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200 Cornell Dr, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States

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REVIEWS OF Restaurant Depot IN Delaware

Dave Dave

Awesome foods and great prices. No limit on the amount you can buy.

Michael Heberle

Everything you need. Great place.

Valley Tech USA

Very nice finely close to where I live For more then 10 years I had to drive To the one on Alexandria Very thankful!!

elias montes

Art Ianni

Great store

Candace Roseo

Knowledge staff, they have everything we need

Ricardo Edward

better ran thqn Baltimore

Munaji Dewa

I was there to buy meats worth over $1200.00 and when I asked about a discount from the cashier she asked me to talk to the supervisor who was very very rude and unprofessional. My experience at the cashier stand was frustrating. The cashier kept having problems while trying to scan the meats that needed the supervisor's code approval. The same supervisor who when I approached had a couple with her and as they walked away from her she refused to attend to me and rather was yelling help to the couple who were about 30 feet away from her telling me she had to be done with them first. I walked away back to the cashier and the sup had to come because the cashier was stalled. The same sup who had told me to wait until she was done with the customers now refused to help the cashier because she had to attend to other customers frustrating my time. On our way out we were stopped by another supervisor who claimed she had to count the items to be sure the cashier didn't make a mistake. Worst of all the meats were so soft when trying to prep for grilling symbolizing the meats were not fresh.

Jose Paniagua

Es el mejor lugar para comprar todo para restaurantes y tiendas , y una buena atención por los empleados todo en solo lugar

Edward Choo

Wassim Ghali

Has most of what you need to run a resturant business. Well organized and ample parking.

Charlymar Martinez

Always good costumer services!!!


I'm lost I don't know how none of this works through maps but I don't want to give a bad rating.

Dorinda Marks

Greg Kaczmarczyk

Nick Mancuso

Great selection and good prices on quality products. The new seafood area is nice, and features fresh whole fish, fillets, and shellfish.

Kenneth Kreider

Get whatever you need for your bar and restaurant

Wendell Donnell

Well what can you say it's the only place you can go to get legal restaurant food

Riaz Mohammed

waleska .

The cashier there are always rude.

Christopher M. Burns Ozz

Prices of many items are just so similar to the ones in regular retail so you have to be sure that it'll be worth it for you

Eddie Cabrejos

Great prices

Suzanne Bitters

sohrab samadi

John Randall

Stock very well. Personals were very friendly and helpful. I will return.

Jeff Scarinza


Blue Shore


Brandy Moore

Always great bargains at reasonable prices

Gwendolyn Todd

Tyler Smith

Wanda Acevedo

GereltOd Yesch

New and clean store, much cleaner than other restaurant depots in the area.

Gregory Augustine


Slime with me !

Donovan Bailey

Phillip Nguyen

Customer service sucks!

John Moody

Haven't come across anyone that works there who is not willing to assist you.


Gamer Clan


Joshua Marpet

Nice place great prices they urge you to take cold packs to keep your food fresh you know it's a restaurant depot it's good stuff

William Hayes

Low Ryder

Great! Staff was very friendly & helpful

Shomaila Aziz

Mike MItrano

need a gallon of tomato sauce? 20lb bag of potatoes? or a 40lb side of beef? this is your place! prices are great and tons of selection.

mouhcin ghani

Where is the old management,

Abdul Chawdhury

youtubyo YB

tony palmer

Michael Fox

Very clean store.. enjoy the quality. Quick check out compared to the stores in Philly

Allen Willis

The great career opportunity

nicole priore

ted woo

Lulu alsabbagh


Commercial sales

Andrew Dunn

Nick Nikka

Thanks god ! finally close to my home' near to my restaurant ' clean ' comfort cards ' organize ' easy to find necessaries ' nice and helpful stuff and much more....

james murphy

Love it

Tonjala Johnson

This store has really great wholesale prices!

Sylvia Jones

Kristina Rosario

Bruce Warren

Much better than they have been in the past. You still take your life into your own hands when diving out of the way of the forklift drivers.



Mr Ray ( the store manager ) is doing an excellent job with this location , never had one bad experience, always on top of his work , thank you to all Restaurant depot employees for making life easy to all of us .

Tahir Kombere

Siddiqah Abdullah

The prices, service,convenience

Junius Saunders


John Tucker

The way the supervisor’s treat the cashiers horrible. Lost me as a customer. They need to show some respect

Keefe Porter Sr.

(Translated by Google) gr8 (Original) Gr8

Computer Used

Great stuff, great products

Sang Jung

Dawn McCabe

Marie Debel

Judi Judge

Always love going there

Alex Jeong

Friendly staff and very convenient location, cashier and other staffs are super nice compare to Alexandria location.

Yvette Diaz Austin

Henry Tse

Great price and good location

Naresh Advani

Miss Grinch

No body was rude, easy acces, easy and fast check out.... A good experience after all ..... after being at the one in Capitol heights this one was heaven.

Shannon Bennett

Denise Reid

Great prices and service! Joe and Jim were very helpful during the ordering process before a large event I needed supplies for. Couldn't ask for better people to help me out during a stressful (and expensive) time.

Donna Crockett

Signs in wrony



Ryan Sweeney

S Chann

Rude customer service need more training!

Nickson Arisme

Affordable prices and I found stuff I didn't think I would find.

Hello You don’t know me

Good quality food and supplies. Excellent staff

Bob McNemar

Under new mgmt, much better in the last year.

Dale Anderson

Good place & prices & friendly

petlacala guerrero

17 años comprado en restaurant depot..lleva aproximadamente 9 meses el servicio al cliente el peor servicio en 17 años esta ahora ..los viernes hacemos filas de 2 horas para pagar por que solo hay 3 cajeros,,, estoy Decepcionado

Anne Ochieng Lee

Roni garcia

Very good

nomar Molina

Habib Alam

TJ McVicker

Cassandra Morgan

Elis R

George Thorpe

Good was available and service providers was excellent.

K. Orange

Best place to buy anything food related! Membership required..

Debby Beaver

Found what we needed at a good price.

DAT BOI kakarotcake


Muhammad Aziz

Nice clean store. Got what I needed to buy. Good quality food and products. Parking lot is clean and good. It also have shade for rain, so u dont have to be wet when parking and entering the restaurant dept. You do have to sign a form for kids if you bring kids with you. So they can be saved for liability.

michelle botticelli

i am new to Restaurant Depot in Everett. I have very specific ingredients which to my delight they have. When I can't find my flour they go above and beyond to look it up and find it. I do wish their shelving was labeled better and their overhead what arranged more user friendly but that aside everyone is very police and obliging.

Desi kitchen va Ahmed

Jamal Perkins

JoAnn Farrier

Sajid Hussain


DRIVERS ~ Make sure you bear right onto 2nd Street from Revere Parkway/MA 16, then make your left onto Boston Street (Depot will be on your left). Gate opens at 0700. NO overnight parking ~ narrow and very busy street at daybreak. Very courteous gentleman in receiving office !

Ibrahim Noureldin

Great prices

kreen thongthai

Goods is fresh and big place

Consuelo Lopez

Jeremy Baker

Membership required and you must bring a business license to get the membership. Huge selection of bulk foodservice items. Good for small restaurants, corner stores, and huge families. Great pricing on some items, lousy on others. Know your values and you'll do very well here.

Sinan Kocaman

Recently today I called them to see if they have an item in stock and took them 5 minutes to confirm that " we have tons of it available " and drove from Andover in traffic to go buy it, but turns out they do not even have 1 and only thing employees told me is, sorry out of luck today. Customer service is at the worst level it can be

Joe Puccini

I ask a guy in the meat department to order me wild boar, and rabbit. He tells me he cant. So I go up front to the office and ask a cashier who is the store manager they point to the same guy. I get his name Alex. I tell him that Joe Hill was able to get it for me. After Joe left Mike the store manager was able to get it. Then he is gone. The other person was Kelly and now she is gone. Maybe if you keep the good people I can get my product that the store manager can not order! Last I feel bad saying this but he was short with me but a big help to the people of his ethnic background. I turned to another customer after this and they said the same about his desire to help people other then his ethnicity. KEEP THE GOOD PEOPLE AND THROW THE BAD OUT!

PS Chan

indira mondragon

shehnaz koonda

Sophia A

This place is so much better then years past. The lines are shorter, more in stock and everyone is helpful.

Shaudee Merrick

Marie Fortune

Great customer service

Arthur Proskurinas

Terrible company, terrible treatment for drivers delivering loads, extremely rude and disrespectful, long hold ups at delivery. AVOID ANY DELIVERIES TO THIS COMPANY.

Erik Nelson

Opens about a week into March

allie boo


Alemnesh Waktola

Bad service I will not recommend the one in Chantilly for any one, the Maneger is do unfriendly

Elizabeth Al

Great prices & great employees with great attitudes, always helpful

Tarig Ibrahim

ranathane .

Nice and quick unload.

ayman muhsen

A forklift operator named "Mo" working in Halal department bother us and did not let us took our time to got what we need also watching him used forklift around the shoppers unsafely. " non friend employee also unprof merchandisers".

Jaques Duque

Show de Bola !!!

shazia rao

Ankit Shah

jay agane

Cristhian Ruiz

Cesar Fernandez

zeshan salam


Vivian Hazley

Asif Rahman

Moe Iqbal

Kiriza Bade

Great store/club for professionals, businesses, churches...You get very good deals, big assortment of goods.

Estevan Segura

Good service and selection

Jeffery Purnell

It a great place for resteraunt owners to get their items to operate their business.

George Reinhardt

This store has fallen apart in the last couple of months. It’s gotten so much dirtier. I saw mice!!!! I used to be able to run right in and out and now nothing but lines unless I go during off hours. I find myself using SYSCO more often now although it is pricier Restaurant Depot doesn’t value my time.

Frank Enrico

I have been a customer for the entire time they have been opened almost 3 years

Andres Oronda

they need to find a new system st check out

Alex Monteros

Algunos precios son bueno pero los demás están al precio regular que en cualquier otra tienda

Andrei Borisov

George Kougianos

Good enough to avoid getting the things you buy there delivered.

John S.


Heavenly bath Garden Bath

Went in just to take a look and I was in heaven great prices friendly staff they were kind enough to give me a pass since I did not know you needed a business license and to become a member wish I had more money to spend that day

Senayit tesema

Eric Cave

Has just about everything you need in a restaurant

Morgan Solomon


Vs Tomar

Very nice and clean but need more verity

Kim Newpher

Everything is good. One. Stop shopping.


evan robbins

Great place with great prices for restaurant supplies. Great customer service, and they always have what I need when I need it.


(Translated by Google) Friendly and convenient (Original) 친절하고 편리함

Mary Hecker

This area definitely needed a store like this for businesses. Staff is friendly and helpful. Not all of their prices are better than other places but they do run good monthly specials.

Leigh Ann Tona

Great prices and service! Joe and Jim were very helpful during the ordering process before a large event I needed supplies for. Couldn't ask for better people to help me out during a stressful (and expensive) time.


mr.bullwinkel White

Good price on most items

Ronald Mercado

Best place to buy Premium meat.


Very good place for delivery!!! Very friendly people!!!

marc-antony wms

great store, lots of choices.....the rub, checking our is a bear....its worse than getting out of BJ'S. they count recount count again than recount god forbid there is someone in front of you with more than 20 items.

Mehmet Sukutli



Good service

Kan Truk

For truckers. This place sucks! FCFS my ass! Been sitting more than 15 hours. Obviously first truck here and yet I'm just sitting here watching one truck after another go in ahead of me. Also extremely rude and good luck finding someplace to park. Cops will run you off.

zahid saeed

Angela Twistee

Ö Im so excited for the NEW store! Ms. Twistees Ice Cream Treats will be coming your way!

Gary Lavitman

Great selection, but need to upgrade to 21st century customer service and check out. Takes just as long to shop as to stay inline to pay.

George Johnson

This place dropped off a cliff. in the last year it just gets worse. The manager (I think that's him anyway sits in the office.) the meat is always wrong. Produce is bad. the last 3 years before that was much better. I still see some of the older staff and they seem to try but has anyone from the corporate office actually see this place? Sysco and US foods are better so I do not have to come here.

Shane Friend

Matheus Marques

Alban Sejdini


Robert Curcio

Orange and yellow customer jackets, are the trend



asim kaban

Lucas McNew

Great place shop for restaurants

Vincent Goodridge

Great place for all your small to large restaurants needs appliance to food.

Adrian Nkrondem

Please for all to buy.

Jose Lagos

Sucks you have to beg for something when need it


Richard Williams

Niko Tsiopinis

We found what we were looking for. Ample and convenient parking. Staff was very helpful. Highly recommend this place.

Ikrom Jafarov

Tim Johnson

Great.nice people

Julia Moon

Driver arrived on time for his appt and waited for 2,5 hours in order to get to a dock and total 3,5 hours to get 6 pallets out. Amazing!

Yamile lian


Raynor Bugayong

Great place for all your restaurant needs - customer service could use an attitude check though

Andrew Hadley

Pretty busy place in the morning, it's like a giant bjs but for restaurants and they sell lots of stuff in bulk but for good prices. If your going to go, go early or later on because there's always rush of ppl. Otherwise it's a great place to pick up anything from food to industrial size fryers.

Neil Morris

Murat Degirmenci

Great 230572


Elite Star

Richard Schmidt

rammy alami

Darrell Dudley

Sharon Vaughan


Elsabet Bekele

Terry Bonenberger

Friendly, extremely helpful staff in every department. I will definitely be back! Big thank you to Jim White, a great Branch Manager!

Dennisse Carrasquillo

Very convenient


Rude employees

Bayoan Martinez-Yung

Nice place, just like in Florida.


Diego Velasquez

Mahdi Ahmed

It has good repitation

Itoro Ibia

Mike Nobles

Nick Bohenko

Awesome Place

Natasha Brandon

Gabriel Gomez

Good prices, a good store for small businesses

Entela Pano


Sharon Hepburn

The worst store ever. All of the employees hate their jobs. You can tell management is terrible. The ridiculous policy they have with "The Book" of upc codes is, well.... ridiculous. And why can't they get all of the UPCs in the system anyway? There are some items I've been buying for years that they haven't got around to getting in their system and I have to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait for a manager to come around with "The Book" of UPC codes so the cashier can scan it. Abolutely ridiculous. If you watch, it happens to almost every customer in line at every register. Plan on spending at least 30 minutes in line at the checkout. Even if there's only 2 people in front of you. If it's busy, an hour is not unheard of.

Suzan Arar

Good deal

Earl Bond

Restaurant Depot

eric daly

jimmy adam

The worst long wait cashier playing around

Chris Deatherage

4WAY Enterprises

James Kennedy

dynamite raids

Employee now good

Derek Fleming

Well organized and fully stocked

anne marie

Plan on losing alot of time while there, checkout has always been slow. Freezer area is S0 disorganized! Empty holes where product SHOULD be. Full pallets EVERYWHERE. Help that hides from you when you ask them to get you something. BRING BACK JOE PEPP! he kept that area military organized.

Spiro Voda

Bilal Otis

Just love this place prices are good and no taxes..what more can you ask for....

mohammed said

karsten haigis

Occasionally a bit messy but much cleaner than the Philly version. Some really great employees but some really need a Snickers... :)

Jacin Halcyon

Great place to work. Great place to shop, if you're a restaurant or caterer.

Ali Usmi

Great place for restaurant and retail stores shopping.they open early, parking is always available. Nice staff Specially Robert at Check out is the best. Professional and responsive.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Good Variety and excellent prices. be careful when you park your car outside in the parking lot though. Keep it up guys⭐️

Irving Williams

Friendly people who will walk you to what you are looking for if you can't find an item instead of saying, " Go down aisle three, it should be somewhere on the left side, middle aisle on the bottom shelf."

Jahn Maragoudakais

Thank for everything good service good people

Marcos Silva

robert jones

Reema Nawab

One stop for all your restaurant groceries

Muhannad Abu Remaileh Monroy

Marcela Justiniano

(Translated by Google) I am very happy to have them near my house just 3 minutes. Amoooo give us the service is excellent and quality products. The invitoa come to Chantily. (Original) Estoy muy feliz de tenerlos cerca de mi casa a sólo 3 minutos. Amoooo el servicio que nos dan es exelente y los productos de calidad. Los invitoa que vengan a Chantily.

Damian Muzzi

I like the prices and choices. Check out does seem a little convoluted though. Wish it was faster on the check out side of it all.

Brad Beebe

Fascinating place. All kinds of restaurant supplies. A great resource.

Yelzhan Ussibali

Shadi Alzubi

Cary Eyges

Best location is Everett, has everything!! People that work there know their stuff!!

dev desai

Adrian POPA

Everything was perfect thank you

Malcolm reed

Carlos Lopez

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

S kumar

The store is going to open on March 8 th...

luke parick

Great place for restaurants to shop.

Christopher Canderozzi

Huge selection

Norelia Saintfleur

Great customer service and great place to shop.

Khaled Elnady

nice big and clean ,

John Tiller

Jamie Sims

Great survive huge place... Bring a jacket when you go.... Very handy

Olamide Olowu

My experience at restaurant depot was greet I love the place my visit to the was so pleasant

Ghita Marame

Huge store... big quantities... good prices


You can find everything you want with a good price.

Lisa Moran

Evan Reisfeld

How's your truck driver it's all right. As a customer I would say they need to clean the place up a little bit. But the coffee is good

Kent Reese

Bulk products reasonably priced.

Julio EM

Mike Hooker

Very helpful staff.

Lauren Yin

Abir Rahman

Donida Bojorquez

Monson Theerapanont

Product is great, but customer service is the worst, especially the guy with eyeglasses from small kitchenware cross check out line!!! He is suck never found anything!!! No manner, no service mind!!

Mostafa Salama

Very helpful employees

Gloria Alcarraz

Los no te dan buen servio son muy groseros prepotentes con los clientes


Dip Talukdar

This place is a whole sale big store. You have to own a some kind of business to have a shopping pass or card. Either a restaurant or a store or any kind of organization.

Clyde Barrow

No overnight parking... If you're on time for your appointment you should be in and out fairly quickly. If you miss your appointment you're a work in(pack a lunch).

Malinda Brown

Love this place for their seafood, meats, appetizers and paper products

RCS Entertainment

abdallah mallah

They need to work on customer service a lot. They are below a level in customer service

abasi moyennda

Charles Johnson

Nice place to buy in bulk

jaime vasquez

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

John Zhang

I had really bad service there today. I felt so humiliated by one of their staff. He told to get out of store in front of my kids. Because i was opened up one of the wineglass to check was right one I was getting and I told him that I will get that opened box. The staff was not happy at all, standing there calling out my Asian restaurant name to everyone in the store. That’s so humiliating!!!!!! Even the manger came out to told me to chill, he said I was the one been loud and yelling. Coz I was been mistreated. I guess nobody cares customer service in this day anymore.

Bernadette Cambridge

I love getting my food stuff there

Fabrizio di fonzo

I buy fish any two day on restaurant depot , since there is a new guy in fish area I can't buy a good fish , he is very rude , he want to bring and choose my fish ; I don't know if he know about fish but all fish he give men broken . I selling this fish in the restaurant and for second time I have to eat my self !!!!

Ian Woloschin

Gen Gill

Everyone is pleasant and helpful

Edelin Amaya

tony mastropoll

If you own a restaurant. You have to go to restaurant depot. They have everything there is!!! Everything you need to run a restaurant.You buy in bulk.the prices are the best. They have everything a supermarket would have buy the case.half the price.but the lines at the register are huge! You need to have a business licence to get a restaurant depot card. Also beware of all the stupid people that you are going to come into contact with when you are there!! Customers and employee's!!

Aaloong Lau


david moras

Amazin place people workers very friendly

Leticia Recinos

Martin Ndegwa

worst place to deliver a load...that old folk @ the receiving office horrible

Sean Westgate

Great place but not for amatuers. This is not a retail shop so do not expect that type of service. It is a professional restaurant supply and food company. The prices are good and everything is professional grade. I love the place!

Kpu Guzman

Los q andan con los montacargas aa veces no le dan permiso de agarrar el producto requerido

Chris H

Business owners use this site

M2The Natural Solution

I’ve never had a bad experience. It’s a place of business for business not quite like Costco. Don’t bring your kids but if you have to keep them close. Loaders a wizzing by and keeping the place packed. And business owners are trying to get in and out to get back to work. No frills here.

Kenneth Khatmay

saoud elhafi

Need more sign and labels

Shah Naimi

Jason Clinton

Way better then the other 2

Simon Kuria

Truck from rte 16 north turn right on 2nd st and left on boston st (tiny tight st) warehouse is on left after elm st (follow signs). Quick to unload, in and out within an hour

Khalil Masmoudi

LAuse Dye

Horrible lumper service, very very slow and lack any since of urgency compared to others i have been to this is the absolute worst. Poorly managed in receiving, very poor attitude given to drivers. Very very very poor parking and accessibilty.

Badrul Khan

it seems like these so called managers/shift supervisor is doing us a favor! all customers looks helpless at the check out counter. They could improve their service.


Good place to buy your supplies

Jamie Ryder

Usually pretty quick in and out. Nice staff.

Anthony Crognale

David Jasneski

Chad Schmidt

BC 1983

Bigralph vita

Love it.

Stephen Greenwood

No over night truck parking. Skinny street, tight turns, need to come in off 2nd street

Shaukath Nausheen

maury sheets

Reza Karimzadeh

Hugo Merida

osiel corvera

Guillermo Villaizan

Clean and tiny place

Upananda Karunaratne

Very reasonable prices!

freddy alexander calderon benitez


Tina Cozzolino

You need to own a restaurant or a store in order to shop here not open to the public items sold in bulk

Gordon Pan

Zainub Aftab

Find good Halal food variety

Kelly Grimes

Great,prices are very fair

Rick Hughes

Great prices, staff & location.

Ahsan Kazmi

Ronald Roberts

Worse restaurant Depot I have ever been to in my life employees are totally rude expecially receiving

Rodrigo Souza

The receptionist always has an arrogant answer to any problem you need. the reception is the face of the company. disappointed!!

shawn daws


Better than Alexandria brunch. Clean place

Carl Owens

Had everything I wanted at a great price staff very helpful

Hassan Beneladel

tarim315 .

Found out the beef meat bought in this store was rotten after got home and they firmly refused to return the meat saying it was at the time of purchase . The meat was covered green fungi ! In fact I just returned the store only few days after the purchase and the meat was in freezer all the time . So I trashed $200 worth of meet ! Actually the stuffs in the meat deparment did not allow me to chose the meat that I want , and forced me to buy the meat from his chosing . Now I stop going to returan depot ! Please dont buy meat from resturan depot if you take food safety seriously ! Their meat is too old , processed almost a year ago .

Shawn Bryan

Raj Prashad

Very badly operated.

Kevin Rosen

Great selection and service with fresh reliable product. I highly recommend!


Workers are rude and disrespectful.

Camillo Quagliata

Great prices

mark ataucusi

brian flaugher

Unfortunately I shop at the Wilmington store every week. While the pricing is enough to keep me having to shop there compared to sysco or other foo providers. The customer service is terrible,a select few workers are somewhat pleasant but the rest treat you like trash. You are bothering there day with you being there. Poor attitudes. And it is also in the management.

Harry Gardner

cyrcleempire .

helen downs

Thiago Bonfim

John John

Karen Zecca

Place to go for good meat for the smoker!

Andrew Dall

It like xmas shopping for the chef in me!!! Love this place

Abhijit Jawale

Good product variety. Friendly, extremely helpful staff.

E Parker

Very large place. Good deals and quality food making it an excellent source of food for restaurant owners and entrepreneurs.

Monica Vila

Ed Rey

For the truck drivers: No fence or guard. Call ahead to see if they have any onsite parking available. The dock lot is not too big, but ample enough to maneuver a 53' through. There are only five docks available, so, be patient. Protocol is very basic and simple. Doors open at 6 a.m. and check-in is early, on time, or just a few minutes late. 1. Go through doors between docks 2 and 3 and continue straight once inside. 2. Fill as much info as possible on the board. 3. DON'T FORGET TO PUT PHONE NUMBER and NAME ON PAPERWORK 4. Return to truck and wait for a call. 5. Once called back up into assigned dock 6. When loaded/unloaded someone will come out and knock on truck to sign paperwork. Checked in and unloaded in less than two hours.

Vincenzo Maddalena

Sarah Gabbar

It’s good

Stephen Waverka

Phillip Orme

Lilian Guevara

Love it

Tonia Hall

Great prices for if your cooking for a large group

A'zamjon Ergashev

This place is totally joke to deliver. They don’t care about the appointment. Receiving manager is a jerk. He thinks that drivers aren’t humans at all. Overall this Restaurant Depot is a place to avoid.

Richard Asubonteng

patricia dille

Just about everything you need for your business. Great staff and very helpful

Imad Jamal

Great people :)

Nanayaw Kissi

Really nice place to shop

Juan C Magana

Stasia kacpryak

Very happy

Xiaojin Zheng

Andi Hoxha

krissia marroquin

Great prices & all but the managers are not professional at all! Most of the employees have the worst customer service! Renee is disrespectful talks about everyone under her breath & Darren is Renee's little puppy. Had the worst experience and I'm never stepping foot in THAT restaurant depot again!

W. Adames

I deliver here never a problem.

Mary Vigliotta

They didn't have the cheese I wanted today. Will try again. Love Restaurant Depot

Evan Pourliotopoulos

I don’t understand why the fish you sale it’s always Really old. The only fresh fish there is the Branzino all the other it’s trash.

Jose Queiroz

Best place word

Daddy Ross

Djona Liburnia

Justin Grant

Come here for all of your seafood or bulk food needs... of course, you must have a valid business license. Rotating selection of fresh seafood - various species of salmon and low priced crab meat. I cannot leave here without picking up at least one pound of lump crab!

tao ma

Armstrong B

Great place to shop


Perfect for buying groceries in bulk quantity

Rg Creamery

The Best products with The Great PEOPLE

Daryl Casper

Great prices, product and service!

George Brown

Place to by quality restaurant products

alessandro pestana

(Translated by Google) Great (Original) Excelente

Shantel Peiffer

Armaan Singh Banwait

Wrong hours but still good area

al ballard

Someone is gonna get seriously hurt here. They run around on those fork lifts while customers are in the store. Leave pallets of merchandise in the middle of the floor, if your pushing one of those carts you can't see in front of you which sets you up with a collision into one of those pallets. They have a good product line, however the shopping climate is pure chaos. You can provide suggestions to the manager, however he does not seem interested in suggestive improvements. It's been suggested to have smaller carts for those that have smaller loads at times. No change. Even small bags for multiple single items. Little improvements could make this place a really good place to shop for business owners. As for the safety concerns, seems the store is going to have to get hit big in the pocket book to learn a lesson on safety, the manager doesn't seem to care despite numerous suggestions.

Angel Alvaro Toledo Molina

Excelente y veloz atención.

Marty Figgs

Great place for bulk buying and lots of items less than BJs and Costco. More oriented towards restaurants. Major commercial appliances also available.

Barbara Clark

Greatly appreciate variety and prices

Jim Yourcella


Dursun Ali Kece

Friendly people, good price, quality products

William Lagos

(Translated by Google) great place to if you have your business or regular customer (Original) excelente lugar para si tienes tu negocio o para cliente regular

vagelis moutopoulos

The stores I work for, are located in Maryland, some of them are only 15-20 minutes from the Baltimore location... but after few issues with rude employees and empty shelves, we decided to drive all the way to Wilmington to check that location. The difference is between night and day. Plenty of parking, more choices, fresh products, better selections. The employees are friendly and helpful. The customer service is impeccable. There was a little issue with my membership but the manager there took care of it immediately...extremely happy with the Wilmington location, we will be coming back again.

silas n mejia luna

My experience at Restaurant Depot is bad I want to recommend everyone when you are going to make a shopping or payment always make sure you do you right payment because they could drain it out different amount of money or make you pay for twice a item so I recommend very careful at Restaurant Depot you could ended up paying for something you didn't buy.

Kuba Saliev

nisshan singh

Customer service rude they think everyone steal there

Daniel McMahon

After an error with a payment card the staff here made my wife feel like a criminal. We left our purchases and I’ll never go back there. Prices aren’t really much different to Market Basket or other main supermarkets but they market themselves as a bulk value supplier.

elchykyss .

Really descent place to deliver.. they are organized not like other stores that don’t even have space to put the new orders coming in

Jowonna Thomas

Always s good trip.

Jack Chau

I love this Restaurant Depot. Employees would try to help me find the things I need. I would also love exploring everything they have to offer and try to come up with new ideas.

Dan Mackey

Nasser Harb

Richard Guertin


Johnathan VanSkyhawk


gu lavi

We had a very bad shopping experience over there. They said because they have had a big thefting in this place, therefore, they treat a customer likes a theft in the store. An employee was staring at you. The store manager was searching their losts in your shopping cart without your permission. I felt very bad for those disrespect and unprofessional behaviors. They own the customer a apology.

Yolanda Mccambridge

They got all you here!

Moeen I

Amanda Brown

I didn't have to get passed the customer service desk the moment you walk through the entrance to realize the experience I was about to have. Brush up on the Customer Service Skills.

Jason Edwards

Alejandro Bojorquez

Luis A. Castro Jr.

Easy in and out, no overnight parking.

Kevin Bailey

dani guerra

Nate Moyer

Well stocked with supplies and had everything the store needed and also had the chef gear i was looking for

John Guerrieri

PeeJay Clarke

I love this place, especially when I have all day to wait in the checkout line.

Mohammad Malik1800

Crystal Jewell

ami chan

I had love that there one near the resturant so much more convenient and very greatful beforw i had to go all the way from Centreville to Alexandria thank you so much for coming closer to me .

Steve Toto

Nobody puts anything away there they just walk around and play with your phone

Atikur Rahman .

Deepak Kapoor

It is a good store for restsurants. It started out good by bringing in new items - but has dropped the ball. In adfition, it was a very neat and clean store not like Capitsl Heights dirty store, but is going the same way. A lot of staff is rude and very curt.

F Nino

The customer service is bad. Employees are rude, manager's are worse The selection is ok. But they are always out of stock of a least 1 or 2 products.. can't depend on them for your business. Restaurant depot is good if you are short of one product and need it fast

X.lost_data. X

Kanzah K

Great place to find grocery items in bulk, prices vary and while some things might be a little expensive, there are many deals here as well.

John Ioannoni

Outstanding outstanding

beatrice smith

Love it, but the lines are long. Staff helpful

M. T. T.

(Translated by Google) Good site (Original) Buen sitio

James Clark

I go twice a week, Great Employees, always willing to help in any way possible. You do have to examine the produce, as it is fresh but sometimes not the best. Not there fault.

Md Khan

Brunno Gripp

Bobby Jones

Clean friendly staff

Wahab Mer

Nice place to buy food, I recommends every one to visit this place.

Alejandra Pena

Great price and all products!!!!!

Wesley B

It was more than i expected. Truly living up to the depot in its name. Everything your restaurant needs. And a few things for home as well. The service was excellent

Michael Wu

A great source for restaurant supplies at reasonable prices.


Diarmuid Maye

Best brunch place in Boston

Josephine igedu

Is nice

Sol Sidell

Asked 3 people where chlorine strips are somewhere over there with flip of wrist the girl says, imagine if we did that in our business, prices good saved $200 on $1000 order place clean, service not so much lol

Esenbek Omurzakov

got here 07:45am and still waiting why other trucks and coming in and going out . i feel very bad

Hoa Thai

Anna Sheesley

Ava B

I was a mess

Vicky hall

They were awesome. We were here early and they worked us in so we didn't have to wait till 1pm. Got here last night and slept on property.

Robert Jones

Great prices!!! Yes you have to pick up your items vs one of the big food providers (GFS, Reinhart, Preforamnce, Keany, Costal), but if your restaurant is within 10 miles of a Restaurant Depot, it is well worth buying the products there. You can save double to triple with their low prices! I have saved even 5 times the cost from my food vendor. Keep up the great, low prices Restaurant Depot!!!

Singer penny

Mado Ngoya

This is a place to go in and out.

Josh Cretinon

Excellent choice for restaurant owners. Generally has everything in stock and supplies just about anything you could ever need to operate in the food industry.

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