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REVIEWS OF Lidl IN Delaware

Tamara Griffin

Love, love this place. Excellent prices and good selection. Organic foods available. I find products I love from Europe and makes me feel adventurous with trying new food items.

Michelle Allen

They need to hurry up and bring a Lidl's to chresda

John O

Awesome place went on the day that the super bowl was going on and the line were moving fast

Gina Pusey

Great fresh and organic produce selection. Great fresh bakery goods, too! A pleasure to shop here with easy access!

Z Majeed

Great small grocery store. Good deals on other decorative items as well. Very clean! Like an Aldi store. Bring own bag or buy in store. Like the cute shopping carts for little kids. Don't have to put in a quarter for a cart like Aldi. Nice selection of foods...fresh fruits, veggies. No sugar free items though.

Don Prescott

Nice . Clean but does not have everything. Prices are good.

Matthew Whitticar

Best bakery of any super market. Decent prices and almost identical to Lidle in Germany.

Jennifer Coulbourne

Love their produce and meat section!

Jeff Holmes

Totally wicked prices. Love it. Meat is very good and price is better. Beats Wall Mart

Lisa Scott

Enjoy food shopping here! They have a nice Bakery Department and the baked goods are delicious. Prices are reasonable and there is a nice selection of foods that you will not find in other markets. They also have a "while supplies last!" section of miscellaneous items like chairs, clothing, etc. that can be a good bargain.

Vincent Gennusa

Very nice. Easy place to shop. Helpful people. Thank you. Good prices

Carl Hoover

Awesome Discount grocery. Use the app or the flyer to see what the specials are. They are great.

Tej P

Cheap prices but sub par quality on most products. HIT OR MISS with a lot of items. Produce is always better than Walmart or food lion.

Kerri L

Went today and wasn’t able to even shop. They were reorganizing all of the bins and moving them around so you couldn’t even look at anything. I don’t know why they chose to do this during business hours and not when they are closed. Also the cashiers are always pretty rude. They never great you or even say hi. I like Aldi so much better!

Lisa Swain

Lidl is by far the best place to shop for food! It's clean the staff are friendly and helpful and the deals are great! If you use the app you get special kickbacks so it discounts your groceries. The food is of good quality and lots of choices. I highly recommend it. I won't shop anywhere else!

Willard Spahn

LiDL cut my grocery costs. The store is clean and well maintained. You won't find all the well known brands but LiDL product are good quality.

mr c

Quality selection of fresh produce. Great prices especially when they have select mark downs.

CA Fischer

Download app. U see the wkly specials u can tap the ones u need and just hold the app open when cking out and it grabs ur special purchases. Clean store, very helpful if u cannot find what u need.

Jack Hisey

Low cost great value

Guy White

Love LIDL!!

Timothy Moore

Good food. Great prices.

Earl Jones

Clean, reasonably stocked, friendly staff.


It was great. Check their calendars to find 10% days. Aka happy hour

Phil Turner

First time visitors to the store and my wife and I both loved it. Wish we had one closer to our home. It was clean and well lit. Lots of variety and well stocked. Prices were great too. Would return if they would open one closer to us (hint hint)

Kimberly Viverette

Love this place. Everything I bought was delicious. However, I think they need to do a better job of replenishment as I saw lots of empty spaces on shelves, especially in the HomeGoods category.

tony hamilton

This place is awesome! Soooooo many great prices! I wish there was one in my town.

Robert Abrams

Best grocery store ever. Great selection and prices. 2 cart fulls of groceries for $130. Better than any trip ever.

Eduardo Bustamante

Love LIDL! Super awesome prices. Absolutely best sales! And clean...

kristy millard

Absolutely Love this store the employees are friendly and the prices ar3e Awesome

Tanya Willis

Wonderful pricing, produce and yeah ingredient choices are top notch

Leona Malgiero

As more and more people find out about Aldi's, the less the store wows me. It's still a great store, but it's not stocked as good as it was unless you get there early.

Ed Cavaciuti

Amazing Prices. Customer Service A+++. Lidl is the best grocery store I've ever shopped at.

Akinkunmi akinyombo

Great for wide range of groceries at great prices.

Eric Hougaard

Great grocer store! Lowest prices in town and their own generic brand is higher quality than most other generics. The fresh baked goods are lovely and the employees have always been pleasant. Just remember that it is not an exotic grocer that carries a huge selection like ACME or Whole Foods. Perfect store for the basics and a bit more!


Good prices, have alot of stuff

William Slattery

The deals are amazing here, this is by far our favorite place for grocery shopping! Produce is always very fresh, they have amazing specials throughout the store on everything!

Expedeel Rickmn

Very good products. Wide selections of everything. Well known for their pastries.

Chip Scott

Hands down the grocery store with the best produce, and cheapest prices in the area. Registers can be hit or miss as to how quickly you can get through them. This is largely in part to staff doubling as shelve stockers and cashiers. Also, there are no plastic bags or bags of any kind. There are some reusable available for purchase, but I find that the best option is to used collapsible bins (I found mine at Costco). The Lidl brand food is also on par or better quality than a lot of the name brand stuff for at least 1/2 the price. It looks like they use the same packers as places like whole foods, as the whole foods brand comes up in food tracking apps when you scan the barcode. Overall, awesome grocery store!

Paige Tackett

Great prices for certain items and the miscellaneous things are great!! Clothes, shoes,art n sewing, cleaning supplies everything is great. Dairy is inexpensive as well as many other things. The chocolate there is some of the best I've ever had!!!!

Danitsha Cuff

Good prices compared to surrounding grocery stores.


Low selection, but the meat is well-stocked at a good price.

M Creativity

Amazing prices and deals. It's not just your regular grocery store! With new items even week this place never get boring. It's always looking like a new fresh store with excellent service and help.

Lori Baldwin

Easy to get to. Prices are amazing. We got a whole cart for 113$ can't do that anywhere! Only recommend bringing your own bags as you have to pay for them if you is theirs. They are very reasonable priced though.

Jeremy Johnson

My new favorite place to shop, wish i had one close to Cambridge MD

Kit #1

I will never shop at this store ever again. I have been disappointed twice now and am tired of this store. They never have anything in stock and are always out of things. Especially when they have sales, they never over stock to meet the demand. This store has been nothing but a big disappointment since it first opened. I will never ever shop at this store again.

Donna Kitts

Nice clean store with great deals. Bring your own bags or buy then at the register for only 7¢.

Wendell Gatlin

I love the Krustini rolls!

Michael Sheinbaum

Best deals anywhere on groceries. Not hyperbole. Worth the 45 minute drive to Middletown. Please build more stores.

Yvette Anderson

Great prices. I love this store. My first time going but I will definitely be back!

Alice Donnelly

It's okay. Bring your own bags. Organic fruits and veggies, grass fed beef. Some good cheese choices. Also alot of typical Frozen stuff. Be ready for odd brands. Similar to an Aldi, but not as good.

cheryl prince

Love this store! They have Great prices! Fresh meats and produce! A large variety of everything you need...similar to Aldi's...but they have Fresh Donuts and Bread!

Heidi Anderson

Great store! Love the baked goods! Not the nicest cashier today but hey we all have our days.


I enjoy shopping at Lidl for the great prices

Beth Twitchell

I really like lidl but they are often out of advertised specials very early on

Monica Mejia

It's great place. It has every kind of german food we want. Bratwurst!

K Caporale

Love this store. Great prices! My new go to store.

Sandra Dougherty

Great prices for the huge selection. You can oretty much always find what you're looking for at a better pruce and better quality than most of the other grocery stores. Great service too. Don't forget to bring your own bags! If you do, you can purchase some for just a few cents, they even have bags for your cold items for a little more.

Pam Combs

The only thing that impressed me was the bakery when you walk in the door. Thats pretty much it.

Pertina Archie

Lidl is always very clean, the employees are always courteous, but most importantly, the MEATS ARE ALWAYS FRESH!!

Barry H

They have everything. I got bread, chicken, cheese and some Tikka Masala sauce.

M Monez

Lidl is great. Good food good prices

Mike Kibler

Great food. They have different food items that u can not find in Walmart or acme

Don's Game Corner

Clean fast and friendly as always. Cannot recommend them enough their prices are much lower then Walmart's on most products especially Milk.

Stephanie Zahner

Love Lidl. If you like saving $ this is the place to shop.

Judith Parrotta

Lidl is a fantastic store. Many unusual and premium items, but the prices are very reasonable. I wish there was a Lidl near me!

Tracy Thomas

I like this grocery store. It is very bright and open! It is a different shopping concept. You must provide your own grocery bags if you want items bagged to take home. You may use their cart for free to haul your groceries to you car. Many items are generic, but you can find some name brand too. I don't like how quick the check out can be, the cashier moves right to the next customer and you may still be getting your items put back in your cart from the conveyor belt. You must be quick!!!!

Art Brosius

Very nice and clean store. Grocery and fruit and vegetable prices are good. There is a nice bakery with a good choice of baked goods, bread and doughnuts at reasonable prices. I highly recommend.

Thomas Carbine

Not enough tellers, long lines.

Karen Baker

Fresh produce, great prices. Don't forget your bag.

Aaron Y

As a confessed bread addict I have to say their bakery is awesome. Great prices on their produce. They do carry some unusual items sometimes but have a hands down better stock of items than their direct competition (across the street). Very friendly and helpful staff.

Sharon Kinney

Store is big, clean and well stocked. Produce and bakery items are fresh. Prices are better than other grocery stores

Bonnie Gurbel

Great store! Great prices!

Brittany Fox

Love this lidl. I was very unsure because iv never liked the discount type stores. But this Lidl is very clean and well stocked. And you can find great name brand deals

Phillip Rollman

Awesome store to find things other places do not have as ne the prices are awesome

Ms Realistic

Great deal on everything!!!! Worth the drive if you dont live close by.

Elisa Hall

I prefer Aldi, but it was okay. Clean and good prices.

Barbara Buck

Good prices & fresh produce, lots of items, but not all of what I needed ( no tomato sauce, fresh lemons, or frozen cut corn )

Stacey Ross

Did not realize how much bang for your buck you get! And the toddler carts are too adorable. Produce is great and so much more reasonable than most other grocery stores, including Walmart directly across the street. Doesn't have everything I need but it is my new go to for majority of the groceries I need.

Sherrisa Jeffers

Love the prices the food and customer service

John Mayberry

A great place to shop and save on groceries.Fresh vegetables and baked goods. Milk and eggs are priced to save.

Dara Boyd

I guess I went there with very high expectations and was a bit let down. I had never been there before and will probably not go back. Their produce is just a tad cheaper than Giant or Acme without the variety. Their meats are surprisingly cheap, which was nice. Their store brand products are similar or higher in price than say, Dollar General, and if you're getting things like coffee, teas, toiletries, etc, or wouldn't make much of a difference. I wasn't too impressed overall with the store, and I had a bit of a negative experience. Aside from the staff being a bit too apathetic and making it seem like you, the customer, is sort of always in the way, I found a nice but slightly dented roasting dish in the clearance bin, without a tag or price or anything. I didn't mind that it was dented, I assumed that's why it was on sale. I was so excited and got all the ingredients to roast a chicken but when I asked for the price, I was unable to buy it because it had no tag. The cashier didn't even try to ask a manager or anything to find out a price. It was a little odd. I've worked in retail forever, and if that were ever the situation, I'd always call a manager for confirmation on the price. You really shouldn't have an item for sale if you cannot actually sell it. So now I have a chicken to roast without anything to roast it in.

Len S

Lidls is an Aldi's type of grocery store but offers many more varieties of meats and dairy products and has a Fresh Bakery with wonderful pastries and breads. Only problem is they Always run out of their specials which is quite frustrating.

Ihor Bundz

Was very happy we found this store. We are used to shopping at Lidl in Europe. The prices are similar if not better compared to the bigger market shops. Location is not really ideal off the highway but was worth the drive to pick up some European style small items. The W5 product line are great for the price.

Martin Ponti

My life has changed for the better since Lidl came to Middletown. Love the variety of foods and item that change weekly. The prices and quality are excellent.

austin campbell

sorry tired to buy milk on two difference occasion vitamin D and the store was out. Today was one of the days. It was a problem.I think It time to go back to other stores. Never found them out of milk.

Jeff Peacock

Really good prices and Fresh produce!

Keith Fishlock

Really fresh produce, some great deals. Some specials require an “app” which is not always clear.

Ashani Gore

My first experience at Lidl was a good one. The appearance is very clean and organize. Good customer service and very good prices.

Gary Beattie

Nice clean grocery store with prices beyond compare.

Deborah Ferrell

New store in Middletown, I did not see any fresh meat ,like ground beef or steak, only cryovac stuff, cooies an pastry were delicious. Different ki b day of grocery store

Jack Schammel

No ordinary grocery store! Surprising selection at low prices. The store is immaculate, well-stocked and roomy enough that you can browse without someone immediately trying to climb over you. It's European style is different to be sure but it only takes a few minutes to adjust. We will return soon.

Candace Jusino

Great prices for good value . I've gotten all kinds of things there

Jennifer Roedersheimer Miller

It was great...they were giving out free ice cream (ice pops, ice cream bars and sandwiches)to the kids to celebrate their last day of school. The store is clean,the staff is friendly and helpful. The bakery is amazing and their prices are fairly low. Don't forget to bring your own bags!

Michelle Redmond

I drove over an hour away to come to this store. Overall, I was impressed but I did feel it needs some improvement. The bakery selection is excellent. It was hands down worth the experience. The sales were very good. I can't go weekly but it was very good. I filled my cart (and annoyed some old ladies because I filled it, and let a woman go ahead of me) for 125 dollars. I thought the store was much too cluttered. Way too much superfluous merchandise. Christmas items that hadn't even been discounted, bins of poorly stacked and labeled clothing. That was rough. It made my grocery shopping experience overwhelming. Speaking of overwhelming, the carts in the parking lot were obscene. The manager was picking them up and gave me a spiel about how requiring a quarter is just an inconvenience for the customer... But... I've never ever ever ever ever seen such a scene at any Also I've ever been to. And I've been shopping at Aldi my entire adult life in Atlanta, Pittsburgh and now Baltimore. Overall this isn't a store I'd go to on it's own, but I'd stop again when I am in town.

Jeanne Maltby

Love everything about Lidl! Saves me money and staff is so friendly!

Janet Sayers

Today was my very first trip to Lidl. I MUST SAY I AM VERY HAPPY THAT I MADE THE TRIP. I just picked up some fruits and veggies. So didn't walk the whole store, but you better believe I will on my next visit. All of the fruits and veggies looked very fresh, hope they taste as good as they look!!

Sharon Brown

If you are willing to try their brand vs. name brands you will be pleased. Can save a lot on groceries. Never know what you will find on their shelves.

EDD Skitz

Always good prices and awesome selection of organic products.

scott loving

first time having been here. The only thing we bought while we were here where fresh baked soft pretzels from the bakery. Which were hands down some of the best soft pretzels I've ever had. Only real complaint was the place was extremely crowded when we were there. But otherwise very good experience

Sylvia Falcon

Love the store - variety - cleanliness - customer service. Highly recommend to all friends and family.

Geezus pieces 302

Loved it here great service awesome prices

Aaron Locke

It was ok. Felt awkward... seems high class but thrown together. I dont plan to go back

Brittany Smith

Great prices ..clean and affordable love it

Lawrence Skipworth

Our first time visiting theplaceanice experience.

Dana Oliphant

Great store, cute little carts for the kids. My 4-yr old loves shopping there!

Jon Smith

Not a very professional place.. An employee was kicking around one of those bread trays with a loaf of bread in it rather than carrying it to where he needed to go... Great prices just doesn't seem very professional... Barely any employees around... 1 casheir...

Tony S.

Amazing grocery store. If it was in New Castle County the shelves would be bare all day! Amazing prices, quality fresh produce, lots of organic options and unique international products. Similar to the Aldi business model but much better. Super clean. Friendly, helpful staff.

Malcolm Van Atta

It was great. The staff was helpful, and kind. I wish they would have consistancy with the items in the store. Other than that... great store.


Love this store. The food is fresh which is most important and less expensive. I bought salmon and shrimp and it was better then Acme.


GREAT prices! I not only found low priced food but toys as well. Friendly staff.

Beverlee Myers

I absolutely love Lidl!! Shop there twice a week, they save me alot of money. I would be a great greeter for them as I can't help but share how much I love their things, such as their hams are better than kuntzler or Smithfield not to salty but just right

Greg Gries

Different experience that I enjoyed. Great bakery, one of the best pretzels I have ever eaten.

Blair Greentaner

Clean store not cramped. Bring your own bags or .07 a bag. Lots of organic options.

Justin Rising

Amazing prices for things that I buy every week. Only down side is not always finding the same items when I return. If you see something you like grab it.

Laura Spahn

We are able to find some great prices but you need to bring your own bags,

Valerie Catalina

My favorite store. Freshest produce and beautiful flowers

Jess Tharp

Their prices are super low. Milk was so cheap and I was impressed. I will be back to shop here, again, as this was my first time.

Gina Holmes

Love it I live in Newark an I have to go 30 mom's to get here but it's worth it for the deals an.prices no place else can beat every bring your bags but if not they sell them cheap like how they put it on a belt an bag unlike Aldis u have to pay for cart not here an the place stuff on belt for u too bag my only issue is sometimes ubge tty a cashier who will throw your stuff on the belt an an it van be falling off an an smashing stuff like my bread really tiked me off but only happened twice ever I think I go at least 3 times a month since they first opened just wish they would open one closer to Newark glassgow area use to go to Aldis in Elkton a lot but this is by far my new fav. Place for sure !!!!

Natasha Jimenez

This place is so inexpensive it's crazy! I bought a loaf of bread for like 65 cents. The people are nice. It's clean. The produce and meat were super fresh and delicious. It is a hit of a hike from Newark, but I don't mind. Just make sure to bring your bags, they have bags to purchase.

Madalyn Humphrey

Unbelieveabley low prices. Lidl has little to choose from (lol, sorry couldnt help myself with that pun) but, great prices. I will definately be back

Carol Richter

Wonderful. Prices r great

Joe J

Some Quality items for less. if you see an item you like, get it the same day. Merchandise are gone fast.

Sherman S.

Have been shopping here since this place has opened and very rarely have I had a bad experience. Staff is nice and friendly. Produce and meat here is cheaper and better then anywhere else in town. Overall great place to shop and highly recommended.

Christine Purnell

Very good prices. Clean and organized.

Walter Price

Quality products at discount prices. I like this grocer.

Robert Cole

This is an awesome store with both very high quality and inexpensive prices. Love that they have a nice selection of genuine European delicacies that you could only normally find in a specialty deli but for a fraction of the price. They keep prices low by not having a big selection but the stuff they have is quality and you can do your while shop here at Costco prices without buying a 20 pack. If I was Acme I would be shaking in my boots.

Denise Drushler

I always look forward to shopping at Lidl's. The prices are attractive, the quality of food is very good and the employees are always very helpful.

Louann Barton

This is a very clean store. The employees are all very friendly and very helpful! And I just learned today which is Saturday August 11th, that they are reorganizing their gluten-free and organic into sections so all you have to do is go into that section and everything will be right there! I am so happy that they are doing that! What a store.

Mark Benjamin

Some great deals. Be careful of the produce.

solomon archibold

Good deals good place to shop

Dakota Kelly

Fantastic deals! If you don't mind "not name brand" food, they are easily the best place in town to shop groceries. Their own brands are delicious, I have actually started to prefer them over what you find in a regular market.

Hillary S

Bigger than there European counterparts. Lots of American brands, ie more than I would have expected. Nice fresh bakery, something aldi doesn't have. No quarter required for shopping cart. Large aisles. Large refrigerated section.

Tonya Davis

Lidl has great prices on everything !!! They also have products you don't see in other stores ...

Ginger Johnston

Not too impressed. I heard great things about this store but it wasn't for me. There not a lot to choose from I will probably go back to check out in the future but right it's not for me

Sandra Shackelford

I love the products, but they never have enough cashiers to cover, like ever, which keeps me from going there most of the time because the lines are wayy too long. If rather pay a bit more for faster service. They should look into self check out if coverage is an issue

Kathy Graham

Great prices, nice produce, and many organic options. And the specials are fun discoveries. It would be nice if shoppers would put their carts back.

David Kane

Prices are affordable however very low in-house stock., for example if a product is advertised in your local weekly circular that's on sale from Sunday through Friday limited 4 per customer the store may sell out on Tuesday of that week and the Lidl corporate office warehouse located in the State of Virginia won't re-order more of that product to finish out the advertising deadline date. The bottom line is if you don't get there on the day the sale starts you're out of luck and the store don't offer ring checks or substitute another item for the sale advertised price. "This is not good practice". If I drive 15 minutes to come purchase a advertised item on sale for that week an it's only the second day of the sale and product is sold completely out and won't be available before the sale date ends that's not good practice, you're drawing customers in your store for a advertised item with a very little amount in stock. "SHAME ON YOU LIDL". That's why everyone chooses to shop at their local Walmart stores. Lidl you are short changing your customers. I'm recommending that Home Office in Virginia requisition enough supplies for popular sale items so that every customer will have the same affordable opportunity to take advantage of the sale items without running out before the sale end date. "HELLO NEWS FLASH" This is 2019 and online shopping is beating you to the punch. That's why grocery stores are closing their doors because they can't keep up with the demands. Thank you for taking the time out to read my review. I'm a customer that witness this bad experience. Sale item too good to be true.

christopher lippmann

Love this place so cheap and can i say quality!!! Organics selcections are incredible can not beat it. Shop here once a week guarantees.

Ro Jone

It was my first time at this store, And I'm definitely going back. It's prices are amazing

Scott West

Really nice grocery store with great prices.

Ozgur Sen

Great prices with high quality product compared to domestic companies such as Walmart.


I went three different day to buy Chickpeas but l can not get .every time answer No stock.

Elizabeth Proffitt

Greatly stocked. Great food. Great prices

Brianna Bricker

I love the random assortment of goods they have tbh

Larry Reese

this is my first time visiting any of their locations and I was very happy with what I saw. The design of the building lets in a lot of natural light and the place is very open, clean and inviting. The prices were exceptionally good and all of their produce look like it just came right out of the farm that day. The baked goods all look Top Notch and the employees were extremely friendly and very helpful. I'm from the Burlington New Jersey area and I understand one will be opening up in my neck of the woods I am looking very forward for when that day happens. Overall and exceptionally Pleasant shopping experience and a great destination for people on a budget that want to still eat healthy. Enjoy!

Luke R

Lidl is a great store that offers many store brand products at a value. The store often has good sales including meat sales, however, the store is often short staff, and out of stock. I have come different days of the week and the store is busy everyday! When the store has meat or produce sales they sell out quickly. It’s becomes pointless in stopping here if you’re looking for the deals that they offer. Pros: Friendly Service Good Prices Sales Cons: **Most Often Out of Stock** *Often Short Staffed* Limited Parking App Quality

Raj Thomas

Great place to shop. Price is very affordable compared to other stores.

Elizabeth Courduff

Modern store with a great selection, at great prices. Clean, and the employees are always pleasant. AND they offer miniature carts for your tiny shoppers to mow down unsuspecting victims.

Dave Rogers

Interesting grocery store. Unlike Aldi, Lidl has tweaked their European model to American tastes, and I think the concept works. Their stores are bigger than in Europe with more items -- somewhere in size between an American Aldi store and a regular USA supermarket. Prices are low and they have a lot of sales which often offer tremendous value. The sales are fun because they encourage you to try new, unusual items (that are often very tasty!). I liked their fresh bakery, which had low prices and surprisingly good bread for the price.

William W

Lidl is a good one. They have about 65% of their stuff as their own products, but it’s good to try new things. They do special occasions, such as giving popsicles to students to celebrate their last day of school from what I heard, and the bakery donuts are my favorite item.

Justin de Wit

High quality products at a lower than expected cost.

Janine Grossnickle

Good prices on a lot of items but they don't carry everything.

Susan Archambeault

Had to make a quick stop on my way home for paper towles and all so got something for breakfast !

Jonathan J.

Great "looking" store. Nice prices on a lot but not all products. Only real issue is their bakery section is near the front door & across from their produce & they have an always open design on the baked goods. Which means gnats can & will land on the baked goods. I contacted them about this long ago and saw months later it's still the same. Once saw blue icing Donuts covered with what looks to be fruit flies before.

Rose Hamilton

I love the bring your own bag concept. I see this type of supermarket in Europe and I can't lay finger on whether I like or dislike this concept.

Lovie Wallace

Great place for fresh foods to shop at. Prices are reasonable. Not all the staff is friendly only the associates that ring ppl up but otherwise I go here very frequently. But when the sale starts jumpy too it because you wait for the weekend and they may be out of it. No rain checks y’all sorry

Trebs Thompson

Deals are so good on meats, dairy, and produce that I worry about how they do it. I have yet to have a quality issue though! All the store brands I have tried have also been of excellent taste and quality.

Abraheme Hassan

This place is bare bones. Very open floor plan and lots of necessities. It's like a mini home Depot and mini shop rite in one. I don't see it as my go to supermercado, AND to see it in the middle of Middletown is very peculiar. The prices are just right though and lots of organic options.

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