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REVIEWS OF Sam & Sam Meats IN Delaware

Deadra Cobbs

I always get good deals at Sam&Sam...thank you!

Michelle Wright

Fast and friendly service with a wide variety of foods, fresh produce and meats. Deli is also great

Carol Cullen

Prices of lunch meat can't be beat, the workers r friendly specially sam who's a sweetheart

Bill Nyce

Great place


Great place to food shop

Ed Lynch

Great prices, Great Staff, Great Selection..

Custom Pjonr

Good price on everything

Bernard Flowers

Great selection of meats and fresh deli and weekly specials

m di

It's very cold in the store but have fresh meats

James Traband

Just called up about a low sodium ham got told they don't have none don't even know when they can get one I called ShopRite they're ordering me one I guess ShopRite is the store I shop at Sam and Sam's a lot straight down the street from my house I got disappointed this morning when I called to ask about the ham

Rachelle Grimes

Good experience I will be going back

Melissa Haines

Nice store and the people are friendly. The prices are great. The only store I shop at in my area.

Tanya Freeman

I never have any problems when I shop there

Patsy McKinney

Nice place good prices.

Thejollydodger1 .

The best butcher shop turned into super market. Great prices and best meat in Delco.

Nitra Adams

Great Prices... More for my money

Sharita Wade

I love too shop there

gary nelson

Always great prices on meats, poultry. Clean, well-organized store. Multiple cashiers available.

Donald Kay

Good prices, small market

Seraphita Rose

They have some of the best prices I've seen on meats. It can get crowded and on occasion random things seem much more expensive than they should. But no where else can I fill my freezer for under 50.


Best place for meats

Christine Naylor

I love this store for the bear fact that its closet by my home and its reasonable prices.

John Kuchinski

Best store on this planet.

Dawn M

Have to travel 10 minutes by highway, but well worth the trip. Always a great experience..Freshest meat around and great prices. Only place I trust to buy meat for the family.

Mark McCay

Great little supermarket, excellent fried chicken! No toothpaste.

John Land

I never had a problem thare n people that work thare are just as plight

Brian White

Good service the checkout lady was very courteous and professional.

Jeannette Gearhart

I just love that place

Ronald Sweeper

Their meats are excellent!

Sheryl Wilson's

Always satisfied with purchase. Pleasant store to do my meat shopping.

Impossible Traveler

Best prices for ribs and chicken

Hannah Orange

Best meat pricing in town!

Mrs.M F

The prices are great some days other days their expensive. The store is just too closed in and tight. They need to expand again. If it's not 7am I hate going to this store

Gary Ryder

Even though it was a day before Thanksgiving great selection and service

Peggy Clarke

The lunch meat counter had one person slicing meat at 7:30 am. Took forever.

VincentR. Liott

Great as usual........Great meat products at excellent prices............


Honestly one of my favorite stores when I lived within walking distance for many years. If it were anywhere near me I’d still be shopping there every week. Friendly staff that for the most part never seemed miserable to be at work, at the very least that I could see! :) You find some pretty decent deals here. As well as all the basics.

Keshia Trusty

Good prices fresh neats

Edward Sullivan

The prices are super reasonable compared to other places

Tracy Veith

Love this store. Good meats reasonable prices

Todd Murray

A great place to shop for steak

Stephen Medvid

Excellent prices on all meats.

Peggy Parsons

You can't beat the prices and i have never gotten a bad piece of meat there.

DawnMarie Stempin

Family Owned & Operated! Great Prices on Meats & the Deli is packed you won't get a roll after 12 pm most days they sell out !

Tonna Nassar

I enjoy coming here, the staff are really sweet, they have a joke, there's friendly banter and they're extremely helpful especially the men at the lunch meat counter. The store has so much variety, you should be able to find anything you're after.

Chresencia Alicea Thomas

I love this place. I come all the way from Delaware and it is worth it. The staff is friendly. I especially like the fact that there are Bi-lingual staff there because some people going there only speak english. This place is worth the trip. I love this store!

randy wadsworth

Good store good prices on meats /lunch meats

Nikki Jones

My favorite store!! Update: 3/10/18 @ 12:57am. A video circulating that the cheese doesn't melt. It's made of plastic after I left Sam & Sam's yesterday. So I realized I have that cheese let me go see. I take a lighter to the cheese. The cheese don't melt. It's bubbles like plastic n turns black. It sizzles like bacon. What is n this cheese answer us!!!

David Tolson

Good clean store, Price's are little high . The meat department are very professional. They also make goood cheese steaks and chicken.


Amazing. Meat is exceptional. I come up from Wilmington exclusively for meat. So fresh and prices are phenomenal. It's a beautiful store.

Angela Wood

Great prices been going here for over 20 yrs

Christopher Garriga

Great cuts of meat at an affordable price. The meat moves fast so its always fresh. Great service.

Charles DeShields

Great place to shop. Excellent prices.

Zartan R

Awesome market and butcher shop! They sell sliced steak to make your own cheese steaks! Great plane to shop you won't be disappointed.

Smile So Pretty

great savings I love it ... I travel from Maryland to the store

steven eric

Cold in there today.

Kita Freeman

I've been shopping at Sam and Sam's since the 80s when they were on Booth Street....

Eugenia Bright

Good quality food, always stocked, fresh fruit and vegetables. Prepared foods are delicious.

Lee Berardi

Always great prices for deli meat & cheese. Been going here for 20+ years.

Judith Burns

Great selection of meats at great prices!

carla hoogerwerff

Has some really good deals

Brittany K

There are plenty of sales which really give you a lot for your money. And the majority og employees are very nice and welcoming. However, you do have to check your meats as some may look a little off at times. As well as my plain tubs of yogurt which are always bad. But otherwise nice establishment.

adriana oberton

Great place for meats and shopping. They now sell hot meals as well!

T Miller

Great prices on fresh meats

Laura Thomas

Its was fine, but maybe the dark meat chicken to me was slightly high, because to me dark meat is always usually cheaper then white meat. Thank you and have a wonderful day and a great blessed holiday.

JoAnna Shaw

Best meat market in Delco! Fresh sliced chipsteak!

Robert Dugan

Great place to shop.

Elliott McNeil

Fresh meats great

Gwendolyn Edwards

I always enjoy shopping at Sam and Sam their prices are reasonable and they have good sales on their meats as well as the vegetables and fruit I'm grateful to be a customer at Sam and Sam

Deval Miller Sr

This is my store love it

Shawn & Shay's World

Love it right down the street from me and prices are nice

Donna Reeb

Always look forward to going to sam and sam i only bye all my meats there they have to the best

Ted Zarcone

Great prices on meats, can get busy but remember its because the prices and food are good. You might not always find everything you need but the selections are very good. Meats like steak, chicken, etc are like half the price of normal grocery stores. I can get a 8lb whole bottom round for roughly $21. Great for making homemade jerky and roast beef.

B DeLacy

Best prices in town

Reginald Quartman

I like the food and atmosphere

Leslie Berardi

Always have fresh meat & deli at responsible prices. Good selection of frozen & other.

Kent Reese

Great prices on meat

Altheda Debroux-Belfor

Stopped to get his sausage....smh. He hooked em up though

Dawn Gould

Fresh meats good produce great pricees

B. Smith

Speedy Checkout!

Terri Kennish

Even though the lunch meat section can be crowded the slicers are as quick as they can be, the patrons are patient, I have never had any problems , I going there for many years, back when they were in Toby Farms.

Monique Amedee

Great place if they don't have it out please ask they will get in the back for you

Theresa Borsello

Great cut meats

terri nearey

The best place in town for all of your shopping needs!

Elizabeth Caballero

The prices very good

Joseph Buckalew

Great market. I love it.

Maria Flythe

I just can't believe how amazing this store is the worker's are absolutely amazing the prices are unbelievably low very high quality meats and produce I love IT !!!

dave marco

I have shopped at Sam and Sam's for many years. They always had great prices on meat and miscellaneous groceries. I became friends with Sam Jr back then and he was very refreshing to talk to. His decent prices helped me feed my family while we were going through hard times. I recommend them highly.

jenn simmons

best place for meats. Great prices! But make sure you go during the day. The neighborhood isn't the safest around.

Tatyana Bel

I like this store, big variety of fresh meats right in front of me.

ruben sullivan

Wonderful place for meats and other items. I don't go as much near any holiday because the prices hike and the amount/ quantity for the price won't add up.

George Needles

Buy my meats there love it

Aleeza B

Love shopping at Sam and Sam's for their very reasonable meat prices, Lisa from upland

Lawrence Williams

Nice place to shop

Edwin Bynoe

The only thing missing is fresh fish!

Shawn Roberts

saw an employee scratching deep in they pants

Rodney Smith

They didn't have a large variety of meats

xx oo

Excellent cashier help

Cleve Wootson

Great place to shop

never again

Great prices will always go here .

Queen Netta Titi World Health TV

Fabulous meats. Always fresh. Always clean. Always neat. Beautiful sweet people. We luv them everytime we go. Great deals. Highly recommended.

Vincent R. Liott

Outstanding Deli and fresh meats at unbeatable prices. Excellent service and customers always feel welcome here.....

Paul H. Kircher III

You're right it's Fun House Day.

Geneva Womack


Joyce Collier

It's clean and a good place to shop in.


This by far is the best place to buy your meats and other food items. The prices cannot be beat and the employees are very pleasant and helpful! Definitely going back!

James Morrone

If you like a truly ghetto experience, that offers close dated, or expired items repackaged. Then you found the right place. The managers dont hold anyone accountable. The turn over is crazy. And the way the employees act in front of the customers are a once in a lifetime experience. Especially in hot foods. The location is perfect for the clientele.

Gene Johnson

The store discriminates against men who carry Daypacks. Women can carry huge pocketbooks that can conseal large amounts of groceries, however men are not permitted to carry Daypacks in the store. They lost another customer today.

David Krueger

The best butcher shop and deli in southern Philadelphia. The staff will do custom cutting of meats by request. Check out discount cooler where you can get an expiring product on the cheap.

Arnetta Granger

Great meat store

William Bushnell

Nice meats. Awesome deli. Worth a look-see.

Garvin Stovall

Love the price of meat worth the drive for use

Pam Lampkin

Non-perishable can be very pricey. Meats are a decent price. The deli offers good meats. The hot food bar is pretty good and reasonably priced. They serve breakfast.

shari wimmer

Great place to buy your meats...lunchmeat as well. Coldest store but super clean.

Stephen Hilton

Great service and quality choices!

Angela Maone

Very good service and the workers u great and the prices also I'll be going back

Baron Payne

Awesome prices I've been shopping there for years no complaints

Tracy Price

Freshest meats at the best prices.

Kimmarie Miller

I love this place!! There's no other store in the area that offers such low prices and specials. For the past 30 years I have been able to feed a family of six filet mignon, huge roasts for so much cheaper than big chain stores!!! Thank you Sam and Sam's.

Rashun Davis

Nice prices and great staff. Everyone I've come in contact with was helpful and welcoming. The meats were packaged well and appear very fresh. All the produce ws reasonably priced and of a good quality. It's a smaller chain so you may not be able to find all the brands or options if you're accustomed to some larger chains.

choclatedrop66 .

this store is fairly convenient. it is always crowded but not too overwhelming. I don't like the wings much due to the darkness of some of them. The other meat is ok though.

Phyllis Leisey

Nice place. cold in side prices r better then super-markets

Renee Morris

Clean, well stocked, great variety of food.

angelin tucker

This market is wholesome. Staff are very kind and treat you like your one of the neighbors. Great prices quality meat.

John Giandonato Sr.

I have been going to Sam And Sam's from the Powell Road days and never was unhappy with their service or meats and cold cuts, I moved back to South Philly when I retired and still shop at Sam and Sam's

Vanessa Zogas

They have a nice selection of meat

Duane Jackson

Love this place highly addictive for me

PositivePhil C

Fresh meat. Great prices on groceries.

inocencio perez

Most horrible cashiers ever! Texting while supposed to be ringing you up. Talking about can't wait to get off work to smoke some weed. (nothing against weed) but this is your workplace. At least try to be professional, even if it is just a cashier job. Sam and Sam needs to re-evaluate their cashier employees. And maybe do some training.

Russell Little

Good for Meat Shopping

Monica Mathis

Great place to shop or pick up lunch, get Key to make your hoagie or cheese steak she is the best. I love Sam & Sam

bob roberts

Great store to stop at and stock up on meat for a cookout or just to freeze for later. They offer midgrade or so meat at low prices. They make their money on volume. Fantastic deli counter and White people feel welcome, the black folk are well behaved.

sam Ficcara

Courteous friendly and helpful very good experience

Dani JB

Great pricing pretty good quality very friendly service.

msjbutterfly my

I've never had a problem with the store. I have been coming to Sam and Sam since they were in Brookhaven. I don't live in the area but I still travel here. The meat prices are phenomenal. I mostly come for the chicken but I also purchase cheese from the deli and chicken bacon (which is hard to find). Eggs are priced well. There are always things on sale. I never go if I'm in a rush as it is usually busy. Plenty of free parking and the store is wheelchair friendly

Josie Platt

Sam and Sam's never disappoints! They have an excellent meat selection and butches in hand to help out with anything you need. Their deli has excellent meats and cheeses to select from also. I absolutely adore this store! I just a HUGE raw ham for only $24. Hams half the size of the one from here cost around $45-47 dollars elsewhere (I know bc I looked earlier this week on my hunt for a good sized ham for my huge family) all bc they are precooked. Definitely hit S&S for your butcher shop needs!!

jessica williams

Always a go too, for fresh meat

Jim Fahey

Great place.

Michael Senkowsky

Great store. Nice people. Great prices, especially meat. Bargain section too.

Dee T.

It's a quick stop for lunch meat from the deli

Holli Wernert

I have been going hear for year's. It has the best prices and the very best meats. The owner is very nice. Everyone there is friendly and willing to help you. I would recommend this store to anyone. Good parking, great prices, and the best of the best in food.

Michael Johenning

Best place for cold cuts and meats.

Nanette Horner

Love this place! Great meat prices and selection and awesome lunch meat for cheap

Jennie Mills

I've seen gas station bathrooms better than this. Eww!

Donald Harmon

Well selection and low cost meats

Adair Kelly

Wonderful. Clean, staff can't do enough for you. Have a lot of Products . Been going there for years.

Douglas Scott

It's one of the only small town grocery stores I will shop at, good prices and nice staff for the most part. It can get pretty busy depending on when you go but it's not a problem to me.

Michele Beauford

Convenient, inexpensive meat market and grocery store

William Shimpeno

If you're going to order anything from the deli prepare to stand for a very long period of time. The selection and freshness of the meats though is sometimes worth the wait but not all the time

Jefferson Clements

Checkout is fast fair prices

Alena Mcfarlin

Good place to purchase meats

Rose Faulkner

Associates are always pleasant and get you in and out fast Prices are very reasonable and meats are always great

Bobby Leonard

Service is always good & courtious. I always find what I need to eat.

Joseph Cramer

THE place to get your lunchmeats.

Lawrence J Walker

I love the large Cole slaw and potato salad...where are the soups

Nora Swen

Very good love it

Franco Severus

One my favorite shopping places. Meats are always fresh with a great selection. Great deals and fresh produce. The deli is great with a very friendly staff. The place is always clean and they care about health regulations and appearance. Their prices are very competitive compared to other supermarkets in the area.

Richard Grudzinski

Great service, good prices, all around a good place.

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