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10781 Worton Rd, Worton, MD 21678, United States

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REVIEWS OF John's Butcher Shoppe IN Delaware

Sue Bambenek

This butcher shop is always busy. They have plenty of counter staff and they are very welcoming and helpful. Live going here. I always leave with a smile.

Barb Perales

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Jay Parker

Always love the personal attention that you get at Johns butcher shop. They are always there to help you with no matter what your needs are. Best of all the quality of the meat in the products that you get there far surpass any grocery chain in the metropolitan area.

Kurt Wohler

Do a fantastic job. Great meat and sauces

Denise Mccuistion

Employees are kind prices are amazing

Daniel Truong

Friendly workers and great prices! The selection is excellent and the staff are willing to help any way they can

Patrick Cronin


Zach Stillman


I go to John's Butcher Shoppe on the regular, great meat and service!

Franklin Anna

I drive 90 miles round trip to shop here and it is worth every penny. Great service, selection, and prices!!!

Edith Purnell

Great place and the staff is very friendly

Tom Hartmann

Great family business

Stacey Winkler

Always friendly service, great prices and fantastic meats.

Debbie Bostick

Awesome place. The ppl are super friendly and their meat is cheaper (and better) than Wal Mart. They have every type of meat you can imagine. They also have great pickles and more than just meat.

A.J. Wilkes

Always quality meat, always great service. A true gem in Overland. My go-to for pork shoulders and pork steaks.

Kimmy Brooks

Our favorite place to buy any kind of meat! There's no going back after you try their products. We've been patronizing this butcher shop for many years, and will for many years to come.

Sue Emrich

Always fabulous!

Matt N

*Edit: This was my go to place, but that was until I hit my three strike rule. After having three bad experiences, I can no longer return. From weirdly sweet smelling ground beef, sausages that smelt like manure, and other situations, I have cut my ties. Good luck, it is hit or miss. Sometimes it is great, so I will leave some stars intact. I am just not willing to throw away money since it is embarrassing to return meats time and time again. When I did return a few things, I was made to feel like it was me, and the meats were fine. This is my go to place for meats. The ground beef is top notch, ground daily, and the best price around. There is much more than just pork and beef of course. Their chicken is great and the deli cheeses are top notch. I appreciate that the meats are relatively local raised, hormone and antibiotic free too. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and management is wonderful. I am a happy customer who shops regularly and plans to continue for a long time to come.

gary sullivan

beer flat johnnies! take a fawn in and get a beer flat of meat, or take a 200lb. buck and get a beer flat.

Bob Oszman

Great place, had deer processed, fast service and very friendly. T-bones behind glass looked so good, I bought 3.

Christine Beale

I've known the family for over 40 years .I love there bacon .and other meats there always friendly and treat u like a friend.keep onnthe good work and God bless

Lee Capel

betsy johansen

we do not buy meat at the grocey stores ay more better prices and meat the best people work there.

Hannah Marie

Debra Dukes

Tracie French

I love this place. I live in Salem, Mo and still drive up there for our favorites. Pork cabobs, bacon,and dog treats. I love the service and everything there is prices are reasonable.

Phillip Moise

We decided to invest a couple of hundred bucks in their package deals and we are not disappointed. The first night we made a toast and it was fork tender. Since we have had pork chops and t bones and everything has been tender and cooked nicely. We will return.

Lisa Snyder

Awesome place! Great food, great prices. And.....You get a ticket to win $25 worth of meat! Will be a customer for a while.

Ann Owens

I picked up some beef heart and ground beef mix for fresh food for my dogs. The butchers were so helpful and kind. They chopped up liver for the mix as well. I will be returning for more. All meats there are human grade. If you eat meat, it is a beautiful and clean shop. I recommend it highly.

Zoe Pallardy

dave Ashabranner

Great meat and they r very nice people

GayLynn Mester

Queen Flowers

I been going to this shop for years, Mr. John and his staff has never changed their always so friendly and helpful. The meat is always so fresh

Wendi Reed

The sweetest Butcher in town love these guys wonderful, helpful and courteous to everyone who walks in the door. Suggestion; a free cookie to kids twelve and under! My son loves going to the butcher, just wishes he can get a cookie like at Schnucks :)

Tami Davidson

They are always so friendly and helpful. Services with a smile. I recommend this company to any one.

Missouri Trapper

Great place I love going to Mom and Pop businesses. Excellent service I would highly recommend.

Lillian Johnson

Meat is fresh everyday

Jerome Toeniskoetter

Great service great foid

Shirley Frazier

Leann Grimm

Lucas Rimmer


For starters, the staff is just wonderful. Very helpful and extremely friendly, just the kid of atmosphere I want! The prices meet or beat local grocery stores. We always get our beef and chicken here!!! The dog logs the smoked treats as well!!!

Lewis Hall

Clean and fast good service... Great for getting any wild game butchered...

Ra Wilkinson

I always love getting my meats here. They will split up and package how you request. Everyone is amazing and helpful! No other place I'd rather go.

Meredith Treadway

Scott Bonner

Excellent old-school butcher shop. The meat is the best in the area.

Mary Tebeau

Matthew Buesgens

Great prices on geese. Plucked or breasted options. Great local and friendly option.

Randall West

Great good service

rmel65 .

Friendly and helpful. Truly a treat in this modern world.

McKenzie Johnston

Carmen Little

Always great service

Ric Barboza

Got place good workers

Daniel Hull

This was literally the worst experience getting meat I've ever had in my entire life. We purchased around $250 in meat. Had to take back almost all the beef because it was brown and rotten. Then the pork steaks and roast made me want to vomit after defrosting. I will say when we called they gave us new meat without problems. But the issue is there was more bad meat, they gave me t bones back instead of porterhouse, shorted me a roast, and honestly the meat is terrible. They will be rude to you in the kindest ways. Don't let them fool you go to a real butcher shop. Those 5 star reviews are from friends and family because this place is truly the worst place to buy meat. I've even considered giving the meat back. If you honestly think this is a good butcher I'd highly recommend branching out elsewhere. Will post pictures of possible.

Ra W

Great place for fresh meats.

Victoria Johnson

Service was very quick on a busy day like today, everyone getting things ready for Christmas. But, not only was it fast.. but very very friendly and helpful.

Ronny Tankersley

Christine Dickerson

This is the best butcher shop around. Its in Worton Maryland. They butcher deer,geese, ducks ect. They r quick and just cool guys to talk too.

Dianne Parker

Amazing service here! All employees make ya feel at home with a come on in, What can I do for you, and a smile!!

C. M., Jr.

The crew. The people. The staff, whatever we can call them are, in a word, AWESOME! The meats, the atmosphere, the seasonings, the whole experience is wonderful. So, if you're looking for tasty meats, and a place to take your time and get your questions answered, this is the place. Visit them and see for yourself.

Andrew Swenson

Huge selection, very friendly service, and the place smells amazing!

Nikolas Litsikas

A very good butcher shop, good meats.

Mark Cordes

Friendly staff, they always appreciate my business and the prices are great! Best bacon in the WORLD too, get some. Highly recommended

Mustafa Muhammad

The best butcher shop in St Louis and surrounding area

William Russell

Friendly service and great prices

William Ingram

clean fast and a great price!

Peter Smith

Oscar Wright

It was great and wonderful they're the best

Tobey Harris

Good food great service

yung savage

I got a well over 300 lbs 9 point buck and I know that because i weighted it myself and when I went to pick up my meat up I had one small box that had under 100 pounds of meat in it and most of it was hamburger, I know the owner pretty well so I don't understand why I got ripped off but I guess that's how business is done over there I guess I'm just going to have to find a new processor, I just wanted to let you deer hunters know before you drop your deer off here that you're better off taking it to a actual Deer Processor where that's all they do..

Taylor Marie

Susan South

Arthur Huggard

Excellent traditional butcher

Bryan Mack

Always have a great selection and good sales. Best bacon price around.

Justin King

Great family ran shop that has custom cuts!!

Jake Spurgeon

My parents used this butcher shop always and now I use them for my family. My wife was pleasantly surprised with quality and prices. Great Service!!!

Kayla Langley

love this butcher shop love the prices the meat here is great and the lunch meats are great too can't beat this place

allen fetsch

The best Butcher in my area

Ted Bachman

I've used John's butcher shop for over 25 years. They always deliver a quality product. They are the best wild game butcher shop in this part of Maryland.

RM Hunt

I drove 30 mins to come to the butcher and had the worst experience EVER! The young guy was rude and definitely does a disservice to the owner. This was my second and last time going! The first time I went to this store....the owner was so kind and had a great personality....I should have known something was wrong when I stepped into the store....the store smelled really foul as if they haven't cleaned in a couple of days. I left without purchasing anything....if the clerk didn't care how he treated customers...then he for damned sure probably didn't care about the freshness/quality of the meat. #hopemanagementseethiscomment!

ryan barrett

Shirley Derr

This is a really great butcher Shoppe and the staff is great!

Zach Varwig

Always friendly customer service, very knowledgable staff, if they don't have the cut you want in the case, will go back and find it or even cut you something thicker. There is no better place to buy meat in STL.

Jessica Volkert

Tiana Gaddis

Adam Moore

Amazing meat, prices and service!

Rob Durbin

Brian Ray

Jason Horn

Stephen Gerring

Best place around for high quality meat! Great customer service. Shop local and support this awesome spot!

Nicolaas Hyatt

What can I say other than Meat, glorious MEAT! The smell you experience walking in is a combination of spices, rubs, and the tears of vegans. Custom cuts and unusual items are available for purchase here including heart, brain, and toung. The staff is friendly and welcomes you as soon as you walk in. Writer's Note: My opinion may be impartial because I love meat.

Chris Dickey

I've known the owners of johns butcher shop for over 35 years.i have cut there hair moons ago .my favorite is there bacon u can't beat it anywhere.they have a great variety of.meats and spices applewood seasoning is awesome on chicken .there cheeses are Devine and the employees are always kind and courtious.they know u by name.keep up.the good work my dog always barks at the cow on the roof as soon as.we.go.down the street she sees it and she knows where we are.going.and she's gonna.get.a.treat.ok.god everyone.

Joshua Lloyd

I've been coming here for decades. Friendly staff and low prices on meat.

Mitcheal Nelson

Great service, great selections and great prices!!! Thank you

Yaba Monsanto

Steven Cafiero

We fill our deep freezer twice a year. The meets are amazing very tender and a great price. The staff there is very helpful and patient. The amount of money we save is unbelievable.

Crystaal Kline

We LOVE Johns! Anytime we need steak, we always go here. I love the vast amount of spices and sauces they have on hand as well. My fiancè also took his deer here last year, and they had it done SO quickly, it was awesome!

John Lister

Our go to for quality meats for years! 10 STARS

Jacob Collier

They even have meat cuts for your k-9 companions

Gregory Jevyak

I found this hidden gem back in 2016 when I was going to another business near them in Overland. They have a great staff. Friendly, helpful, and considerate. It's always a pleasure to stop here and pick up fresh meats when I'm in the area. I purchased two rib eyes a couple of days ago and prepared them tonight. Wonderful! I like their take on the meat snack sticks. Very tasty and not greasy or over spiced. My dogs love the beef heart and ground beef mix for a fresh raw meal. The shop is neat, clean, and parking is plentiful.

Dylan Conner

KDdoubleUU Wilson

I used to shop here all the time when I lived off St Charles Rock Road, I was googling meat markets and there you were I got so excited to see you were still in business. I will definitely have to find Transportation to come and shop again!!!!!


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