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REVIEWS OF Newark Farmers Market IN Delaware

Seungho Park

Dangerous grocery store!!! They sold expired products. Complaining about it was paid back insult by the boss's son.

jordan johnson

This place of business is absolutely ghetto. It is clear the owner/management takes no pride in the way they run their business and chooses to treat it's paying customers like criminals (cameras at your feet at the registers). - ROTTEN produce for sale! moldy vegetable and fruits (disgraceful) - Whatever produce you buy does NOT last long, meaning you have to cook it right away/freeze it things I do recommend: -Mamasita's adobo seasoning ($1.00 a seasoning pack) - Cilantro is cheap ($1.00 for 2 bundles) -$5.00 beta fish for sale! This place does have a wide selection.. but for how much money this place of business makes- they NEED to renovate! The parking lot is always crowded (so many potholes). Everything screams old including the shopping carts. Main Isles and walkways are tight- this market is always crowded. Many workers do not speak English at all so be prepared for that if you were thinking about asking for help finding something. Prices are not that cheap. shopping at ALDI is cheaper to be honest. I tried a pound of the adobo pork - it was okay. I do not trust that all the produce is fresh, it seems they put old inventory out in hopes it will sell too. Make sure to check the expiration dates! Especially in the fridge/ freezer section. I heard a worker talking/yelling across the shopping aisle about performing sex acts in front of customers (very uncomfortable.. she made jokes about having p***s in her mouth) the transgender/crossdressing worker was laughing at the other worker who was saying this.


A wide variety of quality Asian, Hispanic, Jamaican and Turkish groceries!

Garry C

I gave rave reviews to a client of mine from out of state.....they called to get pricing on crabs. They explained they were coming from out of state and wanted to get pricing on crabs. They were told because of competition they don't do that......I am SMH, Really. COMPETITION, THEY WERE TOLD COMPETITION. YOU LOST A VALUABLE CUSTOMER. THANKS FOR LETTING ME AND MY CLIENTS KNOW YOU DON'T WANT OUR BUSINESS.....PASS IT ON.

Joseph Buni

Great diversity!

Nick Mancuso

They have a nice selection of produce, cheeses, and seafood. The chicharron are great. The Asian ingredients are pretty carried and cover a decent range of cuisines. I have had several issues with the employees here, and don't really ever shop here anytime unless I absolutely have to.

Arsh Jamil

You can find an amazing arrayof local and International foods and vegetables here!

Brendan Waters

This is the best produce selection anywhere in the Newark/Wilmington area

min pak

I would never go back. The food is not fresh, but the price is reasonable (you'll get what you've pay for). This place have no customer service and they don't want to help at all. Cashier actually cursed back for no reason, yelled she didn't wanted to hear, and kicking customer out when she doesn't want to hear the reason. I WOULD NOT EVER GO TO THE STORE THAT DOES NOT CARE OF OTHER PEOPLE!!!

Victor Elia

This is what a produce section at a grocery store should look like, not all box Macaroni n Cheese and Oreos for 95 isles and only apples. Not always the best, not always the freshest. You kinda have to know what you are doing a little bit. The produce is real, not hard cucumber fruits you get at grocery stores around here. Just watch and learn a little before coming.

Tim Conräd

The people here are very friendly. Here you find alot of unusual items you may not find in a regular supermarket. As other reviewers have said, it less resembles a farmers' market as opposed to a world trade market of sorts. Lots of international and bulk foods. Other services offered make it - almost - a one stop shopping destination. Great for watch batteries. Deli is not as fresh as other places.

Harikrishnan Ragothaman

Huge collection. good work


Great selection and prices!

Julie Gallatin

Different since the last time I was in there. Still same great prices. Moving alot of produce into refrigerated areas. I think that is a nice touch

Michael Fox

They some hard to find spices, marinades and Asian sauce and food items.


Depends on what U need to buy, not a bad place to shop for common ítems

Rod O

Best place to go grocery shopping in the area. Produce is very well priced and fresh. Great Hispanic and Asian selection. Never got any fish here but it always looks great too

Shawn Woodrow

It is a great place to get foods from around the world and has a wide selection of fruits and veggies you won't find at the regular grocery stores. The fruit and tomatoes used to be very good but recently in the last 6 months it's been getting worse. Many of the fruit are bruised and there are lots of fruit flies all over.

Kannan N

Went fish shop today , totally disappointed

Noel Ajay

More or less like King of Prussia mall. Dress is business like. Good produce of all types. Friendly and courteous staff. Business competes with Nordstrom, casual market Place for clothes and furniture. Dining it competes well with Cheese Cake Factory.

Alissa Adams

0 customer service

tintinmia .

You pretty much get everything.. Great variety of fish, veggies at reasonable prices.. The only item that I don't prefer buying there is chicken, meat..

Margie Lynn

Great selection and good prices for fruits and veggies

Meshraj Khatiwada

Reorganized, looks better and clean than before. Well done guys.

David Ruffolo

Our favorite supermarket near Newark. Normal grocery store + international foods + fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Marina Johnson

If visiting during winter months, make sure to bring your coat in! Otherwise, love this place!

livingvegan 365

No strawberries and most of the fruit is rotten


Has a variety of Asian and Hispanic foods, vegetables, seafood, beef, imported roots vegetables ect good place to go for some of your health foods, teas, large flower tortillas.

Mo A

Great place to find produce and international foods you wouldn't find elsewhere. They do have some cheesy knickknacks, but I have fun exploring new foods with my kids. Always bring home new things to try. Produce, packaged items, cold cases, and butcher case are all available.

Tayler Blair

If I could rate 0 stars I would. I enjoy the fresh produce here however I would not allow your children in this store. An employee came up to me appearing to be looking at my shoes and then proceeded to inappropriately grope my toes. I was shocked and told my mother. We asked for a manager who appeared to just want to cover the whole situation up by saying that the employee was just trying to pick up apples off of the ground. Completely disgusting and he should have been fired, staff did absolutely nothing short of just pretending the situation didn’t happen. Left immediately and will never return. Employee was younger male so PSA wear closed toed shoes. Left the store feeling like an object used for someone else’s enjoyment.

Margaret Pratt

Enjoy shopping there nice fresh vegetables and reasonable prices

Joseph Watkins

Fabulous place it had all the food for any country you come from I recommend this to everybody and all the food is fresh

Alyson Zgheib

Great selections of vegies and Asian products. They even have middle Eastern products. A mini International market .

Mounamukhar Goswami

Huge collections international groceries.

Justine Foe

berry shake very tasty

Mike Webb

Great prices....

Brooke Fairchild

Great selection of fruits and vegetables. Most of the meat and fish is okay. Stay away from anything that is "on special" because it's probably just about to turn.

Joe Hood

Have unique items

Steve Dey

Great place but sometimes things. Are not rotated out so check dates.

Kenneth Weaver

This place is fantastic. They have soooooo many food choices. We will return to visit again. It is 1 1/2 hrs from our house but worth the drive.

David Wang

Two days ago we purchased a bag of very expensive rice, when we brought it home there is a huge hole on the top with the tape covering it. We thought it just outside bag's damage and put it in the storage. Today we want to make some rice and took some and started to wash it, it was cover full with dry bugs and live bugs. The rice also had been covered with rice dusts which are the left over from the bugs eaten it. We went back to the store today asked for the manager, there was no manager shown up and the cashiers are very rude and force us to exchange a new bag of bug infested rice and refused to refund or apologize for selling this POISON. We waited for the manager and eventually the cashier refund the rice and the manager never show up! What kind store they are running? I will never buy rice from them!


Best place for low cost produce

UMAYMAH Abdul Ahad

Fresh fruits, fish, and vegetables the prices are much more reasonable than the supermarkets.

Oleksandr Kvitnytskyi

Very good selection of fruits and vegetables, products for on all around the world, good selection of fish, reasonable prices. However, need to be careful buying fish and meat, sometimes can find them are not fresh and need to avoid “manager specials” - definitely not fresh.

T Moss

This is a good local market, however it doesn't compare to other "Farmers Markets" because it is basically just groceries.

Pao Yong

Good mix of asian and spanish/mexican goods. For example, from the same store you can buy saffron, and also korean seaweed. You can get a lot of cheap produce too.

Kenneth McCreary

What a fantastic little find. They have every type of ethnic food you can imagine there. Can you believe they have so many ethnic foods in Delaware? It has an incredible selection of fruits and vegetables.

shabb Thabet

It's better than new castle farmers market

Yh H

A while ago the associate with the first name initial M at the seafood dept overcharged me and it took a lot of time for the register to give me a refund. Today I went to buy from the seafood dept and waited at the counter. Two associates reminded M that I was waiting. M just took a look at me and kept wrapping at least 15 fish packages, during which time 3 customers came to the counter and M waited on them. I then asked the other associate to help me. After that I complained to the manager on duty about it and she said she would talk to him.

Michael Ross

Generally good prices on many produce items as well as harder to find fruits and veggies, although you have to have a discerning eye for quality. I always get my avocados here, and often broccoli, green beans, lemons and limes, and pomegranates when in season. Occasionally the Brussels sprouts aren't too rough looking and I'll get a couple bunches because the price is decent. Plenty of ethnic products (Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Middle Eastern). There are a few organic products sold in the dry goods, but very little organic produce, if any.

Sviatoslav Baranets

I like this place very much! You can always find here fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood with the reasonably priced and good quality. The great amount of different national food can satisfy most of the people who like to thy different nations food.

Georgia Squared

Great variety of bulk international foods / supplies. You're paying below dirt prices so it should be obvious (to other reviewers) that you're not gonna get a perfect experience. This isn't what most Americans would be used to shop at- mostly because it is not a "grocery store". You go and walk past every stand, put what you want in a bag, weigh it and guess what the price is, keep note of that, and go pay for it. If you need some pimply white teenager to hold your hand to show you we're goddamn soup is, just go to acme down the road. Overall, there's a reason why this place has been there forever; It's pretty fantastic. If I ever met the owner I would thank them for putting up with all the ignorant shoppers they have to deal with!

Afraa Ali

It's a good place, have alot of different things, from grocery to house hold stuff, etc.


It was very organized and the staff was very friendly!! Would definitely recommend!!

Greta Hopkins

I was able to find sweet potato noodles thanks to the Asian food section and Coconut milk without fillers ..Thank you

Donna McLaughlin

Great variety of foods that you can't find in other supermarket

Eric Spare

This place is great, should be called the international farmer's market All kinds of produce It is hard to describe but there are sections that include Japanese, Korean, Indian, Mexican and Muslim dry goods, frozen foods, spices and condiments Fresh seafood and a butcher We find new things to try everytime we go.

Camille Beahm

Good selection, affordable prices; grateful for their selections!

Dwight Holden

Has everything you need, clean, courteous staff.

Daniel Crompton

Decent produce. however meat and fish well past experation date.

Bill McLaughlin

Large veriety and great prices

Joann Thomas

This was only my 3rd visit to the farmers market and it was certainly the worst. It smelled awful, not sure why. The produce didn't look good. One employee in the seafood department was extremely rude. He was so rude, I was going to speak to a manager but decided against it. I will not return to this place. I will spend my hard earned money elsewhere.

Gary Griffith

Once you get used to the organized chaos of the place you'll love it. Huge selection of ethnic and hard to find nuts, spices, fruits and vegetables. The prices are fantastic

Stephen Jenkins

My first time shopping at the Newark Farmers market when it comes the meat and fish selection giving this place a one star is being nice. I've never seen rancid and rotten meat just sitting on the shelves likes it fit for sale. I will never buy any meat from this place.

Brian K

Save money on meat, fish, and produce here. Even their deli meats like competitively priced compared to other markets like acme. U can find all sorts of ethnic food you can't find elsewhere. Be careful though, some of the produce are not in the best shape.

Albert Priori

I love this place. There is nothing they do not have.

Peter Acquaah

Good people, and nice service

Cheyenne Abbott

Love the variety in this place, and good prices on produce! My boyfriend loves the variety of Mexican candies they sell here too. Always leave here with more than I meant to buy because there's so much that I want to get


Fresh produce. Variety of groceries, veggies, Indian produce, middle East produce etc..It smells a lot of meat in the store that's the only challenge

john gledhill

Not clean at all.

elizabeth mata R

Very good prices on fruits and vegetables and more. The waiting line moves fast, so you don't wait too long.


Store looked okay BUT the fish and chicken necks were old and even the Pomeranian 100% juice in a glass jar was old. I paid so much money for that too. Don't let the good exp date fool you. I will not be returning. Stay away from this place. The high star ratings might be fakes unless THOSE customers were lucky enough to have bought good food. I'm a first timer but unfortunately I did not have a good experience. Now I have to throw money away because I'm not even going back there. I even saw those black grain bugs crawling around in the packaged food. (Maybe I should have left when I saw that first bad sign) I showed my kids and they basically said ewww yuk!

Seunga J

The market has many different countries produce. When I looked for korean food, the employee, Sophia, helped me to find it. She is so kind.

John Larsson

This is my go to place for Aji Amarillo or Panca paste among other Peruvian ingredients. Grab a Chicha Morada while you're here. In addition, this is the only local place I know to get organic Asian pastas. There are also frozen Asian and South American foods. They might not have everything you're looking for, and help can be almost impossible to find, however it's still well worth the visit.

Kelly Hernandez

This place has a huge selection of produce and speciality items. Great place to get something you've never tried . Seafood and meat selections looked fresh. Will be back.

Bhrea McKinnie

Expensive better off going to the farmers market in new castle


Produce is old and beat up, most of it imported. Immigrant staff aren't friendly and don't understand English. Was accused of stealing by an employee. Used to come here to buy Mexican sodas, but the selection has declined drastically. Only positive is the packaged food section, which still has a big selection.

Deana Cunningham

I absolutely love going here for things you can't find anywhere else . I buy a lot of totes with lids , they have all kinds of different colors & sizes. I also buy their apples, strawberries & blackberries

Ladykid Love

Hugh selection of Spanish and Asians Food/ spices. Fresh vegetables and fruits available. Fresh fish market inside. A handful of African food choice. Has fresh potatoes leaf, palm butter, Geri, & fufu. Need more African Food selections.

Amanda Torres

Found everything I was looking for.

Joshua Simmons

The best selection around. Fresh food. Cheap prices. Fast checkout.

Rajeev Dhanawade

It's a place that gives you one stop shopping for all your grocery needs. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish etc. Indian, Hispanic and far eastern items.

Samuel Faddis

A lot of variety. Asian. Indian. Hispanic. Good produce.

Sonny Abdullah

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Vahap Demir

Reasonable prices on vegetables and fruits. Offers international food, which I think is great especially for the international students living in this area. They need to improve cleanliness and organization of the shelves. They need to pay more attention to the products on the shelves that are expired or about to expire.


I second the "rotten fruit" comment. But that's not the worst part. The worst part is when you tell them you bought a watermelon that turned out to be completely rotten on the inside, they refuse to acknowledge it and say that you need to bring it in. Who is going to let a rotten watermelon stink up their apartment for days before they have a chance to visit the Farmer's market again? And who has time to make this stuff up? Very disappointing.

Akinola Jaiyeola

Really healthy fresh food.

Rachel Campanelli

Open market with a wide variety of Asian, Hispanic, and fresh food items

Charles W.

Came here to purchase a couple of cases of Mexican Coca-Colas. They did not disappoint.

Dave Keifer

A true super market - such a variety to choose from. Great produce selection

Ella McDaniel

Love the different types of veggies y spices they have.. Always able to find everything I need.

Abhishek Sharan

If you eat a lot of vegetables, it is the best place for you. The price here is good compared to other places in Newark. They have wide variety. They also have seafood section, I do not have a lot of idea about it since I am not a big fan of it. They have Indian, Pakistani and Chinese store attached to it. I can comment on Indian store as I often go there. It is very good and you can buy almost everything here. The prices though are about the same as any other Indian store that you will find. Overall great place to shop.

Leslie Anne

Awesome selection, good prices & friendly staff.

Luga Pro

This place is for people who buy daily and cook daily. This is the place to live long and healthy. I buy fresh produce and fruit daily there. Daily fresh whole trout. Weekly mediterranean bass. Make your menu and go buy the fresh ingredient. Wanna have a healthy skin, body and mind? Buy there.

Mark Leadingham

This place has everything you'll ever need.

TOYIN42 Mary

Fresh fruits and vegetables good fish refreshing coconut water nuts grains whatever you want I believe you can get it there they leave out nothing

Janet Allcorn Harper Wooley

I do pretty well with the produce. I find some better than some other places. Also find flours and dried beans and other items you can't find elsewhere. Do need to know your prices. Must watch at the checkout to make sure you are being charged properly. Can save you and can enjoy foods not found in big grocery stores.

Adela Garrido

The have really good prieces and a very good diversity of products from Latin staff, Asian, Indian, Arabic you can find pretty much everything

Monique Hedrick

Great place to get produce and dry goods. Fish and meat seem kind of sketchy, though. I purchased some raw tuna steak and found out after I got home that it was vacuum sealed frozen fish that had been thawed and rewrapped and tagged by them. How did I know? Because they left it in the vacuum sealed bag their packaging with the label facing down. The package says to keep the fish frozen and there's no way to know how long they had it out. Just seemed a little off to me so I didnt eat it.

Am1t B

Great place for vegetables and fish. Lots of variety and most importantly, fresh products at cheap cost.

nam dols

Fresh fruits and vegetables at good price..

Mike Petrucci

This place has everything. And I'm not even kidding. Once you check it out in person, you'll totally understand.

Ben Franson-Wright

Large market great variety and prices

Ming-Teh Su

A lot of choices. However, you still have to shop around to compare prices.

Alex Wade

Great place to get affordable produce and grocery!

jenn simmons

Not bad. Went in to wander around.

Robert Pennock

Has lots of Asian and Hispanic if u need that for your home is great place to go...really look over the fruit and veggies...are great price but should be ready to use no longer than 2 days out

Penny Beene

Good vegetables and reasonable prices on spices, eggs and fruit!

Harry Walls

Not pretty .. but pretty cheap produce

John Cullember

Not up to snuff. Looking for EVVO, what was on the shelf all had expired dates. NO SALE TODAY!

Ruth Johnson

I got everything i need ,at s reasonable price

Snow Man

They have alot of different foods there like Chinese, Mexican

Kevin Yang

Store is very disorganized and staff were rude. Prices did not match sticker prices

raushina khader

Good shopping experience. It has almost every thing! From Mexican, middle Eastern to Asian food stuff.

Nanci Jones

Good visit. Bought meats and cheeses. Staff friendly, cases well stocked.

Abdul Qadir

I found it to be good with all the stuffs from various regions across the world such as South Asia, Middle East, Latin America available.

Tawfik Alshammaa

My Experience to this place the fish The smell of a curse and The staff treated very badly.

Emily Choi

You get what you pay for. There's reasons why they are so cheap. Do not buy packed foods or kimchi from here. They are notorious for making kimchi from spoiled napa. Watch out for expiration dates. Employees are rude as hell. A female cashier gave an attitude to a pregnant lady. They dont care about anything because they know poor people have nowhere to shop other than this supermarket around this area. however, if you dont care about anything but prices then this is right place for you.

Robert Taylor

Very nice store has alot of products at a very reasonable price.

Daniese McMullin-Powell

Lots of produce and other items you ccant find in your local grocery stores

Smi C

Worst quality produce and meat. Tendency to con customers for bad rotten food. Should be closed down.

Gillis Hamilton

Good selection of fruit and vegetables fresh fish. Fair pricing, I just wish it was cleaner.

Brian Jang

It isn't a super nice market like whole foods, but reminds me of markets I use to see while traveling. Very different vibe. I love how they have everything and it beats driving to philly to find items I can find down the street now. Prices are ridiculously cheap esp produce and they have European section with German products. Not big but very cool interesting things I've never seen before. They also have a Turkish section. First time trying Turkish delight and it was good. This market is a good place to go to try new things. They have everything you could possibly be looking for. Staff seem friendly, so just ask.

Ann Marie Savini

Good place to find a wide variety of produce. Also has a lot of ethnic food. I like to look for new types of food to try.

Michelle Fisher

Great selection and prices.

Brittney Guyton

Ok , I went here thinking it would be similar to farmer market in new castle . Absolutely horrible , bugs all throughout the rice . The fish section has smelly old seafood . I took it home smell rotten. Has a weird after taste . Prices are low but food is bad so that is why . No telling how long fish has been dead from the smell it's been weeks. Long lines , bad customer service. I wouldn't recommend, just wait for the weekend and go to the farmers market

Tonymontana Montana

Old expired stuff mix with new , treating you like a thief with a hidden camera under your feet when exiting , Korean mentality in the USA

barb Johnston

I was just checking the place out .

Steve Da Cunha

Great diverse selection of foods that are difficult to find in most places and at a good price as well.

Phani K

This is a grocery store with vast kind of groceries. American, Indian , Chinese etc; the prices are affordable. I once filled up a cart full of vegetables and the total was 86$ that's it ! Best store in the area . try this people !

Jim Roberts

Rate 3 out of 5 Stars, sign over door says Regional Produce yet for May, June and now going onto July nothing is " regional to our area". So much for local freshness or helping regional Farmers.....

Richard Sun

I used to think that the Newark Farmer's Market couldn't compare to the New Castle one, I feel comfortable to say that I was wrong and feel quite good about shopping here now. There's quite a large variety of vegetables as well as an international market for when you want something different.

Christopher Calloway

The absolute worst farmer's market I have ever been to in my entire life. Period. I've been to farmer's markets from Kent County, DE to Delaware County, PA and I have never seen such a disgusting place such as this one. Produce that isn't even fresh, no quality control anywhere, nothing. I used to work for ShopRite and if our stores looked that bad, we'd be closed many many years ago. How this place is still even open is beyond me.

Dave Trout

Asian, Hispanic, Turkish, Caribbean Middle Eastern and more. Great place to find hard to get ethnic foods.

Deniz Tezcan

I always enjoy coming here. So many unusual food items from around the world. Usually fresh and good selection. Decent prices.

Lynn McLaughlin

Ok market. Good for a stroll and a look. Produce looks good.

Sameer khatiwada

Great selection of items, you pretty much find everything here..

Jim K

If you know what you want its an ok place..if you need customer assistance forget it. Management is non existent. I would never buy meat or seafood there...produce is often old and questionable....they do have a good selection of spices....

David Harrigan III

Huge produce selection and International foods.

rose Henaine

I will never ever go back to this store ,the manager is rudest person I ever met in my life ..I pick up an item and the time price didn't came up at the register and when I noticed onmy way to my car I when back inside and the girl started yelling when I told her that I didn't want it anymore and she have the nerve to tell me whatever ..I'm so pissed worse customers I ever received .

Karen Lynch

Most of the fruit i wanted to buy was molded so i had to go to another store

Albert Saifstein

great collection of fresh produces and very rich grocery section as well. Love it!

Robert Stephen Wallace, II

The hired help has difficulty speaking American English, thereby making communication difficult. Workers are extremely careless driving cars of packages or food and run into shopper's carts, injuring them. There's NO excuse for this. Then one of the management tried to BRIBE an injured shopper by offering free groceries of what they had in the cart. This is not equal to the pain carelessness caused but "insult (bribery) adds to injury"...! I am not racist, nor do I deny people struggling to earn a living their jobs. What I truly dislike is the flagrant ignorant work attitude displayed at lack of training provided employees. To that end, I give this business an extremely poor rating overall. I wish I could have given them 0 stars. That's what they deserved!

E. San

You have to rummage through the strawberries, raspberries and Black berries to find a good one because every single time, the majority has mold on them. Then when you do find a "good" one, they're almost going bad... can't win. This place needs a cleaning as well..

jill cook

I supposed I was spoiled by the DeKalb Farmers Market in the Atlanta metro area and was anticipating a similar set up here in Delaware. I was disappointed to find that it's nothing like the amazing place in Atlanta, but was glad to be able to find a variety of spices and ingredients that aren't available in a standard supermarket. I went through most of the aisles to get a feel of the place and I did find a few items that I've been searching for. The fresh fruit and vegetables are somewhat limited in variety, but there were nice surprises to be found. The prices are reasonable and I will come back, this time with lowered expectations and will probably enjoy the next visit.

Chrissy Bassano

Not impressed at New Castle Farmers Market now

Stephen Lerch

If you're looking for international ingredients, there's a very good chance you'll find it here. Asian, Mediterranean, European... you name it. The building seems a little run down and dirty, but they're are great deals to be had and we've never had any problems.

Vernon Woods

As usual a.good trip, got exactly what I needed.BEST farmers market in the state of DELAWARE.

John Nallie

We have been going to this place for 5 years. I have to say this place is going downhill. It's dirty, unorganized and overpriced. Checkout lines are backed up. They are understaffed and there is no heat in the building. It's very cold in there. Bad experience. Don't waste your time. New castle farmers market has much better prices.

Ian Mcallister

I used to love this place. Varied selection and reasonable prices. However, after going there weekly for a few years I have decided not to go there again. The quality of the produce has been horrible. Items on the shelf contain mold. Many packaged items are out of date. You can smell the seafood department from across the store. I tried to speak to the manager about it as I have made multiple returns of spoiled products. Poor customer service.

Marcos Perez

Really nice place, I was there today, 11/12/2016, It was a little weird that the cashier began speaking in Spanish to me because I look Latino. Other than that, the place is really organized and does not smell bad, (big variation of foods/meats/fish). The one really good thing about this place is the huge selection, there is just a lot of everything, if you're ever looking to try something weird or exotic, this is probably the place to go.

pete g

Great produce fresh seafood! Great prices!

Lea Bedolla

friendly meat guys. some ladies with attitude should not work here. always smells great. get the besr things always on sale.

Patti Schweizer

It wasn't bad but it did have a bad smell

Paul Oakes

The tacos in the back are some of the best in the area.

Yao Li

Way better choice compared to Wang grocery

Donna Weaver

This market is amazing!!! It has anything and everything you could want. So many different types of fresh seafood, a large selection of fresh pork, beef and premade dishes, fresh fruits of any kind, fresh vegetables of any kind, fresh pastries of any kinds, any dried foods (beans, spices, lentils, noodles, nuts & more) fresh herbs of any kind and many varieties of canned foods. I left the market with a cart full of great stuff like black garlic, thin sliced fresh beef brisket, a bulb of fresh fennel, a complete flan cake & much more. FYI ... the restroom was clean.

Christina Graham

The most uneducated and uncivilized market in the state. I only shop here to buy middle eastern spices but not anymore... I would rather drive few more minutes and go to different store. Do not give your money to wrong people!

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