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REVIEWS OF Redner's IN Delaware

Mark Lee

Clean store. Everything I need. Nice people. Good prices

Sue Winkler

Really great food, good prices, friendly atmosphere and nice and clean.

Ed Zabowski

Wild caught shrimp excellent

CLAUDIA Williams

Smaller than Georgetown. I like Redners in general and next to many Food Lions I'd go to Redners all the time. I've called numerous times and suggested to build one in route 13. Love Redners.

Quintarius Butler

Good store

Diane Redmond

Variety is very limited. Prices are no better than other supermarkets. I had never had quality issues until yesterday. I picked up 3 different prepackaged deli meats and all were expired...then went for the "fresh" meat and it had a bit of mold growing on it.

De Hafner

I love the store. Great stuff. Friendly efficient staff. However, deli person was very slow. Flapping lips too much.

Jessica Kline

The cashier was nice and the girls working in the bakery we had to get a cake and needed it wrote on the store managers were just standing in a isle staring at everyone walking past I don't rele like shopping here but it was a last min thing


They have the BEST fried chicken!

Shirl Dickerson

Found everything that I need .

A. K.

Thank you !to the young man African-American ,wearing the black rim glasses. in the bakery dept. yesterday about 3:30 pm. I asked for an honest opinion about the brownies in the plastic container. They were cut into little squares. He honestly “said I like them, I really have tasted them. “ so often folks say one thing and it’s another. He told the truth those brownies were good. We talked about cake from scratch and laughed. I appreciate him for making an elder laugh. I know he will go far. Good job young man. I hope you get to see this, I’m handicapped so I don’t get to the store often. Most of the people who work there are nice to be he handicap.

John Persinger

Great selection great place to shop for food low prices

Andrew Rossetti

Selection could be a little better, but service is great, prices are very good, and it's a quick in and out trip!

Z Buschca

Normally shop at Walmart... But they have good prices here.

Betsy Rounds

Love the cleanliness and prices. Great choices of meat at low prices too. Very helpful and courteous staff. One if my favorite places to shop now.

Patriot 1776

Good selection of food with much more affordable prices than Weis.

Bill McCourt

Good market and selection but does not have the sizes that I'm used to. Probabaly based on market demographics as population density is not anywhere near what I left when I moved here.

Corina McNeil

It's an okay place to shop ***UPDATE*** I recently came in to purchase items since I was in the area. The cashier was truly nice. He stated that he was a recent hire. I believe his name was Terrance. He was pleasant, helpful, patient and he went out of his way to ensure I found everything I was looking for. Who ever hired this young man did a great job. It was really refreshing to have someone who was genuinely happy to have your business. Having this type of customer service makes me what to patron this establishment more often.

Mimi Pfeiffer

Loads of different brands. Verity of gluten free items and gas points are a great bonus

Anthony Dumas

Courteous and fast service

Barbra Martin

My favorite spot

Jake The Snake

Renders just feels like a good place to shop. Lovely make your own food trays in the back or get it from the deli, can't put this place off for too much longer. Sure it's just another market but it's a much needed change.

Joanne Beauregard

Lots of selections had charcoal and lighter fluid that's what we needed and sales turkey burgers and

Juan R. Calderón

Clean place and good prices.

frannie perrella

This store has the best Italian breaf

Wendy Linkenhoker

Great place to shop great people that work there

Bonnie Sanders

Large and a very good variety of grocery items!! Best ice cream selection and prices around!! Many of their brands are very good quality. Their brand of creamy peanut butter is very reasonable and the best I've ever tasted!!! Very compatible prices!!!

Jason Thompson

Nom nom, so much food at reasonable prices, don't go hungry if you like your wallet

Jody Hill

I like shopping at renders. They are always clean and curious.


Your usual Redner's. Great selection, clean store, and friendly staff. Can't go wrong shopping here.

Amy Collett

Very clean , organized, not crowded, plenty of room in isles

Christina Thomas

5 stars for the fried chicken. DELICIOUS! Never crowded when I've been in there, no hassle, quick check out.

angela shaffer

Great company to work for! Clean store, and great varieties.

Rob Washington

The best fried chicken and food shopping deals around!

leonard bayer

Good chicken

Anthony inzinna

Love this store has everything love the floorplan of store

Irish M

Wow, redners has an extremely diverse selection of quality food items and things you can't find anywhere else. I live far away from my local redners but when I make the trip it's definitely well worth it.

Rachel Bell

Extremely friendly and organized store with a great atmosphere

Ruben Ortiz Jr

Awesome! Great employees and management. Deli and Bakery staff are wonderful and always busy! Thanks for the great service! Very grateful to all of you for the hard work and dedication. Please keep smiling! You're all appreciated very much!

Bobbie Barton

Always smiling, helpful,friendly employees. They make me feel no stress as I shop. They come running for all my needs while I'm shopping. Great organization throughout the store with all products and services offered in store. I love shopping again.

E. Annette Stewart

Great prices; store is always clean

Mary Carter

Clean clean well stocked. Some good price

Daffy Duck

Good place to shop in and out never been stuck in line.

Bonnie Woods

I have part of a hard cast on my left foot and leg because I had surgery on it. I can't bare any weight on my leg for a few more days. I tried to use the wheelchairs they had and none of them were charged so I had to walk into the store on my crutches all the way back to the deli. I could only get one item because that's all I could carry. It was very exhausting to walk all the way on crutches. I was very irritated when I left the store.

Jarid Keen

Pretty good store they havee some things Wal-Mart does not carry anymore

Eva Devaney

Redners is clean ,friendly,and willing to help,and have good deals,I love Redners

Byron johns jr

One of my favorite stores!

cheryl dear

Bought and air conditioner there working fine

Mathew Dick

Prices and selection are great but it could be cleaner. And busted stuff like this all.over.

Elizebth Long

Shopping was awesome but service was slow

Peter D

I used to like this store when they first opened. It has gone down hill since. Poor customer service.

aquamoe press

Clean and friendly for starters. I was looking for Kraft cheese but I didn't see the one that was on sale. I mentioned it to the cashier and she told someone and they went and brought back the 4 variations of what was left, without me asking. It wasn't a problem when I asked her to price check an item. She did it without hesitation. I will definitely be going back.

Karen Purcell

Cashier was quick and efficient. Actually packed the bags nicely, not just throwing stuff in the bags. Super job all the way around. The store was very, very clean!! And bright no problem seeing anything. Wonderful store, will return.

Michele Bruce

Well I bought 5 for $10 soda special and they charged me $10.90 ...I said excuse me but why are you changing me. 90cents tax when it is .60 cents on 10 dollars ? She said we sell them pre taxed and the consumer pays the tax. So they charged me tax based on the amount of $14.95 the price before the markdown to the $10 ..not sure how this is legal but I paid it and went on my way

Lana James

I stopped in the store at 11 am on Mother's Day to order chicken. Was told by the girl behind the counter they were out of chicken but a new shipment of chicken was coming in a few hours and to call the store in a few hours to make sure the order arrived. I called the deli back at 2:30. The deli person stated the chicken arrived and I would have to come into the store and order the chicken. I went back into the store at 3:30 and was informed by Nicolas the Assistant Store Manager no chicken came in and who did I talk to? Who would of thought you now need names and descriptions to prove what you were told. I guess in the future I will have to. Although, I will not be going back to Redners.

Panca Tattva Das

What it the point of this store?

Jason Tracy

Decent prices for the area it was located in. The staff could've been more helpful but they were at least cheerful most of the time. They do have a decent selection of goods based on the size of the store.

toula pilara

No variety on most of the produse and chicken

Christine Miller

Absolutely the worst grocery store out there. High prices, unfriendly and lazy employees. I will literally never step foot in any Redners again because of all the bad experiences I've had. Oh yeah and they don't donate their unsold or expired foods, they just trash incredibly wasteful.

Laurie Baez

Store is well stocked. Clean. Salad bar is great

Phuture Anthony

This is a great supermarket located across from Eastpoint Mall. They have a lot of items, along with awesome sales to make things sell quickly. Also they have their own fried chicken, which I think is the best fried chicken since mars closed its doors.

George Short

Good food good prices.

Douglas Fowler

Great service always , many items on sale.

JMurph66 .

Best grocery store in Camden dover area !

kimberley spink

They always have what I want and get bonus points in store or gash

K. Douglas

Love the chicken. It wasn't ready, but I got the cold chicken. Just as good.

Jackie Brown

Great .... Cashier, at lottery and cigarette counter, was wonderful! I was in line at express cashier and she called me over to ring me out. She made my day better. I felt like she really wanted to help me. Best part, she was a Happy Employee!!!

Michael Mack

Being in the grocery business I know first hand at finding good employees is difficult, I go to Redners because of the people, they are so friendly, I go to the store on eastern ave. I have not had a bad experience ever.

susan bruno

In and out just a quick stop.

Tabatha Quillen

Awesome place and awesome prices and awesome staff and awesome services.

Brian Homsher

They have excellent chicken and good prices

Michael Hurley

There stores are clean food all fresh help is friendly

Byron Madison

It's a awesome market

Bryan Vickers

Good selection, and better prices than the big name places!

Rose Marie Sztybel

Store is always clean and organized. Some prices are much higher than other stores though.

Mandee Dujardin

Huge selection great prices friendly staff

George Hudson

Recieving was very rude!!! Came there to deliver a load door was open as are many stores go in as i have done many times and no one was in sight!! I lifted door unloaded my load recieving lady came in jumped all over me askrd me how i got in i simply said door was open her response was dont ever come in unless I let you in becouse you could be STEALING and loaded your truck I simply said well maybe door should've been shut and locked and maybe you shouldve been back here!! Her response was maybe you should do my job!! I simply walked out!! My thought was maybe you should do my job becouse you dont realize how much attitude i receive from receivers dureing my day just doing what my job is!! I felt i did nothing wrong I just did my job and was pretty much accused of being a possible thief!! I did my job maybe you should do yours!!!!

Diane Scovens

Large market. Good shopping experiences when I shop here

Lori Booker

Cashier really doesn't like to at least smile. I love the store, Great price's and help on the floor!

Roy Brower

Always a good experience, and weekly sale prices are good. Plus $ off gas for reward members

Veronica Thoroughgood

Very nice store and friendly staff. Perfect when looking for good priced meats.

Robert Holloway

Great warehouse style supermarket with friendly and courteous staff

Joii J.

Always clean..a big Plus in my book

s t a r .

food shopping

Zipporah D Littleton

Very good

Ezekiel Preston

Way WAY WAY too expensive to shop here. I could have gotten the same amount of groceries from Walmart or food lion for half the price.


The store is older but pleasant. Courteous, helpful employees.

Brenda J. LaMour

Very nice and clean,bright as can be,stock very neat and presentful. Aisle very well lit and clean. Love the salad bar,very fresh!

Robert King

Great selection and prices.

Carl Randall

It was nice i love that store will be going back again this was my first time there.

Rebecca Haug

Very clean..fully stocked. Not a rat race so its worth it to pay a bit more for your groceries. Friendly staff

Miriam DeYoung

okay place to get groceries, like the gas points

Lisa Teichmenn

Friendly servive, $115 roast was awesome! Recommend!

Cheryl Spanish

this store.... especially milford! Dawn Stone is your kindest and sweetest Employee, I nominate her for The favorite employee of the month.

R.L Caulk

Decent prices and sometimes better than Walmart for just grocery shopping. I just can’t stand the crack heads that always loiter out back!

Donald Genco

Greek grocery store family-orientated. Smiles on people's faces most of the time. Great prices always got good sales always have what you need when you need it. If you really want to get your shopping done for a holiday for meals that's just a place to go aside from the sales you will always be greeted and if you ever need help they will know you need help before you even ask for it.

Mary Magee

Great place for Seniors to shop, love their 5 for $20 meats, very clean store, and always full socked items

Angel Scovens-Thomas

I fell in love with this market. The prices are very affordable and has a wide variety of food. And I must say that the food is fresh. I must love this market because I travel from east Baltimore, MD to Dundalk, MD. And I don't drive, I catch lift transportation going there and coming home. So I spend $30 - $40 to go to this market. And it's worth it.

Effectz Studios

Pretty good

Debra Johnson

Sometimes doesn't have the rain checks.but I'm always there for the sales

Donald Manchester

Great place I go there instead of Walmart they always have plenty of cashiers open there's plenty of stuff there people are willing to ask you something that they see you looking around and if you're looking for something they tell you where to find it very seldom in today's world does an employee stop and ask if they can help you but they do there really love the place

Allen Sibley

No major complaint just not a fan ..not sure why I just pass this store by and drive further.. and I'm a block away ..

Candace Williams

Love this store. There cheesecake is addictive

shekia lang

It was very clean and not crowded when I went there. The cashiers were friendly and checkibg out was simple.

Tyrone Roberson

Fried chicken preparations is a joke during late afternoon,early evening. Poor planning. Always running out and long wait times.

Nikole Arnold

Friendly staff, clean store, awesome deals

Abby Love

Nice people

Lisa Netro

Very clean, prices good but some things higher

Kert Vangorder

Great place to shop


Awesome stuff!

albert holmes

Great employees owned supper market, great fried chicken, well lit and well kept. Excellent service...

Mary Z.

Where I shop love it

Lisa Clayton

Short sweet and to the point. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING!! Prices are also reasonable. I get my spices there cause the have EVERYTHING!

Teresa Pollock

Love me some chicken best around

Chris Donovan

Prices are expensive on meats and so are the veggies , disappointing heard they was cheaper than others out there

Robert Mullane

Good buys on some things

SweetT Davis

This store always has farm fresh meats and locally grown produce. They carry many name brands but also hard to find natural/organic products also...

Raymond Richardson

Meat is discolored and shelves are dirty with old blood. Not the first time I've had issues with meat that wasn't out of date.

Marjorie VanArsdall

Store is clean and accessible but unless you get sale items its a little over priced .

Joseph White

Clean store and friendly staff


Never have enough cashiers but that's the norm anymore but also no self check out. The prepared food in the deli looks like it sits forever just like the pre sliced cheeses and meats.

Veronica Albin

It's a little expensive on a few things, but the store is clean and organized and the staff was helpful. Glad to support a local business by shopping here.

Jennifer Shepard

Everything you need from a grocery store and great prices

Anthony Brown

Get the chicken. You will not be disappointed!!!

Walter Gonzales

Great place to shop, love their products, very clean store.

KAREEM Clinksc

Very clean and the employees are very nice and helpful

Craig Miller

Best deals in town. Best place to fill your fridge.

Ayo Conley

Kinda small. That 5 for $20 deal is pretty dope though.

Sharon Hutchison

They have good deals sometimes, but they can be pricey.

denise sturgill

Love their chicken I got a breast leg and thigh for $2.98...friendly service

Tammy Shinn


Denzil Ward

Always find what I need or have very polite help. My favorite shopping center. since I moved here in 2008!

Aubrey Felts

Clean. Big selection. But very expensive

Ann Collins

Clean store, products in stock, fast checkout and friendly employees

Keisha Toyer

Best price for large quantity of fried chicken. Placed my order in advance and it was teady for pick up on time. Moist and juicy. Friendly staff.

Peggy Shipley

Clean, nice shopping and some good sales. Fruits, vegetables, pastries and meats are fresh.

Cindy Greenlief

They have the best chicken ever and all workers and management are very helpful and polite.

Terri Parker

Clean store, always stocked with a what I need

Nora Borkman

They have the best fried chicken I order it often store is very clean prices are good

Thomas Somers

The Self checkout lady yelled at me when she walked into me and then got sassy when I said I was sorry and not excuse ne

Melissa Shelton

Love Redners. They always have what i need. Check out is always quick and easy. Love their 5 for $19.95 deals!!

Lisa Swaim-Parker

If you want a mega-store with pharmacy, coffee shop, and floral department ... shop elsewhere. Redners does a great job of helping me keep my grocery budget under control. It's a no frills shopping experience, but it has everything I need. Very nice fresh produce department. Join the frequent shoppers program to save $ on gas. And they really do listen to their customers. I requested an item become a "regular" on their shelves i stead of a "once in a while" item. And now evertime I shop my local Redners ... it is on the shelf. THANK YOU!!

Karen Bowers

Redners is the best.

Liz Eckhard

Great salad produce...ethnic varieties...good bakery...wide selection and good meats...this is a nice grocery store you will be pleased...thin on the fruit

Michael Sargent

Very clean. Employees are nice and curteous. Prices I feel are slightly high. But I would rather shop at Redners instead of Walmart.

Kadi fairchild

Nice friendly service

Helen Milchling

Redner's had a great selection of fresh veggies and fruit. Their beef is nice and they have great sales. Pantry items are priced high. I buy on sale only. The employees there are really nice too

Jon Carpenter

Good selection

Debra Smith

Very nice clean atmosphere the chicken is very delicious it taste like butter chicken

Chris Rose

A great supermarket. Fresh baked bread and goodies. Great deli

Pamela West

Very clean, fast and friendly staff. Prices are Great!!

Theresa Whisman

Nice staff clean store

Sue Mullins

Very clean, nicely laid out grocery store. Was able to find what I needed. Has MD lottery, too. Reasonable prices. Good rewards card and app. Will recommend this store to my relatives and friends!

Tori Balfour

Always love shopping here when I find a great deal. Also love the deal of shopping in store then getting money off at the pump when I need to fill up


Great prices on most of my visits to Redner Market. I, and my Husband LOVE the 3lb bags of Redner, UNSALTED, Roasted Peanuts (in the shell). They are the BEST peanuts in Delaware. PLEASE don't ever change the company that you purchase these roasted peanuts from. Thank you.

Bruce Vanderburg

Prices are reasonable and the Chicken that they make is delicious

Jason Scott

It was awesome

Denise Moser

Produce was very fresh, staff very friendly and helpful.

Debbie Wier

In and out visit for me this trip, clean, neat store with nicely done displays

Dani McKay

Love there chicken. Nice people

Doug Winslow

If you think you've seen everything, you're probably correct. But if you're the curious type, go shop here and make your previous self feel silly for not having done so earlier. See what happens when you eat?

Bobbie Alston

I love reader and the employees are all AWESOME

Linda Thompson

Everybody is always so pleasant . Willing to help you out whenever you need it.

Inez Darby

The cashier was rude as hell

Norma Burke

Love Redners,close to home ,never really have to wait long in line and the workers there are always friendly....when the sales are on there good...meats are nice looking and not to pricey.

joe thomas

Great store good prices

Royal James 64 Prevette Jr

If you need it they have it .. vary clean ,and good prices.

Angelique Daemon

The employees are always really nice, helpful, and accommodating. I love this place!

Ronnie Martin

I love Redners! I buy all my meats here! Their steaks are always great! Their sales are also on point! All kinds of things are 10 for 10, which is awesome. Their deli meat is sooooo good too! They have a roast turkey bacon lunch meat that is, no lie, the absolute best lunchmeat I've ever had in my life. It's like 8 bucks a pound and it's worth every cent. Get their reward card, it'll save you money on gas!

therealsnow .

Decent selection, friendly staff and short / no wait to checkout.

Virginia asquith

Good prices. Very nice bakery

Austin Anthony

Great selection for a smaller market compared to the super stores, also far more enjoyable experience.

Bernie Raeke Jr

Very clean with some good prices and very good fried chicken

Hunter Lengrand

Worst donuts ever!!! Way too sweet, and after eating them, my dentist said i had a cavity from their ridiculous diabetic donuts!!! Their donuts are worse than the 0-16 cleveland browns from last year. In fact, their donuts ARE the 0-16 cleveland browns from last year!!! Don't buy, you will end up with diabetes and cavities in no time!!! Don't get fooled!!! Trust me, i have diabetes now!!! Don't buy, the side effects could cost you hundreds, thousands, or even millions!!! These donuts could even make you hospitalized if you.are diabetic!!! They are disgusting and very bad for your health!!! No more redners donuts for me!!!

marvin harris

Prices, selections and service are exceptional.

charles huntley

Great deals

Jessica Narvaez

I shop here only to get fresh seafood really fast but he prices are super expensive. I would shop here every day if the prices were even remotely close to Walmart’s but every single item was more expensive. Beautiful store though.

Miracle McMullen

Easy to find groceries. Easy to travel to even by bus.

James Plymire

Pleasant place to shop. Wish they had a few other items.

Rodney Dickerson

Excellent pricing

Linda Almsteadt

When I called and ordered I was promptly assisted with my food order over the phone. The person was very helpful and knowledgeable about what they have for catering for 20 people. The prices were fantastic $27 for 32 piece mixed chicken. They're Fried Chicken is the best in Baltimore as far as I'm concerned he's in just perfectly. The store is very clean and organized. Check out is very quick. Wish they would put a Redner's closer to my home but it's worth the trip to get good chicken


Always clean with stocked shelves. Employees are friendly and courteous. I hardly ever have to wait in line when I visit.

Jason S

Pretty good prices if you shop sales. I'd still go to the W for anything not on sale.

SNL Huntoon

Deli staff are amazing and friendly love the individual attention that they give to me ad a customer Ask for Crystal in the deli she is a hoot

kathy carder

Very clean large store. Good selections. Awesome employees!

Sandra H

Love love love the prices!! Quality and selection is always great.

Teaira Funderburk

Its clean the food is fresh and the people that works their are friendly.

Shannon Cochran

Great staff at night time, very clean. Good prices

rob b

Very clean and simple place to shop for fresh food.

Wyonia Hughes

I love the store great bargains people have a smile and eager to please the shoppers

Wanda Hughes

Great it's always a wonderful visit store attendance are so polite

Charel P

Good stuff here and very open easy to shop.

William Cloak

Very clean store, great staff and prices are reasonable and the weekly deals are great

James Lewis

The prices was highway robbery. Did not know you need a card for discount. Soda cost more then a corner grocery store. No wonder the place was empty.

Ruby Sheridan

Nice store to shop at - lines move fast or are very small - love it!!

james allen

Has to be the cleanest grocery store I've ever been in like it's spotless kind of freaky clean. It's not even scuff marks on the tile. Great prices as well I love the fresh bread.

Kevin Evans

The store is always nice and clean. The prices are always competitive, and everything is always fresh. And I've never had an employee be anything but friendly and helpful. Update - July 15 2017: This store continues to be one of the cleanest I've ever been to. The employees are wonderful! Every time I ask a question they go above and beyond to answer and help me with whatever. This is always my first choice when I need groceries!

Bridgett Ross

I enjoy shopping at Redner's, nice place to shop.

Tonya Sharpnack

Clean, friendly and courteous employees. The manager is a very hard worker, he is always out on the floor working side by side his fellow employees.

Lorell B

Nice clean maket, good sales, friendly customer service and they have a Redner's cash back card.

Snow White

Good prices

K A Brown

Redners has great prices on their meats!! Just know your prices because some things are allot more expensive then other stores.

Anna Ryan

I always go here for a family less crowded shopping night. Fresh baked goods plus vegetables at reasonable pricing. I love this place. Similar to items found at Safeway, although this place is smaller.

Keyone' Swain

Great service and clean establishment! Definitely will be back.

Karen K

Wonderful service!! Best employees.

Estella Jackson

I like Redners because it is Employee owned and the market is clean and well stocked always a good sale.

Mark Jones

This place have so much love and good customer service .price is great

C Tolliver

Love the sales but the aisles can be a bit crowded with carts. Needs a few more self serve registers.

Michelle Miller

They're always nice and helpful!

Meila J

Very affordable grocery store. They have a huge selection from household goods to foods. They also offer meat plans.

Kellie Othman

Love this grocery store

Ashley Womack

Floor is Soo clean very cold in side when hot good food and drinks more too

Demetria Jarvis

I love shopping at Redner's. Especially at the deli.

Linda Hill

I have enjoyed this store since its opening. The employees will graciously assist you with finding a item. This is my go-to grocery store.

Alan Centa

Just went for doggy treats and food. My dog is very particular and Redners has a good price on what he likes. Got caught by puff pastry on the bread special shelf in the back and a quart of Stonyfield (my favourite brand) yogurt for cooking. They are set up for holiday treats up the centre aisle with festive candies. Bell ringer at the front door to encourage generosity at this time of year. Riding carts are usually charged and in good repair, especially as most people return them to the charging station.

dark galxy

Always a pleasure shopping at Redner's such friendly, helpful & courteous employees

Ed Hennen

Good selection, the store is clean and well kept. Could use a little more parking.

Joyce Nolen

LOVE Redner's Market / Grocery Stores. Wish there was one closer to Seaford. Great selections at good prices.

Joshua Smith

Love this place. Great prices

michael dejesus

Absolutely love this place especially there deli meat is 3 for 9.99 you get about a half of a pound

Lawrence S

Redner's is super close to home. But however their prices keep climbing. I've noticed they miss their expiration dates so check them before you buy them. But in the long run it's convenient because they're right there even though their prices are one to two dollars more on some products. The people are very nice that work there. That's about all I got to say about that place. However I am shopping around more

Kathy Balchunas

It's ok

Marcia Hanifee

I usually go to Wal-Mart. Very pleasant shopping at redners

Brian Hoffman

Gigantic selection of groceries also got very good service, we grabbed a bunch of prepared food and had a picnic everything that we got was great they had a huge selection it was a good experience we will definitely go back. I recommend this place!

Sandy Vis

Good prices on most goods. Fast checkouts.

Frank Cirillo

Poorly located but good prices!!

John Cole

Not very friendly or helpful staff. Great chicken. 5 dollar deals are good. Need more check out people.

Joe Smith

It was good

Sean Lockhart

I really like this Store neat clean organized good prices what more can you ask for

Darryl McLain

Always pleased when I come here.

jessica Barnhart

Customer service is awesome. My favorite place to shop of all time. I choose it over walmart groceries any day

Debra Schwartz

Some things are just way over priced like frozen meals

Vickie Bryant

The store is clean and some of the prices are reasonable. They have the best fried chicken of any grocery stores in the area in my opinion.


My experience was okay

Shelly Daisy D

Other than the plethora of exterior obstacles (traffic) this location is good. Some staff need training on how to deal with the public. However most employees are friendly and helpful.

jesse caswell

Healthy vanilla bean ice cream turkey hill and breyers good price


There chicken is so good and fresh!

Lenny Adamski

Great subs and great chicken.

Sharon Brecker

Fresh deli nice employees very helpful clean and neat store.

CJ Ransdell

This is a great place. Good prices. Excellent staff.

Charles Stewart

Place is always clean and the employees are always friendly.

Malique 720

Redner's have a 3 piece chicken deal that beats anyone in town!!! Hands down!!!!! Perfectly home fried with just the right seasonings and drained of extra grease as well. I love it!!!!!! Bye Bye KFC.

cassandra robinson

I was in an out fast and friendly on a holiday weekend. I even had time to sign up for a Redners card.

Brianna Hoffecker

The staff are always as helpful as they can be. If someone doesn't know an answer for me, they usually go find someone who does. Appreciate everyone here

Sherry Dixon

Always satisfied. Prices are reasonable.

Sweet Suga

Redners have the best fried chicken, and good prices!

sharonda edmonds

I went to pick up chicken from the deli, it took me 25 min before someone waited on me and one pan of my chicken was missing. I had to wait for them to cook more.

Brandon Williams

Been going there for years, always a pleasant experience.

Youkeith williams

Great chicken, good service, decent prices.

Brunilda Ubiles

Such clean properly organized place to shop,love it.

Regina Lemmon

They're prices r high, the cereal that i usually buy at other markets prices were anywhere from .40 - $1.49 cheaper than at Renders market n paper towels r at an higher cost there, but i saw a few items where a lil cheaper like the Martin's potatoe rolls were on a mgr's special price but i'll go back there to get certain items tho, at least the store was very clean n the staff is nice

Ginger Johnston

This is a lovely store. This close to my house. They have good deals awesome staff. Sometimes the cashier's seem like they hate there jobs but there young so the probably do but nice powering through. Opening welcoming store Great prices have stuff you can't get at Aldi's in Lidl.

Mallory Smallwood

The market is clean with a big open layout. Good for a quick stop for a few items, I found the prices to be higher than markets. Staff is friendly.

Barbara Ramsay

Best place to buy meats, I buy most of my shopping here .

Teresa Bowers

I go to Redners just about 3 - 4 times A Week .They have Some Really Wonderful Workers that are very Respectful..Their Friend Chicken is good when it's nice and hot and fresh.....

Harry Fusco

They are fast in getting ready what ever you order and the food is the best!

Andrew Ruffner

It was bad so it was . The head flies in their pastry I wanna got the manager he acted like I didn't even care..

Shell El Sharone

clean big and huge selection of groceries

Larry Mac

Found what I was looking for fast. Great that it has a Butcher , AND BAKERY

Douger D

Well they sell groceries and have normal products that the majority of grocery stores have .prices are competitive. They still sream shrimp and have yummy roasted chicken

Errol Moore

Discount in gas; salad bar; seafood section. Employee owned. They beat or match most grocery stores.

Leslie Allen

Great staff and all around clean store!

Devera Jackson

Good market

Steve Crane

Good price on meat 5 for $20

Renae Locklear

Redner's is an excellent store. They have good prices and good sales. Its clean and the staff are nice and friendly.

Barbara Criss

Awesome staff very helpful my neighborhood market

Shauna Carroll

The chicken was so good

Joann Hill

Good buys with their card

Trice H

I Love this food market. I can always find what i need and it is never a long line. I am normally in and out

Paul Reeves

I always enjoy food shopping I like how the stores laid out

Ramona Scipio

I Think Reiner's Warehouse Market Is A Great Place To Shop For Groceries, And Households Products. Reiner's also have Parking Spaces and Mobile Carts for anyone's needed.


Very friendly, good selection, always plenty of cashiers, store is always clean

Mary Brady

Always find what I need as far as food......

Naomi Carmean

I love shopping at Redners. The shelves are full, everything has a fresh look to it and their bakery and Deli always looks fresh. The employees are much more friendly than at some of the other grocery stores also.

Tiffany J

I had a manager and store associate literally watch me ring my own self up. The parking lot is covered in carts. Meanwhile having 1 person watch me is kinda normal as I'm sure theft is terrible at this store. I was unable to find a single person to help me find what I needed as the shelves were bare. I would think a manager would have something better to do than stand up against a shelf watching me. He needs to get some carts in his store or at least stock some shelves. This store has nothing on the redners in Milford I usually go to.

Joann Bradshaw

ratner's is the best it has the best fried chicken that I've ever taste. It's nice and clean the employees are very friendly

jerome D

I purchased power Ade 47 cents apiece. Best chicken around

gil villanueva

Good selections, some bargains. Boy Manager with long hair is very courteous and customer oriented. Self checkout is great.

Natalie LaBoo

Bright. Spacious. Clean. Decent prices.

Contessa Young

Nice store

Leslie Bowen

The chicken is 5 star here and grocery prices are good when you catch the sales

Marguerite Thornton

Redner's chicken it awesome and so is the price! However, the overall everyday pricing on the rest of the items in the store are quite expensive compared to Aldi.

David Taylor

The service was very good took care of us made it possible to get out order for Saturday on the chicken

Sheena Parker

I live really close to this market, and I shops here sometimes. They have the worse vegetables EVER! There haven’t been a time when I didn’t have to return some vegetables back because when you cut into it, it’s mold or rotten. I now shop at other markets for my fruits and vegetables.


Like this market because they carry unique food items I can't find at the market closer to me. Just wish this place was closer or the build one close. This is the only redners I know of in MD.

Tim Porter

Nice and convenient

Linda McFadden

Nice place to shop. Good selections and very clean. Staff is friendly.

Alexis Black

Great place to shop, great prices on meats

Regina Knotts

Pleasant employees. Good sales.

Betty Avramidis

The meat prices hear are not too bad but $6.00 for 5# of potatoes. Now that's out of my budget.

Patricia Blake

Prices are a bit high.

Steven Cusato

Awesome store , great prices and friendly employees

Margaret Schloer

Everyone was friendly. The store was neat and clean and the fried chicken is the best

Jack Wqx

Great prices selection great bakery seafoods n deli also chicken fried n rotisserie.

Carl Avelino

Hands down the best friend chicken in the northeast! Their baked goods are awesome too!

Janice Jacobs

Very clean store..friendly people..great deals

Shane Gleason

After a few visits I have to give it 5 start now cuz originally gave it to but now it gets a 5 and pasta have some of the best fried chicken I've ever had

Lou Griffith

Salads togo was fresh and well portioned..

Rsam#1dad McGee

Very friendly staff. Most sales lasts 2-3 weeks.This company is owned by their employees. They carry many salts free spices and products

Ashlee Williams

The line is long at times but they have great prices

Bob Hartman

Clean, well-stocked store with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Prices could be a little better on some items, but overall, a very nice market.

Ronald Smith

They have good prices and good chicken and the store is very clean And a wide selection of things that I use

kaydiamond55 .

This place sells some of the Best Fries

Daniel Fetterolf

Awesome place!

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