystone. They have everything you need. Everyone is very nice and polite huh

Elizabeth Stevenson

Great place to shop and get prescriptions filled fast. Friendly staff

Jeff Brand

As always 5 stars

Mari McDade

Amy Kramer

Awesome customer service, best pharmacists around

john older

Good products and fair prices

Eugenia Bright

Always fully stocked.

Stephen E. McQuay

Won't go their


Very cool holiday display, well done!

Jerome Vadakin

Good selection. Friendly helpful staff. Only gripe is their sale items are sometimes non-existent. Feels like bait and switch.

Shawn Burns

This location was pretty good but since the one in Glenoldon popped up and Brookhaven is coming, it seems like is starting to be forgotten about.

carla hoogerwerff

Sales were okay ladies room was down right nasty!!! Parking especially for handicapped is always difficult

Mark Hogan

Excellent service and selection.

Joann Raimondo

Not really impressed with tje prices for cancan sale. Not as manybthings than in year's passed. No good coupons offered and the prices compared to Price Rite and Walmart are no match. Lidl's can goods are cheapest around. Ice Cream is over priced for a sale item

Claire Barone


Margaret Kennish

Always a sale, best prices around. I get a good vibe shopping here.

Leslie Covington

Carlton Gorrell

This is a decent market; however, the usual problem of having too grew cashiers working sometimes gets frustrating.

Sherri Mosley

Well stocked shelves and clean

Helen Taylor

Good as always

Terece Jenkins

Normally it has what I want. They have a wide variety of items. Customer service is usually good and provided with a smile.

Stacey Duke

Has ALL of the weekly flyer sales items! Just not a nice place.

Abygail G

Me gusta la variedad de productos que tienen. Y hay panadería

Anthony Stosny

Trevor Renshaw

As I absolutely adore the Eddystone Shoprite atmosphere., I don't like their meats. Their meats are pricey for shrivels of lard. Also, their fruits and vegetables are usually moldy. Although, it's a hit or miss with their fruits and veggies, especially considering we have previously boughten strawberries that are very good. Other then that, they have plenty of snacks and beverages and the deli is good at butchering. Also, the staff is very friendly. So, if you are planning to go to Eddystone's Shoprite anytime soon just know their meat isn't the best and you really have to inspect the fruit well.

Abdo Ali

chugs mugs

Don't eat there seafood cook it yourself. With the crazy looking people they got working now ... You might get sick like I did...

Leatha Brown

They is selling bad meat brought two packs of lamb chops and open up one pack it smelled so bad that you want to vomit

Teef Goodie

Shoprite is my favorite food market period. I love going shopping there. The staff at the eddystone location are so helpful. Not to mention Desiree is a beautiful sight. I love Shoprite lol

Shantel Ligon

Michael Long

Always super clean and orderly. The staff is always around and friendly

joseph clark

Convenient location for me the store is always clean inside and outside, the display cases are always well maintained and they normally have good fresh products reasonably priced.

Carol Neri

I live in drexel hill and go all the way down to eddeystone ,your store is so much cleaner both inside and out.

Terri Kennish

I go to ShopRite in Eddystone a lot, if I can't find something a staff associate will look and if they can't find it they will go in the back and get what I need.

Patty Murray

They had lots of everything that was on sale

ken rummel

Not my greatest shopping experience

Cathie Cribb

Great prices and good selection. Only downer was there were only 3 registers open on a very busy Friday evening

Jason Durkee

Waited in deli for 35 minutes for 1 pound of cheese. When I got tired of waiting I decided to get a pound of pre-sliced cheese just to find out there was NO pre-sliced.

Christine Hunt

Fast to go in and out but the stock wasn't there in what I wanted

Ellis Thomas

LaMia Bentley

The Market was fine but my cashier had a nasty disposition about her .

Darren Warrick

Nice an clean cashier's are amazing and friendly

Robert Goslee

For the amount of money that I and my extended family spend at this location on a weekly basis, you would think they wouldn’t need to paw through my 300$ of neatly bagged groceries to make sure I actually bought that birds eye “meal” that the .50 coupon was for?? This store is on a downhill slope, shopping carts are falling apart, most items are either not stocked properly or out altogether. Management is either unavailable or just not helpful at all. Hope that .50 was worth it. Goodbye

Shenequa Smalls

Best deals around!!

Kenyatta Royster

clean and polite was super fresh

Zinga Reddy

Clean healthy great employees nice food

Jim Ellis

I have visited here many times but never wrote a review. The store is HUGE and always well stocked. This store has many many selections at very reasonable prices. Sea food items, poultry, meats, lunch meats, fresh vegetables, rotisserie chicken, dairy products, breads, frozen food items, a pharmacy etc. The store is clean. Many check out people as well as several self checkouts. Handicap parking, but it fills quickly. Be prepared. Parking is free, and the premises is handicap entry friendly. The store is always hopping whenever I show up. Rarely do I encounter my selections not available.

Keith Ward

Best prices and sales of ANY grocery store nearby. It crushes ACME. VERY friendly staff and workers. They are always willing to help you find items. A great deli, too, with great prices and wide variety of items. Closest thing to a complaint... produce is ripe, almost overripe. Especially berries and much of the fruit. Vegetables are better.

Le'ia Onassis

The employee's are very helpful

Judy Curry

I like the sales the cashiers ate friendly. Never had a problem with the deli. Best bagel price on Sundays place always crowded so its not as bad as others say. Meat I agree not good selection but great sales on other products.

cynthia lynch

Neat and orderly plenty of cashiers ample parking


The customer service desk employee and the cashier were outstanding. Thank you for an overall superb shopping experience

Lois Hoff

Always waiting in line people with those WIC checks hold up everything

Anu Ninan

Cleve Wootson

Excellent found everything I needed at a fair price

Gloria Jordan

Shopping at ShopRite is always a joy great prices and always Absolutely Fresh I love my ShopRite

Noble K

Well-stocked and plenty of parking

laughter helps

Benito Martinez

Store is clean. Employees are great. Several carts need to be repaired.

Jon Tuazon

Great shoprite. They double manufacturers coupons up to $0.99. Always very clean when I come in and they have hot food if you need to come in a grab a quick bite for lunch.

Jennifer Johnson

It's better then Glenolden

Elaine Shoemaker

Slow ...not enough cashiers for a busy night ..sorry to say!

Darlene Markley

Employees not very helpful

mazdawriter .

Last night my wife and I went to the store noted above and had the absolute worst experience ever! Prior to shopping my wife called customer service and asked if you accepted competitor coupons and was told "yes we do". After spending about an hour shopping for thanksgiving and other items we went to check out. I wanted to purchase 24 bottles of "Body Armor sports drink" (our daughter is an athlete and prefers this to Gatorade) I hand the cashier the coupons and after rolling her eyes at me she stated "are you serious". she then calls the "head cashier" over and I received the same annoyed look from her. She then said I don't think we accept these coupons (from WAWA) so she went to ask the manager, after about a 5-7 minute wait she comes back to say "we no longer accept competitors coupons". I then asked to speak to the manager, I then waited another 10-15 minutes for him to come over (he was too busy laughing and joking with other employees at the customer service desk, please feel free to look at the videos from last night) he comes over and rudely "we don't accept those coupons", I explained to him that my wife called and was told you do. "Well we don't" was the answer I received. Needless to say I cancelled my entire order (well over $150), and there is a very good chance I will never. I've been a Shoprite customer since I was a kid shopping with my parents and grandparents at the store on Front and Snyder ave in South Philadelphia, and never have I been so upset and embarrassed!!!

Meaka Richie

The food is always fresh

Anthony Paparo

It's a decent place to shop until you come out with a full cart only to find some lazyass has parked their car right in front of the access ramp going to the parking lot from the store.


The employees are content to let Eddystone become Chester.

Victor Jones

Sherry McNeal

The workers r AWSOME, it's clean n wouldn't wanna go anywhere else!!!

Pam Lampkin

Can find most of the things you need

Lady Griff


Glenn Holtzman

Pick up a few things

Denise More


cedric smith

Steve Donegan

Good prices. Some of the workers aren't very pleasant. Make sure you check the dates on everything

P Squale

it seems like their produce department isn't up to par like it used to be it's a lot of rotten produce inside the bags recently some rotten apples in the bag of apples same with grapes

Satheesh Kumar

Cupz2 .

Many open registers, I was in and out just the way I like it

Alex Ortiz


Mary Hines

Renee Bowers

I love the rotisserie chicken it's one of my favorites because it's never under cooked

Caprise Clark

Sciarrino’s Pizza

Great place to shop for groceries. Lines are long sometimes but overall it’s a fantastic place! Also the pharmacist is always a pleaseant place to get my medication. He gives excellent service and a smile

Rich Haas

I was able to get just about all I want to get some things were out of stock did get rain check some things I was not able to find but all is good thanks for asking

Margaret Walker

OMG, the best immitation seafood salad, They have a variety of cajun, old bay and deluxe. They will let you sample it. Nothing like a good piece of cake to set things straight again. You can get two slices of cake in one containor for less than $4.00. They have red velvet with with cream cheese frosting, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and so many more cakes to get you out of your funk. They have sticky buns OMG. Just warm those babies, and then pull them apart. There is nothing like pulling a warm sticky bun apart. Be still my heart.

Jerry Fasy

I shop here every week they always are well stocked and pleasant cashiers


Great place to shop

Tony Lisacchi

Caroline Jason

My favorite store. Everybody is very friendly and helpful. Always shop there.

Amanda Schick

Workers and generally nice. Avoid on Sundays like most supermarkets and be patient on weekdays as most of the time there aren't enough cashiers.

Judy Moulton

Workers are friendly, good sales too!

Dawn Smith

Dennis Dougherty


Russian Bot #139

Nice well stocked clean store with good prices and friendly service.

21 grams

Gilbert Mclaughlin

Fresh seafood the steaks could be thicker for grilling but but bad

Dave Howett

Donna Brady

Been going here weekly since they opened!

Addy Nelson

Had a terrible experience with one of the cashiers. She thought it would be appropriate to clap in my face as a way to get my attention. I have yet to speak with anyone in upper management and it has been days since I placed my complaint. I am sure that since I am a person of color they feel they do not need to respond. So disappointed since I have been a loyal and faithful customer since they built the store. I guess I will need to take my business to Wal-Mart or Giant.

Tom Fleetwood

Good prices helpful employees but they need more cashiers on duty the lines are always too long

Autumn yannuzzi

Valencia Tabron

Never a good stock of what is advertised in circular.

Leslie Green

Kyle Hardin

Horrible customer service... I've always disliked this place. They are so rude to people and treat their employees awful. Even their food sold isn't worth it. Go to Acme in Ridley instead of Shopwrong. It's like being in the ghetto of Chester in here..

Lawrence J Walker

No Frozen soup starter Hard to read the products in the freezer No Frozen okra

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